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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 7, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PST

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>> i couldn't find a tissue, harris. nlook at you. we are back on tv. >> look at you. "happening now"ing now starts right now. >> and a fox news aler. and another challenge to the law known as obama care. and this time, it is going to go in front of the supreme court. known as the burrwell case. congress wrote the law in such a way, only those states that set up insurance exchanges can collect subides or provide subides to individual policy holders. you know that only 14 states that set up their open exchanges and so in 36 states, the irs rowelled those people can collect the subides but the law doesn't read that way. that is a challenge and the supreme court agreed to hear it.
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and if those subsidies are ruled unlawful in 36 states, much of obama care could come tumbling down. the news out of the supreme court. they have agreed toit. >> and this fox nows alert. a heck of a power lunch going on in the white house. >> for sure. >> the meeting of the nation's highwayest ranking leaders that sets a course of action or grid lock for the next few years. >> i have a unique responsibility to try to make the town work. >> president meeting with the congressional leaders and trying to work toward a common goal. >> how likely is it? we'll so the progress. the present isn't willing to work with us. >> hillary clinton hot off of the campaign trail and raising eyebrows in washington. >> there is a bust for democrats
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but could they have given her a boost. >> and just exercise. >> looking for the easy way out. from beach goers to brides. everybody is trying crash diets, but do they work? a new study suggest they just might. it is all "happening now". our top story right off of the bat. senior leaders of the house and senate meeting with the president three days after the republicans claimed control of the senate and patented the majority in the house. >> i am heather in for jenna lee. the word for the summit is bipartisanship. but there may be a lack of bipartisanship. both sides preached a willing tons copton the issues.
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what are those issues? the top issue was the jobs and the economy, republican leader ares will remind the president that the list of house passed job bills is a immediate start to help create more private sector jobs. >> susan ferricho, the house and senate leaders are they up there with open minds and optimism about what they will get done in two years? >> john, i think it is a photoop. you have 16 people in the rom. very little gets done. and neither side agrees on. and going back to what the republican aide said. jobs bills and energy bill and
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health care bichl all of that never got taken up in the senate, why? the democrats don't like it. if the white house reiterates that it stance, the president will say he doesn't like the tough and we don't want a bill to restart key stone pipeline or health care law or expand drilling. the gulf between the two parties is wide on important issues and it is going to be impossible for them to make a deal on any of this stuff. i am sure today there will be handshakes and discussions of kopgz. but we'll not get down to the serious negotiations yet. it will be a photoop. and everyone will say where they stand on things and then smaller parties get to the details of this. we have a big spending bill that needs to pass to keep the government functioning and that will be be negotiations for that
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going on in a smaller scale and today is a photoop. and an opportunity for the president to try to show he is still relevant even though the democrats in congress have been neutered on tuesday in the election. >> he has threatened to take executive action on immigration if the house and senate don't put a bill on his desk that is to his liking. >> that is a elephant in the rom that is going to be talked about today. republicans feel that the president is threatening them. i will take excutive action you don't like unless you come up with a plan you don't like. you can guarantee one of the leaders in the gop will bring that up with the president. that is a tough issue and they are far apart on the way to go forward on this. even though they may agree on some of the details.
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that will not get resolved today either. >> we want to give a fox news alert. ed gillispee he conceded the race. >> in this election. if we didn't take our positive message to voters who haven't traditionally supported republicans and campaigning in the common wealth to the sector of the electorate. it was translated in seven languages and we went places republicans wrote off and democrats have taken for granted. we went to ethnic festivals and black churches and islamic centers and homeless shelters and food banks and the recovery community and getting to know one another better, it was chlor their concerns my concerns and my concerns are theirs.
