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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 7, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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ernor elect. rather charming. >> larry hogan. that was a big surprise in that election. winner, everybody tuned in this4yc4 week. and for me to get a weekend. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. this a fox news alert. attorney general eric holder replaced. tomorrow, president obama will nominate a new york federal prosecutor to become the next attorney general of the united states. u.s.á[qattorney loretta lynch. if confirmed, lynch would be the first african-american female attorney general. also today, president obama4ók lurching with leaders from both parties is this a new strategy? >> obviously republicans had a good night. >> history has shown a divided government. >> the american people have spoken. they have given us divided government. what are you going to do with it. >> don't compromise with these losers. and don't treat them like winners. >> i feel obliged to do everything i can lawfully with my executive authority. >> i hope he won't do that because i do think it
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poisons the well. and he is he is going to burn himself if he continues to go down this path. >> as president, i have a unique responsibility to try and make this town work. >> he is going to poison 'the well. so will the president really work with republicans or not. rnc chair ryans priebus joins us. congratulations in order for the republican party tonight. >> thank you. it's a great night. now we have to get on with getting things done÷o6 and building o2016. how does the president work with the president and how does the republicans work with the president. he. >> he declared during the stimulus bill that he is going to listen to all the republican plans. he didn't listen to any offp ñ them. he went to the blair house and declared all the healthcare ideas that the republicans had he would work with the republicans. he hasn't done it he is really good at giving these press conferences but is he really lousy at following through on these promises. what i would suggest if the president was serious go down to harry reid's office,ul$ jzok
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into his desk. get 370 bills that are sitting there."b and tell mitch mcconnell which of the 370 bills that many of which were voted on and drafted by some democrats, which ones is he willing to deal with? >> he says now that he will. he says now that he -- so like you laugh. >> you don't believe him? >> well on many subjects i don't believe a thingzvw says. so, i mean and he has proven to be unreliable when it comes to these kinds of promises that he has made to the republican party. that doesn't mean that we don't need to get some things done. i think it's reallyxd important. i think leadership is working really hard onñiçó this. is that we come up with three or fourp, things thatroh areçó achievable. that the americantñ.zñçu7?róoiokul eople like and support. and that we very quickly, in the next -- in the first few monthsñi of next year achieve those goals, so that the american people are validated that theynb made a smart decision by putting the republicans in charge. >> i never can un"%>mq9 why0l hejfxd didn'tfá call senator harry reid. there are things that both would pass.ñi
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i never understood why heçó didn'tq call senator harry reid and say fore1 god's sake harry, lexr there be añi vote on that so it can come to my desk so can i sign it or reject it.ñ >> for one thing they don't get along. so i mean. >> they hate each other. >> well, i mean if you believe stories that&iswç have been written over the last few days harry reid isp reid wants to do. i don't think he caresr wholel lot about what 4rhfá president's opinionñit81ñ according to a lot of the the reports that have beennz/ñ surfacing over the last couple of days. >> that's great because the american people get held hostage to that ái%uá >> he made the decision to not put a single significant bill on the floor of the senate to$xzrotecté@çó thisfl' majority it back fired. and the american people validated republicans at home like scott walker and other republican reformers and totally rejected barack obama and everyone associated with barack obama. >> all right. your future, are you going ; seek a third term as head of the@ç>x f [ my gues 1÷ is it'slgprobably yours after tuesday. >> he will -k?$ well,ú 0z will
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make that decision in a a couple weeks. >> what's the realxd story?p@% are are you you going to do it? >> wait a second is. my wife is probably watching right now. i have to talk to her about it first. >> if (w saidçó fine, do you want it? >> i mean likely i think it's important for us to continue this obsession over the mechanics the ground game and data and get our act together. >> so if she says yes, you would say. >> i think it's likely but i don't -- i mean obviously i am not going there yet until i talk to her and the kids about it. >> smart husband. very smart. >> i may get in a little trouble. >> nice to see you. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> joining us our political panel bob cusack. the "the washington post"hí a colby and washington examiner chief political correspondent byron york. you heard arenas priebus head of the rnc. >> anxious. no willing, maybe. it does seem like this meeting that we had today with the leadership and the president was kind of an opportunity for themñi(┌v to recite their talking point3 $ face to face. i doubt very muchr
