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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 2, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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here's pictures of me and jasper. that's his friends grady. send your dvr so you never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" is up next. we'll see you tomorrow. this is a fox news alert. i'm bare baron washington. another brutal video unveiled by the terrorist army isis. this one purporting to show the beheading of a second american journalist. the murder of steven sotloff. there's dangerous challenges. isis terrorists in iraq and syria, along with that country's civil war. al qaeda terrorists in somalia, the dissolution of any semblance of order in libya and the
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russian incursion into ukraine. we have fox team coverage. ed henry is traveling with the president. he's in estonia as vladimir putin boasts he can take ukraine's capital in two weeks. jennifer griffin in somalia. brit hume with leaders on foreign policy. and another example of isis savagery with catherine harris. >> reporter: steven sotloff's family seemed to be bracing itself for the worst news tonight a spokesman said they are aware of the video and grieving in private. the new video called a second message to america purports to show the execution of journalist steven sotloff, a masked terrorist knife in hand stands next to him and the video end with a horrific image of a head placed on top of a bloody body. the intelligence community analyzes the video the white
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house offered condolences but no confirmation that it's genuine. >> i'm not in a position to confirm the authenticity. our prayers are with mr. sotloff and his family. >> reporter: two weeks ago isis threatened to kill sotloff. if the u.s. continued air strikes against islamic state targets in iraq. another hostage believed to be british is shown at the end of this latest video and there is a warning from the executioner to those joining a u.s.-led coalition against isis, quote, our knife will continue to strike the next of your people. the apparent execution of two americans at the hands of islamic extremists seem to give more credence to complaints from capitol hill that the president is too cautious. a state department was asked whether it amounts to an act of war. >> i'm not going to again put labels on it. it's clear we're concerned about the threat of isil to western interests, to interests in the region.
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>> reporter: earlier a former pentagon official told fox news the detailed and specific intelligence about the rise of isis was included in the president's daily brief, also known as the pdb for at least a year before the group took large swaths of territory in june. the official said the data was strong adding a policymaker such as the president who often takes his brief electronically could only conclude the situation was getting bad. the state department denied the claim. >> we talked about isil for many months. as i said before we were very close to monitoring and tracking their progress, their growth, their development, well before they rolled into mosul. so this is not an organization that we haven't been watching. >> reporter: whether the administration delayed acting on the foley rescue as first reported by the "sunday times" of london, the former pentagon official said a heavily compound
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was identified and believed to be holding foley and other captives but the white house was hesitant in asking for more terms. we've had confirmation from the white house that the president has been briefed on the latest execution video from isis before heading overseas. >> more on this beheading at the bottom of the hour. we're still waiting for word on what was killed in last night's u.s. air strike against an al qaeda linked terror group in somalia. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is following development from the pentagon tonight. >> reporter: pentagon officials are still awaiting evidence of chatter by al shabaab itself that last night's air strikes were successful. u.s. officials cannot confirm the u.s. strike in somalia killed the head of al shabaab but the pentagon confirmed he was the target. >> this operation was a direct strike against the al shabaab network, specifically the group's leader.
