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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  September 23, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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"the real story with gretchen carlson" starts right now. >> thank you jorngs. we start with the fox news alert, america expanding the fight against elisabeisis in a launching the first wave in syria. i'm gretchen carlson we're about to give you the real story. here is released video from central command showing one of the multiple strikes against the terror group. we're learning more details about a plot involving veteran al qaeda linked fighters, fighters with the new group called khorasan that defense officials say presented an imminent threat to the homeland and other western targets. here are the three major cities behind me where the strikes hit the capital city damascus, raqqah and aleppo which has seen fighting for more than a year. chief white house correspondent ed henry joins me in studio at the maps. let's start out with the countries who are with the united states. >> this is what president obama was trying to hit hard before he left here for new york city was that the white house in pointing out you see jordan, saudi
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arabia, bahrain, qatar, united arab emirates providing military help here. these are sunni arab nations and the u.s. wants to send the signal it's not just this western country going after these islamic militants. instead, there are countries in the middle east that realize this is not the threat to the u.s. homeland, this is a threat to the future of the middle east and joining us. >> important to have the coalition built with these arab nations. i want to flip the maps. you have the nations who are not with the united states. >> not fully in at least. >> it's interesting to point out that some of these are close allies like the united kingdom and france, although france did launch some air strikes. >> you have france which launched air strikes in iraq but made clear they're not going to at least for now launch air strikes in syria. the uk has been helpful as an ally to the u.s. ahead of the u.s. air strikes, nearly 200 now in iraq. the pressure on president obama here at when he's at the united nations meetings had this week to get key european allies like
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the uk to take on a bigger role and help in ssyria. turkey is a big one. their own ties to terrorists, extremists in the region and they're not stepping up to help yet. that's important. right there on the border with syria. egypt, very interesting. the new -- relatively new president of egypt al sisi did an interview and said look, he praises president obama's for widening this war against isis but says there's terrorists and militants all throughout the mid east. is the president committed this time. quote, don't wash -- doesn't want the administration to wash its hands of the mid east. that suggests that key allies like egypt in the region are not sure that president obama is going to stick this out. are these just air strikes in the short term? is the u.s. going to be committed through the end of his administration to really destroying al qaeda. that might be why some allies are on the sidelines. >> that's an interesting point because he ga a speech today, a short speech, and some are wondering just that, you know, how much is he going to stick this out? >> only spoke for a few minutes
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about this. i think the white house will probably say that look, he's got this big audience at the united nations general assembly tomorrow where he can go into more detail about this and something interesting happening tomorrow the president a rare time, a u.s. president will be chairing a meeting of the u.n. security council. what's he doing on foreign fighters because of this fear that there ares these fighters who have been working with isis over in the middle east and are now back in western europe, back in the united states, to launch terror attacks. the administration has a messaging problem there. the president talking ate the jc squad. >> that was january. >> don't worry about these terrorists and extremists perhaps, now he's using that as a justification for expanding this war after sort o of minimizing what the threat was. that's a problem he's going to have to address in the speech tomorrow. >> all right. that's why you cover the white house because you know all the details. ed henry, thank you. war planes carrying out a separate attack in syria going after a group of al qaeda militants known as the khorasan group. this after intelligence community got wind they were
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hatching a plot to attack planes bound for right here the united states. live to chief intelligence correspondent catherine her ridge in washington for the real story on this. >> thank you. a former national security official tells fox news the intelligence community identified members of the khorasan group in syria over a year ago and the intelligence was available to the obama white house. the half dozen operatives have direct ties to the al qaeda senior leadership in pakistan. and some of those members were the target of the overnight strikes in syria by u.s. forces. >> we believe the khorasan group was nearing the execution phase on an attack in europe or the homeland. we know that the khorasan group has attempted to recruit westerners to serve as operatives or to infiltrate back into their homelands. >> fox news is also told that the intelligence community believes muhsin al fadhli who ran al qaeda's network in iran under house arrest there after 9/11 and then moved to syria in april 2013. he is considered a senior member
