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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  September 2, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> thank you for being part of our breaking news coverage today on the execution of american journalist steven sotloff. this is "the real story." i'm gretchen karlson. shepard smith reporting now live from the fox news deck. >> islamic state terrorists releasing the video that appears to show the beheading of another american. we are tracking development. we'll speak with ambassador bill richardson and michael o'hanlon about what has happened what, the strategy should be, and what america can and cannot do. plus, the president headed headd overseas for a meeting with top leaders the priority, what to do with russia and ukraine, and the ukrainian defense minister warns of a war that could kill tens of thousands. let's get to it. >> good tuesday afternoon to you and yours, and first from the fox news deck this afternoon. islamic state terrorists have apparently chopped off the head
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of an american journalist named steven sotloff. according to an intelligence group which tracks terrorists. the organization reports the islamic state released another video, one very similar to the one that showed the beheading of american james foley. this new video shows a masked terrorist, knife in hand-standing next to steven sotloff and ends with a gruesome shot of sotloff's body. the terrorist with a british accent claims to be the same militant from the james foley video. in that video they threatened to kill sotloff if the united states did not stop attacking islamic state targets in iraq. u.s. officials air strikes against militants in iraq have week. last week steven sotloff's mother pleaded with the leader of the islamic state to free her son. >> steven has no control over the actions of the u.s. government. he is an innocent journalist. >> a spokesman for his family is
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saying now that the family is aware of the video, to please give them peace while they grieve. sotloff was a free lance journalist who worked over9e
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and says it is the u.s. foreign policy which is to blame for sotloff's death, which is clearly not the case, shep. >> and, catherine in the end of the video there is a threat at least to someone else. >> well, it's clearly implied at the end of the video the individual believed to be
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sotloff makes a statement, then the executioner makes his statement, and then they show what i would call the initial stages of the beheadings. they cut away and then show the completed act, then it goes to black and comes back again with another individual who is kneeling on the ground in the orange jump suit, and this has been widely identified as a british hostage, and the executioner doesn't say, he is next, but he says, this is a warning to all nations who should join any coalition with the united states. so the selection of a british hostage as the next one who is their target does not seem to be any accident, shep. >> catherine herridge. thank you. of course, they do have the hat hostage wind chill dough meant to how many more hostages they have. we know the british parliament is about to consider new rules regarding these terrorists and we'll get to that with a couple of experts. first i want to turn to math view van dyke, a friend of see
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ven sotloff and james foley. i'm sorry. i don't know how you're dealing with this. these guys were tight friends of yours. >> yeah, yeah, i lost two friends in two weeks. >> how too you make sense of this? these guys were there to do just one thing and that was tell a series of stories bat people who were being really ripped apart. >> just(vjç journalists doing tr jobs, reporting, they knew the risks but kept going back. the story needed to be told now. they paid for it with their lives. >> steven sotloff's story is knew to many of our viewers because for many months, at the family's request, there no talking. the hope was to get him freed before anything bad happened. >> in a lot of these cases the families choose to keep it secret. that a replies -- applies to otr hostages. >> we believe there are maintenance as 20 being held and there's a possible that isis
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buys them. >> some of them are kidnapped by other groups and then sold to isis, some directly kidnapped by isis, but there are definitely other hostages and more americans held hostage as well. >> was there any kind of communication -- we know with some hostages there was a ransom paid by other countries. were there demands for ransom. >> i'm not sure in this case. >> it sounds as if -- i mean, as as unthinkable, they wanted to use these guys for these reasons, and analysts were suggesting the other day that maybe they were killed on the same day. >> they could be in the case of isis, they have a variety of sources of funding. they're not a group that relies on ransom demand so they have a more diversified economy than the region, extortion, taxes, and in their case, ransom wasn't the highest priority. >> one other item.
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see stensotloff had hear on his head and in this video he does not. whether it suggests it was done at another time or whatever. we do know the british are now talking about putting more sanctions into player, making it more difficult for terrorists to move about. day after labor day for us, this group with media and social media is as good as anything we have ever seen. >> they are. it's a whole different animal. they -- since they have taken terrorism to a whole new level, but eventually we'll win and stop them. >> how is his family? i'm sure they're devastated. i talked to his sister recently but not since the news came out. i think it's better to give. the space. >> i wondered with the video mrs. sotloff put out before the holiday, it was difficult to watch a mom have to go through that and you wonder if anything like that would make any impression on anybody. >> not for these guys. these are heartless individuals.
