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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 1, 2014 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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hello, everyone, it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." president obama may not be on the ballot but his policies are. how are the democrats responding? with desperate attempts to race bait their base in atlanta. senator landrieu somehow plays
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the race card and throws in a war on women. in one sound bite, and by the way, bob, no, we didn't edit this. >> being very, very honest with you in the south, and not always in the friendliest place for african-americans, it's been a difficult time for the president to present himself in a very positive light as a lead ever. it's not a good place for women to -- we have lad to work a little bit harder on that. >> there she is. mary landrieu throws race and the war on women into one sound bite with chuck todd. >> it helps turn out the base. what do you think the republicans are saying to anybody running against the democrats to their base, if you do that, you're not going to be able to build a pipeline. it's all the same. >> those are issues. >> those are issues. you don't think race is an issue? >> race is fearmongering.
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>> this is fearmongering and energy independence. >> it's true, there was racism in the past, but she linked to it the president. she said that the president is having a hard time now because of race. >> i think racism is an issue and it's aliven america today. >> and before you said that, you said why not if it helps win elections. so you're willing to race bait if it increases violence in places like ferguson. >> aisle willing to do anything possible to bring out the race debate. >> i could yell at him. >> go, go, go. >> kimberly, women of african-americans in the south have had a hard time, women haven't had a fair shake in the south. >> i know it sounds like a crybaby for plausible
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deniability when she loses. an indian american, she's put out the race card, it just reeks of desperation, maybe it will motivate and scare her base, but i think it should matter. i think honesty and integrity should matter. you should win at all costs you should say what you mean and follow up on it. and if it's time for you to go, accept your defeat gracefully. >> with only four days left, hail mary pass. >> she's won state wide and a lot of people do like her in new orleans or i should say all over louisiana. and that's why the race has been so close. the fact that you won re-election twice actually shows what she said last night about race and gender, they are voting
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obama 90% of the time. >> she is actually right that in the past, that there was racism in the south, they were called democrats. but she made it a present day issue, she said that obama has a tough time here, so what did she do? she did something that was mischievously unfair, she took a past problem and made it a present one, perhaps it's an involuntary spasm, like when i'm nervous i bite my nails, you call somebody a bigot. it's an intimidation tactic, because when you are called racist, then you have to spend all your time defending that than saying what you believe it. >> hold that thought because watch this one, democrats in december spare are playing the race car, part two.
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this race fueled ad attacking republican tom tillis running for senate in north carolina, in it, reed's pac blames tillis for the death of trayvon martin. >> tillis won't fight for us, instead he made it harder for communities of color to vote. by restricting early voting and voter registration, tillis even led the effort to pass the type of laws that killed trayvon marvin. >> it's a password. >> i agree. racism, we're in it and where you guys are pure and don't ever get yourselves into trouble. >> all right, let's bring it around the table. dana? >> i think this morning the "new york times" had an article saying that actually early voting is going well for
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democrats, actually even better than they expected. that's what the "new york times" said, bob, i'm just quoting the "new york times." also just recently in the last hour, a new poll in north carolina shows that tom tillis is up with independents double digits. that race is extremely close, i think it's too close to call. but if you're trying to win over independence. i think tom tillis is doing a lot better than this, than this is what bob is saying, that basically anything you can do to try to turn out the vote. i don't know if it's going to work for them in north carolina. >> the question is, for the sake of politics, are you willing to risk a race war, are you willing to create unrest just so you can win an election which is disgusting. alice wagner on msnbc, which is the high school newspaper of cable, said that you shouldn't make racial unrest a reason to vote, but then she said if it works, so much songer the party is for it.
