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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 23, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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good morning. it is tuesday, september 23. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. for the first time the united states launching airstrikes against isis in syria. >> the bombings are part of an historic alliance. five arab nations working with the united states to help destroy terrorists. >> but how will syria react? and are we safe at home? right here at home. because many have come over here after serving over this. "fox & friends" on this tuesday starts right now. i wasn't kidding. i meant right now. >> we want to thank you for joining us. we're going to get right to that fox news alert for you. overnight the united states and five arab allies launching airstrikes in syria against isis terrorists. until now the attacks have been concentrated in iraq.
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>> doug luzader is in washington, d.c. doug, things got started last night about 9 p.m. eastern time. what do we know so far? >> reporter: the focus of these strikes has been in syria. what is a little bit surprising about this perhaps, all of the arab nations that were involved in this, these five were involved to one degree or another, four out of those five took part in the attacks themselves. we have amateur video believed to be showing the impact of these airstrikes. you're talking about strikes that were carried out by carrier-based aircraft as well as 47 tom hawk cruise missiles. as the president will say this was a collective effort. it does raise the question what's next. isis fighters have known for days the u.s. intended to launch these strikes. many figured isis will regroup and many -- may use
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the attacks to boost recruitment efforts. >> they're going to hunker down especially in eastern syria and iraq. they have been through this before and know what to expect when american airstrikes come. >> one final note of the timing on this. congress has already left town, so these strikes began after congress left for their recess. that is interesting because this was this ongoing question of whether the president would need congressional authority to do this. we don't know if that's why they waited to this point to launch the strikes, but there are certainly going to be some members of congress that will raise some eyebrows offense the the -- eyebrows over the timing of this. >> meanwhile after the airstrikes, israeli defense forces, in another fox news alert, israelis shot down a syrian jet that entered its airspace. is that related? john huddy live in
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jerusalem. what was that jet doing that the israelis shot it out of the sky? >> reporter: looks like they were hitting rebel targets. rebel factions have been battling the syrian government right along the israeli border on the syrian side. it appears at this point that the fighter jet, the syrian fighter strayed into israeli airspace and then israel shot it down with a patriot missile. really at this point it's not connected with the u.s. airstrikes that are going on. remember, the israeli border is to the south, is in the southern part of syria and a lot of fighting with isis has been to the north. so that said, the syrian foreign ministry issued a statement earlier saying that the american side -- by the way, we got amateur video of smoke from that fighter jet as it went down. we're hearing the pilots were able to eject in time. syria's foreign ministry in
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terms of the u.s. airstrikes that have been going on, released a statement saying that the american side informed syria's permanent envoy to the u.n. that the strikes will be launched against the -- terrorist organization in rakah. it is in the northern part of syria. it's been a main battle front, all that area isis has controlled between the syrian government and isis as well. when president obama announced this 12 days ago, the syrian government and syrian officials said without consent from damascus it would be considered an act of aggression. whether syria has given its consent is unclear. but syria's deputy prime minister is in new york. he will be speaking, or scheduled to speak on monday followed by israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu. whether any of this will come up in terms of the fighter being shot down --
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and remember, i also want to point out that there was a syrian drone that israel also shot down a couple weeks ago because of the fighting along the border. so, again, it does not look whae hearing from the israeli army that this has anything to do with the u.s. airstrikes or syria's response. >> syria was informed by their foreign minister yesterday that they were going to be hitting, we were going to be hitting and it was going to be that night. they did not say a word. why would they? it works on their behalf because isis eventually was going to get to the government. when you look at this coalition, it is significant. and the president really should be praised as well as secretary of state john kerry. he got bahrain, saudi arabia, the u.a.e. you even have qatar working with the u.s. to attack isis sites.
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the u.s. on its own struck a different area, we understand, against a brand-new terror group that some say is more dangerous. >> al qaeda fighters from pakistan and afghanistan migrated into syria. there were eight separate attacks that occurred there by the united states forces only. >> you know what's curious about the announcement? by the way, we should point out the pentagon announced last night at 9:30 eastern time that the bombing started. yet there was a guy on the ground in raqqa who was on twitter saying the sky is filled with drones. what is curious is after the fighting actually started, the pentagon through one of its spokes people -- by the way we're going to talk to admiral kirby in about an hour to find out what's going on over there. somebody from the pentagon, a spokesperson said last night was the most intense
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night of the syrian airstrike campaign. all the fighting for the most part, they make it sound like, just happened. if you're isis, it's kind of like we made it through the night, we'll probably be okay tomorrow. >> maybe. >> looks like they're fighting arm in arm in terms of these airstrikes here. it raises eyebrows to think all partners here, arab nations, none are european nations. everyone has eyes on turkey. will they step up and join the united states, the coalition of arab nations in these air airstrikes. this is significant because it is not the religious war, not the religious attack isis claimed. it undermines their argument that this is about theory and religion because you have sunni fighting extremes. >> it's very significant that we have four arab muslim countries, all
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sunni-based countries attacking a sunni-based terrorist organization. that did not come easy. many of these were urging the united states to do something about assad before, but now this is isis. so it is significant, in my judgment. qatar not attacking. qatar, i think, has problems because they have been aiding isis financially from the beginning, and they also aid hamas. and i always felt we have to do something about this country. maybe this is an indication that they're willing to change their stripes. i doubt it. we'll see what happens. >> i thought ità÷ was also interesting too that egypt said, who was not involved in this, not only are we willing to help. we think the u.s. should expand it to other terrorists beyond syria and iraq. >> the agreement established under george bush, congress authorize use of force is what it goes back to in terms of did we actually get approval here? they're using the ability to go after al qaeda here
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in the case of isis. >> we just into our news room received more video of some of the airstrikes overnight. there so far have been varying reports of the number of airstrikes but let's go ahead and take a look at what we just got into the news room. >> that is one of the 47 tomahawks shot off last night. the u.s. and our coalition partners, drones, bombers, fighters, tomahawks and for the first time in combat history we deployed the stealth f-22. that was used over this as well as we detail what a tomahawk does and how much it cost. $1.5 million a copy. we shot off 47 of them. >> about 20 targets. >> we have about one aircraft -- i -- we have one
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aircraft carrier. it is important there are base attacks from the u.a.e., bahrain and saudi arabia who we thought would only commit to train the free syrian army. now we find out they're willing to take action. >> we have three aircraft carriers which are really good. world reaction? the president is going to find out a little later on today. he's going to be here in new york city for the united nations general assembly, going to be talking about the climate change today. but it sounds like he's going to try to rally the world tomorrow. speaking of the world, russia has condemned the airstrikes against isis because we did not coordinate them with syria. we did call syria and we said we're going to strike. don't try to shoot us down or that would be really bad. >> russia has one real ally in the area. the whole dating thing with egypt did not work out.
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they have a huge naval base right in syria and they are extremely concerned, as is iran, about losing assad. we're hitting isis, who would in a sense be an enemy of the shia government. eventually we're going to get to them, and that's what russia worries about. >> there is concern there. the lesser of the two evils we're aiming to fight now and what will come. will turkey jump into this airstrike game, to put it mildly there? >> they look at syria. when assad got shaky, turkey rejoiced. they want him out. >> whatever we do, russia is not going to like it. look, we're out to get isis. they're out to kill us, and we're out to get them first. meanwhile 11 minutes after 6:00 eastern time here in new york city. coverage continues in a minute. up next, the war on isis has come to our doorstep. late-breaking details on isis fighters who are on american soil as we speak.
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u.s. military might in the middle of the red sea. you've got overnight firing off at least one of 47 tomahawks that were deployed against isis locations in the country of syria. that's right. if you're just waking up, we went to war last night with syria. the syria-based isis locations. we're not at war with syria. we're simply trying to take out isis, which is in syria, which makes it a little more complicated. >> it must be a fantasy for those who fought in iraq who knew syria was a haven to all the al qaeda elements and all those who came into iraq to fight against us. we couldn't go across that line. we were unable to go across that line. we were afraid of expanding the war. now here we are years later forced to go across that line and syria sits there
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on their hands because they know that's an enemy they can't handle. >> in the persian gulf we have a crew of c-tomahawks and will be fired from that. for you, the enemy is among us. the white house confirming american fighters for isis are back on suflt -- u.s. soil. peter doocy from washington with the latest on that. good morning to you. >> good morning. summer is over and there may be an isis homecoming underway because some americans who left the states to trean and fight along -- to train and fight alongside isis are believed to be back in the u.s. the white house says they're being watched with a senior administration official telling reporters that, quote, some who have gone to syria, some who tried to go and some have come back and under active f.b.i. surveillance. the best guess is 100 or so
3:18 am
u.s. citizens have tried to become part of the islamic state and the white house says they have a pretty good idea what they have been up to overseas. >> these are individuals who have been trade, have access to military equipment and have indicated a willingness to die for their cause. >> there is new isis internet video where one militant tells followers to carry out lone wolf attacks against american and french citizens because their air forces have been targeting isis targets in iraq. they may be tough to stop. >> the call from isis for people to act on their own, that's very, very difficult to detect because you're not going to get, you're not going to get communications that you can intercept. you're not going to have informants that are going to get you the information. you're just igniting all these people who are self-proclaimed jihadists to do whatever crazy they think they want to do. >> so far this haven't been any announcements about
3:19 am
sweeping changes that could be put in place to stop american isis americans or wanna bees to come home and commit terrorist attacks. >> it is pretty clear the f.b.i. is watching those members who went over this and came back here. what about the people who are over this right now and may try to come back? are they going to have trouble getting back in the country? >> so far what we've been hearing is the f.b.i. is going to treat those on a case-by-case basis. we haven't seen travel advisories look for these people. we haven't seen faces on wanted posters. this man might be an isis, woman might be an isis. the f.b.i. now going through on a case by case basis. >> britain did not take any time with that. a week ago they said we might not let them back in. i think they are possibly
3:20 am
going to have their passports revoked once they travel there. >> once it becomes clear what we're doing in the air over syria and iraq. we want to be clear what we're doing here to protect us and a measure of heightened awareness and action if you see anything as well. those lone wolf encouragements from isis are to be taken seriously. >> 20 minutes after the top of the hour. >> live news coverage continues for you in a moment. coming up, all eyes on bin laden's in-laws. he's on american soil about to face a judge. why some are saying the timing could not be worse. >> brand-new details about this guy, the man wanted in connection with a missing college student. what we just learned about him and why police let him go in the first place. [ male announcer ] automotive innovation starts...
