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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 22, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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the week and he said national guard troops were drawn down. the last couple of nights, a much different picture. we'll have more from ferguson as anything develops. for now, back to "on the record." nhe "new york times" is talking about golf because it seems even that liberal newspaper that twice endorsed president obama in 2008, and 2012, just can't take it anymore. the criticism right on page 1. above the fold. yes, the president teeing off. not so much on isis but on the golf course. and the most vicious, well-funded well formed group sets its sights on america. president obama hit the link for another round of golf. the contrasting images spark criticism of president obama from the left and the right. washington examiner betsy woodruff. washington examiner susan ferrechio.
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even the "new york times" is hammering about this. >> that's the tipping point. at this point if i were to guess what's happening behind closed doors is, that obama's circle is telling him it's time to look like you are doing some work. i is coming back to washington on sunday. >> as planned. not early. >> and he came back for a couple meetings this week. >> which we still can't find out what he was doing. >> he also went to a wedding party when he was back here this week as we talked about earlier. so, i think, you know, they are getting the message. he needs -- the golf is just a symptom of a problem. the golf is not the problem. the president's golf. the look of detachment and just position of his actions when it seems like the middle east is falling apart and american brutally killed. what is the president doing? it looks like he is he just recreating and not really taking his job seriously. part of a larger pattern of disengagement. that's a bigger proper. >> any democrats disserved by this? >> we haven't seen any democratic lawmakers out
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there. there have been across the board some frustration with what has been a trend, exactly of detachment. we have seen him sort of step in to situations and not give his forceful comments as he previously did. there was frustration over how he handled ferguson from some democrats. to the extent to which, you know, we see a repeated lack of enthusiasm, that's a problem for the president. >> do they do any polling on this? as susan said, probably discussion behind closed doors. i'm not sure where there could be any doubt because of the gravity of what's going on in the world. what do you think is going on in the white house about this. >> i have no idea. cherry on the top g.o.p. john kerry spotted on vacation at home in nantucket. everyone is out to lunch. >> let me defend john kerry because, you know, he has at least been on the road around the clock and, you know, we don't see him out golfing. >> fair point. >> and he also doesn't leave just before talking to the family of a beheaded
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journalist. that is certainly on his side. the point is that the optics here are just abysmal. i think it was 10 years ago that last month that then candidate obama gave a speech at the dnc pushing for candidate kerry to be president that made him a national political figure. the reason that speech was so effective because it was so emotionally resonate. it's amazing the change just in terms of emotional intelligence or at least emotional intuitiveness that we have seen in the last 10 years. really astonishing. >> how does the white house spin this as a good time. >> they talk about it as the president needing to -- first of all, that he is on the job all the time. that his work comes with him. not like is he in nantucket not working. he has his advisors with him in martha's vineyard. mistaking the two vacations. is he working while he is on vacation the idea that the president's job is so stressful the idea of having to deal with the families of someone who just had been murdered and all the violence that he needs to blow off some steam on the golf course.
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>> that's also very stressful for the american people. it's very stressful for the family. >> he wanted the job. he fought very hard for the job not like we feel sorry for him oh he works so hard. >> he is not showing that is he cow tailing to terrorists. going on with business as planned and fun as planned. that's a way to show strength on the national stage when he really is facing a crisis. >> that's an argument that you can make. at the end of the day i'm not sure it sells especially since he lost the "new york times." that argument totally makes sense but when the "new york times" above the fold says you are messing up 00 the optics. >> jeez, didn't look very good picture of him in the golf carted after getting off the phone. i think they got the message to that. i don't think we will see that again. >> prime minister cammeron coming off his holiday. i'm surprise weed didn't hear from the president today went hiking with his wife. >> at least is he is not on the golf course. >> there is that anyway, panel, thank you. and it's not just here at
