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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  September 1, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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iraqi town after an intensefáñi
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battle sentt( islamic terroristi running. united states air reichs are helping militia ba(3 the town f amerli, wherelp villagers were t off from critical supplies. here you see iraqi soldiers holding the capturedrp#lag.i] dam inñ÷@ mosulógñ but some lawmakers from both political parties are calling on president obama to do more to the islamic state controls large parts of both iraq and syria, but so far the u.s. is only striking targets in iraq.c the head of the hous[d intelligencefá committee says hundreds of americanñi citizens have boughtxd side-by-side with the terrorists, and they might the west. it's a threat the british prime minister david cameron ist( tackling head on. he called for new laws tolp let police taket( passports from terror suspects.xd he also called for new measures to stop would-befá jihadistsjf
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before they pick up arms. >> including stopping the fundings of organizations that promotee1 extremism, banning ha, and ensuring that every part of government, from schools and á(á extremism. >> last week britaine1 raised is terror alert level to severe, its second highest level. at holm the white house says president obama isfáq waiting fr the pentagonxd tot( draw up plas for taking on the islamic state in syria. he leaves tomorrow for a nato officials say he will try to get other nations to join in the fight. ckelway is live with the news in washington. tell us more about thosec strikd >> iraqi forces who areok aidedy u.s. airstrikes brokeçó a two-monthxd+e$ñ long siege of tn of amerli where shiites have they have been supplied with
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airdroppers, bolstered by the u.s. airstrikesxd it appearsñr  iraqis are joining government forces in the fight against sunni insurgents but president obama'sym apparent indecision about venturing into syria continues to draw some criticism for the long-term threat isis poses to that region and also to ours. >> this is a direct threat toko the united states of america, that it may be one of the biggest we "$v i was astounded when thew3t( president of the unitedçó states said that the world has always been messy and it's accentuated by social media. that means that the presidentçóf the united states is eitherlp in denial or overwhelmed.ok >> president obama has repeatedly indicated that the united states will noti] go it alone. and as he heads toñi the nato summit in wales he'll be workinr to form a coalition to build support forlp airstrikes in syr. even that is coming under some crip4prás@
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>> thew3 president talks' settig up% coalition. they started a year ago and can't put ite1 together. the longer we wait, the more dangerous isis becomes. >> some of the president's sporters believe his critics may be proven wrong. >> these are coming together, these coolses, and the intelligence. we have to get the intelligence. i think you'll see action in the next week ore1 so >> others believe the president's failure to act on the red line he drew in syria last year led to a lot of skepticism among many u.s. allies that the u.s. will be willing to act inxd syria. so we'll see where that leads. >> duke"o mckelway in washinwíl. no proof that arming the moderate opposition inp,fá syra will produce some of the results they'reqqw3qe$sjjájjt for. right? >> that's right, john. there are reports these syriantó opposition is made up of as many as 30 different groups, each with its own agents. as dennisjf kucinich cold me inn interview yesterday, the only moderate in in theok syrian civl
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war arelp the ones who do not he weapons. interestingq thought. >> doug mackell way, thankq you. joining us now, assistant managing editort( of "the wall streetfá journal," john busse. john, there are concerns inq iraq, yes, theyxd have the townf amerli free, but they got -- entirely with american airstrikes and the iraqi army. there were militias involved. >> that'só[ right. whatyxou saw happen with the united states' involvement is scores uwñ air attacks have happened since j(#t( beginning f august, but these wereq very selected targets, a checkpoint vehicle, somejffá humvees, u.s. humvees that were left behind for the iraqi army. site been very selective and resulted in the town being able to ""á opened up.xdxd it doese1jf not resolve the bigr issue, which is what do you do
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about the pervasive advance of isis, not justlp in iraq but in syria. >> what about the pervasive spread offá isis as thefá fights repatriate themselves to whatever country they came fromq clearly the british are concerned.t# >> it's a legitimate concern. yout( havexd more people with conflictc/1 that couldko comek and bring it to other shores. the britishc particularly are concerned aboutxd this because e large popula!qñ from the middle east tñ+ resides in britain. but the u.s. is concerned about thee1 intelligence committee leadersp, don't have any?; cl evidentc threat now áe might make since onñi isis' part toñr bring the conflict to the united states if theñi u.s. gets more deeply involved in iraq. >> because to the congressional intelligence leaders who see some of the most sensitive intel that this country can gather, because they're talking about it, you have to wonder if theyñk
