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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 4, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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if you want to see foreigners running, running, running, if to arizona. new jersey were firing rockets into new york, we would wipe them out. some people tend to take themselves too seriously. this is a silly, fluffy business, and we should never forget that. "the o'reilly factor"'s on tonight. >> the answer today from both the president and vice president appeared to be clear and unambiguous. while most analysts believe the obama administration is confused over how to deal with the isis threat, nbc news dissents. bernie goldberg has some thoughts. >> the president was not singing out isil. >> the president's spokesman saying the "jv" comment was not directed at isis. is that true? our true serum segment. i ran out of ammo, knelt down, changed magazines, right as i'm coming up and reengage, another mortar hits. >> ahead, for the first time, cia operatives involved in the
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benghazi terror attack speak out to bret baier. he will be here tonight. in addition, the state department calling me sexist. caution -- are you about to enter the "no spin zone." "factor" begins right now. i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. chaos overseas. what is the president obama thinking? most of us know people who are big fans of president obama or at least were big fans. these days, many obama supporters have either changed their mind or gone to ground. according to the polls, 70% of the american people believe the country's on the wrong track. of course, the president takes much of the blame for that. obviously the terror threat, page one this week, with the beheading of a second american citizen by the isis nazis.
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president obama in wales trying to rally nato fight terrorism and restrain the russian tyrant, poou putin. obviously things are out of control. the question becomes why has the president allowed terrorism and putin to cause so much trouble? why? the answer is partly speculative but based on facts. it's clear. the president is not strong in certain yareas like macro economics. americans earning less money than before he took office. mr. obama has had six years to fix that. he has not fixed it. on foreign affairs, the president has problems. he's basically reactive. he allows bad agents to grow in strength until critical mass is reached. to this day, the president is still not taking the fight to isis or putin. he has been restrained, tots least. the american media which has a lot of emotion invested in president obama is now largely silent in defense of him. last night, "factor" producers watched the primetime shows on cnn and more than. we could not find -- and mnssnb.
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we could not find hosts making excuses for president obama's performance as they usually do. nbc news is one of the few to give the president some credit. >> it is among the scariest threats our nation has faced since 9/11, and after the beheading of a second american now by isis, for all those who may be wondering if the u.s. is going to rise up, take the bait, and get into the fight to root them out, the answer today from the president and vice president appeared to be clear and unambiguous. >> well, most americans disagree with mr. williams saying that president obama's response to isis has been timid and confusing. bernie goldberg will take a look later on. talking points believes president obama's main political sprie priority is social justice. that's where his energies lie. that's what sboik about. the president en-- obamacare care is about. the president engages in class warfare but not real warfare. he's big on climate change.
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he cares about that, no question. an interesting report recently as the arctic ace cap is actually growing now, getting thicker. than as it may, global warming is an obama priority. the other stuff seems to be an annoyance to the president. and that's why the world's in a mess. mr. obama even says that. the world's messy. but it's your job, mr. president, to make it less messy. and to protect american citizens. and right now, the perception is the president's not doing a very good job on the messy front. all presidents have priorities and specials and passions. the current president -- and interests and passions. the current president should expand his. that's the memo. top story, reaction. with us in the new york studio, co-host of "the five." from nashville where he's giving another paid speech, james carville, analyst "fox news america. "amazing people pay you to speak. how great is this nation? >> tennessee democrat does not pay -- >> you know, i heard that under president obama your speaking fee vs. gone down.
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i don't want you to comment, but -- [ laughter ] >> all right, carville. 70% of the american people think the country's on the wrong track. you're an ardent obama supporter. but even you must believe that there's something wrong someplace here. no? >> well, i mean, something wrong someplace, of course there's something wrong someplace. like asking a football player where does it hurt. but you know, here -- look, if you look, the economy is improving, i'm sorry. you know, look at -- >> no, we're not -- >> the auto sales last year, the job market is improving substantially, the deficit has gone down at a record rate. okay -- that's just the facts. >> no, the facts are wages are not improving, and every week you say the same thing. >> but -- >> that's not going to improve wages. and that is the indicator that people care about. >> i can pick out ten good things, and you can pick out one bad thing, okay. >> no, 70% of the american people, i'll repeat, say the country's on the wrong track, carville. do you know why naysthey say th? >> sometimes, there's break time -- i'm giving you the facts.
