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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 31, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

5:00 pm and answer this question. should cia director john brennan resign after admitting the cia spied on senate staffers or not? vote in our greta poll. good night from washington. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> still in the brush. >> go, go. >> get them. >> texas authorities say they are under siege at the border from drug traffickers, human smugglers and distraught children. tonight, we will continue our reporting on this very intense situation. >> stop being mad all the time. stop just hating all the time. >> relations between president obama and congress at their lowest level ever. who is at fault? we will tell you. >> if seeking the truth damages you, then we live in a pretty sorry world, don't we? >> also tonight, jesse ventura taking a massive public relations hit even
5:01 pm
though he won his defamation case. bernie goldberg on that. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the -- do republicans hate president obama? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. viewer warning. some of will you not like this memo but i have to tell you the truth and will do so. there is no question relations between the republican controlled house and president obama are at their lowest point ever. yesterday the house voted 225 to 201 to sue the president in federal court for failing to implement the provisions of obamacare because the president has changed or delayed some of the law without congressional approval. the vote was down party lines. no democrat supported the lawsuit. fox news analyst judge andrew napolitano no barack
5:02 pm
obama fan says the suit will be thrown out and is essentially a waste of taxpayer money because it has no hope of success. republicans argue that it's a a constitutional play. the president should be held accountable for overstepping his authority and he does not have the right to make law or enforce law selectively. a new fox news poll says 58% of americans believe mr. obama exceeded his authority under the constitution. 37% say he has not. nearly four in 10 democrats say he has overreached. a very high number of dissent in that party. from the beginning, conservative americans were suspect to president obama who is the most liberal president the country has ever had. his philosophy of social justice and income redistribution puts him in a position where detente is difficult with the right. those are core issues. the fact that the american economy has not prospered under mr. obama increased partisan bitterness. then there is his personal style. the president is not a schmoozer. he does not like the
5:03 pm
political game. he doesn't even try to win over his opposition. therefore, it's easy for his political opponents to go after him as there is little goodwill. for his part the president understands that republicans don't trust him and with the country presently disenchanted with white house leadership, it would be political suicide for any gop congress person to support the president. but that staunch opposition means mr. obama can blame failures on congress as he has done with the border situation and things in general. >> we can do so much more if congress would just come on and help out a little bit. [ applause ] just come on. come on and help out a little bit. stop being mad all the time. >> stop just hating all the time. come on o. let's get some work done
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together. >> that's not going to happen. as republican party will delay any cooperation hoping the state of the union will anger voters enough to swing the senate to the republican side this coming november. party politics will intrude on the public good as vital problems like the border will go unsolved. if president obama's policies were succeeding, the g.o.p. could not block him effectively. he could appeal directly to you, the people. but mr. obama's vision has failed. at home and abroad. so now, he has only his core supporters left. and a the house of representatives that will defy him on almost everything. and that's the memo. now, for the top story tonight. reaction joining us from providence, rhode island democrat james carville and from washington kate obenshain. today they were supposed to approve some money to help the children on the border and to get that thing under control down there. the house of representatives couldn't do it. they didn't even vote on it so, another problem goes
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unchecked as all the pinheads down there on the house on both sides go on vacation for, i think, 18 weeks or something. we are not going to even see him again until whenever. and so, the folks get hosed again, do they not? >> well, you know, you might think that they're a bunch of pinheads in the house and i don't dispute that and i don't dispute the frustration over the fact that it takes so long for them to come up with a bill. a bill they come up with is completely flawed and republicans and democrats have problems with it however, you can't ignore the fact that the senate is the other house, the other part of our by cameral legislature and you can't ignore the fact that the president has been sitting back, rub aring his hands together knowing that anything that the house puts forward the senate is going to kill or he is going to veto. so i don't think it's really. >> no, but let's just stay on the border thing for a moment. the bill was today that was voted wasn't voted on at all. because they couldn't get the votes. like 659 million obama 3.8 billion.