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as bob is doing, even if you admit that it's wrong, it's okay that you win. meanwhile you don't know what the consequences are, you've got something that's going on in ferguson that's not going to go away. >> we're going to go to ferguson in a second. >> why don't you have any kind of accountability. is it okay to profit off the deaths of human beings, to stand over their graves and say whatever it takes to win, like the trayvon martin case, that's race-baiting, and should those people ultimately be responsible when they create unrest and people get shot and killed and there's protests and riots because of what they said, because of their actions. wait for the evidence, bob. >> don't throw it on the table. >> no, no, no, harry reid -- >> a two-year-old case on the table and indicted tom tillis. >> from florida. >> from florida. harry reid, it's incredible. you want another example. democrats in despair,
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race-baiting, to georgia where democrats are distributing flyers with lines like prevent another ferguson and don't shoot. k.g., greg, you take this one. >> this is what i'm talking about, this is awful, do these people bear no guilt or any kind of conscious to bear any kind of responsibility for the chain of events in ferguson or tipping off another chain of events, they only profit when they divide us, that's basic math. >> are you telling us the republicans are bringing us together? give us one example. >> bob, why don't you point me to an example that a republican is doing it instead of your party. >> it's abias against democrats. >> it strikeses me that the republicans are talking about things like the economy, creating jobs, fracking and energy production. and tgreg, you brought up forge
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soften, this one's crazy, right? >> the thing that's disturbing is that we're constantly educated by the left of the civility and about tolerance and then they smear you, they talk about how bullying, that celebrities are constantly doing psas on how evil bullying is, until they smear you, they fling more mud and yet we are the intolerant ones, i can't think of an example that is -- where republicans are race-baiting. i don't -- i can't. >> can i ask you, bob. so the democrat party of georgia -- >> depicting black men and children with their hands up, something that happened in ferguson, missouri, that's okay with you? >> listen, if it's -- if there's anything illegal about that, what is illegal is in louisiana is republicans are sending out black boys robo calls saying --
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>> it's not a question of legality. >> can i finish for once, just one time? never mind, go ahead. >> such a crybaby, grow up. >> one of the things that's happening for the democrats is it's not okay for a -- especially ifly the president is unpopular as george bush was in 2006. in this campaign season, president obama hasn't given the party anything to work with. what are we going to run on the last two years, obama care and the war on women is not enough. voters are more sophisticated than people give them credit for, for example in maryland where the state is struggling economically, you have just recently in the last couple of hours, charlie cook actually moved the maryland governor's
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race from leaning democrat to as to -- based on policies, persuasive enough to the point that they get enough in the polling to show that the -- >> if you -- if this were on here, in the state of north carolina in black communities, they received letters from supposedly the justice department saying if you vote in the wrong place, you're subject to $5,000 fine and/or prison. it turned out to be a facsimile, is that race baiting? >> it sounds wrong to me. it sounds imillegal. >> it sounds wrong. >> yo you work here bob, bring it to the table. >> it sounded as bad as it did in new york state. there will be consequences against them if you don't. i mean that's wrong, reported
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this morning in the "new york post." >> do you realize you're talking about what is illegal and what is wrong? i mean there are two separate things, nothing that these people did, these groups did, harry reid's superpac, nothing they did was illegal. >> that's what bob is saying. >> north carolina republicans were illegal. i said in that facsimile that's against the law. >> we all agree with you that it's against the law. >> bob is saying it's not illegal, then we should say it's fine, i'm saying the bigger question which is is it moral, is it ethical and should we care? >> for the past three years, bob has boasted about all the illegal and wrong things you've done. >> i have said over and over again, to the extent you can do it without hurting people, i'll do whatever's necessary to get any vote turned out. >> i think it hurts people, it hurts all of us, it certainly hasn't help. >> by the way we had a sound bite of bill clinton saying enough of the identity politics,
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the race-baiting, it doesn't work, it's no good. so it hurts people. president obama bought their silence today you won't believe what it cost. today it's facebook friday, if you have a question for any of us, we'll try to answer them so post them now on our facebook page, í>'/&5z#ñv1$]7+rd)úñp
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time u now for five book face day. the first questions to dana, from diane j. dana did you do any barrel racing/rodeo growing up in wyoming? >> not like on a competitive level? >> really? >> amateurishly? >> well, yeah. even as a kid, i mean i wasn't very good. these women are athletes and they're strael good at what they do. to me it's kind of dangerous. >> you were doing it for fun. >> of course i did it for fun. but i lived on a ranch. you wouldn't do barrel racing because it's a women's sport. >> i love these heavy lifting segments. eric, with the mid east on fire, why are oil prices down. mahalo.
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okay, so a lit tle bit on the demand side, china and brazil is a little lower in demand. it's also because of fracking, also oil use is at a 30-year high. by the way we're going to be self sufficient in oil within the next ten years, which is fantastic. >> excellent. bob, this is from sheryl, bob, do you decorate your house for halloween like you do christmas? >> halloween is a religious thing on my part. >> satanic? >> satanic. it's horrible. i think it's horrible. >> it's the devil's work. >> it is. >> i tell you one thing. >> you needs an kpor fist another in point. >> kimberly, of your many careers, which have you found to be the most exciting. >> oh, should i pick this?
