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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  November 3, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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to "the factor." don't forget the mad as hell segment about the election on thursday. again, thanks for watching us tonight. ms. megyn is next. rememb stops here. still looking out for you. breaking tonight with less than 24 hours until the first polls close and campaign 2014 the white house is pushing back on the notion that these midterms are at referendum on president obama and hisá policies. welcome to "the kelly file" everyone. i'm megyn kelly. we have heard the message for months, tomorrow's midterms are about this president, his policies and the direction of this country. remember, it was just a couple of weeks:w6h÷ ago that mr. obamd it himself. >> i'm not onim& fall. michelle's pretty happy about that. but make no mistake, these every single one of them. >> some of the president's closest allies quickly suggested
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that was a mistake. and within days pollsters were asking if president obama's policies were on the november ballot. would you vote for or against them? fox news found 58% saying i would vote against them. just 36% said they would votef for them. so at the eleventh hour the white house was today asked is this election about the president. >> it would not be wise to draw as broad a conclusion as you would a national presidential election simply by virtue of the map and the state where is this is taking place. that said this election is extraordinarily important. >> we have fox team coverage midterms. ed henry in washington on the president. shannon breem is in iowa on the hotly contested senate race there. and carl cameron's in@m
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kentucky. ll-star lineup of guests tonight. marc t(e1theesen, kirsten power ÷ze perrino, joe ñre begin(ohw!çnç mlz?ñ news contr matter" which hasxd sold more tn a million copies,i] charles,s7 welcome to you. this is what i would like to4hñ you've'ak gotrg]k "new york tim "the washington post," "daily sea election. an election about writesonz as follows "this elecn is about the size and m#&pe of % government. it's about the security of the÷ citizenry. it's aboutdíy competence. it's about it's about honor. it's about an electorate determined to hold someone responsible for the policy failures that haveñi defined th administration and the÷n scanda that have consumed it. and it's about time. your thoughts.
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>> well, it is. i mean, this is ao)+q referendu obama's hyperliberalism. in 2010 it was sort of aspirational. it was in legislation but hadn't been enacted yet. now we are six years in and we see the results of obamacare. we see the results of the stimulus, the worst recovery since the second world war. we see the results of this kind of overreaching government, which at the same time is incompetent. i don't have to go through all the scandals, all the failures abroad and at home. and this isn't only the party in government. this is the party of government. this is liberalism on trial. i can assure you that if the democrats pull off a miracle and do well tomorrow night, josh earnest is going to be up there on the podium on wednesday saying of course this was a national referendum on obama. you say it isn't if you know you're going to lose. >> and yet today we have vice president joe biden predicting
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that the polls are wrong. that the democrats will hold the senate. debbie wasserman schultz the same. first joe biden. >> first of all, i don'tó>"ñ ag with the oddmakers. >> i agree with the vice president. we're going to hold the senate tomorrow night. >> is that just wishing? >> yeah, it's wishing and spitting and trying to encourage people to go out and vote. so perhaps they'll be a seating they may win on turnout on ground game. but it is of course an election about obama. his record and his performance. shows you a couple of things.dxmd one is i think the republicans have run a fairly gaffe-free campaign. the gaffes have been on the other side, particularly this overreach in the war on women which has become almost a joke in a place like colorado where the denver post9 democrat's opponent calling mark
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udall senator uterus for going completely overboard with what they called an obnoxious one-issue campaign. you get senator landrieu, a female senator from louisiana re-elected three times claiming a week ago that, you know, she'ç not doing that well because of the sexism that exists in the south. it's becoming sort of a joke. remember in the past it was republicans who made the gaffes. >> uh-huh. >> on the womens issue, legitimate rape and other nonsense. and now even this small event happening, senator harkin in arkansas, a fairly innocent remark about the appearance of joni ernst, this is just redounding on the democrats because they were the ones who insisted in the war on women, in looking at every phrase, every word, every supposed insult or con desengs to women. and now they're on the receiving end. >> but why ise
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the things steve hayes outlined, why aren't they running away with it? why isn'tw
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that their pedigree and attractiveness, political attractiveness i should say, to be rather specific, they're doing rather well. to the extent it is a nationalized election the republicans are doing very well. >> we shall find out soon, wetuñ hope. could be as late as december or january. but charles will be live with us tomorrow night as our coverage begins at 6:00 p.m. >> i think it will be by midnight tomorrow. >> i hope you're right. it would be great to have an answer one way or the other. we could go home and go to bed. we're supposed to be on air until 2:00. eat your wheatties, charles. >> i will. night that's when our kovrmg starts. today we also saw dramatic reportg[b÷ suggesting president obama is "fed up" just days before the midterms. that he resents his irrelevancy, that he hates washington, that he's sick of the depressing national security meetings. we'll look at what's behind that message and what it america.
