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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  November 4, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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neverending patsa passes for $100. all the pasta he wants for seven weeks. alan has so far eatern, get this, 95 meals worth about $1,500, and he still has a week left on his pasta pass. >> they're going to black ball him from olive garden, but good for him. he needs a companion. >> thanks for joining us. the real story with gretchen carlson starts right now. see you tomorrow. this is it. americans are making their voices heard today all across the country voters hitting the ballot box to have their say in who controls our government. hi, every. i'm gretchen carlson, and we are here to bring you the real story on this election day. chief washington correspondent james rosen tracking another one in kansas. let's go first to molly. >> hey, gretchen. we are at the webster school in manchester, one of the biggest cities here in the state of new
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hampshire. we've seen a steady stream of voters throughout date. a little bit of a lull believe it or not despite the fact that there are ten or 12 voters in here. throughout the day we've seen even longer lines. a little bit quieter now than, of course, we'll be seeing later as the evening picks up as folks get off work and head here. jeanne shaheen facing incumbent scott brown. he is the former senator from massachusetts that gained national fame when he beat mart why copely. now, following that loss, he decided to move here to new hampshire where he is now fighting yet another senate seat battle for the gop. shaheen, who is also a former new hampshire governor, often works to remind voertsz that he just moved across the border, and he has been fighting that
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carpet bagger label and working to tie shaheen to president obama. we talked to voters about what we think. >> i think we need a change in new hampshire, and i am an independent, and i went straight republican this time. >> we voted for jeanne shaheen. we feel she's done a great job, and we want to see her stay in our state. >> it's been a neck and neck battle. it will be interesting to see what happens. the polls close at 8:00 tonight. this will be kind of our first glimpse as far as senate races are concerned across the nation as to which way possibly the nation will be going. all eyes on new hampshire later on tonight. gretchen. >> molly, thank you so much. a midterm battle in the heartland that's been marred by controversy in the phenyl stretch. pat robertson, chief washington correspondent james rosen live for us in kansas with the latest. james, i understand there's breaking news developing reason. what is it? >> that's right, gretchen. this is a late-breaking development involving the white house that's threatening to shake up this very close race in its phenyl hours are vice
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president joe biden telling wplr radio in connecticut that greg orman "will be with us" as they checked in at their voting legislation desk. i asked greg and cybil orman if they made up their mind. orman is a multimillionaire businessman running his first political race, and he has been coy about which party he would caucus with in the senate. before we knew about mr. biden's comments, i asked orman if he thought senator roberts had run a fair campaign. >> you would have to define fair. i think i've said it often in this campaign, we no longer live in the information age. we live in the misinformation age. i'm just trusting in the intelligence and the independence of the voters of kansas to get out there, see through the misinformation and ultimately send a message to washington. >> the senator roberts, the three-term incumbent, had voted early through his long-time base in dodge city. he spent the day doing radio interviews and phone banking.
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roberts closed his case with an emotional appeal. >> i see a lot of faces here. i have family here, and you're all family. with the efforts that we have championed. i am a marine. i'm a republican. i'm a conservative. i'm a fourth generation kansasan. >> aides to greg orman are distancing his campaign from vice president bideern's comments today. just moments ago i received a statement from a senior aid saying greg has never spoken to the vice president in his life, and he has been clear and consistent about his stance on who he would caucus with throughout his campaign. the voting will probably close around 7:00 p.m.
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there's so much more to happen in this race. >> the breaking news from james rosen. thank you. brett is joenks now on tips with how you can watch tonight like a pro. great to have you in studio. >> thanks, gretchen. >> let's talk about hour by hour tonight. >> yeah. >> 7:00 p.m. what's the key thing at 7:00 with regard to -- let's start with kentucky. >> that could bode well for democrats in holding on to the senate. the other one is georgia, and that is really the weather either candidate can get to 50% or we would be able to call it as a runoff based on the exit polls and the raw total that's in. >> we have north carolina, ohio,
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west virginia, but let's focus on north carolina. >> that's really the tight race. it's a must win for democrats. kay haagan trying to hold on to that seat, and if it looks like the republican there tom tillis is moving forward, i don't think we're going to be able to call that quickly, but you'll be able to give ae sense of where that state is and how it bodes well. >> then we go to and we have a flurry of states that you can see on the map in between us here. let's focus on new hampshire. we just had molly line up there. a nail biter going on there. >> scott brown has closed the gap in coming into today. whether he can really get that across the finish line, that would be an amazing thing for republicans because you would be able to see early in the night that democrats really are going to have a tough time holding. now, on the flip side, if jeanne shaheen can hold off scott brown, then democrats have a better chance of making the block, if you will, to the net gain of six that republicans need to pick up the senate.
