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tv   Stossel  FOX News  September 28, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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hopefully bob can retire at a more appropriate age. it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. tomorrow. >> we're the party of choice. john: so say the democrats. >> if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. john: republicans say. >> this is the most antichoice administration we've seen. john: we like choices. i want to choose to put a pink mustache on my minivan, and act like a taxy driver, but they don't want he to do this. >> w we have to pay big money for licenses, we have to get fingerprinted, we have to get commercial insurance. >> also can there be too much choice? >> they've got frappuccino, cappuccino. >> look at all these treats. >> oh, no, look at all these
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choices. so much choice. that's our show tonight. >> and now, john stossel. >> when we talk choice, there's not much more important than health care. the president sold obama care saying it would lower costs and yet give us more coverage and more good choices. win-win. some people would gain better insurance and even if you didn't, you wouldn't lose anything. >> if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. >> that doesn't work out so well, millions have learned that, no, you don't get to keep your doctor. 6 million policies were cancelled. but millions of americans who did not have health insurance before do have it, and that what's why obama care is good,
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says kathleen london with doctors of america who wants america to pay for more of our health care. so ckathleen, i agree with michael, but you say obama care is a great thing? >> i'm looking at the number of people coming in who before had to choose between paying their represent or paying for health care or who couldn't get it because of preexisting conditions or other reasons who are now able to actually get coverage. those plans that were cancelled weren't really good coverage. these were plans that when you got really sick, they were going to be gone. >> michael, greedy insurance companies were selling junk to people? >> actually we know that the number one reason for example that plans didn't meet the obama care standards was they didn't offer sufficiently lengthy time if a maternity would be covered. well, okay, that's fine, but if i'm a 55-year-old gay man, i'm
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probably not worried about my maternity coverage. >> we're all in this together, don't we wan everybody cover rad? >> and let's give credit where credit is due, obama care has covered about half a million people, but half of those have been pushed into -- about 5 million people lost their health insurance, were forced to get other types of policies, i can't buy the type of insurance i want today. and in many indications i'm being pushed into an insurance plan that has a very narrow network and may not include my doctor. >> i want people to have skin in the game. >> we did that, it failed. that's what we had before. >> no, we didn't. >> how did we not have a free market before? >> 90% of the bills were paid by somebody else. so if i went to see you, i'm not saying, hey, doc, do i really need this test? if i gave you the money, you wouldn't even have a cash box to
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take it. because you're getting money from the insurance company. >> we haven't had it since world war ii. that started because of trying to get another way of incentive to hire employees so that started all because of -- >> big government managing our lives, reducing our choices and now we have more of it with obama care. >> insurance companies are more of the issue that you're discussing and the frustrations you're discussing. and i don't disagree on that market of it. honestly as a physician, i have more problems dealing with private insurance than obama care. >> when the independent basement advisory board takes effect, the government is going too begin to ratchet down reimbursement rates to physicians. that's bound to lead to rationing, increased demand, decreased supply, you zoonlt have to be an economic genius to recognize. >> either you pay yourself, or the private insurance company or the government. i should ultimately make that
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decision. >> pay your own bill. >> i should, but unfortunately, under obama care i can't because i'm mandated to buy insurance and mandated to buy a certain type of insurance that the has the benefits the government thinks i should have. >> why do i have to have alcohol rehab coverage and diet care and maternity care. >> this all goes to that we are a society. >> why don't i have a choice to get what i want? >> because in the end, your dietary choices are something we all pay for. diabetes is now the number one thing we're now having as an epidemic in this country that we're all paying for, and we do have alcohol problems. as for the maternity care, when we didn't have that mandate, when i was in medical school, i got pregnant before -- right as i was graduating and starting residen residency. there i am with my mz from yale, it was a preexisting condition, i couldn't get coverage. >> if you could afford the
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tuition at yale. you could pay your maternity bill. >> i was paying $20,000 a year as a resident and i couldn't get maternity care. >> there are ways to deal with preexisting conditions that don't involve overcharging young healthy people and making them subsidize older, unhealthy people. why should someone be subsidizing insurance for warren buffett and bill gates. that's what obama care does, it makes young people subsidize older and sicker people. >> one thing that obama care doesn't pay, lay sick eye surgery and doctors give out their personally phone numbers because they want to please the patient. >> prices have not riszen near at the rate that insurance covered -- >> when you need by pass coverage you are going to pay out of pocket? >> i want a catastrophic policy
