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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  November 2, 2014 1:00am-1:01am PDT

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judge janine coming up next. >> hello and welcome to justice. i am judge janine pirro. one and only donald trump why he thinks there is never a greater enemy to israel than president barak obama. 50 my open. the president's couple baia approach to foreign policy collapse. putting americans in more jeopardy. coalition air strikes are having no affect on the flow of unprecedented number of foreign fighters from around the gloevenlt fighters from russia
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uk and france looking to join terrorist in syria. and gitmo, detained by the u.s. only to return to the battle fold to fight another fight. so why is this happening? when he was elected the president decide to embrace those different from americans and not force the american will on others and portray the wofrld as america's ally and started with his apologizing for american speech in cairo. he believed that appeasing the religions and ideologies the world would be a better place. yet the u.n. said the foreign fighters are joining terrorist groups on an unprecedented scale. fighters form a core that will
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spread the terror threat for years to come. and domestic terrorism will rise when they return to their home countries, the sweeping gains made by isis and bewouldings of westerners strengthened and alarmed us. and as many as 30 former gitmo detainees have joined the islamic state in syria alone. and 180 are suspected of returning to the battle fold. and some of them released for taking up yogan and reading the da hliowa llama bock. it is a small fractions of the
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detainees they decided to it release. these are commited to an evil cause and therein lies the problem. this president doesn't know the difference between good and evil or maybe he does. mr. president, why would you release five high level taliban fighters in a swap for an alleged deserter in what could be the first time in u.s. history the senior commanders of an active economy were released in wartime? where are they not tried in a military tribounal instead of saying whatever and letting them go? they are not prisoners of war they are enemy combatants who can be held and tried for their crimes. you don't have to release them. and i don't care if you try them in gitmo or in a federal court, and why would you announce
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military withdrawal dates putting our soldiers at risk? and why would you instead of support our military cut 1 trillion from defense spending. in your position of moral superiority you open the borders and change the demographics. and instead of reversing course. you dig your heels in deeper. and that is your refusing to admit mistakes and refusing to change. mr. president, you wanted to be the good guy, guess what? it didn't work. and i wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt and say that your ivory tower perch prevented you from seeing the difference of good and evil. but then again other presidents saw the difference.
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fdr and ronald reagan. >> be aware of the temptation of pride and declaring yourself above it all and label both sides equally at fault and ignore the facts of history and aggressive impulseless of an evil empire. >> and george bush saw it. >> states like these and their terrorist allies constitute anaxis of evil and threaten the peace of the world. let me make it simple for you. we are good, they are bad. there is good and there is evil. your job, mr. president, is to fight evil. your job is to protect the american people. and if you want to engage in kumba ya h politics, do it on your own time. and that is my open. and with me now.
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former united states attorney judge michael muka sey. >> right now we are seeing the coalition strikes are not affecting anything and we have 15000 coming from 80 countries to join isis and syria what are we getting wrong? >> we are getting wrong two things. number one, not realizing that they have adopted a field of dream strategy and they will come. and they are building it and people are coming. and not that they are governing in a rolistic way, but they announced a caliphate. and that attracted thousands of people. and we are getting it wrong thinking air strikes can stop it. >> i think everyone in the military agrees with you. judge, did they believe that releasing the gitmo detainees and apparently or supposedly the
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least dangerous so far, did anyone believe they wouldn't return to the battle fold? are we that naive? >> this is going on for a long time. when you talk about the recidivism rate of 25 or 30 percent. meaning that these are the ones that we recanture or kill. a lot of folks we don't know about. >> what about the fact that you sat in presided in terrorist trials in the southern district. why is it that these guys are not tried. and why are they just being released? >> thereticcally we don't know about war krieps and all we know is that they are fighting against the united states and we do know about war krieps and the evidence is such that it is not used in the trial. it was interrogation techniques. and in that situation, there is
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no reason we can't hold them. hosstillities will not be ended in afghanistan. we know 30 percent are going back to the battlefield. and i understand the president has a parole board that findings are secret and he releases the people five of the worst for a suspected deserter. and he looked up and this is on youtube. you can look at it. and anybody have an order saying what we are doing with these people? we are going to have procedures and he said yes, we are going to have procedures and that's what he fought through until then.
