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tv   13 Hours at Benghazi - The Inside Story  FOX News  September 13, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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avoid if you take clopidogrel. nexium 40 mg is only available by prescription. talk to your doctor. for free home delivery, enroll in nexium direct today. i am julie bandaras. >d5/(áqpi news and new video aps to show isis beheading british aid worker david haines. british government holding emergency meetings. prime minister cameron said the murder of david haines is pure evil. my heart goes out to his family. we will do everything in our power to hunt down the murderers and insure they face justice however long it takings. amy kellogg live in london. there is a cob raemergency meeting held.
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the prime minister can reconvene cob raany time they are under an emergency what are they reporting there? >> we just saw the prime minister cameron return to 10 downing street. he typically spends his weekend to his country estate. he returned because it is it a national emergency. he will be chairing the cob ratomorrow, this after isis released the video showing the beheading of david haines who was working as a humanitarian aide in syria. the video which i have not seen, but the same gruesome formulas of the beheading of james foley and stephen sotloff. this is not officially
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aunticated by anyone. but obviously with david cameron saying it is an act of pure evil. everyone is taking iti?=ñ serio. >> it is clear that prime minister cameron takes isis and the threats quite seriously. you reported on as you remember, britain elevating the terror threat level for fear of the danger to britain residents there on uk soil. here you have a britain who was killed not on uk soil but on the soil of terrorist. what is it believed that the uk's next step will be after the united states taken the initiatives and announce that air strikes mi we don't have boots on the ground and it is not a ground war so to speak. the uk was silent this week after the president's speech.
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>> the uk has previously ruled out boots on the ground in this particular conflict, but the british government has plans to arm the kurdish fighters and part of the reason behind the reason for the beheading of david haines and the response is a work in progress and this meeting can called to try to further figure out what can be done. it is becoming worse by the day and another british citizen allen hening was threatened by the isis terrorist to be murdered as well if british attacks or aggression against the isil continues, julie. >> amy kellogg, thank you so much. nbreaking news if you are just joining us. is slammic terrorist isis
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releasing a video and reportedly showing the beheading of one of the british citizens, david hanes who was abducted in march of last year. he was an aide worker and a syrian translator was with him when he was held captive and asked not to be named and described how gunmen shot out the tires and surrounded them on a country road. mr. hanes is father of two daughters ages 17 and 4. and a woman with the same last name was an executive of the company declined comment. oflr% and a civilian peace keeping group confirmed that the security work in south sudan in 2012 and was working for another aide group when he waswo in early 2013 in syria he was in
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syria working with the agency for technical cooperation and development and supported tens of thousands of refugees. his death speaks volumes to the despicable terrorist group known as isil or isis and now beheading a third victim and trying to send a message the west and not just the united states and not just to journalist but to anyone who represents the west and those who are trying to fight against the terrorist. apparently haines had family members that worked in the military. they are trying to dissuade the military and scare the west from coming after them. president bush once said if you remove troops from iraq you may face a greater threat down the road. that was al-qaeda at the time. and now the fight against isis raises questions, are we at war?
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do we arm the iraqis and syrians to fight the war? do they have the capability to win and does the west put itself in harm's way if we don't get them off of this earth. that is the question. joining us now. the terrorism analyst that joins me now. we dipped in sky new's coverage of this. one of the guests on their air and i want to you comment on that, i found it interesting. it is important for the uk to support u.s. forces in the air. the question is, should british forces and u.s. forces now take this battle to the ground? >> that is the battle of the ideas in the next hours and week. what is sure now psychological and politically. unlike with any other organization, there is no going back. it is not like the taliban.
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and we'll cut a dale after ten years or fighting. this is an organization that you can't leave on any soil, and that means there has to be an action on the ground. air strikes are going to happen and other than that special forces and should be a action on the grouped for the citizens and towns and villages. who will be committed to that on the ground? up to now, uk and united states and western allies decided not to. and that leaves us with arab allies. we think of jordan and saudi arabia and everybody in the middle east talking about egypt. evipt has the largest military trained by us by the way. and we remind ourselves inside of iraq we have the kurds from the north and iraqi army if we organize. and in syria battling with the idea. what is the part of the opposition that we would like to
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empower. waly thank you for joining us. and joining me on the phone john bolton. somebody tweeted me. when will western leaders realize dip plomacy will not have an affect. we have rick grenell on the air saying we have dropped the ball when it comes to diplomatic efforts in reaching out to our arab allies to prevent this kind of a force from becoming the biggest threat that we are facing right now in this world in what do we do diplomatically to get arab allies to come in and fight this? >> the problem is, weak leadership brings weak followership. and watching the president's speech. most friendly arab regimes have no confidence that the united
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states has a plan or a deep commitment to do what is necessary here. i think it flows from a number of prior acts from the administration. withdrawing all american forces in 2011. utterly failing to respond to the murder of ambassador chris stephens and three other americans two years ago now. and the laxitty and slowness and paciveitty of the administration today. it is a others don't see it at this point. >> what are we talking about ei didn't want and how they step in and saudi arabia. and how do we get those countries to back the united states and take us seriously and the uk the latest victim and a nation that is grieving the loss of one of their own. david cameron in an emergency
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meeting as we speak coming up with a plan and a strategy. the minute he heard of a beheading of one of his citizens, he went to an emergency meeting. what will come out? >> the united kingdom may bep+r the verge of descent greating. there is a scottish referendum of whether they will break the 300 year union with engand and i don't think the cameron government can survive if the yes independence vote prevailed and cameron rushed back and appropriately so and to try to respond. the country is consumed with thy odds of the scottish referendum to brick up the united kingdom.