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of the khorasan group which is not focused on toppling the regime of the syrian president but rather identifying these western passport holders to carry back these nonmetallic explosives similar to what we saw in the underwear plot in 2009 on to jets into europe and then the united states. gretchen? >> wow. all right. so now this new threat to be worried about. who are the other key players? >> former national security official says al qaeda's -- a member of al qaeda's central council and top strategist and finance chief are with the khorasan group working together in syria and at the heart of their plans is a familiar face, that bomb maker, gretchen, based in yemen, ibrahim al asiri, the same person who is behind the underwear bomb plot and then also the printer cartridge bombs in 2010. al asiri significantly has trained apprentices who are now believed to be in syria to build these bombs using nonmetallic
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explosives that can circumvent traditional airline security. it was intelligence based on the khorasan group that led to the change in security in july when you saw the increased checks of the cell phones and also the laptop computers, gretchen. >> all right. so two new terms that we've become very, very much associated with now, isis and khorasan, the new one. >> and they're very distinct, that's what's so important about these strikes that was launched under that umbrella of isis but you can see a central focus for the u.s. was the group which is the traditional al qaeda focused on the u.s. homeland. >> all right. catherine as always, thank you so much. >> you're welcome. the battle against isis may impact the iran nuclear showdown and while president obama won't be meeting with iran's president husan ru waneny, david cameron will sit down with the leader at the u.n. summit. the first uk, first face-to-face bilateral talks with an iranian president since the islamic revolution 35 years ago. christian whiten, former state
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department and author of "smart power between diplomacy and war" is my guest. >> what a meeting that will be. the united states will not do it. rouhani has tweeted out he doesn't expect to meet with president obama. why the uk? >> the uk is trying to play and what role can it play. the uk is a lot less militarily and strategically when the iraq war began and the 1991 gulf war. i think cameron is trying to play a role. not necessarily a good role because we have the truism the enemy of my enemy is my friend. maybe the iranians can be helpful but that regime is not our friend and can't help us much. causing most of the problems across the middle east. >> in what way? >> well, iran is the driver of islam missile. it has proxy armies on israel's borders, political tentacles into places like lebanon and it is sort of part and parcel even though there's this huge divide, sunni and shia, nonetheless they can put their differences aside
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in their hatred of the united states and support of islam missile. >> why would they want to get rid of isis sp. >> they want to get rid of isis because they want iraq to be their proxy. they're really upset. they had iraq sort of under their thumb, maliki, basically, a borderline client of the iranian regime, now you have this sunni army, rather a terrorist army, the is coming up and iran is not happy about that. they would like to see them kicked out and us to do it for them. >> what about the concern, about concessions potentially, the uk, or the united states, might make with iran, nuclear concessions, to try to get their help to root out isis? >> this is -- it's a very real concern because for starters the deal we have with iran wasn't terribly good. it allowed iran to maintain its enrichment almost the entire process to install centrifuges which are more advanced so the fact that weak system of compliance would be watered down even more is a real threat and
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it's frankly something you could expect from john kerry, from the obama administration. >> so we know that secretary kerry met with his iranian counterpoint on sunday. so was that the meeting that the united states is going to stand by? is that why president obama will not be meeting with the iranen president? >> i think there's still -- a desire to let john kerry run with some of these outlandish things, trying to get the deal of the century between israel and hamas which wasn't going to happen, trying to talk iran out of its nuclear weapons is another one of these things. i saw thises which north korea where the sort of endless talk goes on and all of a sudden you have a rogue state, evil state with a nuclear armorment and i think the white house would like to step in and have a win, if possible, and going to give away a lot for that. they're willing to let john kerry spin his wheels and turn up anything. >> important insights. thank you. >> thanks. >> the u.s. and arab coalition taking fight to syria with a bold show of force overnight.
