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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  September 29, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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thanks for watching, huckabee starts right now. >> a woman is beheaded in oklahoma. is it work place violence? or is it jihad? >> and young voters about to eric holder. on and my tearful not really. and big and rich performing tonight on "huckabee". ♪ >> good evening, everybody. i am mike huckabee and thanks for joining us. i have plenty to say about the horrible beheading in oklahoma. a lot has happen this week. president obama ordered air strikes against isis in syria
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which was condemned by vladimar putin because he thought we ought to respect the sovereignty borders of syria and if anyone knows something about respecting borders it is vladimar putin. and president obama took his road show to explain how islamic terrorist are not religious: the president apologized for america and made sure to remind everyone of the riots in ferguson, missouri which had nothing to do with the u.n., isis, terrorism or ebola or anything that america ought to feel guilty. i share no more for ferguson than i do in the act trash that was in the march to stop climate
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change. speaking of threats. an iraqi war veteran suffering from pts jumped over the fence and made it in the unlocked front dorbefore being stopped by the secret service. amazingly they tried to spin the break down of what is supposed to be the most secure resident. they congratulated themselves for not letting the dogs go. it is a good thing the intruder didn't have a bomb or vial of anthrax. perhaps he heard we weren't guarding our borders and people were jumping fences and he thought that meant the white house as well. and great news, eric the with holder has resigned as attorney general and head of injustice department. eric holder is masterful from
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with holding. and holder wants to devote more time to investigate the bullying of the conservative groups by the irs and the magical disappearance of lois lerner e-mails or go after the people who killed brian terry with a gun that was supplied by our own government to mexican drug gangs or finally punish someone for illegally digging in the e-mails of the press or james rosen. and maybe he wants to bring to justice to the ones that had baseball bats to intimidate voters. his race has nothing to do with. it it is his letting the justice department run roughshod over the constitutional rights of americans who were foolish enough to think that their government would protect them
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instead of spy on e-mails and phone calls. silly me. oh, well, he's gone and hopefully the political games played will also go with him. and that's our week. (applause) >> the suspect in the beheading of a former kor co-worker in oklahoma celebrate terrorist on facebook where he posted pictures of taliban and osama bin laden and warned that sharia law is coming. nolan converted to islam. he severed the head of a 54-year-old woman and stabbed another woman before he was shot by an executive in the food plant where he was fired. the fbi is investigating. gary bernsten is a dedicated cia officer and he joins me now.
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(applause) >> gary, great to have you back the show. let's talk about warning signs. should we have seen something coming with the guy in oklahoma city. >> someone is posting beheadings and talking about stoning and doing all of these things on a social media website. one would have thought it would be scone and reported to the fbi and the fbi would have reported it to the local police. i have heard nothing that anyone acted on the warnings. >> gary, help me out here. nsa gets data on all of our cell phones and conversations and e-mails. and if they have a haystack that big and know who i talked to last thursday when i ordered pizza, i guess i am having a hard time how do they not catch stuff like this and what is the point of whiz bang
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technology if we are not using it to catch the bad guys? >> they are targeting communication but not looking at social media. there are companies do. and have passed the things to the government on their own because they are loyal u.s. citizens. the government needs to look at social media in a sense not like rummaging through the back cl e close closets. if there is murder and mayhem and torteur and stonings. these things need to be identified and we need to pass it to local law enforcement. i watch elderly women in whole chairs frisked to get on an airplane. i don't think we have had a terrorist act done by a 78 year old in a wheelchair, but it looks like we ought to focus all of the money and attention on the people that we are most
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likely to have a terrorist act from. >> there are efforts by the fbi to look at mosques and imams that are related to the orgs that are radicals. they need to go beyond that and in the social media spaces that they are failing. >> his facebook page contained an enormous number of threatening statements and photos of the twin towers burning and the statue of liberty burning. there should have been clues. this incident ought to scare the day lights to happen in moore, oklahoma. suburb of oklahoma city. do americans have to worry that isis has slipped over our borders androamming around us among us now? >> yes. isis has been around for a while. al-qaeda who is called the kha
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rsan group. they have a visa wa ier. and problem with the southern border. if children can walk across the border so can terrorist. and they can send 17 years old cross the border and we can be putting them off and placing them in homes around the country. we have to close our border. >> we are providing three meals a day and a cot and get them enrolled in school and one day they blow us up. >> and i bet a large portion of the fighters are 16- 18 years old and under the current system, they could turn themselves in to the border patrol and told come back in
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three months for a court appearance. >> what do we do? >> we need to have serious reform and close that border quickly. >> we need to reexamine the visa wa iver program. and bow have to look at that hard. and everybody in the united states needs to recognize we are at war sadly. not of our choice. iowa sis declared war on us. if you so something say something. we need to recognize we are in it together and the president and his staff need to step up his game. >> it might be a nice thing to pass it on to the fbi. thank you for being here. fast and furious and irs scandal and controversies, that, marked eric holder's tenure. how is history going to judge
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eric holder? we'll talk about it next.