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we are still assessing the results of the operation. >> reporter: an operation carried out by airborne u.s. special operators, predator drones and manned aircraft that assisted with the targeting. u.s. hell fire missiles rained down on an vehicle and encampment used by al shabaab. last year they claimed responsibility for the attack on the west gate mall in nairobi, kenya. following that attack, the u.s. sent a team of uniformed military advisers to mogadishu. defenders of the president say this kind of stealth operation using u.s. military advisors and targeted drone strikes is the military counterterrorism strategy that president obama will be remembered for. >> absolutely there's a strategy for our approach to the middle east. >> a series of persistent targeted efforts to dismantle specific networks of violent
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extremists that threaten america. >> reporter: compared to president bush, peter beinart said with rare exceptions obama only --slamist celebrated in tripoli weeks after the u.s. ambassador and embassy personnel were forced to abandon libya as islamist militia fought for control of the capital. no u.s. personnel were threatened and no u.s. war planes were sent to protect the compound. meanwhile the president has authorized the pentagon to open a second drone base in niger. >> jennifer griffin of the pentagon, thank you. for the second time this year president obama is traveling to russia's backyard to assure nervous nations of america's
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iron clad commitment to their security. chief white house correspondent ed henry is traveling with the president coming to us from estonia. >> reporter: a quick stop here on a way to a nato summit where leaders are expected to support a rapid response team to eastern europe to deal with russian aggression. russian officials fired back saying they will adjust their own military strategy that this war of words could become an actual hot war. >> nato has played a leading role and produced ample evidence to indicate that russia has intervened in ways that grossly violate the integrity of the. independent nation of ukraine and that's something that the united states along with all of our international partners stands four square against. >> reporter: it's no accident that on his way to a nato summit president obama is first spending the night in estonia, just over 100 miles from russia's border.
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white house officials added this stop to send a message to russian president vladimir putin, that the u.s. will stand up for tiny nato allies like estonia that could be in russia's cross-hairs next. days after the president's latest warning to putin about moves into ukraine. >> russia is responsible for the violence in eastern ukraine. the violence is encouraged by russia, the separatists are trained by russia, they are armed by russia, they are funded by russia. president putin and russia have repeatedly passed by potential off-ramps to resolve this diplomatally. >> reporter: unlike estonia, ukraine is not a member of nato that would enjoy the article 5 protection of military support from u.s. and other member nations and thus far sanctions have done little to stop putin's aggression. >> i think putin thinks he holds the high cards. i think he'll continue to press until he meets opposition.
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>> reporter: that opposition is expected to be hammered out at the nato summit in wales later this week. putin will not be there since russia is not a member of nato and there's little diplomatic progress since his last face to face meeting with mr. obama in france. there are now reports that putin told the president of the european commission in a phone call if i want i can take kiev in two weeks. put unaides are down playing the remark but not denying it sneepd henry live early wednesday morning in estonia. what does this turmoil around the world and in some cases chaos mean for president obama. senior political analyst brit hume is here with some thoughts. welcome back. >> nice to see you. one way the obama administration and its defenders have warded off calls for more aggressive action in this messy and dangerous world is by defining enemies as narrowly as possible. thus al qaeda became not a
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growing extremist movement but a much smaller entity known as core al qaeda. once osama bin laden had been killed al qaeda was considered basically defeated or decimated. al qaeda offshoots and affiliates might be attacked with an occasional drone strike but were treated as secondary threats. the president's dismissal of isis formerly known as al qaeda as a junior varsity operation is the best example. you can hear echos of same thinking of the president's defenders hesitancy to act. even in ukraine sending weapon resisting that the bite putin is taking out of ukraine is no threat to the homeland. syria is defend on the same basis. the president is determined not to do anything stupid by about these current crises. by stupid he means waging war. his backers cite polls showing the public doesn't think much of
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war. which raises this question. with the commander-in-chief down playing the threats why would people think anything else? >> what about the political power of this image of steven sotloff being beheaded just like james foley. what does that mean here in the u.s. >> the american samuel alito sleepi -- >> the american military is a sleeping giant and so is the american public and conflict of war. isis might get propaganda points out of these hideous atrocities. but i think the risk isis takes by doing these things and publicizing them in this way it might awaken the sleeping giant. united states military it will take a while, be costly could wipe out isis. it's not going to happen unless