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that covers me being hit by a car or bypass saurj surgery, but the small stuff, i want to pay myself. >> what are you going to do about all the inherited diseases and everything else. >> shouldn't everybody be responsible for their own lifestyle issues. if i go out and eat 20 big macs tomorrow, shouldn't i be held responsible. >> in and what about the again net aches, so they're born missing a gene that needs an incredibly expensive therapy. >> we can deal with preexisting conditions, almost every proposal that replaces obama care covers people. >> but we haven't dealt with it and kill obama care. i'm not saying it was a perfect plan, but it was the one that we could get through that congress. it was the first one that addressed the preexist
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conditions, lifetime caps and all the issues that we do have that weren't being addressed as and as we move forward, we will continue to form it into something that continues to get better. >> because we're all in this together, and others have to pay for my costs, do we need to ban cigaret cigarettes, alcohol? >> shall we do mandatory call citizen nuclears in the morning? >> now another fight about health care and choice, to me, an almost basic medical and moral question is, who owns your body? i would think you do, in a free society, that means you can take risks, go skiing, drive a race car, most importantly if you're sick, owning your bode means you can try a medicine that you think might help you. any medicine, yet today in america, you can't, you can't try a medicine without
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government approval. some people die because the fda will not approve. >> michaela knapp died two weeks ago. keith knapp lobbied members of congress and the media to save his wife, but ran out of time. >> ran out of time. she died in april, the drug approved just last week. in another indication, two ploer brothers have an illness that's causing their muscles to wither away until they die. there is no known cure but the other brother was lucky because the fda allowed him to try the drug. max is getting better, but his brother austin is not. >> my brother max can walk and i can only sit in my wheel chair and watch him. >> the government will not allow austin --
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>> if austin is never given the chance to get on the drug, we know with 100% certainty that he will die. >> people die because government says no. but there are three states, colorado, louisiana and missouri recently passed laws that say if you're terminally ill, the choice is ours, sort of, you can try an experimental drug if you can prove that you're terminal, if the fd doesn't order the drug company not to give to it you. this small step toward san -- so am i characterizing it correctly, three states now will allow you to beg and try to scheme and get something that might keep you alive? >> that's right. in those three states, people who are terminally ill are allowed to go around the fda to go to a drug company to ask for permission to try to save their own lives. >> but the drug company might stay i don't want to get in trouble with the fda.
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this whole show's topic is about choice and we are trying to give people who are dying the choice to try to save their own life without the government's permission. >> the fda look, if you're dying, we have something called a compassionate use process. today they e-mailed us, we allow nearly every expanded request to -- >> it takes over 300 hours of bureaucratic paper work and wrangling to get through the process. and even though they might ultimately approve you, there have been a lot of documented cases of people actually dying while they're waiting for the fda to make a decision. >> it can take years, it routinely takes years, they say hours.
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i am going to the drug company with an expe experimental drug,y will give me an answer, i will have a choice to try. john: josh has als, his family initiateed this process. >> it took josh's family about 3 years, he has hired a law firm to get through the process, crazy thing about josh, his the compassionate ute process. the sfring thing about josh's story is that the drug that he a wanted to try was manufactured in virginia by an american drug. company already legal in italy,t he just wanted to try it three years, they finally gave it to him after he had already lost the ability to walk, talk, feed himself and even swallow.c >> n it's just bureaucratic narw mindedness? they're not mean people. a >> all of these safety re procedures that are in place at the fda came because they're trying to keep people safe. and there's a good time and a
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aspirin and the tylenol and theu zyrtec we buy at cvs isn't goinn the kill us, but when you' ee'r terminally ill, when your option the fda has to determine how they're going to deal with these issues. >> tweet, using the hash tag choice or post on my face bhook page. we would like to know what you u think about this. coming up -- >> i put a pink mustache on my minivan to celebrate choice in taxi service. >> also, evil republicans, and evil democrats, i think they'reb both evil because they don't lee me make my own choices. o i'll confront a democrat next. i missed so many workouts,
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>> we're the party of choice, which is why i am tired, tired of republicans and others saying to me, i do respect your i'm tired of republicans saying to me, i do respect your choice, don't get an abortion. >> democrats often call themselves the party of choice. but when they say that, they're almost always talking about abortions, like they're obsessed with abortion. but other kinds of choice? the right to choose your child's
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school, not to join a union, to buy a gun, to pay people like you want to pay them in your own business, buy what you want to buy, then democrats are not so big on choice, and as they grow government, we have fewer choices. here's senator rand paul on that. >> it's light bulbs, it's toilets, it's cars, you name it, your freedom of choice is gone, for a party that says they are the pro choice party, this is the most anti-choice administration we have seen in a lifetime. >> yes, as government grows, free choice shrinks, so let's turn the democratic big government apologist allan goodall. >> first i'm a democratrepublic likes to vote democratic. i identify more with the l word than the d-word. >> let's start with school choice, why can't i take the government money and send my kid to whatever school i want?