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as a party we'll have to go forward. i will roll krets and so be patient because we have a lot of people to thank in this process. we ran as a time with our congressional candidates and i am happy to congratulate my long- time friend. >> all right. ed gillespie who nearly pulled off the surprise of tuesday and coming close to defeating a sitting senator. and they had the two candidates separated by nine points. and he came within 17000 votes of mark warner, the sitting senator. we'll get back to our discussion with susan. tuesday is done and in the history books and the countdown to 2016 is on. does the gop majority help or
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hurt hillary clinton. the new york times writes a republican led senate creates a handy foil rather than the delicate contrast in an unpopular president. her loyalist said she can show herself as a pragmatic alternative with an obstructionist republican congress. >> it is too soon to say. what if the republicans work to make themselves to be good ste wards of the congress? that's what they want to achieve. you can hear it in what mcconnell said about running the senate and avoiding government shutdowns and threat of defaulting on the public debt. democrats will not aim to look
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far out there and look like they are not running the congress. that is something she is counting on. but this will be a fight for credibility with the american voters. if the congress wants to look credible. and so does hillary clinton. i don't think she can count on the congress being a convenient foil for her. i think it will be difficult political waters for her to navigate as well. >> thank you. >> you bet. fox news alert. president obama reacting from the meeting with the congressional leaders who went to the white house. let's listen. >> the economy, and what we can do together to keep the progress that we've been make nothing reducing the deficit and still making the investments. they are all going to be areas that we are hearing and sharing
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ideas and one thing that i committed to both, speaker boehner and leader mcconnell, i am not going to judge ideas on based democrat or republican but based on whether or not they work. and i am confident they want to produce results as well on behalf of the american people. i appreciate their willingness to come here and i am looking forward to giving them updates on the progress we are making on issues like ebola and isil. there is going to be specific work that has to get done during the next several weeks before the new congress and my hope is even as we enter into a new congress, the previous congress has the opportunity to make progress on fronts and thank you
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again. you're going to be the first to find out, major. along with everybody else. thank you. thank you. and wouldn't you love to know what the cartoon thought bubbles above all of the politicians head saying there. the president flankws by john boehner and mitch mcconnell expected leader of the u.s. senate. president obama came in office with a democratic majority in the house and senate. and now he will be dealing with the republican majorities. we'll see. it could be fireworks. >> few months with the lame duck congress. the most interesting for sure. >> they say they are going to get along and work to pass legislation? >> kumbya. >> and new job numbers show that
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things are actually looking up and scary moments on the tarmac. one plane making a rough emergency landing. do you think that today's meeting between president and congressional leaders in the white house will result in meaningful change. go to fox"happening now" and click on america's asking to join the conversation.
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right now a man charged with leading a taliban attack against u.s. forces in afghanistan is pleading not get in his arraignment in virginia. he is the first detainee to face trial in the u.s. soil. and it latest attempt bite obama administration that our criminal justice system is equipped to take on the cases. >> the hearing this morning lasted a matter of minutes as the 55-year-old russian national
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pled not guilty to the charges contained in the 19- page indictment. wearing a orange jumpsuit. he had supported a terrorist organization in the 2009 attack in afghanistan and housed military personnel and afghan officers. it is a test run whether the detainees held in afghanistan can be tried in the u.s. courts. the white house is unwilling to send detainees to guantanamo for military trials. they have been released according to leading national security analyst because there is not enough evidence to bring them in the u.s. court system. >> there is a number of high-
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value detainees like the russian who were in custody in afghanistan, who have american blood on their hands and have been released and we haven't heard about it who are dangerous people, or are in custody and the administration is wrestling what to do with them. >> in january, u.s. detension operations will end in afghanistan. and they have expressed unwillingness to hold them. >> are they coming back to the united states? >> there is a half dozen people. and there is a push on capitol hill to declassify the profiles of the individuals who have been released. >> we want to know what they are up to and what they are doing. >> kathryn, thanks. >> fox business alert for you. the labor department announcing that the u.s. added 214000 jobs
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last month and drives the unemployment rate down to 5.8 percent, lowest since july of 2008. joining us now is lauren simonetti. >> a good report. >> a decent report. >> we'll call it that. >> there is a problem and here it is it. three days ago at the polls, voters said the economy was the top concern and suggesting that improvements are not felt by many of us. and we have a chart here. headline job growth is above 200000. and that is the longest stretch since known 95. and what is called the labor force participation rate, it picked up to scho.8 percent and that still hovers around a 36 year low. and many folks are still discouraged and perhaps, the bigger issue is that they are not getting paid much.