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i mean, this is definitely the most exciting you never, ever know. i would have to say this job followed by being a prosecutor. >> the dance show you had -- didn't you have a dance show? i'm sorry, i thought you did. >> see what i deal with? >> i had no idea. trudy asked, greg, in your high school yearbook, what are you voted most likely to be, do or succeed at? >> did you vote for yourself as class clown? >> i wouldn't do that. >> look at that picture. >> that's a great picture, look at that bow tie. i look like the guy from the dr. pepper commercial. >> you look like one of the the village people. >> dana, when is your book
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coming out? >> april. >> that is creepy, her name is april. >> oh, my gosh, and it's happening on halloween. >> that's not the devil, maybe that's the angel at work. >> what's your book called. >> and the good news is. >> what's the sub tight until. >> to be revealed. >> i'm sure it's going to be a lovely book, i have read most of it. >> no you haven't. >> yes i v and dina, eric, what is the best costume you ever wore? >> i won a contest, it was a spider bug, so there was a lot of tentacles coming out. but i won a bottle of champagne for that and got berated for the rest of the year. >> that's fun. >> i bet you did. bob, this is from jeff. what's your most conservative belief? this is where you redeem all of your -- >> i don't have to redeem
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anything. my book is called i should have been dead will be out in february. >> i think it's his religion. i would say my deeper -- >> most conservative belief. >> that i think it's not a good idea to have public assistance run wild, because i think it breeds people who are dependent and i think it's a mistake and we're responsible for it. i think my biggest belief is something that my people and me were responsible for needs to be undone. >> also you're pro life. >> this is from maria, kimberly if you could have a date with anybody you want, what would it be? >> please, after today, we are so broken up over bob. >> can i get my stuff back. >> who do i want to go on a date with? >> howard stern. >> he's married.
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>> if he were single. >> somebody yelled at me. this is from ketch to me, who are some of the people who make you laugh? well, i would have to say first off, the people on red eye, i laugh for a good 42 minutes every night. i think they're intentional and unintentionally funny. jamie lasalle, and shar rod small. tv shows, peep show, which is no longer on. what about dana parino? >> i'm kind of offended. >> you make me laugh. >> you're on her show tonight. >> i know. >> she's hosting red eye. >> i have got one more question for dana. i've got to go. >> you've got to go, save it for the next time. >> what's your favorite horror movies. >> i don't like horror movies at all, they scare me. i watched one when i was a kid and i never got used it.
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>> friday the 13th, horrible, horrible. ahead on the five, a new
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it's the 77-year-old amelia arehart mission try about to be solved? researchers now believe that a metal sheet found on a remote pacific island in the 1990s did in fact come from her plane after they matched to it a similar model. so that got us to thinking here at the five, what mystery would we like to see solved. i want to know the real reason why the dinosaurs went extingts. garry larsen, your people won't
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let us show that. and i understand why. >> they wanted us to have affordable fuel. >> so that was mine. and the next person that gets o to. >> nickel back, i have a few, i have a couple of -- why do i feel weird when i put my finger my belly button. that is strange. where does with held flatulence go, that's bizarre, the consciousness is a mystery to me. is this purely biochemical, am i truly a self or is this a collection of reactions that they're having all the time. what happened before the big bang, how much of my body and mind could survive if i kept removing things? like how much could i live off of? could i have a grain and a heart on a pillow. how long could that last? could i live forever? but my serious one is the flight 370, because that would satisfy a lot of people's horrors about
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their lives because they don't know what happened to their families. figuring out what happened to that plane is the biggest misthink to me. >> that's interesting. >> 1,000 people who don't know what happened to their -- >> the belly button thing is weird. >> try it. >> i'm not try that. >> try it now. >> i'm not trying that. >> i took it very seriously. i agree with greg. so many -- there are so many wackos out there that believe in aliens and things like that. >> bob believes in ghosts. >> they're all thinking right now that some alien being took 370 somewhere else. also the jfk assassination is u up there, the one that for the life of me i can't figure out how al sharpton got a tv show. and i mean it. >> that's a mystery that could be solved in your lifetime. kimberly, you're next. >> i have a lot of them, zodiac
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killer, even jonbenet ramsey, however let's get historical. marilyn monroe, a lot of theories about how she died, was it a suicide? was it accidental, was he murdered? >> i'm not sure, i don't 100% buy the suicide thing. >> maybe she was murdered. >> by who? >> somebody that loadeder up with bash brbiturates and it's h to stay awake to keep taking them. >> here's a text to go. >> how much was the mafia involved in fact in jfk's assassination, not that i believe that the warren commission was fairly accurate about what happened, but the mafia clearly was involved in funding the west virginia primary against humphrey on behalf of kennedy, i would like
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to know how much money -- the second thing i can answer is people say, what's before the big bang, and then the scientists say singularity, that's their institute. the answer is god. that's the answer. >> that's the mystery you don't have to worry about. no, you have faith. bob's been avoiding sweets for bob's been avoiding sweets for the last two weeks, can we