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>> in sweden, for example, they tried it, it didn't work. they tried the melton freedman model. some of those schools, those private schools are getting out of the school business and kids are getting screwed, and furthermore, not only do you get to choose what school you go to, the school gets to choose whether or not they're going to reject you, when the school rejects you there's less choice. >> how is that working out for poor kids? >> it would work out a lot better if we put more resources into public schools. >> don, why can't i have a choice to buy a gun here in new york city. >> it's not a matter of choice that one size fits all. you want the choice to have a nuclear weapon? you want a choice to have a cannon? i want a nuclear weapon on my front lawn. do you want that? >> so you're not pro choice then. what if i want to make that choice?
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>> let's talk about unions for a minute. when i worked at abc, i had to join a union called the american federation of tv and radio artists. i didn't want to join, i am not an artist and i didn't want to pay the union. i wanted to be judged on my own merits and skills, i didn't want to be lumped in with rgeraldo, but i had no choice, but the union was a certified state. >> and you get the benefits that the union fights for whether you want them or not and the unions historically have fought for weekends, eight-hour days, some basic minimum wage for people, the right not to have child labor. unions fight for stuff that you benefit from. >> why do i have to? >> because everybody benefits t word collective sounds like communism, but we do live and work in a society where there is a collective well-being and you
10:21 pm
benefit as i have just been mentioning for the things that union members fought for, you get the goodie, you get the pension, you get health care, all those things that you get. >> i could form a group of correspondents and negotiate for a pepgnsion. >> but if you form a yuan on-- >> voluntary is better than force. >> you use the word force, i don't know if there's a crowbar in your hand. >> if i wanted to work there. but there's mutual benefit for all and you have benefitted by what unions have accomplished. >> i want the government to take over health care, it should be a right for all and we should never have to worry about getting basic care. on certain things, i'm not saying the government should tell you what to eat. everybody should have health care, everybody should have education, everybody should have a warm radiator in their place of residence. we spend all this money on wars, no questions asked.
10:22 pm
>> thank you allan combs, under the combs administration, you're going to be buying people warm radiators. >> i'll say right now i'm not running. >> republicans are anti-choice too, many of them are anti-abortion, anti-gay marriages, anti-free speech in some cases, so i'll confront a republican next. and then is it possible to have too much choice? >> they got frappuccino, cappuccino, al pacino. berkshire hathaway home services. good to know. [ music and whistling ]
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john: i called democrats antichoice, pro choice on abortion but they don't want to let me eat what i i call democrats anti-choice, they want to let -- this suggests that republicans, while anti-choice on abortion are pro choice about most other things, but they are not. they have their own things they
10:27 pm
like to ban. tony perkins heads the family research council. tony, why can't i take any drug i want? it's my body. >> it is your body, john, but the consequences are paid for by the broader society. so we all pay for the damage caused by cigarettes and alcohol. should we ban them? >> well, we certainly limit them, we restrict them, we don't ban them but what we're talking about here is something that has been illegal that we are trying to make legal. for instance in alcohol, we tried banning that and it didn't work, because it was already legal and we tried to make it illegal. but thing that has been controlled is drugs, we're talking about legalizing them. once that happens, we can't turn back the clock on that. and the consequences will be quite significant for society as a whole. we'll all pay the price for that. >> i'm nervous that as i age and
10:28 pm
get sick, i would be in great pain. i would like the control to end my own life when i want to. why can't i? >> it's a very difficult question, john, a lot of people have gone through that and they have struggled through those end of life issues, but let's look at what the actual numbers are, for instance, oregon where assisted suicide has been legal for about two decades. >> what about vermont and washington have also legalized it. >> that's true, but we actually have history to look at. and in 20 years we have actually seen an increase in just general suicide, up about 21%. a lot of people don't succeed and literally we're talking millions of dollars a year that taxpayers are having to pay as a result of those trying to end their lives unsuccessfully and their health care laws in connection with that. >> but that's the aberration, if
10:29 pm
i'm in horrible pain, why isn't it my choice. >> we're talking about devaluing of human life. you say it's your choice, your choice like the choices that we make every single day have impact on other people. and we have decided that there are certain choices that the impact is so significant, that it affects the broader society so that it is choices we don't allow. on, why can't i marry a man? >> well, let's talk about marriage. >> why can't i marry three people? two men and a woman? >> if you redefine marriage, that's what we'll end up, but there's a reason, this is really an issue is why is the government involved in marriage? why not get government out of marriage? let's talk about why government is involved in marriage and extends certain benefits to it. marriage benefits society, children grow up with the exposure to a mom and dad and the social sciences find that --