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and allegations of sexism in the iowa senate race. you heard charles make mention ofvóñ it. republican candidate joni ernst is here to respond after the current senator said this about- ms. ernst, a mother and combat veteran. >> i don't care if you're as good looking as david webb or as nice as mr. rogggggg ♪ health can change in a minute. so cvs health is changing healthcare. making it more accessible and affordable, with over 900 locations for walk-in medical care. and more on the way. minuteclinic. another innovation from cvs health. because health is everything.
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you fifteen percent or more on huh, fiftcar insurance.uld save everybody knows that. well, did you know words really can hurt you? what...? jesse don't go!! i'm sorry daisy, but i'm a loner. and a loner gotta be alone. heee yawww! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. jesse? late breaking reaction now to a campaign controversy after a veteran democratic senator is accused of injecting sexism into the iowa senate race. the latest quinnipiac university poll shows republican joni ernst tied with democrat bruce braley that's after a des moines register poll showed her seven points ahead. then over the weekend these remarks by senator tom harkin suddenly getting a lot of
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attention. >> this senate race i've been watching some of these ads. and there's sort of this sense that joni ernst, she's really attractive. and she sounds nice. i got to thinking about that. ixd don't care if she's as good looking asñi taylor swift or as nice as mr. rogers, but if she's no michelle obama. she's wrong for the state of iowa. >> shannon is live in ames, iowa, where she's following the campaign in the final hours before election day. shannon. >> megyn, there have been a number of unforced errors in this particular race. and now you can add harkin's to that list. we'll see if they difference. if ernst is elected she would be the first female sent from iowa to the u.s. senate. that's not something she's ever made a big deal about. it's not something she's tried to emphasize. here's what she said when asked about harkin's comments.
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>> they are offensive because he is a sitting united states senator who should be supportive of any female that is running. ideas, but, you know, he compared me to taylor swift. that's okay. we're going to shake this off. >> i caught up with the democrat in this race today congressman bruce braley, he did have harkin with him. i asked the senator if he wanted to clarify the comments he made. here's what he told me. >> i shouldn't have said that. okay. i know that.dl but, you know, i always regret when someone feels offended by something i said. i don't care who it is.sxh]s >> if there is a gender issue in this race, it's interesting to look at the numbers this way. you referenced that quinnipiac poll. it still shows that women tend to favor braley and men tend to favor ernst in this case. there are two notable things also in ernst favor in the last des moines register poll that
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came out today, although respondents gave a slight edge to braley on things like "depth of issues," when you write down those issues and talk about likability and believability, ernst scored much higher than he did and also issues of foreign policy and national security. a lot of that could be contributed to hermmkl experie you referenced earlier as a combat veteran and leader in the iowa army national guard. and also something very important in that final poll, independents broke in her favor by a 12-point margin. that could make a huge difference tomorrow. and both campaigns acknowledge that getting the ground game going and getting the turnout tomorrow will likely make all the difference. megyn. >> shannon breem, thank you. wex+q invited senator harko come on tonight to explain his comments and elaborate further, but he declined to qj-rr so. but joining us now is joni ernst, the republican nominee in the u.s. senate race in iowa. ma'am, good to see you tonight.