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trick-or-treat, it's halloween, there's plenty of candy to go around, and i have given up sweets. you ought to keep track of your blood sugar if you -- i'm going to try this out on eric. see what kind of blood sugar you have. >> you're diabetic, and you just decided to give up sweets. >> he never told us he was diabetic until now. >> that didn't hurt. >> it doesn't hurt. >> that's blood. do we not squeeze it all over
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the table like the ketchup incident? this is so weird. >> don't show it anymore. >> okay, 122. very good, excellent. do you eat a lot of sweets? >> do i? >> no, not anymore. i have a whole list of foods on my phone that i enjoy but i can't eat anymore. just for memory purposes. you want to be able to look back and look at the foods you used to enjoy. >> nothing like a list of exes in your phone. >> i just took this, it's 116. the blood sugar is really
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important. i'm serious, if you think you're diabet diabetic, or borderline diabetic, take this, because it's very important. >> you should probably consult a doctor. >> that would be helpful. or you can call dr. bobola. >> you pricked me with a needle you used earlier? >> i'm telling you, you should ask before he does it. >> when you pull this thing back in, it pulls it out. >> talking about candy. do you like kaenld? >> the problem with sweets is it's necessary, it tastes good. it's evolutionary necessarily for us to eat. it but you can never get all off of it. remember when you were a kid, you got sick o'clock halloween night, because there's nothing something that says stop, and
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you kept eating and eating and you wanted to die. >> what is it about chinese food. >> what about your sweets intake? do you eat a lot? >> did you eat any taed? >> i ranked my candies. >> how do you keep your weight down? i flow you're not dleemic. >> i don't know, i mean i'm not that thin, to be honest with you, i feel like i'm a good weight. >> republicans alcoholics eat a lot of sugar. that's part of the process. when you girlfriend up alcohol, you go into sugar a lot of times. i feel better, i'm healthier, and i'm more partisan, because my producers are so partisan, so i have to balance that out.
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>> all right, one more thing is up next. >> what about tequila.
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all right, time for one more thing, i'll kick it off, it's friday, so therefore -- >> so it could have been casey hick cock with ebola, but then there was this, care counsel on american-islamic relations, head hancho. decided to call up bill maher for a speaking engagement. >> it's an example of somebody would you endorse having that person speak and say nothing about it? if they were spewing the kind of things the kkk or a rabid anti-semite. >> therefore if you disagree with kerry, or anti-semite you should be prevented from speaking what you have to say for that, you have the poll of the week. >> you're dieing to do that. >> it confuses a set of political ideas with race, that's the big issue there. it's freaky friday for me, i am
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hosting o'reilly to there's me and there's the o'reilly things over there, it's like a giant, wonderful planet. >> later, dana parino, you might know her from the 5, is hosting red eye in which i will be a guest because it's freaky friday. >> finally you have been devoted. >> yes, it's about time. >> an probably because you can't find anyone else. >> true. >> you guys are like la vern and shirley. >> i'm going to get some poetry. >> dana, you're in. >> everyone was asking if dana was going to get a costume for new york. i'm actually not dressing tonight, i'm actually working tonight. but this was done by five fan photo shop and it's a great costume, with jasper as bob. >> look at how good you look when you gave up sugar, bobby.
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>> why the long face? >> you're as tan as eric. >> bob, you're up. >> first of all, let me say apparently, some people might have heard me say something earlier in the show which was, i said something that sounded close to something that was. good. so if you assumed it that way, i apologize, it's me and what do you expect? in my one more thing, those of us who have been this route before who have paid alimony, you know how painful that is, you guys out there paying alimony. watch this guy as he pays his last alimony check. >> done, thank you, jesus, i'm free at last! whooo! imbreakdancing, baby, $10,000. michael jackson, whooo! >> that's exactly right. >> i can't imagine why he got divorced. >> leaving that aside, fellas,
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if you have had to pay it before and you get to the last payment, it is like magic. >> that's romanic. >> charming show we have here. happy halloween we have, everybody, and i got to be on fox and friends and a little halloween party with cute dogs and costumes and adorable costumes and my little boy is a storm trooper so i'm going home to trick-or-treat. >> you have him in tinfoil, it's not a costume. she is the laziest mother. >> and a sport gun. >> this is like party city. >> he looks like barbecued corn on the cob. >> those are the best kind. it's going to be fun, i love halloween. i hope you guys have a great halloween with your family and friends. >> don't forget, greg, 8:00 tonight, dana's going to host red eye, big guest on red eye tonight.
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>> i'm going to church, what about you? >> that's it, everyone, have a very, very safe ha i'm leah gabrielle, "hannity" is next. despite his 11th hour hail mary to help his party, democrats continue to go to great lengths to distance themselves from the fearless leader. comes to us courtesy of mark pryor, take a look. >> well, you know, he has been a drag. i'm just going to be honest about that. people here know that i've had my f


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