10:30 pm
the reason government benefits marriage is because marriage benefits society. >> why can't i gamble. you support my right to -- >> if people want to gamble. that's their business. but when the government becomes a party to it and promotes it and doesn't police it as they should, then i have a problem wit. >> can i burn a flag? >> i would be appear posed to it as one who conserved in the united states marine corps and have seen men give their lives for this country, yeah, i think there's some things that we should hold as sacred in this country. >> free speech. >> the flag is a form of protest speech. >> i think out of respect for those who have given you right you should prefer not to. >> i would never do it, but people should have a right to. >> well, we'll disagree there. >> should pornography be banned? >> again, it's the consequences that come from that. >> yes or no.
10:31 pm
banned? no, yes? >> i think the current standard as obscenity should be banned when you look at the consequences of that and people playing that out. >> should a woman be allowed to charge money to have sex? i mean a boxer makes money off his body. >> i do not believe we should decriminalize prostitution. again, where we see that happening is where the government wants to get involved in it and tax it and then they end up promoting it instead of regulating it. >> thank you, tony perkins for coming on and answering tough questions. we agree to disagree. next, let's go into the real world. what does choice mean in your daily life. been to the supermarket lately? so much choice. there's all this choice to enhance our lives? i'm overwhelmed. my next guest says no, it doesn't. when we return. my next guest said no, it
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john: i have 557 >> that song's 50 years old now. we're just fussey now because we have all this choice. there's plenty of good stuff on. like this show. in any case, choice is a good thing. but do we now have too much of a good thing? let's go to the supermarket. >> tomato bash, vodka sauce. >> my supermarket offers a zillion types of spaghetti sauce. sicilian gravy, fire and roasted. is that better than roasted garlic. >> you can get every other flavor except coffee flavored coffee.
10:37 pm
they got mocha chino, cappuccino, frappuccino, al pacino. plenty of people now argue that today we have too much choice. here's a book about choice that argues more is less, that's the subtitle. the author is chicago profess sorry barry schwartz. no, more is more. >> of course more is more, the question is does more get you more and what the research i summarize in the book suggests is no, that three things happen to people when there are too many choices. one is that instead of being liberated by them, they're paralyzed, they can't pull the trigger. so you walk out of the grocery with no spa getity sauce. if they do, they make bad choices, when there are lots of options and lots of dimensions to each option, the chances go up that you're going to make a mistake, and even if you choose
10:38 pm
well, you end up less satisfied because it's easy to imagine that one of the alternatives that you didn't choose would have been better than the one you chose. >> should the government ban choices? >> you're not a control freak, you're just talking about it. >> that's in my hat as a political officer, not in my hat as a psychologist. i think people suffer when there's too much choice. sometimes i think government should play a role. >> you say people are paralyzed, but i don't see people walking out of the grocery store empty handed. >> people don't walk out empty handed, they walk out with more options than what they chose. the stores are remarkably stupid. plus, there's enormous impetus on the part of producers to offer more and more choice in the fight for real estate in the supermarket. pepsi offers 12 different varieties because every inch of shelf space that's taken up by
10:39 pm
pepsi, is an inch that's not taken up by coke. >> so paradise was the old soviet union? >> come on, nobody's saying no choice is ideal. when you say what is the ideal choice, i will say that nobody knows. >> there is one area in my life where i'm selfishly glad the government did limit choices. when i first start in the tv chx the government said they had to -- cable channels are a threat to free the. because of those fcc rules i made more money. i worked at cbs and nbc at a time when most people were only able to get fife channels, so millions of people watched me, but they had few other choices. great for me, bad for everyone else. when england finally moved to regular broadcasting, the established tv argued that
10:40 pm
competition was bad because it would lower the choice in the. >> we must strive to offer the consumer a far greater range of choice for too long, broadcasting has been in the grip of a small elite. we must expand and offer more choice. >> it's a plastic coffee. >> but at least you've got a choice now, haven't you? they may be complete crap. >> so is that your position, we're getting more choice, we're getting more garbage? >> when you have more choice, you get more garbage, you also get more good stuff. there's 57 channels of nothing on, it wasn't nothing on, there were three or four good things. now there are 800 channels and most of them are worse than crap. they're almost unimaginably bad. but there are more really excellent options for people. again, going to the extreme example. people experiencing the opposite of too much choice in dictator
10:41 pm