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>> i guess that's what we call the hour. >> kansas, louisiana, colorado, and, of course, the governor's race in wisconsin. >> kansas, as you just heard from james rosen is huge. it is the whole ballgame really in that it's so close that no one can really get a sense of where it is. you know, it would be interesting to see whether the vice president factors into that today. >> what's just happening. >> right. i think louisiana, it looks like it's heading to a runoff there which would be december 6th, but if per chance senator landrieu is able to get to 50%, it's not likely, but that would be a big, big stop for democrats. >> okay. colorado as well. we will have 75% of the raw voting and the mail-in ballots that are done. we will be able to make a call in colorado very early after polls close. >> okay. 10:00 p.m. eastern, but central
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time. 9:00 p.m. for iowa. very close race there. >> this is a must been for democrats. senator reid has said that. in bruce braley can pull that off, that's a huge thing for democrats. joannie ernst, looked like she had the win at her back heading into election day. if republicans win there, it's really tough to see how democrats hold on to the senate. if republicans get a few things to break their way early in the night. >> very interesting. before i let you go, i think it's so fascinating. i read something that you wrote earlier today about how powerful it is as a news anchor to watch election results come in. explain that feeling. >> i wrote that it is a little cheesy, but as a political junkie, it is really powerful to watch all of america vote. it is the moment in which all the arguing back and forth about policy, the american people hold
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politicians accountable on this day, election day. it's just interesting to see it all flow in real-time as producers are in my ear and megan's ear going from state to state. >> i think people out there feel that way when they actually cast their ballots as well. in a smaller way, but i know i felt that way this morning just actually voting. brett, good luck tonight. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> so while all eyes may be on the battalions for the senate, there are many races now for the house that could have a big impact in this election. chief congressional correspondent mike emmanuel live for us in washington. mike, what are some of the hot house races to watch. >> well, gretchen, let's start up there in new york on long island. democratic congressman tim bishop is facing a tough challenge from republican state senator lee sheldon. bishop had a serious lead, but it's now believed zeldon has made it a very competitive race. in west virginia there's a very tough battle between 19 term democratic congressman nick ray hall and republican challenger r
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evan jenkins. it's been a tough cycle for ray hall and one to watch. in new hampshire there's a battle between congresswoman carol shay porter, following a former congressman greg -- they battled each other in 2012. it is believed obama care could put the democrat at risk in that race. >> top house leaders have been actively involved in the cycle in what way? >> well, serious fundraising and doing events hoping to help candidates in key districts win. house speaker john boehner has been out on the stump in places like iowa and trying to help candidates in what he sees as key pick-up opportunities. just last week boehner made stops in iowa illinois, west virginia, and new york. meanwhile, house democratic leader nancy pelosi has been active, particularly at
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fundraising. a possible indication that she's not planning to leave her leadership post any time soon. aides know pelosi raked in more than $100 million from this cycle helping house democrats doing 750 fundraising and campaign events in 115 cities. the search is underway right now for a woman after chilling surveillance tape captures the moment someone snatched her off the streets of a major american city. brand new information just coming up. sdwlimplgt plus, the price of gas, have you noticed, already cheaper than it's been in years, so could it go even lower? stew barney is here with that and what will happen to the stock market after election day. right back. i'm an idaho potato farmer
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welcome become to the real story. the outcome offed mitt terms may determine a lot more than the balance in washington. it could have a big impact on your wallet. take a look at this chart of the stock market over the last five years. the graph showing a steady incline. now there's word that we could even bigger uptick if the gop takes over the senate tomorrow. joining us now from or sister network fox business network stew barney host of "barney & company." we've seen this steady incline. everyone's had good news of the stock market for the most part. it could get better? >> yes. on average in the six months after a midterm election, this is a midterm election, on average the stock market goes up 16% you can expect a 16% jump in stock prices. if it is a republican,