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they've done a campaign of cruelty, not just against foreigners but against the people under their reign. nothing can dissuade them unfortunately. >> what was sotloff's passion? >> he loved journalism, loved the region, his real passion was the people. he was good at arabic, spent time living in libya. somebody that connect with the people of the region. >> when he was in aleppo he was trying toyef÷ still the center f this conflict and how it was affecting everyday people. >> yes, and he had done it before. he had been to syria before and libya, and he was very good. a real professional. really bright career ahead of him. >> any contact of any kind all along the way? >> not since he went missing itch had dinner with him in d.c. a few weeks before he went to syria. we talked about the security situation but he just vanished and ahead about it from syrian contacts. >> if they've shut down journalism we won't know what is happening and then we're in real
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trouble. are your friends who travel these regions still out there and doing good work, or has this put the fear into folks, where they really won't take the chance. >> unfortunately,ess, lot of journalists have stopped going. media organizations have stopped sending people, free lancers are afraid to go. it has put a lot of squeeze on the press, a lot of them just won't ghoneim, and i don't blame them at all. >> it wasn't that long ago this sort of thing didn't happen, there were unwritten rules. not that they haven't happened throughout history, but in this other things over the past few years, this wasn't happening. >> isis doesn't play by any rules. isis kidnapped women and sold them as slaves, beheads people routinely, crucifies people that they disagree with. this is an organization with no limits and they need to be stopped. >> you're doing something that would be hard for a lot of people to do and that is going
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out on a regular basis to just about anybody who will listen and talk about your friends and what they've been through. why are you doing that? >> i want the memory to be reserved, their legacy to be preserved. they shouldn't be forgotten. the only reason we know anything had is happening in syria is because of people like james and steven, and people need to know what they fav their lives for. >> matthew van dyke, thank you for coming. we'll have continuing coverage just ahead of this killing witch former ambassador bill richardsonson, -- richardson, ad more information on ukraine, and michael o'hanlon will join us to talk about if we, for instance, increase our military campaign against isis, how does that affect isis? and its able to recruit and spread across that region? and if we don't, what then?
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bill richardson, michael o'hanlon. the president live as it happens. all ahead on "shepard smith reporting." important legal matters in just minutes. now it's quicker and easier for you to start your business, protect your family, and launch your dreams. at we put the law on your side.
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continuing coverage of fox top story this hour and the apparent execution of another american journalist, steven sotloff, but an islamic state militant. bill richardson, a form u.s. ambassador to the united nations and is live. mr. ambassador, thank you. we know when they put out these
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videos and create a direct confrontation with the united states, it helps them with recruiting and helps them do what we don't want them to do. so what is the united states to do now? >> well, it may help them recruit but i tell you what it's also doing. the international community and the united states has not seen this level of barbarism. it's going to unite the american people and the congress into a very, very strong response against them. what should the u.s. do? i would say what we need is a kitchen sink approach against isis. now, i think we have to be smart about it. we have to have military response, airstrikes. we also need diplomatic initiatives, need to build a coalition. the good news is there's a lot of countries against isis, everything from iran to hezbollah to the saudis to the united arab emirates to iraq. so, i think it's fertile ground to build a strong coalition.