ships like north korea. 60 minutes interviewed a man who escaped north korea. >> translator: the most important thing was the thought that even a prisoner like me could eat chicken and pork if i were able to escape the barbed-wires. i still think of freedom that way. people can eat what they want. it can be the greatest gift from god. >> choice of food is the greatest gift from god. >> not transparent the choice of food was what was great, it's the choice of being air ball to eat decent food. if he were stuck with chicken, it would still be a vast improvement over what he was getting in that korean prison. i think it is a gift of god for people to eat nutritious and tasty food and it's good for people to make choices in that domain and i would never dream people have, all i'm saying is when you give people what they
10:42 pm
say they want, which is more choice, it actually doesn't make them better off s. >> and starbucks is stupid for offering all these. >> how many people who go into starbucks order the same damned thing every day, but to the model seems to work because they keep opening new stores. people like to go there. >> people like to go to starbucks, arguably in spite of all the options that are offered, not because of them. >> thank you, barry. coming up, some people who do may want to outlaw me and my pink mustache. >> we have to pay big money for licenses, we have to get insurance. ♪ ♪ ♪
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that corporate trial by fire when every slacker gets his due. and yet, there's someone around the office who hasn't had a
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performance review in a while. someone whose poor performance is slowing down the entire organization. i'm looking at you phone company dsl. go to checkyourspeed. if we can't offer faster speeds or save you money we'll give you $150. comcast business built for business. you may have noticed that there's this new thing out there called the internet and some americans have these little things called smart phones. this innovation has changed life for the better by giving all of us much more choice. for example, there are now new taxi services like uber and side car that offer an alternative to traditional taxis, you book a car on your phone and the driver picks you up or if you want to make some extra money driving people, now you can, i did it for a company called lift.
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>> lift makes their drives put this ridiculous mustache on our car, it's a marketing gimmick, but it also helps someone who wants a pick up spot the car. i also have the passenger's phone number, unlike normal cabs, lift drivers offer customers to get in the front seat. >> where are you headed? i think services like that are terrific, i could make some money, and people got a ride. so many people like this service offered by uber it's now worth more than $18 million. of the world.g so much buzz for you don't want more regulations. >> but there are rules, uber and lift are illegal most places, so what's going to happen to this newest choice. we keep an eye on the technology policy program, what's going to happen? these companies keep growing but they are basically illegal. >> for far too long, many
10:48 pm
lawmakers have told us that regulations were put in place to protect consumer interests. but we all know it often has unintended consequences. no better example of thatyáf t the world of taxi cabs, that's why uber is moving in. >> which consumers like and that's why they're valuable and growing, but the taxi companies say we have to obey allyj] the rules to make sure we're safe and licensed and having insurance. >> that's not an excuse for keeping out now invoe nation or choice. liberalizing markets and giving inknow vat fors more -- >> right now uber is in about 111 cities t laws are all over the place, two governors have vetoed restrictions, three states have bills die, two have states pending. and the companies are doing
10:49 pm
things that we haven't seen before, they're saying mother may i. >> they're going out there and offering these options and consumers are showing they want these options. >> they got a million customers and the politicians are saying, oh, maybe i'm not going to get elected if i enforce these rules. >> there's clearly a demand for them. congress assumers were hungry for high quality services, u now all of a sudden they're getting these options and they're saying they want more. >> so that's great for these internet services that work on my phone but if you want to build a new car or a chemical plant or build homes in a new way, you can't do it quickly t regulators do crush you. >> these options keep growing and regulators are not happy and cab companies are u upset, they want to ban the competition n
10:50 pm
san francisco they held this prozest. >> cabbies lined up their cabs, then let them silt. >> we have to pay big money for licenses, we have to get fingerprinted, we have to have commercial insurance. pink mustache has nothing. >> you want to ban the competition. >> we're not trying to ban the competition, what we would like is to be competing with companies that follow the rules. >> he's a taxi lobbiest, he kind of is trying to began competition. >> yeah, they're trying to stop consumer choice, they're trying to say we have always had it this way, we want to keep it this way, but that's because it served their interests not to consumer interests. >> virginia banned it. germany banned it. and then they said, oops, no, we're not going to ban it. >> consumers fought back and they showed their elected leaders that they wanted options. >> the sunlight foundation says
10:51 pm
the taxi industry is spending at least $3,000 giving it to politicians. >> what we're seeing is that these companies have always benefitted from these regulations and they want to protect what they want so they're going to lobby their lawmakers to make sure that choice doesn't exist for customers. >> so they're fighting back with video, anti-ride sharing information. this celebrates the benefits of choices and names places like miami, florida that restricts it. coming up, a few more wonderful new options from this sharing economy like shared meals at a stranger's house. >> thanks for having us.
