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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 1, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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it's a topic we take seriously on this program. we'll continue to shed light on one of the very dangerous situations, even perilous in parts of the world, though others won't. thanks for joining us. have a good night. o'reilly factor is on, tonight. >> it's the watters world political edition. >> bill o'reilly has a quick question for you, you said you would do an interview with hill. in fact, you said you would do an interview in your office. >> yeah. -- >> congratulations. >> how do americans grade the president of the united states right now? >> 6 or 7. >> about 6 or 7. >> are we engaged on what's going on in the world? >> do you think that's a good idea? >> i think it's all about free choice. >> what do you think, carl? >> i think -- i don't know. no comment. >> how do young people view this great nation? >> liberals don't vote. they don't get [bleep] done. idealism doesn't work unless you work hard at it.
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>> watters very special watters world. >> is this interview really worth anything for you guys? >> this is a gold mine. you have no idea. [ laughter ] >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. bill bill hi, i'm bill o'reilly thanks for watching us tonight for this special watters world factor. we will unleash watters on the world as he trals the country interviews celebrities and folks alike causing all kinds of trouble. >> what's this place all about? >> history, architecture and good food. >> want winging. >> you just chased me down
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offer the street. >> yes. >> are you a fanatic? >> no. [ laughter ] >> president obama, on a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate him? >> i'm putting him 6 or 7. >> maybe 5. >> 3. >> he doesn't seem to be honest. i don't like his face. i don't like the way he talks. >> don't flatter yourself. >> 7. >> i think he has done a pretty good job in terms of other presidents. >> how would you score the president? >> 2. >> why hasn't he measured up? >> is he not mitt romney. >> i would give him a a. >> this is not about looks. performance failure to perform. >> obamacare is a joke. >> he is for education. >> if he is for education how come everybody that i talk to on the street doesn't know anything? >> we would think people are aware of things because we are so aware ourselves and they are not. >> i think he made some promises that he didn't necessarily live up to. >> that goes without saying. >> has president obama done anything well in your opinion?
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>> he has campaigned well. >> he has been a good rock star and mascot. >> he is the leader of our country still. you have got to give him credit there. >> must be really smart. >> not a fan. neither are my parents. whatever they say. >> you can rebel. my parents were hippies. look at me i'm like alex p. keaton. >> when the money started coming in i got out of control. >> john boehner, what do you think about him? >> i don't know john boehner. >> i don't know who boehner is? >> he is not like amazing. >> what was that? >> very tan, he cries a lot. >> oh, that john boehner? >> >> sorry. he shows his emotions. that's okay. >> i don't think he always gets his way and i have a couple little boys who cry when they don't get their way, too. >> do you give them a spanking? >> republicans what do they stand to are. >> you get to keep more of your money. >> what do you think of.
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>> country folks down south. >> one of your tirds is about to get smacked in the mouth. >> conservative. >> conservative. >> i like them i think. one is for borings and one is not which one is not. >> republicans for, democrats not. >> you got it the other way. [ buzzer ] >> your general impression of the republican party. >> more for the rich. rich, greedy. >> rich and greedy. >> i think we need a new party. republicans and democrats how long has that been going on for. >> quite some time. >> it's getting boring. >> he has some ideas, i won't have them in my house. >> bill o'reilly, on a scale of 1 to 10. >> is he like a 15. bill o'reilly from newport? >> i said good day! >> you want a straight interview? honest talk, that's where you go. >> you like watters world? >> i love watters world ♪ loving you. >> this is a little awkward. >> you don't know who bill o'reilly is? >> no idea. >> who are you with? >> bill o'reilly, fox news channel.
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>> you are fox, i don't do fox. >> you don't do fox? >> okay, play your little game. >> the spin stops here? >> does it? >> president obama, on a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate him? >> 6 or a 7. >> about 6 or 7. [ laughter ] >> i give it a 5. >> 7. >> 5. i don't want to sound like i'm apathetic but i really don't care. >> are you serious, clark? >> 8. >> why do you give him an 8? why so high? >> i don't know. he seems pretty cool. he is not an [bleep]. is he is better than bush. >> what would you give him? >> at this point i would give him maybe a 6. >> kind of harsh. >> job is not getting done. >> 10. >> why do you say that? >> the world is still going on. >> i don't even know what that means. >> no one knows what it means but it's provocative.