5:06 pm
it was just like a stop gap to get this thing at least, you know, somewhat under control. the sad truth is, they can't do anything. it's total collapse there. carville, it's a total collapse. and a lot of it is president obama's fault. it is. >> no. this was a republican bill. he they couldn't pass their own bill. this had nothing to do with obama. then today the speaker said the president needed to take unilateral action. needed to take action under executive order when the bill failed which is the same thing they want to impeach him for. >> no. >> i don't know if that's the right characterization, carville. >> he is saying enforce current law. >> the senate has already passed an immigration bill. the house is not. the republicans put up their own bill which they couldn't pass. >> it was just a financial bill today. >> look, look, look. you have a president that isn't managing. he knows as i laid it out. by the way, carville, did i say anything wrong in the
5:07 pm
talking points in your opinion? >> look. you just said you can say that republicans don't like a vote. they wanted a 5% of republicans in this country wanted to impeach obama and wanted to impeach clinton and impeach the next democrat. they can't win an election. >> in the fox news poll it wasn't a majority at all it was a small minority. >> a significant number of republicans wanted to. >> let's not bogus facts. they wanted to impeach him. they mark levin and rush limbaugh calling for impeachment just like they impeached president clinton. president obama won election in 2012. get over it. >> i don't think we can get over it, carville because the country is being run into the ground. and all the public opinion polls show that. he loses on every issue by double digits. >> again, run into the ground? you call it very successful health insurance? >> wait, carville. all of that doesn't matter. you are cherry picking. look, carville, just sit on
5:08 pm
this for a minute because i want to get to kate. >> okay. >> cnn, you used to work there. you know what the the culture is there. their polls said if the election were held today between mitt romney and barack obama, it would be a landslide for romney. just sit on that for a minute. all right, kate. carville, sit on it for a minute. >> now look, kate, you have got to admit, you are a staunch republican. >> i'm a conservative, yeah. >> whatever it may be. >> yeah. >> that we have two parties who are both supposed to be working together for the good of the people. >> right. >> all right? not to destroy one another. >> right. >> that's not our system. >> absolutely. >> okay. but now, nothing can get done you know, what, bill, since day one this president has been determined to vilify and demonize the other side. he wants to shut down debate and discussion. >> involve the other side rise above it and put good stuff in. >> stop calling them haters
5:09 pm
and hostage takers and the enemy. i mean, this is since day one. this is the guy who was going to work together and was going to bring us all together. and now you know what who is talking about impeachment, james? it's not the conservatives and not the republicans. it is the white house. michelle obama. obama. the white house is all over it. and they have raised $7 million off of this. they have an interest in this. >> isn't going to happen to by bother talking about it. >> used to divide americans just like the hater stuff is used to divide americans and score political points instead of moving us forward. >> kate, there is plenty of hate on both sides. >> no, there is not, actually. >> yes there is, kate. plenty of hate on both sides. >> on the conservative side. that's the difference. >> kate, if you don't know there is plenty of hate on both sides i can't help you. carville. >> bill, wake up. >> i'm awake. >> yes, sir, go ahead. >> all right, carville. romney -- >> -- yes, sir. >> okay. obama. >> right. >> cnn poll. just explain it to me. >> the election is held
5:10 pm
according to the constitution on the first tuesday after the first monday in november. obama. >> see you are dodging the question, carville. answer the question. the people say they would rather have romney now than obama. >> you vote on election day. >> all right. okay. i'm not going to get an answer to that question. >> not going to get an answer. okay? my answer is the constitution. >> yeah. great. >> which the president keeps violating, hence the lawsuit. >> i don't know how this show got out of control. we have got five more segments to go. thanks a lot. next on the rundown. millions of americans voted for president obama in the election of 2012. do some of them regret that decision? he we will put the question to geraldo. later, jesse ventura not exactly the most popular guy in the country after winning a lawsuit that involved the widow a navy seal. those reports after these messages.