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republicans take control of congress and oppose a democrat in the white house, in that circumstance, the market goes up over 20%. >> why? >> well, there's a feeling that we're at a turning point. we've had all government all the time, little growth, lots of debt, not many new jobs. there's a feeling that if the republicans take the senate, and we might have a turning point. we might have some pro-growth policies which would expand the economy, expand jobs, expand wages. get some growth back again. if we do that, it's good for the stock market. >> you know, it's so interesting to look at it historically like that because 16% to 20% jump after the ride we've had the last few years with a good stock market is huge. >> it is huge. bare in mind that the dow strel average has gone up 1,000 points in the last two weeks on the expectation, in part -- the expectation that the republicans will sweep the senate. >> all right. i want to turn you to this because another big story impacting our wallets, gas prices dropping to their lowest
11:17 am
levels in nearly four years. current average is just under $3. now, stewart and i have a history of gas prices. >> yeah, we do. >> not of gas, but of gas prices. >> thank you. >> glad you got that in. >> that is that i coined several years ago that i thought over $3 was going to be the new normal in america. nobody was talking about it. we were just all paying it. i think people were upset about it. now it's going down. why? >> it's going down because the price of crude oil, which underlies gasoline prices, is going down. it's dropping like a stone. the news today is that the price of oil has dropped significantly lower from $80 to $76 a barrel. that means that gasoline is going to fall even further. right now the national average for regular is $2.97. with this drop in oil prices, you can expect that to come down maybe to $2.80, maybe $2.75. i now have the cheapest gas station in the country. it's in spring, texas.
11:18 am
it's the phillips 66 station where gasoline is $2.25 a gallon. >> wow. >> now, if gas continues to come down, you may see a station somewhere in america that charges $1.99 for a gallon of regular. that may happen. >> that's amazing because that affects food prices, transportation costs, heat now with the winter coming. a whole bunch of stuff will be cheaper for americans. >> well, $700 is the savings per family who have two cars. if you are a typical american family with two cars out there in the suburbs, you are going to save $700 this year because of lower gas prices, and that's very good news for the economy and the holidays. >> are you going to make more in the stock market apparently. >> one would hope. >> stew barney, don't miss stew barney on fox business network. if you don't know where to find it go to channel finder. police reveesing dramatic video in hopes of finding a
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woman who was captured on video before she was apparently kidnapped. horrific video. when we're hearing from witness who's saw this struggle. plus, republicans hoping to grab more seats in the house, so what actually happens if they do? a congresswoman from my home state who was also my baby-sitter joins us live to tell us what she would like to see happen. and one proud mom sending us a picture after her daughter votes in her very first election. that brings us to our question of the day. have you voted yet? send us your polling place pecks. tweet me@gretchen carlson. use the _#the real story, and your real vote. dad, i know i haven't said this often enough, but thank you. thank you mom for protecting my future. thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are uniquely thankful for many things,
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the woman has been identified as 22-year-old carlisha freeland gather. there's now a $1,500 reward for any information leading to an arrest. as americans head to the polls for the crucial midterm elections, much has been said about the possibility of a republican takeover of the senate, but what about the house? well, the gop likely to add to its majority in that chamber possibly giving it the largest number of seats in nearly 70 years. then what? many analysts say a republican-controlled congress would have to seize the moment
11:24 am
and present a governing agenda or face serious problems come 2016. time for real talk with republican congressman michelle backman from my home state as well from minnesota. always great to have you here. >> a lot of people are wondering, wow, why september she off campaigning? because you're not running for re-election? >> yeah. it feels great. i'm so excited for 14 years. eve been running for office, and i'm so thrilled this year not to be running. i'm thankful because it's also going to be a great year and a great night. you can feel a lot of electricity in the air right now. just like we're all hopeful that the senate will go on the republican column this year, the house will add to its numbers, and i think what we're going to see after the election is an opportunity for the house and the senate to work together. >> the house sent almost 400 bills over, and nothing happened. >> what about an agenda? because some articles have said
11:25 am
if republicans get this golden moment, if the house and the senate, they need to prove that they have the guts to get something done. >> the house has to agree to the senate, and the president has to agree with them. barack obama doesn't seem like he is too interested in coming to agreement. maybe he will change his mind after tonight. i hope so. i think what you'll see, gretchen, immediately is something that never happened in my entire time in congress. i think you'll see a joint retreat between the senate and the house where we actually come together and talk about what we want to accomplish in the next two years. that's a real positive for the american people. >> let me tick off a couple of things that haven't happened. keystone pipeline. >> i think you'll see that pass and put on the president's desk where the president will see how this benefits job creation and energy growth in america. that's another thing. that's a good possibility. >> obama care. >> obama care, i think you'll see some reforms.
