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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 11, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PST

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middle. >> it was a hell of a lot of fun. >> there's more we'll stay here for outnumbered on the web. we'll be back for the tv version of us tomorrow. "happening now" starts right now. >> 1 o'clock p.m. on the east coast. and today we pause to honor our country's 19 million veterans. we are waiting for defense secretary chuck hagel. >> yeah, this happening as americans are expressing gratitude to the brave men and women in uniform. this is "happening now". >> the threat of the lone wolf is perhaps the thing that i am most concerned about. >> new concerns about the threat of lone wolf terrorist, as we learn the axe- weilding madman was a follower of terror groups al-qaeda and isis:
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plus. remembering our veterans. the heroes who keep us safe at home and overseas. honoring their service, then and now. and it advances in the unproperty. >> the river of fire advancing through a small hawaii town. where it hit and where it is headed. it is all "happening now". first to our top story and honoring the brave men and women who fight to keep us free. welcome to "happening now". i am jon scott. >> i am heather in for jenna lee. from solemn ceremony to festative concerts it is a busy day for our nation's capitol.
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president obama is in china today. and vice-president biden laying a wreth at the tomb of the unknown. there is a ceremony in the vietnam's memorial in washington. secretary chuck hagel set to speak any time now. and in the meantime shannon bream is live on the national mall with more on the goings on there. >> reporter: you are hearing the sneak preview of the zack brown. they will be here tonight for the first ever of its kind on the national mall on veterans day. there will be ri hannah and bruce springstein and ophrah will be here. they want to have a emphasis on those who are still serving here
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in the present day right now, there is a number of military folks and families getting an up front vow of the zack brown band. they will be honored guest tonight and 12000 societies reserved for veterans and family and active doubt military. expect to have 800000 people here tonight. organizers are going to have information on how you help. and they are helping those who served our country and still serving our country. and they want every day to be veteran's day and sometimes it is it easier for us to write a check. but they want to encourage average americans to reach out who served or now serving to their families and so how you can help them and transition back in civilian life as well. and we talked to a lot of folks
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excited to be here tonight. and talked to two young women from ethiopia and sworn in it as u.s. citizens. and they want to be here to celebrate the new country, now their home country and thank those who fought and died over the years. should be a great night. starts at 7 o'clock and goes for three hours. >> shannon, thank you. >> 800000 people there expected. >> that should be a busy place. >> amazing. president george bush is talking about the launch of his new book. entitled "a portrait of my father. ". let's listen. >> president reagan, first of all midterms and all of that stuff. the party lost eight societies in '86. and in the bock i put in there
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people get tired of a president after six years. (laughter) and not as tired as you get of the chief of staff. >> andrew, please. and so there is a big pressure from dad to distance himself from reagan, but he would never do that to a friend. but he also had the wisdom necessary to know that in a campaign you make sure the person that you are affiliated with is strong as possible and not weak going in a general election. so a classic case of, of understanding human nature and politics. >> well, when your dad's term as president ended and he moved
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back to texas? >> yeah. >> that was a beginning of a transition for you as well? >> correct. >> you started to think about what you might be doing? >> tell us what the conversation of entering in the political arena again. i know you run for congress. >> it was not much of a conversation. he knew whether it be for governor or president, he would say i am for you. it was not like i had to convince him that running for office was the right thing to do. his attitude is think about it and once you make up your mind, i will not tell you what to do. once you make up your mind. >> and then i run against ann richards. and my mom said you won't poet her, she's too popular. go figure.