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much got done. although it appears things got contentious on the issue of immigration. obviously john boehner and mitch mcconnell have issued really strong warnings to the president about immigration. the president has said equally strongly is he going to do something. this could really blow things up. blow the chance to do all sorts of other things up if the president goes forward with this. >> you know colby the republicans have the wind behind their sales, they won big on tuesday. president obama is realfully in a position where he has to cry uncle a little bit and give and work. do you see he that happening at all? >> well like chairman priebus said. i don't think the president had a great relationship with harry reid. so maybe over a glass of bourbon, he would prefer to work with mitch mcconnell. chairman said if you listened to the "the washington post," if you read the "the washington post" earlier in the week. we had quotes from harry reid's chief of staff. detailing the relationship between the white house and harry reid's staff as being pretty contentious. >> all over the white house is what they were doing. thatxazyñ really tough stuff. >> they reallyhás were "on the
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record.": rotten about that though? it's their job to get along and do the job. we are beholden to their stupid grudge. bob? >> that's right. we haven't had different type of leaders in washington, i mean, it'slçtyj been harry reid, it's been nancy ballots,pelosi president obama is still president obama as he had to say in his press conference which i thought was kind of telling that he had to remind everybody that he is still president. life is about relationships. washington is about relationships. the relationships in washington are broken and that's why republicans are going to putvd on the board. they are going to pass and there is obama to veto him. they want want to make him the party notify, the democrats the party of no. we will see if that works. >> you if you look at what came out of this meeting today. they were talking about more money tovçq+!q ebola in west africa. they are probably going to agree on that. they can do that then theyyw':ujuup&king about iraq it may strike voters as amazing. but it appears that you have this election. the two parties get together and the first thing they agree to is to go back to war in iraq. i'm not sure that's what the voters had in mind. f9 >> colby reported on media
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today was that the day after the election, the meeting with the leaders was of course today, is that president obama had al sharpton. he met witht you know whether you are a pro-al sharpton or anti-al sharpton, the is he is a reuniter. he is notdb a guy, throw gasoline on the fighter. meet with senator booker if you wanted to meet with an african-american. why al sharpton? >> it's a good question. i don't know. it's those types ofnq situations that make you wonder if we are ever going toil9 see compromise in washington. they say a lot of really nice things right after an election. you can go back to 2012 and 2010. and the same types of whether it was obama or mitch mcconnell or john boehner all saying let's work together. the american people have spoken. we don't want gridlock. and then they go back into theirnégx corners. >> and the president said in the sound bite that the republicans had a good night. i thought to myself, good night? the way they see it as
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keeping score? maybe it's part of the fault of the media rather than the american people have spoken you know. and then hem>ay said that one thing he said the american people want us to work. well no kidding. what are we paying theirqj salaries for? >> look back four years ago when he said they got a she different type of press conference, he took responsibility. that press conference this week did not. he said voter turnout are low. they had a good night. >> did not turn out because of him. his voters didn't turn out. >> listen, president obama is donena92 hundreds of fundraisers. all that money went to really for nothing. >> panel, thank you. stay with us. áyí uzo2y this is a fox news alert. obama administration just announcing president obama to!df send 1,500 more]hr troops to iraq to fight isis. the white house further stating the troops will not serve in a combat role but will train and advise iraqix and kurdish forces fighting isis. major general bob joins us. have we herd that number today? >> we have. well 1400.