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>> the economy in america, has president obama done a good job there. >> i -- i really don't care. >> for someone of my age he has done a the love positive things regarding helping students pay off loans. >> has obama reduced your loan yet? >> not yet. >> economically, do you think the economy is good right now? >> i think the economy kind of strange. >> strange? >> i met obama. i sent him a drink. >> did you? >> he turned it down. months later i see him having a beer summit. what's that about. >> maybe he thought you were going to send him a micky. >> i'm not a fan of obamacare. >> i thought you were supposed to be getting a subsidy. >> i'm not looking for a handout that's what's wrong with this country. >> i legalize pot. >> is he really. >> coming from a recession, things are definitely moving forward and looking up. >> the economy actually shrank in the last quarter. >> i weep for the future.
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>> the president has been confronted by a lot of scandal. does that bother you? >> nope. i rule the world. >> >> what are you talking about. >> i think fox news makes up a lot of the scandals. >> which scandals has fox created? >> huh, i don't -- >> during the bergdahl swap with the taliban is a good idea. >> no idea what you just said. >> it's kind of a crisis right now in texas and arizona because all these illegal alien kids are flooding the zone. >> i don't live down there, so. >> that's compassionate. >> which news station do you think americans trust the most? >> you don't watch the news? >> i don't read newspapers. >> are you proud of that? >> yeah, i am. >> what do you think the most trusted tv news is?
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>> fox. >> it is you. >> fox news is the most trusted name in news. >> i guess you are going to get a raise this week, huh? >> do you hear that bill? >> do you know who is the least trusted? >> who? >> msnbc. >> oh, totally. do you ever watch msnbc. >> no. , i don't care. i don't care. >> what do you think of bill? >> good personality. >> you have got a good personality. >> i try. >> i don't agree with his politics much but is he definitely entertaining. >> i'm watters and you are in my world right now. >> oh, get out. i really don't care. [ laughter ] >> when we come right back, is there anything, anything we can do to convince nancy pelosi to do an interview with me? watters tried to find out upcoming. >> make any commitment. we are having a social conversation. in fact it was at the white house. first time i ever saw him first time i ever saw him because i never see him on factn negatively impact good bacteria?
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congressman nancy pelosi told me eye to eye she would do an interview but has now reneged. we said our go-to guy to watters to go to washington to try to solve this problem. ♪ leader pelosi told me she would call the factor. now all of the sudden she doesn't have time for us. >> there is no reap why the queen of san francisco couldn't do an interview with bill o'reilly. >> i swear to goodness the best experience of her life. >> i think it's a new and improved bill. >> tell bill what you say to him behind close the doors he can take it. >> nancy pelosi refused to do the show after telling bill that she would do it. so we are just asking people advice. >> i don't have any advice for ms. pelosi. i have to look out for myself. >> i think she should do it. bill is an equal opportunity
8:13 pm
giver of hard time. >> you can go talk to my j talk to your communication director? >> i'm sorry, that was a big mistake. >> do you have any advice on making sure she keeps her word? [inaudible] >> in one interview with bill o'reilly, 100 times more people will see her than on her usual hit on msnbc. >> after you do the interview, then you will know what's in it just like affordable healthcare. >> i would tell her to go on it. it's a great show. >> find that mean. >> it's a great show. >> i would send it to her in writing, maybe a couple thousand pages. >> do you think she will do the show. >> no. >> i think bill should give her a factor mug. give her a couple of his books. >> maybe killing jesus? that might sweeten the deal. >> i think it's brilliant. we don't talk to her much ourself. i don't have any advice for you. >> go to lovitt town have the elite meet the working class people. >> senator? senator?