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we need better intelligence on the kurdish situation, on the affects there, but i think this is going to backfire on these people, shep. i know it's horrible, and i think our first thought has to be with these families of these journalists, and the journalism industry and their profession, respect for what they do. >> mr. ambassador, we have been told by our leaders repeatedly, and analysts agree, there's no way to stop this group except by boots on the ground.%>g the president said those will not be american boots. where do we locate boots? among the coalition i can't imagine boots from iran or saudi arabia certainly. i can't imagine them from iraq. the united arab emirates, i don't know how many boots are available there we have been told you can't stop them without boots. where do we get them? >> well, i think our military is the best at targeted airstrikes. >> but the president said that we will not have boots on the ground, and every analyst said and members of the military,
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leaders said we can't stop them without boots on the ground. >> i think we need the best intelligence possible. >> you're saying there are no boots available outside of ours. >> i think there would be. i think this international coalition, the president is heading there -- >> would that include our boots? >> no. i think the president has made this clear. i don't think the american people would sustain that. but at the same time, shep, i think you will see increasing support for training, for airstrikes, for all kinds of weapons -- >> but we're told we can't stop them without boots on the ground. i know there's not an answer here and that's part of the point. if the military leaders say this group cannot be stopped without boots on the ground, yet there are no boots thon ground to stop them, that means they're not going to stop. we can strike them from the air as much as we want. may slow them or stop their forward progress but will not
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take back the land they have taken. >> that's not a consensus among our military leaders. i'd like to hear what the joint chiefs say, too pentagon is saying there are a lot of retired guys who i respect, but at the same time i think, shep, we have to be smart about how we go after these guys. it's not just military. it's diplomatic, it's sanctions, it's building a coalition of the willing, and this may be getting assistance from countries and movements that we don't like, but these people are a threat, but i tell you, this video, i think it's going to backfire on them. it's going to show their brutality, going to show the world that this is an international community that has to unite against something like this, and don't underestimate public opinion, the horror of what happened. >> nobody is underestimating that. i realize we have an idea but not one for reporting about how many hostages this group may have. and it's not a tiny number,
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mr. ambassador, and i wonder how many more they're going to be able to parade out and cut heads off before eventually we come to a collective discussion that includes we can't stop this group without boots on the ground, and if we get drawn into another conflict in the middle east, how the hell are we going to get out? we're in a bet of a predicament. is that fair? >> yes, that's fair. this is why we need a national debate here. we got to put all this partisanship aside. the president and the congress, republicans, democrats, there has to be a national debate. we have to confront isis. how we do it, with what means, with what resources, and i think the coffin for these people that think they're going to maybe recruit some individuals, but the loss they're going to have, and international public opinion, look at the unite nations. they're going out there. they're going to be focusing on
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the brutality of this regime. they've got a very, very loud, loud speaker, the u.n., and the u.n. is listening. >> they don't have boots available. >> let's have this debate. boots, how many, what do you want to say? >> i don't have any clue. but when you hear, we're not going to put boots on the ground, can't find the availability boots and these people can't be stopped without boots on the ground and they keep cutting people's heads off, that's concerning, and you wonder how long we can sustain this. >> all i'm saying is let's have a debate on that. >> i'm all about that. getting congress to debate much of anything, mr. ambassador. i can't imagine a situation under which that happens. can you really? they would actually come together and do something? >> i think you're going to see an emboldened congress and a president coming together on an issue like this. i think this is a 9/11 moment where the country comes together. >> all right.
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ambassador bill richardson, auld -- always good to see you. >> not the end of this, we need to get some big picture analysis of this so ahead, on the killing of steven sotloff and the fight against these islamic militants, what could work? you have to have abouts? we don't have boots. what do we do? michael o'hanlon from the brookings institution will be our guest live coming next. when it comes to good nutrition...i'm that would be my daughter -- hi dad. she's a dietitian. and back when i wasn't eating right, she got me drinking boost. it's got a great taste, and it helps give me the nutrition i was missing. helping me stay more like me. [ female announcer ] boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a delicious taste. grandpa! [ female announcer ] stay strong, stay active with boost.
