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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 9, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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president obama's isis speech. don't forget. start your day, aimsley, fox&friends first. thanks for being with us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. "the o'reilly factor" is on tonight. >> i hate to say it because i'm an american. he's failing. >> a new poll seems to agree as most americans are disenchanted with the obama administration. but who is still supporting the president? we'll discuss it with ed henry and charles. >> a new u.s. military incursion will not ends isis. it will provide them with the recruiting tool they most cry. >> libertarians continue to oppose confronting the isis terrorist army. john stossel will tell us what he thinks. >> just when i need you. every time i call it a game you
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call it a business. every time i call it a business you call it a game. zblf also ahead, is the culture of violence in the national football league spilling over to the private sector? the factor has been investigating. >> caution. you are about to enter the no sting zone. the factor begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. who is still supporting president obama? that's the subject of this eveni evening's talking post. a washington poll asks whether the obama administration is a success or failure? among registered voters, 55% say failure. 39% success. in the same poll americans were asked is president obama a strong leader? yes, 43%. no, 55%. and finally, do you support u.s. air strikes against the isis
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army in iraq? 71% support. just 23% oppose. president obama eels job approval is 42% across the board with 54% disapproving. so the question then becomes, who continues to support the president? let's start with the 39% who somehow believe the obama administration is somehow doing well. then you add 4% who are loons. they don't know anything. and then there's the 43% job approval number. just add the two. in order to think the president is succeeding. you have to accept the following. one, the economy is a plus. two, american foreign policy is a positive for r the country and three, we are becoming a stronger nation overall. apparently 43% of americans believe that. even though wages for working americans continue to fall. there's conflict everywhere
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overseas and we're deeply divided nation at home. so logic pretty much leaves the building when you talk about president obama. the reason is a lot of americans have emotion invested in him. african-americans see the president, for example, as a historical figure. many poor americans see him as a savior because pof the entitlement rise and some liberals are loathe to criticize him. so hat this point he's riding on emotion. both pro and con. many deeply disapprove, according to the news poll. most importantly, he does not, does not want to use american power. he feels that it has been misused in the past. and he would rather stay on the sidelines than confront difficult situations. therefore he delays and the problem gets worse. it's now a fact that the president knew about isis a year
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ago and didn't engage. the only reason he acted is because they beheaded two americans on camera. the world is changing rapidly. high-tech makes evil much stronger. all of them can now spread their perversions quickly and efficiently throughout the world. to combat that evil, the world needs strong leadership. to promote what is good and confront what is bad. sitting it out, mr. president, no longer an option. and that's a memo. now to the top story tonight. president obama will deliver a prime time address tomorrow evening and in it we anticipate he'll be a tough guy. joining us from washington with a preview. ed henry. what do you know, ed? >> well, what i'm hearing is he's going to lean forward on the the idea of expanding the military campaign air strikes beyond iraq into syria.