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have@reen some things they're notñi specifically saying about the street and how strong it myt >> could be, or could be politics. you want to get out ahead of any potential event to show you were ue just don't know.t early on. there does not, though, right now, seem to be any particular coordinated action against thu,b united states. but there's a logicx#rq)e that you have to increasei] your -- @ have to be preparedi]jf to prepa population in the united states, which is very hesitant aboutxd getting back involved with this region. for potentially gettingt( more involved. it's just more airstrikes, even if it's just more@pjt)p& forcesr on the ground. >> thank you, john. >> pleasure.xd >> breakingñi news. president obama speaki&ga at a labor day ralqg%9 milwaukee. he is talking about thee1xdnomy andok energy. we're keeping an eye on theok event and will haveçó a live report later on in thefá hour.t(
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the crisis in ukraine may have entered a new chapter as russian rebels claim their first victory by sea. it comg as russian ande1 ukrainiane1 leaders engage in te talks with the rebels to try+ h korea has kept them from leavinp the country for months, or in one case, almost two years. today they hadok a rare chance o speak out and ask fort( their í$ú=59ñ their story is next. and asked for less. there's a reason it's called an "all you can eat" buffet... and not a "have just a little" buffet. because what we all really want is more. that's why verizon is giving you even more. now, for a limited time, get more data! 1 gb of bonus data every month with every new smartphone or upgrade. our best ever pricing with the more everything plan and 50% off all new smartphones. like the htc one m8 for windows or android. built to inspire envy.
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♪ the three americans held officials to negotiate for their freedom. that fromxd an "associated presr a state depauvsq't spokesmani] telling foxjf news we continue o work actively toxdw3 secure thei three u.s.xd citizen'çó relief. we are in regular closec coordination with representatives of the embassy of sweden. americane1ñr tourist, jeffry fall, and matthew miller are expected to face trial within ap month. north koreang#ó officials accuse them of hostile acts against the government. theyt( sayfá foul left a bible a says his held isñi deteriorating at a labor camp wherefá he is serving a 15ñr year sentence. officials in south korea fsaying
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north korea fired anothere1 short-range rocket into the sea. northjf koreafá has test-launcha large number of rockets and missiles thislkpt(xd year. a new round of talksxk underway over the crisis in ukraine but they come amid reports of increased fighting, including a possible attack on a whole new front. vessel. itxd would be the first incident at sea since theq fighting bega. it's a big deal, analysts say the rebels are tryingñi to(a establish a routefá from russia] crimea, which russia annexedq earlier this year.r pulled back their forces from defending a vital airport in eastern ukraine. you're looking at thew3 afterma. they blame russia for,xd quote, direct aggression and giving the rebels an edge. lm all comes as repst( from ukraine, the rebels and russia are engaged in talks in another easternok european nation. russian's foreigni] minister has said russia will not get
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involved'í1 militarily. nato and ukrainian officials saq it already has, and here at home, president obamafáfá is jog fellowxk leaders in on the agenda whether tot(xdjf tookpile military equipment andk supplies in eastern europe. > reporter: good afternoon. russian president vladimir putin told a russian tv networktxá!%má weekend thalwbç these peacet( ts held today between the central ukrainian government and the pro russian separatists should be focused on, quote-unquote, statehood in southeast ukraine.ó demand outnb ton my bei] respeg ukraine's economy. and saying they should bee1 aimd >> translator: there will be no military interventi$v]
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russia willt( do everything to help move towardx a myxd cal peaceful revolution.xd takes into account religions and politicallp powers without exception. >> reporter: with anfá estimated 1600e1 russian forces insidexd ukrainian, the crisisñr willñr figure prom netly in thep, natd summit in wales. they prefer to usep,i] targeted nation and selected putinçó sources. the situation requires some greater show oflp military force by theñi west. >> thiskoñr is all about putint about russia. qnñijf while the economic sancs are hurting, they're not putting enough to hurtxd putin. he hasorp favorability rating of 85% among hisc people. what will hurt putin is any form of military confrontation thf#3÷ shows russia is militarily weak( and russia isokçó militarily we.
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>> disagreeing most voc include with that it point of view is it's better not to come against russia onñr conflict because it is, as putinñi said, quote, onef the most powerful nuclearr nations. as you might have heard,r posted nudeokjf photos of kate updon, jennifer lawáeñ and a bunch of other stars. now someçólp ofq those celebs ae fighting back.e1 we'll talk about the big leaguek and talk to a lawyer.lp 'cause red lobster's one and only endless shrimp is now! endless choices! endless variety! kick it up with our spicy new wood-grilled sriracha shrimp and it's back: parmesan crusted shrimp scampi! the year's largest variety of shrimp flavors! so many to explore! as much as you like, any way you like! endless shrimp is here!