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and that was the report and denoil and there is no reason to have acquired that prison. and that is real trouble? those people in the jurisdiction of the united states court and their lawyers will announce they will flood the courts with petition if they get there. >> what about the fact that these guys should be released because they are rehabilitated? >> one of these guys to give you a snapshot one of these guys were released and that was the best one going and said he was going to work in his family's second-hand furniture store. and the saudis have a good way of doing this.
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and they provide you with money and if you misbehave they separate your head and body. >> within two years, he novembers a video, announcing he had joined al-qaeda in the araban peninsula and later involved in a bombing in the u.s. embassy. >> we are coming up. and they are going to track them. is that the most we can do? >> it seems to me we ought to be able to do more than that. and there is no way to come back without strings attached. >> hopefully we get answers with that. and judge muca sey. >> new fears as foreign fighters
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fight alongside isis. and john bolton's failure to act. we'll vote in tonight's instapole. and facebook or
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>> a mass killing of if i felt or 60 men and women. this is as we find out air strikes are not impacting the foreign flow of fighters going into syria the air strikes are not working. and isis massacres we are letting them out of git me and they are joining them. what is going on? >> the president's entire
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approach to the threat of international terrorism is collapsing in front of us. we are seeing the result. the creation of a new terrorist state and it is a point of international terrorism and taking over afghanistan and hesbollah and never created their own state and we are helping them by releasing people from gitmo and certainly the weakness of our response and the success that isis had. >> and the numbers from a un report of 15000 are significantly higher than what our administration is telling us. >> and so why do we have to hear about these numbers from the u.n.? >> are they down playing the numbers? >> well, it is a shocking
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realization when an expert reporting to the u.n. security council give statistics that highlight the terrorist threat more than the american government itself. the u.n. is a failure in dealing with international terrorism over the years. the report has gotten attention. the administration has tried to say the number of foreign fighters flocking to isis is low because we fear they are from america and europe. and meaning they have valid passports and can get back in our country. the u.n. suggest that the threat. and with all kinds of terrorist training we face an extended threat over time. >> the judge mukasy was here in the last segment and i asked him
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what we can do if we know there are american citizens that are coming back after fighting alongside isis. and i believe that the head of the fbi said we know who they are and if they are citizens when we come back, we'll track them. what do you think about that? >> there is no point in tracking them. >> they have committed treson. it is the only crime defined in the constitution and said consisted of taking up arms against the united states and giving aid and comfort to the enemy. and if we find out who they are and they are in the u.s., or in our grasp they should be arrested and incarcerated and indicted for treason. >> we hear they are from france, uk, and from russia, you know, northern ireland.
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and why would people from these countries hate the west so much that they would be willing to go to war in another part of the world because they hate us? what is going on in the world? >> it demonstrates international terrorism, we are not talking about random acts by lone wolves and that binds people together. and just as we face totalarian ideologies, we have to understand that radical islamist is same. it can get to the sons and daughters and grand daughters and grandsons of the immigrants and given all of the freedopes in the west rejected all of that and embraced this terrorist ideology. until we understand that we'll never be effective. and certainly president obama
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never learned that lesson. nall right. ambassador john bolton, thank you for being with us this year. iman said there is no
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>> the islamic state continues the march over the middle east and slaughtering those who refuse to join them and calling for terrorist attacks on the west. but somehow they say no such thing as radical islam. with me is the mohammed sudick and the charge of foreign democracy. dr. jazzer and imam, you say no