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66 million americans cast a ballot for barack obama. but now the country having so much trouble on so many fronts, do they regret that vote? new cnn poll mentioned carville ohio think is still mulling it over asked the question if the presidential election were held today, who would you vote for? barack obama 44%, mitt romney 53%. a landslide. with us now fox news senior correspondent geraldo rivera. what about this regret? >> well, you know, anybody who has been married as many times as i has regrets. i regret i didn't spend more time with my older children when they were small. i have regrets. i have regrets with barack obama but not the regrets you might expect. >> a lot of people do. >> a lot of people have buyer's remorse. i'm a its different. i think that barack obama was mr. hope and change to me as long hair civil rights attorney baby boomer person. >> you bought it. >> i saw him as historic seminole figure. that's where he has been
5:15 pm
most disappointing. the fact he hasn't spent more time as the role model, as the assertive. look at me, can you be me too. look at my family and how fabulous my family is and stay together as function. get over the dysfunction of the urban family and he could have been the leader. >> that's a niche. >> there is something broader. >> there is. there are two things in play here that i think have tilted the country against the president. two things. number one is is the economy, with median income for working americans falling about 20% on his watch. that's a lot. as food prices are historic highs and oil, gas, and everything else is going up as well. so, americans are personally feeling that the economy is being mismanaged. and i think that's absolutely true. the second thing is the decline of american power. all around the world. we're not as feared and respected as we used to be. we are not a country that rights wrongs the way we used to be able to. i think many americans who
5:16 pm
pay attention. not the people with the head phones on, staring at the blue berries or whatever berry they have. the country that knows used to be as it is now are are furious. those are the two big issues. >> well, let me bring it back, you asked me very subjectively whether i regretted my vote for barack obama. i told you i regret that he wasn't more interested in urban issues. more assertive in that regard. immigration reform was promised by this president. instead, he squandered his initial popularity and power on obamacare, an issue that still has very, very mixed results, to say the least. so i am personally disappointed that my most important issue, immigration, was not dealt with, and the fact that he hasn't strengthened the black family, the most crucial domestic issue we have. now, to the points that you raise about american power and so forth. i think that it is true that a president romney would have been more assertive. but it could be that with a
5:17 pm
republican president we could be -- it begins with boots on the ground. >> speculation, counselor, speculation. throwing it out. we have to deal with reality. >> here's the reality. why did the g.o.p. in its platform go after abortion rights and gay marriage. >> you are pivoting now. stay with american power. stay with it you know how important it. >> between the democrat and the republican. i'm a registered republican and yet i voted for the democrat because of those social issues. >> but those are niche issues. the two big ones. >> but if a president is coming in and he is going to keep gay marriage outlawed, is he going to constrict the woman's right to choose. >> special interest. >> he is going to ignore immigration, is he not going to reform marijuana and other drug laws, now these are things that count a lot to me. >> the greater good has to be the president's first priority.
5:18 pm
not special interest stuff. this is where barack obama never understood the job. >> you cannot. >> he didn't get it and he doesn't get it. >> you cannot deny that the republicans and the congress of the united states have set out to destroy his presidency by refusing to agree to anything that he advocates. i mean, it takes two to tango. >> if he had done what reagan had done and nurtured them a little bit. >> i do not disagree with that. >> i think he could have been more pragmatic. >> essentially you are agreeing with everything i say. >> and and you are ignoring everything i said. >> as usual. give him a hand. correctly ahead. texas authorities saying they are under siege. criminals at the border overwhelming them. what's mexico's responsibility here? that report upcoming.