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but is this the right strategy for the long haul? to destroy and decimate the terrorists? important insight and analysis from the co-author of ma america's shock and awe military doctrine. >> a massive fire at one of the busiest ports started by the tiniest of culprits. we'll explain. >> bizarre details in the fatal crash of the son-in-law of hall of fame quarterback terry bradshaw. the chilling 911 calls just released only here on the real story. >> my husband ran down there to see what's going on. i just want to tell the police there's something wrong with him, he's dangerous or drunk or on drugs. he gave us a mean look. we don't know him. [music]♪
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fox news alert to tell you about right now. you're looking at live pictures from right here just a couple blocks, in fact, from fox news headquarters here in new york city where president obama set to deliver remarks at the clinton global initiative as part of a full slate of events at the u.n. general assembly going on this week in new york. so if you would like to hear more of these comments go to to watch the whole event and if the president makes news we will bring it right back to you here on "the real story." in the meantime check out what one little spark created in los angeles. a massive dock fire that ended up burning for hours. the huge fire forced hundreds of people to evacuate from a wharf at the port of los angeles. firefighters containing the four-alarm fire caused by a spark, a single spark from a welder's torch. but stubborn flames underneath the docks proving hard to reach. health officials warning folks about potentially hazardous air quality and two nearby elementary schools closed for the day as a precaution.
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some real talk now about president obama's military and political strategy against isis. the pentagon reporting significant damage against isis targets overnight in syria and iraq. saying more air strikes can be expected in a, quote, sustainable, persistent campaign that could last not months, but years. harlan has some real talk with me now. he's co-author of "the shock and awe" military doctrine and senior adviser on international security. quite a title, sir. great to have you with me today, mr. alman. shock and awe, most of us remember what that was more than a decade ago. >> no, you don't. >> okay. well then tell me why not? >> 2003 and "operation iraqi freedom" was not shock and awe, it was operation of desert storm 1991 on steroid, overwhelming or
11:16 am
decisive force, but anything but shock and awe. this raid on the syrian positions of the islamic state was neither shock nor awe but did have two i think redeeming features. first, in terms of the political timing, president obama is talking to the u.n. general assembly, that's a powerful signal, and second, there is at least the makings of an arab coalition with the saudi, qataris, bay ranenies, aes and jordanians. at least this is a starting point. it's not a finishing point. it is just beginning. but those are two small positive things that i think could come out of this to far. >> yeah. very insightful. i, by the way, remember the 1991 persian gulf. i was just getting started in the news business and remember the 2000 -- >> i thought you were just graduating from high school. >> i was a couple years past that but not much. so let me get your take. you've written an interesting article entitled "why can't america win its wars" and here is part and parcel of what you say. the united states government will repeat past strategic
11:17 am
blunders, increasing the chances of failure and shortening the odds for success. why and how? >> during that cold war in world war ii which we won we made clear choices oforities for us to succeed and the arabs to succeed against the islamic state we have to decide is assad a bigger threat than i.s. or i.s. a bigger threat similarly with iran. we have to coerce or cogull the arabs and saudis to take a much stronger stand. are they with us or continue to support these fundamentalist groups. we have to ensure iraq comes up with a semblance of governance. we have to take a strong stand. lead from behind because in his case the arabs and islamists have to be seen as taking the lead. the americans would be in a difficult position to do that. i argue for two things, grefrpen, first we need to recreate a version of the
11:18 am
marshall plan of 1947 that rebuilt europe and japan but has to be done with arab and muslim money, the saudis and oil rich emirates has tons of money and the iranians can be used to do that on the shia side. we have to take this fledgedling coalition and turn it into the equivalent of a military alliance, approaching nato, using the gulf cooperation council and arab league as partners to fashion something arab led and decidedly against the islamic state. >> that is so interesting because so many people have been saying how important this coalition of arab nations was, but to hear you -- >> vital. >> to hear you use the phrase lead from behind a lot of people at home just i hope they were sitting down. i mean that's kind of shocking because the united states is really not -- by why is that a good idea? >> if the united states is seen as taking the battle front and center it becomes the united states against the islamic state. we cannot succeed, we cannot succeed unless we have the cooperation of the arabs and the
