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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  November 8, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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oh no... geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. i am julie bandaras. this is the fox report. two americans detained in north korea on the way home back to the u.s. missionary kenneth beyh was sentenced to 15 years in prison camp. he's in decleaning health. and matthew miller was picked up and sentenceed to six years hard labor. ba e and miller appeared in video messages bloweding for washington's help. foul was released in october and president obama said the release
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of the final two men is a great relief for all involved. >> we it is doing a great job on what was obviously a challenging mission. >> you heard the president praising national intelligence james clapper who travelled to the north korea for the men's release and escorting them back to the u.s. when will bae and miller reach u.s. soil? >> family members and officials indicated they could be back early as tonight. it will be a west coast air base they will touch down on. multiple reasons why they got
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them released. but kenneth rae. time was of essence. >> he had diabetes and high blood pressure and clearly a 15 year in hard term in hard labor will not help him. he was taken out of hard labor and in the hospital recently because of his condition. >> the american news outlets had access a few months back and he was subjected to hard labor. and not clear yet is either man speaking to the media. bae will probably need medical attention. >> how was clapper secured the release and how he managed to come back with them. >> yeah, the north koreans usually keep them as a bargaining chip. there would be no tradeoff.
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that is unusual when they watch it closely. >> clapper, the most senior intelligence official would not have gone over if it was not prewired and no reasons to have discussions with north korea. it was baked in the cake before clapper ever left the u.s. >> and very secretative. and others say it could be a play by pyongyang to avoid a united nation's referral to the criminal court for human rights abuses and by no means, it is mended and the nuclear program. even china and russia are now against, julie. >> and now reaction to president obama's choice for the next attorney general. the president nominating current brooklyn attorney loretta lynch. if confirmed lynch would be the
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first african-american woman to hold the post replacing eric holder who announced his resignation in october. the story broke yesterday and the white house said the president hadn't made a decision. what happen? >> the president hoped to hold off the announcement. but cnn said he was near a decision. and they arranged an announcement ceremony for today. loretta lynch grew up in north carolina and a baptist minister and twice served as brooklyn's u.s. attorney and mr. obama said it is hard to find someone so qualified. >> she has gone after corruption and secured billions in settlements from the world's
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biggest banks accused of fraud and jailed new york's notorious crime members. >> and suggesting that police misconduct will be on the radar. they are investigating the shooting of an unarmed black man in ferguson. >> what are the republicans say? >> the mitch mcconnell made chlor he doesn't want confirmation hearings held until he is in charge. she will receive fair consideration by the senate and her nomination should be considered in the new congress. mcconnell was here and it is unclear if he and mrs. obama
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spoke about the nomination. republicans want to be free of eric holder and given their differences over the irs' scrutiny of conservative groups and white house status and other issues. other law makers including senator ted cruz of texas are demanding on whether or not lynch would support the immigration plan by the president. and imposing that executive order should be a condition of confirming lynch. >> wendall, thank you. >> new developments in the war against isis. president obama ordering 1500 more troops in iraq. and doubling the size of the the troop presence. and there comes a request for
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money and the white house asking for 6 billion to continue funding our fight against the terrorist army and the additional forces are used to help train and advice the iraqi army that has struggled big- time in the face of isis' advance. they are welcoming the role with a "but"? >> i hope these troops will not be only a kind of advice team. i hope that they can take part of the battle and we need the ground troops. >> and so that is the debate we have covered for months now. whether or not u.s. troops should go to battle and there
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should be boots on the ground or just act as advisor. in iraq the situation is getting bloodier. isis creating a wave of bombings in baghdad. 23 confirmed dead. u.s. coalition aircraft carried out air strikes with mosul. high- ranking isis officials and no word on what targets were killed. molly is live in washington tonight. back to the troop increase. 1500 more troops, why not more? >> reporter: the pentagon said that is the number of troops they need to train and advise iraqi forces. here's more on that. >> you want to get 12 brigades trained. nine iraqis and there will be mixed skills and capabilities and this is based on best
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estimates of how many people to train and how many sites and what the quality of those sites are. >> reporter: republicans warn that 1500 servicemen and women may not be able to counter the isis. >> you will be needing north of 10000 north american advisors and attack helicopters and a c 130 gun ships to liberate fallujah and mosul. ground that we bled for. >> reporter: he said the obama administration should have sent in troops in september before isis could take so much ground. >> how are law makers reacting to the president's request. 5.6 billion to fund the fight against isis? >> reporter: the obama administration is requesting that for the broader war against
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the islamic state orri sis. and chairman of the house armed services committee said in a statement. i remain concerned that the president's strategy to defeat isil is inefficient. i urge the president to reconsider his strategy and explain how the funding will support a new direction. nancy pelosi said about the president's request for billions to fight isis. congress needs to make decisions about the money. julie? >> ahead we'll have much, much more on the campaign and i want to chat with you on twitter about this. we are asking that congress should approve more than five and half billion to train iraqis? we'll want to know what you think. tweet me at julie bandaras right there on your screen. >> word of an alleged terror
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plot in the uk. there is a major event to honor the war dead. police are making several arrests. and we'll have more on that. and one of nas-car's stars reportedly smashesing exgirlfriend's head against the wall. we'll hear his side of the the story coming up on the fox report. creeping up on you... fight back with relief so smooth...'s fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue ...and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum, tum tum tum... smoothies! only from tums.