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berkshire hathaway home services. good to know. my big government loving friends sometimes say, stoz sell, what are you whining about? if you don't like choice, you can vote the bums out. >> this is an election alert. >> democracy is a sort of free market, we choose our representatives, but compared to a real free market, the political process is vastly inferior. we get to vote for politicians every two or four or six years.
10:56 pm
if this is a market, it's a slow and clumsy one, in the private sector we vote with our dollars and we get to vote more often and businesses must adjust constantly, not every four years, but every day or minute. also, and most important, politics is a package deal. vote for obama, you get obama policy. but in the free market, you have a million choices. take food shopping, there are lots of different supermarkets with a million different foods and prices. suppose you chose foods the way we choose politicians, you get two choices, donkey meat or elephant meet. maybe a third choice of another food group or get another signatures on a petition to allow them in the grocery store. but basically every four years, you vote for donkey or elephant
10:57 pm
meet. and you have to eat what everybody else picks. b we can each get what we wafbt and that freedom to choose forces entrepreneurs to compete to give us better choices every second. government bureaucrats routinely try to crush this innovation, change makes them nervous, but as our last guest said today, the internet doesn't always stop the innovation. it's not just uber and lift that have outrun the regulators, other parts of the sharing economy go it too. websites like feastly allow cooks to connect with strangers that allow people to meet with a dinner party in somebody's home. they don't obey all the restaurant regulations, but more customers choose them anyway. >> cheers, guys. >> likewise, new home sharing services like room if you're
10:58 pm
visiting new york, you don't need to pay for a hotel room, you can stay at someone's apartment for les. of course the predictable groups, unions, the hotel industry, and the politicians whom they fund don't like this new competition. they released this new video that purports to show how bad some b & b rentals are. now i'm sure some homes are this bad. just as some hotel rooms are this bad. although the video doesn't mention that. but the beauty of choice is that you don't have to stay here. i don't think the anti-choice people get that their own commercial demonstrates that consumers are protected even without regulation. the websites here come from public reviews, hosts and guests review each other, bad reviews like these won't suffer tourists again. as long as people are allowed to make choices and speak about them, consumers are better off.
10:59 pm
we must not allow politicians to limit our choices, they don't know what we want or will want. 20 years ago if you had said america needs more coffee shops selling expensive coffee. but apparently that's what consumers did want. and if we let government make choices we'll have far fewer choices. when americans go shopping, we don't thank free enterprise for the abundance of twices they provide, but we should, the simplest supermarket is a wondrous thing. think about3v/ it, 30,000 produ, the food sun believably cheap, the aisles are wide, they're well lit, the store's open 24/7, they rarely poison us, supermarkets are a miracle and yet we take this for granted. it's just part of the capitalism. next time you go shopping, stop
11:00 pm
and say, thank god for free enterprise and the choice it gives us. that's our show, see you next week. week. imam choudary. you don't want to miss it. i'm chris wallace. barack obama becomes a war president. as u.s.-led air strikes keep pounding isis targets in iraq and syria. >> there can be no reasoning, no negotiation with this brand of evil. the ong language understood by killers like this is the language of force. >> we'll survey the battlefield with fox news analyst general jack king. is the president's strategy working? we'll ask white house deputy national security adviser tony blinken. and will congress vote to authorize this new war? we'll talk with two leading senators, jo


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