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the only country who can lead is the united states. and we sounded an uncertain trumpet. >> what does the president need to do say. >> the brutality is demonstrates that the united states will destroy isis. itb( and others to join the coalition. to say we will not use ground troops, our safety will depend on the iraqi army.
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>> i am convinced a lot of americans have little understanding of the american
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spiritual heritage. the you can get a free dvd to sample the series. your kids and grandkids will learn in a positive and fun way. now for a free dvd go to free god politicians on capitol hill are not sure what another war in iraq would do to reelection bids. so they are coping quiet. is that the right move. congressman, it is good to have you here. >> thank you. nrn >> monday you will decide if there is action of congress to support the president and going after isis. is this a vote down party lines? >> i don't think it will be. i think you have genuine disagreement on what this strategy is going to be and a lot of the concern.
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generally on a vote like this, it will not be whipped by either party, they will let members vote. >> and what does it mean to whip the vote? they are saying what? >> whipping the vote, they will count the numbers of people that will vote for a measure. i wanted to clear it up so they will not think you are getting violent on capitol hill. >> i think when the nation went before the nation it was helpful. it brought the question up on a national basis. prior to then, members could dodge and we've depending on their politics and philosophy. and many members of both parties would just as soon not have had the vote on it. we need the vote and we need the debate as americans. it would explain and educate where we had been.
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>> how will you vote on the measure, congressman in >> at that point, i would lean in favor of it. but governor, i believe that we should have a authorization and formal authorization of use of force. if this is a threat and that important, you can't take ground table. the president has as commander in chief needs all of the tools available to win. we don't need another half pregnant war. we have seen air strikes that have not done good and case s where they are helpful and training of iraqi and afghani troops that have not brought results at all. 938,000 iraqis are trained andm what do we get for that? very little. isis moved in northern iraq. and i think for us to say we'll do this and keep ground troops
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away, we are following shtnk ourselves. and we need to be honest about that. >> you know, congressman, the president wants to arm the syrian rebels. do we know who they are anymore? >> no. we don't nor do we know if they will stick with us and that is tricky stuff. e÷%(+ñ and you know, so often when we train and we arm rebels and insurgents, the same equipment is used against us a year or two later and that is what we are e reluctant about. the training will not be has to coales around something in addition to the training. my question how long and who will the allies be in you pointed out earlier in the show? we don't know who they will be
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or what they will do to constitute the definition of being an ally. thank you for joining us. take care. >> up next. robin gibbons was a victim of domestic violence while married to mike tyson. >> the irs is supposed to collect taxes and why do they need to know where you ate lunch need to know where you ate lunch last month?
