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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  November 10, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PST

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thank you for joining us. i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. let's get right to fox news alert. a evangelical pastor and his wife among nine people dead after their jet slams into a construction crane and crashes in the bahamas. it was trying to land after taking off from nasa. doctor miles ron row and ruth expected to attend a global leadership forum in freeport. doctor monroe wrote over 100 inspirational books. >> another pastor and his family including a baby were also on board. an investigation into that crash begins at daybreak. >> an army veteran murdered in his own neighborhood at a party celebrating his return from afghanistan. 21-year-old francisco garcia gunned down outside of his girlfriend's los angeles home. a man pulled up in a car arguing with garcia and opened fire in
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what police are calling a targeted attack. my heart was struck when he would go abroad to serve our country and then come back to die in our streets is really just wrenching. >> i can't remembers law returned from afghanistan four months ago. the shooter on the run this morning. >> some disturbing news to hear on this veteran's day week. a new report says va patients have been treated with unauthorized supplies and va hospitals. this as the new va secretary announces a major overhaul. >> let's pick it up from the new wrinkle the treatment of our nation's veterans continues to be plagued with many problems that must be addressed. the latest problem veterans receiving medical equipment w h
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with -- equipment with bogus treatment. bogus surgical devices that were potentially dangerous. it was made known in the metal of johnson & johnson. they told va's they had been serving 20 it is one of the fiascos that ronald mcdonald would have to face. >> our veterans earned these benefits they earned them with their lives endangered. >> the reorganization required many va employees to be fired for their incompetency. >> the report we passed up to the spending committee house committee sahas about 35 names it. i have another report that has
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over 1,000. if a thousand people need to go give me a sense of what are some of the things they did. we are simplistically talking about people who violated our values. >> you are talking about federal employees. he will learn that's very hard to do. the head of proctor & gamble says his job will not be easy but will get the va in tiptop shape to get it right because he says our veterans deserve it. >> absolutely they do. kelly wright. thank you. >> do you trust the new va secretary to fix the troubled agency. log on to "fox & friends first" facebook page for a live debate #keep talking. >> a fox news alert president obama invading china kicking off a three-day trip to asia testing his global clout for the first time post mid term elections. the president gathering other world leaders at the summit with
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two years left in his presidency many are wondering if he can command a powerful presence on the world stage. >> we welcome the prosperous peaceful and stable chain gnaw. over recent decades the united states has helped integrate china into the global economy not only because it is in china's best interest because it's in america's best interest and the world's best interest. the meeting with the chinese president is a first stop on the tour. >> air strikes in iraq possibly injuring the leader of isis. they claim abu back car al baghdadi was wounded in an air strike. the strikes were targeting a major meeting of isis leaders in mosul. they were saying on couldenvo c
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trucks were destroyed. >> congress is preparing for a post election section. among the top issues funding for this isis battle. for that we turn to doug luzader live in washington. >> the president is in asia tough to know what's happening in the middle east. they were talking about doubling the number of troops in iraq all of the way up to 3100. the president acknowledges this may be just the start. >> as commander-in-chief i am never going to say never. but what the commanders who presented the plan to me say is that we may actually seifuer troops over time because now we are seeing coalition members start to partner with us on the train and assist effort. >> the president has said repeatedly the u.s. forces being sent to iraq will not be involved in actual combat. they will be training and
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advising the shaky iraqi army. >> let me say it again p. american combat troops will not be returning to fight in iraq. will allow the united states to be dragged back in another war in iraq. >> this comes at a price. the president will now ask congress for another $5.6 billion for the mission. >> we are going to look specifically at how the money was spent but it is right the president does come to congress for the use of military force. >> we are still trying to confirm these reports that the leader of isis, abu back bakr al baghdadi, the pentagon will be pressed today to see if it is the case. thank you, doug.