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home. what kind of message is president obama sending to the rest of the world as he plays golf? british prime minister as we just noted david cammeron cutting his vacation short to deal with isis. former u.n. john bolton joins us. good evening, sir, what kind of message does it send the world and does it matter if the world sees the "new york times" and people here in america troubled that the president is out playing golf as isis beheads an american? >> i don't think they are worried that he is playing golf. people talk about playing optics. i would leave optics to the on opticians. the issue here is substance. the president for five and a half years has not cared about measure national security. he treats it when he is supposed -- forced to. even when he is forced to he walks away from it the message it sends to leaders around the world it's the same barack obama who hasn't paid attention adequately during his entire presidency. >> doesn't that say something that someone you look to for sort of leadership in the world, like the united states, and then, i mean, i imagine that
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angela merkel, chancellor of germany, she wants to look to the united states as sort of being a leader on these things and so does the british prime minister. and they pick up the newspaper and it's ladi da. >> there he goes again. a weak inattentive president. address this question that you can lead the free world from march that's vineyard. the fact is unless you are in washington surrounded by all the aides on the bridge. you can't take advantage of all the resources of the presidency. tag what he should be doing requires a lot of hard work, hour after hour after hour. including communicating most importantly, what is our objective here with isis? what does he want to achieve? i think our objective should be the destruction of isis because it can't be contained or deterred. what's barack obama's objective? has he told us? he doesn't know yet. >> he referred -- he said contained on monday, which is shocking, you know, that he just wants to contain it
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i want to destroy it too. if you go back to january, he says it's jv. but then isis is jv and then today he has got the spokesman over at the pentagon saying well, a lot has happened since we are now in august. but back in january, when he was calling it jv, they had taken fallujah, which, in 2004, was our biggest battle in iraq. we lost 9 a. they had already taken fallujah by the time he made the jv comment. >> because the president the is wedded to the ideological obsession that there is no war on terror. al qaeda is on the road to defeat. usama bin laden is dead. that was their argument. and it fits into the ideological argument that we don't need a war on terror. it's a law enforcement matter. and so the entire weight of the united states is the justice department is now consists of an fbi investigation of what happened to james foley. that's their idea of how to deal with it, within the criminal law. it's fundamentally wrong. and i don't think it is sellable politically in this
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country for what it's worth which is the only thing the president seems to care about. >> what's the big difference between having a law enforcement and having an ideology or military except for the resources use to try to ferret it it out and get rid of it? >> you are an n. an entirely different legal paradigm. among other things. operating under the war. entitled to do case of war. as a criminal defense attorney you know that's not something you can do to the people who beheaded him if you are going to read the miranda rights, give them due process, insist on a chain of custody for the evidence and the rest of it there this is a real divide between obama, the justice department, and his click. i think the entire rest of the american people see this as war. >> i see problem is you pibleg up the culprit who did it but then you turn your back on the other ones running to replace him in a war you take everybody out who is going to it try to do this. >> it also misses the key fact that the real application of military power is intended to deter the crime. not to worry about prosecuting somebody after
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it occurs. and that's why i think the objective here has to be the destruction of isis. so, rather than talking about tactics or there are going to be boots on the ground. are we going to use drones. first, you have to decide what your objective is this is the basis of strategy. then, once do you that assemble an international coalition and go and do it. >> do you not think, in my wildest dreams, i can't imagine he doesn't think we should get rid of isis, they are beheading people. >> i tell you, like secretary kerry said years ago, we are never going to get victory over the terrorists. we just want to reduce it to a low grade threat. i fundamentally reject that i think most americans do, too. now we should have a debate over it. >> ambassador, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> more grave disappointment with the obama administration. tonight we are hearing from the brother beheaded american journalist james foley, he says the obama administration did not do enough to bring his brother home alive. including paying a ransom. >> the united states could have done more on behalf of the western and american
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hostages over there and still dealt with the broader worldwide issues and other nations have done that that's a source of frustration from me. >> the "new york times" above the fold reads a terrorist horror and then golf. the president hitting the links during a time of crisis. joining us senator john mccain. good evening, senator. i know that this is not about optics, it's far more serious the president during the white house correspondence dinner was ordering the takedown of usama bin laden. however, the american people are scared. they have seen the beheading, they know about the terrorism is is the president showing the concern he should for the american people? i hope that he is and i hope it's just an optics problem. i hope what the president would do is review the series of grave errors that he has made which has led up to the situation that we were in, not leaving
