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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 25, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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should the president just stay out of it. vote in our gretawire poll. up next the o'reilly factor. good night from washington. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> we no longer -- we're not going to it allow. this this is a surrender on iran as our negotiations are reaching a deadline within a month. >> charles krauthammer says the obama administration had surrendered to iran on the nuke weapons issue. impossible to prove but very frightening. we'll have a special report. >> summary came to me and he said he thought six years was a pretty good run. i imagine his family agrees. >> as predicted here, attorney general holder is out. we will tell you why and what's happening behind the scenes. >> we need to put a price tag on carbon emission and eliminate government subsidy ies coal oil and gas companies.
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>> what do you say to critic its you go on yachts and traveling and here you are trying to get climate change. >> actor leonardo decaprio gets caught up in global warming controversy. >> i want you to deal with your problems. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. president obama's perceived weakness and how it effects america and the world. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. in case you haven't noticed, the entire world is a mess. that's because there is little leadership in the west and the bad guys know it so putin, china, the jihadists all ramping things up. sadly, president obama seems a bit befuddled by it all. some of his own people, who have resigned are saying they advised him to do a number of things internationally. all of which he rejected. and now we have a new war.
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and danger in almost every area in the world. the left wing zealots will never admit the truth that president obama's passive world view and rejection of american leadership have thrown the planet into chaos. if washington doesn't reverse things soon, something catastrophic is likely to happen. last night, fox news analyst charles krauthammer gave us a warning about president presit obama's agenda: >> we no longer hear iran possess nukes not going to allow, this will not let this happen. he says we are in. iran has the opportunity to rejoin the community of nations. this can only happen in takes this historic opportunity. in other words, iran will decide if it wants to go nuclear. no threats, forget about saying everything is on the table. he doesn't even talk about sanctions which are collapsing. this is a surrender on iran as our negotiations are reaching a deadline within a month. >> now, that's impossible to prove, but krauthammer is a
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smart guy. and he is not alone in believing president obama's backing away from the iran nuclear situation. israel believes the same thing. on another front the president recently pointed to yemen where his anti-terror policies have worked. well the government of yemen has now been overthrown by the jihadists and word is americans are evacuating the u.s. embassy there. while few care about yemen the danger is saudi arabia whether attack that country fearing the is set up a base there and dangerous to the kingdom. it's complicated but goes back to a lack of american leadership in the world. president obama was quite clear in stating that he wanted the u.s.a. to be among the nations of the world, not the leader. and that's where his policies have taken us. and that's why things are as bad as they are. i mean, when the entertainment industry begins mocking the president, you know critical mass has been reached. >> do we really think moderate rebels can stop isis? no.
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but it's a nice thing to say. moderate rebels. try it at a dinner party. what we need to do arm moderate rebels everyone will nod and say i agree. hey, won't isis just take the guns from the moderate rebels? yes. that is what will happen. >> now, if you watch the factor, you know talking points is not an obama basher. we have been tough on the president but have treated him fairly overall. however, things are going south fast right now. and all americans should understand that and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction, joining us from washington republican kate obenshain and from new orleans democrat james carville. carville, very specifically, all right? we don't want to go into the valley of theory. >> right. >> where am i going wrong? >> first of all the entertainment industry was actually defending obama in the the clip that you just showed. if you take the isis thing, we now have five arab nations that have joined us. we have the europeans bombing instead of running out like some cowboy to put a coalition together that
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the united states is an integral part of but not going alone. in iran the sanctions were crippling to iran. had had like 70% inflation and unemployment is like triple what we have. the value of their currency has dropped to like 7 5%. you know,. >> it doesn't seem to be affecting -- let me go back to the entertainment industry thing. okay. he was clearly mocking, myers was clearly mocking obama's stated belief. arming the syrian rebels was somehow going to be clearly mounting. >> i took it he was mocking the people thatted to apartment rebels. >> the leader of the people want to arm them, carville is president obama. >> right. but, before he was being attacked for not arming them. i think he was like -- but i agree, i don't think arming is going to work. >> that i don't think was your best lead there, carville. kate, you are not an a obama fan obviously there is a school of thought to say listen, the president of the united states can only do so
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much. can't force germany to be responsible. you can't force yemen to, you know, they're overthrown now by the jihadists. what can he do about that? isn't there something to that that even the strongest president couldn't regulate a chaotic world like we he have? >> you know, a lot of presidents have inherited chaotic worlds and the test for success is whether they are able to transcend that and bring about some order. the problem with this president is his philosophy is that he can just go around the world, not offending anyone, except maybe our enemies, and somehow that there will be created -- there will be this morphing into a new world order based on our common humanity. well, that has been the image that's been projected. in addition to the weakness just by the words of the president, things like we have no strategy. we're going to hit singles and doubles. we're leading from behind. chastising israel. again and again, this projection of weakness.
