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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 8, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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go on tv as a political expert. only in america can'z1n÷ you do. see you monday, special report's up next. i'm eric shaun. welcome to a brand-new hour of america's news headquarters. >> i'm arthel neville. glad you could join us. topping the news this hour, finally free, new details of the release of the last two remaining americans held in north korea. >> and more air strikes. we'll have the latest on the u.s. stepped up air strikes against isis. this time we try to take out a gathering of the group's leaders. monster storm, millions of people in alaska now on alert as a storm much stronger than sandy slams the state and brings an arctic blast to millions more in the lower 48.
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we begin here, families breathe ago sigh of relief today after north korea released its last two american prisoners. kenneth bae on the left and matthew miller on the right are both on their way back home. bae was serving a 15-year jail term for alleged antigovernment activities. and miller was sentenced to six years on charges of espionage. dominic denatale picks up the store from los angeles. >> reporter: hey there. they should be landing on the west coast sometime tonight. at least that's what we understand at this time. reassured to that came a few hours ago when kenneth bae's daughter announced her father was, quote, in the air and out of north korean air space. bae is a 46-year-old washington state korean american missionary who spent two years captive by the dprk. was in urgent need of release. >> kenneth bae was not in good physical condition.
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he had diabetes and high blood pressure. and so clearly a 15-year term at hard labor was not going to help him. indeed, he was actually taken out of hard labor into a hospital recently because of his condition. >> reporter: accompanying bae and miller is the director of national intelligence, james clapper. president obama dispatched him as envoy to secure the release of the pair. clearly been an ordeal for both. but miller, who is 22, and from here in california, really has some explaining to do on his return. his arrest in april came after alarming news that he landed at at -- and requested asylum. securing their release would have started months ago and claim via new york and also with the help of sweden, who has been the u.s.'s protective power in pyongyang. it's questionable how much of a strategic gain this is for the
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obama administration. >> north korea has been a accustomed to win almost every time at the negotiating table, winning big concessions, economic aid, humanitarian aid. we always think we're going to be able to talk them out of their nuclear weapons program, finding right combination of carrot and stick. but we come away empty hand every time. >> the u.s. says they must choose toward taking steps or a greater step leading to greater isolation. >> thanks, dom. president obama tapping brooklyn's federal prosecutor to be his next attorney general. she's a veteran u.s. attorney from the eastern district of new york. that includes parts of new york city and long island. the announcement during a news conference at the white house earlier today. senior white house foreign affairs correspondent wendell goler has the latest on miss linches nomination from the --
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lynch's nomination. >> if she's confirmed, loretta lynch will be the first african-american woman to serve as attorney general and the first u.s. attorney to move directly to the a.g. position in nearly 200 years. she's harvard grad from north carolina. she prosecuted new york police officers after the abuse of haitian immigration in the late 1980s and brought corruption charges against politicians in both parties. >> loretta might be the only lawyer in america who battles drug lords and has the reputation for being a charming people person. that's probably because she doesn't look to make headlines. she looks to make a difference. she's not about splash. she's about substance. >> reporter: republicans will be happy to see attorney general eric holder go, given their differences with him over a number of issues. but they did not embrace president obama's call for a quick confirmation hearing for lynch. incoming senate majority leader
