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tv   FOX News Reporting Iraq and the Rise of a Terrorist State  FOX News  June 29, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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york, good night and god bless. stay tuned for "justice with judge jeanine." >> tonight al qaeda is back and taking over iraq. who are these militants? >> they took credit. >> what do they want? >> this is the islamic caliphate talked about a decade ago. >> should americans worry? >> there is a real danger of somebody losing a nubbing liar w -- /* -- nuclear weapon in the united states. >> iraq and the rise of a terrorist estate. >> good evening. american finds itself being drawn back into that dangerous
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part of the world. president obama has sent military advisors to baghdad and after a long bee day he is asking congress for a writing program for rebels fighting in syria. tonight we are going to take a look at the crisis how we got here, what's happening on the ground, how we go forward. we will sit down and take a look at the big picture with our expert panel. we begin with the latest on the story that has gripped the nation and the world. >> iraqi military forces are organized and fighting back working to reclaim tikrit one of 50 cities ceased across northern iraq. video reports shows soldiers being air lifted into the area and atop iraqi military commanders were able to fend off an attack at a critical air base
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and destroy 140 military vehicles used by the militants. armed drones are flying over baghdad reportedly being used to protect civilian and military forces there. the officials also e6r7 siz-- emphasizes president obama hasn't authorized any air straks on the sunni militants. they are getting the help from russia with the arrival of five warplanes to destroy local targets and help ground forces. >> the situation in iraq is unplea diktable but the situation in washington are not. accusations are flying and fingers are pointed who is responsible for the possible loss of iraq. among the critics one stands out former vice president dick cheney announced a new offensive against barack obama and what he calls the collapsing obama dock
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strin. rarely has a u.s. president been so wrong about p so much. we will talk with cheney later in this hour. first let's look at the obama doctrine what is it and what has it led to? first a warning. be advised some of the video you will see tonight is very graphic. >> congratulations mr. president. >> candidate obama promised he would improve america's standing in the world. now that he is president the world is waiting to find out how. >> one thing everyone did know, he had been against the iraq war from the start. >> what i do oppose is a dumb war. >> in fact as opposition to the war was instrumental in his election victory. >> obama's mind set suggested he p wanted america to play a smaller role on the world stage. it didn't take long for this
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humbler approach to show itself. >> we want to reset our relationship. >> secretary of state hillary clinton presents russia's foreign minister with a reset button metaphorically wiping away all that had come before. >> but what of the middle east? the president himself gave an indication of where he was going. he reached out to the muslim world acknowledging the americans and the west passed error. >> it gives the rights to many muslims in a cold war in which muslim majority countries were too often treated as property without regard to their own aspiratio aspirations. >> he addressed the u.n. that
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september. no one should try to dominate another nation. >> in this new thinking the forceful president seemed unnecessary even in iran. joe biden bragged in a tv interview how the administration would end the war. >> it canned be one of the great achievements of this administration. you will see 90,000 american troops come marching home by the end of the summer. you are going to see a stable government in iraq that is moving toward a representative government. >> then came something few predicted the arabs. they forced out their leaders now wi now. how would the obama administration respond? the answer came in libya. after the world insisted omar khaddafy had to go obama offered limited air support to the
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libyan rebels. some characterized this form of multi lateralism as leading from behind. >> i don't think it's fair. >> adam smith is the 9th. >> i think the power comes in so many different forms. america took the areach this is what we are doing getting on he would be less likely to be successful. >> tonight i can report to the american people and to the world that the united states. >> they claimed the most notable success overseas when american operatives tracked down and killed the mastermind he of the 9-11 attacks of osama bin laden. the president and his team were prying to modify an agreement with the million can i government in iraq. on the status of forces that
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would be left behind after an american withdraw. >> must be careful getting out of iraq as we were careless getting in. >> obama failed to make a deal with iraq. in december 2011 left all of the troops home. >> we are thieving mind a stable iraq. >> what i could handle is this is a fragile situation but it isn't a stable government. it is hard fought where they have a chance. >> 24-hours after the last soldier left iraqi prime minister maliki issued an arrest warrant for sunni vice president suggesting the situation in iraq is not as stable as some hoped and the threat of sectarian violence remained. >> what maliki did in 2011 forward was destroy avenever ar single chance he had and he messed up the opportunity that was there. however fragile it may have