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the public becomes aroused. they kind of atrocities might have that effect. >> up next another broken promise from obama might mean for the november election. here's what our fox affiliates are covering. fox 17 in nashville where authorities are looking for nine of the 32 teens who escaped from a youth detention center last night. the others have been recaptured. many of the teens have multiple felony convictions. fox 29 in west palm beach, florida a flight was diverted to jacksonville because of an unruly passenger. witnesses say a woman was trying to sleep on a tray table and then was struck in the head when the passenger in front of her tried to recline her seat. and this is a live look at detroit from fox 2 our affiliate there. the big story there tonight is the start of the city's bankruptcy trial. the stipulate's lawyer said progress has been made but city is still in distress. detroit wants to cut $12 billion
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senior officials with the department of homeland security insist a error aling there's 6,000 missing foreign students in the country is inaccurate. they say the department knows where those people are, the
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officials tells fox news the students were flagged for possible criminal activity or visa overstay. the story cite ad senior u.s. official saying some of those students could be in the country to do us harm. we pressed officials for specific details about what exactly the government knows about the whereabouts of those foreign students. but did not receive any specifics. president obama may not reach his goal of taking action on immigration in the near future. chief congressional correspondent mike emmanuel said many people on both sides of the aisle is linking that to mid-term politics. >> reporter: after promising in june that he would act on immigration by the end of summer, president obama will hold off until after the mid-term election. josh earnest said politics isn't the top priority. >> the president's schedule indicates some desire to support
3:18 pm
senate democrats, house democrats and democratic candidates up and down the ballot in the elections in the fall. >> reporter: it was the president last thursday who hinted at the possibility of a delay. >> some of these things do affect timelines and we'll be working through as systematically as possible in order to get this done. have no doubt, in the absence of congressional action, i'm going to do what i can to make sure the system works better. >> reporter: at risk 2014 senate democrats pushed back against mr. obama taking executive action. kay haggen said this is an issue that should be addressed legislatively. and in new hampshire, republican scott brown is using this issue to go on offense. >> thanks to the pro-am nesty policies of president obama and senator shaheen we have an immigration crisis on our hands. >> reporter: other republicans say the president's time
3:19 pm
cigarette all about politics. >> he's undercutting congressional authority, and he is breeding enormous distrust on the other side. if we make a deal with him he won't keep a deal. president is wise to pull back. he's doing it for short term tactical reasons. >> reporter: there's a risk of backlash from latino groups. however with small hispanic populations in many states with senate races the bigger risk would be taking action in 60 days before an election. >> thank you. stocks were mixed today. dow lost 31, s&p 500 was down one, the nasdaq gained 18. still ahead, hayes, stooder and charles krauthammer on the president's problems. first the most expensive campaign in the country this fall could go a long way towards deciding who runs the senate. and tea parties. i'll have more awkward conversations than i'm equipped for, because i'm raising two girls on my own.
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>> labor day is the traditional start of the campaign sign the u.s. so tonight we bring you a story about one of the most high-profile races for november. chief political correspondent carl cameron on the not so civil war over a senate seat in the blue grass state. >> reporter: to block republicans from winning the senate majority and prevents him
3:24 pm
from becoming its leader democrats are doing everything they can to prevents five term senator mitch mcconnell. >> it begins this november. >> reporter: voters are angry at washington and mcconnell is not that popular but president obama and his agenda are unpopular in this red state. democratic rival kentucky secretary of state allison grimes is the daughter of the state's former two term democratic party chairman, from the out set she's distanced herself from president obama. >> i am not an empty dress, i am not a rubber stamp and i am not a cheerleader. >> reporter: she does lend her voice to the democrats charge that gop social policy amounts to a war on woman. >> i think mitch mcconnell's failed record when it comes to women speaks for itself. voting against violence against women act. >> a couple polls show me running with women. >> reporter: grimes have been criticized for not denouncing a
3:25 pm
fellow democrat for groping female campaigners. >> grimes is renting a tour bus from her father's company for less than fair market value. >> questions swirling whether her campaign gets an illegal sweetheart deal. >> reporter: mcconnell launched that attack over the friday. his campaign manager stepped aside after his name surfaced in an investigation to rand paul. the gop leader has never wavered in his purpose blocking the obama agenda and says if he truns senate that won't change. >> we'll use the power of the purse to challenge him. he can veto the bills and that produce a discussion about compromise. >> reporter: it's already the most expensive race in the country. tens of millions of dollars have
3:26 pm
already been spent and by election day it could shatter spending records. >> tom cameron in kentucky. a missionary organization in liberia says another american doctor has become infected with ebola. he was treating object obstetric patients and not working in the ebola isolation unit. how he contracted the virus is not known. today the head of the cdc reported on his recent trip to the hot zone and says things are worse than he expected. >> i could not possibly overstate the need for an urgent response, an urgent response to get more patients into care, more work getting done in the communities, safer barriers, all of these things will begin to get this outbreak under control. >> the international group doctors without borders is warning that the world is losing the battle with ebola.