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this morning you said you were offended by his comments. now he says he#j]o always regre when someone is offended by something he said. do you think that's an apology? and if so, do you accept it? >> i do think it's as good of an apology as we will get from senator harkin. and i do, i do accept that.b1mp it is regrettable that he said those things in the first place. but you know what? just like taylor swift says we're going to shake this off. we're going to drive on and share my message withcátqñ iowa. that's what's important right now in the final hours of this election cycle. >> what do you think -- i've heard some people say that you weren't really offended, you were feigning your outreach to try to take advantage of something that, you know, he probably shouldn't have said but he said. >> no, i am offended. and i'm offended for every woma÷ that runs for office regardless of party. when they just talk about what's on the outside,njk0attractivene niceness, i am a nice person. but i'm pretty darn tough. 2 years in
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the military. i'm ahip combat f:rçveteran. if my resume had had john ernst at the top as my name, he wouldn't have made those comments. >> he wouldn't be talking about your attractiveness. meantime i'd like your thoughts q(t&háhp &hc% suggesting, a woman elected to u.s. senate three times in indiana blaming her own struggles in her re-election ájz the fact that she's a on woman. do you buy it? >> well, i hate to bite into too 2ñ on gender.te to bite into too i just think it's the right candidate at the right%y"éñtime. and that's what i am running on in my election cycle is that i am the right candidate at the right time. we're refusing to accept the premise that president barack obama has set for us, congress bruce braley. their policies are wrong. iowans are rejecting them.yck0 that's what this campaign is about. >> what do you make of this latest quinnipiac poll that puts the race at tied just aña&n2v after the des moines register poll that puts you seven points
9:16 pm
ahead. which one do you believe? >> well, i would say we have the mom5fi:r))q campaign. and the des moines register has really been a gold standard for iowa politics. and again, with all the momentuh that we have in the campaign, i tend to lean more that direction. but we knew this was going to be a very tight race. i'm a small town southwesternl8 iowa farm girl. bruce braley is an eight-year sitting congressman. he had the advantage to start and we've overcomeúd1ót that advantage, again sharing our1%p iowa values in iowa ways. >> i've got to ask you about that ad. i'm a city girl. i grew up in upstate new york. how did it turn out that you were castrating pigs on a farm when you were growing up? >> well, i tell you, it is ahcy normal chore, it is a normal chore that is done all across iowa. >> it is? >> yes, regardless of the type of livestock. so when we ran that ad, you would be surprised but here in iowa it just pulls us right back to our farmers.
9:17 pm
i've had so manyc2?t folks say, know, joni, i usedíht same thing. >> how old were you? tic involved with a pig? >> yes, my sister and i we worked together. and i tell you, yes, we were young girls. but it's aü[ñ normal chore here. so nothing's too out of the ordinary. >> suddenly unloading the dishwasher doesn't seem that bad. >> that's right. that's right. enjoy it while you have it. >> thank you for being here. we'll watch tomorrow. >> thanks, megyn, very much. >> well, there were new allegations -- i grew up in syracuse, it's not really the city proper, but we weren't doing that. well, there were new allegations of political race baiting today, thi7;"zq time in kentucky. and the showdown between mitch mcconnell and allison lundergren griems. up next, joe trippi in why we are seeing so much of this. and new signs that the president could grant amnesty to millions
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of illegal immigrants right after the election. judge napolitano is here on judge napolitano is here on that. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
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breaking tonight, midterms taking an increasingly ugly tone with allegations of race baiting and voter intimidation. in kentucky senate minority leader mitch mcconnell and allison lundergren grimes tearing into each other. carl cameron reports from louisville, kentucky. carl. >> hi, megyn. the mcconnell campaign feeling confident tonight. last week they distributed an election violation notice that was sent out to a variety of candidates --@z@
9:22 pm
has distributed a flyer of their own. sort of racial overtones in this election race. in the case of allison lundergren grimes. she literally waved this and accused mitch mcconnell of voter intimidation. on the back it is however essentially a straight criticism of attack ads fromwçn the president and her policy allegiances. in the case of the grimes campaign, however, there has been a democratic flyer put out that has a picture of mitch mcconnell on the front and an african-american family on the back and mitch mcconnell is targeting our community. the grimes campaign attempt to have this stopped was tossed out by a judge saying it was not election intimidation, megyn. >> oh, boy. kentucky's not alone. a number ofg race to try to gin up support.