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>> i'm going home! >> why did you cut. >> i. >> i just got here. i just arrived. >> are you in bethesda. >> no, i'm out in new york. >> that's even worse traffic. >> we need your advice on something. see if you can help us out. can you suggest any way that we could get her on the show, congressman? >> anything bill can do to make the san francisco constituents urge her to do the factor, maybe officiate a gay wedding, bake cannabis brownies. >> i don't think there is anything bill can do in san francisco to help him or her. >> could be a meeting of the minds or a c>> you want to figh? >> please, nancy, go on the factor. >> it's impossible. it's impossible. >> bill o'reilly has a quick question for you. he ran into you at the kennedy senator honors recently and you said you would do an interview with him. in fact, you said you would do an interview in your
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office. >> yeah, but i already did greta. >> congratulations. >> you we have been calling your office and you said you have been busy in february, march, april. >> we are never here. >> i know you are a woman of your word and i'm asking if you are going to honor any commitment. >> i didn't make a commitment. we were have a conversation at the white house first i ever saw him because i never see him on tv. [chuckle] >> i'm ended maybe one day i will. i was not pleased with the disrespect he showed to the president. so that wasn't like a warmer upper. >> what was disrespectful? >> it speaks for itself? yes, ma'am. >> watters world. raw fan of watters world? >> no. >> do you know i'm watters and this is my world right here, senator? >> yep. >> but, you see, in watters world you can alienate literally everybody you talk to. that would make you a great
8:16 pm
senator. >> thank you, i guess. >> somebody must have gotu, the wrong idea around here. >> humor shuman wouldn't give you advice.e >> no, he ran away. >> al franken?an >> i know. bernie sanders was the worst. he was withdrawing cash from an atm. i said i would like it to talk to you senator, i'm from the o'reilly factor. he grabbed his cash and ran away. like i was going to stick him up. >> i thought he was on the barter thing. trades maple syrup for soup. that's what you do in socialist land. so, i think everybody is having a good laugh about this on capitol hill, right? >> i think the general consensus is she is not going to do the interview. especially after tonight. not going to do the interview. >> after tonight. all right. but i want you to keep trying. >> i will do my best. i'm going to send sour doughurdo bread from san francisco makes the best. willfully -- willie mays.
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try to bribe her. >> that's right. i think she suspect for bribes. >> jesse watters, everybody. ed said that. not me. >> jesse watters, giving the folks a chance to grade president obama. upcoming. eachwon't have a claim.wners that's why allstate claim free rewards gives you money back for every year you don't have one. and why if you're part of the other 5%, allstate offers claim rateguard. so your rates won't go up just because of a claim. no matter what comes your way, your home protects you. ...protect it back allstate home insurance from an allstate agent.
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>> we have a report card for president obama, not from pinheaded pundits and you know who they are, but from the folks. we sent jesse watters to the newseum in washington to get the grades. >> how would you grade the president? >> i would give him an c
8:21 pm
minus. >> i would give him an a. >> c minus? that's hard. >> 0.2. >> hello. >> i would probably give him an c. average job. >> a minus. >> a minus? he gave himself a b plus. >> a good solid b plus. >> he should give himself a good grade. i would hate to think he would give himself a doing a bad job. >> solyndra scandal. >> is that new. >> you disgust me. my two biggest concerns is immigration and foreign policy he has done considerably well. >> as of today i gave him a d. >> overwhelmed him. >> golfed like 90 times. >> golf is fun. >> >> a. >> a? >> a? >> c. >> did vote for obama last time. >> did i vote for obama. >> do your parents know that. >> my parents do know that. >> i think you are trying to get back at your parents is what i think.
8:22 pm
>> how would you grade the media in america? >> i have a lot of problems with media. >> not fox news though, right? >> yeah, yeah, i do. >> have you ever watched fox news channel? >> yes. i think when fox news says fair and balanced, i questions that. >> i was surprised. >> i feel the opposite. >> where do you get your news. >> msnbc. >> those are unreliable. >> mike huckabee is a a good guy. >> good night and god bless. >> al jazeera. >> i'm slightly at a loss for words. >> republicans are are really nipping at obama's tail right now how -- >> -- do you want to hear fox news reporter. >> bring it on it? >> has already been brought. >> you might as well give him an f. >> it's awkward talking like this. >> you know who i am a fan of? ron paul. >> you don't look like a ron paul voter. >> what does a ron paul voter look like. >> i don't know, maybe like a t-shirt. >> hi. >> do you know bill o'reilly? >> do i know bill o'reilly.