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residual force behind in iraq which he could have done and bragged about the fact that we didn't during the 2012 campaign overrecalling his security team including hillary clinton when they recommended stepping up and giving aid and assistance to the free syrian army ba shad assad crossed a red line. destroyed american credibility in the region there is a series of mistakes that i hope that the president realize which has led us to his secretary of defense, recognizing this is a direct threat to the united states of america. >> i know this is not a game. this is not a big i told you so. in 2008, when you said that we would need to leave troops in iraq for a very long time, you got mocked by
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president obama candidate obama and by hillary clinton. you are the one that wanted to take care of the free syrian army and to arm them and, again, that was dismissed. tell me what is your strategy today in light of where we are are? >> first of all if the president will develop a strategy we will support it so far there is no strategy. four things we need to do immediately. one is to have a reconciliation between sunni and she a in baghdad with the new government. give give military aid to the kurds using old russian equipment. they will fight and fight well but they need the equipment to do it it massively increase our assistance to the free syrian army and air strikes that go to syria because there is no boundary between syria and iraq today hard
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and often and incrementally is not the way it do it. >> isis has carried out a threat against james foley which many of us have seen on a video or seen the pictures of and is beyond words. do you think that they're here in the united states and i don't want to be an alarmi but i have seen what they have done. could i mention that i have now been named by isis as number one enemy and crusader and i'm extremely proud of that in their online propaganda. there is no doubt in my mind with the number of europeans and about is hundred americans are the estimates. and people have all over the world. who have been radicalized are now fighting in syria. are gonna come back to the countries that they came from the case of europe, they don't need a visa to come to the united states. as you know there was a young american that thought
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in syria, radicalized came back to the united states and came back to syria and blew himself up as suicide bomber. that is probably one of the factors that has cause for this dramatic turn around by ourselves and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff for years i have been arguing with the chairman of the chairman of joint chiefs of staff we ought to take the position or strategy did you think secretary hagel's statement was stronger than the president's about this? did you get that sense? >> i think it was much stronger the president's statement on the tragedy plaintiff foley, they are very strong statements.
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but where is the strategy? in other words, it's incredible because they are now warning us about how horrible the enemy is and how dangerous it is is they have articulated no strategy that i know of. and obviously part of that is going to have to be a number of additional american forces in iraq, not for combat purposes, but to help the iraqis in this conflict -- if they are going to take back this territory, they are going to have to have a lot of american help. second of all, greta, it's not a matter of stopping isis. we have to defeat isis and we have it to take them out with whatever means possible. the fact that the administration made public that there had been a rescue attempt will harm further rescue attempts because good journalists will be finding out additional details, which then gives methods and capabilities over to the enemy and isis in
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particular, so, further rescue attempts will be complicated and more difficult because this administration, for whatever reason, whatever motive, made it known that they had made an attempt to rescue these people and it is not a valid excuse to say that news organizations were on the story. we could have denied it. >> you know, it's funny. i had a different reaction to that and it's no secret i don't have a military background. i have never been in any leadership in the military. but i actually thought that it sends a message to isis know what? we are going to get you where you are and coming for you. i had a different thought. i actually was happy to hear about that and i think that i would hope that maybe it would scare some of them because we are coming for them. >> the best way to sandy message to isis is through ordinance dropped on their heads and blowing them to smither reasons, blowing them straight to hell where they belong. >> of course, there is also the fact that our intelligence was so bad is
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that we showed up when nobody was there which is beyond me, that the intelligence gathering that that could happen. anyway, i'm taking the last word on that. senator, nice to see you. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, greta. >> and you can see the rest of our interview with senator john mccain. go to and straight ahead, brace yourself, a warning, representative peter king warning isis is stronger and richer than al qaeda was right before 9/11. representative king goes "on the record" next. plus: >> coming up, ted and i take you inside a gun range with the type of weapon officer wilson used in the huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know words really can hurt you? what...? jesse don't go!! i'm sorry daisy, but i'm a loner. and a loner gotta be alone. heee yawww!
