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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 3, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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mexico to speed up sergeant tahmooressi's case or stay out of it vote in our gretawire poll. up next, the reporting live factor. make sure you go to gretawire and vote in that poll. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> we know that we are joined by the international community we can continue to shrink isil's sphere of influence. >> once again, president obama depending on the international community to fight terrorists who are killing americans. tonight, a very tough talking point on the folly of that strategy. >> every time there is a drone strike that's the best recruiting tool for al qaeda. >> the far left on the run. for years they have opposed confronting the terror threat. now there is confusion in the liberal ranks. we have a special report. >> good on you. mr. o'reilly for coming back
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unless, of course, you are furious about something else. >> also ahead, once again jon stewart distorting my analysis. this time on the racial situation in ferguson, missouri. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. what president obama should do with isis and putin. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. the isis terror nazis have murdered a second american. journalist stephan sotlov as with james folly two weeks ago they posted the beheading on the net for the entire world to see. proving once again that muslim terrorists are as barbaric as the third like ever was. reich ever was.
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declared war on the u.s. so president obama and congress should declare war on them. and other muslim terror groups. america has declared war 11 times in its history the last being world war ii. congress must pass the war resolution. the president must then sign it. so let's get going, people. if president obama does not, does not formally declare war on muslim terrorism, he is doing all americans a great disservice. we need a send a powerful message to the world and stop the nonsense. you simply cannot have a group of people murdering americans for political reasons. that is an act of war, period. once war is declared you fight it smart. no need to occupy countries as we did in iraq and afghanistan. you hit the terrorists in all kinds of ways. the declaration just means the world knows we mean business. talking points hopes president obama will stop his confused posture, his
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stammering, stuttering. his statement last week he still does not have a strategy to defeat isis speaks for itself. an isis strategy should have been in place months ago. there is no question that mr. obama does not want to wage war. he wants to punt, to deflect the attack of americans on to the international community. >> we know that if we are joined by the international community we can continue to shrink isil's sphere of influence, its effectiveness, its financing, its military capabilities to the point where it is a manageable problem. and the question is going to be making sure we have got the right strategy but also making sure that we have got the international will to do it. >> that statement is irresponsible. the president was elected to protect america and americans. the international community
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has nothing to do with that. now, if mr. obama can can rally the civilized world to help us, great. but you don't refuse to take protective action because places like italy and india won't join in. it is long past time for all americans to demand that their president protect them. it's that simple. teddy roosevelt's basic philosophy was speak softly and carry a big stick. with the obama administration we basically have speak incessantly and carry nothing. >> as a nation we're united and when people harm americans, we don't retreat. we don't forget. we take care of those who are grieving and when that's finished, they should know we will follow them to the gates of hell until they are brought to justice. [ applause ] because hell is where they will reside. hell is where they will reside.
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>> i'm sure that has isis quaking. despite the dangerous chaos overseas some on the left continue to give the president cover. "new york times" columnist thomas freidman usually a level-headed guy wrote today that isis is not, not a threat to the american homeland. amazing. what is mr. freidman talking about? these people have sworn to kill americans anywhere in the world. is that not a threat? freidman also says that president obama should not overreact and that's the liberal line. that president bush overreacted in iraq and hurt the nation. the other liberal line is we can't antagonize the terrorists. >> every time there is a drone strike that's the best recruiting tool for al qaeda. this guarantees the cycle of violence will go on. >> every time we kill the number one person, there is another number one person. you are creating more terrorists. >> every time you kill an innocent family then almost all of the young men at least in that family is
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going to be aroused with absolute and total hatred of america and a desire for vep general's. >> now, all americans should absolutely understand two things. number one, muslim terrorism preaches that murdering americans is good. and number two, that president obama has been far too passive in the face of grave threats to the nation and that brings us to the russian villain putin. his troops have now invaded ukraine. this after russia seized the crimea. once again president obama is calling for international consensus to deal with putin. once again the president is not leading the effort to stop the russian tyrant. is he waiting, taking meetings, considering. it's worth noting that 7 a years ago this week adolf hitler invaded poland starting with world war ii. putin is using the hitler playbook moving forces. putin knew he was weak and do whatever he wanted to do. putin realizes the same
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thing europe is weak. president obama has no stomach for confrontation. talking points understands you can't confront russia militarily over ukraine. but you can certainly arm the ukrainians. and mr. obama refuses to do that. also, the u.s.a. should begin moving missiles into nato countries as a warning. and finally as talking points said months ago the american banking system should refuse to accept any credit card receipts from russia. that would break the russian economy. when you think about it, president obama seems to be intimidated by putin. mr. obama also seems to be confused about how international terrorism can destabilize the entire world. it's obvious the president has not thought these things through. has no strategy to confront them and is putting america in danger. or am i wrong? and that's the memo. next on the rundown, reaction from monica crowley and juan williams. later, we will hear from karl rove, rosen and
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cammeron, dennis miller on the overseas threat. factor is coming right back.