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the polls are the polls. >> you don't have any opinion on why 70% of us female we're on the wrong track? any opinion at all? >> yeah. i think that -- i do think that the recovery has had a hard time. it was brutal. it's had a hard time getting down on people. i think people look at the world and see it messy. they look at washington and see it dysfunctional. i think most of it is coming out of the fact that they think nothing gets done in washington. but i -- the facts are that he's got some pretty substantial accomplishments. >> all right. i don't -- i don't think that the american people see it that way. and let's go over to andrea. look, it's a perception issue, all polls are perception. the facts will be slowly rolled out over the years about obamacare, national defense and the border and immigration, all of those things. but right now, what is the president's biggest problem in your opinion? >> the biggest problem i think is issis. it's all over the headlines. we're coming up on the anniversary of 9/11. i believe there's a belief in the electorate that we have a president that doesn't
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fundamentally want to act in such a big threat to protect the united states of america. and you asked what is the president thinking. he has -- and brian williams is right, i think the president's been very clear, bill. i mean, he's given mixed messages, but he has a world view that is very anti-american. and all you have to do is go back to the -- >> that's not what brian williams is saying -- >> i think highways been clear. if you read his books, which many in the media didn't do and most people haven't, read the cairo speech, the books. everything you need to know about how he feels about the west and how downright oppressive we've been tells us everything you need to know. >> let me tell you this -- you buy in to the hard right belief that president obama wants to harm america -- >> no. >> is that what you're saying? >> no. >> you're not saying that. >> no. >> he's tim identity theft confronting isis. he -- timid on confronting isis. why is he timid, why? >> because he believes that the west specifically has been
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downright oppressive in its foreign policy over the years. so this is deeper than -- >> isis is doing things justifiably -- he knows they're evil. why doesn't he attack the evil? >> bill, he has basically apologized for the west to the muslim community in cairo. he believes we've been an oppressor. this is why he's fundamentally not able to protect the u.s. he has disdain for the west and the history and traditions. it's out of step with most americans watching -- >> what i'm hearing you saying is he's going to let isis and other terrorists run wild because he doesn't like the west? >> no, it's like a weed problem on the lawn. he's going manage it, like he said. that was an answer from his heart. i do believe there is something, i feel he's allowing them to get this caliphate. he knows the history of islam. highway knows the goal. >> if that were true, that would be so dangerous. >> why? it's happened. he hasn't brought the killers in benghazi to justice. when it comes to terrorism, he doesn't act because he believes that we have been oppressive to these countries -- >> what do you say to andrea
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saying he's soft on terrorism -- >> look, if you want to say he's soft, that's one thing. if you say that he wants to bring the west -- i'm not going respond to. that that's tooity yachtic for a response. >> why isn't he bombing -- too idiotic for a response. >> why isn't he bombing -- >> if doesn't purport with fact. i don't think he articulates, i think somehow or another he doesn't articulate his policy well. he -- >> he's not attacking isis where they are. their bases are in syria y. does he -- >> hold on a second. he changed the government in baghdad. they put on the kurds, they pushed them back. what they want to do is -- you know, a saying in louisiana, a clear poles to b trigger. they're putting a coalition together. we're not the only people threatened. if you take down the isis, we help the iranians. we took the taliban out. we help them. we're helping the saudis -- >> he's going to bomb isis and syria, it's a matter of when,
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not if. would you object to that? would you object to him bombing? >> no. >> i didn't think so. >> no! >> why didn't he did it last week when he should have done it? >> he's not pounding rocks -- i want him to do it smart and want other people on it. >> you know, i -- he looks, weak, must know that. he looks weak in the eyes of the world. he looks weak. >> if he has to look weak for ten days and then look smart after that, i'd be for that. >> all right. we'll see. >> what i'm not for doing is going out and pounding rocks without a strategy. >> he's not proud to lead the west. that's the bottom line. >> the strategy easy. kill as many isis as you can. very good. thank you. >> thank you. next, ed henry in wahle with the president. -- in wales with the president. and a poll on immigration shows americans want a secure bored erd. and the state department calls me sexist. ooh!