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>> eric holder is one of the most controversial and polarizing figures in the obama administration and stepping down from his post of attorney general. i went to washington and spoke with jay christian adams that served in the voting rights of the ;gíedoj and fox analyst of five juan williams. >> you worked with demdeps and republicans in the justice department. was there a marked way in the way the administration managed the doj. >> it was night and day. in bush years, we looked at the law. that was the starting point. look at the law and brought
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cases based on the four corners of the law. under the obama administration the law was a suggestion. this says it but we are after this. and we see it with the voter id litigation & not bringing cases to clean up voter roles. this administration selectively enforces the law and uses the law as a political weapon. njuan, do you think that christian is unfair and uncharitable for the attorney general. >> uncharitable. and highly political. i will be just as political is to say that in administration, reshgs rick holder under barak obama improved the quality of the justice department.
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under the bush administration we had the whole issue of firing attorneys and memo controversy and civil right's division, christian said the law was taken as a suggestion than as the letter of the law. again, if this is the case. you have a situation where again enforcing the law and all of us, and all americans have a constitutional right to vote, and i think that every american should want to make sure that that is the protected and you don't have a politicalization. republicans say young people. and old people and these minorities. they tend to vote democratic and we'll put in place that disenfranchise them. >> don't americans have a right to know that irs returns are confidential and irs can hang on
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to their own correspondence. nabsolutely. >> why haven't we investigated it. >> we not only have the justice department but the fbi and to suggest that there is not a thorough investigation. it is not only eric holder. i know the right can't stand him. but to impugn the integraty that run fbi under his tenure and the fbi agent in this town. it is not fair. >> why didn't we get a full-scale investigation that is made public. if there is it nothing to hide, quit taking the fifth amendment and tell us. >> there is a culture of lawlessness in the justice department. there are people that committed
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perju perjury. and employees who stole lap tops and used government credit cards to visit mistresses and got a buyout. there is a culture of lawlessness. no one is held accountable there. >> there is always a specter of race because of the comments that eric holder made. he felt like he was treated different. i saw jim crow and it was horrible and i repudiated everything that happen in that era. i am having a hard time believing that everything happens is a race issue? >> i think there is a legitimate way to critize eric holder. i don't think that is legitimate criticism. holder in some cases was used as a substitute by people who
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didn't like president obama. i think he's seen as obama's guy and people don't like obama. >> or his policies. there is a difference. i have a lot of problems with his policies. no, no, no. i think there is legitimate ways to go and political ways. but it is legitimate and there are people on the far right going back to the charge of muslim and is he born and health care leading us to damnations and that leads black people to be hilo sensitive why is there such harsh criticism directed at the president and attorney general. >> i seem to remember george bush and john ashcroft had pressure. it had nothing to do with race. >> there is a relationship why eric holder is the lost popular of the administration and
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nothing to do with race. it is his policies and if going to do with race, he is pushing the race in the face of americans and calling them racial cowards and to deflect criticism. and to energize the political base. he constantly uses race in ferguson and a texas courtroom challenging voter id. he uses race to mobilize the race. >> christian, i think what you have is a situation in the country where race is a major issue. certainly a political issue and we know that the republican party is mainly white and there is it an effort on the part of the democrats to capture and hold that minority base. and so race is an issue and all of us at the table know it. but when holder comes in and deals with the new black panther party and some guy at the door. and saying this is two guys and we'll only go so far.