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(laughter) no, dad leaves office and i could not have run for governor had he been reelected. imagine trying to beat a popular incumbent and i would be spending as much time defending the decisions he made or distancing myself from decisions he made. and difficult to get the traction one needs in order to, you know, draw a contrast. and so in an interesting way, his defeat empowered both jeb and me to run for office: >> that year was the year that jeb and you ran and expectations were different than people thought? >> i don't know. i don't pay attention. i thought i could win and i really did. and i was hoping tho that jeb would win. and yeah, i mean, people drawing
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conclusions for the wrong reasons. and in the book is the story about election night. i am getting ready to go declare victory. he said congratulations, son. my heart is with you. but it was clear his heart was in florida. and once you get to it know george bush, it shouldn't surprise you that he carries more for the one hurting than the one winning. sweet, sweet, sweet moment. it is not making a big deal out of that. and it reflects a love for one and not for the other. and read the bock before you say that again. and you get a better feel for what you are talking about. >> family makes all of the difference in the world to the bush clan and they are the best
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example of unconditional love. you have experienced the unconditional love of your partners, especially your dad and tell me how you see that impacting how you love your children. >> it is a great example. but you never know what unconditional love means until your daughters turn to be teenagers. and then you learn. and so in the bock, i put this. i love you, there is nothing you can do to make me not love you. and so stop trying. >> that was a great quote. (applause) >> you are not going to ask this. what is another great quote in the book? okay. it is. this george bush and his faith. preached a sermon daily and if
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necessary use words. summarizes the man. >> there was a debate taking place in america that you have been party to and your mother has been party to. it relates to a very close relative of both of yours. george? yeah. mom has. remember she said you will not win, she's too popular. keep that in mind andrew when you think about her wisdom. (applause) >> do you want to share any family insight? >> obviously there is a lot of speculation on jeb. i can speak for 41 when i say. this he ought to run for president and would be a great president should he win. (applause)
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on the other hand like secretary of state clinton, he has a good insight on what it is too be like as well. and they are two people who can tell you what it is like to be president. jeb is making a personal decision. we can pressure him all we want and it will not matter. he knows the consequences. he doesn't fear failure or success. and so as he said. he will make sure it is the right thing for his family. and that should be his priority and so he's going to make a informed discussion. people always say, pressure him to run. you can't pressure somebody on such an important decision. it is not going to cause him to think positively or negatively if we harass him. only he can decide and that's in the process. i don't know the time table,
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we'll see. it would be awesome if he runs and if he doesn't, we all love him. >> well, you. >> one time by the way, i heard him say he doesn't like the idea of a political class. the idea of bush clinton and bush obama troubles. him bush clinton. bush obama clinton? >> you don't get to pick the environment in which you run. and so his decision is personal and he doesn't listen to that kind of stuff anyway. >> you and your family had a long history of nicknames for a lot of people. your dad's nickname kind of growing up, was half- half.
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>> yeah, he's such generation person. mine was all half. >> and elliowa e will elephant. he buzzed and the avenger buzzed the circus and the elephants went wise. and the crew mates call him ellie the elephant. >> he was the chairman of the party. >> in watergate it was amazing he came out unscathed. it was a miserable period for baby boomers by the way. i was going to harvard at the time. it is hard to go there when your dad is republican. >> and so u.n. party chairman and correct ian in china. no president has ever had one of
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those jobs much less all four. >> listen nothing on president george w. bush down in college station, texas in the presidential library. andy carr is asking questions and they are answering an intimate conversation talking about whether or not his brother will run for president and lots of fascinating stuff and we'll dip in to this. we are also watching what is going on in washington, veteran's day today. we are waiting for chuck hagel who will be speak nothing the vietnam's veteran memorial in a few minutes. we'll listen in for that. ♪
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i have a cold. i took nyquil but i'm still stuffed up. nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose. really? alka-seltzer plus night rushes relief to eight symptoms of a full blown cold including your stuffy nose. (breath of relief) oh, what a relief it is. thanks. anytime. >> destruction on highway high's big island and now destroying the first home. the authorities are warning it
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will not be the latest. adam housely joins us. >> reporter: the next neighbor is only a half millaway. it gives people a fúçchance to out. it is on the big iowa land and not far away from the volcano and it is inches inch by inch. it is a 200000 home. and they got out before the lava got there and there is a dramatic vow. and it inches down the hillside. and got in the volcano.
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and it poliable. and it is sacroied. and it will cross highway 130. and that is the main highway. and it is working on a roundabout. and it is cutting off. and you can so it is dramatic. they will not fight the fours when it hits the home. but they will try to fight when it is a forest four. and it creeps down the hillside toward the water. and kind of a rural area. we'll keep you updated as it goes in hawaii. >> those aerial pictures are something else.
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thank you for bringing that to us today. >> chuck hagel is set to speak in the vietnam memorial. so i can reach ally bank 24/7, but there are no branches?