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sweating, extreme drowsiness, dizziness, or confusion. (male announcer) today's the day to ask your doctor about levemir® flextouch. covered by nearly all health insurance and medicare plans. in the impact segment tonight we continue with how president obama is continue to handle threat to america monica crowley and juan williams both fox news analysts. juan, where am i going wrong here? >> first thing i don't see any evidence that the president is afraid of putin or isis. i mean, the complaint about president obama is that he is too calm in the face of the th from these two and that he is acting with restraint when people would prefer to hear him use some harsh rhetoric of the type that's been employed by chancellor
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merkel. when you look at the relate of isis you say is there any proof that they have the capability a tack the united states at this point? no. even the king of saudi arabia said recently oh if you give them time they will be in europe in a month. they will be in the united states in two months. nobody thinks that they are a direct as you said grave threat to the united states at this moment. >> you know i'm a simple man. do you think president clinton and president bush thought al qaeda was a threat to attack the united states, juan? do you think they did? >> well, i know that president bush did because they attacked us on 9/11. >> no, no, no. he didn't know. he was surprised when they told him and you remember the scene in the classroom. president clinton and president bush both didn't think that al qaeda was going to attack the homeland. that just blows your theory right out of the water. >> no. >> these guys, isis, if they have the opportunity and certainly with the thousands of them included they could get the opportunity with southen border. to discount this as freidman did and you are doing. i think is folly you think.
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we will get back to you. >> first of all they have declared war against the united states they have beheaded two american citizens. >> we know all of that show what should we do about it. >> a couple things the united states should do talking about presidential leadership. words matter but actions matter more so far this president hasn't given either one. he hasn't acted strongfully in terms it of his rhetoric or his action. what you do first of all he talks about the international community which does not exist. that requires presidential leadership for global action. number one, number two, he has got to -- you can do this from the air but only in a limited way. you need some ground power so you need a sustained bombing campaign but you also need forces on the ground. >> he has 1300 special forces now including some marines in iraq. he is doing the bare minimum, juan. that's what bothers me. you have saw he is not intimidated by putin? are you kidding me in the sanctions that they slapped on putin in the beginning were laughable. it was a joke. everybody knew it and the world was a joke. i put this out four months ago, don't take any of their
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credit card receipts. master card, voice, is a american express. is that complicated, juan? is it? that breaks their economy. why wouldn't he do it, juan? why wouldn't he do that? >> that's a great idea and, in fact, the administration has been taking steps. >> what steps? >> as part of the sanctions movement. >> no, no. there is no question here. the only issue is that we also have to move in concert with the europeans and they are worried about some of their economic issues let's nickname juan neville. oh, no. peace in our time. come on. >> a minute ago bill o'reilly said the united states is already bombing isis, right? we are already bombing them. >> not inside syria where their headquarters is, no. >> surveillance over syria. the congress, which wouldn't even approve of bombing syria has not declared anything. >> i want you to watch this as -- we already have surveillance.
