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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 8, 2014 1:30pm-2:01pm PST

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already over. gosh. time flies, doesn't it? well, i hope you enjoyed it and are learning to be more of a healthy you. president only nominating u.s. attorney loretta lynch to be head of the justice department. lynch will being the first african-american woman on the job taking over for outgoing attorney general eric holder. we have the latest at the white house. hi, wendell. >> reporter: hi, arthel. loretta is a low-profile attorney twice confirmed by the senate. she has strong ties to eric holder but not apparent political ties to president
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only. the reflection may help to avoid confrontation with the new republican majority in the senate. lynch successfully prosecuted terrorists and mobsters and brought corruption charges against public officials in both parties. >> one of her proudest achievements was the civil rights prosecution of the officers involved in the brutal assault of the haitian immigrant. >> analysts consider that significant, given the justice department's ongoing investigation into the police shooting of an unarmed black man in ferguson, missouri. republicans would likely get eric holder out of the position as quickly as possible given their differences with him over the irs scrutiny of conservative groups applying for tax exempt status and the fast and furious sting that sent guns across the border. incoming majority leader mitch mcconnell said in a written
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statement, quote, miss lynch will receive fair consideration by the senate. the president wants her confirmed as quickly as possible but it's unlikely that some republicans are demanding to know if miss lynch supports mr. only's plans to issue immigration reforms. they oppose that but a protracted battle over it could keep holder in the post longer. arthel? >> wendell, thank you. i want to give our viewers background information on loretta lynch. she's the only person to hold the title for the eastern district of new york twice under two u.s. presidents. as we mentioned, lynch would be the first african-american woman to become attorney general and also the first person to go directly from being a united states attorney to attorney general since 1817. two americans detained in north korea are now on their way
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back home. kenneth bae and matthew todd miller were the last two remaining americans held in that country. news of their release today comes a few weeks after the release of another american held in north korea. jeffrey fowle. meantime, bae's sister releasing this statement. "we believe that god is with people who endure hardship and that he never leaves them. it is with great joy and thankfulness to god to see kenneth released. our family could not have been sustained without the knowledge that kenneth was in god's care when it seemed we were helpless to do anything". and coming up, we'll take a look at what this move could mean for u.s. relations with north korea going forward. and the pentagon confirming another round of air strikes in iran, this time targeting what was believed to be a gathering of isis leaders near mosul. it comes as president only
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authorizes the deployment of 1500 more troops to iraq raising the total number of american troops in the war-torn nation to 3100. molly hibner is live with more. >> isis has gained so much territory in iraq and syria that the president has decided to send in more u.s. troops to train and advise iraqi forces. here's how the pentagon arrived at the number of about 1500 additional troops. >> you want to get 12 brigades trained. there's going to be different skills and capabilities among them. how many we're going to have to train and what the quality of the sites are. >> but some republicans say that the president should have sent in u.s. forces before isis gained so much ground and that
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1500 men and women may not be able to counter the threat. >> 1500 is not enough. you're going to meet north of 10,000 american advisers to train, american helicopter, gunships and liberate fallujah and mosul, ground that we bled for. >> the only administration is requesting $5.6 billion for the operations. and chairman of the house armed services committee said in a statement, "i remain concerned that the president's strategy to defeat isil is going to explain how this additional funding supports a new direction." nancy pelosi says about the
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request to fight isis, she said, quote, congress now needs to make some decisions about the money. arthel? >> molly, thank you very much. counterterror police arresting four men in connection with an alleged islamic terror plot following raids across west london. earlier this month, police learned that they would be increasing security at the event as a result of increased fears of terror attacks. all of the men were under the age of 30. also in london, prime minister david cameron visiting the tower of london today. they were marking remembrance day. and a programming note for you. peter has a two-night special, the man who called osama bin laden premiers this tuesday at
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10:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. let's talk about some weather now. near hurricane-force winds blasting parts of alaska today. the high winds, just one of the remnan remnants of typhoon nuri has been packing winds up to 70 miles per hour and rain and even snow. the snow is said to have an effect on the rest of the u.s. forecasters are expecting 40 states to be hit with the coldest air of the season on monday. so bundle up. some places even possibly seeing up to 20 to a 40-degree drop in temperatures from sunday night going into monday morning. that sounds very chilly. well, the supreme court agrees to hear a new challenge to president only's health care law. what this could mean for millions of americans. plus, a monster typhoon leave as painful recovery in the
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philippines one year later. >> we have a long way to go but we're moving on, you know, and we're doing the best we can.