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unresolved problem segment tonight. new report from the texas safety security operation center. it says that state authorities in texas are being overwhelmed, overwhelmed by problems on the border. two texas peace officers recently shot dead by a recent gang member. the salvadorian gang ms 13 has seen dozens of its members apprehended trying to cross into texas. and the illegal alien children situation totally out-of-control. the factor has called for americans to boycott mexico because that country is allowing drug smugglers and human traffickers to pretty much run wild. and has incarcerated u.s. marine sergeant andrew tahmooressi on dubious charges when he he is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. joining us now from washington simon rosenberg president of the new democrat network a liberal think tank and chad sweet who used for the department of security. what is mexico's culpability here in your opinion? >> well, as you know, i have
5:23 pm
been on fox before and praised mexico and former president calderon had extremely aggressive antismuggling and counter narcotic program as we have seen under president net dieto flood of immigrant children into the united states direct result of their willingness to be cull panel. they don't swim here. they go across mexico and they are turning a blind eye towards this. >> how do you know they are turning a blind eye? how do you know that the mexico city authorities are aiding and abetting this flood of human beings moiferszly children right now, 100,000 this fiscal year, how do you know they are doing that? >> well, the math speaks for itself. if you look at the largest part of the southern border of mexico is guatemala, that's 577 miles. there are only approximately 125 law enforcement officers
5:24 pm
and they don't even have their own border patrol. so, the fact that we are seeing over 100% increase in unaccompanied minors this year alone is a direct mathematical function of their turning a blind eye. >> all right. mr. rosenberg. >> sure. >> if it's true and it is that we have confirmed that, that there are less than 200 mexican authorities on their southern border, that's a choice that president nieto is making. he knows that the flood of migrants coming from central and south america is impacting us in the united states negatively. so is he making a choice not to secure the southern border so. shouldn't americans be furious about that? >> well, the mexico is taking responsibility for the first time in their history to fortify the southern border. >> how? >> they are moving far more resources down there. they have committed publicly to work with the united states over the next two years. >> how many guys are going to be moved down there, mr. rosenberg? >> how many have been moved
5:25 pm
down. >> bill, there have been many reports now that the largest number of people being returned into these three central american countries are being returned by mexican officials of capturing people when he they're coming across the guatemalaen border. >> you don't know how many are down there. >> no, no, what we do know is that the largest number of kids going back into these three countries are coming from mexico and not from the united states. >> coming out of mexico i don't know if we have been able to confirm that. >> that's absolutely the case. the second thing what we know is that the flow coming into the united states, the migrants is down. third, what we know is that 10 years ago, 700,000 mexicans were coming, unauthorized mexicans wereed states every year. that number last year was 100,000. i don't think it was that low. that's an economic deal. mr. sweed. do you want to reply to mr. rosenberg nkt the absolute number much apprehensions is down. if you look at what we are talking about here, since 2008, cocaine suspect over
5:26 pm
232% according to the d.a. meth is up over a fold. and if we look at the unaccompanied minors issue, we he see already that there is an over100% increase. so the math at the detail level doesn't support his argument our own office chief of homeland 270-mile of fence under 700-mile border. he we had to build 600-mile of fence and double border patrol from 17,000 to 18,000. that's real progress. you asked what they are doing that's the real question. show us the action. not just rhetoric but action. as you said, he could not actually supply me any. >> wait a minute, outside of the big crossings in tijuana and tucson, doesn't seem to be any mexican presence on their northern border to stop these coyotes from bringing the kids and over people over. i don't see that down there
5:27 pm
why not? >> can i respond to this one? >> yes. go ahead. first of all, the u.s. and mexico announced last summer that they're going to be having the first set of joint border patrol activity on the northern border of mexico. >> has that happened? nobody has seen it. >> no. there have been now many joint pa will twos that have taken place since last summer. the second thing is let's be clear about the flow. under bill clinton it was 600,000 a year. under george bush it was 400,000 a year under barack obama it's down to zero. the flow of undocumented immigrants into the united states has gone to zero way down from when mr. sweed was in office. >> what do you mean bush? there are millions of people coming in here. >> that's simply wrong. the net flow of undocumented immigrants into the united states is zero. happy to show you all the date that. >> your data is going to go up against other people like the border patrol that contradict it. >> no. that's not true. >> yes, it is. >> the crime is down on the
5:28 pm