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what was the response from the republican party? you are playing racial politics if that was two white guys, all hell would break loose. >> they are standing there with baseball bats. >> and there was it. >> that raises it to a different level when you hold a baseball bat. >> that is a slap on the wrist. >> and i hope you join me and concerned women for america on sunday october 5th in the u.s. capitol in washington and a rally for israel. it is an opportunity for us to say we support our allay israel. i hope you join us sunday october. >> should the gop reach out to libertarians to win the
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election? jim'wóóñt
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my next guest said millennials are not liking what they are hearing from republicans and if the gop wants to start winning more elections, they need to start listening to millennials. and joining me is jimdomennish. >> there is a large voting block with memillennials. >> i have to confess that is what everyone is trying to figure out. it is a generational cohort that haven't formed a coherent vow of
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american politics. it is a disappointment that the older millennials had in president obama and so much promise and failure to deliver. but what you see in motivating people to vote is a general perception that the game is rigged and that large powerful institutions have a voice in washington and that individuals really are atommized. >> is the reason they think that is because they are right? >> yes. >> be honest with them. one thing that frustrates us. this chart shoes the registered voters. 61 percent of them are register ared and a big chunk hasn't registered and less than half voted in a presidential election. that is a low number.
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>> you can see the disappointment they experienced. they had optimism but over the course of two decades they are disappointed by the parties and what they see in washington. it is a critical juncture. it is the largest generation and impact the political situation as the baby boomer generation did. and they are trying to figure out where they are. >> look at the baby boomers. that is the second largest population block. we'll put them on the screen. 76 percent of them are registered and 68 percent voted and even though they are 20 million fewer in number. that means their vote outweighs the millennials. >> i think baby boomers are more set in their ways. we have seen millennials delayed
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interest in to adult hood. partly because of the affects of the economic down turn. it has delayed them forming families and households and moving out of their parent's houses and forming a membership where they care about the local school and government. that hasn't happen yet andion of the reasons they haven't jumped in the political fray. >> and coming up, we'll continue the conversation with a panel of college students and ask what
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now back to huckabee and for all of your headlines go to fox >> talking about how millennials feel about the current state of the republican party. joining us is three college students in their early 20s. and jo li anais a senior in
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morris county and molly is a senior in my alma mater. and molly and great to you all of these guys here. and ben, great to have you here. and we were talking about the last segment of what millennials want and we'll bring them out and find out. you have been on the show before. you are an old pro at this. what motivates you to vote for or against. >> on election say it is someone who understands the proper role of government and fro society. to me, that someone who understands government best is someone who governs lost and someone who understands the economy. >> the best government is limited and local and close to the people. and that's the way the constitution is written.
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we are not following. that ju u joule anawhat does a self proclaimed libertarian. >> for limited government and we differ from republicans on a lot of issues. but now candidates like rand paul are getting millennials interested in the workings of government and 2012 gary johnson a lot of people i spoke to went out and voted for him because he matched their principles. >> what are they. >> limited government and free market, basically stay out of my business. and a lot of libertarians are into seeing anti- drug prohibiti prohibition. and tighter regulation on government institutions so they don't interfere in your daily life and reduction of bureaucracy. >> it sounds like a lot of the liberals of the 60s when i went
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to college in the 70s. we were like just love us alone. a lot of free speech. and no drug prosecutions. what makes libertarians different than the classic liberals who are in the college in the 50s and 60s. >> can i jump in? >> one of the things we see right now. we see more and more agreement between the younger set libertarians and constitutional conservatives that are prus frustrated that both parties are crony institutions and only listen to the powerful forces in society and not devolving power back to the individuals. libertarian thought that is responsible locks more like federalism and localism. it is devolving the power back to the communities themselves. those are neighborhoods in the sense that we learned over time.