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this is terrifying. king saying that isis is stronger and wealthier than al qaeda was before the september 11th attack. good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. >> in addition to the fact that they are so rich and so strong, and so vicious, the first question has to be are they -- is there any likelihood they are here in the united states or that they have got their eyes on doing something here in the united states? greta we have to assume that they're. guy back three years. their predecessor, al qaeda in iraq, which is the genesis of isis, they had two of their terrorists were captured it in kentucky plotting an attack on fort knox. they want to attack the west and the united states. unlike al qaeda, which, again, it cost them $200,000 for all of 9/11, isis $2 billion. more important than any of that is that al qaeda, one
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of the problems they had leading up to 9/11 was getting people in the united states. they had -- was not that easy for them. they were able to do it ultimately but it was a problem. isis has thousands of people that they can send to the u.s. all those europeans, including about 500 brits who are right now fighting in syria alongside isis. they as john mccain said before, they have european passports. they can go into the u.s. without getting a visa. there is over 100 americans fighting in syria a long side the al qaeda affiliates,including isis. they can come back on their american passports. obviously we are trying to monitor them. as senator mccain pointed out, there was a person who carried out othe suicide bombing attack. he had traveled back and forth. and the u.s. was not aware of him. it's very difficult to monitor that type of travel. they have intent and acquiring talent from other affiliates, including scientists and demolition and bomb experts.
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>> we only have about 30 seconds left. i'm curious, what you sees a our american strategy tonight to deal with it? >> right now, i think there is no clear strategy that the president has. what we have to do is we have to let the people know there is going to be a long twilight struggle, massive aair attacks, arming the kurds right await a minute getting the iraqi army back into it it obviously syria, we would have to carry bombing attacks in syria as well. we have to have americans embedded with the iraqi troops as far as providing intelligence and direction. >> are we doing that? >> we're not doing enough. no, we are not attacking in syria. the president, when he talks about taking back a mountain and taking back a dam, that is a 1% of what isis controls. their land mass is larger than the entire country of great britain. >> congressman, thank you, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> and while the president is still on martha's vineyard, is his pentagon back here backing him into a corner over isis? our next guest says yes. general bob scales is here next. "on the record" investigates what kind of weapon was used
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to kill michael brown and how long does it take to shoot it six times. take you to th
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are some people at the pentagon backing president obama back into a corner. general bob scales says people are sending mixed messages to stop isis. listen to what joint chiefs of staff chairman general martin dempsey said yesterday. >> this isn't just about air strikes. can they be defeated without
11:28 pm
addressing that part of their organization which resides in syria, the answer is. no. >> and now listen to what pentagon press secretary admiral john kirby said today. >> i'm not going to get ahead of planning that hasn't been done or decisions that haven't been made. we don't tell telegraph our punches. >> major bob scales joins us. who is on first. which is it? >> isn't that the funniest thing? i have known general dempsey for 10 years. what he was trying to do, in my opinion, is send a signal to his fellow soldiers and to the american people that air strikes are not enough. that this war is going to last a long time. that the center of gravity of this whole campaign isn't iraq, it's syria and that it is going to require something more, as he said, than air strikes to win. this and it's going to take a long time. then this afternoon ghirm kirby just throttles it all back. what does he say well we don't telegraph our punches?
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excuse me? what did we do earlier in the week with the failed rescue attempt james foley, we telegraphed our punches. you telegraph punches at the tactical level. you set strategy and you build a campaign plan in public so -- we want isis to know that we have a strategy and we have a campaign plan. that's not telegraphing your punches, that's convincing the rest of the world that we are serious about taking them oon. >> we may have an incredibly smart, good strategy, but if the whole point is to telegraph to your enemy that we have we're not doing a good job of telegraphing. we are looking like we are flailing, we want to contain, we don't want to eliminate. we don't want -- you know, we go after people that aren't there to rescue them. >> right. >> we look, you know, in terms of leadership, we look keystone coppish. i love our military. they work hard. our soldiers and sailors and airmen they work hard. but the leadership right now or the president doesn't give me a sense that we have a strategy.
11:30 pm
>> what a friend of mine said to me today frustrated from the pentagon he said general, he says we can't negotiate our way out of this. we can't have sanctions. we can't have diplomacy. we have to kill them. we have to have a strategy for killing them. any isis lip standing is going to be a threat to us. and so is the ambassador said earlier in your show, we have got to stand up and tell the rest of the world that we are serious about, look, this isn't about so much a written document called a strategy. it's about leadership. because if we don't lead, nobody is going to follow. and leadership has to come from the united states. and isis only understands military force and power. and the final thing i will say on this is that war is not a test of bombs and airplanes. war is a test of will. and right now, sadly, isis is showing the will to fight. and we're not. >> and they are so brutal and so horrible and so vicious. anyway, general, thank you, sir. >> thank you, greta.