u.s. side of the border dramatically from when mr. sweet was in office a few years ago. >> i will give you the last word, mr. sweet. >> i will say one point. number one his point about joint operations is critical. there hasn't been joint operations. part of the problem that we have false -- the marine initiative $2.7 billion allocated there san opportunity to deploy that to help mexico when they let us, there is success. we helped them capture guzman. we helped him capture miguel morlz. two big drug lords. >> on monday we will give you the u.s. border patrol stats and we will see if mr. rosenberg is correct. gentlemen, thank you. plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. bernie goldberg on jesse ventura winning a lawsuit but losing the public relations war. world famous mad as hell segment. [shouting] >> you are lying to me. you told me this was --
5:29 pm
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i'm so proud, like, it's just amazing. mad as hell segment tonight. four feisty letters help energize you. help us out he heather nawrtd you see her at 2:00, 3:00 in the morning. >> 6:00 a.m. >> first letter:
5:33 pm
one correction, doctor, the invasion of poland did begin world war ii. what about this isis christian killing throwing them out of homes in iraq? >> this is happening in iraq. we went to war in this country in part to free these people from a brutal dictator. i believe it's our moral responsibility to do something to help these christians in iraq right now semi autonomous to get protection. >> what about the reaction in the world? has there been much. >> france applying for asylum. the united states has not said anything. the president has not said anything about this. how about the pope? the pope has mentioned this and parade for protection of christians worldwide. >> not a big story is it. >> it's a big story at fox. we have covered it. if you speak to christians or go to church you might hear something about it and
5:34 pm
becoming increasingly more important issue we could provide refugee status to them. at this point it doesn't appear that we're doing anything necessarily to reach tout to them. >> no outreach to these people. >> nevertheless they can apply at local consulates and so forth. >> second letter: what's the update on this. bradley manning convicted of espionage. serving 35 years at leavenworth kansas right now. he has been seen by army psychologists who say he does have gender identity disorder. >> wow. >> is he going to get some sort of sex change treatment. >> we're paying for it? >> exactly what kind we don't know yet. hagel had to sign off on this. this is being paid by the department of defense at this point. >> taxpayer money. >> taxpayer money. the first steps are psychological counseling. he gets to wear some women's item of clothing. >> that's nice. >> sorry. >> i don't want to pay for it i mean, i have got to tell you.
5:35 pm
bradley, look, you are in for 35, when you come out, you can go wear some high heels. >> he wants more money treatments. we don't know who is going to pay for those if anyone. >> letter number 3 from hollywood, columbus, new jersey, i'm mad at you bill o'reilly because obama's birth certificate has been debunk and your opinions are orchestrated you make too much money. >> where do we start? >> i don't know how that has to do with obama's birth certificate but what do we know about it. >> the president has released his birth certificate on two different occasions first in 2008 in short form. that form didn't involve any signatures at that point, and so some people started to question it he then released the long form in 2011 after a lot of questions came forth. >> is it a legitimate birth certificate. >> yes, it is absolutely legitimate. >> can we stop with that and the muslim thing? can we just stop, please? fourth letter san antonio, texas. bothers the heck out of me president obama was late for appearance. tardiness reflects poorly on a person's character. so was i. he is late. clinton was late.
5:36 pm
>> are you late. >> i'm not. i'm pretty punctual guy unless a dog bites me or something like that. and i teach that i mean it's respectful to you are dealing with to be on time. but the president is notoriously late. >> he is con sis is tently late. he was late even before he was president of the united states. >> was he? >> he risens about 10 minutes late or so. >> he had 11 appearances in the month scwiewl. none of them as out researchers found he was late for. usually running 10 minutes on average. >> he is busy. but you are a busy earn 'and you are not late. >> i try not to be late. >> he had heather is perfect everyone. take a good look. there she. >> not at&t all of a sudden. >> if you are mad as hell we want to hear about it mad as hell when we come right back, bernie goldberg on jesse ventura winning a lawsuit but losing in the court of public opinion. gutfeld and mcguirk on character chaos in times square. factor is coming right back. (vo) ours is a world of passengers.
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>> >> thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight. as you may know. jesse ventura won $1.8 million after winning a defamation suit against sniper chris kyle. he told me here he knocked ventura to the floor after the governor of minnesota said disparaging things
5:41 pm
about the navy seals and america. mr. ventura is a former seal himself and even though he deeply unpopular. pursuing a lawsuit against the widow well, it never occurred. that's all i sought from it. >> joining us from bernard mr. goldberg. since i'm partially responsible for this whole fiasco, i wanted to know what you thought about mr. ventura's victory and public opinion to it? >> right. i think there are two distinct issues here. one is a legal issue. the other is a public relations issue.