9:23 pm
suggesting southerners don't like president obama because many are racist. an idea south carolina congressman echoed today. >> so there's nothing racial about some of the -- stress about barack obama, you're just not telling the truth. the fact of the matter is we,x know there were a lot of people, i don't care what he does, he's not going to be acceptable because of his skin color. and there are gender biases existing in this country. and we've got to work through those things. and those of us who are democrats, we have a history of being fair on civil rights. >> joe trippi, former presidential campaign manager for howard dean. he's worked on a number of presidential campaigns. he's a fox news contributor. he'll be with us tomorrow night. really? >> it's about getting the base out. that's all this is. >> it's manipulation, is it not? >> well, and both sides are playing on it. and i'm not trying to do the
9:24 pm
both side stuff, but you've got a state senator in louisiana who's on the air in north carolina and louisiana i think talking about how african-americans just exchanging one plantation for the democratic -- >> that was after harry reid's group launched an attack on a republican candidate in north carolina. >> but it's all a fight over -- >> yeah, but it's democrats -- that's one example of republicans. every other example is democrats trying to play the race card anx gender. >> that's what the war on women is all about. >> here's that republican in north carolina, the guy from louisiana. you know what he's complaining about? he's saying they're assuming they have your vote, african-americans. you're just a vote to them. that's all you are. and then today we had the first lady go on with roland martin and earlier made a reference to the african-american community. and that's to whom they were apparently speaking. and she said this. listen.
9:25 pm
>> that's my message to voters. this isn't about :&ryñbarack. it's not about the person on the ballot. it's about you. and for most of the people that we're talking to, a democratic ticket is the clear ticket that we should be voting on regardless of who said what or did this. >> who cares who's on the ticket, you need to be voting democrat period. >> well, i mean, that's when you're talking to your base that's what you're telling people to do. you want to get that message. it's important you go, you;%&ñ . i agree about what all this is about. it's about trying to get temperature up as high as possible. >> the manipulation. >> so people will not stay home and go. whether it's a woman or, you know, an african-american or whether dit's, you know, someboy who hates obamacare and you push obamacare, obamacare, it's an issue and i understand that, but the reason you're doing it at this stage in the game is to make people decide it's important for them to go vote. not -- nothing else. not fighting about trying to
9:26 pm
convince anybody right now -- >> how about democrats have the moral high ground in the south when it comes to civil rights and african-americans? >> well, clyburn can make that case for himself. >> for himself. >> yeah, he can, and for a lot of democrats. >> joe, it seems like naked partisanship. >> of course it's -- >> appeals to the lowest common denominator. remember all the hatred? gin up your hatred, that could push you to the polls and help us. >> that's why negative ads work. everything this year negative tone of the year is about no one's voting for anything right now. >> is that true? voting against dishonestyíay - >> right. they're voting against government overreach. they're not voting for most of their office holders. i mean, that's not what's going on here. both parties want to throw everybody out. it's one of the reasons why pat
9:27 pm
roberts is in trouble. why it looked like for a while mcconnell could be in trouble. because it was -- it is geared against obama's approval ratings. >> on the eve before the elections last moment prediction, will they take the senate, the republicans? >> it would be a minor miracle for the democrats to hold it. it's possible, but you have to at this point believe the republicans are going to get the majority. >> joe trippi, see you tomorrow night. just ahead, "saturday night live" having some fun with yours what? does that look like me? we'll show you some of the skit. and this time ó i get to weigh. hi÷ bombshell story today. hi÷ bombshell story obama staffer suggesting president obama can "fed up, that he hates being irrelevant" and talks about how he's unhappy &háhp &hc% in national security meetings.