11:19 am
local muslim states in the region. that is essential and we have to understand that from the beginning. i actually think president obama, although i'm very critical of the things he's done, gets this but he certainly hasn't put it out yet in any kind of a coherent strategy. >> what do you make of the fact in the lead into you, we've been talking today about the fact that these air strikes and whatever else strategy is going to be moving forward, is not going to be months, it's going to be years? do you agree with that? >> i think that's right. it could easily be years, just to fashion the coalitions that are necessary. our diplomacy has not been particularly good in that region for dozens of years. so it probably is going to take time. having said that, one of the things we've not tried to exploit are the differences within the islamic state. we have to try and cause it to splinter much as the soviet union came apart. that's going to require other tools such as financial tools, diplomatic tools, and above all, a strong counter narrative that paints these guys as a bunch of
11:20 am
lunatics. we have to focus on frontally and if we do those things it may not take necessarily a long time but we need to think this is going to be potentially a long struggle. >> wow. some very interesting points that you make today. harland oleman, author of "shock and awe" and a new book "a handful of bullets" check it out had this fall. >> my pleasure, thank you. bizarre new details emerging in the fatal crash involving rob bironas. former tennessee titans kicker and son-in-law of hall of fame quarterback terry bradshaw. the chilling 911 calls just released and i will have the latest coming up in a live report. plus, after two big security breaches, a scramble to secure the white house. what the new plan involves. and over 500 canadianss dressing up as batman all at one company. why did they do that? it turns out it was for a little worker/co-worker bonding and that brings -- and they sing
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"ymca" too. our question of the day is this, what's your best or worst work place bonding experience? tweet me @gretchencarlson and use #the real story we'll read your comments at the end of the show.
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welcome back. a deadly shooting rampage at a ups warehouse in alabama near the birmingham airport. police say a worker there opened fire killing two people before turning the gun on himself. he was wearing his uniform at the time. no word yet on any motive. so bizarre new details emerging about a fatal car crash involving terry bradshaw's son-in-law.
11:25 am
former nfl kicker rob bironas, new 911 tapes reveal the moments before he lost control on a curve and plunged off the road. trace gallagher live with this mystery. what happened? >> rob bironas is the kicker as we know for the titan for nine years before they released him. before his fatal crash he apparently had two separate road rage incidents with two vehicles. the first had three people inside. they claim bironas pulled up next to them in his white suv and then threatened to kill them and then began chasing them at speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour. they say it took a while, but they finally lost him. but another couple then claims that bironas pulled up next to them nearly sideswiped them, gave them a dirty look and tried to run them off the road. it was only a short time down the road that rob bironas crashed his car and that's when that couple he previously encountered called 911. listen. >> he came beside us and he gave
11:26 am
us this crazy look like what do you want and he sped off past us and he followed us down this road and we pulled out of his way and then we saw all this smoke and everything and we pulled over and wondering if it's him. >> okay. >> the police need to know there's something wrong with him. he's dangerous. there's something -- he's drunk or something. he tried to start a fight with us. >> here's the other bizarre twist. bironas married rachel bradshaw in june, the daughter of terry bradshaw and also a singer and she says that her husband went to bed at 10:30 on saturday night and that they weren't fighting, he wasn't drinking but she went to check on him a short time later and he was gone. called his cell phone, no answer. friends and relatives, nobody knew where he was. she finally called police but by that time he had already crashed his vehicle. again, she says he was not drinking. the toxicology results could take one to two weeks to get
11:27 am
back. but this is a bizarre story. >> totally. totally. so scary and unfortunate for the bradshaw family and thinking about the bironass as well. thanks. >> yep. >> the u.s. getting help in the war against isis. check out the video of the air strikes that have been happening. arab allies joining american forces in overnight big air strikes hitting targets in iraq and syria. live reports straight ahead from jennifer griffin at the pentagon. plus airport security nabs a woman and guess what she was packing? drugs, guns, and yep, a little ammo or a lot. right back. ugh. heartburn.