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mitch mcconnell rejected the idea having confirmation hearings in the lame duck session. he said in a written statement, quote, miss lunch will receive fair consideration by the senate and her nomination should be considered in the new congress through regular order. mcconnell was here at the white house yesterday with other congressional leaders. it's unclear if he and mr. obama actually spoke about the lynch nomination. some republicans are demanding to know if lynch supports the president's plans to issue an executive order for some immigration reforms. but it's unclear how long they would hold up the lynch nomination over that given that that would keep eric holder in the position for even longer. eric? >> thanks very much for the latest. former soviet leader gorbachev warning the world could be opt drink of another cold war and in some ways it may have started. his comments amid new tension in ukraine and growing speculation today that there could be much
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more bloodshed coming in the rebel-controlled regions as dozens of unmarked military vehicles are seen on the move in eastern ukraine. >> bloodshed in europe and the middle east against the break down of dialogue is of major concern right now. the world is on the drink of a new cold war. some people are saying it's already begun. >> the vehicles being moved around in ukraine are described as mostly transportation trucks. some reportedly carrying small and large caliber artillery systems. ukrainian officials suspect the rebels are receiving weapons and manpower from russia. moscow has always denied such claims. battle against isis, defense officials can confirm that coalition forces launched a new wave of air strikes near mosul,
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destroying they say a convoy of ten armored trucks, targeting what was believed to have been a gathering of isis leaders. this is the battle for the seer ontaken of kobani, regions on. kurdish force there is have been desperately trying to keep that key location right on the turkish border from falling into the hands of the islamic state for two months now. that effort bolter -- bolstered by new kurdish fighters. now the latest. >> reporter: u.s. led coalition air strikes held ground forces in iraq and syria battle isis militants. but the bloody tug of war continues in several key areas, including the syrian border town of kobani. that's where the forces have helped weaken isis positions, but have not stopped the militants more than two months assault on the town. u.s. air strikes are helping. they continue. u.s. central command says seven air strikes took out isis
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positions and artillery over the past three days. air strikes destroyed units and facilities near fallujah and baiji, where the largest oil refinery sits and has been an important and bloody battle ground since june. there are also reports the u.s.-led air strikes have targeted isis leaders, including the militant group's top commander. so while headway has been made in the fight against isis in iraq, military officials say the militant group controls a third of the country. >> thanks so much. the air strike targeting the isis leaders an example of the pressure that we're putting on that group. but so far there is no word on if any of those isis leaders were killed or bagaddi is alive. president obama authorizing the deployment of 1500 more troops to iraq, raising the total number of american troops
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in the war torn nation to 3100. molly henneberg is live in washington with more. molly? >> reporter: the white house says those additional 1500 troops will help train and advise iraqi forces. the republicans questioned why the president didn't do this earlier. >> he has timed almost everything to not affect the midterm elections. you can imagine he was quite afraid of what was going to happen to the elections. he didn't want anything to upset the apple cart there. >> this 1500 going in to iraq, why wasn't that done in september when it really could have helped? to him, national security and war is just politics in another form. that's what i hate so much about the obama administration. they're playing politics with every war time decision. >> reporter: according to the white house, the president made this decision at the request of the iraqi government. and the recommendation of defense secretary chuck hagel. the timing, the pentagon
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insists, is not political. >> one of the reasons why we think this is a good idea right now is because the iraqi security forces have stiffened their spine and have gone on the offense. they've shown they've got good capabilities, but there is gaps in some of those capabilities, some of the enabling functions that they need a little help with and advice and that's what we're going to provide. >> reporter: the obama administration is requesting $5.6 billion for the broader war against the islamic state, including 1.6 billion for iraq operations. now congress will weigh in. >> it's cle understood that the president had the authority to do what he was doing. congress needs to make some decisions about the money. >> reporter: but republican congressman buck mckeon, chairman of the armed services committee, says the president's strategy against isis is not working and he wants to know how this money will move that strategy in a, quote, new direction: arthel?