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they have just essentially doubled the numbers. when would we hear first? when was this firsti< kg discñ >> it was first discussed back in september when the assess. groups in iraq came back to the chairmans of the joint chiefs of staff general dempsey and said, look, general, there is probably nine brigades iraqi brigades that are capable of taking the offensive. now, remember, in september all the iraqi army was doing was holding the line. and sot6a@w nine brigades that if we thinkúo we reinforce them like we did in 2007 with the iraqis during the surge. >> we think we can put enough combat power and enough willing and enough initiative and leadership behind the iraqis to allow them to take it the offensive, to take back ramadi to take back mosul andmqciw recapture ground. if additional assist and train units, the iraqi army will not be be able too move out of their bases in baghdad. >> you agree today it is a mess, right? >> yes. >> if we had done this last september when it was first suggested, what -- would
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there be -- i mean, what's the damage that we waited from september to october to november? because, look, let's face it, it came out after election day,03:añ that's obvious. if we had done this in september, what's the difference? >> the enemy has the advantage of intent will and he owns the jq clock. and every day, every day the enemy holds the g8e is able to consolidate in the territory that he has captured+4"b makes taking the offensive infinitely more difficult. in fact maybe we have waited tooesáa long. and the military knew three months ago that this is what needs to be done and over and over again they told the administration we have got to do. this we have got tof@jdz this soon. we can't wait. and it wasn't, unfortunately until three days after the election that they started the ball rolling again. >> is this mission creep in the white house says no because it's the same mission it always was. but is this mission creep and sort of the traditional sense? >> of course it is. the right number isn't 3,000. the right number for the advised assist and train
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mission is about 10,000 which is what we said back in 2010 and 11, and that's the residual force we wanted. yeah, so i would suspect if this offensive starts in about 8 months to a year and it fails, the pressure is going to grow sadly to send in more american forces. >> i see the term mission creep as being a political term. you know, it's because of -- oh we don't want to do mission creep rather than if it's necessary to really put those troops in there and stand behind them or combat role or training role. that whole sort of mission creep thing. >> it drives military nuts. old army term that says gomfijñ big or go home. and the troops sense that they know what the number is, without going into combat or without engaging in close combat with the isis. they know what it would take in order to do this right. the number is about 10,000. about a third of a way there just wait and see effort months ahead those numbers are going to keep up. >> can you quantify how much by waiting until september to do the 1500 that was discussed in september how much it diminishes our chances of being effective?
4:12 pm
>> it's huge. i mean, what isis has done those major cities, ramadi and mosul that are willing to join with us. they have convinced the sunnies that they have the will and the high ground in this they have impedestrianed themselves in the cities which makes them far more difficult to root out andñi kill. no this three month delay is enormous from añityr&itarynb perspective. >> is that sort of obvious to any military person. >> it's obvious to everybody, greta. >> anyway, general scales, thank you, sir. >> thanks greta. >> today's big news raising this question why about president obama wait until after the mid terms to announce is he putting more troops on the ground in iraq. our panel joins us. by ron, did he wait until they days after election for political reasons or triage military reasons? >> absolutely he wait willed for political reasons. there seems to be no doubt about this what strategic has changed in the last 72 hours. the big question here is what happens on capitol hill. they are still running on
4:13 pm
the 2002 authorization to use military force after the september 11th attacks which basically gives the president all the power he wants to attack the people behind the september 11th attacks in al qaeda. does that still apply to this? no. i don't think so. i think in the new;q[ congress in january, you are going to see a big pushto authorize and limit what the president can do in iraq. >> you know, colby, very polyanna, but i find it very painful that a decision so important asú political decision. you know, there are lives at stake. whether there are lives military going over there or lives on the ground going over there when it is so obviously political. you heard what general scales said. i find it very painful when it's war. >> i mean, you have to remember this is the president who won the nobel peace prize. this is the president. >> which he didn't have for. that got dumped on him. >> that's true. but he won his primary as antxfj ant)#4 president. >> political. >> for him, he carried that