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♪ >> terror concerns sparked increased security in the united kingdom which honored the fallen servicemen and women and marked the end of world war i. police have arrested four suspects with a connection with an alleged terror plot. still no confirmation on the specific target. that is being investigated. police are gaurgd the royal family and land marks. months of surveillance revealed
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that the men were planning an attack. ian news reported from london. >> security is tight around the key land marks and this weekend brings a particular challenge for the police. remembrance events bring together politicians and royal family and public in huge numbers. and the freedom prime joined hundreds of thousands visiting the tower of london and. the queen and prince phillip will be among the remembrance in the royal abbey hall. such events may provide a way for terrorist because of the symbolance of britain's force. >> everybody is particularly award that there is vulnerability because of the commemorations of the fault. and security is high as it could
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be and everybody is alert to it. >> the police released few details in london, the timing and a apparent rush to arrest the four suspects. and additional security is introduced, and procedures after a murder of a canadian soldier in ottawa last month. and mill lant islamic activity in syria and iraq caused ripples in the world. >> ian was reporting from sky news. >> and doomed air flight. coffin containing the bodies were flown in on board of a military transport plane. they were transferred to waiting hearses.
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and that is back in july as you may remember when malaysian airline was shot down over eastern ukraine en route from amsterdam with 298 people on board. prorussian rebels denied they were responsible for the crash. so for289 were positively identified. >> and ukraine government struggled with the russian backed rebels. gorbachev said the threat of a cold war is real. he said it was a break down between the west and moscow. gorbachev is in germany marking the fall of the berlin wall. they lined the former wall path with a nine mile chain of light balloons. they will be released tomorrow
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same time when the government officials gave the go ahead of the destruction of the wall. >> a girl taken from her bedroom from a suspected kidnapper. don't mess with this store clerk. you are going to love this story and how he managed to get a few swings at an attempted robber, next. why do people count on sunsweet amazin prune juice to stay fit on the inside? it's made only from prunes, nothing else. it works, simple as that. it's a natural source of fiber and five essential vitamins. it's the smart choice for me. try sunsweet amazin prune juice. also available in light. i got this. [thinking] is it that time? the son picks up the check? [thinking] i'm still working. he's retired.
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[ female announcer ] don't miss our buy one get one free offer i'm just looking over the company bills.up? is that what we pay for internet? yup. dsl is about 90 bucks a month. that's funny, for that price with comcast business, i think you get like 50 megabits. wow that's fast. personally, i prefer a slow internet. there is something about the sweet meditative glow of a loading website. don't listen to the naysayer. switch to comcast business today and get 50 megabits per second for $89.95. comcast business. built for business. a chilling ordeal for a family in utah, when the father discovered his young daughter is carried away by a would- be kidnapper. this happen in a suburb south of salt lake city. the suspect snatched the five-year-old girl from the bed
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and carrying her across the lawn and confronted by the child's dad and the same time the mother called for help. >> a man took my five-year-old daughter and i happen to wake up and he had my daughter outside and my husband ran outside and got her and he took my five-year-old daughter. after handing the child back to the father unharmed. he fled the scene. but he was nabbed by the police dogs. god bless that family. he is now charged with kidnapping and arrested. beginning monday an arctic air mass will move in canada and spread west and east.