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24.57 an hour. and that's it. up $0.48 in the past year and a buck in the past two years. that is a big reason why the overall economy is stuck in the growth range. and the message is, americans need full- time jobs that pay high gamings to buy more things to stim out the policies and they need to encourage companies to pay more. >> i hope they arening to you. >> and what is wall street reaction? >> muted. we are coming off of the 21st record close for the dow, and relatively flat on wall street today. it is it a great week. a great couple of weeks, actually. >> more people go out looking for work and that unemployment rate could kick up. you have to be looking before you are counted. >> and if they call you, and they say we are looking for work. and you say yes, you go into the
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rank and the percentage goes up. kind of confusing. >> they want it down. >> and all right. thank you. and you are not sure where to find fox business. check it out, fox business/channel finder. >> and a judge approved detroit's plan to exit from bankruptcy. this is the largest bankruptcy filing in u.s. history. and taken them 16 months to get to the point. it will invest 1.7 billion in long neglected services. garrett teeny will join us with the details on the bankruptcy ruling. nukraine is accusing moscow of quietly sending dozens of tanks and fighters across the border in rebel- held territor nethe ukraine. what on earth is russia up to.
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and major general bob scales is here with. that >> many senate societies were nail biter. why did the media underestimate the strength of the republicans as they headed in to the midterms. aho potato truck is still missing. so my buddy here is going to help me find it. here we go. woo who, woah, woah, woah. it's out there somewhere spreading the word about america's favorite potatoes: heart healthy idaho potatoes and the american heart association's go red for women campaign. if you see it i hope you'll let us know. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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buying business internet, on the other hand, can be a roller coaster white knuckle thrill ride. you're promised one speed. but do you consistently get it? you do with comcast business. and often even more. it's reliable. just like kung pao fish. thank you, ping. reliably fast internet starts at $89.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. three people are hurt after an air canada flight makes a rough emergency landing. coming to a stop on his belly in alberta, canada. sparks on the bottom of the plane as it skidded to a top with 55 people on the plane. no word on why that plane made a rough landing. >> more human remains were found in the crash site of malaysian
10:25 am
flight. a team of rescue workers safely reached the area where the wreckage is found and found human remains. it was shot down back in july. 298 people were killed. >> in the meantime ukrainian government is a kouzs russia of sending tanks and trucks filled with fighters cross the border today. this could be the final straw to break an increasingly fragile ceasefire that has been in place since august. we'll bring in major general bob scales. you grew up in the cold war era. a would like you to go through the points. vladimar putin is not giving up on his goal of expanding the reach of his country? >> i think that is absolutely
10:26 am
right. and his performance in 2008 is consistent. his goal is to use ethnic hatred and racism as an excuse to save ethnic russians by invading those countries and violating national law. we saw it in georgia and crimea. he is in the consolidation phase. hitler invaded austria and planted the russia flag in eastern ukraine and he will not love. >> so many nations did not want to take on hitler and they let him take territory that he claimed belonged to ethnic germans and we know the rest of the story and that's what vladimar putin is doing today. i want ask you. there was russian surveillance
10:27 am