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>> oo the first significant snow already falling in north dakota the front moving east sending temperatures below freezing in parts of the midwest. >> you warned us about this last week and it looks like it is happening. >> good morning heather and ainsley. this is going to be a big story for so many americans through out the workweek. we are looking at the first arctic blast. so some of the coldest temperatures we have seen so far this season moving into portions of the lower 48. we already have a winter storm underway right now across parts of the rock des and northern plains and into the portions of the great lakes. they are expecting a foot of snow through out the day today. because of that winter storm warnings are in effect over states like montana, the dakotas minnesota and by the way in the city of minneapolis. that is one of the many areas that could be looking at more than a foot of snow through out
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the day and also very gusty winds. associated with the storm system are cold temperatures. we are going to see temperatures more than 30 degrees below average for this time of the year in billings montana take a look at the highs in the single digits tuesday and wednesday you will feel the chile cross kansas and in new york city the cold air won't be arriving until later in the week. thursday into friday and we could be looking at a little snow across parts of the northeast coming up in the next few days with the cold air. here's a look at the high temperatures you see today you are already in the 20's in minneapolis rapid city and parts of wyoming. as we head into the next few days the cold air continues to move eastward and southward. this is wednesday. single dig get highs across parts of montana and into wyoming. there's a look at thursday you can see the 40's and 30's northeast. chili down to texas and amarillo. high forecast by thursday 32 degrees. that's as warm as it is going to
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get without the windchill. >> thank you for the warning. bundle up. >> thank you, maria. what is the first thing american kenneth vay had to eat after returning to u.s. soil? pizza. they told his sister no korean food that's all he ate for the last two years while i am prisond in a north korea labor camp. they were the last two americans obtained in the north. it was a secret mission orchestrated james clapper. experts also believe the north's decision to free the two came in an effort to clean up his human rights record after being accused of torturing prisoners. time to look at who is talking on the former president bush on the possibility of his brother jeb running in 2015. >> he's a very go-- he would be good president. he is 50/50. we are close but he is not
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knocking on my door agonizing about the decision. he knows exactly the ramifications on family, for example. he has seen his dad and his brother go through the presidency. i would give it a toss-up i know this about jeb. he is not afraid to succeed. in other words, i think he knows he could do the job. nor is he afraid to fail. >> taking a look at other news for you a baltimore ravens cheerleader recovering at home this morning after a scary moment at the ravens titans game. she was carted off the field after being thrown into the air and falling on her head. she was not moving for several minutes. hospital tests came back clear. team doctors say she walked out of the hospital on her own. meantime sunday night football the green bay packers hosting the chicago bears a career night for packers qb rogers.
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he tied an nfl record. rallying the bears 55-14. over in new orleans the saints going into over time. the saints can't hold on to the football. they win 27-24. after a 3 and a half hour journey crew members are back on solid ground this morning. they spent the last six months. reed wiseman from the united states two others one from germany one from russia. three more will take their place later this month. >> the time now 11 minutes after the hour. no polls no problem. calling it nothing but short of a miracle. she came back to life after being dead for nearly an hour. >> a jet propeller breaks off and slices right through that plane's cabin. why the airline says the plane is still safe to fly. >> if you had black friday circled on your calendar lots of
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to find out how you and your doctor can take the next step towards a cure. because the answers you need, may be closer than they appear. ♪ >> not a lot of traffic on the streets of new york city yet but things will get moving soon all across america. thank you for joining us. you are watching "fox & friends first". it is a story of two miracles a florida woman survives 45 minutes with no pulse during complications from a routine cesarean section. officials say 40-year-old ruby gave birth to a healthy daughter before flat lining. doctors were preparing to pronounce her dead when a sudden blip on the heart monster
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indicated a heartbeat. despite going without oxygen for 45 minutes she is perfectly fine. >> i remember feeling a force telling me you are not coming here. i didn't know i died by the way. i had no clue. that's why when i woke up to me no time has passed. >> look at that. she is fine. coming up dr. nina radcliffe will weigh in on this medical miracle. that's at 6:52 eastern. >> the 21 day ebola period for kaci hickox ends today. they are planning to leave fort kent and travel the country. they didn't say where they were heading. hickox defied a request from officials to remain out of the public since she returned to the u.s. last month after treating ebola patients in sierra leone a judge eventually ruling in her favor. >> kick and easy or danger for your children? they used this packet for candy.