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laying the ground work on that over the next few months. he's under great pressure. he wrapped up a meeting with congressional leaders from both parties. under great pressure to spell out the details. speaker boehner said what he heard wasn't very much knew from what the president said in recent news conferences where he sort of struggled to explain the strategy, fumbled a couple of times with no strategy, and we could make this a manageable problem. boehner is signaling that he didn't learn that much new. it raises questions about what we hear tomorrow night will be dramatically different. >> well, look, i don't know how it can be dramatically different. the president is on the record saying he's not going to inject ground troops into the theater. he will, as we said weeks ago, he will have to bomb inside syria. all of that is predictable. but it's the tone of tough guy-ism that you'll see tomorrow night. i think he's going to have to
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get more emotionally involved in the threat. am i wrong? >> no. you're not wrong. i spoke to jane harmon who was at this private dinner last night. a small group of democratic and republican foreign policy experts at the white house where the president was kicking around these ideas. march monowas critical last week saying the president needs to say more, needs to do more. she is told me she thinks he's a lot more engaged than he's let on publicly. in her words, looked robust, on top of it, and she thinks he'll be on his game tomorrow night. yes, he looked weak and listless, where it didn't seem like he was fully on board with the strategy. jane harmon, a democrat, but a democrat who is someone at the forefront of national security and intelligence issues tells me behind closed doors last night, he was somebody who looked very engaged and ready to get
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aggressive. >> and he has to, the polls are showing the president is losing credibility. and it could be forever. it's hard to come back from stuff like this. can't really afford to make more mistakes. do we expect to hear about poout snn to my mind putin is almost as important as isis. because putin is pushing around trying to restore the grandeur of russia. he's causing a lot of trouble. a lot of people dying because of putin. do we expect putin will be addressed? >> i don't expect it will. it's not about ukraine or russia. i suspect something mentioned of the 9/11 anniversary. look, you mentioned the jv comment. a lot of the comments and promises and red lines on foreign policy. whether the red line on syria, the reset of relations with russia, or the fact that let's not forgot at the end of 2011
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when he brought home all u.s. troops from iraq, we were leaving behind a stable, free, independent iraq, none of that has really worked out. that's also part of the challenge tomorrow night. is the president trying to thread the needle, when a lot of what he has promised has worked out. >> okay, i think he's going to lay out a strategy to rally americans behind. and that brings me to my last question. president obama is making a fundamental mistake of the commander in chief of the american armeded forces by telling people what he's going to do and not going to do. that's just -- i was going to say the word stupid. let's use the word ill conceived. is that better? he has to fight these people, isis. and he may have to fight putin. he can't be laying out the
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strategy, telling them what he will and will not do. i'm thinking of general patton. nobody couwould do that. i hope he doesn't do it again. i want you to tell him not to do it tomorrow in the briefing. but here's the bottom line. the other thing curious is giving the enemy the timetable. this could take up to three years. he also suggests it's going to be handed off to the next president, democrat or republican. that suggests to the enemy they've got some time. >> yeah. all right ed henry. thanks very much. next on the rundown, talking points of what ed henry just told us. and then, did the culture of violence in the national football league have something football league have something to do hi, are we still on for tomorrow?
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tonight reaction to the president's upcoming address. from washington, kirsten powers. welcome back. what would you say tomorrow if you were president kirsten? what would the main point be? >> well, i think the overarching point has to be reassuring the american people that is explaining what the threat is and what kind of response we're going to have to it. of course, i don't know that i would necessarily respond the way the president would. and so i think the most important thing is for us to understand from him how he views this threat, and that he can reassure us that he has some kind of plan that's going to contain it. >> now, as i just said to henry, if you're a commander, you don't want the enemy to know your plan. >> mm-hmm. >> so i don't think the american people are looking for micro details of military action. but overall, if you were president, i'm interested in your view of this.
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what would you say? would you say i'm going to hunt them down and take their lives? >> no, i would not say that. first and foremost, i would address how we're going to protect the country. what are we doing about the fact that a lot of these people have western passports, some american passports. what are we doing to make sure they're not able to get into the country. okay, so that's a point. >> i would say i think we should be doing everything we can to support, to arm the kurds, to give them whatever support they need to fight back isis and iraq. >> that's little off because we don't now how effective the kurds could be at this point. you would say i'm going to kill each and every one of them and hunt them down. >> yeah, if i were president. here's what i would say if i
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were the leader of the free world. i would be honest with the american people and talk about the nature of the threat. which is we are in a holy war whether we want to see it or not. >> define holy war. then you're into muslim territory. >> no, this has nothing to do with denigrating muslims. this is being very accurate about the nature of the threat. they're animated by the koran. >> you have to be honest with the american people. yes, we are in a holy war whether we want to see it or not. then you lay out the objective and say yes, we need to annihilate this people. that ought to be the objective. that means kill all their leadership. that means take out as many as possible. >> i don't know what good it does to the holy war thing. >> you have to be honest about the threat. the way you were with the nazis and imperial japanese. you have to be honest.