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in the "impact" segment. it wales in the united kingdom. chief who correspondent standing by, pocket hanky perfect as always. >> reporter: thank you. >> what's the headline? is anything getting done? should the isis people be -- >> reporter: no. >> quaking? what's going on with the nato conference? >> reporter: no, no. what you see at a lot of these summits, a lot of talk. not a lot of action. i don't want to dismiss it entirely because i think this is probably the most consequential nato summit we've mean? ma -- we've seen in many years. many have been a lot of talk. right now it's about dealing with ukraine and russia, pushing back on putin. it's about winding down our mission in afghanistan which we can't forget, which is a big deal, especially because what we've seen happen in iraq after we left there, afghanistan may be next. and terrorists may -- that might be a breeding ground for them in
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the months and years ahead. we've got to pay attention to that. of course, isis is oversaladoing all of it. -- overshadowing all of it. we're going to get tough, but they haven't done anything substantively yet. >> 75% of the nato budget's paid for by the american taxpayer. mien, again, we lead the world in protection, we're paying for everything. but with putin on the march and defying the west, and with isis obviously wanting to kill any westerner they can, do you think that the nato people are going to wise up? are they going to become more aggressive in defense? >> reporter: no. i think -- >> oh -- >> reporter: they're becoming more aggressive in the rhetoric, but i'll give you a concrete example. the big headline out of this summit so far is that they're going to create what they call a rapid response force -- >> yes, 4,000 guys. >> reporter: troops to deal with putin. exactly, 4,000 troops. how many troops does putin have inside ukraine right now? well over 1,000 by many report. how many has he had on the
5:16 pm
ukrainian border? 10,000, 20,000, 30,000, in recent months. not right at this moment. in recent months, he's had many times over, times that 4,000 troops. so look, i don't want to dismiss it entirely. nato is trying to get tougher. 4,000 troops stationed in europe is going to have a miniscule effect in deterring putin and anyone in this region. let's be clear about that. >> now, am i being unfair when i say that president obama looks weak to the world? do you pick up the fact that -- is he in charge in nato? are they looking to him to lead, or is he just one of the pack? >> well, he wants to be one of the pack. doesn't always want it to be about the u.s. being a superpower. as you say, that ends up blowing up in his face sometimes. in term of isis, look, he on -- at a news conference in august of 2013, he was talking about jooal
5:17 pm
qaeda core being decimated. he was asked about -- isis was not mentioned to be clear and truthful, but groups like that. the president said we're formulating a strategy. this is a real threat. here we are a year later. he got into trouble saying we don't have a strategy to deal with isis in syria yet. look, it's been at least a year that he knew groups like this were popping up. does he look weak? he looks weak because of that. he's still trying to find a strategy. now david cameron has been more aggressive in his rhetoric and maybe looks stronger. in fairness, david cameron hasn't taken any other big action beyond what the president's done. david cameron has not ordered british air strikes into syria on his own. he knows he needs the u.s., and that's why american leadership is so critical here. and the president's been talking it it for a year and hasn't followed through yet. >> look, i mean, i like cameron at least raising the issue for the world. you know, tony blair was fairly strong on the anti-terror front. helped president bush a lot. and that's controversial in the end on iraq.