11:31 pm
let's all go off-the-record for a minute. remember this? >> we are choosing hope over fear why are choosing unity over division and sending a powerful message that change is coming to america. >> well, he got that right hope. we hope that he is working on isis and 24/7. is he entitled to a vacation, i agree. but not when the house is burning down. he should do his job first. he wanted to be president. the pictures are horrible. grinning ear to ear at a golf course on martha's vineyard with former nba star alonzo morning and that was just minutes after news conference on beheading of james foley. here is where the hope comes. in back on april 300th, 2011, a saturday night. president obama was entertaining a room of 2,000 plus journalists at the white house correspondence dinner. all seemed fine, lots of jokes. but the joke was on the
11:32 pm
unsuspecting journalists. the president had just given the go sign to get usama bin laden. not one journalist picked up on it. so my hope now is that we are all being fooled again and that while he marches beeline to the golf course with big grin that he is doing something big and big about isis. if not forget that hope business. we need the other part of his campaign promise change. and 2016 can't come fast enough for that that's my off-the-record comment tonight. and stunning new information about the key eyewitness to the police shooting of mike wall brown. that's next. plus "on the record" investigates take you to shooting range for up close look for the type of gun used to kill mike michael brown. what that means for the
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key eyewitness in the police shooting of michael brown. dorian wilson was walking with brown when he was shot by a police officer. turns outs there is an arrest warrant for stealing.
11:37 pm
not all. johnson accused of lying to police. and jefferson city police doug schumaker joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening. thanks for having me. >> nice to have you. so tell me what happened. what did he get arrested for dorian johnson, the eyewitness? >> in june of 20111, our agency was dispatched to a call of a stealing charge on the south side of town. there was an eyewitness that had witnessed mr. johnson allegedly take something from an apartment, the outside of an apartment from a residence there. the police officers arrived, followed him to an area, athletic complex and were able to interview him at that location. when they arrived there and talked with him, he was, i would say, less than cooperative with us in terms of his identity. but there was enough probable cause based upon the witness statement and other evidence that was taken to effect a probable cause arrest on mr. johnson. now, at the time, mr. johnson identified himself as derek johnson and gave a false date of birth.
11:38 pm
>> did there ever come a time that he was arrested and prosecuted or was this simply an arrest record? >> he was arrested, at that time, and he was taken to the kohl county jail where we do all of our processing of every prisoner. during that arrest process, he maintained that he was still derek johnson and refused to give any other identifying information, including addresses that were correct. date of birth, social security, basic information that any peace officer needs to complete an arrest report. the officer that made the arrest, advised mr. jonchz several times that he needed him to be truthful about his i.d., mr. johnson refused to do so and still maintained that his name was derek johnson. weighs was issued a summons as derek johnson even though the officer had found a lincoln i.d. card on mr. johnson' person identifying him dorian johnson. >> did he show up in court with that summons or not? >> he did not. there is currently an active
11:39 pm
warrant for him. during that investigation, however, i will say that a day later, the officer had contacted the lincoln university police and had done some further checking and h in fact, confirmed that he was dorian johnson. he was then arrested, also, fale report where he later pled guilty to that in 2012. >> was he sentenced to that or is that -- was that put into some sort of program where if you behave yourself for a certain period of time it goes away so it's not a real conviction? >> under the missouri case netted, which is an open record, i believe it says it's a suspended execution of sentence. and i think that he had time served for that. so, there was nothing any further on that at all. but there is still an outstanding warrant on him. and in may of this year, we were notified by the police department, a suburb of st. louis, that they had come across him in a law enforcement contact and they contacted us about the outstanding warrant with
11:40 pm
him. >> what was the conviction for? was that the false statements or not? >> right, the conviction, he pled guilty, according to accoro the missouri case net which again is open record to filing a false police report. he has yet to appear in court on the stealing charge. >> i got it. >> he still has that court date. >> captain, thank you, sir. >> thank you very much. >> and joining us from ferguson dorian johnson's lawyers bosley and williams. good evening to both of you. mr. bosley, thank you very much for coming back. your client was an eyewitness to the shooting. he said that the decedent was shot in the back. that turned out to be false was he attempting to be deceitful or eyewitness testimony. >> if you check into the facts it really wasn't false, was it? the autopsy report basically said that he had been shot, mike brown had been shot six