3:27 pm
the fbi says it's looking into the nude photo hacking of well-known entertainment personalities. it has to do with the removal remote data storage system called the cloud and could mean trouble for few. our correspondent tells us what happened. >> reporter: a picture is worth a thousand words but a naked picture of jennifer lawrence is worth a lot more to computer hackers who earned bragging rights by stealing celebrities private information and posting it online. the fbi is investigating the breach of 100 hollywood stars icloud accounts not for financial information but compromising photos. victims include kirsten dunst. >> this is the first leaking of celebrities of this magnitude. it's a wake up call. if you're going to have something on your digital life
3:28 pm
that you're embarrassed about, spend the money. >> reporter: today apple said there was no breach of their infrastructure. instead like a criminal cracks a safe by trying different combinations, hackers identified celebrity passwords and security questions to get into icloud accounts. >> most people do assume their computers are secure. they got an account with a password and nothing to worry about. unfortunately that's not the case. >> reporter: the takeaway nude tos automatically upload to the cloud as soon as you connect to a wireless network. so they are not only on their phone. photos deleted on a phone is not deleted in the cloud. not a big deal unless your image is worth millions. >> william, thank you. isis terrorists murder another american journalist. we'll talk with our panel. be sure to check out tonight's grapevine including your tax money to discover something interesting. go to my blog at the
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this is a fox news alert. isis terrorists have posted another video this time showing the murder of another journalist. this time it was freelance writer steven sotloff and it came with an ominous message for president obama and america. chief washington correspondent james rosen is at the state department with reaction. >> reporter: different branches of the u.s. intelligence community are working tonight to try to authenticate this video which ended with another vow from isis to continue placing knives at the next of americans and other westerners. analysts are scrutinizing the images for clues to the identity of the executioner and his location and to pinpoint the timing of the act. isis had threatened to kill sotloff when they released a similar video last month showing the beheading of james foley if u.s. forces continued their air strikes against isis in iraq which they did.