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such thing as radical islam. but we see terrorist attacks in the name of allah, they are invoking allah and islam, do you disagree with that? >> the name allah and mercy redeemer, we bear witness of one god and mohammed is his messenger. when you use the term "islam" that was revealed by god. god didn't reveal different types of islam. he revealed one type of islam. >> but it is it under one type of islam that people are beheading other people. and if they try to convert them at work and they don't they behead. it >> let me ask you a question. why are they not saying in the jam of jesus christ or you know, yelling something in jewish, why
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is it just islam or muslim that is epivoked as the basis for this barbaric. >> whatever their reasons, i can't go in their mind and ask what they do and why? i can only wfsh. we know islam is a pure faith. islam has no divisions of radicalisms. islam is a power faith and revealed by god. and no such thing as radical islam. but there are radical and desperate people. and if we go back and study the history of what is taking place in this part of the world, you would see there is a lot of injustices and prejudice and murderings and killing that has taken and as a result of that, you create a people who are desperate and a people who are
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radical. >> are you saying that the people doing the barbaric killings are justified? >> no, no, no, ma'am. you don't have to enterpert that. >> i am asking you. >> not the way i see it. no, i am not saying justification or a reason for doing that. there is a difference between the reason and not justification. >> can you answer that question? >> absolutely. and i am sorry, but there is so much path logical denoil in the imamwho are trying to obstruct reform. it is the islamic state of iowa ran and pakistan and saudi arabia which has done more beheadings in the past two months. they are all states and islamic patriots and jihaddist government and get their
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inspiration from political islam and use our legalism to oppose minorities and others. and until our leadership judge wakes up it is a path logical ideology. you say it is a power islam? i am sorry, there is a major problem in our faith community. >> imam, i ask you if it is not about islam why are they flocking to syria and iraq to fight and looking to crate a caliphate. isn't that a nation that is a thecrazy and why do they want a caliphate. >> let's back up a little bit on what dr. jazzer just said. almoiety said this day have i
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completed my favor upon you and perfected for you your religion and chosen to you al- islam. i am asking dr. jazzer let me finish. snishgs i am{you to ask him. >> imam, you gave your opinion. >> but allow me to finish my statement. i just want to know. tell will me when did god say this day i have chosen for you political islam? if he can tell me when it was said. >> i am not asking you that. why is it there is an attempt to create a caliphate. and the egyptians threw out the muslim brotherhood. if it is not about islam why are they creating a caliphate. >> that doesn't create any problem what so ever. i can't go in the mind of
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criminal. i am not a criminal. >> why? it is path logical people. (talking over each other) >> okay, but why keep asking questions if i answer one- third. >> you take too much time. >> don't ask the question that take one second answers yes or no like in court. my point is, i have no way of knowing what is in the mind of crazy people. and what is not in their meaned is god and the refalation in the qu'ran and what islam is all about. >> iman you are delusional. the end game is the caliphate. >> where are you talking about? let me answer. i have listened to you ramble on with nonsense.
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the end game. >> the end game is what? >> the end game is caliphate and as long as you justify a caliphate with violence or without, that fouls their ideology and becomes against libertyitates like america and the west. and unless you advocate a legal system based on liberty you will fuel the justification of radicals and jihaddist and become a threat and you become a tool of radicalizing. >> and thank you so much for being with us. i am sorry, we are running out of time. and coming up, i sit down with the one and only donald trump who never
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quarentine. now back to justice with jeanine. >> the man needs no introduction and american business icon and my friend donald trump. take a look.
