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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  August 15, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> good morning. it is friday, august 15th. vie p lent clashes replaced by protests in ferguson, missouri. but what police are expected to do could change everything. robin william's video revealing he was trying to come to grips with a devastating diagnosis before he took his life. >> why one iraq war veteran says it cost him a day of family fun at six flags. "fox & friends first" starts right now.
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♪ >> good friday morning to you. you are watching "fox and friends first". it is the end of the week. you made it. the weekend is here. >> excellent news. thank you. thank you for waking up with us this morning. this is a fox news alert. police expected to release the name of the officer who killed an unarmed black teenager today. the death of 18-year-old michael brown igniting days of violent protests. withholding the cop's name has only escalated all of the tension. they spoke to brown's parents promising a full investigation. the department of justice is investigating key witnesses including a friend of brown. overnight a change in command signaling a shift in the protest.
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security havended over to the state highway patrol now. captain ron johnson leading the charge. >> i grew up here. this is my community and my home. therefore it means a lot to me personally that we break this cycle of violence, improve the tension and failed trust and show respect for every interaction and ever are i citizen. >> the first night of protest under the new command, peaceful. mike tobin on the ground in the heart of ferguson. >> ainsley and heather, the demonstrator's own the street. as you look around here, one thing you will not hesees a pole officer in this video. you see a lot of rowdy people in an atmosphere that's taken on the appearance of a block party. people in the streets with their signs honking the horns, chanting. the state trooper the captain ron johnson who has taken over is back all of the police
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officers away from the scene and stopping the friction between the police officers and demonstrators. have we seen any trouble so far tonight? no, we haven't. you see some of the young men in masks. it doesn't look good. doesn't mean trouble. we smell pot, we smell booze doesn't mean there will be trouble. you have a young man in a mask out in the middle of the street. more of the atmosphere of a block party. you can't say trouble is coming from that. a conscious decision changed the appearance of what happened tonight from what happened on the previous night. you saw the tear gas, the concussion grenades something they don't want to repeat. the commander wants to absolutely avoid. they tried to control the crowd they had dozens of protestors that night. tonight we have hundreds. ainsley and heather, back to you. >> mike tobin. thank you, mike. days of volatility fuelling
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cries for justice from coast to coast. times square shut down as thousands of the protestors crowd the already crowded street. the march stretching for blocks demanding the end of violence. from baltimore to boston to dallas to chicago thousands of people peacefully taking to the streets in solidarity with those in ferguson. >> the department of justice taking the reigns of the investigation into the shooting death of 18-year-old michael brown. attorney general eric holder just spoke with his family for the first time. elizabeth prann is live in washington. she outlined doj's role in this. >> attorney general speaking to the parents of michael brown vowing according to reports to conduct a full and independent investigation. he also announced his department will offer technical assistance to local authorities in order to help quote conduct crowd control
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as demonstrations of protesting but many of them calming. a lawyer with the brown family says member met with officers from the justice department. the been supporters of good intepgs. >> the justice department officials have went to missouri and have met with the family and are doing a joint investigation. at this time we are requesting strenuously that they do an independent investigation, because there is such distrust between the local community and the family and the law enforcement agencies there in st. louis whic st. louis. >> there is no ex couldn'cuse f violence in the aftermath of this tragedy. >> when something like this happens the local authorities including the police haneed to open and honest about how they
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are protecting people in the communities. >> the president is casting the fbi to look at possible civil rights violations. heather, back to you. >> his bette pran in washington. let's keep talking about the situation in ferguson. is now the time to release the officer's name? will it help or hurt? log on to #keep talking. >> they agreed to step down after threat of a power struggle in iraq. this after obama ref feugees ar trapped oh a mountain. the he says conditions have improved. >> because the skill and professionalism of our military and generosity of our people we helped volume newerab-- vulnera people to safety.