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>> where the protests followed. according to thee1xdjf st. louit officers saturday.q they attached toa5q uniforms ad record both audio and video. officials say the cameras will help judges and juries seeñr evs as they happen. some analysts say the cameras raise concern about privacy buti the aclu supports them to and there's a petition to make them 7errñ publicist for actress jennifer lawrence now calling for the feds to investigate after hackers lñqxd dozens of nudelpçó photos of lawrence. bin are bikinifá modelw3 kate un and other hollywoodlp a-listers. reports claim a userxdxd on the hunger games star confirms the pictures of jennifer lawrencejf are real and addñilp this is a flagrant violation of privacy.çó
12:20 pm
kate upton's publicist also threateningi] legal action.fá so let's bring to a lawyer, an marie mcavoy joins usxd now. so the internet is such a shadyr place. prove who with. >> it's not goi&/w3 to be easy, but hopefully first authorities will be able to -- the fbi, thed with investigating to try to figure out, how did they they tv)si iti] was through icloud,e1 in the storage area, them. we don't know who.e1q we don't mow where they got them from. we don't know what country these folks are in at this point. so, a lot of questions to beqaop answered, and hopefully theñi experts on this -- on thesexdjf fbi and secret service will be able to do thate1 us. >> one of thexd lessons for somebody of the hollywood types
12:21 pm
and all, is just because you put a photo on your phone it doesn't necessarily stayé@ onñi your p. >> that's right. and it is a very difficult thinó becausefá for some of them, some of these photos are news, they're not actuallye1ñi compley nude. some of them may have ben taken by validfá photographers for places like sports illustrated iox they may also have a claim o these photos. individuals whose photos these were.q they may not all have been private=q=
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testing, testing, this is a captioning test. ... ... ... ... ... ... test, test, test, test, test, test, test, test, test, test, test, test, test, test, test,
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test, test, test, testing, testing, a fox report now. more headlines from the fox news deck. eight people now confirmed dead, including some children, after an explosion ripped through an apartment building in a paris
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suburb. a government official says a gas leak apparently sparked the blast which injured 11 other people. in california, some 250 homes are under mandatory evacuation orders as crews battle wildfires north of sacramento. the for forest service reports cool are skies kept the flames program spreading, kevin durant signed a contract with nike. "wall street journal" warm reports he could pocket up to $350 million over 20 years. that comes after more than 17 million bucks per year, which nearly matches his current salary with the oklahoma city thunder. much more right after this. h. h. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and are proven to taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm. amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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all that with my android from tracfone for as low as $7 a month. unbeatable nationwide coverage, no contract. for a limited time, save $50 on the huawei glory. now just $49.88. tracfone. do everything for less. on this labor day, president obama says more americans are getting back to work and he is calling on congress once again to raise the minimum wage. >> a gooding there the stock market is booming.