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not of enforcing the red line in syria. that creates havoc. if there is not a single power in the world that promotes peace and order, the world knows that russia is very aware of that. isis is very aware of that and chaos erupts. >> there does not seem to be any fear on the part of the bad people. what did you think, carville, of when the president was delivering his remarks about the barbarity of isis and how awful these people are are? that he injected ferguson, missouri into that. what do you think about that? >> i think he wasn't comparing any such thing. he was saying, look, the thing we do is we address our problems. and i thought that -- if anything, was sort of effective. was defending the united states. we never said we are a perfect nation but if we have a problem we address it. >> do you really think that that was necessary in a worldwide terrorism statement? >> you know, i don't know. honestly. i don't think it was. >> i like carville when you say you don't know. >> i don't know. >> you can't know
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everything. >> you can't know everything. it's certainly a defensible thing that he did was trying to say we will try address the problem. >> ferguson thing, kate, i don't know if that helped out in his speech. last word. >> it was disastrous. it was exactly what this president has done. he bows and scrapes, apologizing again and again for america. and, listen, what the world needs right now, bill, in addition to strong, powerful leader. they need an example of hope. they don't need the president pointing out our weaknesses. they need the president pointing out the greatness of freedom, how we can help. how we have helped. but, instead, this president, frankly michelle obama was also talking yesterday about how women are so oppressed in this country as isis executes this woman lawyer for being activist. it is a stunning thing that they have to point out our weaknesses. she spoke in front of a side group, during the u.n. conference and she said just talked about the problem that women face here. look, women are being
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massacred, raped, slaughtered around the world. >> we are going to run that down. >> great. >> first time i'm hearing about it but tomorrow and friday we will do a segment. thank you both. next on the rundown, white house correspondent ed henry will be right here. perhaps he can set me straight about the president. then as we predicted. attorney general holder he is out. tell you all about it in just a few moments.
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president obama has been in united nations this week. with us is ed henry who graciously agreed to be here this evening. the chief, not just the ordinary. he is the chief guy. so now you heard my talking points and basically if i read too fast for you. it is that therein isn't
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that fear of america and nato anymore. so the bad guys, including iran, who is the most dangerous with the nuclear situation, they lip service it but they do what they want. >> i agree with you to a point. look no further than egypt. >> egypt? >> key in the middle east, of course, for many years. they are in chaos themselves now. but they have severe air power i applaud president obama for expanding the war identifies against syria. there is extremist terrorists running all around the mideast. the president of egypt said i fear the president is going to be focused for a while and move on. when your allies are saying that. some of what you had to say before resonates. secondly i would say in the u.n. speech this week. the president says look, we are going to root out the cancer. later he says in the speech as i have said before policy