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been. >> in 2012 with the reelection campaign in full spring they were touting the foreign policy suck sellses. al qaeda is on the path to defeat and osama bin laden is dead. >> that narrative was about to be severely challenged. less than a week after the democratic convention four americans including ambassador christopher stevens was murdered. there was continuing unrest in syria. where bish charral assad was crushing a revolt and where as the world would soon see a renewed al qaeda insurgency was brewing. president obama was saying perhaps they weren't aware of isis the islamic state of iraq and syria of al qaeda. unlike all of the rest of us he is certainly aware now. coming up we will look at this
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syria. i spoke to iraq institute of study of war. she is a former army intelligence officer and bronze star recipient who was deployed in iraq and afghanistan for almost three years. >> tell me as an organization and military they have an annual report? >> they have two. >> they have also broadcast it religious activities. >> you are talking about an army a government a religious institution. you are talking about annual reports. this is a very form midable opponent. >> it is. this organization is vulnerable. the more it is able to establish new ornorms it is able to bring itself together and effectively
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govern the more dangerous it can become. >> what role did the syrian civil war play in the resurgence of isis? >> it broke down a lot of barriers. it brought a lot of foreign fighters into the iraq front. it gave them a chance to say they could be more than just islamic state of iraq in fact they could become the most powerful military organization to exert control in iraq and syria. >> what role did president obama's refusal to intervene militarily in syria play in all of that? >> we saw that after july the 13th the united states didn't enter in syria forces inside of arak and syria were emboldened. >> do you have any sense how many fighters isis has? >> my estimates are very conservative. i think we are looking at 4,000
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fighters on the iraq front and 6,000 fighters on the syrian front. >> about 10,000. >> the trouble, take lirly on the iraq front they are not the only once on the offensive right now. >> when isis takes over a city, mosul, what do they establish there? what is life like under isis? >> what isis initially did was establish a set of rules for social behavior that included some very severe restrictions particularly upon women and upon praying five times a day, very strict sharia law that one would assume would be very vigorously enforced. >> they talk about killing, cutting off hands? crucifixion? >> they like tweeted a corporal punishment be heading they took credit for crucifixions.
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>> what is sighs sisis' strateg? what's the ambition? >> they want to establish this state in a middle east where iraq and syria no longer exist. they want that to be a not just a safe haven for foreign fighters but in fact a place that like minded people come to in order to live. this he want to expand that with the military as far as they can. they want to be the leaders in the global jihadist revolution. >> can you negotiate with them? >> i don't think you can negotiate with them. i don't think they need to negotiate. they have the military. they are using it. that's their strategy. >> and they are winning. >> yeah. >> when we come back we are look at the ever changing power struck newer in iraq has the country out of control reached a tipping point where it will turn
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permanently against the west. is there anything we can and should do about it? former vice president next.
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this was all controlled al qaeda and iraq and sunni insurgents. >> absolutely. >> here in baghdad you are talking about most of the city. >> most of the city was definitely controlled the al qaeda, sunni insurgents and the city was just hell. >> take us to the map on the right. >> the surge began in january and february of 2007 and quite remarkably by the end of 2007 we began to achieve some tangible success. by 2008 we had driven al qaeda out of all of the regions you see on the map to the left because they are now gone from baghdad of any consequence from fallujah, from ramadi. (gun fire) >> in the latter part of 2008 we were able to drive them out of the last major city and that was mosul. al qaeda in 2008 and 2009 in their own communications to each
6:22 pm
other admitted that we had been defeated in iraq. this is where we are today. >> what we are looking at is affiliates of al qaeda. this map represents in the last four years according to a rand study 58 percent increase in radical islamist organizations and the amount of territory they control and double increase in the amount of terrorists operating out there. >> i have heard president obama personally dismiss this and say, look, if a jv team dresses up like the lakers that doesn't mean you are facing kobe bryant. is this jv teams for the real lakers? >> here's a problem with diminishing a threat and referring to it as a jv team. major lesson out of 9-11 we committed unrepeatedly theal
6:23 pm
fied sanctuary to joe are grow in afghanistan. >> what this map is depicting is what isis has been able to achieve. in black it is what they actually control physically on the ground in dark red is what they are attempting to control and then in lighter red is their support zone. >> this is a hell of a lot of territory. >> because of the success they have achieved they have grown into a terrorist army. >> we are not talking about the terrorist organization this is a terrorist army. >> that is what is different. it fights conventionally now. it moves into towns and dominates them with combat power overwhelming those who are in the towns and cities. >> how do you explain the astonishing advance of isis in iraq in the last few weeks. >> let's take mosul.