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>> okay. molly henneberg, thanks. >> it's been another deadly day in iraq. part of the plans of isis to wage those terrorist attacks inside the iraqi capitol as isis fighters remain miles away. that string of bombings in and around baghdad, we're told, killed more than 40 people. the attacks come one day after suicide bombing killed a top iraqi police officer. no one is claiming responsibility for these latest attacks. but authorities in iraq say yesterday's incident was similar to all those other attacks that have been carried out by the islamic state. don't miss this, have you heard about it? peter doocy has an interview with the navy seal who fired that shot that killed osama bin laden. it's two-night special here, "the man who killed osama bin laden" premieres tuesday night at 10:00 p.m. eastern only here on the fox news channel. well, a huge chunk of the u.s. bracing for unseasonably
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chilly temperatures next week. it's partly because of typhoon nuri, or with less of it. these are the latest images you see next to me of the storm taken from space. meteorologist janis dean is live at the fox extreme weather center with more. j.d., hi? >> awesome. that was a super typhoon, category 5. equivalent of a hurricane and is now extra tropical. it's lost all of its tropical characteristics. it's now a cold core low, bringing 50-foot waves as well as very cold temperatures and hurricane force winds. this is going to cause a buckle in our jet stream across the u.s. after the two-thirds of the nation, you're going to feel 20 to 40 degrees below average. part of the reason is because of this monster. a really impressive storm system and alaskan officials will monitor it and bring us the very latest. but there is the cold air as it sinks southward all the way down to texas. i want to mention that florida and the southwest in california, you will escape this cold air.
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so we're all going to visit you next week. there is your cold air and the temperatures going down to 10 in billingses, that's 40 degrees below average. 37 degrees below average in rapid city. omaha, 32. 27 in minneapolis. this cold air is going to dig as far south as texas and the ohio river valley and parts of tennessee and mississippi river investment the other part of this is going to hang around well into next weekend. we could actually be dealing with a coastal storm for the northeast. so watching that. but in the immediate future, saturday into sunday, the cold air is in place. so any storm system that rolls by is going to seek accumulating snow across the northern rockies, parts of the midwest. so let's take a look at it where we have our winter weather advisory. starting with the northern plains, northern rockies as well, 6 to 12 easily, especially throughout the higher elevations. then moving across into minneapolis monday and tuesday. forecast snowfall totals, very
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impressive, especially north of this area. but if the path moves a little southward, you are going to be hit hard with a major snow event. plowable snow. i mean, this early in the season is pretty crazy. >> yeah. i got one word. yikes. >> that's right. i'll take it. >> thank you. stopping irrelevant rap from building a possible nuclear bomb. an official of the iranian resistant group that exposed iran's secret nuclear program will be here and tell us what tehran wants, what they supposedly hid and what he says the world must do now. new information from inside iran. a coach for the houston texans goes on a twitter rant after he says he fell victim to a crime. what he says was stolen right out of his house. and hillary clinton, there are some questions over reports that she tried to distance herself and is in the process of
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doing so from president obama. she potentially prepares to run for president in 2016. will it work? >> i think she's going to try to say oh, i'm different from president obama. he's very unpopular. but i have different policies. she was part of his administration and i really don't know of many, if any, policies they disagree on. , $21. could something that small make an impact on something as big as your retirement? i don't think so. well if you start putting that towards your retirement every week and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years, that retirement challenge might not seem so big after all. ♪
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it's time a quick check of the headlines. there was no alcohol or illegal drugs in robin williams' system. he took prescription medications for therapeutic reasons. he did commit suicide at his home in california back in august. the air force pilot killed in a jet crash has been identified. officials say 58-year-old matthew mccourse was piloting that plane when it crashed into the gulf of mexico. the jet was on a routine training mission. the houston texans linebacker says his rings were stolen. he september out a tweet, quote, to all houston area pawn shops, three super bowl rings are headed your way, courtesy of the expletive deleted, who smashed
3:20 pm
our back door. the republicans calling this week's midterm elections a referendum on president obama. but some say the gop wave also spells trouble for hillary clinton, considering all but one of the candidates she campaigned for lost. >> there is this whole mantra that developed during the campaign where the president is unpopular, but hillary is popular. my point is to make that they all ran to separate themselves from the president. they wanted to be associated as clinton democrats and they all were soundly rejected. so there is a message here about hillary clinton as much as there is a message about the president. >> let's talk about it now. bringing in tammy bruce, a radio talk show most, and fox news contributor. and basil, a democratic political consultant and the president of basil smikel consultants. good to see you. >> good to be here. >> hey. so i'm going to start with basil first. i want to start and ask you, basil, is it a stretch to call
3:21 pm
the midterm elections a referendum on hillary clinton? >> it is a stretch because if you talk to voters and if you talk to strategists, this midterm election was not a referendum on a potential clinton administration two years from now. it was about the current obama administration. i have my questions and concerns with what the obama administration did and did not do, but i think hillary and bill clinton got into the campaign trail. they did what democrats, good democrats do and try to excite the base. it didn't work. but there is going to be a reset for the next two years. >> i'll get back to that. tammy, tell me if you think it was fair to call it a referendum on hillary clinton. >> you know, i agree with basil, but for a different reason. i think that the referendum on tuesday this mandate, was not about even personalities anymore. this was a much larger rejection of policy. and this is now hillary clinton's challenge. for six years, we've had politics by personality, right?