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if you can't call out the threat you can't defeat it. >> do you disagree where monica about the holy war business? >> yeah, whatever the motivations of isis are, those are not our motivations. when the president of the united states says we're in a holy war. that sounds like a two-sided war. and in the sense of a two-sided holy war, and that's not what we're in with them. we're trying to protect ourselves. and we're not -- woor not doing what they're doing. >> and i agree with you. these are one of the rare times. then you get all these people all over the place. zbr you say according to the enemy. >> if you use the words holy war, that's all the jihadist websites are going to have. >> i don't think it's going any favors by covering up the
8:17 pm
reality. >> okay, now would you admit that you made mistakes and underestimated this? would you do that in your address tomorrow night? >> i would do that, bill, but that's why i would never be president. you don't get to be president -- >> yeah he can't do that. it will just -- i don't know how he could recover from something like that. >> would you admit mistakes? >> i would try to explain to the american people why it took me a year after starting to be briefed on this. >> but there really is an explanation. >> i know. no president wants to admit they made a mistake. when you see the poll numbers, american people want strong leadership. they want america to be number one, and they want to win. if you're going to go in against isis, win. >> i want to make the offer to president obama. i know he's going to turn it down because i'm looking out for him. i'll give you the address tomorrow night. i'll write it if you want it to.
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first tonight, it's not only liberal americans who oppose most military action overseas, but libertarians as well. here's ron paul. >> a new u.s. military incursion will not end isis. it will provide them with the recruiting tool they most craze, while draining the u.s. treasury. just what osama bin laden wanted. here's a strategy. just come home. >> and here to react, john
8:22 pm
stossel. do you agree with mr. paul? >> most likely. >> you don't see the isis people gaining in threat, gaining in strength, destablingizing the middle east and finally we have to confront a world war situation? >> that's possible. and they may very well gain in strength. but the idea that we can do it is a mistake. >> you don't think we have the the ability to destroy them? >> we had ground troops there for years. >> you know as a student of history that lyndon johnson waged that war with one hand tied behind the back. we didn't doe what was necessary to fight the war. we didn't do that at all in vietnam. let's look at history. you look at germany and japan, they were allowed to really gain
8:23 pm
strength. and then there's a catastrophe. >> i would say 25% of libertarians favor intervention. >> but not ron paul. he doesn't want anything to do with it. he wants to let isis do exactly what they want to do in iran as well. >> no, they don't. >> how more clear can he be? call home. get out. >> when we go there, it's a recruiting tool to create more terrorists. >> when we declared war on the nazis they had more success. >> that's true. that's why hat this point in history we have to have strong leadership to reimpose them. bomb them, ground troops. bomb them for sure. but special forces might be necessary. but the message you have to send to the world is we're not going to allow this to happen. we're not going to allow iran to get a nuclear weapon. ron paul said he would allow
8:24 pm
them to get that. that's putting the united states people in danger. it is. >> why isn't the message, europe, this is your problem. >> because you're isn't going to do anything. >> because they're a freeload off us. we're not changing spain. we're not going to change the arab nations, although i think now they are going to give us plenty of support. i'm surprised because you're a student of history. you know the american homeland isn't america any longer. if iran gets a nuclear weapon and isis is allowed to establish this, it's going to come to us. >> when it's about to come to us, then we attack. but you let them engage and you see beheadings and atrocities. it's almost like saying look, if we knew about the concentration camps in jermmy, we would have let them go. but we know they're brutalizing human beings.
8:25 pm
>> we did the right thing to stop the strikes. >> all right. so you're not as cooky as ron paul. he wouldn't have done that. >> he wouldn't have done that. and you when you were wiser said in a humanitarian crisis. >> we could not do every one. we have to do the one that are really big. just a footnote. rand paul has departed from his father. now says that he would support attacking isis from the air anyway. plenty more ahead as they move along. is the culture of violence in the nfl partly responsible for the ray rice criminal situation. we've been investigating that. later krauthammer on what he would say if he was writing president obama's upcoming speech on isis. my name is jenny, and i quit smoking with chantix. before chantix, i tried to quit... probably about five times. it was different than the other times i tried to quit.