4:23 pm
temperatures could drop 20 below average. it would be 80 in california. they have no sympathy for us in the east. >> that is a good point. folks in california and southwest and florida are not going to get the cold air intrusion. can you see me. nwell, we will use our imagination. she's blonde and gorgeous. we are trying to work out the glitches. >> i am here this is what was a typhoon a couple of days ago. it is a subtropical system and weather map eight. it will show where it is plunging back ward. i am wearing blue like the map. too bad you can't see me. it will go to texas and the great lakes. and northeast. it will mean a lot of chilly
4:24 pm
weather. in california and west and florida not affected by this. the blue below freezing and the pink is below 0. that will continue in friday and saturday. a lo prolonged cold event for two-thirds of the country and that is a forecast high. daytime highs in the teens and 27 in fargo and dipping in kansas city. and chicago and louisville. and cold air in place. any of the storm system that move through will bring snow. measurable and plowable snow on the map north of minneapolis and heading in the great lakes. we'll fine-tune the forecast. 29 is the daytime high on monday with snow in the forecast and it is not looking much improved as
4:25 pm
we get in the following work week. we'll feel it in new york. and not as bad as the core of the cold air in the northern plains and upper midwest and in the tennessee and julie, i am sorry we can't see each other. in will here for you. >> you transitioned in a radio meteorologist. i am sorry. >> i am here in spirit. >> love you. >> i love you, to. >> i will see you later. oh, not really, hear you. what is it about watching buildings crumble like this that
4:26 pm
we are fascinating about? the demise of the old atlanta hotel going down in smoke. it stood there 40 years and turned to rubble in a mere matter of seconds with help with well placed explosive charges. this is better than the fourth of july. it is being cleared for an office park. high 5s all around. >> taking the fight to the terrorist. hitting the isis thugs hard in iraq and syria. and it turned out it was a top isis leaders and hillary clinton getting back on the campaign trail. but the dems she helped didn't fare so well. and that could spell trouble for 2016. we are getting new information about the woman who accused nas-car kurt busch of assault. why it took her several weeks to report the alleged incident.
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but there's a new card in town. introducing the citi® double cash card. it lets you earn cash back when you buy and again as you pay. that's cash back twice. it's cash back with a side of cash back. the citi double cash card. the only card that lets you earn cash back twice on every purchase with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay . with two ways to earn, it makes a lot of other cards seem one-sided. >> i am julie band band. this is a fox report in the bottom of the hour. two american is theses detained in north korea are freed on their way home. president obama called it a wonderful day for the men and their families. national intelligence director james clapper helped to secure their release. and president obama leaving for
4:31 pm
an important visit to china. it comes at a time of tense relations between the two countries. president obama nominating brooklyn u.s. attorney loretta lynch to be the next attorney general. he called on the senate for a timely confirmation. and turning to isis and word from the pentagon that u.s.- led coalition carried out a series of a strikes around mosul and the target is the gather aring of top isis leaders. and it pushes on especially in kaboni. here's the latest from the mideast newsroom. john? >> reporter: u.s. led air strikes are helping ground forces in iraq and syria and the bloody tug-of-war continues in the syrian border town of
4:32 pm
kobani. now, that is where the iraqi- kurdish forces helped to weaken but not stopped the assault on the town. u.s. air strikes are helping and they are continuing. it took out iowa -- isis positions and. now begee is where the largest oil refinery sits and an important bloody battle ground since june. u.s. led air strikes targeted the isis leaders including the top commander. and so while headway is made in the fight against isis in iraq. the militant groups control a third of the country. julie? >> thank you and a reminder of the twitter question.
4:33 pm
do you think that congress should approve five and half billion to send up to 1500 more troops in iraq three years after we pulled out. i have been getting a lot of interesting insight from many of you. we'll read those later in the program. we know the identity of the navy seal who killed osama bin laden. robert o'neill. fox news has the exclusive television interview with him. it is beginning tuesday at 10 o'clock eastern on fox news channel. >> a bus plunges off of the bridge and killing seven people. aggressive driving may be to blame. that is our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. brazil, cops say the bus feel 65 feet to a river below after the driver served to avoid a van.