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a lot of folks have 401ks in there. i want them to feel good. but i also want to see the guy who is breaking his back on two eight-hour shifts so he has enough money to send his kids to college. i want to make sure that guy is getting a break. >> many republicans argue a minimum wage hike would slow down hiring at a time when millions are americans are still out of work. we're seeing some jobs come back. too many of our fellow americans are stuck in part-time work or have stopped looking altogether. and between wages staying flat and costs on everything from food to health care going up, families are being squeezed at every turn. >> the report reports more than 6% are out of work and the unemployment rate has stayed relatively flat. wendell goler is live the white house. >> reporter: part of the strategy is to get democrats to
12:31 pm
focus on the economy heading toward the fall elections with control of the senate on the line. it's taken a long time but the economy has now produced a couple hundred thousand jobs a month for the last six months. auto sales at a six year high. the unemployment rate below when mr. obama was elected but a thrird of the unemployed have been out of work a third of a year or more. still the president says things are looking up. >> america is stronger because of the decisions we made to rescue our economy and rebuild it on a new foundation, asking the simple question, is this good for ordinary americans? is this good for working people? not just a few but for everybody. >> president biden told workers in detroit they deserve a fair share of improvements in corporate profits. he said that used to be part of the basic bargain in america. >> seems like the republicans are criticizing the president's economic policies less than they
12:32 pm
used to. >> that may be because americans are getting more comfortable with the economy. in july the confidence index rose to the highest level since october of 2007 and there are other issues with political ramifications, start can with foreign policy. isis has forced the president to launch attacks in iraq. it's pressuring him to good after the group in syria. run republics say he doesn't have a strategy for dealing with the threat. and there's of course immigration reform where the president has asked aid for options for what he can do by executive order. republicans think that would cost democrats at the polls. the white house never did put a timetable on it but more and more there's speculation mr. obama won't act on immigration until after the election. john? >> wendell, thank you. to the fight now against islamic state terrorists, germany announcing it will go further than the united states in arming kurdish fighters. chancellor angela murkle says
12:33 pm
it's in her country's best weapons to send heavy duty rifles, bazookas and antitack systems. usual officials said they would give light weapons to the kurds. you can see the territory the islamic state controls is reaching that area. the curs consider themselves separate from iraq and have their own capital, their own fighting force, the peshmerga. the kurds suffered greatly under saddam hussein, who killed civilians with poisonous gas. the u.s. protected them with a no-fly zone after the first gulf war, stealing our relationship as allies. but since kurd stan is knock recognized at a nation the u.s. has hesitated to send heavy arms, preferring to go through the baghdad central government. joining us now former helicopter pilot, the spokesman for concerned veterans for america. the germans-going to do it.
12:34 pm
the u.s. is not? how significant is the material the germans are going to be sending the kurds? >> the germans are sending three shipments of over. $90 million of arms to the peshmerga in september. we're looking at everything from machine guns and rifles, handguns, bazooka, antitank missiles and armored vehicles. all significant in the fight against isis because it's thought that isis has the equivalency of these types of weapons they're fighting the peshmerga and other forces in iraq right now. >> ironic that isis basically loosened the coffers of the iraqi military, got the humvees and other battlefield weapons that the u.s. left behind. so now the peshmerga are left almost with peashooters against
12:35 pm
american military equipment. >> it is time that we start supplying the people who are fighting isis right now, with the equipment, the ammunition, everything that they need to fight isis inside of iraq. but what we need to remember now is that isis is operating as a military. they're essentially a terrorist army. so they have a military structure. we need to u.s. strategy needs to ensure we are fighting them on the syrian front as well as the iraqi front, and that goes -- that means going after their command and control structures inside syria, and the eastern safe havens we have seen, including their infrastructure, their military supply route, and their finances. until we focus on that, we are only treating the symptom of isis and not the main problem of isis. >> they have presented themselves as an almost undefeatable military force, but when the u.s. went after them with a few air strikes it proved
12:36 pm
they are certainly vulnerable, and weaponry like the kind the germans are getting ready to send to the kurds could make the difference here. >> it is, and i think that we are going to start seeing the tide turn inside iraq because we're doing what needs to be done but we can't just focus on defeating them inside iraq. as we know, they don't acknowledge the border between syria and iraq. they have syria to retreat to. and gain strength again if we stop fighting them because we have defeated them in iraq. we have to look long-term here instead of short-term on the iraq front. >> interesting that germany, which has been sort of loathe in the wake of what happened in world war ii, germany has been loathe to send arms to other folks. they are willing to arm these kurds and to say, look, this is in our national interest, as germans to make sure these isis fighters are defeated. >> it's quite rare for germany to get involved and send arms to
12:37 pm
foreign fighters and foreign conflicts, just as you mentioned, because of their aggression in world war i and world war ii. usually they like to stay out of it. shows to go you how they see this as a direct national security threat just as we're seeing with some of our other european allies. they don't halve the luxury of a two-ocean border the way we do here in america. they are much closer to the fight than we are and it's that much more imminent and critical for them in terms of the threat that isis poses to them. >> hard to believe after the beheading of james foley and the other mass executions we have seen that the world hasn't risen up in greater numbers against isis. >> i completely agree. i think that it starts with leadership here in washington. we need to make sure we're letting the american people know what this threat of isis is. think it speaks volumes that certain members of the