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>> going to washington now and the secretary of defense chuck hagel getting ready to speak. let's listen. >> they stepped in and a cast of the characters in known sfoin and we want to recognize them on the 30th anniversary of the stat authority ue of the throw soldiers and i know you are in new york and many of your board members here and current board
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members and those who continued to support the effort. and one other thing. the effort to build an educational center that is not complete yet. it will be your continued support to help that and get accomplished and that connects us in ways that few memorials do. and thank all of you who continued to work on that effort. we have a few miles to go. it is it a worthy effort. (applause) >> to all of the veterans here today, thank you. to your families, thank you. to the veterans that are not here today, and their families, we also want to acknowledge your service and your sacrifices. and to those have not worn our
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nation's uniform, thank you. thank you for supporting these men and women, these veterans, and thank you for serving a special capacity. and thank you for serving our men and women in uniform and their families who are are all over the world, doing incredible work on behalf of the security of this country, a world that is dangerous, complicated, inner- connected and it is requiring skill sets of our military and these men and women that we've never had to have before. and so for your support and for our country's support of these men and women doing an incredible job, thank you. n45 years ago today. i attended my first veteran's
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day ceremony as a veteran. i was a student in the university of nebraska and omha and rurped from vietnam with my brother tom a few months before. that i always remembered that it veteran's day in 19skoin because it reminded me of one constant throughout the vietnam war. the one constant that many of you out here today recall from that war. and that constant was the uncommon valor of americans from every corner of this country. they were the quiet heroes. the quiet heroes of our time. some of the veterans are here today. and the names of many more are memorialized on the wall behind us. the wall means many things to
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many people and it records the names of our past and reflects on our hopes for the future. it also serves as a remoipder, a message across generations and honor all of those who defend our country and making sure they are treated with dignity and respect. and carrying for those who return home with visible and invisible wounds of war and regardless of what war they served in and taking care of our people is a sacred responsibility. and the wall reminds us to be honest in our telling of history and there is nothing to be gained by glossing over the darker parts of the war that bitterly divided america. we must openly acknowledge past mistakes and must learn from
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past mistakes. and that is how we avoid repeating past mistakes and the role reminds us we may never take the security of our country for granted and question our policies that send our citizens to war. they must be worthy of the sacrifices of the men and women who defend our country. every month, i have a private lunch with junior enlisted personnel from all of the services. what they tell me and what every american should know is that today's service members don't want to be glorified or given special treatment or privileges. the entire 9/11 generation volunteered to serve in a time of war and at a time our nation was threatened and attack and they have a strong desire to continue to make a difference in
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the whether by staying in the military or finding a job outside of the military or pursuing an outlet for public service or involved in their local communities. they don't need a hand out but a hand up. >> and it falls on us to make sure they get that opportunity. and the opportunity that too many veterans have been denied in the past. and so on veteran's day and every day. let's celebrate our troops and our veterans and families by telling their stories. stories that inspire us all. and generation after generation and so that others can understand what these men and women have done for our country. and let's help those who need it while supporting their strength and resilience. and honor our veterans by
10:30 am
creating new opportunities for them to contribute after the service in uniform and they will continue to help make a better world. ladies and gentlemen, i've always been grateful for an opportunity to share this day, on this location at this memorial with veterans and their families tis it a high privilege, thank you. >> let's honor our veterans by creating new opportunities for them to contribute. part of the closing line of defense secretary chuck hagel there. as he stands in front of the wall and memorial to the soldiers in which he also fought vietnam. chuck hagel. >> in the meantime home grown terrorism, and the nation's largest city. we are are learning more about the man who attacked two police officers with anaxe, nearly