4:14 pm
weight. and to announce av he was dependent on turnout in this election. >> yeah, but that's so selfish, and we sort of -- i mean, on the issues ever war historically that's when we have sort of drawn the line. that's where you see the democrats, republicansw working together and those all important decisions. that's sort of like, you know where politics is is not supposed to be the catalyst. it's supposed to be what do you think is the right thing to do now? >> of course they said today it wasn't a political decision. >> you heard byron. you heard the general. >> it is hard not to take that it's a bit of sane kel view. >> he could have announced it monday. >> yeah he could have. both sides -- certainly bush waited until after the election to fire ron sells. sells. -- rumsfeld. >> i thought he fired rumsfeld because of the election. >> a lot of republicans wanted him to fire before the election so he could have saved the senate. >> that would have been a political decision. >> you can make tharg" this is real dangerous territoryfnzmñ politically for barack obama. he has lost the
4:15 pm
independents. he has lost the1 yp base. major flack from democrats on this. >> i think it should hurt him looking in the mirror. if he waited to do this, one question war politics is supposed to be war. you know, i think i will wait three months because i don't want to offend my because i don't want them to come out and vote for my people is this on the question of glar americans are also war weary. so that, you know, it's a hardqnpv . sell. they are scared of isis. they obviously want us to take down isis but they don't want us to put american lives at risk. how do you balance that? >> the president does have this huge personal reluctance to do. this like a tug of wary and got his heels in the dirt. now it's 15. the next time it will be 2,000 and is he going to get to 10,000. >> if he did that why did he wait until after election day if this is sort of deeply personal or he waited until after the day of the election. >> he waited until the day after the electionfd2 to take immigration. he said i'm waiting after. >> immigration is different than war. it just is different to me.
4:16 pm
a lot different than war. >> absolutely. >>ible pa, thank you. >> thankçó you. >> and republicans winning big, very big in the midñr terms but charles krauthammer has an urgent message for the the g.o.p. charles is here to tell what you it is next. montel williams is watching sergeant andrew tahmooressi right here "on the record" with you. something montel had to it say after our interview and he will say it to you coming up and don't forget to subscribe to greta talk. it's a a brand new pod cast. di-lat(unching on both itunes and favorite phone or device. it is free. your favorite. log on to i fox newsá itunes. hear tucker carlson describeqeñ a plane crash he described. byron york and others. pod cast iphone or android phone. xd aluminum production in south africa, and the aerospace industry in the u.s.? at t. rowe price we understand the connections of
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this is huge. it really was a referendum on president obama's failed policies. >> what could this election have meant? it could not have meant anything but stop obama. >> this was the worst wall-to-wall national,ñi unmistakable unquisk she lacking. >> clearly a repudiation of barack obama. >> this was deep. this was big. folks, this was am,rq she5y lacking. >> charles krauthammer says ñ republicans didn't winjf tuesday but rather the democrats lostñ so what does hefá mean byu:3t that? joining us, charles krauthammer, author of the "new york times" best seller #$ings that matter. charles, before i÷ñ get tonmnb. you, do you agree with me i mean, general scales says troops in september. 0j three days after thuó and ix9 think on matters of war, politics are off
4:21 pm
limits.ñi >> if scales is right. this isd it's one thing to delay an announcement for threeçó+ o $r5e4j4(p&c@ forñr political, cynical political reasons, that's bad enough. but you if, in fact the generals wanted this in september. and he delayed the0x the deployment until now for political reasons, think of what's happened in the interval. between september. isis overparts of anbar including one village where they massacred the tribes of men, women and children. now, whether we could have made a ]ñ difference, i don't know. but in principle, to wait because you are doing this for political reasons is, i think, truly disgraceful. >> and issue of war is the one issue i hope we all rise above politics. >> don't forgepfçq#ñi the withdrawal from iraq was timed to give obama mat the full yearçóf#iñ 2012 in which to say i ended war. the sujú ymp, afghanistan was ended in the summer>acx
