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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  November 12, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PST

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and we did the #betterwithvets yesterday and we got over 2,000 photos from you. thanks for those. >> speak of the navy, watch the navy seal who killed osama bin laden tonight at 10 here on the fox news channel. architect of the obamacare saying the white house had to deceive the american people on the law saying they didn't know what was good for them. now he's make an apology. >> the comments were made at an academic conference and i regret making those comments. bill: a second video emerges but he goes even further. martha: grouper played a key role in designing the healthcare
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law for the president. he claims the comments are off the cuff. but a new clip emerges where he says something similar. listen. >> people with a health insurance plan will no longer get a 40% tax break. how about a 40% tax bill: so far no refraction the white house. you heard a few chuckles in the room. a little bit now every day this week, how do you see this, byron? >> this is very similar to the first video in the sense that gruber was explaining how he and other people who drafted obamacare were trying to figure out how they could raise taxes on the american people but not say they were raising taxes. that's what this is about. these are about so-called
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cadillac plans where people pay for higher grade coverage. they end up paying less for their actual medical care when they need it. gruber and his democratic cohorts wanted to tax these plans out of existence but didn't want to say they were raising taxes so that's the plan they came up with. bill: congress is coming back to washington today. is there a political consequence to those comments? >> there is. they are going to vote to kill obamacare and this will come up in every argument they have. they will talk about how the statements of jonathon gruber were not just his but representative of people who drafted obamacare. bill: i expect the question will come up. how will the white house react to this? >> so far they have been silent.
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it's possible they could claim griesh was a tangential figure in this though he was deeply involved. gruber has a history of thinking the american people are too dumb to understand healthcare reform. in 2012 he wrote a comic book explaining healthcare reform at the comic book level. everything he said is entirely consistent with his view. bill: have you seen the illustrations? >> it's available on amazon and he explained it. bill: the left will portray this man as someone who was on the outskirts of obamacare in all likelihood. but he's m.i.t., he's massachusetts. he consulted with members of congress on how to write the built, byron. >> he also had a contract with the department of health and
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human services to work on obamacare. he was a paid consultant to the administration. he was a leading in the figure in the drafting of obamacare and you can't just change that now that he said a lot of unpopular things. >> we'll pick up that comic book pronto. martha: there are gruber comments exploding on prime time. critics ripping into him and the entire democratic party for an apparent plan to hoodwink the american people. >> what we are hearing now is the true voice of liberal arrogance. they believe this. they believe that the voters are stupid as he said. >> i think this weakens the defenders of the law in congress and makes it more likely that we'll get big changes. >> you will see how stupid our fellow citizens are, take a look at last tuesday night because
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they rejected you, this bill this administration. martha: the sentiments of one guy or is this a much bigger issue in terms of the feeling towards the american people? we'll take this up later in a program. when you look at the poll numbers, only 21% like it the way it is. they may be thinking they are putting a nice one over on everybody before it's for their best interest. bill: i think byron's point is well taken. every time they debate this in congress these tapes will be played. president obama continues his trip to china signing an agreement with china that has the u.s. cutting green house gas emissions the next 10 years but china doing almost nothing in return only vowing to cap its emissions. that's a goal by 2030.