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alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. welcome back. now we're going to tell you about headlines across the country. after recent security breaches at the white house secret service now putting up a second barrier in addition to the fence that surrounds 1600 pennsylvania avenue. new estimates from the centers of disease control from the ebola outbreak finding the number of cases could reach 1.4 million by the gypping of next year. and police arresting a canadian woman at jfk airport over the weekend after two guns, hundreds of rounds of ammo and 33 pounds of pot were found in her checked luggage. oops. the tsa says they were disguised as ordinary items like baby
11:32 am
wipes, coffee and kitty liter but still got busted. update from the pentagon on the expanded campaign against isis. cruise missiles and war planes hitting targets in iraq and syria. the u.s. getting help from five arab allies. national security correspondent jennifer griffin live at thing. . tell us about the scope of this military operation. >> gretchen, the operation began at about 8:30 p.m. eastern last night. there were three waves of attacks, the first missiles fired came from the "uss arleigh bur burke" in the red sea and persian gulf. according to the pentagon 47 tomahawk missiles were fired at command and control headquarters of an al qaeda offshoot called the khorasan group. that u.s. officials claim was plotting against the u.s. arab nations did not participate in the initial part of the operation. pentagon officials say this will not be a short mission. >> could this take years?
11:33 am
>> i would think in terms, yes. >> the significance of the pilots participating in the air strikes cannot be overstated. five arab couries joined this coalition including qatar which flew but did not drop bombs, gretchen. >> the significance of striking the khorasan group, this is the al qaeda off shoot, it's separate from isis, it's interesting because today, in the briefings, they were saying that they were an imminent threat to the united states. what more do you know about that? >> well, it's interesting because they weren't saying it was an imminent threat a week ago when testifying on capitol hill. buried at the bottom of the centcom statement released last night was mention of the eight separate air strikes in the aleppo area that targeted a group of afghan and pakistan and iranian al qaeda fighters from this separate group known as the khorasan group, part of the al nusra front and rivals to isis.
11:34 am
>> in terms of the khorasan group which is a network of seasoned al qaeda veteran these strikes were undertaken to disrupt imminent attack plotting against the united states and western targets. >> centcom went out of it ways to make that point, that the strike against the khorasan group was a unilateral, u.s. action until now the pentagon has provided no evidence to support claims that it disrupted the planning of an imminent attack. last week as i mentioned, they had test fide on capitol hill to congress there was no imminent threat to the homeland posed by isis and other groups in syria. >> i remember james clapper almost looked befudled when he got a question about it which was the first time we had heard about it. maybe it was top secret and he didn't want to talk about it. who knows. the u.s. and arab allies launch new air strikes in syria will the new offensive be enough to quiet president obama's critics about his plan to degrade and destroy the terror group. this as the administration struggles over messaging while military officials call this
11:35 am
conflict, well exactly what it is. >> we've actually been saying that for quite some time. i said that about a week or so ago. we are definitely at war with isil the same way with al qaeda. >> shouldn't everyone come together to support the president now that we're at war actually with isis. that's a loaded question. time for some real talk. time to bring in simon rosenberg, president and founder, and a former clinton campaign adviser and larry o'connor host of morning on mall on wmal in washington and editor at large. and my friday side kick last week i would have to say you did a nice job. >> thank you. >> we got to get you up here to do the same thing. >> love to do it. >> all right. so simon, let me have you kick this off. >> sure. >> should everyone -- all the critics be silenced because president obama finally has a strategy an started the bombing? >> i don't think the critics will be silenced. i think this is going to be a rolling debate in the u.s. in the next couple months. we have to give the administration a lot of credit.