4:22 pm
when theñijf generi beggingjf obamat( to -- because that was in the mistledz the fightingq-r season, to at leasty05% continue until the end ofq the fighting season which would have been after theko electionv but heok wanted to do it before the election. so this is not the first time that electionsk have intervenedñiñiñi inú2j-m decision making on war andxdñi zce. if i quote you coe"t(u&y or almostwñ4j4(0' the g.o.p., the republicaz& didn'l(fin on tuesday the demosrqm lost. >>ñi look,ñr thislp was an election, this waszo7 ana5 absolutely totald rye=ñ( p, unlike in 1994e1 where dl"1%9 hadok a contract outlined the way you do in a parliamentary system where the opposition will contestçó election, actually hzla a program iv gñxd place, av-
4:23 pm
endorse youxd we give you the gavel. we give you thep, opportunity. and that's why it ist in=z rightjf now to demonstratelp that they are a party of ideas and action. by developing an agenda, which they are doing, boehner and mcconnell are doing that right now legislation 9n up president to exercise veto that will show you who the party of no really is. >> do you know who i think is a lot of the problem in the last two yearsxd is senator harryw3ñrt( reid.p,lvsñ
4:24 pm
did it for political reasons so that the vulnerable democrats in thefá senate would not even have to cast a voter because harry reid would never actually bring these issues to the floor. the senate went intor suspended --w3xdxd it hasn't existed in the last two years. >> the president said that the election onp, tuesday said that the ameri 0ñ people want us to work. well, no kidding. i éñ mean like why1t3 get some bills toxdqññi yourjfqlp deskçó american people dox work. whether they agre,k!a9=q they want somethingñi done. >ñ/d democrats insisted it was republicans who were the party of no. there were a lot of hundreds that were passed in the house byj" republicans that went to the desk. harry reid, where they died. and death. >> they could havet( even been sent to conference for something to work up but he said no. didn't send them to conference. anyway, charles, thanks always nice tox> up next, montel williams is here. montel along with you, yes you, our viewers helped getú sergeanteh=áu (rsjjutáár out of
4:25 pm
that mexicançó prison. what comes nfh( to for our marine. montel here to talk about thatg president george w. bush paid a special visit to hospital where ebola outbreak just ended. that's coming up. follow me on twitter right now. brand new han(=q it's so easy. f$mmeññrxd greta. xdñixd rk state is jump-starting business with startup-ny. an unprecedented program that partners businesses with universities across the state. for better access to talent, cutting edge research, and state of the art facilities. and you pay no taxes for ten years. from biotech in brooklyn, to next gen energy in binghamton to manufacturing in buffalo... startup-ny has new businesses popping up across the state. see how startup-ny can help your business grow at
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4ck:j4(p&c this is not somethi.qó because of the press'p" his back and i i want to stay with him behin4!"ñ this him in the treatment program. i just spoke1$o with him yesterday. he texted me last night. i textedl3 him back now to come over h%a#qiuz get ready for thisí he textzv back again. we ar9 communication. we are going to stay in communicatiewcbecause as you(xylsví3 saw in that interview, which "cr[%ñhave got to tellpcn you, greta. td%váu know, thank you for the way you treated6op himñ and, you÷@ know, you're@c an interviewer. you are a newsé4g anchor. this is what you supposed to2g do. thank you, the respect you
4:31 pm
showed him.ziwñ >> you know -- >> -- we understand. >> you know, iñ appreciate every single member of our military. 1zvñ appreciate him. iaaiq you. you know who else we probably ought to give a little bit of açó shoutout for someone who works for you. jonathan franks. ise also helped you helpñr him.kox6 a company called lucid county headñi ñw3 my communication for montel media jonathan has beenxd the stall wart in this. i will tell you something richardson. ask congressman sam andk; congressmant( royce. ask jill. this young man just #9s$ back from their home last&g and he and i are wi)z7ng you know, asíx can to makeo4/ñ sure that,t$> @&c @&c@ again, in2 once this simmersóom down let's make sure that andrew gets the help he%3yd9 needs. and as you saw, you know there were ?=d moments in thatb. interview. peoplqót i0 think weren6yobably reflecting onzg7 it right now. they are pickingn1âw]iñ pieces say oh we have got to beícñy angry abouthhv& m and that when you look at that youngñjñ man, first o can even getoáç this out i.