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>> you have been a harsh critic of president obama and there is a lot of different issues to talk b. number one, the economy. the president said he would resolve everything and making speeches about how great the economy is, is the economy is depend shape? no. we owe $18 trillion. trillion, a word that you never heard five years ago. and so we are heavily in debt and doing everything for everybody. and we are the policemen of the world. after we are the policemen everyone takes advantage. they crumble when we leave. >> you say we are the policemen of the world and the thing that comes to my mind. christians are being butchered in the middle east. >> that happen never before. >> it is a genocide essentially and our being the policemen of the world we are not protecting them. what is that about? >> we are the policemen, but our
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leader is not respected and our country is not respected. we are not a respected country. >> what about the fact that as we continue the air strikes, you have. we are not stopping isis and they are running in from guantanamo back in the battlefield and he is repleni replenishing the enry. >> isis is wanting to take on syria. and we are hurting them and setting them back. and syria is our enemmy and we are doing their work. and the president for some reason feels he has to give concession on the nuclear proliferation of iran. >> from the beginning there is never a greater enemy to israel
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than barak obama. it is incredible the way he speaks and treats them. he treats our known enemies better. >> susan rice walked out of the u.n. when netanyahu was about to give the speech and someone in the administration called him chicken (bleep), why would they do that? >> they don't like him and don't like israel. i speak to my jewish friends. how do you support them. what is going to happen, iran will have a nuclear weapon. and it is close. as soon as that happens it is a new ball game. >> where is the united states? >> they have no idea what is going on. the united states is so poorly run. what is positive in and you look at our relations with other
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countries, in history it is never like this. not one country do we-uirñ get with anymore. it is not like we are taking advantage. we don't get along and they take advantage of us. >> you have strong opinions on military and economy and health care. 2016, there is not a front runner. >> wait and see what happens. people talk about mitt romney and he ran and lost and he is have won. i don't know what happened. i supported him. i liked him. but he shouldn't run and i hope he doesn't. bush, we have had enough bushes. the republicans need somebody great. and if they don't get it, we'll have a problem in this country. >> who is great out there? >> i will not get involved with that yet. that will be the next conversation. we have an amazing. it will be amazing on tuesday.
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i think the republicans have a chance in the first time to take over the senate. we'll see what happens and it will be interesting. and it should happen and the numbers are getting better and better. and they seem to be getting better and after that, i will make a lot of decisions and choices. ndonald, you are a successful businessman and you know how to market and build good buildings and as you look forward in this counsel row, how can you donald trump create more jobs? >> i love creating jobs. i started with the old post office between the white house and capitol. and i am making a resort and i do many things and do them all over the world and in this country i am doing a lot of stuff. and look, our country has tremendous potential and we don't use it. and what we have to do is make america great again. >> donald trump.
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always good to talk to you. >> and with me ann coulter. all right. donald trump saying how great american is and yet we are not respected and we have midterm elections coming up and will anything happen that can change the way we are perceived in the world or change policy? >> it could. it is a veá/ no matter what your producer sent me that we might talk about. did you hear there is an election on tuesday. it could and we need to take 53 senate societies and 51 would be enough to put republican it is in a good position. >> and craft a bill and send it to the problem. it is no longer do nothing republicans and it is the do nothing president and the media will have to explain what is in the bills.
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and i am confident america will like that or president romney or cruz comes in and he will have a republican senate and repeal obama care. >> if the republicans take the senate and it looks like that may happen. they can pass bills that will signal to the american people what the party stands for as opposed to the party of no. >> talk about the closer elections. >> and i want to talk about the. south carolina governor. and listen to what sheehan called her. >> she vetoed our public school teacher pay races and she gave her staff 25 percent. and that is the worst kind of politics and we'll escort her out of the dor. out of the dor!
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interesting. escort her out of the dor. >> yes, it is it a continuation of the democrats war on women. do you said that he said that untensionally. >> no, he laughed and the audience laughed it would not be so funny if a republican had done that. >> and talk about new hampshire. what will happen? >> they have a debate and you have george stephanopilis as one of the moderators and he injected the birth control question in the debates and romney was magnificent by the way. it is a state allowed to ban birth control. what are you talking about? that got the war on women thing going on. and we have soccer moms terrified we have policemen taking away the birth control
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kits and it was a local abc station and they presented a list to scott brown. and george stephanopilis and the real story is the new andy hillary. and in the 2000 election asked about name the leaders of the obscure countries if he wanted to be a hero by touching the president. and this time we had james, we call him james pin head. it is james pin arch from the boston globe and he asked scott walker, tell me about the economy, of sullivan county. you know walker is a senator from massachusetts and walker has a different answer and the pinhead said you may correct me when you so his real name. he said no, no, no.