11:36 am
they've successfully brought in new governments in afghanistan and iraq, seeing the gulf states working together in an unprecedented way, seeing russia and iran isolated as never before and so i think we've made tremendous progress. we have a long way to go and keep our head down and work hard. >> larry? >> i'm thrilled that the president is finally acknowledged the fact that islamic terrorism is our number one existential threat. i'm thrilled he finally uses the word war or at least his administration is using the word war. we've been trying to say we're at war with islamic terrorists since september 12th, 2001. this is an important step for the president. i think it, of course, i support him. i'm concerned, however, about the strategy and how it's going to get carried out. >> why? what you concerned about? >> i have seen too many of his own advisors from the pentagon when testifying in front of congress under oath saying yeah, this isn't going to be enough to destroy them. will it degrade them? yes. it can't destroy them. i've interviewed too many military experts on my show that say we need troops on the ground
11:37 am
and no one believes that the iraqi, sir yap or any other forces will be able to do the job. it's going to take our boots. >> so simon, there is a "new york times" op-ed that says that president obama is not finished yet, even though some people had considered him to start this lame duck process, and it's interesting because they point out that the last two years as president can be crucial for presidents including for reagan and bush and clinton they accomplished a lot in those last two years. so, is this a few beginning for president obama? >> you know, i never thought he was out. i mean, i'm a clinton guy and some of the most significant things that bill clinton did were in the last two years of his presidency and so look, barack obama's president for another two and a half years. he has a lot of life left in him and he's going to be working hard. i will say building on something that larry said is that we need not only a military end game strategy but a political one. i wrote an op-ed today where i talked about the need for us starting to talk about a sunni, shia regional day tant.
11:38 am
there has to be political reconciliation in the region to make sure we're not coming back in another five, ten years. >> yeah. >> that's something we have to explain to the american people. >> all right. because here we are again fighting terrorists just with new names, khorasan and isis. all right. larry and simon, good job. see you guys soon. >> thanks. >> syria now the seventh country targeted by u.s. air strikes since the 9/11 attacks. what we were just saying back in 2001. the other countries include iraq which has not been bombed during four consecutive presidential administrations. and afghanistan, there have also been drone attacks on islamic militants in somalia, yemen and pakistan. plus, the nato led operations against libya's dictator moammar algea dadfy. >> osama bin laden's son-in-law learning his fate. a federal judge sentencing sulaiman abu ghaith for life behind bars for conspiring to kill americans for his role in
11:39 am
al qaeda. he became the voice of recruitments after 9/11 attacks and warned in one the storm of airplanes would not stop. turns out he is stopped now and he'll be going to jail. let's check in with shepard smith live from the fox news desk. >> the pentagon reports some of the air strikes in syria were aimed at disrupting the terror group you mentioned that planning attack against the united states and europe. so did they disrupt that attack? we'll talk with the pentagon spokesman rear admiral john kirby live in the next hour. here are the targets of last night's strikes as given to us by the pentagon. we can't independently cup firm. as we get further into a campaign that could take years with our coalition of arab nations hold. that and what's next. remember we need boots on the ground. boots? open question top of the hour. >> thanks, shep. as the u.s. takes the fight into isis and syria, a firsthand look at the impact from the strikes on the ground and what life has
11:40 am
been like for people living there over the last few months. plus, things getting ugly in the stands at one nfl game. what cops are saying about this fight that broke out at a football game. >> in today's society everybody has their cameras out and all taking video. that's evidence to us and that helps us on the scene. you swore you'd never do it. trading in your sporty little two door for a minivan? but here you are. counting cup holders and captain's chairs. not to worry. allstate can help you save an average of $3,000 on a new car. let an allstate agent surprise you by helping you get a deal on the car you might not want but really need. call 877-279-9200 now. the car seat. the baby booties. and ointments you've never heard of. it all adds up. that's where the good hands can help. now allstate can help you save 20% or more on a new car seat. so you have a little extra for all the extras.