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they can govern themselves better than far- off washington institution and that is a classic conservative kri toke and libertarians are making forceful now. >> i agree with what you said. that is my philosophy. get power back to the states and that is where the constitution put. it molly, your perspective. what attracts you to a candidate or cause and what makes you interested. republican or libertarian. >> i would be on the conservative side of things. i like to see consistency. and back up what they say. and most of the millennials get frustrated. >> what makes you mad and want to vote against somebody? >> i think people who are inconsistent and i am pro-life as well. and so if you don't take those stands i will not vote for you. that is more critical than the economy or other issues.
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make sure you protect those lives of innocents. >> there is some disagreement between the hard- line libertarian and traditional republicans on social issues. things like the sanctity of human life. why is that not important to a lot of libertarians. >> as far as social issues. they are all over the board with that. i say the bulk of them in my experience have been pro gay marriage or they want to take it a step further and said the government shouldn't be in marriage altogether. and there is a lot of points of contention over it. and one of the main attracting factors most young people are social liberal but they want to see a pull back and taxes and the size of government. >> shi? >> and as a conservative that has libertarian tendency i amfe
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life begins at consuspicion and imperative to protect. and libertarian believe in natural rights. you can't protect natural rights if you don't protect the lives of the innocent and most vulnerable. none thing in becoming chlor. there is not an easy way to define millennials. molly and julianna and shia and ben, great to have you here. it is great to have you here. >> and we are going to continue this conversation. can go to fox to hear more. >> according to a new poll, support for obama care is declining in california of all places. one doctor has a view on obama care that you need to hear and you will, when we cam back.
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>> we are coming up to the one year anniversary. obama care launch website. our correspondent tried to sign up through the website with not much luck. a year later we are going to check and find out if he made progress. we'll check in with him now. >> man, it is been a career and just a few questions of being signed up for obama care.
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>> if you speak multiple languages. why does that matter. >> would you be willing to take in a family of illegal imdprants. >> i can't do that. >> if we give you health care will you stop asking about bing beng? >> fine. anything. do you like to travel? >> yeah. i like to travel. >> congratulations, you are selected to serve as a medical technician on the war on ebola. >> what. i don't want to ebola. >> if you have been enlisted in error please call our offices now. >> come on, pick up. come on. what is more important than we not getting ebola? what can they be doing? (applause) >> and now you know.
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well dr. better is a time physician for the men's soccer team and medical advisor on the u.s. olympics committee. great to have you here. we are now one year in obama care. as a doctor, are you satisfied with this first year of the launch of obama care? >> no. first off i am a sports doctor and it is not good enough for us to have a problem and get people back to routine activities. you have to push to the highest level. we have to invest more energy to get what we want in health care today. >> obama care was not a health care proposal. it was an insurance proposal. explain why it was inadequate, and seemed to cost more and
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provide less? >> quite frankly the focus on the insurance purchase is a distraction for all of us. we have to focus on mission and vision and plant. and have a patient approach and empower all americans and patients to be the best they can be. for example, a trillion dollars spent on hyper tension and obesitty and all we have to do is take a walk or do yoga or your choice, a trillion can make a difference. >> most of our health care system is based on intervention rather than prevention before they get to that point. when i see numbers, 80 percent go to chronic disease and apparent from genetics is lifestyle and personal choices. why are we not talking about that? >> it is it a burden.
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and what you say. we have to be focused on prevention and empowering each of us as citizens and discover what we need and how to integrate and reduce that burden over all. >> there is a message that we need to focus on health care reform and not just insurance, where does that start? >> any time i am challenged with issues of policy and procedure, what is best for the patient? patient approaches and empowering them. and going to our leaders. we have to have a stake holder consensus to focus on the mission and what we are trying to focus with who and how. we stay on our mission of the patient approach, empowering us will get us where we need to go. >> do patients care about the kind of health care?