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baltimore raven star's video of punching out his girlfriend is not the first. former heavy weight mike tyson abusive marriage to robin gibbons was made public when interviewed by barbara walters. >> does he hit you in >> he shakes and pushes. he swings. he sometimes, i think he's trying to scare me. there are types and there are times when i thought i could handle it,e>1?: you know. and just recently i have become afraid. i am very, very much afraid. >> i understand why. i had a chance to speak to robin gibbons earlier. >> robin, you wrote about your own experience in your marriage
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to mike tyson. it was in time magazine this speak. and you were candid and one of the things you talked about you didn't think you could tell anybody and couldn't go out and say this guy, this powerful man hit me and he hurt me. why couldn't you say that? >> governor, i have to say one of the things that i have learned over the years, it is 20- odd years, what is amazing to me, is even having the conversation with you, i have to admit difficult for me, because it brings back memories and hurt and pain and one of the reasons that i've started talking is when my son who came to me. he was 21 years old in october
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and my oldest son and he said you have to speak out. i realized that i spent 20 some-odd years, talking to women and sitting and visiting with them and sitting in shelters anc i sat in women who don't speak english and babies on tha"f. p s and wed9iuo didn't speak the sa language9u%úy and still had the story. i always say because i discovered my story is your story and it is it amazingñrwv e the details that i heard from different women about the similarities of what happen to them, and so what we saw in the elevator happen to me only i was in an apartment building and i was not carried away by my husband. i was carried out by a doorman over his shoulder. and other women had those same
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details. i remember having my throat held and other women have had those same details. and so that is the thing that it is still sort of mind boggling to me. >> and just hearing me tell that is painful for me to hear. if a man goes against everything i have ever been taught about respecting women and protecting women. what is it that some men get violent and do whatw>j9)cmít al us would agree is the unspeakable horror to a woman? i don't know. someone recently told me hurt people hurt people. i spent those years, that i talked about not only talking to women, but talking to them to try to understand my own pain and try to understand how i
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ended up in the situation that i did. my own sort of self investigating if you will. i know that i can't speak about why somebody does that. i have two sons. i am a single woman and give 5,000 percent because i want the world to have two husbands that are responsible and respect women and protect them and cherish them and i think a gentle man is that. gentle and so i can't speak on behalf of those men, i can speak on behalf of the women who as i said feel a similar thing which you talk about. you feel such embarrassment. first thing you feel is embarrassment. you feel like you can't tell anyone and it is hard to tell yourself. i think what i find so powerful
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about what we saw in the elevator, is that a lot of what the women i have spoken to and experienced, that people don't believe you. and so on top of the pain, you are dealing with a different sort of pain as you are processing all of the emotions because it is somebody you love. i think it is difficult for people to wrap their mind around somebody is a man balling up his fist and hitting a woman. with this video it is inescapable and have to have that discussion and say this is unacceptable collectively as a society. not only women speaking up but men getting involved in this conversation to say this under every single circumstance should not be tolerated or happened. >> the nfl was a little late coming to the the conclusion
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that it was serious enough to invoke a permanent sussension. because they didn't see the tape before? is or are we that protective of sports figures that we want to just look the other way and let them get away with this? >> no one wants to believe it is possible and someone can do that maybe one of our heros and someone who is good at doing a particular thing that entertaining and excites and exhilarates us. and now doing something that is so deeply upsetting to us. part of us, we would do eg to push it away so we don't have to deal with it and once again, the tape forces the conversation. i don't know why they were late, sort of coming to the conclusion that they came to, but i am so deeply grateful that they came to the conclusion they came to.
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>> robin, i am deeply grateful that you speak out and be so candid and bold. i think your story and the perspective that you have is helpful and encouraging and instructive to many women and men all over america. thank you so much for joining us today. >> thank you, governor. >> an american christian living in iraq said what it is like to live under the
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the video very like previous execution videos is seen kneeling with his hands bound. it is with a clip of the president. this one begins with a clip of david cameron. joining us on the neral jack keane. david cameron is under an emergency meeting right now, c.o.b.r.a. is the emergency meeting in which he will rally when he feels that the country is on the verge of an emergency. he came out with a reaction very quickly before this video was officially verified which leads me to believe that david cameron knew of this beheading before the video was released and was
10:36 pm
waiting for the video before they actually named this hostage who they knew was in custody. what's your take? >> well, first of all, isis is dead serious. they're establishing their caliphate and want to dominate the region and they know for them to be successful they have to break the will of the united states and the west. it is a myth when they say they're killing them to provoke us so we put u.s. troops on the ground. that was a myth perpetuated over 9/11, as well, and when we had the 9/11 al qaeda in our jail cells we found out quite the opposite. they were trying to break our will so we would not come to the region and we would leave the region. this is provocative on their part. it's propaganda gain for them to be sure, it's about recruiting but also attempting to break our will.
10:37 pm
they are serious and i'm not certain we are, julie. i mean, the president's speech said all the right things but the actions since then, i'm concerned about it. first of all, why didn't we start bombing syria that night? why are we four days into it and we still haven't laid a glove on isis where most of their entire support infrastructure is to include their command and control in syria? we have done nothing. where is our sense of urgency and where is our sense of aggressiveness? and also the ground campaign which is theí)wñ only thing tha would eventually feed isis, we come to find out now three days after the president's speech there are no air ground controllers to facilitate power that only provides advisers to the brigade level. no advisers to the units
10:38 pm
fighting so i just question if we are really serious and are we going to be aggressive in attempting to destroy isis. >> general keane, if we go forward, he detailed what would happen on the ground, no u.s. boots on the ground but in fact syrians and iraqis that are supposedly supposed to be trained by us in order to arm themselves and fight this. in order to arm them, and to train them that, could take months if not years. time is of the essence. we do not have the time to train these people. we need professionals right there on the ground to wipe it out once and for all. >> well, yes, i mean i don't have any problem, frankly, with starting in iraq with the ground forces that we have, but we need to get the advisers all the way down to the units where they're fighting and we need air/ground controllers and we also need -- if that's -- that is a risk. the ground strategy is where
10:39 pm
we're most vulnerable in the president's strategy. so what you do in the military when you have a rick, you mitigate that risk, so how do you mitigate that risk? well, you give them u.s. apache helicopters. you give them ac-130 gunships to do that you give them air/ground controllers, fighter aircraft. that's risk mitigation. but we're not doing any of that. and then, julie -- >> we have to go. >> ask yourself this question. once this counteroffensive begins -- >> we're out of time. general jack keane.