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oh. i didn't put forth. >> come on act -- almost said it. almost said it you bomb them, juan, wherever they are. whatever they are. drop the bombs on them. is that clear enough? now, you were meally mouth. i gave you a chance -- look, you have to say -- you have to take into account that we suffered gravely here with iraq and afghanistan we really suffered. this nation suffered. you don't run in crazy but you make a statement. >> nobody is saying that nobody is arguing for that. >> i'm not getting what you would do. >> first of all, this president has been briefed on isis for over a year. >> what would you do. >> he still dithered. >> what would you do. >> start with building international coalition. >> build international coalition. secondly sustained bombing campaign. arm equip and train the kurds and other folks on the ground because this president will not. >> do you know what we did?
5:16 pm
we armed and recruited iraqi army. guess where those arms are. guess where they are now. >> there are certain militias and others on the ground that you can equip. go after the head of the snake in syria, command control and communication center in syria. can't take them out without cooking that. >> you know it's going to happen soon by the way. >> it better. >> mark my words we're going to bomb those people inside syria. i want to close with juan, declaration of war on muslim terrorism, right? you are okay with that right? >> i'm with you. >> all right. good. so juan is with it. neville -- declaration of war. >> you go too far. but the fact is, bill, acting with restraint and trying to prevent a potential world war iii photo by provoking people. terrorists. >> provoking people who behead americans? you don't want to provoke them. all right. >> you love rhetoric. >> i want to be careful, juan, but i also want to send a message. let monica have the last word.
5:17 pm
>> you are transferring responsibility on to the united states when it is the terrorist's responsibility for their actions. it's not american policy in action that somehow creating these enemies were provoking them. it's their fault and hold them accountable by annihilating them. >> let's all pray that luxen borg signs off on america taking care of these people. will congress demand president obama declare war on muslim terrorists? cammeron and rosen will discuss it. later, miller on the same topic. also big scandal involving some celebrities on the net. those reports after these messages. [ male announcer ] if you're taking multiple medications, does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene. available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel,
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washington beat segment tonight. confronting terrorism. yesterday fnc state department correspondent james rosen asked this question about isis.
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>> from a sort of common sense point of view, the average american will say to himself, this group is at war with us. why does our president or ourselves not recognize that and say indeed, we are at war with this group and we will destroy them? >> well, i think first of all, james, our actions speak for our commitment to this. and this president has authorized more than 100 strikes in iraq. >> joining us now from washington ace reporters carl cameron and james rosen. was that answer suitable for you, rose%? >> well, bill, it was one of those responses that provides a clear answer to the question despite after a little more back and for the. jen psaki tells me she see no, sir utility on placing labels on terms of engagement. if you translate that means no. this administration does not regard the murders of misters foley and sotlov as
5:22 pm
acts of war. does not place its footing war footing with respect to isis. >> do you think the obama administration sees them as crimes? is that how they process it? >> we got some insight into how this administration is viewing the threat from isis from president obama's remarks in estonia this morning. is he has traveled to europe to participate in a nato summit. in just one appearance in he is stonia, the president set forth three different missions. vis-a-vis isis. at one point he said the mission is to destroy isis. at another point he spoke of wanting to roll them back and at still another point he spoke of wanting to shrink isis's sphere of influence until it is manageable problem. when i asked jen socky today in today's briefing about the apparent contradiction between wanting to destroy something and then wanting simply to reduce to a manageable problem, she accused me of trying to, quote: twist words and play word games, bill. >> with all due respect and you don't have to comment on
5:23 pm
this. that woman looks way out of her depth over there. just the way she delivers. it just doesn't look like she has the gravitas for that job. that brings us to john kerry, the secretary of state. he doesn't say very much about this. they muted him big time, did they not? >> he spoke out as well. look, the fact is and it requires no dissent into partisanship to say so is that this administration has talked a lot about isis but also given a lot of conflicting messages about it ben rhodes can tweet all he wants and josh ernest can spin all he wants from the white house podium. it's not going to change from this verbiage one sentence comes through strong and clear to the american people and echo down through the ages and that was the president's true confession of last week "we don't yet have a strategy." >> the me samplet -- -- john kerry, you just dodged, has been muted. all right? i think he is more hawkish
5:24 pm
than president obama. is that why they have shut him up? >> i wouldn't agree with the proposition that john kerry has been shut up. he spoke at some length today. >> and did he say anything of note. >> nothing as -- catching as the clip you played from vice president biden where he promised to follow isis to the gates of hell. i will say i have absurd john kerry up close as secretary of state on foreign trips sometimes his demeanor has changed to the point where he will insert into every third sentence the president has made clear, it is the president's strategy. almost as if at some point he almost got rebuked by the white house for free-lancing. i'm not saying that that actually happened but clearly there have been marked changes and times where it's clear that he has received more strong-handed guidance from the white house about the way he is putting things. but that's different from shutting him up. >> so rosen, of course, splitting hairs here basically agrees with me. all right. let's go over to cammeron.