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every day a child stuck in the hospital for eating one of these or putting them in their mouths. parents need to do more. the air in our gyms might be making us sick because it could be toxic. >> the highest level of toxins were found in the evening when most people go to the gym. scientists advise don't stop going to the gym. just talk to the management if you think the air in the gym doesn't smell fresh. >> that is a problem. our next scientific break through could be going to the dogs. scientists experimenting with a new drug that could extend the lives of man's best friend. it works in preventing diseases in mice and fruit flies. if all goes well with the drugs they could start testing the drug on people. >> general motors hit hard after
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scathing claims they use new ignition switches long before. loren has deta-- lauren has det. >> they looked at e-mails to parts supplier delphi. they ordered half a million replacement ignition switches almost two months before it alerted safety regulators to the switch problems involving 2 and a half million cars and now linked to 30 deaths. the timing of the order will no doubt give fodder to those suing general motors. >> a new report shows airlines are expected to collect 28 and a half billion dollars in passenger fees this year. that's 20 percent more than last year. the company that puts out the report idea works company says it warned airlines not to be too greez de since they are now saving money on fuel. when is the best day to buy
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christ mass gifts the sunday before thanksgiving. shoppers who bought items on the day before thanksgiving the wednesday got the lowest prices of the season. if you wait for black friday itself you may find items out of stock. on wall street we will show you stocks this morning up a bit after hitting record highs for the dow and s&p. >> to find lorauren on fox business log on to the web site and/channel finder. >> cashing in on creepy the face of evil up for auction. the opening bid for this demon doll. >> a show stopping moment at a sold out show goes far beyond a song. the garth books fans got the surprise of a lifetime. (receptionist) gunderman group.
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>> president obama gathering for a family photo with all of the leaders arriving moments ago.
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the visit part of a week long trip that includes stops in me an mar and australia. >> prince harry handwriting an' motionnal note to 450 fallen soldiers three members of his former army unit. the royal presenting a wreath with a note at the remembrance day this weekend. he wrote this. there is no greater love than to lay down one's friends. they will never be forgotten. >> he served in afghanistan in 2007 and 2008. he is ranked captain and continues to serve in a staff officer role. a oo here is a one-of a kind christmas gift people won't want to get. an evil osama bin laden doll. it was one of three in the world originally given to the cia to get the kids from joining al qaeda. with the starting bid of $2,500.
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a oo tense moments as two tight rope walkers struggle to maintain their balance high above the russian waters of victoria falls. they are waving their arms as they are inching across while battling the sprays of the water around them. both made it without the help of their safety cords. >> another daredevil in france is woring to a record and leaving a ferrari in the dust. >> a man riding a rocket power the bicycle broke his own speed record cover ago quarter of a mile in fewer than 6 seconds. the bike reached 207 miles per hour. wow. >> that is fast. time now for your monday motivator. what stopped the show at the garth brooks concert? about a minute into his minneapolis perform man's of "the dance" a woman had a sign
2:26 am
chemo this morning garth tonight. enjoying the dance. it stopped the singer in his tracks. what happens next will give you goose bumps. >> brooks lost his fathmother a sister to cancer. brings tears to your eyes. as if super storm sandy wasn't bad enough why elderly residents may be forced to pay back fema. >> madonna's most famous
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auction. >> it is monday november 10th. as we are about to honor our veterans the new head of va facing tough questions. >> how many employees do you think should be fired based on what you know? >> firings and fixes the new plan to overhaul the disgraced agency. >> deep freeze. winter making an early entrance sending temps plummeting. how long they will last and what you can do now to save money on your heating bill. >> stone walled the investigation into mick jagger's girlfriend sending the stones into a brand new legal battle. "fox and friend first continues right now.