4:32 pm
i applaudx, you. the factlnó: he was willing to sharex hope that everyone elsevhf who wants< a piece ofp, himlñ" stops for now and just looks atl÷ that0@% interview and thoughs that he needs a little# )u f a aykí break. >> you3wnlknow, isyhñ it3bgb%'/ñ so ( so he overlooked. i think the'2ñ thing that struck me about2 ñ the interview isq that he was released not because they 9zl he didn't hav hisje6z car, inw#p mexico. he did.t< but because they said he hashg5 ptsd. butti what really bothers me. i know he isfámy otp,jcx angryjf about ite&>ç is i am. took 214 days for the mexican government to realize he had4÷÷g it took the u.s. government. they never(qnñ came to that conclusion or helped8h although they we+ó." wellñ aware of thet( fact that he had an intake at san diegoloz showing he had ñ ptsd. and if?> any viewerp watches 15 seconds ofv they realize heo+ has a problem. mexican/kóñx government gets into it9 in 14a m and our u.s. government i don't know where they were.
4:33 pm
>> i don't know where they still are butñrjf r3epeijju iñb know there is a a lot ofñi people stepping up to the plate. with me if he wants. this is not what's needed right now. what's needed+dodí&&y"p'd
4:34 pm
you know, a long time before i got arrd-wq". isha÷6ns mean[p= before -- a long time before i got50i i thinkx&(hy theyx& knew they felt the- i think they felt inñ/n: their hearts'mnv that it÷ was -- i wasn't guilty. but they decided to6+ keep meás0w there. >> that makes mev(jlf ,ñ evenñ madder, montel, is!q8i.sxcn whatever political% grudges there are in between nations or whatever, if politics played a part about it to sit there for 214 days shame on everybody. >> i will tell youx%@( something. polit)wnkbptn system for waiting for this law too. rememú
4:35 pm
saying, its>ie itv4mpj village to raise a child. it took this whole community ñ]1a(áájjt0!í) together, gargantuan effort to get this young man out. that ; ñ needed to get him:#uz help he needs now. we are not going to quig until itb >>! +y some other americans in other prisons around the6 (-world. and too bad theyñ/ñbly all don'tt+a#i have these tirelessob mother2#g÷ like> same thing. i do. that woman should g%e award for, you know,(gez showingf;,r us&s:ihhbjp how to take care@ñ" of
4:36 pm
the bill was let's not2rññ forgetée >> montel, thank)z'u very"ç 4 much. always niérqá=talk to2ncñ you. bhq irñ good to talk t/xp&7w you,xqíñ greta,. >> straight ahead. senat/h6 it isny?cv0kykiz outrageous and he is talking ?v2&l president obama did.=1ti senator grahabcy is herecs plus, caught onkavt camera a patient goes on a wzhç rampaqu thevhñy hospital and nurses d@]kejt for their uták that's coming up.b6davé so ally bank really has no hidden fees on savings accounts? that's right. it's just that i'm worried about you know "hidden things..." ok, why's that?
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a secret letter from president obama to2h ÷ iran's supremerñkewr leader. the "wall street journal" reporting ind@j+rrj secret letter, pres) expt0dvxs as a shared interest(@l progress onl and senatorí joins us: ilnadb t 1m guess congratulations is ÷ for yourhljtt on tuesday. six more years ond& greta. >> good foreú!rxq$ óa' right. this letter to bmiçlyg ackmeñ iran? >> open seathnced"fa z join with iran to fightf áctw(tr isis is crazy v&3x twoéghóspmubszúrn:'2@ levels.y$!'btiáujt one, if you wanted to fighters, nothing would bezg÷q better than saying comeéq syria and fight satan america aig3pv thevpbps great you. y7v&dz it wld be the ultimate figpj&?/ any sunni.jqs extremist to fightú the united states at the same time.m and to the syrian people you are saying we don't care about assadj,oanymore. we're just worried about isis and we're going to join p9p6ña
4:42 pm
withixb át d.ç8eó"síç.(bi iranians3éá÷ ñç who 2>r/ue okay. it's complicated also bwthe fact thatp[ w% got thispr&v ñj56ñ november 24th drop dead onxo6ú the nuclear weapons deal. >> right.vozy that's not happening, is it? >> well, the biggest fear i have, behind with iran over nuclearlx÷qñrwq program. i feel they are going to givû deal like north carolina where they have&+n enrichment capability by the u.n. andy814 saw whathib8u this is what i am goingú3zt÷-1(a to7%bññ do theuiáe republican controlled congress reallyam2- does matter. i have@i(1 legislation with senator corker that says the following. if you do a deal with iran bring it over to th%4)e&ñ senate and let ush9]jjjz at it vote ité r0kzx down. if it's aá$&vçez deal i rlx will vote for it,íb itñ2x[h"own. administration is resistingï÷i8!ñ congress looking at this deal. first piece ofax legislation republicans shouldámt1ñ pass in the senate is legislation requiring any deal with[5ñ iran comeb=bdr before the sena÷íw >> well, this isñau disturbing becausecá this]5?