3:34 pm
a state department spokesperson called the images sickening but couldn't promise that isis would be history by the time president obama leaves office. >> destroying isil is the goal not just the united states but many countries around the world have. but i'm not in a position to put a deadline or timeline on it. we want to do it as quickly as possible but we're not naive about their capability, about the growth of their support, about their efforts around the world. >> reporter: republican senator lindsey graham of south carolina a frequent critic of the obama administration tweeted our hearts and prayers go out to the family of mr. sotloff and all those who have suffered under isil's barbaric behavior. however, condemnation is not enough to deal with this scourge. it is time we act decisively against isil. mr. president, if you can't come up with a strategy at least tell us what the goal is regarding isil. the president said he was just briefed about this video before air force one took off for
3:35 pm
estonia. >> james, thank you. as james mentioned that video is circulating around. we're only going to show a still of it. right before that action happens in that video the executioner who sounds like the same executioner of james foley weeks ago says this. i ambac obama and back because of your arrogant foreign policy towards the islamic state because of your insist tens in continuing your bombings despite our serious warnings. so just as your missiles continue to strike our people, our knife will continue to strike the next of your people. let's bring in our panel a little early tonight. steve hayes. a.b. stoddard. and charles krauthammer. charles? >> well, this is an open challenge to the united states and to obama, and he hasn't begun to rise to the occasion when the first beheading happened he made a speech and then he went off and played golf. there's a kind of inertia, a
3:36 pm
passivity, almost a defeatism in his response and you heard it from the state department's spokesman. his default is to talk about allies, to talk about standing with our partners. if he's working on a coalition that's wonderful. but the fact is a coalition will not create itself. it only creates itself behind the united states. that was the lesson of the gulf war. it's the lesson of all of all of our involvement. i hope he's working on it. he done have to strike tomorrow pep there's no indication to create a strarjs to create a campaign where we supply the air power and others are supplying the manpower on the ground. that's the only answer that would work. the way obama and state department is talk about it who knows if they will succeed. obama and the administration is building up isis even beyond what obama is doing in his own
3:37 pm
propaganda. it's not a good first step in confronting them. >> a.b. we just heard from james but he had an interesting exchange with the state democratic spokesperson today about the terminology here. >> does the obama administration consider this an act of war? >> we certainly -- i'm not going to put labels on it, james. i would say we certainly consider this act, this reported act, the act of the killing of james foley as a horrific terrorist act that we certainly have, has helped -- has not helped to i should say -- has been one of the motivating factors in the effort to undergo the creation of international coalition to address this threat. >> james pressed against about the war terminology now two american journalists beheaded and she wouldn't go down that
3:38 pm
road saying it's semantics about a name. >> as brit pointed out on your show, the administration has made a habit of labels. so they are very caught up in labels even though president obama as we know earlier this year basically said that isis was a bunch of rag tag jv terrorists that weren't going to amount to much even if they were wearing the proper jersey. now we learn that he's been receiving information increasingly disturbing evidence and intelligence in his presidential daily briefing at that point going back to september when he called them jv. you can see this reluctance over and over again to use terminology or adjectives.
3:39 pm
the president continues to back off. the concern now is that the alarm level has been so raised among the american people, they want to know what this isis is and what's going to be done about it. while there isn't a necessary mandate to come up with what is the strategy, he needs to talk about the dangers of isis even if he doesn't tell the american public exactly what we'll do about it and he hasn't done that yet. >> on that presidental daily brief if it goes back more than a year, very specific, granular detail about isis and how it is gaining strength and getting more powerful what does that say, steve? >> the president sees what he wants to see, information he's provided. both of his presidential daily briefings that he's been given prior but also true in the public hearings of our top officials. you heard repeated warnings
3:40 pm
about isis and the situation in syria, al qaeda in iraq and growing strengths and threat they presented. she makes the claim they are not tonight about the intentions of isis but they are naive about the capabilities and intentions of isis. if you remember back as isis was storming mosul, marie harp, the deputy state department said that we would be sending some counterterrorism advisers to iraq later this summer. there's never been any urgency about this whether you were talking earlier this summer or at the beginning of the administration. when the president said last week we have no strategy yet for isis, he might have well said the same thing about al qaeda and the broader war on terror. >> in another speech, may of last year, charles, which the president at national defense university laid out his overall strategy about terrorism. take a listen. >> we must define our effort not as a boundless global war on
3:41 pm
terror, but rather as a series of persistent targeted efforts to dismantle specific networks of violent extremists that threaten america. that's the current threat. lethal yet less capable al qaeda affiliates, threats to diplomatic facilities and businesses abroad, home grown extremists. this is the future of terrorism. we have to take these threats seriously and do all that we can to confront them. >> charles? >> that's the image of a man in denial on the verge of delusion. this is a man who narrowly redefining the threat, essentially saying a drone strike here and a drone strike there and that's all that we have to do. the global war on terror he declared to be over or exaggeration or something intolerable in which he said the tide of war is receding.