9:28 pm
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what's on your hand? noth-- my wedding ring. [chuckles] symbol of our love and understanding. comparing rates for you. now that's progressive. [ high-pitched ] nailed it! from the world headquarters of fox news, it's "the kelly file" with megyn kelly. ant si, fed up, frustrated, those are some of the words being used to describe me -- no, i mean president obama by some anonymous white house staffers interviewed for a political story that asked the question "can the president re-boot" chief white house correspondent ed henry live. >> when i talk to the president's advisors say, yes, he's clearly frustrated. the phone's not ringing for candidates who want him to get out there just six years after he was supposedly transforming american politics.
9:32 pm
when he does get an invite like last night in philadelphia when i was there, they had to put up a black curtain halfway through this basketball arena in philadelphia just to cover up the empty seats on the other side of the arena. he still got over 5,000 people, but nowhere near the adoring crowds hek7r used to. and he is frustrated about what's left of his agenda what he's trying to get passed is overshadowed now, you mention national security, isis, ebola, sucking up all the energy and oxygen right now. on top of all of that what used to be a very tightly run white house communications operation is springing all kinds of leaks right now. you had that "new york times" piece last week suggesting the national security team was at each other's throats, that there might be a shakeup of that team after the midterm÷[$ho election. and then this politico story you mentioned bring in someoneá tom dash shell --
9:33 pm
>> officials mocking the secretary of state that he's off message. is this white house fractured? >> no, ed. there's a complete unity of opinion that the president's view and that the prms&dent's commitment to both expanding economic opportunity for @pyt middle class and doing everything we can to protect the american people around the globe continues to be at the top of our agenda here. >> now, the one person we haven't heard weigh in on all of this is the president himself. traditionally presidents right after the midterms, the morning after, so wednesday, they'll have a news conference to talk about it. remember, famously in 2010 the president talked about the sha lacking he got in his first midterm. we'll see how he frames this one. >> joining me marc thiessen, fellow, dana, co-host of "the five" and kirsten powers, fox news political analyst and usa today columnist. the article goes onto say president obama resents that he's basically irrelevant.
9:34 pm
his "loathing for washington has hardened into a sullen resignation as being trapped in a broken system that he has failed to change." how does that bode for the united states of america? >> not very well. i mean, look, if you love your job, you're going to be good at it. president obama doesn't love his job and clearly not very good at it. the president has said his policies are on the ballot and the american people don't seem to be responding. úo the rise of isis, all of these crises happening around the world, he doesn't love what he's doing. but the problem is we wpéb get one president at a time. he's got to be commander in chief for the next two years whether he wants to be or not. and the world's in a lot of trouble. so we need him to do his job. whether republican or democrat, he's got to reach to republicans if they take the senate, find common ground and govern this country. >> what about that, kirsten? he resents -- he talked about
9:35 pm
how he does like campaigning, that's fun. but then it says his unhappy camper body language comes out when he's in the depressing ebola con fabs or national security crisis meetings. that's more important -- even more importantmpaigning. >> first of all, the idea this is a story that's coming out from the white house that is this supposed to be helpful? i don't understand portraying the president -- really? and it's pathetic. they're not just portraying him as checked out. they're portraying him as a self-pitying, self-involved pathetic person. now, whether what they're saying is accurate or not, we don't know. if it is, it's very concerning because it's not all about barack obama. there are a lot of other things going on in the world. and, yes, he has plenty to be frustrated about with the republicans. i think the republicans have behaved badly, but he has to also realize that a lot of people are unhappy with him and
9:36 pm
don't want him campaigning with him because of things he has ñ have no t other people control over. it's not the republicans faulti the obamacare website didn't work for example. >> how about that, dana? we were playing that invesco fields, greek columns, michelle obama, hands up to her mouth. the moment everyone felt something. and now it's like he resents he's irrelevant and why aren't they having me come out with him and pull the curtain over half the gym so it looksjy more crowded than it is. >> campaigning is a lot more fun than governing. >> apparently. >> governing is hard. that's what we thought they wanted to do. the psycho basketball from the white house i find completely strange. i doñi think theçó white house k ths isñr transparency. that this is how you're supposed to talk with the media. >> airing dirty laundry. >> yes, if you say how the president is feeling, then maybe it will sort of tell us on sunday in "new york times" that he's wistful. that was a different story line on sunday.