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cutting edge research, and state of the art facilities. and you pay no taxes for ten years. from biotech in brooklyn, to next gen energy in binghamton, to manufacturing in buffalo... startup-ny has new businesses popping up across the state. see how startup-ny can help your business grow at as you know, running back ray rice has been fired and banned from the league because he beat up his fiancee, who is now his wife. more video came out yesterday of the assault, and today we have a letter from mrs. rice, angrily denouncing the media. the key question here is the culture of the national football league. as one who played college
8:30 pm
football, i can testify it's a very violent game. how does that spill over once the the games end? joining us from dallas? pilar who was married to former nfl star deon sanders. and author of the book "why do i have to think like a man?" what problems are unique to the wives of pro football players? what do you have to deal with that other wives do not? >> first, you're talking about somebody in the limelight. we have to deal with groupies and side chicks. a lot of it is in your face. if you don't know how to deal with that. ors if this is your first run at this lifestyle, it's very challenging and it can cause the reaction that you see going on. i don't know the whole story with ray rice, but i'm sure it has something to do with it. and that becomes a marital
8:31 pm
issue. but you must know that this is a marital issue in a lot of americans homes. on both sides. adultery is probably the primary cause of the wars in the country. so what do you think is unique to the situation? what did you see in your own marriage to deon sanders that was different than other marriages. ? a lot of times you're isolated. people think you're there because of the money, and it's quite the opposite. you're there because it's the only family that you have. the men with their nars siss narcissistic ways and their fame. when they do not get that, then what they're used to on the field comes home with them. with the isolation, the women often are not even aware they're in an abusive situation, as was
8:32 pm
i. >> you're saying wh when the player comes home, if you're not 100% doing that, if you have a criticism of him, and then the player reacts in a way that's inappropriate and way over the top. >> yes. >> often times because people fall at their feet whenever they walk by. >> they have a sense of entitlement and when it comes to reality, they don't want to hear it. >> now can the player turn that off when he's home? can he be a calm guy? >> they never turn it off. it's very much as i saw in my own home, along with many friends, any point in time they could blow their whistle. they're irritable. it's up and down. >> why? is it because of drugs? is it because of pain? >> well, there's a category of those who are on the substances. but the nfl doesn't care about
8:33 pm
their product actually. as long as they get what they want on the field, they don't care about anything else. much to say about the women and children who suffer the abuse at home. >> mrs. hall, in your experience, were you able to have a normal relationship with your husband while he was playing for the falcons, or was he so wired when he came off that it was impossible? >> i mean, i kind of agree and disagree with what miss sanders just said. the difference is i met my husband in high school. so we were friends, and we had a very normal relationship. the difference is when something struck a nerve, there was no gray area. it went from zero to 60 in 2.3 seconds. and you're up there like why are you so angry? >> but why was he so angry? what was the reason blind it?
8:34 pm
>> i think it could be the nature of the beast. you stand there. when the strike or whatever, when that cue is given, you go off. maybe it's some kind of inherited dna trait. but i've seen him be very normal and very sweet. and then very over the top crazy. and you're like i can't believe this is happening in my house. >> both of you say at in i time, your former spouses could go off. therefore, i'm sure you were not surprised miss hall, about the ray rice thing. >> i wasn't surprised. i was surprised how comfortably he hit her. where he hit her, she was knocked out cold, and he didn't even flinch. the only reason he picked her up is because the door open. and he drug her out very insensitively. it wasn't the fact that he hit her. it's that he hit her and could care less that she was passed out on the floor. >> and how about you? >> to me i thought it was something they were very used
8:35 pm
to. he was so casual with doing it period, spitting on her, defaming her, just disrespecting her in a very awful way. and on top of that, you're in pa public place. if you're doing that in a public forum, i can only imagine what hell she's going through in her private home behind closed doors isolated and alone. >> but yet the woman stuck up for her husband today. it's very complicated. >> and that's expected. that's a typical cycle of abuse, of emotional abuse, social abuse, mental abuse, physical abuse. it's a typical cycle of what all women and children go through. if they stand up or step outside of the norm of standing up for your man, then she's locked out of money, she's locked out of her home and threatened with taking the children away. in which case, my case, i was. just that. as soon as you stand up and say something. all hell will break loose in your life. that's for sure. >> that's what they do.