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terror. war on terror from the bush administration. >> take people out and say it's not the focus. >> stay with egypt for main. they aren't helping us bomb in syria, right? >> they might help with support and other things. >> not sending any planes, right,. >> they have air power. >> they have the muslim brotherhood. that's who they are fighting there. each crew is a different name but it's all the same, jihadists, they want sharia law. they want to impose their will on non-muslims. so, israel, even though we are giving them a couple billion dollars, the united states, i really ain't going to help you. turk is another run. we send a lot of money over to turkey they are bordering syria. >> they may be buying isis oil black market. >> were disaster, trashing israel, anti-semitic comments, et cetera. >> turkey doesn't fear the united states. egypt doesn't fear the united states. pakistan certainly doesn't fear us. who fierce us, anyone? kuwait? >> putin doesn't. i don't think putin fears the u.s. right now either. where i would say you are not giving the president
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credit though is that there has been about 200 air strikes in iraq. prevented a genocide in northern iraq. there were tens of thousands. >> he had to do that. >> he did it. whether he had to do it or not you are. >> he acted. >> let me disseminate argument. if he had listened to me isis would not have expanded into iraq. we were calling for them to knock out isis six months ago when they weren't as strong. can you say that it is partly president obama's fault because he didn't listen to the cia. he didn't listen to guys like panetta who are now killing them. you know panetta is killing them. >> sure. he said we should have left troops behind in iraq. >> yeah, he prevented it buts it's his fault t. was even there to begin with. >> not pin the whole thing. >> not the whole thing. >> listen to the talking points a moment ago. this is wrong, this is wrong, why hasn't obama done more? i don't think he we can make that case. not everything is his fault number one, number two -- >> -- i said that to kato. >> the can't fix everything.
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>> there is in this world now a balance of power visit west. goals. his own words. fun fact quiz for ed henry. which tyrant in the world recognized the weakness of the west, all right. and then caused a worldwide disaster? which one? >> i got the answer in my pocket square, hold on. >> do you qualify as a tyrant? >> no. >> you don't know? >> i don't know. >> i will give you a hint. he is one of the players in killing patton. >> oh. >> which tyrant recognized the weakness in the west. >> sure, hitler. >> you bet in the 1930s the west was deck can't and corrupt. europe was that and america was isolationist. and what happened? what happened? the same thing is gonna
5:17 pm
happen here if washington doesn't wise up. and it's not just obama, it's congress, too. >> do you acknowledge though that the president did get five arab nations on the coalition. >> why did he get that? because each one of them fears the jihadist movement within their own country. >> they initially didn't step up. he helped rally. >> we got a few planes. >> air strikes. >> ed henry, everybody, he is going to see jeter's last game in yankees stadium. going to the bronx to see jeeters. like you come back alive. >> wear the american flag in the bronx no pocket hankie. >> sitting with the folks. >> that's why you don't wear a pocket hankie in the bronx. like to you continue living. >> attorney general eric holder resigns. we will have the inside story. then leonardo decaprio in distress over global warming. the factor is coming right back. you used to sleep like a champ.
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he answered a viewer letter about eric holder. john sacramento, california. bill, you like to blow your horn you predicted checchi would go didn't you always predict eric holder would resign? i did, john, still standing by that today president obama announced the attorney general is resignings. >> i want to say thank you, eric. thank you to the men and women of the justice department who work day in and out for the american people made a startling statement. >> as an african-american man who has been stopped and searched by police in situations where warranted.