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>> those streets p won't be empathy for long. i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. >> we begin with a fox news alert for you a prominent evangelical pastor and his wife and daughter among nine people geed after their jet slams into a construction plane. they were expected to attend a global leadership forum. dr. monroe has written over 100 inspirational books. his daughter ruth is an inspirational figure. they leave behind a son. another passenger and their baby
2:32 am
was also on board. sentencing day for the crew of the south korean ferry that sank and left more than 300 people dead. prosecutors are demanding the captain get the death penalty. other key crew members could spend life in prison. they are accused of abandoning passengers telling them to stay put even though the boat was going down. >> it is disturbing when you see here on this veteran's day week a new report revealing va patients might have been treated with unauthorized supplies and counterfeit equipment at va hospitals. this as the new va secretary announces a major overhaul. kelly wright joins us with all of the details of this new plan. tomorrow we celebrate veteran's day. today we learn another horror story of va hospitals. they have medical equipment with bogus equipment. a metal from manufacturing device show johnson & johnson have been selling counterfeit
2:33 am
surgical devices on a so-called gray market. it is one of many fiascos that robert mcdonald will have to fix. four months on the job and he's learning a lot from doctors on staff. i had veterans who survived world war ii who survived pork chop hill who survived the battle of fallujah. who had gone through so many situations of combat where life and death situation yet i could not provide safety for them because we had inadequate staff to handle it. >> it's a job he says he tells 60 minutes he was born to do. >> this is personal. i served with a lot of these guys. we were in very dangerous situations and any time you jump out of an airplane to parachute
2:34 am
you are putting your life in danger. there's a jump master you are check that long person's equipment. their life is reliant on yours. that's the kind of relationship you create. those are the relationships that drive me do this. >> it will not be easy but he says he will get the va in tiptop shape. >> do you trust the new va secretary to fix the troubled agency? head to our facebook page to join the conversation at #keep talking. >> the leader of isis possibly injured in the latest round of air strikes. he was badly wounded in a series of air strikes. he has proven elusive. if the latest reports are true it would be a devastating blow to isis.
2:35 am
pentagon officials unable to confirm the report the strikes tore far getting leaders with isis leaders or mosul. >> president obama now says never say never. doug luzader is live for us in washington with the president's about face. good morning, doug. >> this is a major expansion of the troops in iraq. he has been consistent about this as these forces have not been operating as combat forces on the ground. >> what we will not be doing is having our troops do the fighting. >> we talk about a major expansion in the u.s. force. it could double the american troops present in iraq from 1600 all of the way up to about 3100.
2:36 am
we have heard this from the president before the u.s. will not be dragged into another ground war in iraq. >> i will not commit you and the rest of our armed forces to fighting another ground war in iraq. >> but there is going to be some skepticism for members of congress asked now to sign off on about $5.6 million spending to carry out the president's strategy in iraq. >> we do get concerned about doing a good job in terms of trying to create but they have a long ways to go in trying to destroy isis and trying to secure iraq. >> we have heard skepticism on both sides of the aisle they have said they are better positioned now better take the offensive from isis. >> doug luzader for us live from washington. doubling down on threats to use executive action to pass his i
2:37 am
am glags blan plan. >> i am going to do what i can do it's not going to be everything that needs to get done. it will take time to put that in place. in the interim, the minute they pass a bill that addresses the problems with immigration reform i will sign it and supercedes whatever actions i take. >> that brings us to look who is talking with immigration likely headed to a show down, between the president and the gop, wyoming senator john veraso says an executive order by the president would hurt any chance of cooperation between those parties. >> what the president does over the next two months is really going to set the tone for the next two years in washington. nobody ran for office and won a senate race based on the president having more executive authority to take executive actions on amnesty or on healthcare or any of those other issues. american people want us to work
2:38 am