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not everyone can be a foster parent... but anyone can help a foster child. continuing coverage now. the apparent beheading of the american journalist steven sotloff. we'll bring in michael o'hanlon of the brookings institution in washington. well know the predicament here. two basic questions and i'll give you time to get through them. what should we do and maybe, more importantly, what shouldn't
12:24 pm
we do? >> well, you know, shepard, i'm not sure we can do much about the remaining hostages. we all know there was an attempted raid elf 'er this year, takes intelligence and good luck to rescue people in this kind of situation. we have now indicated that we tried once, probably makes it harder to do it again. you can debate whether we should have publicly announced that but it would be hard to save these individuals. so i think we have to recommit ourselves to destroying the islamic state. and i think the reason you do this is not in ven venges for one or two dade americans, as tragic as the deaths are, because this group is a threat to our regional allies and americans in the mideast. they're not debatable. this group attacked iraqi kurdistan. it's nonevent an arab group or part of the middle east. they want to control it if they could that tells us they wont this broader islamic state,
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caliphate, as their name suggests and that means they want to attack not only other parts of iraq, kurdistan, but jordan, and wherever else, ultimately saudi arabia, maybe europe. i'm not suggesting they'll be able to do that but that's where their amibitions take them. now we have the question do we want to provoke hem to make can more directly and immediately against us by upping our role, or by risking american combat deaths in iraq again. i heard you talking about boots on the ground. here i think we do need to help because there's no way that isis is going to be defeated by the iraqi army in its current form. but i don't think we should replace the iraqi army. the question is what do we need to do to rebuild, reconstitute, and reenergize that iraqi army that american military expertise can really help with, and then what is the corresponding strategy for syria, and finally, i think that to help that iraqi army rebuild, we may need to put some mentor teams into the field
12:26 pm
if and when circumstances allow, and so i think we could envision up to several thousand americans ultimately back in iraq, but not doing major combat operations and not deployed as major combat units, simply,> is going to be possible to get arab nations into a -- forgive me for saying it -- coalition of the willing? >> i think it will because if you look around the region, some of the arab nations that supported isis now realize they've been too successful, and some of the ones that never supported it will now say, told you so, you shouldn't have in the first place. and when you look at the possibilities and the need to support the king of jordan, for example, i think most of the sunni arab countries would be 100% behind that idea. the,5:/ harder part is the government in baghdad. the new government that is in formation now, as you know, with this future prime minister,
12:27 pm
abadi. the good news is he is not nouri al-maliki, the old prime minister, the shia extremist. the bad news is he is from the same political party and sunnis will still mistrust him. sunnis in iraq, sunnis outside iraq. so that coalition will take a lot of work. but i think that people are sensitized now to the fact that important things are at stake. a quarter of iraq is controlled by this group and i think this will shake some sense into countries that have wanted to have it both ways until now. >> but can it shake enough sense into them that any of their governments might produce human beings to fight this group, along with, say, this iraqi army which in theory we might be able to help train and prop up in some way. >> that's fair question. i'm not sure. i'm so optimistic about that. if you look at jordan, they have to take care of themselves. >> amen. >> they're a front of-line state. they have some serious potential
12:28 pm
threats, hundreds of thousands of syrian refugees, they have to monitor those refugees for possible sympathizers for isis and worry about threats contributionly to king abdullah. so i'm not sure we can expect them to do more than protect their own country, but if they do that well that's a big asset for us. kurdistan, same sort of thing. the kurds will protect themselves, and they're willing to fight for some of these borderline areas of iraq between kurdistan and iraq proper. so i think you have to look at what each ally can and will realistically do. the good news is, the number one, most important ally here will be the iraqi army, and the iraqi army is being and used to be capable, and the main reason it's not capable now is because of political problems, not because of military problems. if we can see a government of national unity form i think the iraqi army will become the key ally in defending their own territory, has they should. >> you wrote recently the
12:29 pm
history of using limited air power in wars like this one shows that a few pinpricks from the sky rarely make a difference on the ground. what are we doing -- are we doing the wrong thing? >> no, i think what we have done so far was effective as far as it went. i think the obama administration -- i would criticize the number of aspects of its iraq and syria policy but this summer in iraq they got it right in my opinion, for two reasons. they did these limited airstrikes in coordination with ground forces that were willing to protect their own territory. so it was the iraqi kurds protecting kurdistan. a defensive action. where all we had to do was to hit a few military convoys on an open, exposed highway, and we can make a givings on the battlefield, and where the kurds knewó+y who their fellow kurds were, it's was hard for the isis groups to infiltrate. we got that right. and we got right delay in waiting for an iraqi government to form. we put the political cart before the military horse for any
12:30 pm
longer, bigger engagement on the ground. but now that we have this new iraqi government of national unit in the making, i think we need to consider sending up to several thousand american special forces and mentor teams into iraq to help that iraqi army re-develop its own momentum against eye simples it's one thing to stop any further offensives, which these limited air strikes were good at doing. stop further offenses. it's something else to uproot isis from those areas that it currently controls. >> might call that helping them stand up. so that we can stand down, something we have already done, and something which failed on a level we haven't -- >> good memory, it's hard. >> michael o'hanlon, thank you very much on late notice. >> careful of the extremes, always. if you search the twitter verse or anywhere else, wherever social place you might be you can find a bunch of crazy people who say we ought to do crazy things but they're crazy people. so we don't listen to them.