8:36 pm
>> thank you for your honesty, ladies. we appreciate it. when we come back, is it legal? and a 16-year-old boy refusing to take off makeup for a driver's license photo. legal is next. are the largest targets in the world, for every hacker, crook and nuisance in the world. but systems policed by hp's cyber security team are constantly monitored for threats. outside and in.
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thanks. i'm bill o'reilly. three hot topics. let's get to kimberly. so topic number one. dade county florida. this is miami. a big lawsuit against the police. and it's weird what happened. >> yeah, 2011, 11 police officers shot dead. four armed bank robbers. these bank robbers have done about 100 different home invasions. it was a shootout. they set up a sting operation. but the sting operation went horribly wrong. where was the shootout physically? >> in miami. >> in a warehouse or something like that? >> it was intended to be at a safe house that the county had set up. that went completely awry. >> they instead went to the house of a different cohort to rob that. police had to reassess, pivot. they went there. things went wrong. guys were in ski masks, dark
8:41 pm
clothing. four get shots. one was an informant for the police. says he had his hands up. >> all four are dead. and now they're suing the cops. they said we're going to give you each $600,000. the city of miami is settling. >> and these guys already have criminal records. >> one of them doesn't have a criminal record. they were all armed. here's the crazy thing about this. they're being paid. the families are being paid all this money. what about all the people who had homes invaded? >> i think it's insane. they do it because they don't want to run up there. >> they're saying the family members didn't know about the criminal activity, and so they're still missing.
8:42 pm
had to be justified police shooting or not. the d.a. didn't prosecute. >> they're dead. >> betancourt is the informant that was also shot. so he was not someone who was a criminal. he was providing information to the police. his family has not settled. >> well, they shouldn't have shot him. he's supposed to say disney world. but he had ski mask on. >> they said, oh, we didn't know they were out there robbing. >> it doesn't matter whether they knew or not. >> the victim of the home invasion can sue and bring a case against the family members to get money back. >> all right, now in colorado, they're saying well, we legalized pot partly because we want the tax revenue. what happened there? >> this is interesting. they had a projected amount of income. they thought they would get 30 something million. they got 21.5 less than they thought in projected revenues
8:43 pm
for the legal recreational sale of marijuana. but guess what else is happening there? they're selling more medicinal marijuana because it's taxed at a cheaper rate, so it's better. if you want to go buy pot, go get the card. and you don't have to pay the extra money. >> bottom line is the state of colorado thought they would get x amount of dollars. >> mark my word. big black market. and all of their social problems going crazy. >> yeah. >> and finally we have a 16-year-old boy. >> yep. >> on there is a picture. he goes to the dmv to get a driver's license. they say look, bruno or chase, whatever your name is, you have to take the makeup off because we want a clean picture of you as a guy because you are a guy. and now there's a big lawsuit. >> that's discrimination. i think he has a great here. look, he's saying this is how i look. >> come on, you're a police officer and this is on your license. he might go in the marines.