5:42 pm
i wasn't in the courtroom i don't know if it was a correct verdict. you would think that a jury would be predisposed to favor the widow of a navy seal. >> yes. >> as opposed to a former pro-wrestler and politician. so, the fact, bill, that they came back with a verdict supporting jesse ren temperature are a suggests to me that maybe he had a case. on appeal, sticking with the legal part of it, on appeal, i think there is a good chance this will be overturned because, as you well know, a, is he a public figure and, you could say just about anything you want about public figures and get away with it. from a public relations point of view, what jesse ventura should have done, he should have walked out of the courtroom with his victory and in front of all those cameras, he should have said something like: i did this because i wanted to clear my name. but for the money, the 1.8 million, i'm giving that to the widow of the navy
5:43 pm
seal because she needs it to raise her family. that would have been a public relations success. he filed the lawsuit, which is a dicey thing to begin with. but he explains why and he gives the money to her. he didn't do that. and this is going to haunt him for a very long time. >> i do believe that that's true. i don't think that ventura's reputation is going to be enhanced by this in any way, shape, or form. >> right. i think he needs the money though, bernie. i really think he needs the money. i think that's a big part of why he did what he did. >> you know, that's a possibility. analysis here. unless he desperately needs the money. i can't figure this out unemployable, really. political career over. thing, 9/11 truther.pur all of that i mean, so, that's what i think happened here. very interesting thing happened the other day,
5:44 pm
senator rand paul, republican from kentucky appeared on msnbc, obviously a network that doesn't have any use for him. but he will not appear on the factor. and i wanted to know why you think that is. it's speculation, but it's interesting speculation. >> i will give you what i hope is educated speculation. let's start at the beginning. rand paul is not thinking about running for president. is he not considering running for president. he then he goes on msnbc which
5:45 pm
is the tv version goes on with judicial reform on this liberal network. again, he is appealing to people who would not normally vote for a republican and who see republicans as knee an dry thowls but see rand paul as he is not like that. >> trying to broaden his base? >> yes. >> but, wouldn't he come on here? >> so why doesn't he come on your show. >> we have 10 times as many viewers. >> exactly. here is my theory on that. first of all i'm with laura ingraham he will appear on your show. i think for now it may be a strategic reason. perhaps while he is trying to expand his base with these other people he doesn't want to be seen with the face of fox news, with the most -- the name most
5:46 pm
associated with fox news. i know. that's not crazy. >> it doesn't make any sense to me. i think he doesn't want to answer the foreign policy question. >> give me explanation. >> he doesn't want to ain't foreign policy stuff. think i that's what it is. i could be wrong. the chair is waiting for him. >> at some point i will i think. >> on deck, gutfeld mcguirk, cartoon characters running wild in times square and one of them even punched a cop. the boys moment away. s a beat..♪ ♪ nothing's missed with tenatwist ♪ ♪ oooh discover the fearless protection of tena. so absorbent even when you twist not a drop escapes. ♪ nothing's missed with tenatwist ♪
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5:50 pm
>> oh, [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> on the ground! >> [ bleep ]. >> that happened after the guy punched an officer who was hospitalized. spider man is charged with a felony. and there are scores of people dressed up as cartoons characters running around times square charging people for pictures. some aggressively. >> i think they need to calm down a bit. i understand they have the right to make their living, but they can be a little scary and a little bit imposing. >> came up to him and one came up, next thing you know there's three and then there's five. and they're all pushing in. >> do you feel like that's a little aggressive because they're all expecting a tip probably at the end? >> that's what i just found out. i wasn't aware of that. and, yes, that's really aggressive. >> well, i originally got one with one of the ladies and i thought i would tip a dollar and then four of them jumped in so i thought i would give them all a dollar. so i gave them five dollars to split between the three of them.
5:51 pm
>> more jumped in when they saw you were taking one picture? >> yes. which made me feel obliged to tip them all. >> how much did you tip them? >> i gave just one dollar because i didn't know about this and they start to complain. you need to pay more. this is a minimum. >> all right. it's becoming a big problem. here to analyze, have you ever been jumped by mickey mouse? >> no, but they should just pay me what i'm owed. i was the naked ninja turtle out there last week. >> that was you? >> that was me and they owe me ten bucks. look, i blame the tourists. >> you blame the tourist. >> i do. because they see these weirdos like celebrities. that's not really elmo, it's a human stained -- >> they're from kazakhstan. >> if the tourists didn't run around there and go -- this is the land of opportunity. you're allowed to make money. if you don't want to deal with that, don't go to times square.