11:26 am
you'll see the medical device tax removed. i think you'll also see the so-called death panels taken away. >> where will the tea party come into play here? what kind of cloud will the tea party have in congress? >> well, the tea party i think -- the tea party really is the energize movement of the republican party. that's the energize segment. maybe 18% of the republican party. this is a very strong voice that we couldn't win elections without, and they'll remain vocal. >> you know the criticism of the republican party is that it's fractured and that the establishment or mainstream republicans can't get along with the tea party groups. is that true? >> it's not true, number one. really all the tea party has been is a voice of conscience for the republican party saying we're taxed enough already. government needs to follow the
11:27 am
rules it makes, and it shouldn't spend more money than what it takes in. there's a lot of democrats that agree with that position. this is very mainstream, and you'll continue to see these views championed by the people who are so excited about where we're headed sfwloosh we started with saying that michelle is not running for office again for re-election so many people want to know what are you doing now? >> i'm going to remain fully engaged on the national scene. i'll probably be writing a syndicated column. i may be on the radio, and also i think i'll have a media presence. my number one goal will be to talk as a former female presidential candidate on the republican side. i'm the only one who has occupied that space, and so what i want to be able to do is weigh in especially if there's a female nominee on the democrat side of the ticket. i would want to be able to weigh in and talk about what it's like to be there and do that and what it will mean for the country. >> congresswoman michelle bachman from the state of minimum men. always great to see you.
11:28 am
>> thank you. as more voters head to the polls today president obama makes a surprise call. who did he call? we already have reports coming in of voting irregularities. we'll tell you where it's happening because it's more than one state. speaking of turn zout, is the weather going to be faktor? we're live with your fox cast coming up next. óqoqúúñ@
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president obama keeping a relatively low profile on this election day except for a rare call he made a short time ago. chief white house correspondent ed henry joins us live with more. ed, what is next? the president apparently has a big choice to make. does he work with senate republicans or go his own way, and what was up with this phone call? >> well, let's start with the phone call. you know, josh ernest a short time ago was insisting that these elections will not be a referendum on the president. it's all about the candidates involved. obviously there are a lot of republicans who don't buy that. especially since the president has talked about his policies ok the bap lot in addition to the names on the ballot. the president called into a connecticut radio station in the way the host of the show in npr said it, they got a random calm from the white house saying --
11:33 am
he is trying to get out the vote with governor malloy there. again, not getting involved in the key senate races. here's the president. >> in this election cycle this is probably the worst possible group of states for democrats since dwight eisenhower. there are a lot of states being contested that just vote republican. >> these are not states friendly to hem. if they lose, it's want necessarily because of him. you my pleasuring the choice he has. whet hanging on in a nail biter or the republicans taking over. the president can work with republicans. there are several things they might work on. look at this quick list. trade deals they've talked about, both sides, whether it's senator mcconnell, the prpresident. infrastructure spending, corporate tax reform. there's a whole other list of things that we could see in a lame-duck session of congress at the end of this year, before the new congress is even worn in. president wants executive orders on immigration. he wants to use the 51 vote
11:34 am
threshold that senates have right now, other things. if you use that lame-duck session, though, to ram things through, that could really get things off on a very sour note and make working together next year, which both sides say they want to do, a lot less likely. gretchen. >> all right. ed, everyone knows how busy you are at the white house, but i did see that you made time for "esquire magazine," and you were making bold predictions not about tonight necessarily, but 2016, and i wanted to know what is the bottom line. >> i think the bottom line is republicans may be celebrating tonight. they may take over the senate. that's cool. >> you could just as easily lose control. think about it the last few years. it's been a game of ping pong.