5:25 pm
i want to play the sound bite from congressman louie gomert of texas. go. >> i think a lot of us would be willing to have a declaration of war against radical islam including al qaeda, isis, isil, all of these splinter groups. >> that's what i called for in the talking points memo. is it possible? >> probably not. gomert knows as you put in the very beginning of the show, bill, that congress very seldom declares war and hasn't done so in 60 years. >> outwardly encourage, start to debate, things like that. >> oh, that's common, for sure, absolutely. you were talking a little bit about this earlier, what gomert wants and what a lot of members of congress want is for the president to expand the air strikes outside of iraq into syria. >> which he he will. >> well, but all the mixed messages that we have had it's important to note that he was one of the guys who suggested maybe it would be helpful to get authorization of force from congress weeks ago. now comes gomert declaration
5:26 pm
of war. tim kaine of virginia has been ba jerries rational plan to so that congress can debate and authorize it mitch mcconnell of kentucky he backs authorization of using force. might not be the exact same one that perhaps cain would word. they are already on the republican side of the senate. yesterday in florida, bill nelson who happens to be on the senate armed services committee says is he going to introduce a bill in the senate when the senate gets back from the recess and house top democrat is elliott angle. he argues that technically speaking the president is absolutely required under congressional action after 60 days of air strikes he has got to come get congressional approval to continue it. that would be the invitation, that would be the opportunity to take it beyond iraq and go into syria. >> you say nelson is going to introduce something. what is it? 20 seconds? what is nelson going to introduce. >> authors for the president to continue to use force in iraq and expand it elsewhere. >> gentleman, thanks very much. plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. grievous industry furious at
5:27 pm
me the -- miller on muslim terrorism and a big celebrity internet scandal. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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personal story segment tonight, will americans finally change their opinion of the political parties. as you know, the democrats have dominated washington for the past six years but now the country is in trouble overseas and working people are not making much
5:31 pm
progress economically here at home. a new george washington university poll asks: is the country headed in the right or wrong direction. just 21% of americans believe we are headed the right way. and an astounding 70% the wrong direction. joining us now from austin, texas, republican karl rove. with numbers like that you think the republicans would dominate the midterm elections in november. that doesn't seem to be the case. >> well, we don't know yet. we do know in that same poll that you talked about from george washington university that they found that the republicans had a 4 point advantage on the so-called generic ballot. that's about where the republicans were in 2010 and 60-some odd days after that they took a big election victory. labor day is traditionally the start of the fall election and people's attitudes will begin to gel in the weeks ahead. particularly among those among swing voters. >> i have a "new york times" analysis. number one do you trust the "new york times" analysis on the senate? do you trust that? >> well, i think it's a little bit robust. but they at least come at it
5:32 pm
with intellectually defensible model. >> little bit robust? what does that mean? >> if you look at all these models they say between 60-some odd percent to 82% is the "the washington post" model. i think it probably is about a 6 out of, you know, a 60% chance for republicans take the senate. maybe a little bit better than that but, again, we are at the start of the fall campaign. the partisans are lining up. the republicans have got to slight advantage there because the republicans are more energetic and more enthusiastic. but the election will be decided as it almost inevitably is by the incident or swing voters. independent or swing voters. >> i don't understand if 70% of the american people think the country is son the wrong track and i believe that number is accurate, snrrt why don't they want to throw the rascals out across the board? you have a guy like al franken in minnesota with a 99% chance of re-election. this guy, number one, doesn't know what he is doing. number two is the highest ranking following president obama's failed policies of anybody in the senate. yet, he has a 99% chance of