4:43 pm
the u.n. report saysa iran is stalling the# ñwã&ei-probe and it also says that íéáhe3!#s iran ist! y withholding critical information of>4k its nuclear program. this is the u.n.6y iaea. ifn we're trying to figure ou e u.n. thinks that there is a big problç> >> they have been cheating for years about their nuclear program. they are not trying to develop a nuclear power program for< f peacefuldjá9ñ0 lying. they are trying to develop ap6qb nuclear bomb. if they ever getww thatrçagd
4:44 pm
g well, congress is going tw+ k er(rp+e a say. we are going to stop some of this crazy this 1500 going into iraq. why wasn't that done in september when itkef haveo9f&]ssa he to him national security another form. that's what i hate so much8@ administration. thi_spvr'gl@i.z÷>sty(e with every war time decision. inl43 september, the military.jqyn >> you saynif6ú they. >> it's ultimately:>him.4@ds @&c@
4:45 pm
thhkj you are going3n to need north of 10,000 americanhlg b to train. you are going to need helicopters. ac 130 gun ships to be able to libez÷xxnwzpñ fallujah andqxz76añ mosul. >> yhqé#.don't even know what we should do or3e@ñ.myo not do.jdb)(p&c@ i'm not a militaryazñ personal. theimjuz is6 that aj8 a politicaln8sjcj,ey that's what bothers mkq 1j4(p&c@ i want>tjzñ it to be made because we think it's the smart th)e5 /p&c @&c@ it may noah=ñbkái be the perfect decision. >> to him it's another formñj:+ñ of chicagoraá]á% national security is in a$wl&ñ we're about to make mistakes thatx ú will haunté for decadesb prick congress with some p4. mocrats can stop it. >> senator, nice to talk to you,$[18q sir. >> thank you. >> up next ambassador joh|&;,3 boltonzf9xx heeañ says president obama's secret letter to iran shows the!wefó president is desperate for am!:$ desbvw &c @&c@ is he here next. follow me ) twitter right now with a brand new handle
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november 24 closing in, the deadline for iran and its nuclear!ñzc weapons b]z iran will dñ isis.h tuf!+ç does deal. good evening, sir. here. >> we hadd thoughts o#lz escape hisdeçq strategybpó that he's trying tol/2 givef=c-ç 1 additional incentive. what heu1f&c incentive for irané-rj# tñ cooperate. and i think the reaction in tehran is to4 can squeeze more"x concessions out
4:51 pm
that's likely to happen. >> i think the most troubling is npthis, as wej$wa approach this november 24th deadline and íaim9 is goingñwtá workíh5 out% deal. howr'bu7injo4qz with a government that's sneaky, cheating, hidingûu crooked? and i have as my source the u.n. report. the u.n. report that came out today that says iranyd to beholdçbkv critical information about its nuclear program and th-@ ñ k5yaxxiaeaa"yzkñ expressed concern about undiscloss" cb=ñqñnuclear-related activities involving j military-2 including activities related to the developmentú s of a#e:o÷ nuclear< 3fj: sç payload for a missile. so while we think we're dealing with themfójyt ñ and they're on one page, this is going behind the scenes according to4kbv the u.n. >> well, i think it tells you:÷ everything you need to know. iranliñúekç has lied eòç)$p!out il weapons program for 30 years and here on the verge ofv=n this deal is thehqau xa#5
4:52 pm
theé64g administration's response is, well, you know, aftery+yp the deal isb iaea will be able to find out if they're in violation. zs it's not going to happen. it's not going to happen. >> is that something even the prime minister netanyahu can even live with? he said very clearly when he speaks with the general assembly at the u.n. is there will be no nuclear enrichment capability for iran when he's finished and seems like the u.s. now trying to negotiate something but we find out that the people with whom we're negotiating aren't even remotely doing any fair dealing. >> look, how sad is this negotiation, when the british and the europeans started on this route 12 years ago, the fundamental premise of allowing iran the peaceful use of nuclear power was they would not be allowed to have routes to nuclear weapons. on the front end, they would not be allowed to enrich uranium and on the back end of the pucknuclear