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time to check out what america is clicking on today. o canada. that's all i know. anyway, our northern neighbors setting a guinness world record with over 500 people coming to work dressed up as batman. who knew there was such a record. the company helping raise money for charity in the process. it's been over 20 years since william shatner put on the fitted slacks of captain kirk and may boldly step back into
11:44 am
the captain's chair of the enterprise. reports say he's not agreed to take the role but screen writers have written him into the sequel "star trek 3." they may be able to take on a defensive line but a piece of paper proving too much for these pee-wee footballers. look at them. the boys keep crashing into the banner and the women holding don't let go. when they grow up they will be able to do that. >> back to syria because we have new information from inside that country about the u.s. air strikes against isis and while the terror group says there were civilian casualty, my next guest says her sources inside syria in the isis stronghold of raqqah tell a very different story. lisa daftari joins me now you have sources there, real civilians on the ground. what are they telling you? >> they're telling me that everyone's afraid. everyone's afraid because obviously there are missiles coming down into their homes and to their neighborhoods. a lot of people are fleeing.
11:45 am
they basically fall into two categories. the first group are very supportive. they want to get help to rid their city of isis. the second group, they're more skeptical. they're saying why is the world now showing interest in us? why weren't they around to help us fight off assad? >> we said in the lead in your reports from inside syria there have not been civilian casualties but that's what isis propaganda is saying. >> right. isis propaganda is going to use these photos right to radicalize, that's what we've seen from other terror groups if you look at what hamas did in the gaza squirm ish, we're expecting that. they've used social media, used media platforms and videos to recruit, radicalize and bring attention to their cause. they're going to do the same thing. bl my sources are saying zero casualties to this point. >> we're looking at photos your sources sent you and seeing the bombings as they're happening. what do you make of the photos we're seeing on the screen?
11:46 am
>> it looks as though they are hitting from what my source told me these are isis targets, areas of their city they knew were surrounded by isis. one thing i want to point out at here, isis has been a problem for the civilians living in raqqah for a very long time. here at fox news we broke the story of crucifixions, isis was cruise fiing the civilians in raqqah in public where children were watching and at first when they came into the city, part of their revenue came from the tax they were charging christians and people who would not fold or bend under the isis flag. this is not something new. the civilians in raqqah have been trying to get their story out. i've been in touch with these sources for months as of may until now trying to tell the world, you know, they're fighting two different wars here. one against assad, one against isis. they're happy to get help against isis but they have resentment towards the world and
11:47 am
toward their arab neighbors for not helping them out earlier when they were fighting assad. >> that's interesting. do they like the fact that the united states now has this five arab nation coalition thus far or do they resent that? >> they're happy to get the support against isis but there is resentment toward their arab brethren because they say we've been asking for help, they could have helped us against assad and what they add f they help us get rid of assad maybe isis wouldn't have had the opportunity to grow, fester, build their headquarters in raqqah. >> that's such a great point. many people are saying that today. lisa, thank you so much for sharing the photos with us. a baby gets life-saving surgery after appearing on this show. how the real story helped her cause, her mom a veteran, will be live with that story coming up next. and more action off the field at the cardinals/49ers game. when the fans start attacking each other. did they have too many beers? we'll have to find out.