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there's still no sign of u.v.a. freshman hannah graham. she disappeared more than a week ago. cops now releasing this wanted poster for a person of interest, jesse matthew, charged with reckless driving after he sped away from their headquarters on saturday. police say they want to talk to matthew but they have already missed their opportunity in the minds of many. want to weigh in on that is former d.c. homicide detective rod wheeler. what are your sources telling you this morning? >> that's right, elisabeth. i just learned new information. i want to caution the viewers this has not been confirmed by the police department but here is what my source very close to the investigation is telling me now. the information that the police had, that they were able to get the search warrant for matthew's apartment a week ago, what that evidence was was fresh tire tracks or fresh dirt and grime on the tires of
3:25 am
mr. matthew's car. what one of the detectives did was look inside the vehicle and they saw fresh dirt inside the vehicle as well. that's when they were able to get the search want for matthew's home. when they went into matthew's home, this is what my source is telling me, the police took out several bags of evidence. we know that, elisabeth, because i was there last week when they executed the search want. several bags of evidence and some of that evidence was shoes. they took carpet samples and fibers, hair fibers. that went to a laboratory and the results are expected back today by noontime. >> your sources indicating about the dirt and mud on the tires, is that also indicating they are matching that to a specific location? >> excellent question. they're trying to do that. here's why i think this source is accurate. the day after the police executed the search want, the police chief gave a press conference and in that press conference he made it clear -- and i watched it myself. he said he wants people in
3:26 am
that community to look on their properties for fresh tire tracks. why did he say that and why did he emphasize that? because he had in the back of his mind, he knew that because of what they found on this car it should match up somewhere in that area. one other thing quickly here. the police are also trying to figure out where was mr. matthew a week ago saturday and sunday? he worked at the hoe cal hospital there. but we don't know whether or not he called in sick or if he just took a couple of days off. but they cannot account for his whereabouts those two days right after hannah went missing. >> i think everyone is frustrated by the fact that they had him. they had him right there for questioning and didn't go any further. >> he wasn't trying to talk to the police either. that's what my source told me. he wasn't trying to talk. he lawyered up very quickly. >> disturbing. rod, we want to thank you. if anyone has any information we want to encourage them to be in
3:27 am
contact with the charlottesville police department tip line at 434-295-2851. rod, thank you. coming up, we know about the arab countries that they are helping the united states attack syria. what's more interesting is that the countries are in fact not helping, the ones that are not we're going to tell you about and why. our live team coverage continues with that in just a minute.
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back with a fox news alert. overnight the u.s. carrying out airstrikes against isis militants enside syria. this marking a may diswror diswror -- major expansion in the war against the terror group. the u.s. damaging 14 isis targets with an air barrage that includes 47 tomahawk missiles.
3:31 am
>> five arab nations including the united arab nations and qatar joining in this mission. all american personnel are safe this morning. >> a fox news alert. we know about the five arab countries helping the united states attack isis locations inside syria but what's more interesting may be the countries that are not helping us. joining us is fox news terror analyst walid farris. we put up on the screen the five arab countries that are helping us. what about the countries that are not? in particular, turkey. they have been a longtime ally of ours. why are they sitting on their hands this morning? >> out of the five arab countries helping us, four are seriously helping us and qatar is basically trying to help us but not in coordination with the other arab countries. i'll make a point about that. turkey is the most serious
3:32 am
country that could help us. it has borders with syria, borders with iraq. it could cross the border and strike isis or allow us to use our bases and their bases in turkey. it could use ground forces to go in and dismantle. it is not doing that. why? because the government in turkey in the past helped some of the jihadists move inside syria so they will be in trouble with the people they have helped. them are now isis and which are not. >> they're providing some individuals the red carpet for jihadists to cross. also reports saying they have been buying black market oil from isis. >> that, they could handle. the thing more difficult for the turks is if they want to strike now against the organizations they have helped, they don't know to what extent these organizations could damage them in return because some of them are in turkey as well. beyond that, there is the position of the government of turkey that they don't
3:33 am
want to be engaged in a war against islamist militias inside seernl. >> you know the history. to get this four or thee or five that are aggressive, even with qatar in a supporting role is pretty historic. there is reason to be happy. the fact is only 20 airstrikes seems relatively low compared to what we're used to maybe over 100 a day. in the big picture could turkey be helping us illicitly, doing things on the down low which is why we're not critical of them? >> these are not little neighborhoods. this is not little mafia at work. if turkey wants to help, the president of turkey goes in front of the parliament and says i'm part of the coalition. this is not hang. i'm sure the turkey government is saying to the united states we could help you. that is happening. but they don't want to appear in front of their own public that they are
3:34 am
part of the campaign so far. it may change. >> something else. in addition to the isis locations, and apparently we did take out the raqqa government building there in raqqa, which is the headquarters for isis. apparently it has been leveled. then they told fighters to go out into the rural areas. but in addition to isis locations, apparently we also hit with airstrikes the group of fighters from afghanistan and pakistan. apparently they were nearing the execution phase of an attack either on the united states or e.u. targets. what can you tell us about this group? >> this group is, according to officials, pretty much the most dangerous group because it is targeting the united states homeland. it is targeting western countries. it doesn't act much in the region. it tries to coordinate with all those jihadists returning to the united states or returning to the european union and then they want to get action
3:35 am
here. most of them were al qaeda. i would even suspect they have still links to al qaeda. now these strikes are targeting isis, are targeting one group, al nusra and the korasand group as well. >> there is a reason to act, just like that group the yazidis were on these mountains, saved a lot of them. i understand the syrian kurds have been pushed out of the area by isis. 130,000 go flooding into turkey. at the u.n. yesterday there was a plea to act. i wonder what role that played. >> that could have been one of the reasons to prompt the leadership to act quickly. why? because the kurds in syria would have been among those moderates contemplating to train and help. isis heard us. isis did a preemptive strike against them, took about eight to nine
3:36 am
villages, pushed tens of thousands out and were continuing to push out against turkey. >> in phase 2 here as we move forward, who do-wwr you see stepping up to take the lead in this fight in the region? >> first of all, in the region as a whole i'm still looking at egypt. egypt is very important, has the largest arab army which is trained by us. it has a significant air force. it has a tank force, ground force. most importantly a large special forces along with the jordanians that would be the spearhead of any ground operation. but i don't see yet arab forces with units on the ground. it may happen. that would be on the regional helpful. >> egypt is saying the right things. they say they want in and are encouraging the u.s. to expand the war beyond isis. >> yes, they are playing the role that we should have played by saying isis -- they allegedly are conducting an air raid with
3:37 am
the u.a.e. against the jihadists in libya. they are pretty much going regional at this point in time. >> this is going to be complete speculation but how do you think this phone call went? when the united states yesterday called the envoy to syria and said, okay, we're going to have these strikes against locations in your country. don't go messing with us or you're in big trouble. >> i think that phone call was unilateral. we just informed them because now i'm reading in the arab blog that the ambassador, whoever it was informed the ministry of foreign affairs in syria and the syrian government actually aired it on syrian tv. they said we got a phone call from the united states and that's what they told us and no comments at all about it. they know if they respond, we'll respond heavily. >> are you for bombing the syrian air bases too? >> without them engaging us, i don't think we should do it now. but if they engage us,
3:38 am
absolutely. then all the plans are to be executed against those air defenses. but they are smart enough. i think they have coordinated with the iranians. they want us to take out isis. my real concern on the ground, who is going to take the positions of isis if we strike them seriously. >> walid, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> meanwhile, heather nauert is poised to tell us what else is happening around the world. >> he faces the rest of his life behind bars. bin laden's son-in-law in federal court hood right here in new york city to face charges that he helped terrorists kill americans. you can expect security around that courthouse to be at an all-time high. he was convicted in march for his role as an al qaeda spokesman following the terror attacks on 9/11. brand-new details about those three afghan soldiers who went missing on american soil. they are in custody after trying to cross into canada
3:39 am
near niagara falls. they say they were looking for asylum. they were in the united states for training exercises at camp edward. >> breaking news out of israel this morning. israeli special forces gunning down two hamas militants accused of killing three israeli teenagers. they were hiding out in a building in the west bank. the attack on those teenagers led to that 50-day war between israel and hamas in the gaza strip. >> new video shows isis linked terror groups threatening to behead a frenchman. a kidnapper saying they will kill the hostage within 24 hours if france does not stop airstrikes in iraq. it is just a matter of time, pennsylvania police say they have the accused cop killer eric frein cornered. officials received, quote, credible tips on the 31-year-old. he is believed to be moving on foot in the dense woods of the pocono mountains. those are your headlines. >> thank you very much. >> a lot of breaking news.
3:40 am
we can't tell you for sure what's coming up. we know it is going to be important. we know this rear admiral john kirby live from the pentagon. does the president have authority to bomb syria without congressional approval. judge napolitano says even though congress is gone the president has painted himself into a corner and the judge has turned the corner. he is approaching the stage. here he is. [ female announcer ] hands were made for talking.
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now we're getting somewhere. ok who woh, i do!t rolls? (whoooosh! smack!) (whoooosh! smack!) (whoooosh! smack!) (whoooosh! smack!) (whoooosh! smack!) (whoooosh! smack!) (whoooosh! smack!) thanks carol! (electric hedge trimmer) everybody loves the sweet, fluffy deliciouslness of king's hawaiian bread. a fox news alert. the united states and our arab partners, five of them that we know of right now, expanding the war against isis in syria overnight with airstrikes. we just saw a tomahawk taking off. but does the president have the legal authority for the new strikes without approval from congress? joining us right now is fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. judge, we've been talking about this for awhile.
3:44 am
if the united states were to strike inside of syria on these isis targets, many feel he would need congressional approval. >> he himself has said that the authorization of military force, the law enacted by congress right after 9/11 to authorize president bush and his successors to pursue the people who planned and plotted 9/11 is no longer valid with respect to isis because they didn't exist at 9/11. he's pretty much patented himself in a corner on this. however, he continues to show his contempt for the constitution. the constitution says only congress can declare war. in a procedural vote two months ago, 400 of the 435 members of the house, overwhelming numbers of republicans and democrats said only congress can declare war and he needs a congressional resolution if he wants to go after isis. what does he do? he waits until congress is adjourned and home on its election break. he did the same thing when he bombed libya in 2010,
3:45 am
waited until congress was on a spring break. he doesn't care about the law. he has yet to ask for a congressional resolution. he knows he can't degrade isis in less than 180 days. what is the significance of that? the statute under which he is bombing in syria without congressional authorization only lets him do it for 180 days. he doesn't care about the law. he doesn't care about the constitution. he wants to win votes for democrats, which is probably why he's doing this now as opposed to last week when congress was in session and he could have asked for the lawful authority to do so. >> wait a minute. you're telling me that we struck at isis targets inside of syria for domestic u.s. politic reasons? >> i'm saying there is a very strong case to be made that that's why the president waited until congress was no longer in session. because if congress gave him authority, it would have restricted the geography and the duration and it would have told him when this ends.