4:53 pm
fuel process they'd not be allowed to reprocess plutonium. they already have a reactor operating which they'll be able to extract plutonium. the administration long ago gave up the enrichment issue so the only question is how much enrichment will iran be allowed to do? this is a disastrous agreement. i think it's appeasement. i don't think there's any other way to characterize it. i don't know whether they'll make it by the 24th of november or not. if not, they'll extend the deadline. >> ambassador, thank you, sir. coming up a hospital patient goes on a violent rampage. it's all caught on camera. that's next. do solemnly swear that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies foreign and domestic... ♪ ♪
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4:58 pm
became unresponsive and died. autopsy will be performed. big news in texas, ebola outbreak is oh today marking the end of the 2 1 day monitoring period for everyone in dallas who was potentially exposed to ebola. texas health officials tracked 177 people who had contact with ebola victim thomas duncan and nurse nina pham and amber vinson. both nurses nurse recovered from the disease. president bush visiting presbyterian health hospital giving a big texas greeting to nurse vinson. how are you darling? [cheers and applause] how are are you doing amber? >> how are you feeling? you look great. >> thank you. >> i have been watching you on tv. [ laughter ] >> president bush thanked the texas health staff with her handling of the ebola crisis. he also thanked them for their care during his heart procedure at the very same hospital last year. let's all go
4:59 pm
off-the-record for a minute. i have a hero less than 4 feet tall dressed in pink and orange could not be cuter or braver. inspiration to me and no doubt to you as well. she is 4-year-old leah still, daughter of cincinnati bernanke defensive tackle devon. thursday night she stole the show during a bernankes game against the cleveland browns it was leah's first time watching her father played in the nfl in person. the bengals honoring her with a special ceremony and presenting children's hospital with a 1.3-million-dollar check in her name from sales of her father's jersey. look at lee appears leah's courage. i can't help but think imagine if they could inspire and get people to come together like this little girl. she sure puts things in perspective. doesn't she? that's my off-the-record comment tonight. thanks for being with us. if you missed our off-the-record special last night. sergeant tahmooressi's special you can see it saturday at 10:00 p.m. and again sunday at 9:00 p.m.
5:00 pm
if you miss this interview you can watch it live or dvr this weekend saturday night at 10:00 and again sunday at 9:00. good night from washington. see you monday. the o'reilly factor is on, tonight: >> the american people just want to see work done. they are frustrated by the gridlock. i think all of us have the responsibility to try to make that happen. ♪ come on ♪ come on ♪ let's work together. >> president obama and congressional leaders break bread at the white house but will they have an appetite for compromise on the issues that divide them? >> when you play with matches, you take the risk of burning yourself. and is he going to burn himself if he continues to go down this path. >> speaker john boehner warns president obama not to take any executive action on immigration, but, will he listen? we'll hear from both sides tonight. >> priority number 1 is to stimulate the economy so that workers make more money. >> president obama is clueless when it


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