10:31 am
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exclusive new details about a lone wolf terror attack on u.s. soil. an axe world be man attacked two officers on the street. before he was shot to death. now we are hearing about his an
10:35 am
festo to islam. >> the four page intelligence assessment provides details that speaks to his self adicalization. a prelimary analis of the nypd of 277 on line search terms by thompson in the weeks loading up to the assault. found vilant tactics. they identified 59 search terms on jihad in america and against the police and lone wolf terror jihad. and that is against jews and crusaders. thochlson may have considered targeting the u.n. assembly and saudi dignataries. there was photos and
10:36 am
investiga also found a secondax at his apartment and a hunting knife. evidence of self radicalization is overwhelming in this case. >> this is jihaddist inspired. he had so many search terms in this respect it would be difficult to suggest that it is anything but. >> initial reporting suggested that thompson may have been motivated by those sentiment. in addition to the 277 search terms for jihad. he was a follower of al-qaeda and yemen and propaganda for a year and half before the assault in queens, jon. >> what a story, kathryn, thank you for bringing it to us. >> iraqi television station said the troops that driven isis from
10:37 am
an oil town. the largest oil refinery under sej by isis. and a huge source of revenue for the terrorist there. it is 150 miles north of baghdad. and in the meantime more u.s. troops are headed to iraq. joining us is the executive director of the defense of democracy. i want to ask you about the town of baiji. the iraqis could hold baiji it may take back tikrit. how siing can. >> it is significant and shoes early successes and it provides a predicate for further aggressive action against isis. it is the battle of who the
10:38 am
strong horse and week horse is. isis has been on the offensive and slaughtering opponents. this would be a potential reversal. >> do you buy it when our president said we are ready and the iraqis are ready to go on the offensive? >> i don't think the iraqis are ready. we have invested billions and years of training the iraqis forces and they clearly failed to fight isis. and we have seen serious battlefield losses. >> it will take american boots on the grouped. these americans are going to have to provide the support before the president pulls u.s. troops out of that country. >> a lot of folks in the military are concerned about mission creep, do you so this happening in >> mission creep is the right term and right problem. the president talked about no american troops on the ground and he pulled them out of iraq
10:39 am
against the best advice against hillary clinton and david panetta and robert gates and now finding himself in a serious predicament where he has to put the troops back in the iraq and call them advisors. if the bullets start flying they will be combat groups. >> there is a terror group in egypt and they pledged their allegeiance to isis. they have been beheading people in egypt and going after egyptian military and the police. how concerned are you about the new link and expansion of isis? >> very concerned. this is a group active in the sina i and slaughtering eh egyptian trophs and representing a security threat to the israelis as well. and you are seeing these
10:40 am
jihaddist, isis related groups spring up in many places and isis- inspired its terrorist attacks in united states. and getting close to israel's border. radical jiowa haddism is on the march and those dots are connected. >> i want to ask you about a major story out of israel. they are tightening security after several deadly attacks. a palestinian stabbed a 20-year-old soldier in a train station in tel aviv and three people stabbed in a bus stop by the west bank. among them a 25-year-old israeli woman and this after last week a hamas militant slammed a mini-van in a crowd of people waiting for a train and killed one person. and now the palestinian authority, through the social media accounts is encouraging palestinians to use their vehicles as terror weapons.
10:41 am
where do you see this going. >> again, heather, all of the dots are connected. it is social media inspired terrorist attacks and in new york city, a jihaddist swung an axe. and now seen -- seeing the lone wolf. and out of palestinian authority and hamas and new wave of terrorist attacks in israel. it is not just terrorist coming from the west bank and gaza. it is arabs and jerusalemites that are perceived by the public as sleeper cells that use vehicles and knives at any time to kill israelis. a baby died last week.
10:42 am
>> thank you so much. >> apple fans, a major security flaw in the iphone and iowa pad and how to protect yourself from hackers, next.
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no longer in uniform,. but still serving... on the job and in our communities... whose dedication and commitment to excellence continues... in every mission, whatever it may be... affecting our lives every day...
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for your continued service, we salute you. this message of appreciation to our nations' veterans is brought to you by paralyzed veterans of america and unitedhealth group.