3:46 am
now congress has an out. they don't have to do anything. the president gets his war. the democrats can say we're strong on war as the republicans are. he can even pull off some sort of october surprise if he wants. it's a terrible situation because neither the president nor the congress are interested in following the constitution, something they all swore an oath to uphold. >> we do know that the president did apparently call the speaker last night and told him what he had up his sleeve. but going forward, this really shouldn't surprise us. this particular administration has done all sorts of things by executive action and end run, you know, gone around congress any way. >> he's done that a lot, but in this particular case the constitution could not be clearer. he is the first president in american history repeatedly to use the military without even asking for congressional authorization. all the others have asked for it, even after 9/11, even to go after
3:47 am
afghanistan where the plotters plotted the tragedy and crisis here. george w. bush asked for and got congressional authorization. >> if the white house is using the authorization from back in 2002 after 9/11 regarding al qaeda, if they're using that for the rational to be striking at isis which didn't even exist back then, clearly the president is on thin legal ice. >> correct. but unless somebody does something about it, he'll continue to do it. if congress acts like a potted plant as it did when the president destroyed libya which arguably led toç the tragedy at benghazi and the chaotic state of affairs there now, congress will be as much to blame as the president. congress can rein him in with votes. >> don't you think a majority of members of congress wanted what happened last night to happen? >> i think they wanted it to happen after they authorized it which they didn't do yet.
3:48 am
>> thank you. it is 12 minutes before the top of the hour. this just in, we have just learned that u.s. forces apparently stopped an imminent attack in its tracks, this one by al qaeda. the breaking details are coming up next. and the president has said we are not at war, but do these new developments change all that? what will the administration say now? we're going to talk to the pentagon's top guy, admiral john kirby. he will join us live in about 20 minutes. [guy] i know what you're thinking- you're thinking beneful. [announcer]beneful has wholesome grains,real beef,even accents of spinach,carrots and peas. [guy] you love it so much. yes you do. but it's good for you, too. [announcer] healthful. flavorful. beneful. from purina. can this decadent, fruit topped pastry... ...with indulgent streusel crumble, be from...
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3:51 am
a fox news alert. we just learned that the united states forces stopped an imminent terrorist attack right in its tracks.
3:52 am
this one by al-qaeda. joining us now is retired naval officer and former defense department spokesman for the western hemisphere and the office of the secretary of defense, jay d. gordon. thank you for being with us today. >> thanks. >> what can you tell us about this thwarted attack? >> well, it's important to attack these guys before they attack us. this would be like attacking al-qaeda in afghanistan before 9-11. so i think it's a step in the right direction. i'm encouraged by it. but i don't think it will be sufficient in the long run because even if we destroy isis, and the others, there will be more islamic terror groups. ever since the 1970s, americans have been attacked under every single president, since jimmy carter, starting with our embassy in tehran. unless we stop radical islam from saudi arabia, qatar and iran, we're going to continue to be attacked. >> there were eight air strikes aimed there. why are they significant? >> they're significant because they stopped the plot on the united states.
3:53 am
the group is made up of people from afghanistan, pakistan, jihadis that were members of al-qaeda before. they want to strike the u.s. homeland and it's important we stop them before they could put their plots in place. they could have suicide bombers in trucks or anything like that around the country. >> here is a clue, they came to the aleppo region to work on their nonmetallic bombs which are able to get through our airports without being detected. >> that's right. it's very scary. tsa might not be able to catch them of the that's why it's important to stop them. the bottom line is we've got to convince saudi arabia, qatar and iran to stop exporting radical islam. the world has changed so much since the 1970s. basically we've had this proxy war between the sunnies exporting their types and they spent over $1 billion to export their wahabbiism. if you look at pictures in the '70, women were dresses and skirts. that's all over now because of the ideology.
3:54 am
you got to stamp out the ideology and tear it out by the root. >> it also has to come from within, the people of afghanistan, of iraq, of saudi arabia have to say this is ridiculous. why am i not driving cars? why am i wearing these burqas? why can't i do what the internet says i should be able to do. in the big picture right now, is surviving winning if you'reum isis? if we damage them, but they're able to say i'm still here, are they winning? >> brian, i think so. i think if they can live to fight another day, they're going to do it. a lot of their heavy weapons will be destroyed that they stole from the iraqi army that we gave to the iraqi army when they crumbled. a lot of their control centers. >> i guess the concern of some american people, this seems to be a step in the right direction in terms of crushing isis. but the idea we may be able to sustain attention there and say okay, that's good enough, we're out. no more air strikes, isis is done, just like we thought
3:55 am
al-qaeda was dead and on the run, that's the fear the american people have. is that valid? >> absolutely, elisabeth. commitment is a big deal. here is another big deal. acquisition program. we shot 47 tom hawks today. but the obama administration has funded 100 for the whole year. that's crazy to me. >> that's the general odierno said over the weekend. you're cutting us back, cutting more next year and cutting us down to under 400,000. you're starting any improvements in the r and d. you can not continue to cut and demand at the same time. republicans and democrats should restore the sequester cuts. >> that's absolutely right. we're looking at a trillion dollars in cuts over a decade that. will hollow out the decade like during the 1970s. we're not going to be able to defend ourselves like we are today. >> it's up to the military to step up and make -- i remember
3:56 am
senator sessions said we're going to keep the sequester in place. that's a republican. democrats are happy to cut one thing, the military. and the republicans who have that theme of cutting say i can't just say don't cut the military and not anything else. so together, the military is paying the price. >> you're absolutely right. they're paying the price and it's dangerous for america. it's a sad day for us really and we've got to get our head around the problem and that is we've got to stop this radical islam or it will be whack a mole for generations and we can't afford that either. >> we want to thank you for being with us and your service. >> thank you. >> talking about what we just found out. the group was poised to act and that's why the u.s. jets took them out last night. the very first bombing campaign against isis happening as we speak. how will the president address it when he heads to the u.n. today? ed henry here live on the couch walking through the door so very close.
3:57 am
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
good morning. today is tuesday, september 23. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. we are waking up to breaking news this morning. the united states unleashing air strikes in syria for the first time. isis targets hit. this with the help of arab nations. when will the president speak? ed henry here on the curvy couch with breaking details. >> more breaking news. u.s. forces say they have foiled what they're calling an imminent terrorist attack in its tracks on the united states for our european allies and this threat is not from isis. it's from an al-qaeda group. >> wow, what does president obama's war mean for our military? will he be able to keep his promise, no boots on the ground? our military panel breaks down the options like no other. "fox & friends" starts right
4:01 am
now. on this tuesday, ed henry, who joins us today from usually washington, you're here in new york because the president is supposed to talk at the united nations general assembly, you've got news about the strikes. >> breaking news, president will speak from the white house before he leaves for new york. he's leaving about 10:20 a.m. eastern time. so we expect he would do that from the white house about 10:00 a.m. eastern time. yes, he's coming here to new york, talk about the u.n. meetings, rally allies. but i think what's significant is the timing of why they started late yesterday. i think there is two parts of this. the president two weeks ago basically gave the authorization to the u.s. military to expand this bombing campaign into syria beyond just iraq when he spoke to the nation. general lloyd austin of central command made the decision yesterday, give it the green light and move forward, in part because i think as you've been talking about, this al-qaeda affiliated group that was
4:02 am
plotting, we knew for days they had been plot to go launch terrorist attacks here in the u.s., potentially western europe as well, significant that the u.s. government for the first time is saying, they think there were imminent attacks that this group was plotting. that's significant. remember how much criticism the president has taken for suggesting that isis, for example, was just a jv group that we didn't necessarily is to worry about just a few months ago. this other group and al-qaeda affiliates he warned these are dangerous, but not necessarily with imminent attacks on the u.s. so the u.s. military decided to move because they were concerned about the potential for a terrorist attack. >> acting alone, the arab partners there, the five did not participate in the strikes. >> specifically the asurasan. the five went forward with the air strikes and helped the u.s. in terms of targeting isis, their command and control, as well as training facilities. bahrain, and four others. how long will they be in the
4:03 am
fight? that's one of the things the president will be dealing with. >> we just saw some video in the open and it's something we just got from our aircraft carrier showing 47 tomahawk missiles went off last night. let's look at how it sounded. so that happened 47 times, along with we think 20 separate strikes. perhaps it's the most significant thing and a huge victory for secretary kerry and the president is he's got four, maybe as many as five sunni nations doing most of the air strikes. does it mean france or australia or us is out? it means they're in first. >> france has been helping with air strikes in iraq, but said up front we're not helping in syria. so who will be there for us? will the brits step up at some point or other partners? that's part of what the president will push for here at the u.n. i think something significant, our colleagues got an interview with the egyptian president. he says look, i'm supportive of
4:04 am
the president widening this fight -- >> widening it? >> but then goes on to say, the administration can't, quote, wash its hands of the middle east. so there is a warning in will as well that ties into why some allies may be hesitant to get involved, saying is the u.s. going to be in this fight for the long haul or is this a little bit of, as some u.s. officials are saying, shock without the awe? >> let's talk about the chronology. we know the president was down at cencon and it was general austin who called the president yesterday and asked for authorization. >> he already technically had the authorization and general austin could move forward on his own. i'm told the president was being briefed by general austin and his folks throughout the night last night. so the green light is coming from general austin. the president gave that authorization in the last couple weeks when he spoke to the nation and last week, secretary hagel already told us that last week he and general dempsey had
4:05 am
authorized strike plans inside syria and that those plans were briefed to the president by general austin at cencom last week. he had already authorized strikes, but was not authorizing specific plans. >> was the president and mr. kerry, were they out trying to get as many countries as possible lined up before we went forward? >> absolutely. the president last week said we've got over 40 countries helping us. but among most of those 40, they're helping maybe with humanitarian and other things. the key part is these five arab nations that you've been naming who are saying we're helping with the air strikes. we're helping with actual military action. france last week, the administration was touting that. yes, progress, they got france to help in iraq. france doesn't want to help in syria. that's where the head of the snake is. >> and one thing i thought the goal was and a lot of military people are saying is not so much hitting them with as many bombs as possible and from many different direction, they want isis to not know where the next hit is coming from, where they can move and where they can't
4:06 am
move. do you have any credence or back up to this, that general austin asked to hit in syria and president obama said no, not unless i give you permission. therefore, at some point the president said you can hit in syria? >> well, look, they've been going back and forth on this in the white house about when did the president technically authorize it. bottom line is two weeks ago he told the nation on the record, on camera, we are moving forward with air strikes in syria. it's just when do we move forward specifically. he had already given general austin the broad authority to say i'm expanding this air campaign. by the way, we've been reporting about syria, there were more u.s. air strikes in iraq yesterday. so that continues. specifically, though, general austin was waiting for when do we move forward? that happened yesterday. >> with a will half moving forward into the conversations of turkey and the president -- >> that's another important ally that's supposed to be and should be helping, giving its influence in the region, but they've been dragging their feet for various reasons. one is what i was mentioning
4:07 am
with egypt, are some of the folks in the region saying wait a second, we want to see how the early stages of this go and will the u.s. be in it for the long haul? the president two weeks ago said this won't be a short situation. this will take months and months and we'll have to degrade and destroy isis. it's not going to be shock and awe in the first couple hours. >> we asked walid phares. he gave his assessment of the region. take a listen. >> turkey is really the most serious country that could help us. it has borders with syria, borders with iraq. it could cross the border and strike isis or allow us to use our bases and their bases in turkey and use ground forces to go in and dismantle, but they're not doing that. why? because the government in turkey in the past have helped some of the jihaddist move inside syria. so they'll be in trouble with the people who they have helped. they don't know which of them are now isis and which are not.