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>> no high fives there are fewer people on the mountain than we thought. there is no happy dances here. the situation in iraq remains ang russ and our efforts are not over. >> thousands remain on the mountain. the president giving green light for additional air strikes. >> hand grenades. they are a key weapon for mexican cartels some packed with explosives, others like the one you see right there being used to deliver handwritten death threats. the first national guard troops arriving at the mexico border. guards men can be see manning observation posts in the border town of hill dal go. they are part of up to 1,000 troops called up by governor perry. >> nascar drivers will start out sunday without tony stewart. he is sitting out of this race in michigan. it's the third one he's missing
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since hitting and killing kevin ward jr. saturday. the announcement comes as ward is laid to rest in up state new york. family and friends gathering to remember the young driver. some mourners wearing his racing t-shirt. >> turning up the heat on the irs. the federal judge demanding more details about what happened to lois lerner's missing e-mails. this after a watchdog called their latest explanation a joke. the agency must explain how it tried to retrieve her e-mails by other sources like mobile devices. >> happening right now a live look in south korea. pope francis attending asian youth day where he is currently attending a play as you can see. thousands packing the arena at the birth place of the catholic priest. he performed his first public
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mass in front of a crowd all of this part of a five day trip the first to south korea in 25 years. >> paul mccartney bringing down the curtain on candle stick park. ♪ >> 50,000 fans rocking out at the final event at the stadium in san francisco. it is being torn down next year replaced with a shopping center. the stick opened more than 50 years ago and p served as the home field of the 49ers, the giants and the site of the beatle's last concert in 1966. >> it's like fall is on the way. i kind of like that, maria. >> good morning. hill loefsh. i am here on 48th and 6th. it is going to be another summer concert series here continuing with beach boys performing live.
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we have free barbecue. we have fall like conditions across portions of the northeast. we have temperatures below average. currently many areas waking up to temperatures only in the 50's. at pittsburgh at 51. 56 in harrisburg. your high temperatures are going to be warmer today than yesterday. still below average. mid 70's in new york city. further west across the plains you are looking at 90's kansas city across texas and california. 83 for a high in l.a. 75 over in san francisco. we have a storm system. this produced areas of heavy rain across the rockies. this storm will be producing the flash flood potential across the northern plains parts of the dakotas by this weekend we could see isolated severe weather in the state of missouri. >> thanks so much, maria. >> coming up, some shocking new information about robin
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william's death. the secret diagnosis he didn't want the world to know about. >> social media failed. two accused robbers learn the hard way. you can't steal from a store and show off your loot on-line. >> a brand new way to get your morning jolt of joe. how the coffee company is doing it. ♪searching with devotion ♪for a snack that isn't lame ♪but this... ♪takes my breath away
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if you're suffering from constipation or irregularity, powders may take days to work. for gentle overnight relief, try dulcolax laxative tablets. ducolax provides gentle overnight relief, unlike miralax that can take up to 3 days. dulcolax, for relief you can count on. >> a stunning new revelation about robin williams days after his death. in addition to struggling with addiction and depression his wife revealing he was suffering from the early stages of parkinson's disease. dan bowens has more on his secret battle. >> this is not a test. >> an actor beloved by so many who felt almost personal like an
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extended member of the family is gone taken before his time. now robin williams' widow is revealing something the famous actor never had publically. the 63-year-old comic who struggled decades with substance abuse said robin's sobriety was in tact. he was brave as he struggled with his own battles of depression and anxiety as well as early stages of parkinson's disease which he was not ready to share publically. the disease is a disorder of the nervous system that affects your movement. it also often leads to bouts of serious depression. >> depression is common in parkinson's disease. there are wide ranges in the estimates of how common we usually say about 50 percent or up to 50 percent of people with parkinson's disease can have depression. >> williams took his own life earlier this week inside his northern california home when t
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whether the diagnosis played a role is unclear. >> what we are being told is this underlying depression he suffered from is something he dealt with for a long, long time. long before he knew he had parkinson's. >> robin william's good friend michael j. fox had no idea he was battling the disease. fox of course diagnosed with parkinson's in 1991. he tweeted this, stunned to learn robin had parkinson's disease. pretty sure his support for our foundation predated his diagnosis. a true friend. i wish him peace. >> a robbery at an atlantic city casino. eight people including a recently fired security guard under arrest. the heist set off a 3 state manhunt. the security guard and accomplice pulled out a gun and robbed former co-workers of two plastic boxes of cash with more than 180,000 dollars inside. and add this one to the dumb