6:24 pm
they have been shaping mosul for two years by conducting terrorist attacks. this is vehicle born ied, suicide bombers, blowing up government facilities, police stations, undermining people's confidence in the military and in the police. last summer in 2013 they began an assassination campaign of key individuals. they waited until that target they believed lost its resolve and will and then they launched this conventional military operation to cease mosul. >> is isis in syria and iraq a threat, is it a safe haven to terror attacks against us? >> as of right now isis is not a direct threat of u.s. home land because they are too busy fighting a war in iraq and syria. once they consolidate and are comfortable with their own security situations, then they will be a breeding ground for development of terrorists and operations another place.
6:25 pm
>> is that months from now or years from now? >> base the on how this situation goes in iraq, i would assume it is months from now. >> a threat to the u.s. home land? >> yes. >> general, what's next? >> this depicts what their intentions are in terms of establishing islamic state, a caliphate that dominates syria and also dominates most all of iraq to include baghdad here. >> this is the islamic caliphate that osama bin laden was talking about more than a decade ago? >> this was exactly that falling from our eyes. >> so given where they are already and their ultimate designs, what should the u.s. role be going forward? >> we have to drive isis back so we can retake those towns, iraqi ground forces must do that assisted i believe by our air power and restore the natural sovereign border of iraq.
6:26 pm
that will force them back into terrorist activities in iraq which they will continue to do. >> but they won't be the army, the stay that they have become now. >> that is absolutely right. we will not eliminate them but we can push them back to where hopefully it can be managed by the iraqi military. >> what you are saying, general, is not boots on the ground, but we are going to end up back involved in iraq and trying to win this war all over again. >> we would be in a very limited and selective fashion. >> but the war for iraq is not over. >> by a long shot it is not. >> is it possible as general cain sugge keane they may be able to go to the u.s. border? it is unlikely but it has been before. >> we will look at how the attack on 9-11 changed the world
6:27 pm
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6:31 pm
of our day. >> my fellow citizens, at this hour, american and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm iraq, to free its people and to de p fend the world from grave danger. >> 2003 the invasion of iraq was on. the conflict had been a long time in the making. in 1990 sadam hussein invaded kuwait. america under george h.w. bush forged a coalition that responded decisively. driving iraqi forces out of kuwait but leaving sadam hussein still in charge in baghdad. in 2000 george bush ran as a conservative and concentrated on domestic issues. but the events of september 11th changed everything. bush responded that day. >> we will make no distinction
6:32 pm
between the terrorists who committed these acts and those who harbor them. >> it was the first declaration of one of the tellers of what would be known as the bush doctrine. >> the people will hear all of us soon. >> in 2001 bush's military response was to attack afghanistan. the al qaeda leaders responsible for 9-11. >> the president made the decision we have to go on the offensive. >> william lute served as defense policy and strategy. >> this meant a complete rethinking of our strategic doctrine when it came to fighting terrorism. >> president bush continued to develop the doctrine for fighting america's new threat. >> the war on terror will not be won on the defensive. we must take the battle to the
6:33 pm
enemy. disrupt its plans and confront the worst threats before they emerge. >> it is not complicated. how do we prevent the next attack? since we had adopted this wait until you are attacked and then send in law enforcement folks, the president understood this dynamic had to change. >> march 20th, 2003, the u.s. ingrades -- invadesaq. baghdad fell in three weeks but the insurgency would continue for three years. bush was re-elected and the doctrine continued to evolve. >> the survival of liberty in our land increasingly depends on the success of liberty in other lands. the best hope for peace in our world is the expansion of freedom in all of the world. >> this is the catch stone of the president's freedom agenda. the president essentially said
6:34 pm
tyrannies, tick tate tore -- dictatorships are inherently unstable and when they implode this causes a clear and present danger to the united states. >> as the fighting went on and casualties mounted the iraq war became less popular here at home. some politicians who had once supported it now turned against our involvement there. >> this war is lost. >> republicans suffered big losses in the 2006 mid term. democrats took the house and senate. >> president bush decided to double down sending thousands of war troops into the war. the surge was generally imposed the world's critics including the junior senator from illinois. >> i express my queclear and un kwifl cap opposition to the troops in iraq. >> violence in iraq was down to levels not seen before.