3:22 pm
like celebrities. and i think that people have gotten used to doing that. but now the american people on tuesday said look, we've seen the results of certain policies and we don't like them. not just at the federal level, but with the governorships, 31 states are now in the control of republicans. i think that it was less of a rejection, frankly, of even obama or hillary personally. but of the policy. this is where hillary will have a problem. >> i know where you're going to with that. hang on that. i have to come back to you on that because i want to go back to basil on something he just said. i want to ask you, do you think that hillary clinton campaign walked away from tuesday night having taken notice that perhaps the former secretary of state doesn't have the midas touch and they might have to recalibrate her campaign strategy or was clinton's exhaustive stump more about her own political relationships? >> a little of both because they're very smart people. i think they looked at what happened on tuesday and it will
3:23 pm
impact the narrative and messaging a little bit. to tammy's point, what's happened over the last six years is that you had a president that didn't really use any of the postdemocratic political infrastructure, or very little of it. so what the clintons have to do and hillary clinton has to do is very difficult task, which is actually try to reawaken an atrophied political infrastructure and attach new messaging. president obama's coalition that got him elected in 2008 was restarted in 2012. actually does not translate to her perfectly. so what she has to do is sort of take pieces of that, add to her own, and also create a platform and message that democrats can latch on to two years from now. >> so tammy, let me come back to you. so you know that republicans like senator rand paul, with his own aspirations to run for president, said hillary clinton cannot separate herself and her policies from president obama's policies since miss clinton was a part of the obama
3:24 pm
administration. do you agree with that, tammy? >> well, look. the most recent leta events for martha coke complete she had come on, it was elizabeth warren was there as well. she did this half hearted kind of failed effort to say, remember, businesses don't create jobs. that was a play for the elizabeth warren supporter base which told me she's more likely than not to run. i think that if that's what she was still thinking, even at that event, she has got a problem. rand paul is also running within the persona dynamic of the celebrity of politicians. he's going to have a problem as well because now the american people are going to want solutions and hillary -- she's never been the good retail politician. she's more ideological than her husband. i don't think she's going to have an easy time making the switch from these liberal policies to ones that are actually more appealing to the american people because now there is no going back. americans rejected what hillary and obama were doing. >> we shall see. we will move forward.