4:34 pm
dozens of people were hurt. police arrested the driver of the vand and trying to determine if he was drinking. israel. thousands of protestors throwing rocks at police after officers shot and killed an arab- israeli man. he had a knife. and he was retreating from officers in a confrontation. italy, a rare mediterranean cyclone causing widespread damage in the southern part of the country. powerful wind gusts and knocked down trees and power lines and forced widespread flight cancellations. india. clashes break out on the streets of new deli over the plans over the campaign.
4:35 pm
kissing in public should be celebrated. critics pushed and shoved from both sides. that's the fox trip around the world. >> and delaware police confirms they are investigating a domestic case against busch. this comes on the heels of a banner year. he is not only popular on the nas-car track but named indianapolis 500 rookie of the year. brian. what is kurt busch exgirlfriend say happening six weeks ago. >> he dated her in 2011. a week after the split. dris colflames that he verbally abused and hit her.
4:36 pm
dris colalleges on the busch faced her face against the wall. she said it was after a bad night on the race track. and accused her of having spies watching him and saying he wished he had a gun to kill himself. and she asked the judge to order busch to stay away from her and get a psychiatric evaluation. delaware police are investigating the allegations in a statement from the lawyer, busch denies the allegations saying that the dover police department that mr. busch will fully cooperate and expects to be vindicated when the entire truth of the situation comes to light. it is it a fabrication by a woman who refuses to accept
4:37 pm
the end of a relationship. they are actively gathering information. busch is known for hot temper on the race track. and he is expected to race tomorrow. a hearing for the case is december 22nd. >> if evidence proves he did these things, he shouldn't be racing anymore. the question is why did he wait six weeks to report the abuse. >> the reason is simple, patricia dris colis involved in a custody case with her son. she didn't move forward because of the custody battle. her ex-husband was concerned that their son was spending too much time for busch. the lawyer said no money was
4:38 pm
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>> police believe they have solved the cold case involving the deaths of an entire family. jam marits is charged with the deaths of joe and summer and two
4:42 pm
young boys. merit was his business partner. the family disappeared from a california home in 2010. there they are with two beautiful children. their bodies, all of them found in the shallow graves in the mojaf desert. police believe they died of blunt force trauma but decloined to discuss the motive. >> a teen cousin shot in a washington high school has died. andrew fryberg had been fighting for his life. he is the fifth student to die including the shooter. the victims were sitting in the cafeteria when another student died. 21 died at the school and two others passed away in the area high school. he asked them to meet him in the cafeteria before the shooting.
4:43 pm
he died of know a self inflicted gun shot wound. >> and a owner of a salon sourcely wounded. our top story as we go across america. texas. violent robbery caught on surveillance video. the men demanding cash and even patting down one woman. 65 year old woman fights back. he snatched her purse. he runs out and she runs after her. the second suspect shot her in the back. she was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. and a better ending to another crime caught on camera. a gas station clerk uses a metal bat. he stood helpless as the armed suspect went for the register until he realized it was fake.
4:44 pm
the clerk landed one blow to the crock's head. and he cooks the gun and i used to use beaumont guns and i am not letting him get away. >> the suspect is wanted for robberies at eight other business. >> michigan, a person of interest investigated in a massive explosion in detroit. a vacant home is blown to bits and setting fire to neighboring homes. five damaged or destroyed. police thought a gas leak may have been to blame. but a man with burning clothes running out of the home. they are investigating the man who came to the hospital with burned clothes. >> a customer picked up the tab
4:45 pm
in a convenience store 15 miles southeast of st. louis. >> each one of them didn't know what was going o. they said you didn't have to do that. he said no, i am doing this. turns out the good samaritan is a veteran himself. that's the fox watch in america. >> turning to politics now. the midterm marked hillary clintonia rufrn to the campaign trial. she stumped for democrat candidates in arkansas, iowa and kentucky. three important states by the way. and so what does it mean for her that the majority of the candidates she stumped for lost? jeff rosen has more. >> reporter: returning to electoral politics first time sips the failed presidential bid. hillary clinton campaigned for 26 democratic candidates. 12 wound and 13 lost.