6:35 pm
nevertheless the war is now widely seen as a mistake. in 2008 republicans lost the white house to a candidate who ran on his opposition to ever getting involved there. >> the war had been won. al qaeda had been defeated. iraq was off on the process of political maturation. and training and equipping its own military force. by the time president bush left office in 2009 it was accepted iraq has been stabilized. >> one of the architects of the iraq war strategy had strong feelings about why that stability didn't last. next, dick cheney on barack obama. truly amazing! enter today at
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>> a spoke with a man who was central to planning our invasion in iraq and start the the new controversy with the harsh criticism. the obama doctrine in fighting the war on terror. he feels deeply this president is taking us down the wrong path. for instance his certainty sadam hussein has mass destruction. >>
6:40 pm
>> right after we were elected before they were sworn in was a report from the cia that warned about iraq and wmd. everybody believed that sadam hussein this wmd's. he produced it and used it before. >> let me ask you about two other statements. you said the u.s. would be greeted in iraq as liberators. >> thes what we had been told by intelligence. it was great satisfaction. >> in 2005 you said the insurgency was in its last throws just before it got much worse. >> i obviously misjudged the situation. >> the problem is it was tougher than we thought it would be. >> some people say hey, why should we listen to him? when he was in charge he was wrong about a lot of things. >> most people say they were critics to that if the first place. by the time we finished in iraq we had as we were leaving office
6:41 pm
dealt with most of that problem. we had the sunni united with the shi'ite government. we had military forces left with respect to the iraqis and we had pretty well stabilized the situation as brashg obama himsehim -- barack obama shimself aid. >> president obama said he was leaving a country that was sovereign stable. >> what do you believe went wrong? >> what i believe went wrong is a stay behind agreement. they were unable to reach an agreement for status of forces. the u.s. military, our generals wanted a stay behind force of close to 20,000 people, 18 to 20,000 people the white house said no. >> so, what would you do now? >> well, i would started by reversing most of the obama
6:42 pm
policies. i would rebuild the u.s. military. >> specifically how would you take on isis today? >> i would work hard with those states that are around there, jordan comes immediately to mind. i would go to the saudis and emirates and restore the confidence we are in the fight with them we have got their back and willing to make the kinds of commitments, resources and personnel and our own military capability so that if they do get a caliphate established in that region, say i rack and syria, that we will start. >> would you ask any of the ground troops? >> do do what? go in and fight a major battle? i would be rehubbiluctant to do because of the political situation in iraq itself. i would give serious thought to the -- some of the kinds of things we were able to do in iraq previously with our special
6:43 pm
ops guys. they are very good very sophisticatedable to target officials. >> would you do you feel about givi bringing iran into the discussion about iraq? >> bad idea. the iranians are in some spreekts the common enemy for a lot of our friends out there. the idea that we are going to welcome iran in to solving the problem in iraq is like bringing the russians in to solve the problem in the ukraine. >> as you understand it, what is the obama doctrine in fighting terrorism? >> well, for starters they don't believe there's a problem or at least they haven't said as much. they went from a situation where they got to bin laden in 2011 and their attitude after that was we got bin laden problem solved. secondly he has been involved in trying to draw from the u.s. to the middle east.
6:44 pm
we got out of iraq and didn't leaf the state force there. he announced he wants to do the same thing. he will diminish the capacity of the united states government to influence events in that part of the world. >> are there friends out there for the last 25 years arab israelis lost confidence in the united states. they no longer believe they can count on that. they diminish the capacity of the united states to influence events around the world. he is not decimating al qaeda he is decimating our own defense. >> to what end would he want to weaken our capability? >> he believes a strong u.s. is disruptive to what he thinks the world ought to be. the united states has played a role for good in the world for stability and peace, peace
6:45 pm
keeping. the military and he wants to use them occasionally. i don't believe he believes in that. his world view is different than what has been the national consensus republican and democrats alike. >> just on a personal level when you think of all of the blood and treasure we spent in fallujah, in it mosul, in ramadi to see it all go back to al qaeda how does that make you feel? >> it is a a trat de. didn't have to happen this way. if in fact the situation that we left in 07 and 08 after the surge in iraq in relatively good order in a stay behind force there to keep it that way it would be a lot easier for parents and the families of those who gave their lives there to accept it. >> final question, why are you
6:46 pm
speaking out? i mean it seems clear that you are on a kind of offensive to speak out about this. you must realize given how polarizing a figure you are that for some americans your criticism would only make president obama more popular. >> i am convinced the fate of the republicans are heavily involved in these issues. if i don't speak out i don't know who else will. i feel i have been there and i have been involved in all of the discussions and developments. i feel very strongly that it is important to do it. i don't need to sort of reengage in political wars. i believe we are in big trouble