11:35 am
president wins a big victory in 2008. he loses the house in 2010. 2012, re-election against the odds. 2014, maybe he loses the senate to the republicans. maybe 2016 the senate goes back to democrats. this has been a game of ping pong, gretchen. >> all right. when did you do the photo shoot? >> well, i didn't get to pose for them. that's what i was hoping to do. when you said i was in esquire, i thought maybe there was something else i didn't know about. >> he was wondering too. i was just waiting to see the photos, but thanks for explaining it all, ed. take care. >> good to see you. >> so we are seeing cases of voter irregularities in more than a dozen precincts in virginia all week. some two dozen polling places also in hartford, connecticut, and also some problems in georgia. trace gallagher live with more on that. trace. >> turns out, gretchen, voting in virginia, you might need skinny fingers and short fingernails to get your vote exactly right. especially down there in the virginia congressional race between the republican scott ridgel and susan patrick. what's happening is there are voter machine problems, and
11:36 am
apparently it's switching the vote. i want to you take a look at what is describing the vote. turnsz out the vote goes to susan patrick. one man says his fingers were just too fat, and he should have used a q-tip. electric official saz long fingernails can also trigger a wrong vote. all the problem machines, we're told, have been removed and are being removed throughout the day. ridgell is also telling his supporters to double-check their votes. now, in hartford, connecticut, some of the precincts didn't have the lists showing which voters were registered and which weren't, so many voters were turned away. listen to dan malloy. >> some of them did not. we're trying to get our arms around that to figure out whether we need some extraordinary relief like extending the voting hours and that sort of thing.
11:37 am
>> we talks about extraordinary relief, the court is the one that will decide if the voting hours could be extended. that could happen in the next 10 to 15 minutes. in georgia, the state's election website, that provides poll location, it was down on the fritz for a while. key because there's a big senate race down in georgia, and you have to have problems in chicago, gretchen. and there are. some polling problems down there as well as some voter machines that aren't working and polling places not open when they should be. it's early, though, gretchen. >> so frustrating. trace, hanks so much. time for my take now. why are we once a for all get our voting system fixed in this country? it drives me crazy we're talking about machines that vote for someone else you didn't intend, candidates names being left off ballots, and ballots not being being delivered in time for election day. didn't we all learn a lesson in 2000 with hanging chads in florida? and, yet, here we are in 2014 talking about voting irregularities on election day. no wonder we don't have a lot of
11:38 am
confidence that when we go to the polls, our vote is actually ever counted. in a 2012 study, only 63% of us were very confident that our votes were counted as cast. people seem to be more trustworthy in vermont where it was 80%, and not so trusting in the state of washington where it was only 54%. maybe they should all be a wake-up call that we need to streamline the way in which we vote in america and at the very least set a good example to the rest of the world that we have our you know what together here. speaking of election day, what about the weather? looks like we've got rain across much of the country, but right here on the east coast from new england to florida, sunny and dry. meteorologist januaikowskuary - dean has the weather. >> you can't blame me, the weather machine, for not getting out there. much of the country is dealing
11:39 am
with nice weather. we do have some showers and thunderstorms streaming across texas. could see a stray thunderstorm. you see where the green is on the map. that's where we could see the showers. throughout the day today and into tonight, that's going to continue to linger over these regions. especially texas. you could see some flood watches and warnings in your area. just be careful. if you are on the roads, out to vote. anywhere from dallas up towards columbus, showers and perhaps a thunderstorm or two. your temperatures not too bad. no yarsz where we're going to see snow. that's the great news. that's one of the big deterrents weather-wise for people trying to get out to vote is the ice on the roads. that's not happening. much of the country dealing with around average temperatures, but that cold front stationed across portions of the south up towards the great lakes. that's where we're going to see the showers and thunderstorms. there are some of your big cities. of course, boston, new york, philly, columbus, atlanta, miami
11:40 am
looking good. as well moving across the central u.s. st. louis, we could see a few showers there. chicago, houston maybe a thunderstorm, but los angeles looks good as well as denver, colorado. there's some of your, well, great american cities, right? we've got prosperity, south carolina, libertiville, iowa, eagle pass, texas, freedom, california, as well as independence, missouri. not too bad. again, gretchen, you can't blame weather for not getting out there and voting. >> no doubt. i actually wore my flip-flops because it was so warm when i went out in connecticut. >> okay. we need that to be on social media immediately. >> all right, j.d. thanks so much. >> time to check in with shepherd smith reporting live from the fox news deck. >> months of campaigning. billions of dollars. it's all come town this. it's election day in the usa. the big story is the battle for control of the u.s. senate. in the next hour, the fives, bob and dana will have a cage match. no. wait, wait. that's someone else's script.