8:23 pm
>> how would you grade o'reilly? >> i'm not a huge fan. >> what are you talking about? >> bill is all right. >> are you guys o'reilly factor fans by any chance? >> no. no. >> you know you are on the o'reilly factor right now, right? >> oh well hi. >> hello? anybody home? >> i really don't have any commentary. >> that's a gutsy call. >> got a lot of guts. >> i think he is a good entertainer. >> what's the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear bill o'reilly? >> government official, president. >> bill could never get elected. >> i think that message is a very bad message. >> my grandfather will be loving this right now. >> hi graspy. >> hi, bill. >> always comes back to me, doesn't it it, watters? >> yes that's why we do these pieces. it's o'reilly's world. >> if you had to add up all the grades of all the people you talk to that was nice of that newseum. history of the news in this country and see the exhibits. do they have any exhibits on
8:24 pm
the fox news channel. >> they had one on talking points. >> how could you have one on me without talking points? i invented talking points. all of the people grading, it would come out to be, what? >> i think a b minus average. >> it was an obama friendly crowd? >> you are at a museum about the mainstream media in d.c. on a work day so you are going to get a pro-obama crowd. i have a theory now about these young voters. a a lot of them are in college and they give obama an a for effort. because he tries really hard and he is aspirational. i say if you write a paper, does the teacher give you an a because you tried really hard and they say no. they don't care about obama's performance at all. >> they just want him to try. >> they like that he is trying hard. they like his personality and charisma. >> like elvis. remember when elvis was doing those stupid movies clam bake and all those. >> i don't remember those. >> of course you don't. >> try to get a frame of reference before you were born. i know that's hard to okay people still like elvis.
8:25 pm
>> they like obama but the policies may be off. jesse watters, everybody, i'm sorry i made the elvis analogy. >> wild watters world in hawaii. perhaps the most liberal state in the nation. >> um,. >> explain what liberal means first. [ laughter ] >> do you know what liberal means? >> no. [ laughter ] >> there you go. watters moments away. when you told me about this "candy crush" game at first i thought "so what?", but now i can't stop playing. that's not how it works. i mean it's so simple. it's like my car insurance. i saved 15% in fifteen minutes. well esurance could have saved you money in half that time. three in a row! sweet! 15 minutes for a quote isn't so sweet. level 2! start with a quote from esurance and you could save money on car insurance in half the time. welcome to the modern world. esurance, backed by allstate. click or call.
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the intrepid factor correspondent to hawaii. >> why is this such a liberal state, do you think? >> i don't know. everyone is so calm and mellow and laid back. >> he looked at why hawaii is so liberal. ♪ >> why is hawaii such a liberal state? >> i don't really realize it's liberal. >> uh.
8:29 pm
>> explain what liberal means first. >> do you know what liberal means? >> no. [ buzzer ] >> it's had a history of government dependence, i think and people been in power for years basically want to have the government take care of them unfortunately. >> everyone is stoned, drunk, they don't work. >> you know all about. >> it freedom gets lost between the beach and the office. what happens is, man, people are going okay, we want things given to us rather than earning things. >> you are a republican in hawaii? >> yes. >> how does that feel? you need a friend? you need a hug? [ laughter ] ♪ >> democrats control every level of government in hawaii. the state income tax rate is 11%. the highest in the country. also the highest in the country, food stamp benefits. hawaii has a deep debt problem and also a severe homeless crisis. do you think there is a big homeless problem here? >> yes, there is. >> you are okay with all the food stamp benefits that are being paid here? >> some people need it. >> occupy. anybody want to talk? >> i'm here because i live in a country that hold me accountable for everything
8:30 pm
that i do yet they don't hold theirselves accountable the illegal occupation of hawaii by the united states government. >> i'm confused i thought hawaii was one of the 50 states? >> no, that's a misconception. [ buzzer ] >> what do you do for a living? >> i'm on unemployment. >> are you the only occupier with a leather recliner? >> no, i'm not. >> obama is a hawaii guy. >> i think there is pride. >> i like him. is he like let's get down. let's do it. like don't worry. here. come on. let's go at it. >> are you going to be all right? >> yeah, i'm getting excited. >> i'm asking you to stop. >> i don't give a [bleep] >> he also said that he is a little lazy and is he lazy because he grew up here. >> he is hawaiian. dude, if you are hawnel, you have no ambition. you are are lazy. >> you have no idea what time it is right now, do you. >> no. >> you guys are are huge obama supporters? >> yeah. i voted. we need obama. >> when obama was growing up
8:31 pm
here, he said there was a the love racial issues. how would you define the racial scene here in hawaii. >> i applewhite. i get it sometimes when i'm in the line of surfing. >> you are white? >> yeah. >> african-americans were not widely populating our schools they were mostly located in military families. >> i have had issues with race. we have all had issues. >> he said he experimented with pot and sometimes cocaine. >> late 70s in hawaii, drugs were available. >> i saw you just a second ago smoking something out of a glass pipe. what was that? >> that was my cigarette pipe. >> tobacco. >> well, tobacco. >> right. >> you and i have -- you can feel it? >> can i feel. >> i'm glad. >> all right. >> don't make any sudden moves. [ laughter ] >> hawaii has a liberal and extremely dangerous attitude towards sexual conduct. can you rape a child and only spend two years in prison. a minor can get an abortion without their parents' consent and prostitution is allowed to flourish. only one pimp was arrested last year.