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time now for a quick check of the headlines. a nurse who fought an ebola quarantine planning to leave the town in maine. the boyfriend of kaci hickox said they will leave sometime after monday, the last day of the 21-day incubation period. drug gang members in mexico describe a horrific effort to make college students disappear. they burned the bodies for 15 hours. the philippines marking one year since typhoon haian.
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it destroyed many villages in the country. obamacare heading back to the supreme court. this time, the justices will hear a lawsuit targeting the subsidies that helped millions of americans buy health insurance. joining us is daniel harper, the online editor for "weekly standard." let's start here, daniel. you know this won't be the first time that this law will be challenged. any reason to think the outcome this time will be different? >> well, there's a couple things different this time. it's a much narrower issue than last time and the only administration, i point out, is so fearful of this that they have done everything they can for this not to get to the supreme court and harry reid implemented the nuclear rule in the senate so that the supreme court would never hear this
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case. it might suggest that it might be a better attack at the obamacare law than the last attempt. >> so breakdown the issues at hand, though, for us, daniel. >> so the issue is, there's one line in obamacare that says individuals can only receive subsidies if they get obamacare through the state exchange. 36 states don't have their own exchanges. they go through the federal exchange. so if you get obamacare through the federal exchange, they have been receiving subsidies so that goes against the letter of the law. the only administration argues that you can't mandate that people can't get health insurance if you can't make them pay for it, pay for something they can't afford and they help subsidize everybody. the question is, should the law be implemented as it's written, as conservatives are arguing, or as the only administration wants it to be written as the only administration is arguing. >> so let me jump in there. if there is a potential, daniel, for supporters of obamacare to
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ask congress to tweet the law, if that's the case, how would such a request survive in a gop-controlled congress? >> right. it would get very -- i mean, that's exactly what conservatives are hoping for, that it will -- that it would be so confusing and create such havoc that the law will basically collapse. obviously the only administration doesn't want it to get to that point. they haven't wanted any tweaks at all to obamacare fearful that before the republican house and now the republican house and senate will tweak it so severely that it will be unrecognizable. this is the issue at hand. this is why the only administration has been scared to allow it to get to this point but on friday the supreme court said we want to hear the court, we want to hear the case and we're going to make a decision come summer time. >> what does this mean for the 11 million people who rely on obamacare for some form of insurance coverage? >> for some of the people it wouldn't mean anything.
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but for the people -- about half of them receiving subsidies, it means a lot. it means whether or not you're going to have the federal government help pay for your health care or whether or not you're going to have to get it on your own and have no means to pay for it. so it can mean, if you're subsidized by the federal government, it can mean a lot as to whether or not you can even afford this thing mandated by the federal government. >> it doesn't get any sort of resolution or change any time soon, right? >> well, leike i said, it's probably a controversial nature. in june we'd hear the supreme court rule on this. >> okay. daniel helper, thank you. good to see you this afternoon. see you again, i'm sure. >> thank you. two americans are free today and they are on their way back to the u.s. next, we're going to discuss what may have prompted north korea to finally let them go. when it comes to good nutrition...i'm no expert.