12:38 pm
administration were coming forward with what the threat actually was, and how imminent it is, and we saw them sort of get ranged back in. isis poses a real and imminent threat to our nation, and we need to make sure that we are fighting it accordingly. >> thank you. some of the civil war in syria is now playing out near the border with israel in the golan heights. the rebels trying to topple president assad's brutal regime are fighting in the disputed border area. syria's government run news agency says the military killed many rebelled but there are no firm numbered of people who died. heavy clashes have raged in the area since syrian rebels captured a border crossing in the region. a u.s. marine who is missing part of his leg after fighting for our country, is getting ready to represent the u.s. in another way, at a sporting
12:39 pm
competition for wounded vets. two years ago he was serving in africa when his aircraft crashed. he is still recovering atr reed hospital but competes in archery. jennifer griffin is live in washington with his story. >> marinearch eric burkett and his wife has been raising four small children at walter reed hospital for over two years in just over a week this wounded warrior, master archer, will travel to london to represent the u.s. at the games on april 11, two 12, the osprey aircraft he was piloting crashed, killing out but two people on board. for 14 months doors attempted to save his leg letch still may face yet another amputation. >> i hate shooting from a wheelchair. a lot of guys don't mind it because you're lower and don't have to worry about the instability of your legs. i'd rather stand. >> the games are the brainchild
12:40 pm
of prince harry, who himself is a combated -- combat certified apache helicopter pilot. the games will include wounded warriors from around the world. >> out of the night that covers me, black as pit from poll to poll. >> i am the master of my fate. >> i am captain of my soul. >> i am invictus. >> for major burkett, who used archery for hunting, his wife ask their four children, getting back to his sport has been a key part of his recovery. his four children are all learning to hold a bow and all expect their dad to bring hem to the gold. >> it has given him mental clarity. >> i was an archer before these games. my legs get sore walking back anding for for errors.
12:41 pm
as marines and servicemen we get used to pushing through. >> if you want to hear more about the invictus games and this wounded warrior and his family, tune into special report tonight for the whole story. promise it will inspire you. >> we certainly wish him well and his family as well. jennifer griffin, thank you. we're learning about a new drug that could keep millions of people with heart failure alive and out of the hospital. details on that when we can see the drug market -- when we can see the drug on the market, i should say, coming up.
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a fox report now. more headlines from the fox news deck. two people hurt, one critically, after falling out of a carnival ride in el paso, texas. employing say a teenage boy was stuck on the ride for almost two hours. no word on what went wrong. the feds say they're investigating. lava is pouring out of a volcano in iceland.
12:45 pm
officials say the eruption is stable so they lowered the national ash alert which had been at its highest level. four years ago an ash cloud from another volcano in iceland shut down a chunk of europe's air space for six days. >> pole land its marking 75 years since germany ininvaded, starting world war ii. the prime minister is comparing that to the war in ukraine and warned, september 1939 must not be repeated. doctors say a new drug could proof to be the biggest breakthrough in the fight against heart failure in more than a decade. they say in recent studies the medication russed a patient's chances of death or hospitalization by more than 20%. drugmakers say they plan to seek approval to sell it in the u.s. sometime this year, putting it on store shelves next year. medication doesn't even have a name yet. the researchers say more than 20 million people suffer from
12:46 pm
heart failure in which the hear can mott pump blood to vital organs. it can have causes including heart attack or high blood pressure. with us, a physician at nyu medical center. this is exciting stuff. >> very exciting. a groundbreaking trial. this study, a very, very well-designed trial. double-blind, placebo controlled. comparing 0 novel therapy, combination of two drugs, against what is considered the gold standard and that class of drugs is ace inhibitor, and the findings, they're showing a reduction in all caused mortality, reduction in los angeles from heart failure and reduction in death from cardiovascular disease. significantly better than ace inhibitors. >> and something like, what, 20% of the people should be able to be helped immediately by this? >> this is, again, just -- the study was actually stopped seven
12:47 pm
months short because after about a median of 20 months the trial drug was so powerful and showing such a benefit they felt they couldn't continue the study. that's what a row buggs finding -- robust finding he drug having. and then there's the number needed to treat. only 32 people need to be given this drug to save one life and that's an amazing number. we talk about the number needed to treat when we talk about mammography. >> for those who suffer from heart failure, it can be so debilitating. >> it can be. the study participants in this trial had what we call class two, three, or four heart failure so their real if thely systemic. these are not people with class one who don't have a russed ejection fraction. their hearts are not really pumping effectively. they feel short of breathe, have
12:48 pm
to sleep on multiple pillows to feel comfortable. absolutely affects their quality of life. what is so nice about the trial is in addition to statistically showing an improved mortality and los angeles, study participants felt drugger. the drug was well-tolerated, a little blood pressure issues but better tolerated than the gold standard to which it was compared. >> getting the fda to approve a drug can take monumental effort. >> it can. >> does it look like this is on the fast track? >> it is, it's being fast-tracked for approve so we are hoping to see this by the end of the year. in europe they're trying to try to goal approval in 2015. >> so new it doesn't have a name yet. >> correct. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. thank you for having me. >> a big chunk of the garden state's casino indtry is out of business now. billions of dollars down the drain, and thousands of people out of work. so what does this mean for atlantic city?