8:32 pm
the prostitution situation, why is it allowed? >> the attitude here is hey, you don't bother me, i don't bother. >> you i don't see any arrests. i don't see any police out there. >> i actually think about that all the time. it's crazy, the police station is right across from where the prostitutes hang out. >> it doesn't make any sense. >> the united states and there is prostitutes with a police station right there. bam. >> some of the child sex laws are liberal here. >> i think the laws need to be tougher up here. >> other states have jessica's law 2 oyear mandatory minimum for sex crimes. >> i think we should be the sage as the rest of the states. >> you guys enforce that antimarijuana law. >> marijuana is actually a big problem in waikiki. >> we have bigger things then people smoking local poco. >> that's local marijuana. >> are you a factor fan? >> no. [ laughter ] >> hey, bill, spin stops here. >> anything you want to say to o'rei now? >> no. why is he here?
8:33 pm
>> could you feel the tension in the air right now? i know i can. >> would o'reilly be able to relax down here? >> i don't know. he may get chased down the beach here. >> o'reilly, you are awesome. i love watching. you are the man. >> i don't watch that kind of stuff. >> where do you get your news and information. >> live with kelly. >> have you ever heard of me? >> no. >> i'm watters. >> hi. >> what's your favorite part of the show. >> watters world i was involved in media for a little while. >> nbc? >> is this interview really worth anything for you guys? >> this is a gold mine. you have no idea. >> i have to say hawaii is one of my favorite places in the world. it's beautiful. when i'm there i'm under water i'm not talking to pinheads. the state is in enormous debt. >> they. >> they have a lot of social problems. when you say it's the biggest homeless thing it's because of the addiction. the addiction is rampant all over the place because they don't enforce the drug laws. you know, i think the one person who said look, this is a place where people come to to escape --
8:34 pm
>> -- right. >> this is, generally speaking, do you know what's shocking? 35% of hawaiian population isation. ation people are not liberal, you know, by nature. they are usually more industrious and hard working. >> if you add them together they outnumber whites by two to one. >> white population is only about 5% in hawaii. >> exactly. you have all the rich liberals liberals from california rolling into hawaii. it's a perfect storm for liberalism. >> it's the anything goes and somebody said it, don't bother me. >> it's like amsterdam. >> i know i'm going to get mail on this. where did you get the green shorts? >> someone actually came it up to me and said watters, i'm a big fan. does bill know what you are wearing? >> no. did i not approve of the orange shirt with the green shorts. >> didn't match? i thought it matched. >> there you go. waters watters undercover in hawaii. >> more ahead as the factor
8:35 pm
moves along this evening. strand refuses to obey a number of laws. we sent jesse watters out there to find out what the folks think about that. >> i think borders are pretty silly. >> how do you have a country? >> who cares about country, man. woman: everyone in the nicu -- all the nurses wanted to watch him when he was there 118 days. everything that you thought was important to you changes in light of having a child that needs you every moment. i wouldn't trade him for the world.