5:18 pm
look, i want to be fair to mr. obama, but i believe he looks weak in the eyes of the villains. ed henry in wales. ahead, new poll on illegal immigration says americans want more security on the border. laura ingram and i will discuss it. and then, did the white house spokesman mislead the american opinion on isis? our "teeth serum" session -- "truth serum" segment is coming up. and the state departme after me, pretty amusing. we'll be right back. c! and a gentle wavelike motion... aahhh- ahhhhhh. liberate your spine, ahhh-ahhhhhh aflac! and reach, toes blossoming... not that great at yoga. yeah, but when i slipped a disk he paid my claim in just four days. ahh! four days? yep. find out how fast aflac can pay you, at
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toyota. let's go places. review from the "ingraham angle." 74% of the american public want better poureder security. 74%. also on the subject of what to do about children in central
5:22 pm
america who have entered the usa illegally, 69% say they should be allowed to join their families. 28% passes. in addition, 56% say the kids should be allowed to attend american public schools. 40% oppose that. joining us from washington, laura ingraham. are you surprised that 69% say they should be allowed to stay in the usa? >> reporter: i believe the poll used reunited with family in the united states. i'm pretty sure that was the wording. rasmussen had a poll out that showed america wants less legal immigration, bill. they want that reduced. they want -- basically believe illegal immigration is a threat to traditional values. 70% of americans believe that. i think in -- to some extent in some of the polling, biased wording, you could say that. look, people i think when they answer questions, the more specific you can get, the better. so if -- if it's true that mothers and fathers are living in the country and somehow their
5:23 pm
children were ripped from them and then they crossed the border, i would imagine people would say, yes, i want children reunited with their families here. if it's a second cousin and the second cousin is illegally in the country himself, would the number be the same? probably not. i don't think. >> here's how i read the poll. the american people, most of them, are not taking this debacle of the kid surging crass the border, they're not taking it as the children's fault, all right. that's the number one. they don't believe it's the fault of the children crossing the border illegally. i think you would agree? >> who believes that? i don't know anybody who believes that. >> it's not the kids' fault. they're victims here. they get in to the united states, all right, and then they're sent to the second cousin or maybe they know somebody -- >> some of them are illegally here. that's not in the poll question. but -- >> i don't believe it would be much different.
5:24 pm
>> i disgrace. >> i don't think -- disagree. >> i don't think so so. i think the american public would say, look, kids have got to be taken care of. we can't just chuck them back crass the rio grande -- >> first of all, they're not our children. we don't know if these so-called relatives -- >> americans want the kids to be protected by us. >> rasmullen poll. rasmussen, a reliable pollster. 59% a few weeks ago said send them back as soon as possible. we've got two different polls saying diametrically opposed things. i don't know what the right final analysis is. but i do know that when you ask people whose kids actually go to public schools and areas where a lot of these kids, again, no fault of their own, are being dumped off to relatives' houses -- and some aren't relatives, some of them are designated caretakers for these kids -- the people whose kids are in these public schools, bill, have a very different view of what's fair. i think at first we want to believe what is fair for the legal immigrants. what is fair for the american citizen children. is it fair to them to have
5:25 pm
classes with 35 kids in them? in stretched resources? what's fair, what's compassionate? i think you have to do the analysis with really specific questions. the more specific the questions get, the more revealing i think they become. and the more probably close to reality they are. so that's my take on -- >> there is -- there's a few things that are beyond debate. number one, most american want a secure border. there's no doubt about that. the open border people lose big time across the bored. they want the federal government and the federal government could do, it all right, to build an at rat us on the border that stops people from coming here illegally. overwhelmingly. also overwhelmingly, the people that are already here. the american public want them treated humanely. they don't want them forcibly deported. they want them to have some kind of chance to stay here in a legalized capacity. both are truisms.