plays flying close to latvia. >> yes, it is a popularity game. recall when he sent the tanks in. his popular rating in russia went from 80 to 86 percent. russian people like the german people in the '30s are looking for revenge and vindication and putin is their guy. he is found and conquered eastern ukraine and his next target will be estoppia and has a 40 percent ethic russian population. this will continue until he is confronted on the west. >> he is counting on the west and european nation not doing anything. because no one will confront russia. who will stop this? >> for the near are term, no one. which is so sad. the russian military is lousy. other than the infapt row units,
10:28 am
the russian army is 800000 disgrunteled conscripts. and the material they have is the same they used against us in the desert storm and you remember how they turned out. and this is a thin veneer of military power. just a little bit of help from mefrn and nato aide could stop this. i see no enthusiasm in europe or the united states to do anything about it. and as long as that condition pervades, putin is on the next. >> and european countries that focus on manufacturing, they want the sanctions against russian to go away. and they may not be help to us either. >> here is the something thing, the russian people don't care about sanctions. if you live in moscow and trying
10:29 am
to buy in a bmw you are in a hurt. but the vast majority of russian people sanctions don't mean a thing. that is putin's power base. older middle-class are rallying behind the puttin and the price of foreign cheese doesn't affect the russian people. and putin will continue to do. >> i bet you never thought we would be in this position. nnever in a lifetime. >> thank you, have a good weekend. >> a woman is safe and sound, the man accused of kidnapping her off of the street in's major u.s. city is in custody. cops are searching and trying to figure out if there are other victims. >> breaks news on the detroit plan to try to dig out from the largest municipal bankruptcy in
10:30 am
u.s. history. details on the judge's plan.
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>> a judge just approving detroit's plan to exit from bankruptcy. the biggest in all of u.s. history. 7 billion worth of debt and a lot of people were lined up against that plan. garrett penny has the details from chicago. what happens now? >> reporter: judge stephen rose is discussing the approval of the plan.
10:34 am
he said the plan will be a hardship for many and said sacrifices have to be made for the good of the city. it is remarkable how quickly it to wrap up. most expected to to drag on for years. the city has worked with the creditors which there are a lot of to credit a bankruptcy exit plan that the judge rose is approving right now. under the plan detroit sheds 7 billion of the debt with a combination of cuts for former city workers and deals with bond insurers for a combination of cash and city owned property to be developed on the city's river front. and the plan calls for a 1.7 billion investment to upgrade basic city services that have been neglected for years and remove the blight in
10:35 am
abandoned properties that is found in the city's neighborhood. but all of the parties agree that detroit's return is still far from a sure thing. >> you have checks and balances to make sure it doesn't fall back in its old ways. this is not a certainty the plan will be implemented. >> reporter: what is unknown if the people will move back or that businesses will thrive in detroit. there is little room for mistakes and any mismanagement of the investment funds could put the city back where it was. >> thank you. the pentagon is investigating a national guard helicopter crash. the apache combat chopper went
10:36 am
down last night miles from a base in idaho. the men and women in the national guard are united in grief at the loss of two of our brothers in arms. the chairman of the republican national committee, telling reporters that he might seek a third term. he doesn't plan to make up his mind next month. his comments in's downtown break fast in dc. he is feeling optimistic about the chances in 2016. >> major media outlets said the senate races were nail biters. but many of those races turned out to be anything but close. howard kurtz is a host of media buzz every sunday morning on the fox news channel.