5:33 pm
re-election? i don't understand what's going on here that's why i distrust these models with false sense. >> 99% chance that al franken gets reelected. he is the favorite. rarely are their things- >> -- is minnesota so crazy that they don't understand that president obama is has not done a very good job in six years and this is his primary ache light. are the voters in minnesota that dim, that dense? no, look. first of all he has done a good job of keeping a low profile this cantankerous obnoxious guy. >> most ardent of the obama senators. >> downayed that and a all of these people are particularly the last couple years the closer they get to the election the more they try to down play their attachment. >> i got it franken says he wants to do something to the isis people but it's a joke. now, in louisiana, i'm going to win the big dinner from
5:34 pm
carville. i think carville doesn't have any money so i don't know how i'm going to collect. but it looks like mary landrieu she is done and the republican also take that senate seat, correct? >> yeah. i believe so, in fact, full disclosure, american crossroads, a group that i helped organize is running a -- i wish i could claim credit for it but phenomenal web video that just lacerates her on this by digging this up footage of the mayor of washington, d.c. saying mary landrieu is our senator and will be until we finally get the district of columbia state and with its own senators. it is devastating. >> she is representing d.c. not louisiana. what i'm trying to get at here. let's just cut to the chase. let's say that the senate does go republican. all right? and then they control the house and the senate. president obama doesn't care, does he? he doesn't veto anything that he wants to veto. >> sure he does. >> override on it. do executive orders. what does he care? he has two more years. >> no, look look. this gives him a lot of exposure because he can't veto everything. there will be democrats who
5:35 pm
will say you know what, mr. president, i can't stand with you on this. i can't go home and defend this irresponsible action on your part. i can't go home and tell the people that sent me here that i will stand with. >> you three quarters -- >> two thirds. >> i'm sorry two thirds, 66%. you guys have al franken and these zombies in there and whatever he does they will say okay. >> look, let me just tell you even when you have the people there willing to stand up and be with that one third. you can't put them under that pressure tillablely. especially when it comes to spending bills. on spending bills the house and senate republicans will be able to attach so-called riders. you can't spend money on this. you can't do that and they get all these preparation bills. do you want to be the president who says i'm willing to shut down the government so that i could keep the authority to do this thing or that thing that the people consider to be personally obnoxious. that's a real limitation on a president. >> all right, mr. rove, thanks as always. when we come right back, it will be michelle time. terrorism and a big celebrity scandal. miller is next. every centrum mn
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suddenly you're a mouthbreather. well, put on a breathe right strip and instantly open your nose up to 38% more than cold medicines alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight. get to the sage of southern california who joins us now from santa barbara. all right, you know, the isis murders, i don't -- it
5:40 pm
effects me emotionally, miller, it effects my personally not only are these guys journalists but i served overseas and i know that the danger that these guys do it buy it almost seems like this isis crew is taunting every single american. they are taunting us. do you see this t. that way? >> i don't think it has anything to do with journalists who ones they have access to but they would do that to every one of us after they got i had are of every just first. they would -- every jew first. it's a strange ark the president has had in political career. when he was in the illinois state legislature when he wasn't of consequence he voted present. now when he is the most powerful man in the world he is voting not present. that los angeles lack of gravitassal field starting to us.