12:49 pm
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this is awkward. go to checkyourspeed. if we can't offer faster speeds or save you money we'll give you $150. comcast business built for business. on this labor day, thousands of workers in new jersey are now looking for new jobs as the ones vibrant casino industry is now taking a major hit. in atlantic city, two kinds are closing their doors this holiday weekend. yesterday the showboat shut down after nearly 30 years in business. and by tomorrow, the rebel casino will be dark. it was open only two years, but the pricetag, more than $2 billion. it was supposed to bring new life to ac. instead it's the most expensive failure in the state's gambling history. but not the only failure, not even this year. keep in mind there were a dozen casinos in atlantic city at the start of 2014.
12:53 pm
by the end of the month the number will be down to eight. the atlantic club close ned january. i mentioned showboat and rebel are down. and in just a couple of weeks trump plaza will close its doors. that means thousands of jobs gone, many of those cuts coming in just a matter of days. the casino industry really the trouble there. >> it is. before the end of summer, atlantic city will lose a quarter of it's 32,000 casino jobs. the four casino closure is is compounding an unemployment problem. they have 13% unemployment rate, twice the national average, and growing poverty is part of the problem around the hotels but gamblers are choosing to go to other states such as pennsylvania and connecticut and maryland, where new casinos have been popping up. now the rebel casino hotel was championed as a game-changer by governor chris christie but the most expensive casino in atlantic city's history has failed, filing for bankruptcy
12:54 pm
twice since 2012. never turning a profit. the hotel was supposed to bring in high rollers, the vegas crowd. instead it alienated the common gambler. enough it's fetching a price of approximately $50 million. i cost the taxpayers $260 million. >> a big white elephant or gray ale fant. what's the answer? >> we're now in year four of governor christie's five-year plan for i revitalization. he is trying to come up with what next they need to do. the growing consensus is that atlantic city really is just too dependent on gambling. you have -- the numbers are 5.2 bill in 2006, that was the amount of growing -- gambling revenue. they number has been cut in half. it's projected to be 2.5 billion in 2015. so the casino property tax is
12:55 pm
65% of the city's budget. so, the idea is that they stay away from gambling and bring in new people, new attractions that are away from the gaming industry. might be able to save. >> they've already got a huge unemployment problem there, and 8,000 jobs just out the window now? >> that's right. and they've been saying they're going to try to -- they're hoping they can take these four casino buildings now empty and turn them into new businesses. that's the hope. if not they will just be shells and we'll have to see what happen. >> doesn't seem like there's going to be market for that kind of think but we wish them well. nasa is gives us an upclose view of the sun and a flurry of solar flares. they're bursts of solar raidation that could disrupt communication systems on earth but no word of serious trouble. scientist coupled more than half a dozen flares in one day. >> we'll be right back.
12:56 pm
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take a look at this. a new world record for the largest group to it could surf together. happened yesterday in southern spain. guinness officials say all 352 riders sailed together for one nautical mile despite a strong wind. the previous record was 318 it could surfers. on this day in 1985, a search team found the wreckage of the titanic. the ship has gone downin' 1912, you probably remember, after hitting an iceberg on its maiden voyage from england to the u.s. more than half of the 2200 people onboard died. it took seven decades but then a joint american-french expedition found the debris. they used an story. al unmanned u.s. navy sub to locate the wreckage. crews would later give us an upclose look of what was on the ocean floor, but somebody first
1:00 pm
spotted the unsinkable ship on the bottom of the atlantic, 29 years ago today. i'm john scott in for shepard smith. thank you for joining us today. enjoy the rest of your labor day. "your world" is next. [shouting] >> you think things were crazy over illegal immigration this summer? you ain't seen nothing yet. welcome everyone. i'm in for neil cavuto. this is "your world." on this labor day, nation laboring over immigration fight may be hotter because the president is considering an executive order which may grant amnesty to millions of illegals already here. g.o.p. strategist lisa booth says this would just make the situation worth but democrats think it's the right first. jeanine, why executive action? why doesn't the president negotiate with congress like