4:08 am
>> so that's egypt group could play a major role and we think turkey will do something. we don't know what deal they cut to get their hostages out. >> saying we're not going to get into it. the other thing is what does president assad in syria going to do? the u.s. resisted to get involved in the syrian civil war. now what we're trying to deal with isis, we're in and how far do we go? number two, the other important thing that happened overnight is that israel, another key ally, shot down a syrian fighter jet that went into the golan heights, violated israeli air space. what else is going on in this region? we've got our eyes specifically in syria. there is a whole heck of a lot going on in the region. >> absolutely. we've been speaking internationally. let's talk about american politics. a lot of members of congress have made it very clear to the president of the united states, if you're going to do something, you got to come to congress and we've got to authorize it. as it turns out, he said go ahead and get them while congress is on vacation. >> i think judge napolitano was right. it's another thing -- i failed
4:09 am
to mention in terms of timing, i think the potentially imminent threat from these terrorists, yes, that was an important part of timing. but also yes, judge napolitano is right, congress is now gone. if obama got started last week, there would be more pressure last week. the president gets a lot of heat for this, but there is a lot of lawmakers who say, we should have a vote. and then oh, i got a plane ticket, i'm going home. they want to go home and campaign. >> what about the timing of the united nations general assembly, the reason you're here, starts today for all intents and purposes. >> i suspect that's why he's speaking from the white house, climate change. a big priority of the administration, when you've got bombs falling over syria. >> leon panetta, gates, dempsey all come out and question the president's strategy. did it have any effect on what's happening? >> that "60 minutes" piece was pretty powerful. i don't think that was the final piece on the timing. when you had the president's former pentagon chief saying we
4:10 am
should have left troops behind in iraq, that was a mistake. something the white house doesn't want to admit. again, i'm not saying it had anything to do with when the bombing started, but that puts more political pressure on this administration when it's not just a republican critic, it's now his former defense secretary saying we made mistakes. every admission gets advice from different advisors. the commander in chief has to make the final call. he's made calls, whether it's red lines, bringing troops home from iraq that he's going to argue were the right decision at the time. but maybe if they had a chance to do a do over, they'd think again. >> it will be interesting to see what the advisors have to say about this latest move. >> good to see you. coming up on this very busy tuesday, the president has said we're not at war. but what will the president say this morning when he addresses the nation? we just heard from ed. he's going to do that probably around 10:00 o'clock this morning. we're going to talk to the pentagon's top spokesperson, admiral john kirby next, and he'll tell us what he knows. and brand-new details about
4:11 am
this guy, the man wanted in connection with a missing college student. what we just learned about him and why police let him go in the first place.
4:12 am
4:13 am
4:14 am
fox news alert. moments ago we learned president obama will address the nation. this just hours after launching
4:15 am
military strikes in syria. so is america at war? rear admiral john kirby joins us live. admiral, big day in news. i guess let's just go with the headline. is it official now, we're at war with isis? >> we've been saying that for quite some time. i said that about a week or so ago. we're definitely at war with isil the same we're at war with al-qaeda. >> it's the same thing. last night also speaking of al-qaeda, i understand one of the things that we did by ourselves, not with the sunni allied states in the region, was to hit korsan because of an imminent threat. >> without too much detail, this is a very dangerous group, al-qaeda offshoot. we had good information that they were very actively plotting and very close to the end of that plotting and planning an attack on targets either in europe or the u.s. homeland. we had enough information to go after them and so we did. you're right. these were u.s. only strikes
4:16 am
against the group in and around near aleppo and we're still assessing the effectiveness of those strikes, but we think we hit what we were aiming at. >> well done by our military and our hats are off to them and thankful for keeping us safe. let me ask you this, something that someone says was not well done was now we're actually paying the price of leon panetta for not arming moderate syrian rebels sooner. take a listen to this while we have you we'd love your reaction. >> in retrospect now, was not arming the rebels at that time a mistake? >> i think that would have helped and i think in part we paid a price for not doing that and inn what we see happening with isis. >> are we playing catch up now? >> i don't know if i want to get into armchair quarterbacking this thing after the fact. i can tell you is our focus right now is on training and equipping a moderate syrian opposition. we asked congress for and received approval from them for
4:17 am
about $500 million to train and equip moderate opposition going forward. it's going to take us some months to get that training and equip mission going and even more months after that, probably up to a year, before we can get opposition forces in the field. but we're very much dedicated to that. that's a priority for secretary hagel and we're looking forward to moving forward with that. as you know, saudi arabia came forward and offered a training facility that we can use. so that was a big piece of the puzzle and we're moving forward. >> what happens in the meantime? if that takes up to 18 months to properly train, who is handling all the business there in the months between? >> you still have a moderate opposition that is going after threats inside syria. they're going after the assad regime and isil. that's going to continue as well. there are other ways in which the united states is supporting the moderate opposition in addition to this which will take a little time to get started. you saw what happened last night. we put a lot of pressure on isil and now putting pressure in
4:18 am
syria. i think you can expect to see that pressure continue as well. >> since we've got you here, there have been a number of news stories out because peopst gath. can you tell us how many air strikes were pulled off and whether or not we hit what we were intending to hit? >> yeah. great question. we conducted against isil targets with our arab partners 14 -- we hit 14 different target areas inside syria last night. also eight strikes against this group we talked about was u.s. only. so 22 total strikes last night. i can tell you that we used the dozens and doddss -- dozens of tactical from nations and tomahawk strikes. we had a couple of drone strikes, dropping almost more than i could say more than 150 precision guided munitions. 99% of all the munitions dropped last night were precision guided
4:19 am
munitions. we took very, very care to make sure we were hitting what we were aiming at and not causing collateral damage. we don't have any indications that we did. we do and we're starting to collect sort of get an assessment. we believe we hit largely everything we were aiming at. >> here are the countries we understand took part. qatar, saudi arabia, bahrain, jordan and the uae. one country missing that probably has the biggest army and could be the most valuable is turkey. where were they? where are they in the process of joining us or leaving us alone? >> well, turkey was not a participant last night, as you know. i won't speak for another government and what they're willing to do or not do. this is a key nato ally. they're partner in the region. they have borders with both countries, iraq and syria. they have a refugee issue that they're dealing with. so they are -- just by their geography, they'll be a partner here and a coalition member. they've indicated they want to participate. we're leaving it up to each nation to sort of characterize that on their own.
4:20 am
>> can isis be defeated without turkey? >> we recognize isil cannot be defeated if it's not defeated regionally by nations in the region, everybody chip not guilty and participating. again, i want to give great credit to general austin in central command for pulling together this terrific coalitioó yesterday. having five arab nations join us in this effort is not insignificant. i think something to be commended. >> rear admiral john kirby joining us from the pentagon where i've got a feeling they're going to be drinking a lot of coffee 'cause you did an all nighter last night. thank you very much. >> it was a busy night, thank you very much for having me. 20 minutes after the top of the hour. breaking news out of israel, israelis, special forces shot down a syrian jet for the first time since 1982. what was that jet doing over israel? we are live in jerusalem with syria's sorry excuse. and major update to those three afghan soldiers who disappeared from a military base right here in the united states.
4:21 am
they were found at the canadian border. what in the world were they doing there? we're going to tell you. keep it right here.
4:22 am
4:23 am
4:24 am
more breaking news overnight. israeli defense forces shot down a syrian jet that entered israeli air space. is it related to the u.s. air strikes in isis, people are wondering? >> joining us live from jerusalem with the breaking details on this, john huddy. good morning to you. so can you connect the dots for us here? are these related at all? >> reporter: no. it doesn't look like that. believed that this jet that was shot down is connected to or retaliation by syria in
4:25 am
any way to the u.s. air strikes. remember, syria borders israel and there has been an intense amount of fighting there between syria's government and antigovernment rebel forces. so there has been stray fire coming into israel, a drone from syria was shot down over israel a couple weeks ago. then you had this fighter that strays into israeli air space, most likely targeting those rebel factions along the border and israel shoots it down with a patriot missile. we have amateur video showing the smoke rising. we believe that the plan, according to israeli newspapers now, went down in syria. we're also hearing the pilots were able to eject in time. >> it does sound like they were turning around to go back. they strayed into israeli air space. but john, the israelis are very adamant. if anybody comes into our air
4:26 am
space with anything, we're going to shoot them down and that's exactly what they did. >> reporter: right. and as i said, it's happened before. a fighter jet getting knocked out, that hasn't happened since 1982. so this is very -- that's interesting. but again, it's not -- it's not believed to be connected in any way. if anything, if you want to say anything about it, it's just really bad timing by syria's military. >> in the big picture, when you think of the jerusalem post and put it on the news, how worried are the israelis that we're going to do a deal with the devil, meaning iran, to take out isis? >> reporter: well, i don't think that's going to be the case at all. israel's prime minister, netanyahu, says israel fully supports the u.s. in the fight against isis. but look, you're right. iran, russia, china have all supported syria. iran really is considered to be
4:27 am
among other enemies, really israel's greatest threat. >> all right. john huddy live in jerusalem with the very latest. last night u.s. air strikes on isis targets inside syria. simultaneously. now we know unrelated probably, the israelis shot down a syrian jet. >> we thank john for joining us this morning here. our live team coverage continues in just a moment. coming up, all eyes are on bin laden's son-in-law at this hour. why he's on american soil and what is expected to happen to him. >> and you just heard from the pentagon's top guy saying we're at war with isis. the same way we're at war with al-qaeda. so what does that mean? we've assembled a panel of great military minds to react to that and to last night's bombing escapade. this is "fox & friends". dñ
4:28 am
4:29 am
4:30 am
back now with a fox news alert on this tuesday morning. overnight the united states carrying out air strikes against isis militants inside syria.
4:31 am
this marks a major expansion in the war against the brutal terror group isis or isil. the united states and our allies destroying or damaging 14 isis targets with a blistering aerial barrage of more than 140 tomahawk missiles. rear admiral john kirby saying they had credible evidence and intelligence that isis was actively plotting attacks against the united states and europe. five arab nations, including the united arab emirates, jordan, bahrain, and qatar all helping out with the mission. all american personnel, aircraft and people, are safe this morning. that's an update. brian? >> 29 minutes before the top of the hour. joining us now to expand on what steve just talked about are lieutenant general richard newton, former assistant secretary of defense for international security affairs, bing west, and anthony schaefer,
4:32 am
all have their own sources about this very strike. first off, general, what stands out to you about what happened? for us we're used to hearing many more strikes overnight. we hear just 14 in syria. what do you think? >> i think first off it's significant. it's a relentless strike against isis forces last night. it was also what stands out for me is the fact that we had this coalition carved together with arab sunni leaders. i think that's significant. it's historic. i think we'll see more of this in the coming days. >> it's not an easy thing to do to get these sunni nations to attack a sunni terrorist group, is it? >> no, but the question still out there, because this is a regional war, is whether the arab states extracted from us, from president obama the promise to cut the air bridge that goes from iran across iraq into syria to keep props up assad and props up the hezbollah that are such a danger in lebanon. so i haven't heard anyone address that.