5:26 pm
>> i ald thwill add that the din of the polls, the support of the american people goes to securing the border first. i mean, really securing it, not the promise of enforcement. that should be the main focus of the u.s. government. and bill, ever poll that i've seen, every poll shows that the public actually thinks the legal immigration numbers should not be increased and should actually be decreased. when you add up should stay the same or be decreased, it overwhelmingly swamps the number of people who believe that the numbers of legal immigrant either should be increased. look, i think there's a lot of anxiety. no one wants kids -- >> don't want them punished. >> we have a lot of american kids, we saw in ferguson, suffering in schools that are underperforming, communities that's are stretched, and budget that's are tightened. how are we going to pay for all of this? that is also a legitimate question. i'd like to see the polling on that. >> thank you, as always. more ahead. the obama administration now denying the president said isis
5:27 pm
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"truth serum" segment. the now-famous president obama jv remark on the subject of terrorism. the president giving an interview to the "new yorker" magazine where he referred to
5:31 pm
isis and other terror groups as the junior varsity. or did he? >> did the president underestimate isis when he referred to them in an interview only a couple months ago as a jv squad in making a reference to national basketball association teams like the lakers? >> so the president was not singling out isil. he was talking about the very different threat that is posed by a range of extremists around the globe. >> with us to clarify, fox news correspondents molly law and eric shawn. what's the truth about the jv remark? >> of course he was talking about isis. if t was clear in the interview. if you look at the transcript, the editor-in-chief of "the new yorker" conducted the interview, january 7th. he asked the president about the terrorist group that took over fallujah four days before that, clearly talking about isis. >> did he mention isis?
5:32 pm
>> not by name. >> he mentioned the terror group that took over fallujah in iraq which was isis. >> yes. >> then the replay was? >> the reply was just because every terrorist group is out there under an islamic extremist philosophy does not necessarily mean it is a direct threat to the united states or to something we should wade in to. that gives insight into the president's thinking. >> he went on, president obama did, to make the analogy to the junior varsity, jv, that say not every terrorist is kobe bryant making another indicate analogy, correct? >> he d. it was a shallow, dismissal remark. if you're comparing a rabid type of islamist, jihadist, murderous organization to basketball. >> house biobviously the presid wasn't taking isis seriously in january. right? >> that is clear from the interview because he says it's something that we do not necessarily have to wade into.
5:33 pm
>> we don't have to worry about these guys even if they are causing trouble in iraq. a lot of people cause trouble a lot of places. the "washington post" gave him pinocchio, they did this thing whether you're telling the truth. like we ripped this off from the "washington post," "teeth serum," -- "truth serum," they do the pinocchios. they said the president wasn't telling the truth. josh earnest. >> exactly. hats off to glen kessler, reporter at the "washington post." >> gave him four pinocchios. >> four. >> and five is like the worst you can be. >> you don't want to get five. >> no. you don't want to get four either. you don't want to get any pinocchios. you have a nose like -- you don't want -- view a small nose. let's get to another thing that i saw on the internet, was given to me by kind of a rabid right winger. he said nancy pelosi's going to make $800,000 when she retires. that the taxpayers are going to be paying nancy pelosi $800,000. i said, well, i don't think that's true. i'll bet you $800,000 it isn't true.
5:34 pm
the guy ran away. i thought it was interesting. where did that come from? what is the truth? >> i wish you took the bet. it's absolutely false. absolutely false. this e-mail has been going on around for a while. and emails similar to this. >> tell me who does there e-mail stuf stuff? >> it gets forwarder and forwarded and forwarded -- >> by people, by folks? >> for anybody out there that gets, there and it could well come to your inbox next. stop forwarding it. it's not true. the facts the e-mail says that noeps will earn a specific $873,000 for life because of medical care. not true. congress men and women earn while in office, not when they leave. >> there's a pension for congress people. what is miss pelosi's pension now? she's been in congress a long time. >> exactly. you have to be in congress for at least five years. she's been in for -- >> the war of 1812 -- >> for 27 years. >> 27 years? >> she's 74 years old.
5:35 pm
she has spent quite a bit of time in washington -- >> how much does see that get? >> there's an equation that goes into this. >> tell me how much she's going to get. >> we plugged her numbers in, the 27 years, it has to do with how long and how much you made in the years that you were making the most that you were. the first elected, highest salary. we plugged it in, $90,801 if he retires this year -- if she retires this year. >> it could go up? >> a little bit. >> rated now, nancy pelosi -- if nancy pelosi said, "enough, i'm going back to san francisco, and i'm going eat sourdough bread and don't want this," she gets 90k. if she stays around she can get more? >> it increases roughly $2,000 per year. >> a big difference between $800,000 and $90,000. >> and the government picks up the tab for medical care. 72% of the hit and run. >> i want to keep the two shot on them. this is the "truth serum" deal.