11:48 am
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go to checkyourspeed. if we can't offer faster speeds or save you money we'll give you $150. comcast business built for business. here's that story about the brawl at the football game. it happened in the stands during sunday's game between the san francisco 49ers and the arizona cardinals. fans duking it out in the stadium's upper deck. police arresting two men for assault, saying this video would have been helpful at the scene so they would have known who else to arrest but it only went public after the fact when somebody posted the video online. time now for an update on little savannah snodgrass, the girl who needed life-saving brain surgery but was denied coverage but her family's insurance company. her mom, tessa, appearing on "the real story" in july. the insurer having a change of
11:52 am
heart after that, exactly one day later. tessa is back now with some very good news about avanna and i see savannah there as well. great to see you again, tessa. >> hi there, thank you. >> so tell me the great news about the baby. >> well, we did get the surgery. the day of the broadcast, they actually called and changed their mind. we were actually scheduled for the following day in houston, so she had her surgery and she's been recovering very well. luckily we caught it before it had turned to cancer, so it was a benign tumor and she's been recovering. she's starting to pull up on furniture, trying to -- she's crawling and she's started speaking or, you know, the babble again. >> well, she looks amazing. just to remind folks that you are a veteran and you waited more than three years to get your va benefits, which factored into this whole equation of why
11:53 am
your baby could not get this surgery. i do find it fascinating that the day that this became a national story, they suddenly had a change of heart. what did they say? >> well, we had -- they said that they were going to do the continuity of care and make sure that she had a good provider, since she had been seen at texas children's previously. but that was -- that was their reasoning, just continuity of care. >> all right. well, the best thing is that she got the surgery and she's doing so well now. >> yes. >> i know she's not completely out of the woods. she did have a seizure afterwards, so she's going to be monitored for a little while, right? physical therapy. the biggest issue is the seizures, though. she had a two-hour seizure where she actually had to be intubated in order to stop the seizure. so we have to monitor her closely and she takes medication, two medications three times a day, but she's --
11:54 am
she's doing great. >> well, we love -- >> all things with standing. >> i know that your family went through a very difficult time and we were more than happy to tell about your story and we are so glad to see that baby savannah is making a great recovery and that the family is all back together and on the road to progress. tessa, great to see you again. thank you for joining us here on "the real story." >> thank you so much, gretchen, for having us. now time for my take. on a day when so much of the news about the targets in syria, let's not forget a battle that's been underreported and going on far too long here at home. i'm talking about our veterans who have served val yaniantvali tessa, and in many cases given their lives for our country. when they come home, they can't even get adequate health care from the va. tessa snodgrass's fight to get the life-saving surgery for her baby, savannah, is just one
11:55 am
story. one here we at "the real story its are so proud to have helped with. vets at the phoenix va and probably elsewhere across this country died while waiting for care that never came. that was their real story. that after all they did for us, in the end our government couldn't figure out a way to appropriately give back what they so deserved. so today, let's not for the that the va health care crisis is far from over and our veterans and all americans still deserve more answers. coming up on "the real story" are you stuck in traffic, not going anywhere for a bit? why not break out the steel drums and party! all right.
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bizarre accident in china left a truck stuck like this, with its front wheels high up in the air. no one knows how it happened because the driver apparently didn't stick around and no
11:59 am
witnesses to the accident have some forward, but it looks like the truck bumped the road sign and then got stuck there. well, a huge traffic jam or a rapping jam band near philly. weary travelers stuck in traffic half an hour before they started to get out of their cars to commiserate and then look what broke out. justin burke noticed a steel drum band behind him and he convinced them to make the wait a little nicer for everyone else. so they broke out the music and even got a limbo pole. well, that was a little more fun than usual. we showed you these co-workers dressed up like batman. we asked for your worst bonding. a ha pain yo eating contest, most did not show up the next day. josh said a conference leader had everyone in the session get in a circle and massage each
12:00 pm
other's shoulders. talk about awkward. where was hr? on boss's day, heather says she and her co-workers played pranks on their boss. kay's worst work bonding was a team-building exercise called who moved my cheese. now she hates cheese. thanks for writing. i'm gretchen. >> gretchen, thanks. last night on my orders, america's armed forces began strikes against isil forces in syria. >> and as it turns out, this they told us was only the beginning. the tomahawk missile that say rained death from the air, the warplanes that dropped bombs, the pentagon now indicating that those attacks were the start of a campaign that could last years. >> you are seeing the beginnings of a sustained campaign. strikes like this in the future can be expected. >> today we learned the islamic state was not the only target. ahead this hour what we know about the strikes and the contributions of our arab members of the coalition. plus i'll speakwi


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