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in the watters world segment tonight. as may know the city of san francisco will not obey the illegal -- unbelievable homeless problem. we sent factor producer jesse watters to the city by the bay to check it all out. ♪ ♪ >> so what is san francisco all about? >> sex, drugs and rock and
8:39 pm
roll. >> very open, very understanding. >> how do you like san francisco? >> where else in the united states can people have a naked bike ride and not get arrested? >> streaking. >> so exposing your young children to naked male bike riders is a great idea. >> it's your choice how you react to it. >> how do you like san francisco? you like it here you were prostituting. how much would you charge? >> how much. >>? >> 4,000. >> there is a lot of medicinal marijuana. you don't goat involved in it. >> why do you have. this that is confidential on my health records. >> i have back pain and knee pain. >> how did you get that knee pain? >> i fell off a jungle gym. >> what style would you say you have on right now. >> i would say road warrior this is thunder dome. >> are you ready? >> no. >> okay. >> now, there is a loft illegal immigration issues
8:40 pm
here. do you pay that any mind? >> i think borders are pretty silly. >> how do you have a country? >> who cares about country? >> are you crazy? are you nuts? >> you come here from mexico illegally, commit a felony, san francisco won't tell the feds about it. >> the only thing there is such thing as illegal immigration because some immigrant came here and said they are going to make a law about immigrants coming here. >> people come and go so quickly. >> so san francisco is considering banning circumcision. >> i think that's unfortunate. >> as long as they don't go around circumcising people by force, i'm all right with it. >> ditto. >> takes away the freedom of the child. >> do you think that's a good idea. >> i think that's free choice. >> what do you think, carl? >> well, i think -- i don't know. no comment. >> do you guys think there is a major homeless problem in san francisco? >> the benefits are fantastic in the city. >> how are the cops around here? >> extremely nice and
8:41 pm
extremely lenient. >> if it was up to me i would be [bleep] mowing people down. you don't have the situations people can grow up in and where there is an environment that is somewhat hospitable. >> you better keep your mouth shut. >> fox news. >> yeah. how are you doing? >> fantastic. in. >> want to do a quick interview? >> l.a. has great weather too. why don't you go down to l.a.? >> usually when you are working on stuff. >> you try prototype stuff first i'm still caught up. >> gave me a ticket for urinating on the street. >> you know that's illegal, right? >> now i do. >> ever watch fox news? >> good to know what the enemy is saying. >> do you have a problem with o'reilly? >> i think is he a little abrasive sometimes and could lock it up a little. >> lock it up? >> not a factor fan? >> no. >> i think i can change your mind. >> oh, really? >> oh, this is awkward. >> i think o'reilly is kind of a church but is he all right. >> [inaudible] >> looks like he should be
8:42 pm
on a sailboat or something. where is your sailor hat? >> define the city of san francisco for me. >> very liberal. very mixed culture. >> it's the most accepting and the friendliest city i have ever lived in. >> the place where liberal people have taken over the world and people can get away with whatever the [bleep] they want. isn't that typical? >> healthy city, the fun city. >> the one spot of the world where people who are outsiders can be who they are. >> that is correct. >> i am semiretired, trying to model. >> what kind of modeling killing gigs are you looking to get. >> any kind. >> any kind? >> yes. >> why do so many people hate fox news here? >> because it's conservative. >> it's because you are terrible. >> what, me? >> not you personally, jesse. you seem very nice. you have a nice smile. >> can i get a hug right now? >> i don't even have a television. >> i'm sorry to hear that. >> are you? >> do you consider yourself a male or female. >> i'm both. >> tech it nicly, how does that work?
8:43 pm
>> for me it works fine. >> i don't know what to say. >> seems like a the lo of people hate fox here. what's up with that? >> i love fox news, man. they tell how it is. >> seems sometimes the news is slanted more towards the dark. >> wait a minute? >> they are like, i don't know. i don't know. probably because, i don't know. just like, i don't know. >> i don't know. >> he is on first, we are not talking about him. >> i don't hate fox news. >> that's so nice to hear. >> why does it seem like so many people hate fox news here? >> because they lie all the time. >> do you have any proof of that or any examples? >> oh, tons of it. >> but you have got to run? >> yes. i have got an accident to report. >> stay loose. >> i actually don't hate fox news and i feel like that's kind of a minority here. >> liberal friends confront you about your fox fan dom. what do you tell them? >> liberals don't vote. they don't get [bleep] done. idealism. idealism doesn't work unless you work hard at it. >> you said it, man. ♪ >> yeah, i'm feeling it.