5:36 pm
do they not look like truthful people? i got the most honest looking people. sean's a little shaky. lying -- look at that face. when we come back, goldberg on how the media's covering the chaos overseas are. they still protecting president obama? bernie is next. his long day of doing it himself starts with back pain... and a choice. take 4 advil in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief. honey, you did it! baby laughs! cozy or cool? exactly the way you want it ... until boom, it's bedtime! your mattress is a battleground of thwarted desire. enter the sleep number bed. right now, all beds are on sale. he's the softy. his sleep number setting is 35.
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thanks for staying with us. in our "weekdays with bernie," segment, moment liberal commentators silent about the isis and putin situations now. the most generous tv journalist toward president obama continues to be brian williams, the anchor of the nbc nightly news. joining us, the purveyor of, mr. goldberg. overall, are you surprised at the way isis and mr. putin are being covered by the national media? >> whether it comes to the national -- whether it comes to the marshal media, very few thing surprise me. let me answer this way. as a general rule of thumb, when the american people lose confidence in president obama and his poll numbers go down, when members of his own party who have supported him on everything start to lose confidence in president obama, yeah, then there will be some reporter who tend to hold him
5:41 pm
more accountable than they ever did in the past. okay? but if the jist of the question about when i'm not surprised is about -- when i'm not surprised is about whether the somehow have turned the corner and now they're getting tough on him, i said no in the past. i'm saying no again tonight. i'll give you a current example. katherine heridge, the first-class journalist at fox news, comes up with a story the other day that says in parts that the president of the united states, barack obama, received detailed and specific intelligence regarding the rise of isis at least a year before they started gobbling up land in syria and iraq. that racetracks strikes -- that strikes me as an important story. president last week still didn't have a strategy regarding isis in syria even though for at least a year he's been getting detailed information about that. right? how do the network, the big three networks where most americans still get their news, how do they play the story? they don't. >> yeah. >> nothing.
5:42 pm
>> right. >> zero. so any implication -- and i don't know if you were implying it, but others have, that the media are now getting tough on him, yeah, some reporters are, some reporters are doing their job, but overall, they will tend to emphasize whatever positive is left of this presidency and de-emphasize the negative. >> well, now the only -- freedman in "the new york times," i mentioned last night, is probably the only one that i saw this week defending president obama because fraedman saying, well, he's being cautious and deliberate and you have to do it this way. and all -- you know, i don't see a sense of urgency, as you pointed out. if you know something for a year and don't have a strategy at the end of the year, that's on you. that's your fault. especially when americans are getting their heads cut off. but the other thing that struck me was, i gave the assignment last night to our producers -- watch cnn and msnbc. watch all their primetime shows. now those shows, as you know, are notorious, notorious for
5:43 pm
sticking up for president obama. they all do it, almost 100% of them on a daily basis. nobody did it last night. no one. that struck me as fairly significant. >> yeah. it's significant -- i don't know how significant, but it's significant to this extent. when you do things or don't do things in president obama's case that are indefensible, when you make a statement about an american getting his head cut off and eight minutes later you're playing golf, when -- when you say in a statement that we have to crush isis, we have to destroy them, and then a few seconds later you say that maybe they're a manageable problem, yeah, i'll use the word you used on this program a month or so ago -- it becomes cartoonish if you defend that. you can't defend that. >> do you think -- >> a prediction -- let me make a prediction briefly.