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criminal file. two teenagers busted by police after posting pictures on facebook with wads of cash that they just stole. the pair accused of robbing three banks in hawaii making off with more than 40,000 dollars. if convicted they could face up to 20-years behind bars. and the iraq war veteran says six flags turned him away in front of his family because he was wearing this shirt. this shirt which sports the marines, keep calm and return fire features a rifle in the colors of the american flag. workers claim it was offensive and said he could only go inside the new jersey theme park if he took it off. the veteran refused and is now demanding an apology. >> the christians score a major victory. the united states navy now says the bible is going back into every hotel room on the military base. we told you about this atheists complained and had the bibles
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removed. the navy just said the decision to give all bibles the boot was made without consulting senior leadership. >> ford now announcing a major recall. lauren simonetti from the fox business network is here with what drivers need to know. another one, lauren. >> the year of the recall. ford recalling 83,000 relatively new cars and suv's because they can lose power or they can roll away if parked without the new jersey brakes engaged. effected are the 2012, edges, lincoln and kx the ford lexus and mkt and m-14 ford tauruses and lincoln mks's. no injuries reported but they will tell owners this month if they need to get it it fixed. >> would you buy an iphone it the screen did not break? apple is working with a company called gt advanced technology to
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make the first sapphire screen for the new iphones and smart watches expected this fall. sapphire is an expensive material because it is harder. it would replace the glass on the current iphones. these sapphire screens could cost five times more to manufacturer or about $16. i need some dunkin' donuts with the first single origin company. columbian rain forest alliance coffee made with 30 percent coffee beans. you can buy it now through december. just a limited run here. wall street, nice run for the bull. solid week yesterday. dow up 50 points. higher now heading into the final session two weeks in a row. back to you. >> we will take it. >> we will. i great, thanks lauren. 19 after the top of the hour. a reporter arrested by ferguson police just for doing his job. >> i was thrown up into a
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fountain soda machine because we weren't leaving a private establishment fast enough. >> that reporter sharing his side of the story including what police refused to tell him. >> well, popeye taught us spinach makes us stronger, but it is also good for your teeth. we are going to tell you more. the food that will make your smile sparkle. >> first on this day back in 1969 woodstock opened in new york. in 2001 astronomers announced the first discovery of another solar system.
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>> riots in ferguson, missouri prompting asking for peaceful protests and justice for the death of michael brown. one minister so frustrated he shared this epic rant on-line. >> what we are doing out here is not helping. change is not going to come until we change it. >> coming up on "fox and friends minister jonathan gentry will join us live. for the first time we are hearing from one of the "washington post" reporters who was arrested while doing his job. what happened afterwards. >> i was put in plastic restraints the kind that riot police officers use. i was slammed in -- ryan was sl into a door i was slammed up to a fountain machine because we weren't leaving fast enough and had the audacity to videotape police officers. >> we were sitting in a jail
2:25 am
cell and fellow reporter called the police chef and said what in the world is going on. the police chief said, quote, oh god. so he called in and got us out of the cell. they released us they wouldn't give us a police report. we asked for their badge numbers. they refused to cooperate with us. >> newly buried alive two construction workers rescued after being trapped in a trench for a couple of hours. they were working on a foundation when the ground suddenly collapsed burying them neck high in mud. took throughs three hours to dig them out. they are expected to fully recover. firefighters in north carolina going above and beyond the call of duty to rescue two cats from a house fire in charlotte after getting the lions outside they strapped oxygen masks to their faces. the cats named homer and moe are expected to make a full
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recovery. >> it is 25 minutes after the top of the hour. a teen spent months behind bars in connection with the deadly paul walker accident. what he took from the crash site. >> there's something in the water it's not a shark. a swimmer races an under water predator to dry land. >> the beach boys are getting ready to perform for the all american summer concert series. who's more excited about back to school savings at staples? the moms? or the dads? with guaranteed low prices on flash drives, it's definitely the dads. staples. make more happen for less. angieby making it easy to buyng and schedule service by top-rated providers, conveniently stay up-to-date on progress, and effortlessly turn your photos into finished projects with the angie's list mobile app.