3:42 pm
here's a man who comes into office and denies the existence of global war on terror and we see an attack in somalia from al shabaab, boko haram in nigeria. establishment of a base today in niger as a way combat jihadist in mali. taking over of the american compound in libya by jihadists and islamists and what's happening in yemen and i leave out the obvious events in syria and iraq. it's every where. obama persists in calling them extremists as if they are extremists for what reason, they are just very upset about a lot of stuff. he will not call it by its tame, islamic radicalism. we won't concede it's a worldwide wochlt. he won't concede what he's done for these five years underestimating, underplaying and not explaining to the american people the necessity of
3:43 pm
carrying it out has now begun to bear fruit every where in the world as america's position is collapsing. >> a.b., a lot of people point to the contrast between what the president has said about all of this and what prime minister david cameron said last week about moving out of this extremist ideology. do you sense that when the president is meeting with these nato members there's this real effort to get a coalition so he cannot be the u.s. alone dealing with this? >> i think he's definitely looking to expand the coalition of the willing beyond some shi'ite militias, the kurds and us and the iraqi defense forces. but what's interesting about the strength of the statements of prime minister david cameron is that i think it's along with -- again this execution of steve sotloff going to pressure president obama once he's at the nato summit to actually come up with a stronger statement and
3:44 pm
stronger rhetoric. i would mention democrats are also coming way off the record now out in public criticizing his cautious approach not only diane feinstein. but the wilson center said he's got to say and do more. he got on a plane and didn't say anything about sotloff's death. there's going to be more pressure for him to say something. >> diane feinstein went so far to say they are not jv. >> you can get a coalition but if they don't do anything the coalition doesn't matter. what's striking about the current situation is if you go back to the may 2012 time frame, a year after osama bin laden was killed, six months before the presidential election you had not only john brennan the president's top counterterrorism adviser, leon panetta and president obama himself say the goal of eliminating al qaeda was within reach.
3:45 pm
that it would happen within years. that it was imminent. that was so far wrong it's hard to imagine that they could have said anything more wrongheaded. >> there are people hoping for al qaeda now looking at what isis is doing and terrorist armies it's been dealing with. >> part of that explains the reaction in public opinion and as reflected even in how the democrats are criticizing the president. ate word we don't often use. but there's a sense of dishonor here. the world in the words of our secretary of defense is exploding all over the place and america thunder president has gone into hiding. that's shameful and i think americans have that sense. and they want america to stand up and at least express itself in moral terms the way reagan did, bush did, bush one and two and here's a president who says nothing and as of yet has done nothing. >> next up, is the president on politics going to punt on
3:46 pm
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if we can't offer faster speeds or save you money we'll give you $150. comcast business built for business. have no doubt in the absence of congressional action i'm going to too what i can to make -- to do what can to make sure it works better. >> needless to say, i want to see those democrats re-elected. i also --not because i'm just a hispanic -- i feel the president should move with an executive order to halt deportations or reduce them. >> i think the president is wise to pull back. he's clearly doing it for short-term tactical reasons. i think if he wants a bill before the end of his presidency, he won't act unilaterally. he'll work with congress. he hasn't done that so far. >> the white house press
3:51 pm
secretary vague on the timing of action by the president today. it's believed that the white house will hold off on any executive order until after the midterm elections. why? because of vulnerable democrat in some senate races including kay hagan, mark prier, mary landrieu, and mark begich who have weighed in. >> they got through to the white house, and the white house has changed its mind on whether or not this was going to be a real boon to get out the latino vote for democrats in this election. it turned out it might have helped senator udall in colorado. but that would not have made up for -- it would have been overwhelmed by the backlash that it would have produced. you know, if there was border criesise that we know president obama had ignore -- crisis that we know president obama had ignored for two years, if there was no isis, this might be something that energized democrats. people who support comprehensive