12:31 pm
time for this country to come together and discuss this thing. this isn't about you're blue or red, this is about figuring out how to stop this thing. that's leaving our colleagues and your fellow citizens with head and body separated. it's not going to stop. they've made that clear. it's not going to stop. they got a british one. clearly they're ready to do that one next and there are more out there. talk about paving the desert is not helpful. talking to your neighbors and talking to your congressmen, saying sensible things, that might be helpful indeed. ukrainian officials say there is -- there are no longer fighting pro-russian rebels. in i say they say they're fighting russia itself. make no mistake. russia invaded ukraine. it's done repeatedly, and russia and ukraine are now at war. this says they're at the brink of major war, which is what they're saying over there and you do know that russia's putin
12:32 pm
talked about his nukes. and how powerful a nation they are. and went into territory that a nuclear leader should not go. there is trouble on that border and it's coming.
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a fox report now and more headlines from the fox news deck. a school bus ran off the road, rolled over in north texas and sent 12 students to the hospital. a state trooper says the driver got distracted while monitoring the kids and none of the injuries is life-threatening. eight people are dead and dozen more reported missing after heavy rain druggingerred floods and landslides in southwest china according to state media there. one landslide buried a team of coal miners. officials say the storms forced more than 7,000 people to leave their homes. here at home in southern california, the captain of a sailboat is under arrest after cops say it ran aground and capsized at venice beach last night.
12:35 pm
police say they helped four people get off the boat safely and they think the captain was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. our coverage continues with the war that is now brewing between ukraine and russia and the rest of the headlines coming next.
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russia's president vladimir putin didn't really mean it when he said he could conquer ukraine's capital. according to rich0s government run media which quotes an aide to putin. the aide says the head of the european union took putin out of context when he reportedly said in a phone call, and i quote, if i want to i can take kiev in two weeks. that was the quote there an aide says the comments were never meant to be made in public in the first place. this is after putin said in a speech on friday, and i quote, i want to remind you that russia is one of the most powerful nuclear nations. in other words, don't mess with us. this comes as ukrainian officials report seeing russian troops in two major cities in
12:38 pm
eastern ukraine. that's on top of the russian soldiers reported in the region for days now. russia again denied that it sent soldiers into ukraine, even though a pro-russian rebel leader last week said that some 4,000 russian troops on official leave were in country. they said they were on vacation. certainly weren't there to fight. they went there on vacation. the head of ukraine's military says the operation against those pro-russian rebels is over and that defense forces are now facing war with russia itself. he compared it with the world war. and warned it could cost tens of thousands of lives. meantime, president obama is scheduled to leave moments from now for a trip t a summit in wales where the ukraine crisis will top the agenda. wendell, the president actually changed his schedule because of the ukraine conflict. >> he did. he is stopping first in estonia. one of the baltic states the
12:39 pm
soviets once dominated, which is now a member of nate testimony he is doing that to assure other nato members the alliance will stand by article 5 which says taken on one of them is an attack on all. to the russian incursion into ukraine has made the baltic states, pole land and other new nato members, nervous. mr. obama ruled out military action in ukraine which is not a member of nato so the u.s. and european leaders will discuss additional sanctions on moscow and they're expected to announce a rapid reaction force to be based in nato countries on the russian border, here josh ernest. >> this will involve training exercises and discussions about what kinds of infrastructure will be required in the baltics and poland and romania and other states on the eastern frontier to deal with the world in which they face new concerns about russian intentions. >> a treaty banned nato from stationing large numbers of troops on the russian border, so this rapid reaction force will
12:40 pm
rotate groups of about 4,000 soldiers from different nato members. >> we all know europe is very much dependent on russian oil and other energy. here? >> it is. it's a longer term problem. russia supplies a substantial portion of europe's energy. a lot of it natural gas supplies are actually piped through ukraine. the russians say they don't trust ukraine not to siphon off energy and they continually raise the price, ukraine falls behind, and the russians this winter say they might actually demand payment up front and if the u.s. and european sanctions are biting they mightcast the natural gauze supplies but they would loose the income. the u.s. says one answer might be provides europe a liquefied gas. won't be solved by the coming winter but one the leaders will discuss this week in wales. >> thank you, wendell.