9:37 pm
it was wistful. ñ loves the job. that was that story line. the truth is probably i think more within this politico article. remember in the campaign in 2008 robert gibbs was+"iq press secretary, he went on the road with the president for a week. he said the president just doesn't seem like he's having any fun. and the president's not having fun. they said guess what, robert, you get to be on the road with him from here on out. robert then becomes the press secretary. i'm not saying robert gibbs should come back to hopefully buoy the president's spirits. but i also think it's just personnel changes. this is a joyous job. you get to be the president of the united states of america, this exceptional country. and all the problems of the world come to your desk. so take that opportunity to lead. >> many are convinced he has already given up. the problem is, marc, he's got another two years. it's really too early for that. so the question is if the gop retakes the senate tomorrow, what kind of president are we going to have interacting with them? >> what's worrisome is politico article suggests he's going to
9:38 pm
take it to the republican senate. he's going to come up with some big liberal policy and challenge them to not approve them. i think that's a big mistake if he tries to do that. number one, if he does that he will seem impotent because those policies are not going to pass. number two, it will seem like he's not listening to the american people. he himself said his policies are on the ballot. if the american people then reject those policies and he doubles down on them, that's a pathway to=h9rw becoming a lame in your first few months of your final two years. >> need a quick answer on this, does he become more cooperative with the republican senate? or does he go, you know, the other way. >> i mean,ra(d that's the big question. if you're going to believe what is said in this article, it seems they're saying he's not going to be cooperative. it almost sounds like it's going to be payback it's going to be, you know, we can now make things very difficult for you because guess what, republicans, you're going to be running in races on our turf and we can make things very hard for you. >> this is what i think, if he's unhappy today, he'se going to really unhappy in the next two
9:39 pm
years when everybody's running against him and it could even include hillaryh clinton. >> the politico article is well worth the read but might find it slightly terrifying. well, "saturday nightxos this weekend took on me. and now i get to respond, coming up. but first, new signs that the president could grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants right after this election. judge napolitano's next. >> i take executive action only when we have a serious problem, a serious issue, and congress chooses to do nothing.