5:22 pm
i also carry with me understanding of the mistrust that some citizens harbor to those who wear the badge. >> with us is the ucla center policing equity. and from washington, former deputy attorney general under president bush the elder. first of all, mr. bollinger, how do you react to mr. holder's statement about police and race? >> men and women of our police department are front line on everything from domestic violence to counter terrorism. and the vast majority of them conduct themselves day in and day out with great respect and dignity. i think his remarks and particularly taken out of the eric holder had to know
5:23 pm
he was resigning when he said those remarks. they were calculated remarks. isn't it a bit subversive for the attorney general to basically send a message to people who don't like the police that your attitude is okay. black officers say as wonderful as law enforcement is in general that there is a history that has earned them. if that history stays in the past. what good does it do for the attorney general to state that when pretty much everybody knows there are bad police officers and racist police officers and racial profiling in the past has been used? people know that. what good does it do to continue to reinforce that? i don't understand -- i don't know what good it does. >> so i don't know that he was reinforcing that so much as he was being honest. the reason we are talking about it right now is because we haven't been used to attorney generals being honest about the past. in this kind of way. >> so you saw it as a
5:24 pm
positive? >> i saw it as a positive and by the way a lot of the police chiefs i work with also saw it as a positive. >> attorney general very controversial because he was a very close personal friend to the president. that was clear today in the press conference. and many anti-obama folks believe that the attorney general of the united states did not investigate things like fast and furious, benghazi, irs, as aggressively as he might. almost like the john mischler richard nixon thing on the republican side. do you believe that sir? >> i don't necessarily believe it as to all of those things. i do think on the irs issue, a special prosecutor being appointed both for both political and substantive reasons might have brought that matter to a close and a credible close a lot faster. all attorneys general have been subject of allegations of sitting on things. i think eric has had more
5:25 pm
than his share and you know, history will have to judge whether he really went at things with we expect. >> i don't know if history is going to be able to judge him if nothing ever comes of it i was suspicious of attorney general holder. i met him one time. charming guy. really was. i had a nice conversation of him when the mark rich pardon came down on the last day of bill clinton's. orchestrated by eric holder and the biggest cheat in american history was offered a pardon. it was never explained. mr. holder wouldn't answer questions about it it, mr. clinton wouldn't answer questions about it i said you know what? there is something dirty here. did you have think thoughts about that? >> you know what? i wouldn't say that i had really strong thoughts about it one way or the other. when you have the president who has the ability to pardon people. it's frequently the case, especially towards those last days. >> biggest tax cheat in american history in biggest guy who flees the country and serves no time and you
5:26 pm
give him a pardon and you don't explain it? >> i would have preferred to have had an explanation. >> thank you, doctor. >> i would have preferred to have an explanation. >> that tells me mr. twilger, and have you been very generous to the attorney general tonight that he is a political man. that's what it tells me. >> i think is he a political man. most ag's are political people. the question is on on substantive parties like the rich pardon what does the justice department put first the politics or the law. >> would think we know in this case what happened. he was rewarded for protecting bill clinton by getting the attorney generalship under president obama. i'm telling you guys, i don't have a personal animus towards him but there is something not right there. we appreciate the spirited debate, guys. we appreciate it plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. bernie goldberg on the internet madness. how the machines are changing everything in america. and then ms. laura also on the net and president obama's overall leadership.
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we hope you stay tuned to those reports. the factor continues all across the u.s.a. and all around the world. (vo) you are a business pro.
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5:31 pm
industrial. they da not deserve our tax dollars. they deserve our scrutiny for the economy ourself will die if our ecosystems collapse. >> if you put yourself out like that, you know somebody is going to confront you. >> we want to create 100% clean energy. we need to make a transition in this country. we need to show leadership. that's what we are here to represent. >> what do you say to critics to say you go on yachts, you are traveling and then here you are trying to get climate change. >> climate moratorium. >> wow. joining us from washington. michelle fields, the reporter you just saw. who asked mr. decaprio that legitimate question. and from tampa jessica irlick. was that a fair question she asked. >> i think it's a fair question. but the bigger question to be asked is actually what the main point of his speech was and why he was there. during his speech earlier on he said it wasn't about light bulbs or driving
5:32 pm
hybrid cars. this is a global issue that needs to be addressed. we are not addressing it in trade agreements. the biggest polluters in the world are in china, in mexico, and we feel the effects here in the united states and around the world. and he has been working actively against this through his leonardo decaprio foundation for almost 16 years. >> you see it differently. al gore was under the same pot light. he -- spotlight. is he the original mr. global warming. mansions and flies on private jets. if mr. decaprio is sincere in his beliefs. you have to ride a horse and, you know, you can't have any modern conveniences. is that fair? >> well, look, if he makes himself the face of this issue, he ought to lead by example. he causes probably more pollution one day than most americans do for an entire year. this year alone, leonardo decaprio went on 20 trips around the country, around the world while most watched
5:33 pm
the world cup from living room. he was on 400-foot yacht which was paid for and owned by a man who made money through oil. so that's a little hypocritical. you need to walk the walk if you want to be the face of this issue. >> what about that ms. erlich if he is hanging with the as well as who are in the fossil few industry and if is he making, you know, a fairly big show of running around the world in private jets and things like that, should he just maybe do it from a financial point of view, not be the spokesperson? >> yeah. well, i think he does both. you know, we have seen this also with unicef even. is he now this u.n. messenger for peace, leo is for the u.n. specifically for climate control. it's his issue. he obviously has a huge following. it gets us talking about this issue. >> yes. >> but he doesn't -- as michelle rightly said he doesn't walk the walk. a person like daryl hannah i think was living in a tree for three months. we love to have her on.
