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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  September 18, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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that's not a cretin. different spelling. again, thanks for watching us tonight. ms. megyn is up next. i am bill o'reilly. please always remember the spin stops here. we're definitely looking this is a fox news alert. a heavy turn out from a high 80% range. scotland decided to leave the uk after a 307 year long union. ahead of the vote there are many unanswered questions about what would happen if scotland became independent. what occurrency would they use? what would happen to brit wrin's nuclear arms submarines based in a scottish port?
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according to unofficial results we know there will be no need to answer those questions this time around with 80% of the eligible population casting their ballot for scotland to stay united with the uk. again, if you're just joining us, our sister station, sky news, called the election for those opposed to breaking away from the united kingdom so the no vote would have it. a lot of people turned out to vote this time around. some in the high 80% range f scotland decided to leave the uk after 307 years as part of the ucht k it could have been the first such break up in europe since the dissolution of check
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since 1993. if there was a yes vote, what would happen to british submarines? we know there is not going to be a need to answer some of the questions this time around. joining us now is ian day. what is the mood of the people there tonight? i'm in new yor. the vote was 100% in parts of the country. it does look like nos are enling it, but it's much, much tighter than anyone ever expected. save for main parties in london this time last year that this would end up being 65, 45 in favor of no offer whatever it ends up. so there is still though it's no, there is going to be huge pressure for further powers to
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be given to scotland which will then raise questions about other parts of the uk and leads pressure for the welch possibly. and so this is not a done deal, 100%. still questions about the nuclear should be resolves. and european union cannot go away for scotland. it's still a live debate. you're got a country where almost half of the people wanted to split. so how do you answer that democratically? >> and ian what do you think the biggest issue was for the scottish people? more financial concern? or were the nuclear concerns just as big of an issue? >> i don't think the nuclear concerns played too heavily on the minds of scottish people
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split between people who were wanting with their hearts in favor of independence. and people who were saying to some extent more rationally saying that might be a good idea in theory but what would it mean in practice? there were a lot of concerns about what would happen to peop peoples' savings, the mortgages and interest rates. all those kinds of things took a part in swinging the no vote. it's not been, it's been a fraught, really sort of fraught campaign families have been arguing with one another, friendships have been tested and testing friendships and kind of arguments on facebook and things like that. so, it's still got people who have got a lot of concerns and a large number of people did want
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it. >> all right. iain dey, thanks for joining us if you're just joining us, people of scotland making their voices heard according to sky news they called the election in favor of those opposed to breaking away from the united kingdom so no votes are winning. so far this is preliminary but our sister station, sky news reporting it's going to be a no vote. let's go ahead and listen to sky news as results are coming in. >> they're very glum and no campaign is congratulating themselves as if it's a spectacular victory. if you look back to that weekend we're almost two weeks ago, when that poll came out showing yes
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in the lead, that point it felt the swing was in one direction. people will take a look at what happened and begin to consider what it was that arrested the yes momentum and swung it back the other way. those are the issues weighing on politicians of all parties as he come to look at the fallout from this vote. but at the moment, for david cameron, keeping fingers crossed but mainly it's relief. it's blessed relief on downing street. >> and do you have an idea what time we're going to hear from the prime minister this morning? >> i think probably as light starts to come up. i think he will want to wait until the formalities of phone calls and the rest of it have been accomplished. it may be one would not want to
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preassume, i think he'll want to make sure boxes are ticked and results are in. but i think one shouldn't anticipate he will hang around the reason is clear he has, as he i say, been ot back and now, he feels this is his opportunity to step out that is not just districted to the scottish people but also to those parts of the united kingdom who may well feel rather left out of the debate as of now. i think he wants to remedy that. >> thank you very much. indeed. important to say that we're still awaiting the final counts so there has been no concession, as yet from the yes camp or no firm victory from no camp
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a couple cabinet ministers this morning and michael dover told me they believe no has won we at sky news are projecting no is on course to win. let's go to the count here with the yes campaign. i r spirits not too high there, basil? >> absolutely not. and the talks have given him a little bit of it. and in many ways some victory because it's a labor counsel. but might turn out that that victory is not enough.
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and indeed, though we have no formal concession and no formal claim of victory, either, from the no campaign, off the record, you know discussing things like already when the next referendum could be, will we run out of oil by the time there is another referendum? is there a chance? things like that. so fairly negative, understandably. it seems difficult by now. obviously. but no formal concessions and no mission that is from the yes camp, or no campaign they seem to be on course for a victory and quite a big one, too. >> yes. >> how are you feeling now? >> well, naturally -- >> i think it's as one, yes. >> what are you down to?