4:33 am
but that's critical for these arab states. >> so just to expand on that, you're saying that these sunni nations, we respond to the fact that we're looking to push aside iran, where earlier leading up to the strikes there were words making overtures to get iran involved. if that happened, we don't get five sunni nations joining us? >> well, that's part of it. the other part is whether president obama, who wants a deal with iran about nuclear weapons, whether he's willing to be hard on them and say, huh-uh, we're not going to allow you to continue to prop up assad and cause mischief. we're going to cut that air bridge. >> colonel what, do you think is significant about who did the bombing yesterday? i understand you're curious about who didn't do the bombing. >> who didn't do the bombing was our closest ally, the u.k. i'm worried why they didn't show up. we've got real sunni-shia issues that need to be addressed. i think we have to look at this as a regional problem, but we have to look at what's next. okay. we've hit them in the nose. we're going to continue to hit them in the nose.
4:34 am
how do we do two critical things: prosecuting this ground war, the so-called militia we're trainhlg won't be ready for ten months to a year. we've got to doing now to start pushing them back and take care of the refugees. secondly, as bing said, you've got the sunni shia thing, hezbollah issue, this quiet off to the side thing that will raise its ugly head if we don't manage it properly. we have to get our head around the fact we're at war and do this smartly. i think we need to look at a long-term treaty organization, much like nato, to bring these folks together so we don't have to go back every ten years and do this over and over again. >> general, there is possibly a reason is you want day one to have a sunni presence and they want to say, there goes the western powers looking to inflict their will on the muslims. >> that's correct. i think as tony and bing have articulated -- >> by the way, tony blair is up. he's in the green room and will be up next. go ahead. >> that's important to get his take as well. but it's important that the american people understand that we're in this for the long haul. we've kicked off a significant
4:35 am
air campaign in this case, but again, over the next few weeks and months that we need to pursue isis so they do not have sanctuary in iraq and syria. the other aspect of this is the fact that we've joined in with coalition partners, particularly from the arab world i think is significant. and i think that we ought to look at the long ball of this versus a short-term gain. >> absolutely. here is the thing, without i understand you're the expert, without special forces on the ground guiding in the missile strikes and radiating and highlighting targets, we're using hell fire missile. >> right now we're using precision guided munitions as john kirby said at the top of the discussion. the fact that 99% of these weapons have been precision guided. these are targets that are out in the open, that are certainly targets that the centcom planners have been focused on for the last few weeks and months. once again, the campaign expands itself, we ought not to limit ourselves in terms of what capability the united states has, be it irrelevant power,
4:36 am
ground and other tools. >> bing, the other thing you have is a refugee problem. 130,000 forced from syria into turkey where maybe turkey isn't so welcoming. did we have a role in making sure those people have something to eat? >> positively, brian. we do have a larger issue with turkey that i hope we straighten out over timgoing to help the refugees. i think it is, however, also terrific that you're having tony blair on your show because he has been the only western voice to try to unify our people in a war and now we have a president ironically, who for the next two years is going to be a war-time president. that helps the democrats, but is he going to unite all of us behind a war? >> and also how aggressive is he going to be? is the military going to get the cart blanch to do what it takes or is the president going to put a governor on them? >> so far so good. joan austin is very competent. he's great general of the i worked for him in afghanistan. he's got his act together.
4:37 am
the question now becomes can he effectively use air to stop isis quickly to do what bing just talked about, support getting the refugees protected, helping get food into them, and then we need to do something on the ground now. you point out the special operations guys, they're already there, doing good stuff. but we need to do more. i think we got to arm some of these refugee, send them back in. they don't want to be refugees. they want to go home. this is an option we haven't looked at seriously, arming them to go home and stir up trouble and start pushing back now. not later. >> and meaning now, there has got to be more today, tomorrow and the next day. and let isis know their time is over. general, colonel, bing west, thanks so much. appreciate the discussion and hopefully we'll have more to talk about in the upcoming days. meanwhile, heather nauert has more news, including a bin laden relative going to jail? >> he faces life behind bars. bin laden's son-in-law is due in federal court right here in federal court to face charges that he helped terrorists kill
4:38 am
americans. you can expect security around the courthouse to be at an all-time high later today. he was convicted in march for his role as an al-qaeda spokesman following the terrorist attacks on 9-11. brand-new details about the three afghan soldiers who went missing on american soil. they are now in custody after trying to cross into canada near niagara falls. they say they were looking for asylum. they were in the united states for training exercises at camp edward in massachusetts. then breaking news overseas. out of israel this morning, israeli special forces gunning down two hamas militants, accused of abducting and killing three israeli teen-agers. they were hiding out in two story building in the west bank. the attack on the teen-agers led to that 50-day war between israel and hamas in the gaza strip. and two decades after a study on white house fence jumpers that vulnerability remains today. the mock attack back in the '90s overwhelmed secret service agents with several
4:39 am
people climbing over the fence at the same time and then of course just friday, a man jumps the fence and made it into the white house before agents took him into custody. and brand-new evidence this morning in the search for uva student hannah graham. sources confirm that police are now looking at fresh dirt on the tires of jesse matthew's car. they just removed several bags of evidence and a search of his apartment. matthew, a person of interest in her disappearance, is believed to be the last person who was seen with her before she vanished. those are your headlines. i'll see new a bit. >> thank you very much. our coverage on syria continues in just a moment. up next, the war on isis has come to our doorstep. the late breaking details on the isis fighters who are on american soil right now. >> we know about the arab countries helping the united states attack syria, but what about our european allies? who better to ask about that than former prime minister of britain himself, tony blair, joining us in studio next.
4:40 am
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2-10 lines, 10 gigs of truly shareable data, unlimited talk and text, starting at $130 a month. we continue our coverage of of the attacks on syria overnight. we have confirmed 14 isis targets were hit with the help of five arab nations, but no european allies. how significant is it that the british did not show up? >> joining us now is former prime minister of the u.k., tony blair. good morning. we are thrilled you're here with us this morning. >> thank you. >> the timing, fortunately or unfortunately, is perfect given all the events of last night. what was your reaction and were you surprised that the european nations are not part of those joining the united states in these air strikes? >> i hope they will come alongside the u.s. and it's very important we support america at this time. it's the right thing to take the
4:44 am
action against isis. and you're going to have to hit them in syria 'cause that's where they built themselves and headquartered themselves. they came from syria into iraq, so you've got to take action against them there. look, i think there is a strong feeling in europe, too. the single biggest problem we have in security terms in the u.k. now are returning british fighters from syria, jihaddist fighters. >> for isis? >> yes. >> one of the rationales for going last night, overnight, was, according to the united states government, apparently we also, in addition to hitting isis, we hit the khorasan group, which was apparently ready to strike. they were in the execution phase, the final stages. they were either going to strike the united states somewhere or somewhere with our european allies. >> look in the last few weeks >> look in the last few weeks we've and if you look across the whole of the middle east, i mean, i would watch libya very, very
4:45 am
carefully. you've got a bad situation in yemen. and in a inn that northern part of africa, right across that part of africa, you've got huge problems, bow boko haram. we're in for a long fight for a long period of time against radical islamism. >> turkey? >> do the british not understand that? where are your people on this, because i thought the polls after the beheading of one of your citizens was going to say okay, the u.s. will take the lead. we certainly have a formidable force to help out. >> a couple years ago the prime minister wants to make sure he has a vote this time. i think and believe britain will be there with the u.s. look, this is a big problem for us. so we've got to help shoulder the responsibility. >> and turkey's role in this as you see it? >> i think you guys are working on turkey in respect to this.