8:44 pm
>> we are the musicmakers and we are the dreamers of dreams. >> american news doesn't give fact. you give scandal to get ratings. >> are you currently scandal. >> yes. >> good luck with everything. >> i just hope you have better luck than i have. >> why do you work for fox? is it the first people that would hire you after your dad made a phone call? >> oh. >> oh. >> bill o'reilly? >> that's the worst of them all. [ laughter ] [choking] >> bill gets a little crusty and cranky, he can be entertaining. he makes really good points. >> i don't like o'reilly. he talks out the side of his neck too much. >> bill o'reilly being a bad ass telling people what's up. >> eat a lot of vegetables and cut out processed foods. >> tip of the day? >> tip of the day. >> bill o'reilly, you are
8:45 pm
the man, san francisco long hairs love you. don't trip. all right. now, was everybody nice to you there? because you have the logo on the mike so people know right away. >> right. >> were they nice? >> they hate you. they love me. they love me. >> that's not just san francisco. >> no. that's true. you know, the one thing you did tell me i want to remind the audience of this. you said if anybody ever punches me in the face lean into it. >> right. >> because then i will be famous like geraldo and can i sue them for 100 grand. >> get the nose right over here and that's 2 million for you. >> at least. >> when you go out on the street in san francisco. a lot of people it's a walking city a lot of people around. does anybody give you jazz? >> i found more in san francisco. when i'm doing interviews on the street. people will walk by and say f fox news and then the cowards will run away. when i confront them they call you a bigoted
8:46 pm
homophobe. i said why would the president of the united states, barack obama, your guy, invite this bigot into the white house for an interview? and they are shell shocked. >> the guy who said you hear that all day long that fox lies business. that's from the internet. so this guy with the little mustache there, he doesn't -- he tons of them but he accident have time to give you one. >> he can't give me one example. i have all day. i will sit there and i have all day. >> he was busy that guy. >> he had had acupuncture appoint. of he was a little tight. >> jesse watters on deck. we sent watters down to florida to get some exposure. he got it with naked people. watters world moments
8:47 pm
8:48 pm
8:49 pm
may know our pal, jesse, has gone where few men will ever go.
8:50 pm
places like the red carpet at the oscars for example. but recently he's been asking me for even more exposure. so i said fine. we sent him to florida to visit some naturists. >> we're in major debt right now. why don't you think people are upset and have a sense of urgency about the fiscal state of the country? >> as it's going along i think they're starting to realize it is a real problem and something everybody really needs to be involved in. >> disbanding, prices of deficit, needs to be under control. >> i have my concerns, but i do believe we have a president that's at the helm of this nation and he'll steer it in the right direction here. >> seem cold in here? >> not to me. >> what do you think the temperature is? >> why are you wearing a pink shirt? >> trying to fit in here.
8:51 pm
i think it's flesh colored. a lot of spending and a lot of debt. are you concern about that? >> i don't have a lot to begin for obama. >> we're down right now as a country. we'll come back. >> we need to get back to we the people. less government. >> we are doomed. doomed, doomed, doomed the next four years. >> i don't know of any record spending. i'm not really sure about that. >> what do you do for a living? >> i'm a financial planner. >> is that hard? >> no. no, oh, do you mean difficult, no, it's not difficult. >> does anything concern you? >> i'm concerned about the gun control issue. everybody in florida wants their guns. >> i think he's doing a fair job considering what he had to come into. >> we wish him the best. you had four years.
8:52 pm
you got four more. let's do it. >> maybe -- >> speak! speak! >> what were you happy that he was re-elected for? >> i think he's trying to get us out of the problem the republicans got us into. >> smaller government, less to worry about. >> but big everything else? >> of course. >> why do you think the press is so in bed with president obama? >> okay. mainstream media is to control and brainwash the average american person. >> he is a little charismatic. more than most of the other presidents. >> did you like bush? >> i could really have a good joke there. >> anyone wants to go can go, and then anyone wants to stay can stay. >> you're like the nude glenn beck.