11:41 am
>> republicans trying to pick up six in the senate. can they do it? our pabl predicts which seats they'll most likely win. plus, a seventh generation daredevil. he wowed us again. nik wallenda taking his tight rope skills above the windy city. he is here live to talk about his amazing performance.
11:42 am
... ... ... ... ... ...
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>> time it to look at what america is clicking on today.
11:45 am
north carolina residentialan martin has eaten at the olive garden every day twice a day for the past six weeks. that's after he cashed in on the unlimited pasta offer which expires on sunday. good for him. nebraska teen arrested on suspicion of dui after his pickup truck crash-landed upside down on the 18 yard line of this high school football field. some celebs accused of being hypocrites after appearing in the rock the vote ad. five of the celebs didn't even vote, including whoopi goldberg and lena dunham. lil john tweets he is flying to atlanta because he didn't receive his absentee ballot. zimplt now to our power panel for a lightning round look on capitol hill. simon rosenberg, a former clinton campaign advisor and larry o'connor and editor at large at ij
11:46 am
>> ready for your lightning round. here be we go. five top questions. make sure you have the buzzer with your thumb. who will win the senate and what will the margin be? larry. >> democrats, 51-4. >> i am so stunned that the two of you went with those answers. all right. see if you can trip me up on this one. number two, who will win north carolina? simon. >> kay haagan wins that one. >> gosh, i thought you were going to surprise me. okay. larry. >> now, i think the republicans will win north carolina. this is the first chance for the tar heel state to punish kay haagan for voting for obama care after they've lost their doctor, even though they were promised they could keep him. >> okay. number three, who is going to win in the middle of the country? kansas. larry. >> you know what, kansas i think is going to stay the independent
11:47 am
column. i think that the independent jumps in there. i forget his name, but he look just like the actor who plays the hulk in the avengers, doesn't sne. >> greg orman? that was a bit of a surprise coming from you because you didn't take the republican. >> i'm with larry with this one. >> number four, will georgia or louisiana go to a runoff and who will win? simon. >> i think louisiana will go to a runoff and i hope they don't find a trunk full of votes in a pinto. i think it's been a lackluster candidate, and republicans will take it without a runoff. >> all right. very interesting.