4:46 am
they are very important. they've got a huge refugee problem now in turkey as a result of -- over 100,000 people in a few days coming over the border into turkey. we need turkey alongside us. >> sure. we were just talking about how it's going to be a long fight against extremism. did the united states blow it by pulling out pretty much completely from iraq? >> i think -- i went through all these decisions post-9-11, i know how tough they are. i think you've got to look -- this is going to last beyond this president, this prime minister. it's going to probably last beyond the next president and the next prime minister. and by the way, yesterday, very serious events in the northwest province of china where the muslim population is. you've got this in the far east, terrorists in thai thailand recently. i think you're in a long hard struggle over a long period of time and you've got to root out -- the real problem is the education systems in these countries that are educating
4:47 am
young people. my foundation works to counter the extremism being taught in these types of places. this is the fundamental question and millions of kids are being taught this. >> mr. prime minister, had we left some sort of a residual force in iraq, maybe it wouldn't have turned out like this. >> we're going to carry on this debate. >> i know. >> as i say, i know -- >> you're not going to say it was a mistake? >> i'm not gog criticize those people in the position of leadership because i know i got a lot of criticism myself for the decisions i took. now what is important is you are building an alliance that's going to include the arab nations. they know it's their fight as well as ours and that's a big change. >> what are your words for our president moving into the next two years looking at war time president? we just heard rear admiral kirby saying we are definitely at war. moving forward in a leadership role in terms of sustaining force against isis and defeating them what, is your wisdom that you can share? >> i think there are two things you need to do. you need to build an alliance
4:48 am
that deals with not just isis, but all these other groups as well, because by the way, if you get isis displaced in syria, they may move into libya and they could cause huge problems there as well. boko haram in nigeria, they are getting financed and funded as a result of what's coming down from libya. so that's the first thing. look at it as one large problem. build an alliance to try and defeat it. secondly, focus on these education systems. if you've got millions of young kids being taught nothing but the koran from early in the morning until late in the afternoon every day, day in, day out, you are going to incubate some of this terrorism. >> it starts, i understand, you tell me if this is your expertise -- in saudi arabia, who is now helping us with air strikes against some of the people who gave them -- that give the foundation for their extreme beliefs. >> right. so over the past when there was a coincidence of this type of teaching with a lot of money
4:49 am
from the oil, over the past a lot of this has been exported from the middle east. these countries in the far east didn't get this on their own account. they got it from the middle east. however, today the saudi leadership is actually trying to help fight this and we've got to work with them, work with other countries. look at pakistan. you got a situation where there are a million displaced in the last few weeks as the army battle these militants in the hill country of pakistan. so we need to be working with these countries now. >> it just blows me away that they look at us as the enemy when you have the enemy is beheading people and raping women and destroying lives. >> one of the things we've got to understand is we're not creating this. there has been a feeling of us, maybe we provoked these people to be like this. we're not. by the way, their enemy is not just us. it's anyone within islam who disagrees with them. so this is about modernity and moderation versus extremism and a kind of reactionary that wants
4:50 am
to return the world to the dark ages. >> can you equal it a regional issue anymore, because of their outrage, doesn't seem so regional if this is so ideological. >> it's global. absolutely global. >> that's why you've got a center that studies extremism around the world. tony blair, perfect guest to have today. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> sometimes i hope -- some day i hope you have nothing to study. >> that's what we're working for. >> ten minutes before the top of the hour. our coverage continues in just a minute. up next, the war on isis is at our doorstep. late breaking details on the isis killers who are on american soil right now can this decadent, fruit topped pastry... ...with indulgent streusel crumble, be from... fiber one. new fiber one streusel. ♪ [music]
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a fox news alert now. the enemy is among us as the united states launches attacks on isis -- against isis in syria, the white house confirms american fighters for the terror group are already here on u.s. soil. what can we expect from those jihad joes? joining us is former senior policy advisor to the house committee. thank you for joining us this morning. expected 100 americans fighting for isis here. break this down for us. how serious is this? what is being done to locate and track these individuals? >> well, first of all, i think it's important that we have this discussion. this is not a fear mongering discussion. this is an adult discussion we need to have 'cause this threat here to the homeland is real and the governments, the administration revealing about 100 people have tried to or have come back from fighting with isis. that's what they know. there is a big chunk of this
4:55 am
that theydon't know. unfortunately, the administration is really late to the game here. so they're trying to play catch up to a group that is fundamentally intelligent. they have real intentions to attack the homeland. we've seen in both europe and in australia they're planning there. so they're using americans, what i would consider traitors, to infiltrate the united states and carry out attacks here and this is a real threat to the homeland. >> what can you specifically tell us? there is reports as many as 40 have returned to the united states after fighting for isis overseas. >> elisabeth, my sources are telling me that there are tens of these fighters in boston alone. so we really have to understand that these isis fighters have come back to the united states. they are all over the country and we really have to be diligent here. the f.b.i., who they know, the
4:56 am
f.b.i. is very skilled at making sure that the people that they know about are monitored and aren't going to carry out an attack. it's the ones that we don't know that really cause me angst. >> those lone wolf threats that really don't have the ability to track. >> eight of the bombs, stopping a plot in its tracks. this a veteran group known as khorasan. can you explain to us exactly what they mean, what their significance is and what it means that this attack was stopped? >> so i think khorasan group, first of all, i'm very disappointed that the administration has chosen to reveal some really sensitive intelligence here. they've really revealed their hand. there was no reason whatsoever to reveal this group, nor to even say we attacked them last night. that would really is going to degrade our intelligence
4:57 am
capability and degrade our ability to really thwart plots against the homeland that they're going to carry out. >> joshua, thank you for that insight this morning. charles krauthammer, laura ingraham next eful has wholesome grains,real beef,even accents of spinach,carrots and peas. [guy] you love it so much. yes you do. but it's good for you, too. [announcer] healthful. flavorful. beneful. from purina. before we craft it into a sandwich. the tender, slow-roasted turkey, the zesty cranberry mostarda, the freshly baked flatbread paired perfectly with our autumn squash soup. a delicious meal made just for you only at panera bread. people who know me, to this day they say,tix. a delicious meal made just for you "i never thought you would quit." you know, i really didn't either but chantix helped me do it. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it gave me the power to overcome the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior,
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know where you stand with pnc total insight. a new investing and banking experience with personalized guidance and online tools. visit a branch, call or go online today. good morning. a fox news alert. we are waking up to this breaking news. the united states unleashing air strikes in syria for the first time. this while this morning, president obama set to address the nation. we are live in washington with the very latest. and we know about the five arab countries that are helping the united states attack syria, isis in syria. but what about our european allies? >> i think we're in for a long, hard fight over a long period of time against this radical islamism and we need a strategy that puts everything together. >> he's right about that.
5:01 am
more from the former prime minister, tony blair, who was just on the curvy couch about five minutes ago. here is what the top guy at the pentagon just said. >> we are definitely at war with isil and the same way we're at war with al-qaeda. >> wow. game on. charles krauthammer is here. he'll tell us what the president should say later this morning because mornings are better with friends and we start right now. we're getting right to that fox news alert for you. overnight, the u.s. and arab allies launching a barrage of strikes on isis militants in syria. rear admiral john kirby saying this: we are at war. doug mcleway is live at the white house where the president is expected to speak this morning in just about an hour. good morning to you, doug. what can you tell us? >> reporter: this is a significant attack in its size and its scope. the president answering many of his critics with a multi-pronged
5:02 am
attack which for the first time included attacks inside the borders of syria. the u.s. military employed an array of weapons, including 47 tomahawk attack missiles launched from the red sea and also from the uss philippine sea, a cruiser in the north arabian gulf, as well as from remotely piloted aircraft, bombers and fighter planes. there were a total of 14 strikes in all using roughly 100 precision-guided weapons. play ago supporting role were several members of the international coalition, including sunni arab states, bahrain, jordan, saudi arabia, the united arab emirates and qatar. here is general jack keane talking about the significance of that. >> it's very significant that we have four arab muslim countries, all sunni-based countries attacking a sunni-based terrorist organization. that did not come easy. many of these were urging the united states to do something about assad before.
5:03 am
but now this is isis. so it is significant, in my judgment. >> reporter: centcom is reporting that several targets were destroyed or damaged around the isis stronghold, including isis fighters. also training compounds, headquarters, command and control facilities, storage facilities, finance center supply trucks and many armed vehicles. separately, centcom is reporting the united states also undertook eight attacks against this newly emerging terrorist threat called the khorasan group which many people believe is now emerging to be a greater threat to the u.s. homeland than either al-qaeda or isis. president obama made calls to congressional leaders last night in advance of these attacks. reaction just beginning to come in. we've heard from buck mckeon who said that this is one step in what will be a long fight against isil. senator marco rubio saying that i support the president's actions. we expect to hear a lot of that kind of thing in the hours to come. back to you in new york.
5:04 am
>> allall right. doug mckelway. also apparently the bomb damage assessment team is realizing that while they did blow up a lot of buildings over there as they try to figure out who exactly they killed, now that the top tier of the isis hierarchy has seen what we're going to do, they've gone to ground and they will be tougher to find. >> right. the one thing they did do is paint a major building black so we can look for that one. let's see if they continue with that strategy. laura ingraham is here with the breaking news. what's your reaction to the beginning of this syrian/iraqi campaign? >> well, yesterday early in the morning, the la times reported that general dempsey told reporters traveling in europe that the president was waiting on the campaign until it became clearer what our arab allies were actually doing for the coalition. so it was interesting that indeed the air strikes began within about 15 hours of those comments. so the president, did he get more clarity from the arab allies? he obviously knows what they're
5:05 am
doing. unfortunately for the american people, we're not sure what they're doing. i'd like to know what the saudi arabia, which has a history of funding terrorism. i'd like to know what they're doing and qatar is doing. they have disturbing ties to terrorist organizations. so i think the american people at some point are going to say, okay. we were in favor going in with air strikes. we want our soldiers to win wherever they are. but is this just all going to be on the backs of the american taxpayers? as you said, what we actually destroying on the ground? do we know -- is it children, women, or are we getting all the bad guys and that's all the bad guys? these are questions that we're going to have to answer. but the excitement of getting these guys and i want all of them dead, we have to understand that in the beginning of the iraq war, everybody was like, let's go in, let's get them, let's do it! then as time goes on, we're kind of there with canada and britain and a few other countries.
5:06 am
the taxpayer still paying that off. >> well, it's interesting because they were able to assemble at least five arab nations to take part in the activities. >> what does that mean? >> i don't know. the country of qatar apparently would not be involved in the direct air strikes, but they did offer up a plane that flew around somewhere. we don't know exactly where. >> oh, okay. >> but what's curious, though, is our long-time ally -- last week the president mentioned yeah, france is part of the team. well, where was the united kingdom last night? they were not part of the coalition. we just had tony blair here and he said heç hopes that the european allies do step up pretty quickly. one of his worries, and i'm going to play the sound bite for you right now -- is how he's worried that isis or isil is headed to the u.k. >> i hope they will come alongside the u.s., it's very important we support america at this time. it's absolutely the right thing to take the action against isis
5:07 am
and you're going to have to hit them in syria 'cause that's where they've built themselves and headquartered themselves and they came from syria into iraq. so you've got to take action against them there and look, i think there is a very strong feeling in europe, too. the single biggest problem we have in security terms in the u.k. now are returning british fighters from syria, jihaddist fighters. >> okay. so it's a big problem. so where was the u.k. with us yesterday? >> well, i think cameron understands that going back into iraq or syria, it's not popular in britain. tony blair, it's interesting to see him there today. remember when he left office, there was enormous amount of discontent throughout the u.k. about this long slog in iraq. i don't want to rain on everybody's parade, but what's happening in britain is that the people are saying, look, we wish them well, but we're kind of all tapped out. we just dealt with a
5:08 am
cessesionist movement, focus on homeland, focus on jobs. they're going up like this versus the conservative party and the live downs and labor party. so i'd say where is u.k.? where is germany? germany's economy is humming. >> at least the germans are arming the kurds. they are doing things economically. we took their military away after world war ii. but. >> they have a lot of money. >> the u.k. has five times the amount of isis guys serving over there, chopping off the heads of our guys and their guys. how could they not see this? >> i think they do see it, brian. i think, though, as we see here with the polls about a long-term war, a long-term commitment, public here, the reuters poll came out a couple weeks ago, public doesn't want any long-term commitment. i think in britain, they're really concerned about the returning jihadis, concerned about what's happening to britain's culture.
5:09 am
they're very worried about it. they want the home front secured. i think a long-term commitment in iraq or syria -- i don't see the support for it in britain. i guess you can still go in and do it. but that means what at home? that means political upheaval at home. that means the whole thing is up in the air. so i understand the frustration, but you also have to understand the frustration of the working class people in britain ho are kind of like, my life is getting worse every year. not better. >> that's a great point. we keep hearing broad coalition, we need a sustainable coalition moving forward. speak of sustainable, the president is supposed to speak today on climate change. will he give that the boot and speak more on this? also what do you expect that he will say at the white house? >> i think it will be more of the general comments about isis being a threat to the global community and global norms and international values. i think we're going to hear a
5:10 am
very broad statement about that and boast about the coalition. i hope all those liberals who were ridiculing george w. bush who put together 40 countries going into iraq, i hope they're all going to have the same attitude about the ill-defined contributions from the arab states. i mean, he's going in with a coalition, what kind of coalition is it? i believe in his heart of hearts, president obama does see climate change as a bigger threat than isis. >> that's what john kerry said. >> yeah. exist essential threat, right? >> ed henry came by and said that the president still going to talk about climate change at the united nations today. however, before he leaves the white house, he's going to be talking about what we did overnight. meanwhile, we had rear admiral kirby with us earlier and he made it very clear, even though this administration has gotten hung up on semantics, it's very clear we are finally at war.