5:44 pm
>> go ahead. >> i think something will happen between today and election day. you know, an october surprise type thing. and if and when it does, the sail media that is sort of -- the same media that is sort of turning on obama or not commenting at best, they will be back on the bandwagon -- >> they have a motion invested. last question, 30 seconds. brian williams obviously came across last night as somebody who was, you know, giving president obama credibility on the fight against isis. do you think he knows what he's doing? or is this -- you know, just an anchorman reading the lead? >> no, he's not just reading the lead heemp lead. he's been around a while. if anything surprises me, this surprises me. you can't say the president was unambiguous and clear when he was the opposite. he was ambiguous and unclear. >> that's right. and everybody said it, even williams' own correspondent said
5:45 pm
it. >> that's right. >> why is williams doing that? >> i don't know. >> all right. that's a good answer. i don't know either. i don't know -- i don't know why he's doing it. bernie goldberg, everybody. both bernie and i don't know. bret baier on deck. he's got an exclusive interview with three cia guys present at the benghazi terror attack. the state department calling me sexist. whoa! berkshire hathaway home services. good to know.
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back tonight, special report friday at 10:00 p.m. on the kfo newschannel titled "13 hours inside benghazi: the true story. "featuring operatives present the night ambassador christopher stevens was murdered by terrorists in libya. >> five minutes, thumbs up,
5:49 pm
ready to go. >> then what happened? >> i went to the t.l. and said, we're ready to go. bob looked through me and looks at the team leader and goes, "you guys need to wait." >> joining us from washington, the anchor of that special report, bret baier. what was the thing that surprised you most? you're talking to the three cia guys. again, they were there in benghazi, all right. what surprised you the most in putting together this program? >> two things, bill. one -- we're hearing from the guys on the ground for the first time almost two years later. and it was amazingly compelling. they go in to granular detail of those 13 hours of this battle. they lost two of their team members, tyrone woods and chris daugherty. and the heroism, the detail was surprising. number two, you played a piece of that, the standdown. for all this talk about stand down, these guys say definitively it happened. they were ready to go to respond to these calls for help from the diplomatic facility.
5:50 pm
they were at the cia annex. they were ready to go, and almost 30 minutes later, they finally broke ranks and went on their own. >> all right. let me ask you a couple of very short questions -- are guys sti in the government? >> they are not. >> all right. so they're in benghazi. they're about a mile away from where the ambassador was under fire from the terrorist group. they want to go and rescue the ambassador and the other americans. they are told, according to you and them, to standdown. by whom? who said that? >> now, according to them they were told by the leader of the chief of station at that cia annex, we'll call him bob -- >> why won't you mention his name? why don't you tell us who it is? >> well, they call him bob in the book. they've got a book "13 hours". >> and they don't tell you what his real name is. >> exactly. because he's still cia and still
5:51 pm
under cover. they've agreed not to come forward in certain aspects of this in a deal to get this book through. but they felt compelled to tell their story. >> i might have mentioned they have written a book and mention it after the interview with bret. so told by the direct chief in benghazi don't you go over and help the american ambassador. that doesn't make any sense. that makes no sense on any level, americans are under fire and ambassador, you have guns and you can go a mile and help them. it makes no sense, at all. do they explain it in any way? >> here's what they do. they lay out the history. the history there was that they wanted the head of that station, the annex, wanted all of the response to be this local militia called the seventh -- the february 17th brigade. >> that's insane. >> that's what they wanted. why? did they want the cia operation to remain private, quiet, without anybody else coming in?
5:52 pm
perhaps. what these guys do is lay out their story. >> they don't know for certain why they were ordered not to help ambassador stevens. they think this could have happened, but they don't say, look, this is why they wouldn't let us help him. they don't say that. >> no. they don't say specifically why. they lay out a history of what happened before that. but what is amazing is for all of the back and forth in washington, what republicans say, what it means for hillary clinton, all of the words on pages of all these reports, these are the guys who were there. >> oh, absolutely. and you know what the real worthiness of this report tomorrow night on fox news channel at 10:00, the real worthiness is this starts now right there. the congress people should then say why. this is what the eyewitness testimony on the ground is. who gave this order to this station chief not to help the ambassador? and then you can start to figure it out. so this lays the groundwork to
5:53 pm
finally solve this horrible, horrible mystery. last word. >> last word, i've done almost 34 of these hour specials for fox since i've been here. this is by far the most compelling. >> all right, bret. thanks a lot. again, the special "13 hours" runs friday at 10:00. also new book out next week chronicles the entire story, it's called "13 hours, the inside account of what really happened in benghazi." up next, "the factor" the state department angry with me, your humble correspondent, calling me sexist. oh. the tip moments away. [ female announcer ] you get sick, you can't breathe through your nose... suddenly you're a mouthbreather. well, put on a breathe right strip and instantly open your nose up to 38% more than cold medicines alone.