5:34 pm
>> he could be doing offsets for all of this. there are ways you can do the things where you pay who knows. >> change their lives. he wants everyone else to change their lives but he doesn't want to change his life. >> advocating for is that we have, put into place a u.n. resolution binding on other countries that they actually input this sort of regulations we have in this country. it's not happening. >> michelle, hold on. the intent is noble. we all want a completer planet. it's leo who should be doing it if he is so high profile and does exactly the opposite of what he is telling, as michelle pointed out other folks to do. i think decaprio should have answered the question. i didn't like his goon running up and getting in michelle's face. i think leo decaprio should have answered michelle's question and should have come on here. you are a very eloquent spokesperson ms. erlich.
5:35 pm
i would lining to talk to decaprio. he can keep his sunglasses on. >> i am sure is he capable of do it. >> but he wouldn't. >> as soon as i asked the question he suddenly couldn't hear anything. >> you are more frightening than i am. if i were him. i would have taken off. i don't want to see your questions. come on. >> all right, ladies. we appreciate you coming on tonight. when we come right back, bernie goldberg on the internet madness consuming america. bernie is next. you know what my business philosophy is, reynolds?
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the weekdays with bernie seeing want tonight. internet madness. according to the center for missing and exploited children. 75% of american teenagers now have cell phones. on average teens send and receive a whopping 1500 text messages a month. one in three teenagers have experienced some kind of bullying or negative confrontation on the net. 97% of teenagers play computer games. 27% of teens play games that people they don't even know. worst of all, 15% of american teens who have cell phones say they have received sexually subjective pictures of someone they know. joining us from north carolina purveyor of bernard
5:40 pm how do you think all the data is going to effect these children as they grow into adulthood? >> look. i do think there is a danger that we may be raising a generation of kids who don't know the meaning or importance of privacy, for instance. because it's easy, using as you put it, these machines. it's easy to share things that should be private. first, with your friends and before you know it, it's in the hands of strangers. and, i agree with you, too. that we may be raising a generation of kids who know how to tweet and text but don't even know how to hold a conversation. i'm with you that far. but i don't think the problem, bill, is technology. i think the problem very often, not always but very often is lazy parenting. there is a very good article on the huffington most by a writer named debra fine. and she says -- i think she makes a very good point that kids learn by example.
5:41 pm
okay? they see what their parents do. as much as you talk to them, much more important what you do. so, if you smoke, don't be shocked if your kids smoke. if you use drugs on the weekend, you know, marijuana or whatever, don't be surprised if your kid in high school or maybe junior high school starts smoking marijuana. it's no different with cell phone -- with smart phones. if you are using your smart phone to constantly go on facebook and text and get emails, don't be shocked when your kid does the same thing. so she comes up with some rules. i'm only going to give you a kepple very quickly. one of them is when you are with your kids, be with your kids. don't put the smart phone down. put it away. another rule is, if you are going to set rules, everybody plays by the rules, including the parents. no smart phones at the dinner table, that goes for you, too, the parents. don't say well, i have got a business text coming. too bad.