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>> it's a triumph. 84.5%. total number of questions in this area. >> we just got results coming in. and so they have taken 39.7,000 here is 44,000 there for no campaign. yes.
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that is concerns. that is 47.2%. to six #.8%. another no victory. and we can go now to jim murphy who has been campaigning for no. are you now in a position beyond to say nos have won tonight? >> across any result, there is a strong showing for no. we have found victory upon victory. some areas where yes has won. there seems to be an overwhelming number... >> you're listening to our sister station, sky news talking about the scottish referendum vote. it appears people of scotland
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making their voices heard saying no to breaking away from the uk. our sister station just called the election in favor of those opposed to breaking away from the united kingdom. polling places have recorded heavy turn out. some as high as 80% voting. if scotland had decided to leave the uk after 307 years as part of the uk it would have been the first such break up in europe in a long time since 1993. there are 26 districts insofar. seven to go. looking like no is going to be the answer. we'll be back with more in the very latest in just a moment. [ male announcer ] automotive innovation starts... right here. with a control pad that can read your handwriting, a wide-screen multimedia center, and a head-up display for enhanced driver focus. all inside a newly redesigned cabin of unrivaled style and comfort. ♪
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months. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live for us tonight in washington. catherine. >> reporter: thank you, megyn. u.s. officials acknowledge many hardened from afghanistan, pakistan and yemen are intent with working with the al qaeda terror front. our contacts believe operatives trained by alasiri are among them. can get by traditional airport security was behind the underwear bomb plot in 2009. the group is known in this norwegian citizen suspected of playing a prominent role identifying western passport holders who can smuggle bombs onto flights bound for the u.s. intelligence about fresh plotting led the tsa to change security posture in july and call for increased security of cell phones and laptops on flights into the u.s. given the sensitivity of the information, the nation's top intelligence officers seem to hesitate today when asked if the group poses a risk equal to
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isis. >> in terms of threat to the homeland perhaps they do. this group which i guess is out there is potentially yet another threat to the homeland. >> reporter: and the rivalry between the two terror networks in syria to be the leader of the global jihad was also addressed by capitol hill. >> these groups are in competition with one another for attention, for fund raising, for recruitment. and one way to compete is to show that you're the biggest and baddest group out there. >> some analysts say there's historical significance back to afghanistan and pakistan, the traditional home of al qaeda senior leadership. >> sources indicate al qaeda in yemen is working with al qaeda in syria and getting support
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from al qaeda in pakistan. but despite all that the president is still insisting al qaeda is gone? >> we have struck significant blows against al qaeda's leadership. al qaeda's leadership on the border region between pakistan and afghanistan has been decimated. we took out osama bin laden. much of al qaeda's leadership in afghanistan and pakistan and leaders of al qaeda affiliates in yemen and somalia. the core al qaeda leadership in afghanistan and pakistan have been decimated. >> well, the core leadership. seth jones worked in various capacities in u.s. special forces command and with the rand corporation. seth, good to see you. >> thanks, megyn. >> the president has said that so many times, the core leadership has been decimated. is that in any way consistent with this report that the group is live and well and planning to bomb us perhaps on airplanes?
9:18 pm
>> well, i think it's completely inconsistent. >> maybe it's the underlings, the leaders are gone but the privates sitting around the table. >> that doesn't appear to be the case. a major al qaeda operative from iran is involved in a lot of the plotting we're seeing now from syria and turkey towards the west including towards the u.s. homeland. the people we're seeing involved in plotting from al qaeda are names we've seen for a long time. >> what -- how dangerous is this group versus isis when it come to threats on americans here in the homeland? >> well, what it looks like today from an intelligence perspective is the group that is plotting the most attacks, the most serious plots against both europe, our european allies including london and the british and the u.s. homeland is the almusra front. it's not isis at the moment, though they're a longer term concern. but al qaeda's help in pakistan and yemen. this is a bit of a competition actually with isis right now. >> this is a nightmare scenario
9:19 pm
where you've got these competing terrorist groups whose mission is to outdo the other and the main target is america. >> is america and its allies. i think they could pull off an attack in london or madrid or paris, they'd do that just as well as they would in washington and new york. >> how concerned should we be about the plane issue? we always go back to that given 9/11, but do you think that's where the focus likely is? >> i think it's one major focus. and what ibrahim alasiri has been trying to do is figure out how to get a bomb on an airplane that makes its way through security either in a body crevice or materials that are nonmetallic so you can walk through airport security. it is important to know this group and these groups are trying to be very innovative in learning how to break their way through american security practices. >> i love that that guy's in yemen. isn't yemen the country we gave the five taliban generals to? or was it qatar? they're bad too. >> they're all bad.