5:11 am
here is the admiral. >> is it official now? we're at war with isis? >> we've actually been saying that for quite some time. in fact, i said that about a week or so ago. we're definitely at war with isil and the same way we're at war with al-qaeda. >> that's good news. now that they're saying it that way. >> don't you guys get the sense that the defense department, the entire pentagon is like, we're just tired of dealing with this. we have a job to do. we're going to do our jobs. we have to deal with these messengers over at the white house who are worried about the political perception here at home. i was half expecting the administration to say, well, we're going -- like with executive amnesty, we're going to put this off, whether it's a war or not, until after the election. we'll determine it until after the election in the lame duck session. until then, the jury is out on whether this is a war. all i'll say about the war thing is it will feel like a war, regardless of whether they call it. after the bills come due. right now we're not talking republicans, democrats, really how much money this is all
5:12 am
costing. but we the people will feel that. that's going to hurt. >> the question is, if a city starts blowing up here, if we ignore over there and things start blowing up here, how much will it cost after that? that's the true conversation. >> you're making the art for shutting the border down and implementing the 9-11 commission's recommendations which for some reason, we haven't done as bill o'reilly pointed out. so we haven't done any of that. so we're going to fight a war over there. okay. but are we going to do anything to the home front? a guy can sprint across the white house lawn and get into the front door and yet we're like, it's really dangerous here. no kidding. >> don't worry, we're going to lock the door from now on. >> to put a period on this, we're so thankful to why you here. when we allow our military men and women to do what they do best, they are ultimately successful. thtional job starting this last night. we expect that to continue. i think they just want to do what they do well without political usurpion.
5:13 am
>> have a great day. >> thank you. the white house is going to lock their door, but not the southern border. >> yes. >> why not? >> can they do both? , our coverage continues. meanwhile, the big question, will isis really tool crate on american soil? the man who spent years on the inside of of the c.i.a. here ne. the president will address the nation in about less than two hours. so what do you want him to say? charles krauthammer is joining us live from new york city. you'll hear his impressions coming up chico's leggings. every style's a showstopper! with fabrics that flatter and prints to go wild for. legs look longer, you look leaner. any way you wear them. chico's leggings. we're famous for our legs. at chico's and
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5:17 am
fox news alert. america goes to war action launching air strikes against isis in syria hours ago. the question now, could the terror group retaliate here on u.s. soil? after all, they seem to have wanted this fight. joining us right now, former c.i.a. operative gary burnstein. we know for sure that we've had americans go to syria and come back, they're here. should we be worried this morning? >> i think that you have to recognize that the f.b.i., the c.i.a., these other organizations are working together to try to blunt this. we have to work with our foreign partners to block them from coming into the united states. everyone in the united states has to recognize, we're at war right now. if you see something, say
5:18 am
something. frequently if there is an entwhistle incident or attack in the united states, it's the average police officer on the ground that's the first responder or the first person that sees something. everyone has to recognize, we're at war. you see something, say something. we're all collectively responsible for our own security in the united states. >> 14 strikes inside syria. nine strikes on khorasan in particular. that was just us. first on khorasan, we understand they're the elite al-qaeda group. they're the veterans of al-qaeda and they specialize in bomb making. nonmetallic bombs that go through airports, perhaps, if they have the technology, they say they do. and we acted because of an imminent threat. your reaction? >> i'm less concerned with them -- of course, we're going to defend our airports and use everything possible to stop them from carrying devices in,÷&z but they can enter the united states without anything and if they've been trained properly, they can construct things in the united states. we've got to stop them from getting in. we go back to the same basic premise. close that southern border.
5:19 am
i'm comfortable with what our people do at tsa and airport security. we got to close that southern border and we have to recognize that this is a fight that we are in as a nation. this is not just the u.s. military. this is a terrorist -- these are terrorist organizations that have highly trained people, they're very, very committed to what they're doing. the u.s. military, homeland security, the f.b.i., local police, everybody has to recognize we're at war right now. when you see this on television and looks like some video game in the distance, it's not at a distance. it's real. we're all in this together. >> right. you're a guy that's been on the ground and you also have a son in the fight. gary, i got to ask you about the arab nations involved. i know that's what you were calling for and you have bahrain in there. you have uae in there. you have qatar having support flights, whatever that means. and saudi arabia. who is not there? >> first off, the president and the administration should be complimented for getting the sunni countries in there. >> absolutely. >> we don't have the turks or kwaitis in yet. the kuwait has large bases.
5:20 am
then you have across the border, which would be very useful. finally egyptians. i know there is not 40 countries in this, but we have the right countries in and around this, sunni countries. what this does is blunts people, like the religious imam for all of the muslim brotherhood. he is a huge voice and he stated this is a u.s. war on islam. but it's not a war on islam. there are sunni muslims fighting these guys. so this is a good start here in the coalition. we're just going to have to see what kind of ground game is put together. >> all right. keep your phone handy. thanks so much. >> pleasure. ten minutes before the bottom of the hour. in less than two hours, president obama set to address the nation on air strikes in isis took place last night in syria. so what do you want him to say? charles krauthammer has an idea. he promises to share it. new details about this guy, the man wanted in connection with a missing college student. what we just learned about him, the captain with the
5:21 am
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5:24 am
we've got a fox news alert. a person of interest in the case of missing university of virginia student hannah graham on the run from police. graham vanished more than a week ago and here with an update is captain gary pleasants from the charlottesville police department. good morning to you, captain. >> good morning. thank you for having me. >> what can you tell us about the latest in the search? >> well, we are still looking for jesse matthew. there are two misdemeanor reckless driving warrants for him. he has not been seen, that we know of, since sunday. we have not heard from him nor have any communication about his whereabouts. we are searching for him. >> okay. there was some crazy stuff that
5:25 am
happened over the weekend. it's great that we've got you as a live guest that i can ask you about this. he came into the police station and said, you were looking for me, right? then he asked for an attorney. and you gave him a list of attorneys. then there was some conversation. what, did he hire one of the attorneys? >> he gave us a list of attorneys he would like us to contact. we contacted the first one on the list. that person agreed to come in. that attorney and mr. matthew spoke for an extended period of time. then they indicated they were leaving and they were gone. >> okay. so he decided he was not going to cooperate with the police. he would not allow you to interview him right then. he took off with his mom. >> when he came in -- he came in with his mother and his uncle. they left and went to his grandmother's house. >> okay. we pick up the story there. so he is at the grandmother's housement there are several law enforcement vehicles outside of the house clearly in view. then he decides to do what?
5:26 am
>> there were two vehicles outside. there were two f.b.i. agents and two state police in unmarked cars. they were surveilling him, not hiding. he came out. he obviously saw them. he and his mother got into a car, him driving. he took off. was driving so wrecklessly that the agents determined it was too dangerous for everyone in the area, so they backed off. >> that certainly leaves one with the impression that he would have something to hide. >> well, we can infer into that what we want to, but obviously doesn't look good, it doesn't sound good. we think the same thing certainly. >> all right. i understand in the last day or so you have executed a second search warrant. you went through his apartment. can you give us the nature of what you found there? >> well, through our investigation, we determined there was some items we needed to look for. we hoped they were in his apartment. we executed that second search warrant. we found the items we were looking for, but i can't go into what they were. however, those items will be
5:27 am
taken to our state lab this morning. >> also, one of the main pieces of evidence that you've got in this search for this person of interest, mr. matthew, is his vehicle. you've still got his vehicle and there it is right there. we have a source who said earlier that one of the pieces of evidence that you were particularly interested in was regarding that car right there, fresh dirt found on the tires, fresh dirt inside the vehicle. >> well, we're looking at anything that may be in or on that vehicle that may help us determine where that vehicle was a weekend ago, that friday night a week ago. >> i know that the chief had said the other day for land owners and property owners, be on the lookout for fresh tire tracks on your property. >> that's correct, yes, sir. >> all right. good luck to you. >> thank you very much. >> we're certainly hoping for the best. captain gary pleasants joining us from charlottesville. by way, if you have any
5:28 am
information about the missing person there, please call the police department now. their phone line is 434-295- 434-295-3851. it is now 28 minutes after the top of the hour. we still have a lot of show left to go and a lot of breaking news to get to. who better to run it down with than charles krauthammer? the doctor is here in the studio next
5:29 am
5:30 am
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5:31 am
we have a fox news alert for you now. in less than two hours, president obama is set to address the nation after launching u.s. military strikes overnight against isis and syria. what should the president say? we're going to ask fox news contributor charles krauthammer that very question. author of the "things that mattered," i can't believe over
5:32 am
a million copies sold in nonfiction. i don't think that's been done before, making history of your own today and overnight history was made with our forces joining us, arab nations that you're looking at, five of them. do you see the ones that are not joining in yet, charles, and is that significant? >> yes. look, we had essentially three nations in the air with us. that's egypt and jordan and the uae. the uae was in libya, so that's a continuation of a very strong alliance. the other two countries, one being qatar, the other being bahrain, i don't believe they were in the air with us. they offered us their facilities, qatar has a great air base. we don't talk about it a lot. and the bahrain is where we have the fleet where we had all the tomahawks coming from ships. so that's sort of part of the alliance. but what's missing here of course is europe. no europeans. i guess some of them, british,
5:33 am
for example, with the iraq war with had we sort of lost their support and domestic support and they were left hanging and their politicians were badly hurt. but the big glaring absence is turkey. >> yes. >> it's right on the border of syria. it's a nato country. they have an interest in stopping isis. but they've been in a double game. they've allowed a lot of isis fighters to come in turkey has an islamist government, moderate if you like. but they support the brotherhood and egypt and hamas. so they're a little bit on the fence. that's a really, a huge loss for us and not having them. >> it could be a difference maker for sure with the forces that they have. >> yes. >> reportedly they are purchasing black market oil from isis as well. >> right. >> you wrote this days ago, quote, isis was fully aware of the consequence of their beheadings. it was an easily sprung trap to
5:34 am
provoke america into entering the war. you say? >> you can explain what they did in two ways. one, they're not as savvy western oriented as we think. they didn't quite understand the effect that the beheadings on television would have on the u.s. and they're surprised by our reaction. i tend to support the other theory, they knew exactly what they're doing. they wanted to bring the u.s. in. they think in the end, like everywhere, we will tire and they also are -- they're mainly right now in intramural competition with the other jihaddists and the world. they want to be the new al-qaeda. they want to supersede everybody. they want to be the one true crusade against the west, if you like. by taking on america, you rise to our stature. i think that was behind the beheadings. i think they're bringing us in was intend. >> so they anticipated air strikes, is what you continue to say in that piece.