4:46 pm
and one of them is suspended in run off purgatory. most caution against laying the election results at the feet of surrogate. but rand paul who is considering a run for the white house threw caution to the wind where he branded the unlucky 13 hillary's loser. >> they ran as clinton democrats. and the president is unpopular and hillary clintonary popular and they were soundly rejected and there is a message about hillary clinton and the president. and local party chief. and she did what she could to help the friends. & her policies were not on the ballot. and senator rand paul.
4:47 pm
and hillary's losers hash tag. >> republican governors run in florida and ohio. and rustiness and it was not entirely absent on the campaign trail. >> don't let anybody tell you that you know, it's cooperations and businesses that create jobs. >> some analyst argue that it provides a liberating affect for chinton. and enables her to run against the republican congress. whether clinton is running at all is something she will not announce until early next year. james rosen, fox news. >> george bush is thanking hospital workers in dallas who treated ebola patients. two nurses were infected with the disease and he congratulated
4:48 pm
nurse amber vincent for surviving ebola. >> this is a team of people that care and the idea of sharing blessings with others is great. >> friday marked 21 days since anyone in tex contracted ebola. the supreme court set to weigh in on obama care this time over the tax subsidies. are even legal. it is a ruling to make or break the health care law going forward. and catch huckabee with a special performance by country music performer ricky skaggs. ♪ i lost both of my shoes.
4:49 pm
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the supreme court set to hear a new challenge to obama care. the justices will decide on an appeal by conservative groups that argue billions of tax subsidies used are illegal. in all states that use the federal exchange. that due to the law that tax exchanges are for customers set up by the state. 34 states used exchange and meaning that tax credits for millions of users could be on the line. the case will likely be heard spring of next year. and original goal of obama care is to get more low income
4:53 pm
americans covered. but newly exchanged the high detukt you haves are making the insurance too expensive to use. places like denton, texas community care center is where they come when they learn the deductible is so high they are unlikely to get reimbursement. >> there is a few. their deductibles are so elevated they can't afford them. you are paying a premium and high deductible you are not getting benefits. >> the administration created high deductibles for the least expensive plan. and most people buy only on premiums. >> they don't look at their deductible. or don't look at the cost of the medications that they are on and don't look at the network that
4:54 pm
they have. >> one of the ladies that we saw. one of our patients said she had called eight primary care offices before she found us that would see her on her plan. >> people are scrambling to find a drchlt and those with obama care are forced to go without. >> you can't believe what this would cost me. i can't afford that and they are trying to scrape money to get it done. and frankly they will wait until things get worse. which goes against the idea of preventative care. and one of the advantages of obama care. and leaving patients wondering what they would get. >> they are paying premiums over there and asking what did i get for my premium. i have to go outside of the system to get health care. >> we get asked that question. i have this product and can't use it. >> millions signed up after the
4:55 pm
president said premiums would be less than the monthly cell phone bill and even though the law was designed to help are having to pay for their own care. >> jim angle, thank you. >> lava flowing from a volcano and why geologist said the threat of the river of molten rock may be far from over. you can't breathe through your nose, suddenly, you're a mouth breather. a mouth breather!
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>> two americans freed by north korea are expected to arrive back in the united states. and lava from hawaii volcano has stalled for now and activity of the flow suggests that the flow could resume. it has damaged road ways which crews are working to repair.
4:59 pm
a former nfl linebacker warns pawnshop to be on the look out for his super bowl rings. mike vrabbles had choice words about the bleep bloep that broke in his home that stole the rings. nearlier we asked if congress should spend billions to send more troops to iraq. fair oaks trader writes absolutely not. it indirectly supplies weapons to our weapons and surrogate troops. >> whatever it takes to destroy isis. and no more funding war. and no boots on the ground. >> yes, it is it a concern when these guys cut the h isn't people. rape innocent children. no cost do it.
5:00 pm
>> and a veteran, i think we should only give funds to detroit isis. i am julie bandaras thanks for watching, mike huckabee starts right now. >> republicans have control of the senate. and so what issues should they tackle first. >> repeal obama care and immigration reform or key stone pipeline. and the electorial map and a sea of red. are southern democrats becoming extinct. and a high school senior stands up for her rights under good. all that and more on huckabee. and welcome to huckabee, from


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