5:41 pm
giuliani said we might not be at war with them but they are at war with us. we better participate. they think too much on that side. why have american citizens being decapitated on iphones and we are trying to overthink it. billy, that millisecond pause while we try to think and deem them prime evil and that they're from the past, that's where you get killed we should accept these guys are animals and you have to kill them. >> i don't think that president obama is going to kill anyone. >> you think? without belgium signing off on it angola. every time he addresses these things, it's always the international community it's always the con sen is us is. it's always, this it's always that. it's fine if you can get them or rally isis and
5:42 pm
putin. you can't govern that way. he is almost like the president of the u.n., miller. not the u.s.a. >> well, is he a bad president, right? we agree on that. he is bad at this. listen, i have said this before. they tell me is he a genius. in this case is he like that computer in 2001 hal 9000. we are way out near the moons of jupiter and our guy has a blip. you know what? it's going to cost us two more years these guys are feeling oats whack a lot of heads off in the next two years. >> biden says he is going to chase them to the gates of hell, hillary. >> biden was part of this stance until he had to disengage from the fuel module quite frankly biden has been in the side corps like this guy adam west for six years now. all of a sudden is he turning into curtis le may. biden is hapless political hack who wants to be the next president. he has this thing in place
5:43 pm
like it is right now by being this guy's panchosanza. >> donkey -- don kiota restaurant. >> i said it liked bien. >> that's okay. nobody is perfect. biden was the one guy who didn't want to go and get bin laden. he was the guy who said no, no, no. don't do it. we will get him at the gates of hell. we don't want to get him in pakistan. >> you know, the gates of hell is the ultimate form of kicking the can. >> we will get them. after everybody dies the deity will sort it out. >> joe, you are a genius. >> biden. >> i don't know anything about the internet. i don't know how hackers can get into 200 beautiful women's web sites and take pictures out of there and show them to the world.
5:44 pm
i don't know how hackers can do that, miller. do you have any idea? >> ardently and effectively it would seem. listen, i didn't go on because i heard one of the famous -- well, it was a couple, actually, i hear they had naked full frontal two shot of dick morris and that crazy pup of his, dubs. >> that's not true. they didn't put that in there that wasn't posted. >> i didn't want to go there. putting the fbi on this case is crazy. this is just people's back burners on camera. we got to put that on the back burner. we got to fight these nut cases right now, all right? we are in deeper doo doo than tim robbins stepping out of that tank in shawshank and we are worried about naked photos. by the way, if morris wasn't in it, i might consider dubs but i'm not going there w. those two in tandem. >> okay, dennis miller,
5:45 pm
everybody. >> pancho sanza. >> two dennis miller shows available. october 24th, friday, philadelphia at the tower theater the next night saturday, october 25th. details on bill o' the shows are a blast. in a moment, the grievance industry furious with me for debunking white privilege. jon stewart attacking me. we will tell you about that upahead. dulcolax laxative tablets. ducolax provides gentle overnight relief, unlike miralax that can take up to 3 days. dulcolax, for relief you can count on.
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back of the book segment tonight. follow up to why african-americans are failing in the marketplace. mostly about poor education, fractured families and a culture that does not prepare folks to compete in the competitive marketplace
5:49 pm
to. make that point i compared african-americans to asian americans. according to the bureau of labor statistics, unemployment forations 4.5%, 11.4% for blacks, 5.3 for whites. out of wedlock births 17% forations, 29% for whites, a whopping 72% for blacks. no question poverty is driven by lack of education, poor supervision of children, and fractured families. with us now a person who dissents from my analysis tina wynn from the media site -- you say. >> i say your assertion statistic solid correct but when you break it down from that large aggregate number it is completely different. while it's true that as a whole thation american community has succeeded in your terms in terms of education and income, once you break that down among ethnic groups, it paints a very different picture. >> yeah, but it doesn't
5:50 pm
really matter because the census bureau which is all of these groups are put together for, hispanic americans come from many, many different countries and cultures, right? but they are all hispanic americans. the fact of the matter is that asian americans have succeeded in the u.s.a. better than any other minority group. their per capita income is higher. their education is higher. their family structure is more intact. so, i'm saying there is no white privilege. there must bation privilege because thations are at the the -- asians are at the top of the chart and the afrin-americans are at the bottom of the chart. >> that's too high a level of distinction to make any sort of meaningful conclusion of that -- just like based on the actual asian american statistics and sta statistics tell the story. >> statistics tell part of the story.