10:37 am
example one would be eddy gillispie. he conceded that a short while ago. all of the polls had them ten points apart. but it was close. how did they get it so wrong? >> as the polls being gospel and in a midterm, those polls fluxate and sometimes they are flat wrong and in the virginia race. ed gillispie. he couldn't get on the national radar. and same thing in the maryland governor's race where no one that thee though brown was a shoe in and instead larry hogan won by five points. they slipped up here. >> you think there is a bias that is in the results when the
10:38 am
reporters look at them and write about them? >> i think some places may have felt it would not be a woip out for the democrats and if mishil nun and kay haggin in north carolina could hang on to the narrow leads and the democrats, it would not be as bad as it turned out to be. but if you took those polls away and in the journalist would talk to more people and not base their analysis on what those numbers show, we would have had a better picture of the midterms that there was a republican wave building. we don't know how big before election day but we blew it on this one. >> sounds like reporters are talking to people who grooe agree with them and they missed the story altogether. senator john thoum was on the
10:39 am
air with us and he felt it was a photoop on the part of the president. >> there is it a lot of the posturing. president obama had the 73 nows conference and i felt like i needed a drink of kentucky bourbon. and he would like to work with republicans. and i would like to be more optimistic that the city produces more than hot air. but i think we are heading to grid lock and the sides finding common ground would be nice. but they are so polarized and the lunch will end up being a glorified photoop. >> what else do you have on your show this weekend. >> we'll talk about the midterms and extended interview with a former cbs news reporter. how she had trouble getting the information on the air.
10:40 am
and the mysterious hacking of her computer. >> she has a fascinating story. >> and howie, we'll check it out and we'll have a re- air. nglad you are watching. >> there is a new study that could change everything you know about healthy dieting. >> and a woman steals a police cruisers and leads on a chase and all while wearing a pair of handcuffs. >> it was a shot noise and my mom was scared. i don't know what to do. i don't have my phone. it was scary. i am only 11. i don't know what to do. meeting is about. yes, a raise. i'm letting you go. i knew that. you see, this is my amerivest managed... balances.
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>> hi, everyone. happy friday. coming up on the real story.
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president obama is meeting with the congressional leaders. new court challenge to obama care. and hackers targeting the america's power grids and water and gas splois and she grew up never knowing her father until she found out he was somebody famous but didn't want to own up to it then. a story of redemption and forgiveness you don't want to miss all on the top of the hour. >> and this story only in california. a bizarre police chase in that state. a handcuffed woman steals a car. she was cuffed in the back of a police cruiser and the officer searched her vehicle. the woman jumped over the seat and took over with the cops in hot pursuit. that chase lasted 30 minutes.
10:45 am
but the stolen cruiser hit three other cars, wow. >> you know for years, you probably heard warnings from doctors about the dangers of crash dieting. a new study is turning that conventional wisdom on the head. binge dieting can be good for you. is that possible. we'll ask the chair of urology. and professor of urology in the school of medicine. and part of the fox news medical a team. this is it a study published and a respected publication and a very small sample. >> it is about 200 applicants. we are learning a lot from the paper. they basically took a hundred people and put them on the crash doit and long- term gradual kind of a diet and what they found
10:46 am
was. the crash diet patients, did much better. they had compliance that was much better and lasted longer and lost the weight and they were able to exercise more x. if you lose the weight so fast, you gain it much faster was not the case. this is contrary to what we have learned and that is a lesson. and we know from bariatric surgery. they go from a weight loss. diabetic goes away and muscle and knows and hips and everything can be saved. i think it is what you want to get out of this. and you are super overweight and have to lose hundred pounds, this is a good jump-start in order to get you to the second phase. 5 or 10 pounds. going gradual is better than you. >> and so people who had a long- term and 36 was long- term.
10:47 am
and 12 weeks was the shorter term and 81 percent in the 12 week lost 12 and half percent. >> they were only taking 450 calories to 800 and they were given exercise reg mines and they were able to keep up and only three percent failure rate out of this and most people were able to sustain and keep it long-term. >> a lot of people have trouble with yo- yo doiting and they lose the weight and put it back o. and they do it again. >> it is saying even when that happens, it is not a big deal. this paper is going against everything we learned and we anyhow so far and we need to make sure there are more studies like this to dupplicate this. there are more questions about the obsessitty and weight loss.