6:47 pm
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>> welcome back. tonight we cracked the development of the bush doctrine and the response of the obama dock triven and how both played out in the middle east and across the world. here to tackle the big picture on our panel. he wrote a scathing assessment of president obama's foreign policy. let me start with you. how responsible is the obama doctrine? multi lateralism, reluctance to use force ending wars instead of winning washes how big a factor
6:51 pm
do you think that is in the mess we find ourselves in in iraq? >> i wouldn't say it caused it it is welling up in ways of a century before he became president. these indur gen -- insurgents a islamists but i think the decision to stay out of syria, the decision to pivot to asia, all communicated loud and clear the idea that the united states was not as interested as it had been before and there was an opening and opportunity if people wanted to be i think it also at the same time communicated to our allies that they might have to look for their own opportunities that is particularly important in iraq where theal maliki regime is reliant on iran. >> some critics say the real
6:52 pm
problem was not the obama doctrine was practiced president bush and your dad. there was almost no al qaeda presence in iraq before the u.s. invaded. the critics would say the problem isn't how obama pulled out it is how bush and cheney went in. >> i am sure we will debate what happens for a long time to come. the point is on what what position was iraq in? because of the surge, because president bush, the vice president recognized the iraq situation was going in the wrong direction we were in a place where iraq was stable, where al qaeda had largely been defeated in iraq and where president obama had a clear and specific thing he needed to do which was
6:53 pm
to negotiate a stay behind agreement. he is trying now and secretary of state clinton, the president himself came at it both ways. he said i am going to pull our troops out. after the campaign he pulled his troops out and said it wasn't my fault. you are seeing now the consequences behind that decision. >> how is it possible that 13 years after 9-11 all of the blood this con has spilled you believe vice president cheney you believe jack keane the terror threat may be greater now than it was then? >> it is a new p kind of war and along the way we made mistakes. the rise of isis in syria and iraq is precisely the withdrawal of american power. the one great super power in the
6:54 pm
world from syria and iraq. iraq of course in control in 2011 which left iraq in the hands of a sectarian government without the influence of the united states. while we were in there it did not act in a sectarian way. it had the sons of iraq the sunni army paid by the central government it had the loyalty of sunnis. it held together when we left that change overnight in the absence of our influence. it was utterly predictable and predicted. when he spoke about how assad had to go he left a vacuum into which the bad guys went. this is how it always happens. that's the reason we are where we are today. >> all of the polls indicate that this country is war rear re, worn out. what do questiwe do now?
6:55 pm
does the country ahave the will does the president have the will to confront this terror threat? >> i think there's been a tendency to swing between these last two administrations from massive involvement ground troops to the opposite with obama. we don't think about air strikes let alone air troops. we have to find a sustainable balanced approach. one that doesn't abandon this region but one that doesn't impose on the american public an ongoing crisis they don't want to sustain. that will bring end to political organization and seriousness from everybody about this long-term situation. >> does this country have the will to make this threat? >> i am very worried. i am not a fan of the president.
6:56 pm
i think his foreign policy has been a disaster. he made a decision he wants the american people to support he doesn't get out there and fight for it. they recognize they face a clear and present danger to the national security of the nation and who is willing to generate the support they need among the american people. >> final thought? >> leadership requires honesty of the people. the people make a right decision if they are given the honest truth. unless you adopt the policy the other alternatives is all out war. it is not. here the alternative is to do what the state to win back what they have done and policy to clwin back the sunnis the course of the war can be reversed. >> thank you panel and thank you to you. there can be bad oyes choices and worse choices in iraq. as the debate goes on it is not
6:57 pm
just a question of what america should do in iraq the real question is what is america's place in this world. that's our program tonight i am chris wallace in washington. thanks so much for watching. wer, wer, and get back to the beach. chase sapphire preferred. so you can. t! [bell rings] jane. her long day on set starts with shoulder pain...
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much better. vo: hurry in and lease the 2014 passat s for $199 a month. visit today. john: very powerful house repung th ng >> they are coming out against the export and i am port bank. >> something weird and remarkable and good is happening in washington. more politicians are taking a clear stand against corporate welfare. >> it is wrong for the government tol choose the winners and money corporations. >> that's where the government export import bank does. the new majority leader said this week... >> the private sector can do it. >> they need to be authorized. >> every other developed nation


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