3:52 pm
immigration reform don't like after the border crisis how out of control it got, the idea of the president going over the congress. we're talking about a global threat to national security, and he's talking about picking a giant political fight? they basically relaid it was going to be political suicide, and they listened. >> let's quickly tick through the real clear politics average polls in states. the key ones. north carolina first. kay hagan trailing by a point in the latest rcp average there. you have alaska, you have a five-point lead or a little bit less for the incumbent, mark begich. new hampshire, jeanne shaheen over mark brown. that's not definitive. primary november 9th. a lot of people putting him on the comparison. colorado, as a.b. mentioned, udall ahead barely. that could turn on hispanic vote. really the only state in this list that could. arkansas, cotton up a little
3:53 pm
less than two. and louisiana, you see cassidy up one over incumbent mary landrieu. okay, steve? >> i wouldn't be surprised at some of -- if some of the private polling republicans have is more favorable to republicans. depends how you screen. but having said that, look, i think there's no question that -- what the president did he did because of politics. and when he stands up in front of the country and says, have no doubt i will act soon, every time he says, "have no doubt," i'm inclined to have quite a few doubts. >> have doubt? >> have a dputs, right. in -- doubts, right. in effect he said he was going to act soon and politics weren't going to be at play. we now know he's probably not going act soon, and that the politics is the reason. >> look, i think a.b. is right that the losses the democrats would incur if obama were to act unilaterally would overwhelm the gains he would make in a few states. >> because of independent who's are polled against this -- independents who are polled against this. >> right, a, because of the
3:54 pm
policy, and b, it would enormously energize conservatives and others who simply have respect for the constitution. it would be the most egregious way for him to usurp the powers of congress, legalizing millions of illegal aliens that everybody understands is the job of congress and not of the president added on to all the other raids on the prerogatives of the other branches. so i think this imperial presidency idea would hurt him, as well as people who would object on the basis of the policy. >> i think it would look irresponsible in light of our national security issue. but in the case of the shaheen/brown race, brown was down by 12 and started attacking jeanne shaheen, the incumbent, on this issue and closed the issue. they had -- closed the gap. they had evidence that it was going to harm the candidates. >> of the states, colorado being the only one in the list where maybe moves the needle the other way? >> no question. i think that's exactly right.
3:55 pm
look, republicans should pound democrats on this issue. the president made clear what he intends to do eventually. the question is whether democratic candidates would support him when he does it. >> the crisis at the border shifted radically. public opinion on this. it was a slam-dunk, democratic issue. it isn't anymore. >> that's it for the panel. stay tuned for an uplifting story. how about that? after a difficult news day.
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finally, we wanted to end tonight's show a positive note after a rough news day. frankly, a rough news week or couple of weeks. the this is about a group of volunteers giving back to our nation's heroes. sergeant alex hayworth was severely injured in a suicide bombing while serving in afghanistan in 2012. he suffered broken limb, hearing loss, and brain damage. now some total strangers are showing their gratitude by building hayworth and his family a brand new home in ohio. >> it was hard and dealing with injuries. you know, we were in a situation where we were facing not having a home. and we were lucky enough that these groups stepped in to help us. >> they serve our country, and we feel that this is one way we can give back to them. >> we loner the dead by helping the -- honor the dead by helping the living. >> it's all volunteers, all donated time and materials. >> it's a surreal feeling to see people you never met a day in
4:00 pm
your life donate their time and money and resources to give you something that they probably don't even have. it will be a place that we make memories for the rest of our life. >> something positive. thanks, everybody, for inviting us into your home tonight. that's your report, fair, balanced, and unafraid. this fox news alert -- isis, a bunch of savages. apparently executing a second me american, a journalist, by cutting off his head. today posting a horrific video on line. they claim it is an american. this comes two weeks after isis beheaded james foley. and days after the journalist's mother made a plea for mercy on her son. they showed none. for the latest, katherine herod joins us. >> thank you, i have seen the video, it runs about two minutes and 45 seconds. it begins with