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>> it is friday august 15th td. a fox news alert. violent clashes replaced by peaceful protests in ferguson, missouri. what police are about to do in the next few hours could change everything. >> this time they could put your personal information at risk. >> what's up, dock. your mother always told you to
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eat your carrots because they are good for your eye sight. now there's another reason to ciao down. "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ >> great song. doesn't that remind you have a wedding. >> we have the beach boys outside. >> it is friday, we made it. it is august 15th. it is half past the top of the hour. all eyes on ferguson, missouri this morning. police expected to release the name of the officer who killed an unarmed black teen aiminger today. the death of 18-year-old michael brown igniting days of violent
2:31 am
protests. withholding the police officer's name only added to tension. the department of justice questioning key witnesses including friend of brown. overnight a change of command signaling a shift of the protest. security in the hands of the state highway patrol. missouri governor jay nixon hope that long decision will calm tension. >> what's going on the last few days is not what ferguson is about. this is a place where people work, go to school, raise your families go to church. it's a diverse community a missouri community. lately it looks more like a war zone and that's not acceptable. >> the first night of protest under that new command peaceful. reporters on the scene calling it a celebratory at no, smosphe. days of volatility fuelling cries for justice from coast to coast. times square in new york shut down as thousands of protestors
2:32 am
clogged the already crowded streets. they stretched for blocks to demand an end to the brutality. it went from baltimore to boston to dallas to chicago. thousands of people peacefully taking to the streets in solidarity with those in ferguson. >> eric holder trying to calm tensions just speaking to michael brown's family for the first time. the doj taking the lead on the investigation into his death. doug luzader has the latest. >> they are looking into a couple of things, the shooting of michael brown itself but a o there is also the police response and protests that followed. the relative calm has returned to the streets in ferguson. attorney general eric holder returned to the phone with michael brown's parents. >> justice department officials
2:33 am
went to missouri and met with the family and are doing a joint investigation. at this time we are requesting strenuously that they do an independent investigation was there is such distrust between the local community and the family and the law enforcement agencies there in st. louis. >> then there is the question of the police response which has been turned over to the state control. that's what president obama touched on briefly as he returned from martha's vineyard. >> they are talking ways to maintain public safety without restricting the right of peaceful protests and while avoiding unnecessary i say calculation. i made it clear to the attorney general that we should do what is necessary to help determine exactly what happened and see that justice is done. >> there's an aspect to this
2:34 am
where congress may get involved. having to do with the demilitarization. they are calling on congress to try to reign in some of the departments. >> doug luzader live, thanks. it is now time to release the officer's name. will it help or hurt? log on to the facebook page right after the show for a live debate #keep talking. >>al maliki agrees to step down after threats of a power struggle in eye can ra. this as president obama announces there will be no rescue mission for the religious refugees trapped on the mountain. he said there's no need for it because conditions have improved and the u.s. has broken the siege by isis militants. thousands remain on the mountain. >> as the national guard bolsters security the feds are buying a border fence for the ukraine. the state department spending
2:35 am
400,000 dollars on razor wire to defend borders between the ukraine and crimea. it is part of a package announced in april. >> james whitey bull ger is trying to get out of his life sentence. they are appealing his sentence saying he was deprived immunity that was given to him by a federal prosecutor. he claimed he promised a get out of jail card. that dead prosecutor had no authority to do that. >> jeb bush may have died on 2016 but he is campaigning first. he is making his first campaign appearance for incumbent governor rick scott. the two will appear together in the agricultural town of homestead. scott is neck and neck with charlie crist. the former florida republican governor who defected to the
2:36 am
democrats. >> it is sunday. some form of meet the press. with ratings in the tank they figured maybe it was time for a new moderator of the longest running program on nbc. chuck todd will be settling into david gregory's chair. gregory announcing he is leaving the network after 20-years. >> you might want to take an extra jacket to work this morning. fall is p on the way. we are celebrating summer with the beach boys in new york city. what's up maria? >> in the morning hours we are going to be a little bit on the chilly side. you may need a sweater. burlington down to pennsylvania even parts of west virginia along the i 95 corridor a little milder waking up to temperatures in the 60s. temperatures widespread in the
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70's. a lot of sunshine and low humidity as well. it will be a beautiful day out there. get out and enjoy it. further quest feeling like summer in the 90's. new mexico also in the upper 08s and 90's. quiet across the midwest and northeast. i don't think we will be seeing travel delays associated with the weather. the exception is florida in miami. travel delays showers and storms are in the forecast especially during the afternoon hours and also during the evening and across the northern plains heather and ainsley storm system moving through producing flash flooding. over to you. >> the moment a crocodile arrives a loan swimmer would make a good meal. the crock makes chase as the man swims as fast as he can.