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specifically be specific. tell me about sullivan county and brown said i am talking about north of conk lin. sullivan cone is not north. liberal blogs go wild and claim that scott brown doesn't know. he admits brown was right and he was wrong. just like the candy crowley thing. >> and that is the shame of it all. >> they are asking questions that are not honest. >> and correcting the man in the debate. >> ann coulter all of the time we have tonight. >> and coming up. the largest solar flares in decades and what you need to know about t t t t t t
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>> scientist are watching the largest sun spot in 25 years and sending out flares that disrupt navigation systems and radio communications and the sun spot is 20 times the size the surface of the earth and the flares produce as much energy as a kt what happens if there is a hit from a giant solar flare? with me now, frank, what does happen if there is this giant solar flare that hits us? >> it is a matter of
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speculation. but the general consensus is that it is very bad for a electifiied society like ours ú storm caused mass disruption of the system that we had in the time. the wires caught on fire. the society dependent and systems that would be devitated, would grind to a screeching halt and the loss of life as a result would be in the tens if not hundreds of millions. >> frank, we talked approximate the grid needed to be strengthened to withstand the solar flares that are on the increase as of late and the
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impending event is just a question of when. why is it that the local electric companies are not strengthening the grid on their own? >> it is & nasa put out a press release after the second anniversary of one of those close calls two years ago and said the probability of it happening in the next decade is 12 percent. that is better than russian are you roulette. the utilities own 85 percent of the assets of this infrastructure and critical grid, they have brazened it out to this point. there is a federal regulatory commission that has to oversee then. and they write their own standards and to this point they
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dumbed them down where against this intense electromagnetic solar storm event, the only protection is not only the grid but loiblt protection for the industries and that is a scandal. >> it is like before. ferk is like a trade union for the local -- >> ferk is overseeing them. but regulatory capture, they are not providing the independent oversight. maybe because they are populated by -- >> what do we need? >> i think the short answer is we need a new commission to oversee independently, in kind of a model of the nuclear regulatory commission, that doesn't take orders or effectively, at least, from the utilities but canyztvju)qq the kind of oversight in the national interest that we really
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need here. >> all right, thanks so much. always good to have you with us. >> thank you, judge. >> your last chance to vote in the poll. why do you think the admimimimimimi@?
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with election day almost here i wanted to see what the average american knew about the democratic process. the responses were surprising. take a look. >> what is the symbol for the republican party? >> the elephant. >> and the democratic party? >> donkey. >> how old do you have to be to vote? >> at least 21. >> would you be surprised to know it is 18? what animal symbolizes the
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republican party? >> the con ki. >> and the democratic party? >> the elephant. >> what should be the symbol for the republican party? >> the eagle. >> and the democratic party? >> the chicken. >> there is something going on around here that just don't add up. >> somewhat the symbol for the republican party? >> elephant. >> and the democratic party? >> a giraffe? >> what siymbols should they us? >> a circle with a line through, the stop. >> which party is that? >> both. and last week i talked about the era of the lone wolf or repo terrorist and not to rely on the government. >> brian says you are a terrorist puppet. if i am, why am i telling you to protect yourself? wouldn't i tell yourself, don't
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worry, be happy? and forest says why are you continuing to fear mongering. all right, why don't you talk to the family of the woman beheaded by muslim terrorists who were trying to convert his co-workers to islam. and leo says what do we do, stay locked indoors? leo maybe you lived a privileged life but most men don't hide from fear, open the door and face your enemy. it's time for the results of the poll. why do you think the administration is releaseding gitmo detainees? laura says we'll never know the whole truth. britney says this administration has a lack of concern and i'm terrified. and andrea says maybe just maybe they're innocent, judge. andrea, maybe they are. how about we go ahead and release them to your house? and katie says the president has to make serious decisions in the
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best interests of the country. he can't always tell us why. i don't care why. just make the right decision in the first place. that's it for us tonight. you don't ever watching.
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huckabee starts right now. >> we are three days with the election and senate at stake. two can go to a run off. who has the wind to their backs and millennial voters was leaning republican and mayor of houston dropped the subpoena and one of the pastors say that is not good enough. we are live on huckabee. (applause) >> and welcome to huckabee. we are coming to you live from new york. you know, t


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