9:20 pm
>> yemen is the place the president pointed us to for his working counterterrorism strategy that he thinks it's just like the war he's going to launch. that guy's there planning attacks. >> he is. this is the same guy involved in the underwear bomber plot in 2009. same bombmaker. >> unbelievable, seth. thank you for your insights. >> thank you, megyn. >> you can hardly tell the republicans from the democrats today as congress questioned our secretary of state and our secretary of defense about the plan to take on this terror army isis. we'll show you what is worrying them most. plus, the islamic state just released a new video with the message from the british journalist who's being held hostage. the story behind this next. >> they took over are painted black, this is said to be an isis police station. the activists say this church was turned into an islamic center. and isis blew this shrine up because it was built for shiite muslims and they are sunni. a body at rest tends to stay at rest...
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the 2014 4runner. toyota. let's go places. >> this is a fox news alert. people of scotland making their voices heard. 60% of the votes are now in. our sister station calling the election on those opposed to breaking away from the united kingdom. and giving the no side 54% of the vote. polling places, some in the high 80% range. if sktland decided to leave the uk after 307 years it would have been the first since break up since 1993. ahead of the vote there are unanswered questions about what with happen if scott low pressured did become independent what would happen to to the
9:25 pm
occurrency we know there may be no need to answer questions soon. more than 80% of the eligible population casting their ballots. 54% of them voting for scotland to stay united with the uk. 45% voted in favor of independence let's go now to our sister station, sky news as they have the final results still coming in. let's listen in. >> there are people who maybe do see the need for radical change. this notion of where is a scottish referendum on the map across the uk. what we must avoid is the idea is that we have a formula for the scottish parliament which forces the scottish parliament
9:26 pm
to implement west minister for us what we need is the regions to have ability to run different economic policy, economic policy that is right for their own protection or circumstance. that is what scotland needs. >> how important that last minute offer? >> our proposals were on the table in may. what it was was a road map as to how to deliver them on the basis of bringing parties together. ourselves and labor have slightly different proposals they can be put together. our tax proposals i think could be an effective package.
9:27 pm
people have rejected the scale of change but it's clear they want a scottish parliament that can make decisions i'm clear from taking part in this debate because we can't have a debate where people suggest you can pay tax and have scandinavian public services you've got to have a mature debate on tax, public spending, and i think that the proposals will deliver that. i think all the time will satisfy ht of the aspirations of people that voted yes. . >> i mean, when i think joanne lamban started using the phrase you can't have scandinavian public services and american level tax, of course i agree with. that i've been using the same phrase for months i've been trying talk about that the same policy at uk government
9:28 pm
level. you can see you don't want trajectory where that business doesn't pay it's share anymore where the social environmental policy is heaped on those who are least able to defend themselves from it. ñ o david cameron results he would have had to go. >> i don't see mr. salmon as a sort of guy who resigns i said if there had been a 5% vote for yes, he would have said 4% and claimed it as a victory. i don't think that is, you know, i don't think that is an issue. what is more important is that snp get involved about the discussion of scottish parliament and the shape of the
9:29 pm
new powers rather than sit on the side lines which i'm afraid has been their approach in recent years. >> the yes, that just what political parties or do you want to achieve the kind of engagement for the referendum count? >> well, what i have said i think positive thing has been level of public engagement. we've got to find a way to continuing that ask keeping people involved i don't know i'm not pretending but i know how it is because i think people have enjoyed and wanted to participate in debate. whether they want to go through legislation is another matter. >> i think there does have to be leadership in terms of setting out proposals and then,ñi reachg them to the people. >> yes. political leaders behind closed doors we've seen that too many
9:30 pm
times that is the kind of disconnect that we've seen in our politics. that led to 50% minus. public meeting, the collapse, 2, 3 years led to a high referendum we can't go back to the old way of doing things where political leaders stretch things up. >> however, in the service round from non-scottish perspective, a non-scottish citizen of the uk might feel, you know whether voting yes or no, scotland gets something from the center. >> it's for all of us from scotland to argue scotland's case i do think the people should protest issuing the governance of england has been the elephant in the room. it's clear it's going to stimulate a debate in england. that is a healthy, positive
9:31 pm
thing. i think something to be encouraged i don't think we always taek the few it's not for people in other parts of the united kingdom to tell us what to do. >> okay. break up at the moment. i'm sure you want to hear this. this is the declaration in argyll and bute. we're waiting for results from ireland. sky news reporting scotland rejects independence. and, how would you describe the
9:32 pm
mood? >> there is a lot of movement now. i think relief is the overwhelming emotion. relief that will feel ever more pro found, i imagine as the days goes on. the stakes were incredibly high for david cameron. having said that, minds are turning very swiftly as to what needs to happen next and how david cameron will layout evolutionary powers for scotland and implication that's will have for england and other parts of the united kingdom. if you look at the way his own party is likely to result to this, we're either a no victory or yes would have been dangerous for him in terms of his own personal position. there are a lot of people within the conservative party saying hang on a minute. david cameron and had his colleagues got them selves into a panic over the fact of one, as
9:33 pm
some describe it a rogue poll they chucked sweeties and goodies at scotland sh not considering implications that that might have in terms of england now waking up to that. what david cameron needs to do is to offer a cool head and calm demeanor that he and his colleagues have been all over the place of late the either reason why it's necessary to take on the genie out of the bottle of english nationalism is because if he doesn't do it, you know who will? nigel farage. and it's another issue where they feel they made running on a bunch of separate points.