8:44 pm
>> but what if a woman takes a picture without her makeup and then pucks on a pile of makeup. >> baa lloney. >> but the law -- >> i remember that. that's the name of the segment. >> if if you are trying to substantially alter your physical appearance, you're allowed to do that. they said you can't have something to drastically alter. >> it's no different from a woman putting on the makeup. >> he's not a woman. >> it's sexual discrimination. he's a male and he walks in with makeup. no! of course, it's wrong. >> what if i go to the dmv and paste on a goatee. some people may like it. >> thsz what he looks like.
8:45 pm
>> they'll probably win. you know these judges. ladies, thank you. if you were writing president obama's speech tonight, what would he say? we'll be right back. ♪ here's a good one seattle... what did geico say to the mariner? we could save you a boatload! ♪ foghorn sounds loudly ♪ what's seattle's favorite noise? the puget sound! ♪ foghorn sounds loudly ♪
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back tonight. president obama's speech will be closely watched all over the world. and i want to know what charles krauthammer would say if he were writing the speech. the author of the big best seller things that matter joins us from washington. here's a fun fact that most people don't know. you used to write speeches for walter mondell, one of the most exciting people who ever lived. >> yeah, he was also rather liberal, too. >> i know. you were back then. >> no, i was young once. that's my excuse.
8:49 pm
but i have grown up since. a lot of others haven't. i know how to write speeches for democrats. what he ought to do is start by saying boy, did i screw up in 2011 when i didn't leave any troops behind. but, of course, you're not going to get that from obama. what you have to get from him is one thing. he doesn't have to explain how bad these people are. everybody knows that it was the beheadings that changes public opinion. and he now has public opinion despite himself behind him ongoing to war, to bombing iraq, to bombing syria. not because of anything obama ever said or obama ever did. but it was the videos that had this dramatic psychological effect. so with the wind at his back, he's got the opportunity to explain one thing. and he should stop talking about what he's not going to do. there's no need to talk about that. just don't do it. and i also think his mission tomorrow night is not to lay out
8:50 pm
a plan, because the enemy is watching. it's to lay out the mission. what he wants to accomplish. no timelines. not like afghanistan where he said i'm going but i'm coming back. not like any of the other operations where he does one step this way and one step that way. he's got to say, here's the mission, here's how we know it will succeed, and i'm going to give the military the authority to go ahead and pursue it. don't give us details. don't tell us we're going to start to bomb in the isis headquarters of raqqa. they would presume that, i guess, but you don't have to announce it and you shouldn't. >> okay. putin, i guess he's not even going to deal with putin who i think is almost as dangerous as isis. >> putin is capable if he miscalculates of starting the unthinkable, which is a european war. until a year or two ago nobody could imagine in our lifetime that there might be. now, there likely won't be
8:51 pm
because he's not that reckless. the reason he's not reckless, he's ambitious, aggressive and unsubtle, but he's not reckless because he knows he will get no resistance from the u.s. and from the europeans. but he could get a little too greedy. he's already stirring up trouble in estonia and the baltic states. and if he pushes on that button, it's not clear whether nato will lie down and do nothing. obama would be inclined to, but he might have to. so i think what he'll do is digest ukraine where he has won the war, evg erything is frozenn place. ukraine is now a broken state of which he will exert the majority of influence, which is what he wants. and then he'll start to nibble at the baltics and see how far -- >> -- in asia, which is a back water that he can do a lot of intrusion and never get into the
8:52 pm
public eye. i don't believe obama will mention putin tomorrow night. it will be a tough guy, i'm finally going to get isis and they better watch out, here i come. >> look, everyone knows that with putin, he gave away the store. he told the former president, tell vladimir after the election, he'll be flexible. the man is a gymnast he's so flexible. and he's given no resistance. so on putin, he's got nothing to say. it's a losing proposition. there's one thing that this speech can do i think people have overlooked. it can actually help him electorally. his numbers are extremely low, but the country is ready to be rallied and they always raly to the commander in chief no matter what in a crisis if he can speak clearly and articulate a goal and also speak of american rage over the slitting of the throat so openly and with contempt. >> i'm not so sure the american public will rally to president