12:41 pm
let's bring in gordon cheng now, author and foreign affairs journalist. if you don't declare war, you just invade another country and then pretend you dope, you can do that. that's legal. >> that would appear to be the case. clearly nato and the united states are starting to take a different view of this. got to remember this has come after the shooting down of the mall slain airliner, the annexation of crimea and russian forces informally in eastern ukraine. so now eventual live this has hit a tipping point and we're starting to see new attitudes in washington and in brussels. >> there's one level of rhetoric from russia, which we understand, there's -- but there's a very diminished level from the united states, and a lot of people online are, why don't we get tough and say we're going to get you. there's a reason. >> the europeans will not follow. this has always been a question of leadership. throughout the colored war the europeans never followed the united states unless an american president really did something. so, for instance you had ronald
12:42 pm
reagan develop a consensus over the pershing missiles. that's leadership and that's lacking right now in washington. this is a crisis. every presidency has a crisis. this is the president obamas. >> one of his many. go on. >> i think that -- >> i don't know what you do. if you -- for instance, what would rising to the occasion look like? >> first of all, much tougher sanctions to cut russia off from the international financial systems. they already lost $200 billion out of russia in capital. we turn up the pressure, that would be more. also we need supply weapons to the ukrainians. we haven't done that. they're fighting reallyçó with inadequate supplies. we need remedy thatb÷ right awa. >> what about stopping putin? he did say that he can get to kiev within two weeks. he did actually stand up and almost threaten to use nuclear weapons in an offensive capacity. >> that's exactly what he did,
12:43 pm
because -- >> that's on another level. >> that's a different level. the world changed on friday because he talked about, first of all, russia being a strong nuclear power and talked about nuclear deterrence and then used a term for eastern ukraine which means, new russia. so that's basically saying i'm going told ton to eastern ukraine and use my worst weapons to do so, and a demonstration of that. now you have the chinese and north koreans watching to see whether it works. so nuclear weapons, which were once defensives in nature for more than a generation have become a appliances for aggression. >> it if that predispose north korea and china we have a whole new world. >> we do. >> more on the apparent beheading of another american journalist. we'll check in with catherine herridge as the news breaks there. much more ahead. stay with us.
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>> a live look now, joint air base andrews, andrews air force
12:47 pm
base. this is marine one landing. the president is landing there for the trip that we have been discussing throughout the day, with wendell goler and others. there's a microphone set up over here, but with the suggestion, well, maybe he'll say something about the murder of steven sotloff, but i got to tell you, it's not been confirmed by the united states officially yet that is the murder of steven sotloff. we all know it is. i it would be inappropriate for the president to talk about such thing in advance. it's my guess he would not do that. that said -- there's always three helicopters flying with the president. you never know which one he will actually be on. so we'll continue to watch this, and when the president walks out, if he comes to the microphone, we'll take that live for you. first, continuing coverage of the apparent murder of another american journalist, steven sotloff. a spokeswoman for the national security council now says intelligence teams are working to confirm definitively whether
12:48 pm
the video is authentic. jennifer griffin at the pentagon this afternoon. what else are we hearing officials saying about this video, jennifer? >> reporter: we just received the statement from the white house national security council spokeswoman who confirmed that u.s. officials have soon the video that purports to show the murder of steven sotloff. quote, if general win, we're appalled by the brute intentional of an innocent american journalist and we express our deepest condolences to his family and friends. we'll provide more information when it is available. >> obviously we're monitoring as best we can and our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to the so -- sotloff family who has encured incredible hardship and suffering just by virtue of his captivity and being held hostage. >> isis is releasing these videos to try to scare the british and others from joining a military coalition to fight isis in iraq and syria.