together to find solutions so the president pulling the pin out of the hand grenade as we are throwing it in as we are trying to work together i am hoping cooler heads at the white house can prevail on the president saying look if you want to have a good constructive final two years of your presidency don't do this now wait until the new congress is sworn in. >> listen to this. nine newly sworn in officers fired after wild graduation party. the rookie officers all members of the newark new jerseyport authority police. when bouncers tried to help the crowd they pulled their badges saying they could do anything they want now that they were sworn officers. several senior officers at the party are facing disciplinary action as well. >> more people are in handcuffs as florida police continue to track down on feeding the homeless. it was a 90-year-old man serving to the homeless. of now they booked three others
2:39 am
for doing the same. it comes after the approval of city ordinance which bans public food sharing. >> did you sit through a long sermon at church this week end? probably doesn't compare to this one in florida that went on for 53 hours. the preacher spent the world record for the longest speech ever. he was given a five minute break each hour. it was a fundraiser for an addiction recovery program. the previous record was 48-hours. >> winter is making an early appearance. >> we are track can the latest in the weather center as always. we should bundle up. >> yeah, you have to bundle up across most he of the lower 48. we have a winter storm underway across parts of montana and into wisconsin where we have winter storm warnings in effect. not only snow totals but the
2:40 am
winds. there will be very pour visibility from man tan gnaw through parts of wisconsin. take a look at the forecast. we are looking at possibly more than a foot of snow across portions of michigan, wisconsin even into minnesota and across the northern rockies. a lot of heavy snow expected there as well. good news for skiers and bad news for any one doing traveling. east of the storm system conditions look beautiful boston dc. temperatures are getting colder by the end of the week across the northeast and mid atlantic. let's head over to you. >> thanks a lot maria. it is time for your 5@5:00. >> as the temperatures drop there is things you can do to help your energy bills. if you feel cold air coming through the windows or doors you can seal them off. lower the thermostat knocking off one degree to save 5 percent on your monthly heating bill.
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stock up on blankets and sweaters so you don't have to keep your house as warm. let the sunshine in opening up the drapes letting the natural light in it can give you natural heat from the sun. and finally add insulation. a little extra padding in the attic goes a long way. >> the time is 20 minutes after the hour. first super storm sandy hit and a group of disabled elderly people had to spend four months in emergency shelters. now fema had a request that is creating a brand new storm. >> how a truck driver helped avoid a disaster. >> a move by nearly a billion dollars.
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>> fema wants their relief money back. more than a dozen people at the belle harbor adult home in new york were left homeless after the storm. two years later they have to payup. they shouldn't have taken the checks when they stayed at a state shelter. >> for the rolling stones legal battle with a legal battle over canceled concerts. jagger was advised by doctors not to perform for 30-days
2:46 am
following her death. since the stones took out insurance on canceled concerts the insurance company lost $12.7 million they want more information on scott's mental health past and how it affected jagger. >> led zeppelin reunion tour on the stairway to nowhere. ♪ flush lead singer robert plant tearing up an $800 million contract to perform the band. so branson offered the group to go on a 35 day tour. plant says it's never going to happen. the band broke up in 1980. >> it is window shopping season and that now includes your sister network fox business with more on open enrollment. >> hey ashley. >> good morning heather and ainsley. administrators are promising consumers far more streamlined
2:47 am
process to stream up the health insurance. the federal health insurance exchange opens on november 15th. they can win sdoe shop. they are trying to avoid a disastrous debut. it was plagued with technical flaws and complaints of cumbersome registration process. without typing in any personal information they say to get estimates tailored to them they will ask for three pieces of information, their zip code, how many people in their family will be covered by a health plan and income for 2015. officials say people who signed up for plans last year should shop again saying most will find a better plan or save money. but despite all of the reassurances according to confidential documents government contractors scrambling a bit and in case it proves less than skird de than
2:48 am
the administration predicts. some coming down to the wire for five days left before the healthcare site goes on-line. i am sure they are crossing their fingers. back to you. >> to find ashley on the fox business network you can log on to finder. the time now is 15 minutes to the top of the hour. coming up ends like fright a propeller breaks off a jetliner sending it slicing through the cabin. despite the dangers why the airline says it is still safe to fly. >> still living in a material world. how much of some of madonna's most famous outfits fetched at a rock and roll auction. >> brian kilmeade with what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> i didn't know she sang rock and roll but i like it. let me show you what's on the show for the next three hours. talking about immigration details on the latest threat of executive action.