5:51 pm
>> you can always make that-i look, for african-americans education is the key. to have a strong stable home life that encourages education as in many, many asian american homes you have the kids have an advantage. eye saying the culture, the gangsta rappers and all of this stuff that is permeating big time into the african-american precincts and especially the poorer ones is harming them and they have to change the culture. >> at the same time, i think comparing that culture to asian american culture is to use overused cliche, it's comparing apples to oranges. >> we're all americans. we are all americans. and if you have a certain group that's prospering, you should learn from that group and what that group does well. >> but if you are assuming that african-americans have a shared cultural value, why
5:52 pm
is it that a large percentage of the asian population is not succeeding by the metric that's provide? >> but they are succeeding. >> no, cambodia. >> per capita income is way way up among the whole group. you can always take individuals, some fail and some succeed. >> not individuals. can you break this down by ethnicity. for instance, koreans, japanese, chinese americans they have college graduation rates above auto%. however, if you look from at people who generally are refugees from southeast asian wars, vietnam vietnamese lower. >> the aggregate you have to go with because the groups that you mention that succeed they have one thing in common. they keep the families together. >> why is it that a huge signaturement of the asian american population is not -- >> -- it isn't huge because the stats are so overwhelmingly successful, that's what i'm trying to get to you. do you believe the culture
5:53 pm
is a poverty driver? >> i think that there are lots of factors playing into poverty. >> home? >> home, absolutely. >> out-of-wedlock birth. >> absolutely. >> okay. so i'm telling you that that's what has to change in the african-american community in order for it to rise up the way that asian americans have-i we appreciate you coming. in go ahead, last word. >> no, i don't believe that comparing asian americans to african-americans makes any sort of meaningful. >> okay. we respect that but i have to go with the census bureau. factor tip of the day. >> i respect you having me on this. >> sure. nice to see you you. jon stewart evil ways mocking me again. the tip moments away. hundreds of millions of dollars in jobs and infrastructure. thanks to startup ny,
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"the factor" tip of the day jon stewart going after me again
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isil? because two different names thus the different initials. once thought we should pull our forces out from around the world. i was 15 at the time and it didn't take long to figure out that that doesn't happen. i think the presidential flag should be changed from an eagle to an ostrich. michigan, finished reading "killing jesus." i felt like i was his entourage. three-hour event on the national geographic channel next year. and tucson, arizona. mr. o, when you come to arizona will you please sign my husband''s new track chair. thank you from my heart for all you do for the veterans. several hundred vets have received that chair. we are happy your husband has one. it is a life changer for the
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severely wounded as you know. and finally tonight, "the factor" tip of the day, my pal jon stewart basically a comedian but taken seriously by some of his fanatical followers speaking about the michael brown killing in ferguson, missouri, stewart mocked me for coming back from vacation. >> but good on you, mr. o'reilly, for coming on back. unless of course you're furious about something else. furious about how the shooting death of 18-year-old michael brown is being reported and how various people are reacting to it. >> yes! that is the outrage. >> ah, but stewart distorts the issue. and he has been known to do that. before that piece of propaganda was delivered i had said this -- >> what happened to michael brown should never happen to any american.
5:59 pm
fair-minded americans, an 18-year-old -- you know, 18-year-olds make mistakes. no matter how this turns out. no matter how this case turns out, juan, 18-year-olds make mistakes. so if michael brown did something wrong, it doesn't mean that you wind up dead in the street. >> so here is "the factor" tip of the day. when you hear something on a partisan-driven program, do not believe it and that includes the net. don't believe this stuff. distortions are how some people make a living. see what's going for the laugh. he doesn't really care if it's true or not. and his audience aren't watching me, they don't know. come on thachlt is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website which is different from spout off anywhere around the world. name and town if you wish. and word of the day, cavil.
6:00 pm
again, thanks for watching us tonight. ms. megyn's up next. remember, the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, just one week before america marks 13 years since the 9/11 attacks and the u.s. director of counterterrorism today described what he called the alarming new threat from this terror army known as isis. good evening and welcome to "the kelly file" everyone. i'm megyn kelly. matt olson is the u.s. director of counterintelligence. he's a man who shoulders a big part of our protection. in a speech he gave about isis posing a threat to the homeland, we paid attention. they have now established a safe haven the size of the united kingdom. how it's taking in more than $1