3:25 pm
solutions is the key word that we will hang our hats on this evening. tammy bruce, i thank you. basil, you start it, so tammy ended it. >> no problem. >> thanks, guys. it's happened again. another high profile sports star accused of domestic assault. new allegations against nascar driver kurt busch. plus, in the market for a new set of meals? we'll take a look at what drove up to our studios here in manhattan. "consumer reports" outside with their picks for the most reliable cars. ♪ ♪ p.6÷u
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it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. president obama saying he is, quote, very grateful over the release of two americans held in
3:30 pm
north korea. kenneth bae and matthew miller are making their way home. calling 52,000 more vehicles over air bags that can explode. shooting out metal fragments. ten auto makers recalled nearly 8 million vehicles over those same concerns. and police in boston say a man who walked off with a woman's phone after she was struck and killed by a train has turned himself in. surveillance video showing the suspect picking up the device after the woman was killed on thursday. that man is now expected to be arraigned on a larceny charge. today information uncovers a simple truth. the regime is secretly forging ahead with a military dimension
3:31 pm
of its nuclear program and it has no intention whatsoever of abandoning that program. >> the u.s. representative of the group that exposed iran's secret nuclear program a decade ago. they say tehran continues to lie and is much more advanced than previously thought. about its possibilities to build a nuclear bomb. that's charge that iran has long denied. the group, national council of resistance of iran, says iran's military complex is the site of two secret explosive chambers that they say can be used for nuclear bomb testing. iran has never the united nations inspectors to visit that. new united nations international atomic energy agency says iran has been stonewalling them about its nuclear program, saying there has been no progress. this as a potential nuclear deal looms in two weeks. what does the world do? our guest is the official of the
3:32 pm
resistance of iran and joins us now. what is this new information about these two so-called chambers mean? >> well, the new information about these two explosive chambers, which by the way tehran has never conceded that they exist, clearly shows that tehran has been extensively involved not only conducting activities related to weaponnization of its nuclear program, but consistently hiding it, denying access to sites and allowing interviews for the scientists. it clearly shows information that the intel i released yesterday clearly shows that the iranian military, the defense ministry, the revolutionary guards are heavily involved in this. in fact, they are the ones who are controlling all of these activities related to these chambers. they built these two chambers and then moved at least one of
3:33 pm
them to this site in parchin and we were able to identify the top nuclear scientist that overseeing all of these projects. we're also able to identify a top ukrainian scientist who was involved both in terms of the design and installation of these sites secretly in parchin and also able to show how the new organization that the regime created in 2011, that oversees all nuclear-related activities was actually involved in this in parchin. >> those two officials aren't here to defend themselves. but what you're sketch something like an international global effort by iran dealing with north korea, potentially putting a nuclear reactor in syria, developing ballistic missiles, on and on with this whole
3:34 pm
strategy of various states helping them, in your view, to build a nuclear bomb? >> tehran has employed the resources and expertise and help not only from north korea, but we were able to show that ukraine and belarus were also involved in this. iran regime created an organization dating back to a few deck killeds ago whose job is basically to recruit these experts and bring them to iran secretly, not just for teaching courses or anything like that, but actually get involved in the nuclear weapons program of iran and in case of lenko, his son-in-law, and companies from belarus were involved. >> if they're doing this and this is happening, what happens to the nuclear talks and what happens -- do u.s. officials confront this? what does tehran say if they're
3:35 pm
handed papers and this alleged evidence, what's their answer? >> well, tehran's response has been systematically since a decade ago, basically first they deny it. then they drag it and then they put it aside. the most recent report by the international atomic energy agency basically says that they're not getting any -- iran is not responding to a number of serious, outstanding questions related to the military application of the nuclear weapons program of iran. >> so what does that mean when -- they go in these negotiations, you got the deadline on november 24. what does it mean to the u.s. and the world powers? do they say, iran, you're not going to be clean. we're still going to talk more, or we're going to forgets this? >> unfortunately, the train has been over the past ten years, trane has been cheating and
3:36 pm
they're caught by their cheating and then the negotiations continue. >> what do you think is going to happen? >> well, i don't know what's really happening in terms of negotiations. but clearly if these negotiations going to lead to something really fruitful, it has to lead to something that will abandon the enrichment program of iran. the facility they have in iraq, that needs to abandon. they need to provide access to these serious sites like parchin. they need to provide access to be able to interview for the iaea, all these top nuclear sites. >> they're stonewalling that. why would they change their behavior? do you think they will change their behavior? >> they will not. >> that's it right there. >> tehran has decided that it's not going to abandon its policies of the past. why should they abandon it? because it's work. when we exposed those nuclear sites in 2002, tehran had none
3:37 pm
of those capabilities they had today. they were able to negotiate. why not the same time expand the nuclear weapons program? the talks, the report says that even actually since the talks started, tehran has been even less cooperative. so the question is, what's the outcome of these talks and what is it going to lead to if it's not going to lead to abandoning the nuclear weapons program of iran, period? >> we'll see what happens november 24. the clock is ticking and so far the officials say, not enough cooperation from iran. we thank you for appearing with us tonight. >> thank you. arthel? nascar driver kurt busch is now staring down possible charges of domestic assault. this after his ex-girlfriend claims the nascar star yelled and physically assaulted her during a racing event earlier this month. bryan l, enas. what did she say say?