8:53 pm
are you a "factor" fan? >> yes. >> what do you like personally? >> i think he's ridiculous. >> you think bill is ridiculous? >> yes. >> you better not be. better be looking up here. >> i will be watching you. >> what's your favorite part of the factor? >> probably the talking points and jesse wattters. >> here now is watters. that was in the west coast of florida? >> pascal county north of tampa. you can do one night or a week or a condo. >> you can buy a condo? >> three quarters of a million dollars. >> do you have to be naked or can you be clothed? >> they call it clothing optional. i exercised the optional part. >> thank god. >> thank god. >> i thought you were going to be heavy on opinions, well, you
8:54 pm
don't have a problem with concealed weapons down here. >> they did say gun control is their major issue. they're packing some heat down there. >> no, they're not packing anything, all right, because -- was it hard for you when you were interviewing them to, you know -- >> very hard. i kept the eye contact up here. i was trained. >> well, i told you to do that. >> you told me to keep the eye contact high. >> it seems that they were very friendly nice people. >> it was one of the friendliest group of people i've ever done in all of my watters. >> you know why? >> why is that? >> they had nothing to hide. >> that's right. >> jesse watters everybody. you got paid to do that. as the factor moves along this evening, watters world goes into nebulous territory. >> i think it's going to take a while to fix the mess that the republicans started. >> did you hear that somewhere? >> probably. i missed so many workouts,
8:55 pm
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8:57 pm
why does the youth of america like the president so much? we sent jesse watters to long island for some answers. >> what's the -- all about? >> having a really awesome time? >> what's with the hair? >> i regretted it almost immediately. >> so what's the world tour all about? >> going buck wild. thank you. good evening. >> hey, mister, freeze. >> mosh pit. >> now, in the mosh pit what are you trying to prove? >> do you understand? >> how do you rock out? >> don't ever do that again. >> you get free hugs and kisses all day. >> want a hug? >> not from you. there. get back over there.
8:58 pm
your head all right? >> no. i'm messed up right now. >> why do you smile like that? >> why do so many young people support obama? >> they don't. >> they don't? >> no. what are you talking about? >> he supports same-sex marriage chrks is amazing. >> i think it's going to take a while for him to fix the mess the republicans started. >> did you hear that somewhere? >> probably. >> he kind of accepts things as it is. >> he hates -- but not like against, you know? >> that doesn't make sense. >> do you guys support the president? >> i don't really. i think he's too right-winged for me. >> if obama legalized pot, would you vote for him? >> probably. >> the next time don't take so long. >> how do you think he's doing so far as president? >> he's horrible. bush was better. >> why is that? why are they so duped in the hope and change stuff? >> did a lot of drugs. >> is that right? >> listen, i sure do appreciate knowing that. >> president obama's still cool.
8:59 pm
d did you get a little dazed and confused in the mosh pit? >> yeah. i have a concussion or something. >> i think you might have a concussion. >> as soon as i get home the first thing i'm going to do is punch your momma in the mouth. >> what's the obama economic policies? do you guys understand that? >> no. >> what's obama's jobs policy? >> i don't know. >> that's a hard question to answer. >> you guys ever watch bill o'reilly. >> yes, i do, actually. he's an old school like soldier. i respect that about him. >> i appreciate that. >> you ever heard of bill o'reilly? >> bill o'reilly, yes. bill o'reilly is the man. >> you a fan of the show? >> i feel like i've seen you somewhere. you're not famous, are you? >> i'm watters. >> wow. okay. >> again, thanks for watching us
9:00 pm
tonight. i am bill o'reilly. please always remember that the spin stops right here. we're definitely looking out for good evening everyone. i'm megyn kelly. welcome to our "kelly file" special on bill, a man who admits to bombing this country repeatedly. the state department, the pentagon, the u.s. capital among other crimes during the 1970s. and he got away scot free. because this is america he wound up as a college professor who even helped a president launch his political career. over the years he managed to redefine himself not as a domestic terrorist but as a revolutionary, a kid who merely vandalized, not one who inspired murder. he is a man who took chances with other people's lives. and took every chance to dodge