11:48 am
number five. how many house seats will republicans or democrats pick up? larry. >> republicans at eight seats to their majority. >> he is going with eight. simon. >> i have six. republicans pick up six. >> wow. okay. i want to get your opinion on something. wron if you heard that vice president biden apparently called in to a radio station and said with the kansas race that orman was going to caucus with his team and then orman came out and said i have never spoken to the vice president in my life. does this affect this race at all during the day snl. >> i thought about changing my prediction. it's the last thimg thing that orman wants to hear. it could actually. i do think he has been outrageous for not telling the voters of kansas who he would caucus for. now we know. thank you joe biden. love that man. >> was it a gaf? >> i don't think it's going to matter, and i think what is amazing about kansas is you have this conservative moment in kansas where you can end up
11:49 am
seeing the republicans lose the senate and governor's race in a very deep red state. and it points to bigger troubles. they may win the senate tonight. autothe biggest prize of 2014. good news and bad news tonight for both. >> thanks much. >> oh, boy. >> mesmerizing moment in tv history. nik warlenda walking blindfolded on a high wire between two skyscrapers. i'll ask him live in the studio. >> praise you jesus. thank you, jesus. thank you, lord. for over 60,000 california foster children,
11:50 am
11:51 am
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11:53 am
did you see this? terrifying stunt made for gripping tv this past weekend. nick linda walking on a wire between two skyscrapers-balloon folded, atop the windy city. one of two records he broke while openly crediting his faith in jesus. now here in studio, nick wallenda. congratulations. >> thank you. >> it was unbelievable to watch this unfold. i don't know what is more unbelievable for me. watching you actually do the tying rope or hearing you profess your faith while you're doing it. how does faith help you? >> you know in a word, it says gad private provide0s a peace of path, and if i were to overly stress out i would actually overcompensate for winds, which cause you to come off the wire, so it's important i'm calm and peaceful and i fine peace from
11:54 am
my provider. >> you have done the grand canyon, niagra falls, and then you choose chicago. did you know it's windy there, nick? >> i did, but that may be because of politics. i was trached to it because of that title. i like taking on challenges. i hope what i do inspires others. not to walk a wire but inspire to foe it's possible if you work hard enough. >> things that happened during this walk you had not planned for. you were going to take a selfie in the middle of first walk. >> i was, and then just before i got on the wire at the top of the show, on the discovery channel issue was notified the incline, instead of being 15 degrees had creeped up to 19 degrees because of some tensioning issues on the table. so because of that my mind was focusing on climbing a steeper incline. i decided to bypass the selfie. >> did you do any kind of a prep ritual? >> my prep ritual is grabbing my family and saying a prayer, just
11:55 am
praying for peace and praying that god's light will shine through me. >> are you superstitious at all snow you see pitchers all do the same thing. >> not superstitious at all. i have all my confidence in my faith. >> what is next for nick wallenda. >> i want to re-create any great-grandfather's walk, he walked over the gorge in georgia. while he was doing that walk he did two head stands on the wire, and if a never done that. i plan to re-create the walk and truth to talk my partners in the discovery channel to simulate my great grandfather. i want to walk the wire with my hero. >> that would be unbelievable. i would love to see that live. and you just saw nick wallenda live in studio. you're a hero, and i love your faith. >> thank you. >> thank you for talking about it. so many of you casting ballots today. we'll share more pictures of you from the polls, coming up. y ban, but there are no branches?
11:56 am
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11:59 am
>> some people are just born to be in the spotlight, like this guy. seven-year-old charlie of chicago, stealing the show during wjm's weather forecast. >> her name is mostly tiny. yay, and highs 27. boo-hoo. well, at least on monday it's going to be really hot. so get ready to play outside. >> all right. yeah! woo-hoo. >> the meteorologist is so bummed. charlie bringing energy to the green screen, he says he learned his dance moves from calvin and hobbs. all right. cool. i asked you to send in photos of you voting, and, boy, did i get a lot. first my open. i was out bright and early tis morning to cast my ballot. sheryl voted before her nursing clinicals. amanda says the family that votes together stays together. love the pick. rachel bright their kids to vote in new mexico, matt voted in
12:00 pm
wisconsin, and beth took this shot at 8:15 this morning, and thank you for writing, and go get your sticker. make a difference. vote. thank you for being part of the real store today on election day. i'm gretchen. >> control of the united states senate at stake and the direction of the country potentially on the line. today we'll take you across the nation for the latest on some very key races, plus fox news sunday's chris wallace joins us to talk about the balance of power and what is ahead, plus dana perino and big bob beckel. let's get too it. >> at long last it's here, we can stop talking and start reporting, are republicans have a 98% chance of taking the senate. that is according to the political oddsmakers at the "washington post," that conservative bastion, and "the new york times" analysts give


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