11:41 pm
times. further discussion on it revealed that he was shot in the arm where he could have been shot from the back. my client said that he thought mike was shot in the back and so that's not inconsistent with what he saw. >> i have a statement here and you may quibble with it, maybe mr. williams you quibble with me. it says and i'm looking, watching the officer as he pursuing my friend, now that he fired another shot, it struck my friend in the back and i assume he means the back. then my friend stopped running, his hands immediately went into the air. he turned around towards the officer face to face. he started to tell the officer he is unarmed and that you should stop shooting me. do you agree or not agree. >> i disagree with his characterization. i disagree with any attempt to try to say that dorian johnson was inaccurate or mistaken about this. the eyewitness testimony or eyewitness statements, not just of dorian johnson but of lots of eyewitnesses is undisputed that these young
11:42 pm
men were running away from the police officer he is shooting at them as they run down the street. as former mayor bossily said that there was a shot that entered into dorian johnson's arm that could have very well been from behind is consistent with that undisputed that the officer was firing at them. undisputed that they were unarmed. undisputed that they were running down the street. so the semantics of was it in the back, it was from the back i think distracts and takes away from the real issue. that this credibility of dorian johnson. >> let me just say one thing. it does make a difference. if someone gets shot in the back, that certainly conveys a different thing than if someone is not in the front. it does make it different. eyewitness testimony is. >> greta, i have to disagree with you that if someone is shot in the back, and someone is shot in the back of the arm, we are really splitting hairs. the point here is, and no one is disputing this is that these guys were running
11:43 pm
away when they were being shot at. >> here's the problem is eyewitness testimony is notoriously feeble in the sense that people often make mistakes. i don't know if your client is or is not. but it's very suspect. then you have got the situation with your client who comes in with a rather spotty background. i don't know if it's going to come in, mr. bosley, the fact that he has filed a false police report. that may reflect on his credibility. maybe someone is dismissive of it or not. i don't know. these are all the types of things that have to be weighed and looked at when the grand jury considers the evidence. do you disagree with that? >> >> well, no, we don't disagree with that and we are glad that you brought it up. because, at the end of the day, the jury will consider a whole bunch of things, not only grand jury but more importantly the jury that will be sitting to hear this case. it will be up to 12 people sitting in a jury box to look at my client, look at his demeanor, look at his appearance, judge his character, and make a decision whether or not he -- that he is credible. they are going to take all
11:44 pm
of these things into consideration. and we're looking forward to it a day in court. that's what we are looking forward here. >> do you know what i'm looking for? i want to see if the clothes have gunpowder residue on them or not. that's not the end all in this case but that would certainly be instructive to me is whether there is gunpowder residue or not on the clothes of the decedent. i think there is a whole lot of evidence that still has to be examined. i think that this has been so unfortunate because people are taking sides and, you know, there is so much more evidence we need to look at. we will get to that point. we will get to the evidence. and hopefully we will find out what happened exactly. anyway, thank you, sir. thank you both, gentlemen. really appreciate your time. thank you, now. >> and behind closed doors a grand jury is now looking and weighing the evidence in the michael brown case. meanwhile a lot of questions about the shooting is unanswered. "on the record" is investigating. ted williams and griff jenkins went to the gun range for a closer look at the type of gun used to
11:45 pm
shoot mr. brown. >> first, what kind of gun is it? >> this is a 229 semiautomatic weapon. now, what is significant about this is the magazine. the magazine holds 12 rounds, and with a 13th round in the chamber. >> and that's what officer wilson had? >> yes. this is the kind of weapon that officer wilson would have happened. >> you said it's semiautomatic just for some of our viewers who may not be gun owners, what does that mean? >> it simply means that you have to continue to pull this trigger for this to operate. so, officer wilson would have had to continue to pull this trigger foreit to operate. let me demonstrate. up in front of us here we have a target. [gunfire]
11:46 pm
law enforcement officers have taught to shoot center mass. and they are taught to shoot until the target itself or whoever it they are shooting at is down. >> and in this case we know that michael brown was a large guy, 3300 pounds or so. and you believe that officer wilson probably had that training to shoot center mass to stop to shoot until he was down. >> griff, every law enforcement officer is taught the same identical thing so officer wilson would have been shooting for that part of officer brown. >> the center mass part. that does not necessarily mean that he is going to hit center mass. he may hit, as we know, in the shoulder area here. there is a head shot. now, that head shot could have been as michael brown is actually going down, officer wilson is still pulling the trigger. >> and you could see more from former homicide