12:49 pm
>> now, catherine home, talked about this is under duress about the fact reminds he does mention u.s. airstrikes in iraq. >> absolutely. this apure propaganda video. the new execution video opens with a sound bite from president obama saying the u.s. will continue to do what we must do too protect our people. the sotloff video shows just how badly u.s. airstrikes in iraq are hurting isis. sotloff is force by his captors to address president obama correctly, quote, remember a time when you could not win an election without promising to bring our troops home from iraq, afghanistan, and close down guantanamo. here you are now, obama, sotloff says, near the end of your term and having achieved none of the above. deceiving his marching us, the american people, into a blazing fire. u.s. war planes flew cover for iraqi troops this weekend as the forces pushed isis out of the
12:50 pm
town on amerli two hours north of baghdad. isis fighters are reportly furious the u.s. fighter jets and drones helped the iraqi militaries and the kurds retake the mosul dam. in fact isis is still trying to get the dam back, shepard. >> jennifer griffin at the pentagon. thank you. a u.s. air strike may have killed the head of an al qaeda linked terror group, behind attacks including an assault on a shopping mall in kenya. the pentagon spokesman says the investigators working to confirm whether the leader of al-shabaab has died. the pentagon reports the airstrike hit a village south of somalia's capital. last year in kenya investigators say al-shabaab gunmen stormed the shopping mall, tossing grenades and opening fire, killing at least 67 people. police say they're on the lookout now for some teenageré with criminal records after they broke out of a detention center
12:51 pm
last night. details on the search and how one of the teen's aunts helped the cops. that's next. we know we're not the center of your life, but we'll do our best to help you connect to what is.
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comcast business built for business. eight teenagers on the loose after they and a bunch of other busted out of a detention center in nashville. a state government spokesman says it happened 11 last night local time just at some of the guards were changing shifts. he says 30 teenagers overwhelmed staffers before the slipped out into a yard and crawled under part of a chain-link fence. he adds that police have since caught most of the teens in the neighborhoods around the facilitiment one teenager reportedly walked 11-miles to his aunt's house but she brought him back to the detention center. that spokesman says most of the
12:55 pm
teenagers there have committed at least three felonies. lea is here. >> i spoke with the department of tennessee child services official who says he doesn't convicted of murder. the typical offenses that land juveniles in this facility include drug-related charges, burglary and theft. we have some pictures, and these are considered juveniles because they're between the ages of 14 and 18. you can see that the eight at large are definitely not kids. now, according to the official the teens are not locked in their rooms at night but locked inside the building. he says if the teens overwhelm the 16 to 18 staff members on duty, then kicked out metal paneling under windows to escape into the yard. the perimeter fence is designed to be impossible to climb but the teens were able to lift it up and climb underneath. so now investigators are looking at surveillance videos, trying to piece together what happened. it's worth noting there are 78 teens assigned to this facility.
12:56 pm
so 40% of them escaped last night. >> they'll be back soon. thank you. we'll check the final numbers on wall street and look ahead to the top of the hour and the top of the news right after this.
12:57 pm
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12:59 pm
on this day in 1944 george h.w. bush parachuted out of a damaged plane during battle in world war ii. japan just shot down his torpedo bomber over the pacific. the navy reports he floated on a raft for hours being being rescued. this days he freefalls for fun in june he celebrated his 90th 90th birthday with a jump, but a skydive saved the life of a futurer commander in chief and=v it happened 70 years ago today. wow. mr. president, if you're watching, hope you get to do it again. the dow had a rough day today and a loss leader, home depot, and here's why.
1:00 pm
we got word that a bunch of shoppers credit cards are now for sale online. another hack job. home depot responsibilitying and they're down 2.5 on the session. the top of the hour means the top of the news right now. >> last week a mother pleading for her son's life. now shirley shot love is privately grieving as she awaits confirmation of her son's death. welcome everybody, i'm neil cavuto. isis just releasing the video. catherine home, has seen and it has more on it. >> the new video is called, a second message to america, and as you mentioned it purports to show the execution of journalist steven sotloff. a masked terrorist knife in hand stands next to him and the video ends with a horrific image of a head placed on top of the bloody body. while the intelligence community analyzes the tape the white house offered