9:40 pm
9:41 pm
9:42 pm
9:43 pm
i've said before that if congress failed to live up to its responsibilities to solve this problem, i would act to fix as much of our immigration system as i can on my own and i meant what i said. so this is not a question of if 5ut when. a month ago vowing to take executive action on immigration reform after the midterm elections. in recent days there have been new hints it's going to happen. judge napolitano is a fox news senior judicial/f÷ analyst. judge, good to see you. some are suggesting it's amnesty, he's going to grant blanket amnesty after these midterms. could he do that? >> some of this is very frightening and what i'm about to tell you and our viewers is
9:44 pm
frightening as well. here's what the president can do and totally on his own. he can open the borders. he can order border patrol to do nothing when people present themselves at the borders who are absolutely and totally unqualified to -- >> he's not even talking about that. >> he did it with respect to the 70,000 children that flooded into texas from central america. arguably he invited them in. they're here and their parents or whoever sent them here know they can stay. >> there's a way of doing it without being open and transparent about it. >> yes. second thing he can do is to ?gk!>e or terminate all deportation proceedings, basically sending a signal to the 12 million or 13 million illegals that are here. as long as i'm president, you're free to stay. >> so what's amnesty? citizenship? because that requires congressional approval, true amnesty. >> correct. i'll tell you what he can't do, he can't grant true amnesty. only for the duration of his presidency. he cannot grant citizenship and
9:45 pm
he cannot -- once they're here require certain!÷9sp rights unde constitution that a]ifc success president would have to go through before they could be deported. >> how big would the action have to be? what would he have to do to make it an impeachable offense that would so offend the republicans they would take the political perilous step of impeaching him? >> he took an oath to uphold the law. he has certain discretion about how to uphold it, but if he exercises his discretion in such a way that the effect of that exercise is the opposite of what the law commands, he can be impeached. >> okay. but that's already happened with respect to for example young people who are -- he's already said i'm not going to focus on them. and people who haven't committed crimes, he said i'm not going to focus on them. i'm putting those folks at the back of the line in terms of folks i'm worried about. >> how far does he have to go? >> something much bigger has to happen for the republicans to do something big. >> if he invites huge numbers in
9:46 pm
and they come and he does nothing about it and makes their stay comfortable and welcome. that would be a massive violation of the law and a profound rejection of his obligation to uphold the constitution and enforce the laws. will the republicans impeach him? we're assuming they win the senate tomorrow night. >> right. >> i think not. i think constitutionally it's a remedy for them. but i don't think they want to take the chance impeachment wilú irritate the electorate for 2016. >> and alienate a lot of hispanic voters. >> yes. i think they're honestly going5% to so to speak hold their breaths until this is over with. you'll see a lot of threatening and ranting and raving, but i don't think they'll go through with it. >> good to see you, judge. >> good to see you, megyn. first, some political observers are calling it the race to watch tomorrow night. up next, republican senate candidate tom tillis will join us live and how his challenge to
9:47 pm
incumbent kay hagan. that's next. ♪ there it is... this is where i met your grandpa. right under this tree. ♪ (man) some things are worth holding onto. they're hugging the tree. (man) that's why we got a subaru. or was it that tree? (man) introducing the all-new subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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well, the race for senate in north carolina has become one of the most hotly contested campaigns in these midterms, perhaps the most hotly contested. the new republic today calling it a, quote, bellwether for the whole country.
9:51 pm
incumbent democrat kay hagan in a virtual dead heat in what may with tom tillis in what may be the most expensive senate race of the year. tom tillis joins me now, currently the speaker of the north carolina house of representatives. sir, good of you to be here tonight. the race is showing you neck and neck, but poll after poll she has the advantage. do you think that will be the case at this time tomorrow night? >> i think we win tomorrow night. i think republicans win a majority tomorrow night. we started with about a five-point deficit back in august. we've made that up. now there are polls where we're up slightly, down slightly. i think that the early voting went just the way we wanted it to. i believe we win tomorrow night, by a slim margin, but we win. >> in the meantime this race is at $100 million of outside money poured into it. some worry whether she goes back to the u.s. senate or you go to u.s. senate, you're going to be beholden to the special interests who have funded your campaign and not to we the people, not to the voters. what say you to that? >> well, i say, i think that's nonsense. in fact, i have organizations
9:52 pm