10:48 am
and what is important. if you are obese, we are worried about diabetes. if that will get you to lose weight. a lot of them were able to get rid of diabetes in a short period and that is a huge message. >> that is it a real threat of this era. diabetes. it affects so many people. >> that can affect your eyes and kidneys. >> it doesn't have to be for so many of them. >> thanks, heather. >> and that is a birthday cake yet? >> our secret. a touching moment on the grid iowa ron. a four-year-old daughter is honored for her fight against cancer and cashing in on ebola, that's right. it is happening and what it is selling and who's making money off of it. eed when you retire?
10:49 am
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a federal appeals court. a court? cincinnati reversing lower court rulings that have struck down bans in ohio, michigan, tennessee, and kentucky. judge jeffrey sutton saying it is not the responsibility of the judicial branch of government to make such a fund mental change to such a fundamental social institution. the ruling could now force the u.s. supreme court to take up that issue. justice week, a ho month judge, ordered that that state begin allowing gay marriage. new york city's new 25-mile-per-hour speed limit goes into effect today. the new law cuts the speed limit from 30, and ma theenz remacing some 3,000 signs. the measure is part of the new mayor's traffic safety plan wresh wants to reduce deaths and injuries among bicyclists and
10:53 am
pedestrians. >> can you imagine how many -- >> a lot of money. >> okay. cash in on deadly crisis. some present aun ears are taking vapg of the fear and the fascination over ebola to make a quick buck. the merchandise ranges from dietary supplements to web sites and even masks and clutch toys. jonathan hunt has more from our new york newsroom. hi there, jonathan. >> hey. the reality is that ebola is of no significant threat to almost anyone in the united states, but that isn't stopping a host of folks from using the fear factor to make money. the owners of the web domain, for instance, bought it in 2008 for $13,500 and sold it recently for $200,000. there are ebola tracking apps and even an ebola virus-shaped plush toy for your kids, although the company that makes it insists it's a learning tool and is helpful for parents who
10:54 am
have found that providing a tangible item to hold helps children understand the abstract concept and helps to make the news less scary for them. then there's ebola tea. a supplement promoted on its website with the word "because there is no cure for ebola, it is up to all americans to defend themselves now." although as the fda points out, "there are currently no fda approved vaccines or drugs to prevent or treat ebola." >> they manage to get the name ebola into their name, and in most people's mind it's -- you start making money off of it. >> now, ebola never showed up for an interview we had arranged with him. he told us via text today he sold 63,000 bottles of ebola c at $35 a bottle for a total of more than $2 million.
10:55 am
so there is money to be made, but it's worth remembering, as the associated press pointed out today, heather, this more people have married kim kardashian than have actually contracted ebola inside the united states. >> i was thinking what a dummy, until you said they sold it for $200,000. >> you do have a couple of kids to put through college. >> you don't have too tell them how you got them there. >> it is washington's biggest power lunch of the year, to say the least. president obama and leaders from capitol hill trying to forge more of what we're learning about what's going on inside the about what's going on inside the white house and how it went.
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it is a very happy friday, and that's in part because of your birthday, john scott. happy birthday. >> thank you. thank you. awww. >> he is going to get embarrassed, but we have a couple of things for him. we have a lovely little cake brought by linda. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. >> and you want to say how old you are? do we ask? we'll leave it at that. we have such a terrific crew around here. our crew brought in this enormous cookie for you along with a terrific picture, and i'm only speaking because i know i'm kind of embarrassing you here. one of our lighting guys shot this photo of me flanked by my
11:00 am
alter eeg wroe, ron burg you understand where i. s. >> in real life you are hardly ron burgundy. i mean that as the most sincere. i know you have big plans for your kid yoez tonight. have a go ahead one. >> thank you, heather. >> happy friday to you all. >> gretchen is up next. >> fox news alert. john scott is 29. he is not going to tell you his age, but he is a young guy. what's going on at the white house today. in the real work will begin or will it? president obama welcoming 13 congressional leaders, republicans ask democrats, to a working lunch today. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. happy friday. we're here to give you the real story today. we know republicans went in talking about jobs. will the president find some common ground before the gop takes over the reigns of the


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