2:38 am
people are watching in horror until someone throws an object and stops it in his tracks. >> that is a huge crocodile. >> so scary. glad the guy is okay. >> the time now is 37 after the top of the hour. over $34 million. 34 million a car just drove into the record books. your tax dollars going to the dogs the government spending money on doggy daycare. that's just the beginning. >> the white house says obama won't make any major announcements during his trip back to dc. but the white house did say obama would be making minor announcement the like just mixed a bowl of fruit tee pebbles with cocoa pebbles because i am the president and i can do whatever i want. ♪
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>> the shooting death of an unarmed teen is igniting protests from coast to coast. thousands clog the streets. wnyw reporter antoine lewis is live in new york with the latest. good morning. >> good morning heather and ainsley. it was the theme to have such similar shows of protests to show you what it looked like and show you a little bit about what happened. hundreds joined the demonstration. they were talking about west 14th street marching up here to where we are in times square. they weaved in and out of traffic from our understanding. a number of people that were participating in it were expressing their thought and concern about what is happening in new york city. the governor transferred authority to the state police,
2:43 am
the state highway patrol in an effort to try to keep the peace between the local authority and citizens. boo five arrests mostly for disorderly conduct. arrested all with misdemeanors. >> thank you, antoine. >> investigators narrowing in on investigators who stole money on board the malaysian airplane that went missing. 30,000 dollars was withdrawn from passenger's accounts and was transferred into a fourth passengers' account. police believe it was an inside job of bank employees. they are gathering evidence. >> the secret service says they are aware of this photo showing an image of an isis flag in front of the white house with this message, we are in your state, we are in your cities, we are in your streets.
2:44 am
you are our goals anywhere. it is real the photo was taken in an area closed off by traffic and walked by 240uss of tourists each day. >> federal aid to poor communities is going to doggy daycares and luxury hotels. a now report from tom coburn said federal tax credit missed for developing poor communities are being used for anything but. $40 million aquariums 65,000 dollar sculptures. that's what the money is going to thanks to private investors. >> the irs under fire again this time for fraud and idtheft. >> lori rothman has more. >> more than a million u.s. taxpayers perhaps you and he have been exposed to an increased risk of fraud and
2:45 am
identity theft. the irs failed to do mandatory background checks of some private contractors who have access to confidential tax payer's. s they had a computer disc with the personal information of 1.4 million tax takers before doing any outside check on those workers. in another case they hired a courier when spent prison nn arson charges. the irs is committed to clarifying policies and procedures to ensure appropriate security provisions are all included in appropriate solicitations and contracts. they didn't look into weather around the data was misused. so far no xhints. the irs paid 4 billion in fraudulent tax refunds. >> lori. thanks so much. have a great weekend.
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>> 5@5:00. getting a brighter smile can be as easy add chewing. eating these five foods will get your pearly whites in tiptop shape. apples acts like a scrub brush attacking mrak buiplaque build . salmon has vitamin d a nutrient needed for healthy bones and treats. >> strawberries the vitamin c helps dissolve the flack. carrots contain vitamin a for healthy tooth ee nanameenamel. eating them raw helps as a natural cleanser. >> cheese the minerals it provide can ward off tooth decay. >> it is now 14 minutes to the top of the hour. if you are going to steel a safe you shouldn't do it and drag it down the road. >> the nfl is tracking with gps devices. how this can make teens better.