5:52 pm
>> oh, my god. what do you say? >> first of all, yes, they need to be regulated and fumigated. these people are disgusting. i walked through times square yesterday. the outfits, bugs are jumping off them. rudy giuliani just ruined times square. i look at that place and the indian with the tear in his eye like the commercial longing for the old age with the peep shows. the place is pointless. it's stupid. it's culturally deficient. it's full of pig-faced overweight european tourists with too tight shorts and sandals. get them out. they want to see where the ball drops. you want to see balls drop, go to a mets game. you'll see plenty of balls dropping. >> i'm glad you said that. >> no more. that's it. second topic. rob ford, mayor of toronto. go. >> all right. here he is in a canadian park, mcguirk, with his brother on a seesaw. >> hey, listen, i love this guy. >> you love him?
5:53 pm
>> i love him. he makes people smile. he looks like he's enjoying life. he's been clean and sober for what, about three weeks now? god bless him. he's in a statistical tie for his race for mayor. he has a cameo in "sharknado 2." the fact he's a junkie and baa foon, who cares. >> would you give him five dollars if he came up and posed in a picture with you? no. what do you think? >> speaking from experience there are worse things you can do in a park. what i find very interesting here is this is their sibling rivalry. some brothers compete in school or sports, but the battleground was the seesaw. this is where they fought it out. these wonderful glorious knuckleheads. i would take him any day over harry reid. ford has a -- >> this is the brother. >> ford has had a drug problem, but harry reid has no excuse. we know why this guy's crazy. >> he's confident, he's
5:54 pm
charismatic. >> he's coming back. >> he's having his ups and downs. >> there it is. toronto's a beautiful town. i don't know if it's well-represented, but thank you, gentlemen. "the factor" tip of the day, the rules of friendship. the tip moments away. vo: this is the summer.
5:55 pm
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5:57 pm
with convictions. it's a scandal. jose, phoenix, arizona. mr. o'reilly, the report was crap. i will expect you to interview mothers whose children were killed by american citizens if you want to be fair. ridiculous, jose, ridiculous. americans have a right to be in this country. illegal aliens do not. we can't deport u.s. citizens even if they are criminals. we can and should deport any person here illegally who commits any crime. period. michael, richmond hill, georgia. i'm confused, bill, you said if an illegal alien commits a crime he or she should be supported, isn't sneaking in here a crime? it is a civil violation, mike, not a criminal violation. robert brewer, springfield, ohio, i heard miller's rant last night demanding to meet people to whom his tax dollars are given for welfare. i find this appalling. my sister's on welfare and badly needs it. actually, miller's riff in the bolder fresher show is brilliant. and last night he made a point to say some americans should be
5:58 pm
held by welfare. but others game the system. and you have to know that, robert. by the way, tickets for our live shows in west virginia, philadelphia, boston and caesar's ball palace in vegas going fast. i'll link you to the box office. sharon dempsey, what is a kool aid drinker? crazy nut poisoned kool aid in 1978. 909 people drank the kool aid and died. thus the expression. david, strongsville, ohio. bill, my wife and i love "the factor," but shih tzu runs and hides whenever you come on. what do you suggest? >> get a german shepherd, dave. they love me. rin tin tin loves me. back with "the factor" tip of the day on friendship. with social media dominating
5:59 pm
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6:00 pm
definition is because my third grade teacher says if you look up a word you'll never forget it, but if you tell a person a word, they will forget it. follow her instructions. again, thanks for watching us. ms. megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly. remember, the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight on the war in the mideast. with israel taking heat for civilian casualties, we are now hearing about a new plan for a humanitarian cease-fire. and getting dramatic new video tonight that shows what the israelis are up against. good evening and welcome to "the kelly file," everyone. i'm megyn kelly. after 24 straight days of rocket attacks from hamas and air strikes from israel, we have word that both sides are prepared now to take a three-daybreak for humanitarian purposes. though israel is permitted under the deal to continue defensively trying to shut down those tunnels being used by hamas to launch terror attacks inside of its country. this announcement comes as the administration


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