3:38 pm
>> hi. it's important to know first off that charges have not been filed. police in dover, delaware, are investigating these allegations against kurt busch, stemming from the night of september 26 actually when his ex-girlfriend, patricia driscoll, claimed he had a bad night at the racetrack and verbally abused and hit her at his home history at the dover international speedway. according to court documents obtained by the associated press, driscoll claims busch jumped up, grabbed her face and smashed her head three times against the wall, causing her severe pain and bruising on her neck. the incident happened about a week after busch and driscoll ended their three-year relationship. driscoll says busch was despondent, calling her names, accusing her of having spies watching him, and saying he wished he had a gun so he could kill himself. on wednesday, driscoll asked the judge to order bosh to stay away from her and get a psychiatric evaluation. in a statement from his lawyer, busch denies the allegations, saying, quote, the dover police
3:39 pm
department has been informed that mr. busch will fully cooperate with their investigation and he expects to be vindicated when the entire truth of the situation comes to light. this allegation is a complete fabrication by a woman who has refused to accept the end of a relationship and mr. busch vehemently denies her allegations in every respect. nascar says they are aware of the investigation and are actively gathering information. nicknamed the outlaw, busch is known for his hot temper on the racetrack. he's expected to race tomorrow, a hearing for the case is scheduled for december 2. arthel? >> okay. bryan, thank you very much for that report. president obama picks the top prosecutor in brooklyn, new york, to be the country's next attorney general. >> unanimously confirmed her to be the head of the u.s. attorney's office in two separate situations. it's my hope the senate will confirm her a third time without delay. >> well, the senate -- will the senate do that as the first
3:40 pm
african-american woman to take the top law enforcement job? what does her choice mean for relations with congress? and with everything else? ab.2f8c
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president obama has continued to be defiant, saying he intends to issue that controversial executive order on immigration, granting legal status to an estimated 5 million illegals. today announcing a new pick for the nation's top job at the department of justice, some saw an effort to try and quell tensions with congressional republicans. loretta lynch is his choice for the next attorney general. if confirmed, she would be the first african-american woman to hold that top job. chief congressional correspondent for the washington examiner joins us now. is this in a sense a safe choice? is this an effort to try and maybe reach out to the other side with someone who could be passed easily? >> i don't think it's an effort
3:45 pm
to reach out to the other side. i think it's an effort to get someone passed who can still fulfill the agenda of attorney general that i think the president would like to have in the last two years in office. she's basically in the form of eric holder, but loretta lynch is a more pallatable version. she's not a friend of the president, not part of his inner circle. she's got strong credential, liberal credentials, but very strong credentials where she's tough on crime. she's tough on corruption in both political parties. she's served on the board of the federal reserve of the she's got a really incredible resume. she would be an historic choice, so she's cleared, the first african-american woman to be attorney general. it's tough one for even republicans to reject. and the president is really skilled at choosing nominees that are really tough for republicans to reject. remember, secretary hagel, there is another example. he chose a republican. thus making it difficult for him
3:46 pm
to not clear the process. so i think she's going to be confirmed whether it's now, before the republicans take control of congress, or in january or beyond, i think she's got smooth sailing. it will be rocky a little bit along the way because there is some republicans who will really be opposed to her for a variety of reasons and will try to use the nomination process to bring up other issues, like immigration. >> the thing about immigration, let's say she works through the process. let's talk about immigration. man oh, man, you sit there saying, i don't care what the congressional republicans say. they had that two-hour lunch and still comes out and says they will continue and they will likely have this immigration controversial decision by the end of the year at some point. here is what he said the day after the election. i think. hold on. we'll get it. >> before the end of the year, we're going to take whatever