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six years from now. stuart varney on that in a matter of moments. i imagine a new senator from west virginia will have something to say about that, too. martha: as we continue to watch this we'll talk about the chinese deal. meanwhile congress is getting back to work. the lame duck session is looking to be a busy one. outgoing senatorial harry reid, guess what he want to schedule today vote on now? keystone. keystone pipeline to help senator mary landrieu who is in a runoff election? that doesn't happen until december with the runoff
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elections. here is her opponent bill cassidy. >> i think it's -- he could have brought this up any time he wanted. instead of bringing better jobs and benefits, construction jobs reslated to the pipeline, he didn't do it. the only jobe's interested in protecting pills senator mary landrieu's. martha: mike, other than helping landrieu, what are some of the other democratic priorities? >> some would like to weigh in on the u.s. military involvement in iraq. flips also a requesting for fighting ebola. >> i think that will be enough on our plate just to handle those issues. any one of those could end up exploding in ways we don't foresee right now. >> reporter: some democrats hoped for confirmation of a new
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attorney general but it's more and more likely that will slip to a new year and a new congress. martha: what about funding the government beyond december 11? what do you expect there? >> there seem to be to options. one a malls of any omnibus package to fund the government through next year and a short-term continuing resolution. i spoke to the senate appropriations committee about this money issue. >> i'm always opposed to continuing resolutions. they mean we haven't done tour work and they don't prioritize good spending from bad spending. i'm hopeful we are in an omnibus circumstance in which all 12 appropriation bills are considered and it's not just continuing current spending into the future. >> an interesting debate on the republican side. some republicans wants short-term deal so a new
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republican congress can take up issues early on. others would like certainty about the budget and what like the congress to attack other issuers in the new year. bill: republicans gain another seat in the u.s. senate. overnight republican dan you will van in alaska has been declared the winner over mark begich. when the tally came in. begich too far down to keep his spot. they picked up an 8th new raising its majority to 53. still jut standing, louisiana. martha: a space first this morning. a rocketship is going to try to do the unimaginable in just about an hour from now a probe is going attempt to land on a
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comet supplying through space. it's a move scientists are calling 7 hours of terror. the lander has been separated. it's released. the landing is between 7:00 and 10:00 eastern time. how lucky for us. we'll update you from the outer reaches of the solar system. that's coming up. bill: that new 4g network is outstanding. oh awkward moments in china. why china's leader refused to answer questions from the american media while standing trite next to president obama. martha: plus the man who killed usama bin laden, a gripping documentary premiered last
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night. why rob o'neal said he believed at the time this would be a one-way mission for him. >> it was more a mission of why we went, why it was noble and why we went. we are going on the most important mission since washington crossed that's worth it. martha: we'll have more on the navy seal who fired that fatal built on the most wanted man in the world. plus this ... [♪] bill: zac brown. good sounds. rocking out to honor our veterans. but some language by emnemg had the internet buzzing.
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we'll have more from the concert in the national mall in washington, d.c.
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president vladimir putin takes out a shawl and wraps it around the shoulders of the first lady. but the video is scrubbed from the media in china. her husband didn't like that. bill: president obama closing his meeting with the president in beijing. the chinese president refused to answer a direct question from the "new york times." and that was not all. they try and stage these summits in a way where there is no news or only the news they want to get out. what did you make of a question from the "new york times" that president obama answered at great length. but when they turned to the chinese president, he bypassed
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and he called on a chinese reporter. >> the president directed that question to the new york times as a reward for the "new york times" being some of the on them. d being soft on him. the "new york times" has never questioned the president the way they questioned the chinese president. it was the "new york times" grand standing. bill: the "new york times" are having a lot of problems in china and are two other american publications. the president saying i'm going to call on the newspaper you have issues with. what's wrong with that? >> it doesn't work. it's grand standing and guarantees the "new york times" won't get back in there in the future. vladimir putin, you have to
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whack in the face with a 2 which 4. a -- with a 2 x 4. we think because some chinese are unhappy with their government that they will be our friends. against an external threat they will unite against what they perceive as an external threat. the obama administration's failure to do its homework. its unir -- its unwillingness. like the secret letter to prawn beg for help. that would have been like sending the klu klux klan to ferguson, missouri to cool things down. in beijing it was the same lack of foresight. for domestic purposes he was
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rewarding the "new york times" and the chinese people are insulted. bill: how do you avoid a situation like that. do you just not take the question. you have the chinese president saying butt out of our affairs in hong kong. while you have got tens of thousands of people on the streets of hong kong pushing for more democracy. >> there are so many issues the president did engage on. he engaged on climate change. but what matters right now is the left of intellectual property. we saw the chinese fly a stealth fighter, the technology stolen by cyber thieves from our defense industry. we spend hundreds of billions of dollars developing tha and they
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just chinese theft. american technology. bill: there is word of the post office being hacked by china. the president had three conversations with vladimir putin. you say ukraine is about to get ugly. again? >> vladimir putin doesn't feel like he was really hurt. he will go for his third bite. take the donetsk airport, land bridge to crimea. he senses weakness. and bullies when they sense weakness they pile on. putin -- russia has been hurt by check sanctions somewhat. but putin's attitude is we are tougher than that. the russian people have been through a lot. putin is figuring he's going to drive this home.