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"the factor" tip of the day, the state department strikes back at me in a moment. remember we tried to run a poll on legalizing pot but the
5:56 pm
stoned slackers polluted the polls, we had to dismiss it. however, we are back with the same question for premium members. do you favor legalizing marijuana, yes or no? the stoners can't touch this poll. so we'll get an honest result from the pms and yet another reason for you guys all to sign up, become a premium member. now the mail, tennessee, loved your talking points on isis and putin, bill. i grew up under hitler in germany. you are exposing the same kind of horror with terrorism. texas, i don't think president obama's confused. i think he is deliberately trying to destroy america. just know that your opinion can't be backed up by facts, katy. kathi, new york, you were really nasty with monica and juan, bill. get a grip. my grip's pretty firm here, kathi. i was tough because this isis situation calls for that. sand ra miller, salisbury, pennsylvania, why did you
5:57 pm
dismiss a coalition to combat isis? president bush the elder did that in kuwait. and president bush had the time to do that, sandra. isis is much more urgent. nothing wrong with coalitions, but you don't stand around waiting for them while americans are being murdered. tom, horse heads, new york, americans are being beheaded while you and miller are joking around, bill. what's up with that? we address the isis issue with miller before we went to a lighter topic, tom. come on. glen da, wichita falls, texas, bill, been a rough week. thanks for the laughter you and miller brought. the bolder fresher show rolls in friday october 24th, saturday october 25th. last two shows this year. steve culver, omaha, nebraska, mr. o, why did you choose general george patton for the subject of your upcoming book? because his death was bizarre, steve. wait until you see what happened there. everybody thinks they know what
5:58 pm
happened in world war ii. wait until you read what we found out. become's going to be out september 23rd, you get it free if you become a premium member. "killing jesus" a very good book. seems the same evil that killed him is running rampant in the world today. good point. evil doesn't change. and finally, "the factor" tip of the day, last night i said this about state department spokesperson jen psaki. with all due respect and you don't have to comment on this, that woman looks way out of her depth over there. just the way she delivers, it just doesn't look like she has the grav tas for that job. well, today the state department responded. >> i think that when the anchor of a leading cable news show uses quite frankly sexist, personally offensive language, that i actually don't think they would ever use about a man against a person that shares this podium with me, i think i
5:59 pm
have an obligation and i think it's important to step up and say that's not okay. >> now, i would never say that about a man, would i? nah. not me. picking on the ladies. now, we've asked them to appear on "the factor" tomorrow evening. the sexist deal will be discussed if they come here. if they don't come here, we'll discuss it any way. i hope they do come here. "the factor" tip of the day, always invite your adversaries to discuss. tomorrow we'll get into the controversy in a big way. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website which is different from and spout off about "the factor" anywhere in the world. o' word of the day, do not be a miscreant when writing to "the factor." again, thanks for watching us tonight. ms. megyn up next.
6:00 pm
i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin always stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, new worry about the threat of home grown american terrorists as we learn that an american man from boston is believed to be working for the terror army isis and playing a critical role. welcome to "the kelly file" everyone. i'm megyn kelly. that man is now on the fbi's ten most wanted list. and he has been on the run for years. but reports tonight suggest that he is using the skills he learned at northeastern university to act as that group's social media and propaganda guru. and that makes him a critical player. we are also tracking reports tonight suggesting chatter among terrorist groups may have spiked dramatically. th