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if the third party pay and the masht doesn't know what the mri or x-ray or cat scan costs, how can they take an active role in trying to contain theutelization of health care? >> they need to be empowered to understand the process and how to minimize that and how and why they should be involved and control their own care. >> and what about health savings accounts and a financial incentive. if they don't spend the money they get to keep it and roll it over? >> that is one way. the co in the end of the day is empowerment. we have to understand. we have to discover and access and we have to integrate it in our lives. >> one of the frustrating things about the entire process is how few doctors were involved in the crafting of obama care, you
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would think something this magnitude that touches relationships with the doctors, would have involved the input of doctors and it involves very little. the book. and here is a piece of news for our audience. all of them get a copy of the book to take today. (applause) av
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they're multiplatinum artists celebrating making ten years of country music. they've got a new album called "gravity." please welcome big and rich. great having you guys here. ten years. >> yeah. >> there are a lot of marriages that don't last that long, guys. i think all of us have listened
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to music over the years believe there's some incredible chemistry that goes on between the two of you not only in performing but in the song writing. what makes the magic work? >> that's our time to come together and almost speak as brothers and true friends, you know. when you discuss the writing of a song, then you're delving into the story of your lives open the lives around you. and we always come at things from other angles and we find that center when we're writing a song that pretty much is going to be doggone good when it's finished because it's got everybody's thoughts in it. >> congress should look at us as an example. >> because if we can do it, anybody can. >> i was just thinking about, we could do worse. in fact we are doing worse. >> we're thinking about running for the ticket in 2016 and the bumper stick is going to say go big and get rich in 2016. >> we're all just a bunch of crazies and somebody has got to be unafraid to lead the freak fa
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raid. >> you're the guys. >> yeah. >> the new album is great. this song is called "look at you." ♪ baby when i look at you ♪ ♪ yeah, baby when i look at you ♪ ♪ last thing i thought i'd see was you across the bar from me ♪ ♪ holding on to that turkey
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bottle shootin' 'em down and runnin' full throttle ♪ ♪ oh i can still taste the last time you and me and nothing but the tan lines ♪ ♪ keeps running through my my mind on and on and on and on ♪ ♪ baby when i look another you, with them baby blues, cutting right through me ♪ ♪ you set me on the rewind, back in the good times ♪ ♪ when you couldn't get enough of me ♪ ♪ i guess i'm giving myself away ♪ ♪ sayin' all the things i never did say i lose myself, there's nothing else i can do, baby when i look at you ♪ ♪ yeah, baby when i look at you ♪ ♪ well i know you know i'm a watching, your low cut on the dance floor rocking ♪ ♪ get the whole place worked up
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and looked in ♪ ♪ with every move so sexy it's socking ♪ ♪ girl you sure do know how to serve it ♪ ♪ the way i did ya lord i deserve it ♪ ♪ you know my hart, you know how to hurt it ♪ ♪ you know my shatter and you know how to hurt it ♪ ♪ on and on and on and on ♪ baby when i look at you with them baby blues, cutting right through me ♪ ♪ you set me on the rewind back to the good times when you couldn't get enough of me ♪ ♪ i i guess i'm giving myself aa ♪ ♪ saying all the things i never did say ♪ ♪ i lose myself, there's nothing else i can do ♪ ♪ baby when i look at you ♪ gentleman, baby when i look at
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you ♪ ♪ baby when i look at you, with them baby blues cutting right through me ♪ ♪ you set me on the rewind back to the good times when you couldn't get e me ♪ not i guess i'm giving myself away saying all the things i never did say ♪ ♪ ♪ i lose myself there's nothing else i can do ♪ ♪ i lose myself, there's nothing else i can do ♪ ♪ baby when i look at you ♪ yeah, baby when i look at you ♪ ♪ baby when i look at you with home baby blues, they're cutting right through me ♪ [ applause ] when we come back we'll be
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peeking into the mailbox getting some of your thoughts. we'll be right back after this.
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we had a lot of comments about my talk with allen about how to keep citizens who go overseas to train the terrorists to come back and do us harm. john writes, that's a tough one. one needs to know they're been radicalized. the very nation of our system makes that difference. lewis says revoke their citizenship. don't let them come back. carol says, what is the confusion, folks. look under the laws regarding treesen. this from day, he says sadly we will do nothing. hey, don't forget to set your dvr every saturday night at 8:00 p.m. do that so you don't miss a minute of the show. here's another little suggestion. invite your friends over for dinner and a show. when they get there, play our
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show. and then give them a bologna sandwich. that's it for now. this is mike huckabee from new york. good night and god bless. stay tuned


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