5:42 pm
put it away. and the most important one, a lot of parents, bill, they don't know the meaning of privacy either. so they have littlejohny, who is 3 years old and he puts on his sister's ballerina outfit and the parents say oh, how adorable, how cute that is and they have to share it with the million strangers on youtube. well, you know what? when littlejohny and his sister, little nicole, 13 and 14 are going to be sharing stuff too that they shouldn't be sharing. privacy is privacy. so, i don't think the problem is the technology. and even if it is, you are not going to put it back in the bottle. the problem is a lot of parents aren't holding up their end of the bargain. they are not being good parents. >> all right. but there is a bigger issue here. and that is a deterioration of how people interact. that's the major problem. for example, people used to read books. they don't read books anymore.
5:43 pm
do you know why? because it's more fun to be on the internet than to put the internet down and pick up a book and learn something. books, see you. all right? newspapers, so long. all right? i will get it from the net and i'm going to do this in a factor tip of the day from morons, looks good so i many consume that it used to be a unifier whereas everybody watched "the mary tyler moore show" and bill cosby and all these things. you have a zombie eating somebody over here and vampire over there. and somebody dancing and. >> you are absolutely right. no unification in the country. the country is fracturing right. >> you are absolutely right. >> chaos. go. >> you can either throw in the towel and say we can't do anything about it or, you can take the steps as this woman suggests as at least a
5:44 pm
start. each the examples you gave about not reading books and all that. if you are a parent, you say read a book. i don't want to know what your friends do. i don't want to know ha that this is peer pressure. i'm telling you read a book. it would help if the parents also read a book so they could see their parents reading a book. >> just getting urchins outside, just getting them outside, you almost have to lasso them and pull them out and say hey, look at the trees, beautiful changing, i have heard you bill on this for a while now. and i think. >> paul revere. >> i think you are on to something very important. but, i may have missed it. i'm not trying to be funny here. but i don't believe i heard you come up with any solution. >> my solution is to -- >> -- i'm saying parenting is at least a first step. >> my solution is to go back
5:45 pm
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5:49 pm
can i get a phone? you are not going to have a phone. i don't know if my daughter will ever have a phone. >> no video games. >> no. >> blackout city? >> we don't do any of that. >> wow. >> occasionally it will look like an animal video. we will look at some safari in africa or go down in a volcano. we will do some of the discovery stuff but only when i'm there and that's it. >> why did you make that decision? >> because i think this stuff, these things, i have two. i have two phones and they are really dirty so i'm really embarrassed. i think they take kids' creativity away. i know kids can get smart on the internet and learn these cool games and maybe they can learn languages. that's fine when they get a little older. especially when they are young. i want them to have time to create on their own and imagine on their own. >> when schools have all the ipads now and all the technology in schools, what are you going to do? >> they don't get to roam free on the school's
5:50 pm
internet either. my kids go to a fairly traditional school. i have just made that decision as a parent that you know, i'm going to try to parent them. i don't want this thing to parent my kids and i think a lot of parent use it as babysitters and it's convenient and i just think a 9-year-old, they are not suited for it and it's too many -- there is too many flash points and too many danger zones there. >> check back with you in four years when your daughter is 13 because every kid in the world has a phone now. >> we are throw backs, bill. that's all i can say. >> holder, why do you think is he quitting? >> well, bill, look, six years. probably is time to move on. i mean most of these people don't stay that long. probably wants to make a little bit of money. but, also, he is pretty much the most unpopular person in the cabinet. it probably isn't fun to be that i mean, he has been a social crew savored crusader. we are a nation of cowards. everybody knows that line. that did stamp his whole tenure as attorney general. he sees most thing through a racial lenz -- lens or
5:51 pm