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the tax is at it again the website[0qv said it is audited the irs and believed it is politically motivated there is a new documentary film called unfair. with a brilliant con)3 about getting rid of the internal revenue service altogether. >> it is not about revenue. they are about intimidating people and harassing people. we have come to see the irs as all- powerful and with what is supposed to be a tax code, they have come to impact our poll tibs and our families and children and faith. a violation of the duty of government to protect our rights. >> joining me is craig bergman.
10:43 pm
>> i love the film because you get in the areas of what the irs is doing. we know lois lerner and targeting of proisrael groups. but you document things in america. it is stunning and one of them has to do with adoption. now, i guess, i am totally blown away. i had no idea the irs can get involved in the adoption. look at this clip and react to it for me, greg. >> going through this experience, what are yourm7&s feelings about america? is this the america that you grew up and the american dream? >> we adopted our daughter because we wanted a family. we brought her in china and not to put her under another
10:44 pm
oppressive government. >> how does the irs tinker with adoptive parents. >> it is adaption tax credit and helps to oversea the adoption and handicaps and medical issues and things like that and in the irs drug them through five years of audits and everything they could. and you know, the evidence is there. they had a child, they adopted and had their stuff, but the irs was abusive and they were not just thorough, they seemed from the point of view to have enjoyed harassing them. >> you point out so many things in the film and travel in the country and see abuse after abuse. what was the most outrageous abuse of the irs? >> i think we are still hearing
10:45 pm
about those mike? that is the real trouble we have for this. i wanted to say it is not only about the tea party or families or veteran groups. our religious liberty is at stake. >> how is the religious liberty? >> most people say they check my taxes but don't ask me what i believe. >> they can ask what your church can preach and do. we talk about the history of the church and history of the pastors and the black robed regiment that was responsible for the first great awakening that led to the constitution and deularation of independence. and since the johnson amendment in 1964, they are trying to pass an amendment to end the first amendment. that's how outrageous it is to become. none thing that would solve this
10:46 pm
is the implementation of the fair tax. >> that changes everything because it gets rid of the irs. if you look at history. we had an abolition of slavery and have free states and slave states and we have to have abolition ofwv÷ slavery and lif and abortion the way we did over slavery and have to have it over the irs to get our liberties back. >> i love the idea of getting rid of the irs and if people come out by the millions on october 14th. we are on the way to seeing that dream come true. craig, thank you for being here. delighted to have you. >> their dream of hitting the big time nearly came crashing down when their drummer was shot by an armed robber. parma ly are here to perform.
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that is coming up next.
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their hip song "carolina" was number one on country radio for several weeks. here to perform the song "close your eyes" off their brand-new album that says feels like carolina, parmalee. good to have you guys here to y today. [ applause ] there's a big struggle between when you started playing together and now hitting the tops of the charts.
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one of the incidents that brought this band together, i guess, was a tragic one. you guys were loading up the tour bus and somebody tried to rob you. in fact, put a gun at your head. your brother scott, you ended up getting shot out of that deal. scott, what happened? >> it wasn't too fun, i'll tell you that. we were victims of attempted robbery and a gunfight ensued. i was hit three times. these guys had to take care of me. thank goodness the good lord and the good doctors in charlotte, north carolina, took care of me. >> one of the things that impressed me was the fans got behind you to pay the medical bills. >> the cool thing was the first real show we did after, i think it took four months for him to rehabilitate, that's what got us
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a record deal. after being in a band for years up to that point, we didn't have a record deal when all this happened. to have that happen, anybody would have stopped, but we didn't. we just kept going. >> we're glad you're here. scott, i'm so glad you're here in light of what might have been. i have always wanted to have a successful music career, but not the way you did. they can get your album off itunes just like i did. this one is called "close your eyes." ♪ ♪, well take a look at what's left in that sunset fire flies
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in washington at a rally for israel. you can get more information at ra tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye" world's smallest man or world's largest golf club? we will tackle the question baffling experts around the world. plus, what was the vice president's response when recently asked the difficult question, what number comes after six? >> i don't remember exactly the number. i should know. >> and finally, how popular is the new "red eye" segment, teen corner with greg gutfeld? a look at what happened when we took the segment on the road. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >>


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