that support me that i've already publicly taken positions that are at odds in some cases. this race has $63 million spent by senator hagan about $40 million on our side. at the end of the day what i'm looking for is to go represent the people of north carolina to be independent, the same way i've been speaker of the house. >> what are you looking for tomorrow? obviously you'll be following your own results. outside of north carolina what's the race you're most closely going to follow? >> i'm looking at dan sullivan in alaska. i think he'll be just fine. tom cotton looks great, of course south dakota, montana and west virginia look good. i think that georgia and louisiana are likely to go into a runoff, so that's going to be another election on december 7th and january 6th. but i think there's no question in my mind that we get to a majority. then we got to get up to washington and govern. >> do they play the race card against you, sir? we covered how in north carolina they swooped in, harry reid's group, and they put out that ad suggesting stand your ground laws that your group pushed through or supported caused the
9:53 pm
death of trayvon martin, that laws like that that you supported. >> megyn, it's unbelievable some of the things they've done here. now we just hear tonight on certain radio stations president obama after being absent from the state for 18 months is now doing an ad on the last day. they're really desperate. i think they see what we do. we've got an advantage going into tomorrow. they didn't perform as well as they hoped to in early voting. and i think that's why we win tomorrow night. >> kay hagan really didn't want anything to do with president obama in this race. she refused to call him a strong leader and started waffling about his ebola response and so on. now tonight it's all about kay hagan connecting to president obama. what do you think is the truth? she supports him but doesn't want to be tied to him because of his popularity? >> well, i think she clearly supports him. after he was rejected by the voters of north carolina in 2012, we voted for romney. after having voted for him in 2008, senator hagan over the last year has voted with the
9:54 pm
president 99% of the time, 96% over her tenure. that is not consistent with north carolina. that's why i think she gets rejected tomorrow. >> do you think the republicans are going to take the senate? what do you think the net gain will be? >> i think we'll probably end up with 52, maybe 53 seats. and i believe north carolina will be one of them. >> we'll be watching sir. all the best. >> thank you. up next, "saturday night live" spoofing yours truly this weekend. the skit and the response up next. plus, coming up on "hannity". >> once the progressive left began to bestow all their wonderfulness on this community, that's when it really began to disintegrate. esurwhich means fewer costs, which saves money. their customer experience is virtually paperless, which saves paper, which saves money. they have smart online tools, so you only pay for what's right for you, which saves money. they settle claims quickly, which saves time, which saves money. they drive an all-hybrid claims fleet, which saves gas, which saves money.
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9:58 pm
so the folks at "saturday night live" having a little fun at my expense and over recent news events. watch. >> here now with her side of the story the woman who lived through this quarantine, kaci hickox, live via satellite from her home in maine. >> hi, megyn, by the way that name is kaci with an i, like i don't care if i have ebola, i'm riding my damn bike. yeah. >> what have you been doing since you broke quarantine? >> doing whatever i feel like. took a dip in a public pool. i volunteered at a kissing booth. oh, i cannot wait to sue you. >> oh, yeah? well, get in line. it starts all the way back at the g.w. bridge and traffic is very slow. come on now. come on.
9:59 pm
>> a lot to think about on both sides. we'll be back with more. and live from new york it's "saturday night live"! >> it's great to see yourself parodied in the show opener of "saturday night live" after growing up watching that program in any nana's living room. my take is that sicily strong was pretty good, although her voice needs to be a little deeper. and something else on her should probably be a little smaller. my hair stylist says the hair was too big but i liked her no nonsense style and tough on both sides. she was a little ragged. looked like she had a rough night. and i'm jealous she got the interview with the nurse. let me know what you think. see you tomorrow night 6:00 p.m. live from america's news headquarters, i'm kelly wright. polls open nationwide just hours from now as election day 2014 kicks off. president obama has made his
10:00 pm
pick, predicting democrats will keep their majority in the senate. many other americans also showing enthusiasm. more than 18 million people from 32 states casting early ballots. some of those states have already passed 2010 early voter totals. but despite an increase in early turnout, about 60% of people who can vote are expected to stay home on tuesday. we're learning more about a serious cyberattack at one of our government's top security contractors. the company usis revealed in august that their computer network had been hack. but now the fbi confirms it took months to detect the breach. the unidentified hackers compromised the records of at least 25,000 employees with the homeland security department. i'm kelly wright. welcome to "hannity." and this is a fox news alert. less than 24 hours to go until the votes are in and the results are being tallied in the highly anticipated 2014 midterm elections. now, in addition to the new polls showing the republican party holding on to the momentum