racial crusader lens. that got people angry. fast and furious. all the issues you talked about. i think is he not seen as impartial arbiter it of the law. is he seen as an activist. >> he was there primarily to protect his good friend president obama. >> not us. >> he did a good job of that. >> the american people though, they are kind of an after thought in all of this. a crusader. type of community legal activist. >> he will wind up at harvard. he will end up there and give lectures. that's what i think he will do. finally the isis situation and president obama confronting the world at the united nations this week. do you think he accomplished anything there? >> i think, bill, he came across more as kind of a world spokesman for liberalism at that speech. he said the things that international representatives of liberal thought would say. he brings up ferguson. he talks about how religious people should accommodate
5:52 pm
multiculturalism in the modern world. i know he was talking mostly to muslim thrts, i think there are a lot of traditional catholics or other christians or maybe orthodox jews. it's not in their d.n.a. to multicultural world. they follow their views and their principles and as you know as saint paul wrote, there are some things we are not supposed to conform to. that's not in our religious code. so, the fact that he is making that point and saying, well, the world's international norms require that we do these things, i think as george will said the other day on my radio show, what is an international norm when you are dealing with saudi arabia. we know they don't deal in religious. >> i don't think the president thinks that deeply about it is he undeniably popular in some parts of the world. do you think think are just going to rally to try to help him out? >> no. i think they dual what's in their national interest. if they think it's in their national interest to send, you know, auto fighter jets
5:53 pm
to fight up against isis in syria, they dual it if it's not in their national interest, they won't. they are not going to do it to throw some lifeline to president obama. that's why germany has been so careful on what they're deciding to actually contribute. it's going to be on our backs as usual. >> they love the germans. i used to mock the french. they are terror warriors now. the germans who are -- >> the french are living with the multicultural nightmare. they are seeing how you it is playing out in their own country and they don't like it. >> some of the french have wised up. they beheaded a frenchman in algeria. pretty nasty. laura, thank you as always. factor tip of the day, a cheap shot. i want you to know about. the tip moments away. work every.
5:54 pm
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that's on we'll give you the results on monday. florida, mr. o'reilly, i heard you say president obama saluting the marines with a coffee cup in his hands did not bother you. as a navy vet i believe it's just another example of disrespect for the military. i respectfully disagree the president is negative toward the military, bill. certainly not immersed many military culture, mr. obama has helped tremendously in raising money for wounded vets. so far raised close to $30 million for the that's a fact. bill foreman, martha said boots on the ground. she owes the wounded warrior group a hundred bucks. i'm going to pick up her tab. pennsylvania, o'reilly, can't wait to see you on october 25th. i have v.i.p. tickets. that means you'll be meeting us in person, jack. watch out for miller. we'll also see everybody in west virginia on friday october 24th.
5:58 pm
go on patricia, clive, iowa, bill, killing patton is my favorite of all the books you have written. bravo to you and martin dugard. california, o'reilly, my wife woke up at 2:00 a.m. demanding that i quit reading "killing patton" and go the blank to sleep. did you concur, roy? "the factor" tip of the day, as you may know the newspaper industry is pretty much collapsing. tv news in many places very shaky. that's because many americans are now getting their news on the net. but let the buyer be ware. many times websites allow folks with no training at all to cover events, and that could be unworthy. on yahoo news somebody named dillon stableford wrote a so-called news analysis piece entitled bill o'reilly's own guest mocks his plan to defeat the islamic state. number one, it's totally false.
5:59 pm
tom any kols opposed the plan but did not mock it. we had a spirited debate. number two, national security expert jillian turner thought the plan had some merit. somehow old dillon left her out of the entire article. chances are dillon's a young guy not being paid very much trying to make a factor." friday, happiest places to live vc¡mát:];" "mad as hell"
6:00 pm
segment. again, thanks for watching us tonight. ms. megyn warming up in the bullpen. i'm bill o'reilly. the spin stops here because we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, a new public enemy number one. the fbi desperate to discover the identities of two terrorists who may be americans. welcome to "the kelly file" everyone. i'm megyn kelly. earlier today the fbi director holding an on the record briefing with fox news and other media outlets addressing the recent terror threats against america. but it was a little reported fact that is raising serious concerns tonight. the fbi now believes two of the biggest stars of the horrifying isis propaganda video may be from this country. we normally do not show terrorist propaganda, but we are making a limited exception tonight because the fbi is