8:53 pm
obama's cause because of the tremendous mistakes that he's made in the past year. so i'm not so sure that's going to happen, but we will see. also, i want to mention that charles krauthammer's book "things that matter" have crossed the million sells. that's a pretty amazing thing, 1 million copies sold. congratulations to you. >> appreciate it. thanks for helping the launch. >> how to tell kids about bad things. i'm j-a-n-e and i have copd. i'm d-a-v-e and i have copd. i'm k-a-t-e and i have copd, but i don't want my breathing problems to get in the way my volunteering. that's why i asked my doctor about b-r-e-o. once-daily breo ellipta helps increase airflow from the lungs for a full 24 hours. and breo helps reduce symptom flare-ups that last several days
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talking to children about evil. first, the good news. previews from my upcoming book "killing patton" very strong. it will be out two weeks from today. barns and noble and if you
8:56 pm
become a bill o'reilly prime member, you get the book first. now to jacksonville, florida. when president obama speaks tomorrow, i don't want to hear him say what he won't do, just what he will do. lori bauman. the president's is a philosopher not a leader. leaders don't tell the enemy their strategy. ronnie pitman, bill o'reilly, why would you say the president's been a terrific role model for american families? do role models lie? my statement stands, ron, mr. obama does right by his family. maurice person, san jose, why would the conservative media like fox news give obama credit for getting nato involved in addressing putin and isis? because talk is cheap. let's see who steps up. your discussion with jorge ramos was dynamic. we posted the entire chat on bill o' it is interesting.
8:57 pm
when you asked mr. ramos why there is an asian privilege, he changed the subject. the success of asian americans does not fit into the concept of white privilege. jerry barna, clearwater, florida, your statement that warren churchill would rather sit across from megyn kelly than you was sexist. i'm sure he received a nice payday from fox. fox news does not pay for interviews, gerry, don't be a pinhead. i hope it's not too late. please sman why you think churchill would rather talk to megyn. one word, wilfreddo, optics. face it, bill, even a blind man would rather talk to megyn. i think most premium members will come out against legalizing poth because we know it takes away from the life experience. you are correct. the bill o' poll among pms has an 88% against
8:58 pm
legalization, 12% for. joe gray, philadelphia. i'll be attending the boulder-fresher show here on october 25th only because i'm taking my friend wade bell who will quote you every day. a black man who succeeded because of hard work, he's got a great family as well. look forward to seeing you guys, as well. charleston, west virginia. details on bill o' all right. finally tonight the fact the tip of the day explaining evil to children. as you know much of the urchins are addicted to the machines. you have to pull them off. the beheadings have permeated the kid world. the urchins are talking about it. with 9/11 this week, it's a perfect time to explain the concept of evil to kids. simply put evil is harming innocent human beings or even animals for your own gain or pleasure. lying and stealing, small evils, murder, rape, assault, bigger
8:59 pm
evils. but all is unacceptable behavior and should be confronted. but in our secular country, that kind of judgment is invisible in a public school system. but for parents and grandparents who find evil abhorrent, now is a good time to focus the kids on the battle currently playing out in this world. back to tip of the day. and that's it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website, different from bill o' we would like you to spout off on a fact from anywhere in the world. brand new one, do not moodle. sounds like a hybrid dog, right? a moodle. get that moodle off my lawn. it's an interesting word you should known. i don't want you to moodle.
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we have an agreement. miss megyn warming up in the bull pen. we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, new details on what the president is considering as he reportedly prepares to finally lay out something when it comes to dealing with the world's most dangerous terror group. welcome to the kelly file, everyone, i'm megyn kelly. today marks 12 months to the day since the president's last prime time address. then he was focused on syria, now it's a much bigger problem. the world's first islamic terrorist state in the heart of the middle east. tonight the threat is hitting home with the poll just out showing 9 in 10 americans now see isis as a serious threat to u.s. interests. and more than half believe mr. obama has failed as