5:35 am
i guess bottom line is, where are we going from here? our military has done a remarkable job. last night, remarkable get not guilty there and getting this job done. moving forward in terms of training those that will join us to be on the ground as we have said time and time again that we will not. where do we go from here and can a victory be achieved without our own boots on the ground? >> i think we can achieve a half victory for very persistent and determined and that is in iraq because in iraq, we have the kurds on the ground. there are some iraqi troops who can fight and we do have the sunni tribes who, during the surge in 07 and 08, joined us against al-qaeda and we won. if we can succeed in enlisting them on the ground, we win. so i see it as quite possible that we can expel isis from iraq. but in syria, there is nobody on the ground. the best case scenario is that if we train and arm syrian rebels now, the so-called
5:36 am
moderates, what's left of the free syrian army, it would take a year to get them in the field. so we'd have a year of air strikes and then we'd be able to feel -- 'cause if you don't have somebody on the ground, who is going to take over their territory? the bad guys. so that's the dilemma. i can see us containing isis, but right now i can't see us achieving the goal the president has enunciated to degrade and to defeat. that, i don't see. >> you mentioned turkey. we had admiral kirby on earlier today. i want to play you what he said about their role. >> well, turkey was not a participant last night, as you know. i won't speak for another government and what they're willing to do or not do. this is a key nato ally, a partner in the region. they actually have borders with both countries, iraq and syria. they have a refugee issue that they're dealing with. so they are, just at this their geography, they'll be a partner here, they'll be a coalition number. they've indicated they want to
5:37 am
participate. but we're leaving it up to each nation. >> sounds hopeful. >> well, if you're depending on geography as the factor that will make them join the alliance, that's a bit of a stretch. you have to depend on their national interest, on their sympathy, on their intent to go after isis the way that we do. i'm right now not convinced. i understand why admiral kirby would say that. if you're trying to enlist an ally, you don't want to insult them in public. but i think they are sorely disappointed. there is a hope that in time they might join us if isis becomes a threat to them, but for now, as i said, they like to play this double game because the government is extremely islamist, pro-muslim brotherhood, pro-hamas and sometimes supporting these radical islamists. so we'll wait and see. if we can enlist turkey, that will be a master stroke. >> speaking of someone else ho is not joining us in the fight as of yet, prime minister tony blair said this.
5:38 am
>> this is going to last beyond this president, this prime minister, it's going to probably last beyond the next president and the next prime minister. long, hard struggle over a long period of time and you've got to root out, by the way, the real problem is the education systems in these countries that are educating young people, millions of young kids being taught nothing but the koran from early in the morning until late in the afternoon, every day, day in, day out, you're going to incubate some of this extremism. >> so pointing this to this ongoing threat, i'll ask you this: we keep hearing this is a regional war. it has to be taken care of within the region. when you're talking about isis, this is an ideological mission. is that extinct? this seems global. >> it is global and whack a mole. you whack them in one place, afghanistan, they pop up, say, in syria and iraq. you whack them in one place, say
5:39 am
in libya and they show up in mali. the prime minister is correct. this is an ideological war. it's world wide. but the thing he stresses and that our president will never say is to use the word islamic. he speaks of them as extremists, as if they're extremeism falls out of the sky. this is extremism of a particular kind and the reason it's a powerful one and a global one is because it's rooted in a religion of a billion people. of course the majority reject the radical islam. but because it's so rooted in a world wide religion, it has a history, it has roots, it has the madrasis all around the world, and unless you identify if and you try in the end to rally the moderate muslims against radicals, we will never win. we might be able to suppress this to make it less of a threat so it is an imminent threat to our home land and to our allies,
5:40 am
but in the end it is a fight against a wing -- we don't know how large -- of a great religion and unless we recognize that, we don't know who we're fighting and we need a president willing to admit that in public. look, even the islamic state itself calls itself islamic. and obama won't. >> i want to shift to politics here. as you just brought us there, charles, do we have a president now that is willing to listen to his generals? we've had countless generals and advisors come forward saying we're putting ideas there. they're not being received. the political advisors are the ones who have the weight and pull with our president. do you believe he's turned the page and we're in a new chapter in terms of listening and leaning on the wisdom of his military leaders? >> i think right now i give him the benefit of the doubt. what you're saying is absolutely true of afghanistan. he order the surge, but he did not give the generals the numbers or the time they needed and begged for. he was advised by the military
5:41 am
to lead a re-- leave a residual force in iraq. he left nothing and in the vacuum we know what's happened. in libya he led from behind. he didn't do anything. we know what happened after that. we've been expelled from libya. our embassy now is in the hands of in tripoli, in the hands of islamics who like swimming in our pool. i think this time after six years, he may have learned his lesson. i think he's going to allow the generals to do what they have to do and we'll see. although ruling out ground troops in advance was very ill-advised, very political. you can have that in your head, you can decide you don't want to do it, but the president has to stop telling the other guys what we're going to do. you can decide it on your own, but don't broadcast it, for god's sake. >> charles, we thank you for joining us here today. >> pleasure. >> things that matter, fantastic read. should be in every home. i know it's in millions so far. it's right there for you all. charles krauthammer. thanks. coming up, as you just heard, the president will address the nation about syria
5:42 am
and then he'll address the world about climate change, of course. we are live at the united nations to break that down for you. and an arab bank just found liable for 24 terrorist attacks that left the united states citizens dead. the verdict is historic and now the same could be happening to isis perhaps. that is next
5:43 am
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welcome back. some headlines now. he faces life behind bars, bin laden's son-in-law in federaluñ court right here in new york city today to face charges he helped terrorists kill americans. you can expect the security around that courthouse to be at an all-time high. he was convicted in march for his role as an al-qaeda spokesman following a terrorist attack on 9-11. new details about the three
5:46 am
afghan soldiers who went missing on american soil. they are now in custody after trying to cross into canada near niagara falls. they say they were looking for asylum. they were in the united states for training exercises at camp edward. breaking news coming out of israel this morning, israeli special forces gunning down two hamas militants who were accused of abducting and killing three israeli teen-agers hiding out in the west bank. the attack on the teen-agers led to the 50-day war between israel and hamas in the gaza strip. and brand-new video shows isis linked terror group threaten to behead a frenchman. a masked kidnapper saying they will kill the hostage within 24 hours if france does not stop air strikes in iraq. the video appears to be authentic thus far. and those are your headlines. let's head over to steve and peter. >> thank you very much. fox news alert. the verdict is destroyed. arab bank found liable for 24 terrorist acts that left u.s. citizens dead. so could the same thing happen
5:47 am
to isis? fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr.? >> yes. and big, bigzq: time. that's a verdict in the eastern district federal court in brooklyn, new york, where court has ruled that yes, the arab bank was liable for the death of 300 people being the approximate cause in terms of their funding habits of hamas terrorists. so now we know in the united states there is a new group that's being formed called the counter extremism project. they're on line. they're a 501 c 3, they're raising money to spread the word about extremist organization. they're collecting money and fighting back as americans. it's a combination of democrats and republicans who served in government, former ambassador ross to israel, former ambassador to the united nations, senator joe lieberman, coming together to say we will raise money and do our part as
5:48 am
americans to put pressure on financial institutions that are doing business with isis around the world and stop them in the way that we can as independent free american. >> do you think part of it is frustration? people are frustrated that until the last 12 hours, the government really hadn't done a lot? >> people are absolutely frustrated and say we need to do what we can do as americans, whether it's looking out for folks who have come back from syria to tell the f.b.i., to say these people are providing material support to terrorism. there are tools. we've seen that in the federal court. there will be a damages trial. but there is also moral swasion and constant vigilance. they're raising money as a charity and they're saying, we want to do our part to help the c.i.a., to help the department of defense, to help our troops collect information about what isis and others are doing on line and stop it cold and stop it dead.
5:49 am
so i think people are encouraged by what's happening in syria today that the president is stepping up finally, but they're saying, listen, we can do our part as americans, not as american soldiers, but as american civilians andwe're doi. we're doing it on line and raising money and standing up for america and i think that's great. >> i do, too. something we hadn't heard about. peter johnson, jr., thank you very much. >> good to see you. it's now about 11 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up in one hour, the president's going to address the nation from the white house about syria and then he's going to address the world on climate change. we're live at the united nations to break it all down. first let's check to find out what's happening in ten minutes with martha mccallum. >> busy morning. air strikes hit isis and khorasan, got a great team to talk about the breaking news and what's being called an imminent threat to the united states here at home. general jack keane, rudy guiliani, both join us.
5:50 am
and the president will make a live statement. this will be his first since this campaign got underway. we will hear from the president live here this morning in "america's newsroom." bill and i will see you at the top of the hour. fiber one now makes cookies. find them in the cookie aisle. and cialis for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment is right. cialis is also the only daily ed tablet approved to treat symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any allergic reactions like rash, hives,
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5:53 am
a fox news alert. in just one hour, the president will address the nation about the air strikes in syria and then address the world about climate change. eric shaun joins us live from the united nations to break down his schedule today. thank you for joining us. what can you tell us this morning? >> reporter: there will be a very busy day here at the united nations after the president speaks from the white house in just over an hour from now. he will arrive here in new york this afternoon to address the climate change summit. of course this morning, all eyes and the focus here at the world
5:54 am
body on the unprecedented american air strikes with the five arab allies last night on syria. we are now waiting to hear reaction from russia. as you may know, russia called the potential of the type of attacks an act of aggression. the foreign minister expected to arrive here at the united nations later on today. russia had called the potential a violation of international law. also waiting for reaction from syria. syria being a sovereign nation. the assad regime had demanded the u.s. coordinate such air strikes with them. that clearly did not happen. we'll see if there is some type of diplomatic protest or a demand by russia or syria for an emergency security council meeting on our air strikes last night. we'll see how that develops later on this morning. the big news after the president addresses the climate change today is what he will do tomorrow. chairing the meeting on isis and on islamic jihad fighters, an family to try and choke off the
5:55 am
financing of the islamic state, choke off the foreign fighters who have traveled to syria and to iraq, the estimated 15,000 citizens of other countries who have now joined the islamic jihad of this terrorist group. the resolution in its draft form is expected to pass. it has been written in a very broad type of language to do that. that is expected tomorrow. the u.s. is the president this month of the security council. clearly, elisabeth, we have entered with last night's air strikes a new era in the fight against radical islamic jihad, the challenge of our time. back to you. >> well said. thank you for joining us live from the u.n. it's now about 4 1/2 minutes before the top of the hour. still coming up, more breaking news on deck. we're going to run down all of the very latest developments from syria to iraq, to right here on american soil. you're watching "fox & friends," america on the attack [music] ♪
5:56 am
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so much breaking news this morning. here is what you need to know before you start your day. the u.s. carried out first air strikes against isis militants inside syria commencing last night at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. >> that's right. so are we at war? here is what the pentagon press secretary said this morning right here on "fox & friends". >> is it official now? we're at war with isis? >> we've actually been saying that for quite some time. in fact, i said that about a week or so ago. we're definitely at war with isil and the same way we're at war with al-qaeda. >> okay. well, 14 isis targets were damaged or destroyed. four arab nations joining in the air strikes, uae, jordan and bahrain, and qatar providing some support. >> where are european nations? former british prime minister tony blair joined us live in studio saying this.
6:00 am
>> i think we're in for a long, hard fight over a long period of time against this radical slammism and we need a strategy that puts everything together to defeat it. >> meanwhile, the president talks one hour from right now. see you tomorrow. bill: breaking news on the fight to take on isis. we are waiting for a statement from the president after the u.s. launches its first round of airstrikes overnight. dozen of tomahawk missiles hitting terrorists in two parts of that country has america has entered new phase on the war on terror. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to america's newsroom. martha: the predent is expected to address these expanded airstrikes before leaving for the u.n.


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