9:34 pm
>> thank you, we've now got the turn out in argyll and bute. thank you for that. we can see the winning post there. we estimate that about 1.6 million votes will be, as you can see. no is getting closer to that. i'd say it's been an orderly count here and i can't point to why it's been taken so long to get the result. simply since all tellers appear to be resting at the moment.
9:35 pm
let's go over to see why they're waiting for results. >> it's very, very close local counsellors and labor officials have been mainly many have been left in very los to this final edinburgh announcement. we think things are very close. >> this is no great secret but it's been a long hard fight.
9:36 pm
>> do you recognize it? >> what do you think brought it back together? >> i think those -- [ >> it's not -- >> tell me what -- >> yes. >> and was there a moment you thought the union was finished? >> no >> not really. >> much ado about nothing? >> yes. >> well, there we go. just waiting for the final count, actually. will be, going to go any minute
9:37 pm
and really after that comes that will be it, we think. it has been delayed a little bit. it's what we're waiting for. there are three areas. and that is why everybody is crowded here waiting for that final result we'll bring to you, hopefully, very shortly. >> thank you very much. >> telling me it's a tradition >> over a number of electrics is always been a timing issue with the count and i don't know why that is. >> i'm a glass go cat so i'll
9:38 pm
have to take david's word for that one. we can see the way the wind blowing. it's not in doubt anymore. as you said earlier, a question mark about what happens next, some people questioning. some questioning whether there is any kind of positive evolution i believe. >> all right. just listening to our sister station sky news. results coming in in scotland. people in scotland making their voices heard our sister station called the election in favor of those opposed to breaking away from the united kingdom. we know that most of those votes are in it looks like it's going to be a no polling places report a heavy turn out earlier. some reported up to 80% of
9:39 pm
people voting. and if scotland decided to leave it would have been the first such break up in europe since 1993. ahead of the vote interest were some questions that would have been things like what would happen to the nukes based there in scotland? what happens to the currency. looks like that is not going to be an issue. people of scotland seem to be saying this is on the table and going to be talked about into the future. vote are in. it appears scotland voted not to break way from england at this point. 80% of the eligible population casting their ballots. 54% voted to stay united with uk. 45% voted in favor of independence. so what would have happened
9:40 pm
there would have been questions as to what happens to their occurrency, intelligence based there in scotland those questions do not need to be answered but again, the people there seem to be saying now this is going to be a topic we're going to talk about. now, it's out there. and something needs to be discussed into the future. but as it stands with more than 80% of the eligible voters getting out there and voting looks like the people have said no. we don't want to break away from england this is record voter turn out we're told. polling places reporting most up to 80% of voters and most districts getting out to vote. scotland deciding not to leave the uk after 307 years of part of that union. and we'll keep you up to date. scotland will remain part of the united kingdom. we'll be back right after this.