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comcast business. built for business. a fourth victim injured in last month's tragic school shooting outside of seattle has died. andrew fryberg, the cousin of the gunman passing away last night. his family releasing a statement thanking the community for its support and prayers and asking for privacy. frid they were shot in the high school cafeteria. police say the shooter died after turning the gun on himself. earlier this week, the school reopened after being closed for a week. an alleged crook in miami picks the wrong gas station clerk to mess with. uh-huh. the suspect thought he was going to walk into the station, walk out with a fistful of cash. didn't work out that way because
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the gun he was carrying was actually plastic. once the clerk realized that, he reached underneath the counter and chased the would-be thief out of the store. police are still looking for that silliness. the last two americans held. in captivity are now free and they are on their way back home after being released. this by -- in secret by director of national intelligence, james clapper. kenneth bay on the left and matthew miller on the right, were both in the middle of a long prison sentence. why now? what does this release really say about what is going on behind the scenes in north korea? we're going to talk about all that now with gordon chain, the author of "the coming collapse of china." i'm sure you're happy about this news today. i'll start there. >> certainly, because kenneth bay was not in good physical condition. he had diabetes and high blood
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pressure. so clearly 15-year term of hard labor was not going to help him and he was taken out of hard lib into a hospital recently because of his condition. so this is very good news for those two americans. >> very good news, no doubt for those two americans. but talk to me now about the flood of questions that come to mind. everything from why now? what's behind this? what does north korea want? with whom is kim jong-un looking to communicate and what message does he want to convey? >> north korea has been on a charm offensive for more than a year after its rupture with its relations with beijing, its most important sponsor. we've seen them reach out to moscow, and to south korea, to gentleman fan, and now to us. i think that's part of this charm offensive. but also north korea might have some other objectives in mind. so for instance, the u.n. commission on inquiry has just released a vedisming report
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about north korea's human rights and some people want to refer north korea to the international criminal court. north korea may be trying to prevent that with the release of the two americans. >> i want to talk about this because it is about the human rights violations there. but we are getting a note mirror from a senior state department official saying the director of national intelligence did carry a brief message from the president indicating that director clapper was his personal envoy to bring the two americans home. so with that in mind, is this a starting point concerning u.s.-north korea communications and where can this go? talk about the possibilities for us and what happens on the back end of that, what happens with north korea's nuclear program? >> i think certainly the north would like to start discussions with the u.s. because it does want support and assistance and aid. the united states is able to provide that. and the administration a couple years ago actually entered into an interim arrangement with
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north korea, which fell apart. but that interim arrangement, which was called the leap day deal, would have provided additional humanitarian assistance to north korea. so i think there will be pressure on the obama administration to start bigger discussions with the north about all of this. the fundamental physician of the united states and the fundamental position of north korea haven't changed because of the release of the two americans. so i don't really see any progress on that really the most important issue, which is their nuclear weapons program. >> but isn't that the point? >> well, that is the point. that's what the north koreans want to do and i'm sure the other countries in the region will put pressure on us to do this. but the administration has a position which i think is a sound one, which is in order to talk to the north koreans, the northans have to display some sort of goodwill that they are indeed willing to give up their program. to the contrary, they said that this program cannot be given up. so there i think is a line that really separates the two
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positions and really means compromise is not possible. at least at this point. >> yeah. it makes you wonder, how does the trust barometer look in this situation? >> well, the trust barometer may have improved a little bit. but we were so far down that it probably doesn't make that much of a difference. there are some people in the administration who want to talk with the north koreans and this will give them some ammunition. but those people have been burned so many times in the past, especially in 2012 that i don't really think the administration has -- with everything else it's dealing with, north korea is still going to be at the bottom 'cause you got a grand nuclear negotiations, you got isis, you got ukraine. there is no shortage of challenges for this administration right now. >> ain't that the truth. let's talk matthew todd miller. let's talk about kenneth bae. where do they go next? we know they're going to go home. but will they go to medical facilities? do you know if there is going to be some sort of debriefing by our government to find out what, if anything, the men learned
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while they were jailed? >> yeah. i'm sure there will be some debriefing. but there is not very much that we're going to learn. kenneth bae is going to get medical treatment because all the conditions that he had -- matthew todd miller is pretty young, pretty good health. he'll be fine. so i think at the end of the day, they'll talk to these guys. but there is very little they can tell us. they were imprisoned in a north korean camp. there is not much that we can learn about that. >> excellent point. matthew todd miller, time in captivity, 213 days, or six months, 30 days, concluded today. and kenneth bae, 736 days in captivity, or two years, six days, including today. too long. gordon, i thank you for your time and expertise and we'll see you again sometime soon. good to talk to you. >> thank you.
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>> thanks. prison in minnesota putting its best foot forward, allowing a team of carefully selected inmates to train service dogsment they're teaching the canines 100 different commands and the progress is not only working wonders for the dogs, but apparently the inmates. >> they really have to plan, organize, be structured and to adhere to the training process of the service dogs. >> i think there has been a lot of growth not only in service dogs, but also the dog handlers who are with them. >> great. that program made possible by a nonprofit organization. i'm arthel neville. i'll see you at 6:00 o'clock.
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