3:47 pm
lawful actions that i can take,e functioning of our immigration system and at the same time i'll be reaching out to both mitch mcconnell, john boehner and other republican, as well as democratic leaders to find out how it is that they want to proceed. >> how is he going to reach out if he's gog have this executive order? >> an interesting thing happened at the white house yesterday. it's been reported, but it's not been making big headlines, there was a discussion between republicans and the president about immigration reform. and the speaker of the house proposed waiting until january. he said, mr. president, if you just hold off until january, we'll work on something then. would you agree to that? at that point the vice president said, well, what do you mean? do you mean january, february, march? how much time? at that point the president cut off the conversation. he became irritated. he wanted to move on of the he wasn't interested in republicans leading immigration reform. he wants it either with
3:48 pm
democrats in charge right now or he wants it through executive action. in other words, the terms need to be on the president's terms. this is sort of par for the course with him. it's part of the reason why there has been real gridlock here. part of it is republican resistance to parts of what he wants to do, but it's also the democrats and also the president, really wanted to do things his way and try to couch it in terms of there being gridlock with the republicans. yeah. >> you know what? it's coming. and we'll see obviously whether it happens they say by the end of the year. assuming it will ruffle a lot of feathers and please other folks. clearly doesn't seem they will be able to make a deal on that. the president will do things his way. susan, thank you so much for joining us today. >> you bet. are you in the mood for a new car? maybe a volkswagen passat or toyota highlander? "consumer reports" is up next with the best picks, good cars that don't hurt the pocket
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million vehicles, the magazine predicts which new cars will be most reloyable. >> and we havoon automotive content special sxift fancy way of knowing everything about everything. >> you are a car guy. first of all what are you looking at? >> we have two great cars that did well in consumer reports testing as well as in our reliability survey. we asked 8 million subskroibers to tell us the problems and that tells us which are reloyable. >> we'll look at the volks wagon passa t. it is roomy and comfortable inside and 28 miles per gallon and above average consumer
3:54 pm
reloyability survey. it is recommended highly. >> why does it beat others and boat the american automotive. >> one of the reasons it is so good. it excels in many way. good handling and ride and spacious interor and good crash test. and good european driving experience. that's why we like. it >> a solid car that is safe and handles well. and reloyability. and we move on to the toyota highlander. it looks great. it is it a midsize suv. >> it is a suv. and one of the great things about this. with this size and people. carrying space. and get 25 miles per hour over all. that is unheard of for this size of vehicle. >> you can pack the whole family in there.
3:55 pm
>> i took my family to the island this summer. they have a easy to use into tainment system. that is what most people complained about. back up camera and blue tooth and the toyota system in particular is reloyable on consumer report but easy to use. >> that is a good looking interior in there and it needs to be all of the above thaw mentioned. >> wait until you get the m&m and spilt chocolate milk. >> i have two kids of my own. i can relate to. this >> other midsize suv that are good for families? >> there is a ton. cher lay traverse rooting for the home team. and good size three row and lots of people and cargo holding and not as refined and nice and
3:56 pm
quiet as the toyota high lander hybrid. >> thank you. you do great research and we appreciate your time. >> great to see you. and this is the latest edition of consumer report. >> december issue of the magazine. >> go to consumer >> you get it all. that's what guys do. >> i just rely on your report. thank you, mike. and thank you. i am mar cell. and i am shaun. thank you, we'll have the fox report now with julie bandaras. ♪ er. i've got 8 grams of protein. twist my lid! that's three times more than me. 17 vitamins and minerals. and zero fat! hmmmm. you bring a lot to the party!
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