11:47 pm
detective ted williams' investigation into the gun used in the michael brown shooting. watch his full demonstration. it's on and as the reverend al sharpton the newest member of the obama administration? of the obama administration? that's what everyone is the wonder of summer is that
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11:52 pm
>> well, i think ten years ago, even five years ago, that might have been the case. but i think the reverend al sharpton today, to be honest with you, i think we are very fortunate to have him had. i think that he is doing an effective job in this particular situation. my problem though, with the situation is the president's attention to this, the disproportionate attention to, this yes. the situation in ferguson is very bad. and it needs the attention of the nation. the justice department, but when the president himself personally get involved or his aid personally gets involved while we have a marine in prison in mexico or while we have a journalist being beheaded in iraq, it is disconcerting to me that the president could spend so much attention on this issue and not enough on the other issues. >> here's the problem with reverend sharpton. you know, look, you hear the name reverend sharpton and everyone thinks he is going out there to get people all
11:53 pm
upset. whether it's fair or not, i mean, there has been a long history with him doing that that's his history. if you sent out senator cory booker and senator tim scott. a republican and a democrat, two african-american leaders to sit down with the community and talk to them out there, i think it would be far more effective and i think people would feel a lot better. people see reverend sharpton come out there and, look, it does create a whole another dimension to this. there are a lot of really good african-american leaders out there who would be incredible role models, instead, he goes out there and he stirs trouble up. >> greta, you are exactly right. i'm not saying that he is stirring trouble up. but i'm saying his past follows him. and that's the unfortunate reality of all of us. our body of work speaks to everything that we have done. and reverend sharpton, although he has done a lot of good, there were some questionable things that continue to drag him down and, you know, but this is a street situation. and in a a street situation, you need somebody who is
11:54 pm
street-smart. al sharpton, reverend al sharpton is street smart, yes. >> i work on the street. i represented african-americans for 12 years and who had very tough situations. they are getting the short end of the stick on some things there a lot of people who understand a lot of african-americans who really understand it. and the problem is we need people out there who are like can heal and are not going to stir things up. you may not think he is stirring things up, but frankly every time i see reverend sharpton out there, i think he is taking sadz. i think he has made up his mind. we don't have all the evidence in this case, we have no idea. it may turn out the police officer was 100% wrong. i don't know, we should at least wait for the evidence and not stir everybody up. >> reverend sharpton is a galvanizer. is he a lightning rod he is the person that comes to the table when you don't think you have any other out. a lot of attention in s. drawn by the media because can galvanize that
11:55 pm
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police releasing horrifying information in the kidnapping of two amish girls. northern new york couple lured a dog lure family's stand. she shackled them and planned to turn them to slaves. news reports scared the couple. we hope our "on the record" report [inaudible]. israel 4-year-old israeli boy killed in mortar attack near gaza border. executing 18 people suspected of spying for israel. the executions come a day after israeli air strikes killed three top hamas commanders. >> [inaudible] nigeria. new case is not medical workers. spouses of medical workers who had direct contact with the ebola victim patrick schneider who flew to nigeria last month. that's tonight's speed read.
12:00 am
thanks for being with us tonight. good night from washington. we put a poll on gretawire. don't forget to put your dvr and set a series in you can't watch us live. see you monday tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye," just how stiff is the competition to be greg gutfeld's fall intern? we will examine why the ability to dive off a cliff is the most important qualification for this year's hopeful. plus, does the president really think billy zane should be in every movie? >> the majority of americans agree with me on this. that's not something to be afraid of. that's something we need to embrace. >> and finally, the houdini of the animal kingdom is doing what he does best. how close was his latest escape some we will have him and the gator recreate the moment live in studio next. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> and now, let's with el come our guests.


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