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9:45 pm
their final results. david cameron congratulating the head of the independence campaign. again, the no side was 54%, yes side, 45%. polling places reported heavy turn out earlier with 86% of scottish citizens casting votes. that is unprecedented numbers some precincts said they had up to 80% voting. and if scotland decided to leave the uk it would have been the first such break up in europe since 1993. ahead of the vote there are unanswered questions like what happens if scotland became independent. would they still be part of nato? what happens to those nuclear arms based in scotland? looks like now there is not going to be a need to talk about those things according to results we know that the nos appear to have it
9:46 pm
and scotland voted not to break way from the united kingdom let's listen into our sister station, sky news, still waiting for the final results to come in from the election. let's listen in. >> to declare and does appear here we may be about to hear that particular result 363,000 people in the electorate. i am much closer but often this happens overnight but you hit a high isis for no particular reason. and we can get a little bit more
9:47 pm
and are on the brink of a number of declarations. . >> i think we will be. we are to remember the turn out is here. it's truly massive in the nearly 90% in places we're expecting the declaration at any moment, soon. campaigners are jaysent to where they are now. so let's talk to a few people involved we have msb for edinburgh. are you happy or relieved? >> happy and relieved. i'm delighted really delighted. that says it for all. >> once and for all. >> someone says well, there is
9:48 pm
5%. >> is that okay? >> you're just listening to our sister station sky news they're in scotland people of scotland have spoken, turning out in record numbers to make voices heard. 60% of the votes are now in. our sister station sky news called the election in favor of those opposed to breaking waves in the united kingdom. we'll have more on election results right after this. [ female announcer ] rock a 3d white smile. with crest 3d white luxe toothpaste.
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9:51 pm
bill ayers speaking out about our lengthy interview. in case you missed it, and how could you possibly, here are a few highlights from our exchange. >> the question is whether your wife bernadine dohrn felt that she did in 1970 when she seemed
9:52 pm
perfectly fine about murder, she said about the charles manson murders -- >> this is not true. >> -- "offing those rich pigs with their own forks and knives and then eating a meal in the same room, far out. the weathermen dig charles manson." this is your sweetheart? this is your soulmate? and his home got fire bombed in the middle of the night. in your book with bernadine you quote the weather underground communique and you say as follows, i'm quoting now, two weeks before the townhouse explosion, which is a different bomb, four members of this group had fire bombed judge murtagh's house in new york as an action of support for the panther 21. within that group however the feeling developed that because this action had not done anything to hurt the pigs materially it wasn't very important. >> i didn't write that. >> it's in your book. >> which book? >> your book with bernadine. you say in your book that you can't quite imagine putting a bomb in a building today, but
9:53 pm
you can't imagine entirely dismissing that possibility either. what would it take to make you bomb this country again? >> as violent and as nuts as we can be as a country, i can't completely say no, i would never ever rise up in opposition in a militant serious way. i can't say i wouldn't. >> ayers had this to say about his time with me, "she struck me as a very strange person. she's like a cyborg constructed in the basement of fox news, she's very striking, but very metallic, very cold, her eyes are very cold. i looked up cyborg and it's a superhuman being. striking, well, ayers knows a thing or two about that. just ask judge murtagh. after my alleged time in the basement, well, i've never actually lived underground. unlike ayers and his wife bernadine who evaded the fbi for
9:54 pm
11 years. and then there's the eyes. man's got a point. they can be cold. not as cold as those of the three people killed while making bombs for ayers' group, but icy at times, especially when i'm looking at a serial bomber who terrorizes so many including an innocent little boy. i'm sure bernadine's eyes are much warmer especially when she's discussing admiration for serial killers who murder pregnant women. but i am thankful he came on this program, which is a standup move. by the way when my husband was onto talk about his book, the viewers said my eyes look very dreamy. look at them there. look. see the dreaminess? they're not always cold. just depends on the person. let me know what you think. send me a tweet or leave us a comment on coming up on "hannity" at the top of the hour. >> not just texans but americans are still -- and they should be, substantially concerned that the
9:55 pm
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from now. would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives but they'll never take our freedom! >> great movie. we had to show it to you again. we just got new returns in from scotland and they show a huge turnout. and the lead for no on independence. we'll see the results probably fox & friends tomorrow. also tomorrow a special hour-long report on what is shaping up to look like a slow march to a new war in ir from new york. with only a few districts left, preliminary vote count is in favor of the no cam point for
10:00 pm
the scotland independence vote. the voting age lowered to 16 just for this election. the tally right now shows 54% were opposed, 46% voting for an independent scotland. david cameron congratulated the head of the campaign. it would have been the first such breakup in europe since 1993. the uk pound rose immediately once it became clear the no vote was pulling ahead. it had been bouncing up and down. stay with fox news for the very latest out of scotland. the rev generals. see you tomorrow at 9:00. welcome to "hannity. and this is a fox news alert. australian police have thwarted a major terror plot with direct links to