2:47 am
brian kilmeade has more about sports. >> great show as usual. have a great weekend. let me tell you what's coming up. protests overnight in ferguson. a lot different this time. the president sold a pipe down on marsha's vineyard. he doesn't know what's going on according to law enforcement in advi missouri. with he will see how his reaction is. also new leader in iraq and suddenly we understand the humanitarian crisis is over or is it? ask the people in the eye of the storm they say not by a long shot. they got together in 1961 sold over 100 million albums. on that stage in the concert series the beach boys. i think i recognize that girl on the drum. :
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welcome back. a california judge handing down a tough sentence to the teen convicted of stealing wreckage from the crash that killed actor paul walker. 18-year-old jamison woody will spend six months on jail. he was caught stealing a piece of the car while it was being taken away by a tow truck. a wisconsin girl is arrested and charged after going on a wild drunken ride in her mother's car but she was not alone. police pulling the car over for not having headlights on. that is when they discovered the drunken teenager with five other kids tagging along for the ride. the kids all under the age of 14 released to their parents. >> you're looking at the most expensive car.
2:52 am
this ferrari 250 gto pulled in $38.1 million when it went up for auction in california. this slick roadster is one of 36 made by ferrari. it came in second at the 1962 tour de france, shattered the record of $31 million held by mercedes. >> it is not your father's game. some nfl teams using g.p.s. technology on their players but not to track where they are but to protect them. we have more from miami dolphin training camp in florida. >> it is all to make the game of football better especially for fans at home and players on the field with extended seasons and careers because if the coaches and players can keep themselves, the stars on the field during the game, they won't be wasting time missing games on injured reserves. this experimental g.p.s. technology is worn on the
2:53 am
backside of a chest bra. they way about two ounces and gives all kinds of data from the satellite to the sport science coach's laptop. >> if we can manage the stresses they are under better, theoretically they should stay healthier and they can stay on the field in a high performance state. >> a florida state university used these hast year. they went on to win the national championship and their coach says soft tissue injuries were reduced by 88%. he credits these g.p.s. devices. first the dolphins players were suspicious that maybe this was a secret way to see who was slacking off but then once they learned it was about extending their careers they embraced them. >> more output, explosiveness. in the day, it was run all
2:54 am
day, there was no mercy, no hope. they are protecting us more. >> about two dozen college teams are using these now. as for the nfl, the cowboys, the giants, the eagles and about eight other teams also using them. but the nfl still not allowing their use during dpaims -- games themselves. only during practice. >> six minutes till the top of the hour. a random act of kindness. the story behind this picture that will put a smile on your face. and he's out. the bearvel -- baseball interview that was a real knockout.
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two minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house here's what's happening today. police in merg son, missouri, expect -- in ferguson, missouri, expected to release the name of the officer who shot and killed 18-year-old michael brown as the justice department takes the reins in the investigation following days of protest. is now the time to release the officer's name? will it hurt? will it help? log on to our facebook page to keep talking
2:59 am
#keeptalking. >> a stunning release about robin williams. his wife says he was suffering from the early days of parkinson's disease. >> tony stewart says he is sitting out from the nascar race in michigan, the third race he is missing since he hit kevin ward jr. in new york last friday. >> this video of an act of kindness. the bad, a north carolina steal the safe from a drug store and drags the safe down the road in a get-away. it was all caught on camera after the man passes an officer on patrol. >> the ugly. a minor league baseball player video bombing anent view by delivering a fake knockout punch to his coach. it might have looked real but it was fun and games.
3:00 am
the el paso chihuahas. >> "fox & friends" starts next. they have a special guest. >> you need to stick around because the beach boys are on the plaza. >> doing a little shagging with the beach boys. >> have a good weekend. . good morning. it is friday, august 15. police making a big announcement in the ferguson, missouri, shooting case. in a few hours the police officer's name will be released but is that safe? we are live with the latest developments this morning. >> two girls kidnapped in broad daylight have been found alive. how they escaped and who police are looking for this morning. >> it is a shirt meant to show off patriotic pride but the veteran who wore it says it got him booted from six flags. that's confusing. we'll inwind it because mornings are better with friends.


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