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>> hi, i am gretchen carlson. katy will be here on her take on whether the va habit is work. and did someone take a selfie with comedian joan rivers while she was in the operating room before she died. and helping our veterans get jobs today and my rendition on the the violin to honor the vets. join us at the top of the hour. >> a home surveillance camera catching crocks stealing the family dog. the woman pulls up to the dog
10:46 am
and offers a four month old husky puppy food. moments later she unhooked the daing off. all of that happening with the homeowner standing feets away. >> i brought him up and tied him up and watching tv. and they come home at 11:00 and i asked where the dog fls. he wasn't tied up. >> the arizona family is simply heart broken and hope it will help them get the beloved puppy back. >> it is a big dog. people. >> awful. >> and hey, a warning for apple users with word of a high profile data breach and a major security flaw could make your iphone and ipad vulnerable to hackers. it is an easy way for criminals to break in your devices through
10:47 am
apps. it compromised the personal information of a million employees including the social security numbers. let's talk about it with morgan wright. morgan, a lot of people think that apple is the safe company when it comes to hardware and software. what is the breach of ipad and iowa phones? >> as someone who has developed apps andon on the the utines store myself. it was so simple i was going why didn't i think about it. it is a safe place to be as long as you submit apps. they down load malicious apps and replace the good with the bad actors and i am sure someone
10:48 am
is thinking why didn't we think of this. >> you have to down load not from the apple app store. >> right. you might be on a third party page and see the pop up. do you want to install? it has a similar sounding name. now flappy birds. or yeah, when you do that. it enstalls not that program but replace your e-mail and banking client and takes over that information. and same way you down load from the company or enterprise. it does not go through the app store and why it works. >> how many people are infected so far? >> it is hard to tell. we haven't had a lot of reports. it was a proof of concept and same thing with the heart bleed bug. because of the massive nature. i am sure people are trying to
10:49 am
figure out how to exploit. it but apple is working on a major fix. and a breach involving the postal service? >> the government and kwazy government. it is it a major target and especially now that president obama is in china, who is the usual suspect. china. and access to up to a million people's information. this is huge. this is everybody who works there. >> and what kind of information do they have and lost? >> there is no credit card information involved. but if they call in the personal information or call center of all of the employees and one of the reasons they get this. a couple of years ago, i talked with you and bill hemmer and other places. why did they want this information? espionage and they are building
10:50 am
profiles. and send phishing e-mails and start developing them as a source. it is it a long- term project by the chinese. >> morgan wright. always good to hear your advice. >> let's hope they take it. >> thanks, john. >> so you. it is it a tough job market. there is a higher unemployment rate than the civilian population and we'll tell you about a new program that is trying to change that. and when i find it- i go for it. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we give you the edge, with innovative charting and trading features, plus powerful mobile apps so you're always connected, wherever you are. because at scottrade, our passion is to power yours.
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>> veterans sacrifice so much for our country that they can often have a tough time finding a job when they are back here at home. there is a program at one
10:54 am
university that gives veterans specialized training helping them to become small business owners. david lee miller is live for us in our new york newsroom with more on what this program is doing. hi, david lee. >> hi. veterans with a green thumb are in aing culture or in a related field from rutgers university. only a small number of students may take part in this program, but it is making a big difference in the lives of storm remember former service men and women. >> reporter: veteran matthew smith returned from duty after two years in iraq and afghanistan, suffering from action newsing sdmrit and other ailments wresh began learning about agriculture for a most holistic approach to healing. >> i was really sick, had a lot of health problems, and i wasn't sure to do with myself. when i looked into food and i saw what it can do for you and i saw it fixed my problem, i saw it had an opportunity to help. >> he is lending his expertise as a coordinate for rut zeros
10:55 am
university training force called vets. the veterans environmental technology program. picking former service men and women learning all about gardening and agriculture to begin new careers. >> veterans are people who like hard work. they are dedicated to what it is they do. this type of industry also provides them a chance to be their own boss. >> becky and four others in the nine-month program have already reaped the benefits and started their own landscaping business called green vets. >> it brings us together, and we're doing something positive. participants receive a $12 an hour stipen and they get real work experience. >> it's been learning, lecture, class work. we've gone out to different parks and planted trees. >> about 70 companies help pay for the program. the first full-time class will graduate next month. the next step? taking state licensing exams. >> well, if only we could do
10:56 am
that at every university across the country, that would be nice. david lee, thanks. >> good for them. a new york city doctor battling ebola marks a milestone in his recovery getting a clean bill of health and heading home. that means there are no confirmed ebola cases on u.s. soil right now. huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know words really can hurt you? what...? jesse don't go!! i'm sorry daisy, but i'm a loner. and a loner gotta be alone. heee yawww! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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a ran dom act of kindness brightens the day of one of our nation's heroes. sid cline served in the navy. he helped deliver tanks to troops on land. recently he was dining with his family at a texas roadhouse in the phoenix area. the ate waitress delivered a message saying the meal was paid in full. heroes are people who know the
11:00 am
job to be done and know the chances of survival are slim, but they get the job done anyway. that's a nice story for this veterans day. >> you know, that stranger is a real hero, too. doing something so nice when no one is looking. >> paying it forward. >> yeah. >> thank you for joining us. >> the real story with gretchen carlson starts right now. >> i'm gretchen carlson. welcome to a special veterans day edition of the real story. today our nation pausing to honor all the u.s. service men and women who fight and have fought to keep america safe. >> somber tunes across arlington national cemetery during the ceremony there. earlier in the day vice president joe biden taking part


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