2:49 am
a mother declared dead for 45 minutes comes back to life. her doctor comes to life. >> senator john mccain donald trump condoleezza rice all coming up on "fox & friends." please get dressed. hey matt, what's up?
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welcome back to "fox & friends first." tragedy in virginia to tell you about. two people struck by a train while walking on the tracks, killing one of them. the train's conductor says the couple was out on a trestle and by the time they saw the train it was too late. 21-year-old victoria bridges jumping into the water below suffering non-life threatening injuries but 21 joald jonathan begore was killed. this photo shows them on the same stretch of track
2:53 am
one week ago. they are calling it the flight from hell. an air canada plane after takeoff touched down and a propeller was loose. this model plane has had several mechanical failures in the past but they will keep flying them. watching from the stands isn't good enough for some fans. they want aerial views. that mind set is behind the investigation into drones. the f.a.a. says they have seen a spike in unmanned aircraft flying over college arenas this fall. they worry it will pose a real danger to fans. last month the f.a.a. banned drones over stadiums. it is a heartbreaking sight. a dog stuck on a roof in ohio for three days without food and water. the rottweiler getting herself into a tough situation after climbing through a hole in the attic. fire fighters able to
2:54 am
successfully bring her down with a ladder where she gobbled up some food once she was off that roof. the dog's owner says he thought she had run off. he signed ownership of the dog over now to the county. someone paid a whole lot of money to look like madonna's material girl. ♪ ♪ >> that dress going for more than $73,000 at auction, a huge collection of madonna's dresses and costumes on the block. items including props from "a league of their own" and the pop star's wedding dress from 1995. pa these going for 80 grand. >> it is now six minutes till the top of the hour. a vietnam vet gets a knock on the door a month in the making. what he got back that is worth much more than anything money can buy. >> an nfl mascot takes a detour on his flight around
2:55 am
the stadium. where he landed that has fans grabbing their cameras. ♪ ♪ ♪ music ...the getaway vehicle! for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this.
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bonjour. comment ce va? bonjour. comment ce va? due cappuccini, per favore. domo... arigato? arigato united flies to more destinations than any other airline. namaste. over 5100 daily flights to nearly 60 countries. namaste. plus, over 230 us cities. dessert? pee-can pie. pecan? yeah. okay. in any language, that's...gateway to the world friendly. it is now 58 after the hour. before you leave the house here's what's happening today. prominent evangelical pastor myles munroe and his wife among nine people killed in a plane crash in the bahamas. president obama is part
2:59 am
of a week long trip that includes stops to myanmar. heavy snow in the plains and midwest today. let's keep talking about the plan to fix the v.a. new v.a. secretary robert mcdonald announcing he might fire thousands of employees. do you trust him to fix the department? head to our facebook page #keeptalking. disciple time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. a vietnam veteran getting his lost wallet back a month later with all $3,000 still inside. a woman is seen on surveillance picking it up after she lost it but she only wanted to return it to its rightful owner. next the bad. a car loses control on the highway planting into this wall. the truck driver behind this car manages to stop with seconds to spare. finally the ugly. the seattle seahawks mascot
3:00 am
decided to go hang out with some of the fans. the hawk landing on that man's head. as you can see, he takes it all in stride after the initial shock wears off. thanks so much for watching. have a great monday. we'll see you tomorrow morning. "fox & friends" starts now. >> good morning. it's monday, november 10. i'm kimberly guilfoyle in for elisabeth hasselbeck. president obama admits democrats got beat bad during the midterms, but don't blame bad policies. >> we've got to sell it. i think we have not been successful in going out this and letting people know what it is that we're trying to do. >> more from the midterm post mortem. >> to those of you who voted, president obama said he heard you. but is this really what you wanted? he's now getting advice on be bm al sharpton. >> oh my gosh. >> that's


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