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so unless we get really tough with them, it ain't going to change. martha: we are less than two hours she way from what could be an historic moment in space. an unmanned spacecraft attempting something that's never been done before. what could be the next big step for place exploration. many. bill: conservative groups, are they getting ready to tee up another big battle gejts irs? >> it give one pause to think there is interagency collusion against private citizens. it's the weaponnization of government.
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>> there is a local non-union group called the american council of employees that serves as a line of communication. that organization also expects to have a seat at the table. listen. my understanding is any policies announced will work with multiple employee organizations, not just recognize uaw pass the sole representation of the workers. >> reporter: in its announce -- vw said any employee at the plant could approach management with an idea or concern. but vw wanted to set guidelines for groups representing large up ins of employees who wanted to come to management with common interests or concerns. martha?
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martha: thank you very much. bill: snowstorms hitting millions of americans as temperatures dipped to bone-chilling levels. so who's next. martha: the firestorm continues over an obamacare architect saying the law was conceived to deceive voters because they were too up to i'd to figure it out in the end. but a second video emerged. is the white house going to weigh in or react to this? >> they have to lead the masses to the promised land and they can only do it by deception. that's what he said openly. we wanted to get the built, what he didn't ware how we did it so we lied about everything. p and . cold medicines open your nose over time, but add a breathe right strip and pow, it opens your nose up to 38% more.
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firsthand account of rob o'neil, "the man who killed usama bin laden." he described moments before the raid went down in pakistan. >> now we are hugging everyone. we all knew that the chances of dying were high. so just hugging the other guys, look at my brothers in the squadron -- i can only imagine it's like the feeling for pane nfl player before he runs on to the field. it's time to do my job. we got on the helicopters. we had a minute. we do the last things we do before we get upon for a long ride and we got on the helicopters. we were the fifth. we were the fdny, we were everyone.
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bill: later tonight o'neill will take us through the submission and how he became the trigger maine. president. it happened instantly. on friday of this week martha and i will sit down and talk to rob o'neill about this experience and so many questions about what's next his life and the process. >> martha: what made him come forward and speak out. a lot of people discussing all of that. we'll talk to rob o'neill. we are have much looking forward to that and you will see that friday. the architect of obamacare back pedals after calling the -- back peddling after calling the american people stupid. >> we are hearing the true voice
6:34 am
of liberal arrogance. they believe this. they believe the voters are soupered as he said. they believe -- they believe the voters are stupid and they have to lead the masses to the promised land and they can only do it by deception. martha: alan colmes, and brad blakeman, gentlemen, welcome, good to have you here. what do you think, alan? 0r. >> how many conservatives think liberals like me are stupid because we support barack obama. he shouldn't have said it. he gave a full-throat apology. they won't accept yes for an answer. i think a lot of people on the right probably think i'm soupered. i'm sure that's the view of a lot of people about the other side. martha: back to this point much whether it's part of a larger fabric of the way that this
6:35 am
administration looks at at american people, i want to pull up a quote from the bob schieffer interview with president obama. here is what he said when they talk about how they get their message across. he said i think we have not been successful in getting out there and letting the american people know what it is we want to do. the president said many times i know we don't always get our point across. but basically we are doing the right thing for the american people and sometimes they might not even realize it about it many right thing for them. >> it's not the right thing to dupe the american people and i don't think alan and his fellow democrats are dumb, i think they were duped. >> i'm stupid, i didn't understand it. >> he conned people. every person who voted for this democrat. not one republican voted for
6:36 am
obamacare, was complicit in this conspiracy and they jammed them, too, by putting through a 3,000-page bill with a gun to their heads and said vote on this. pelosi said we have to pass it so we can understand it. >> that's a fact. >> what pelosi said we can't know what's in it because the republicans are making so many changes. >> she says you have got to pass it so you cand the big, then you will love it. >> people do love it. martha: let's take a look at the exit polls. this is phrased this way. you're feeling about the healthcare law. this is a national exit polls. 48%, it went too far. 21% say it's about right. you have got 21%. americans who think this is a
6:37 am
good bill, that it serves them, alan. maybe they are not so stupid after all and neither is the supreme court. >> it's the 7 million to 8 million people who didn't have healthcare before month actually have it. it's not mat overpeople to keep what they had. if you ask people -- talk about the deception. the deception was calling it obama care rather than the affordable care act. >> the president calls it obamacare. >> he embraced it after the fact. republicans invented the word balk care to try to stigmatize it. surveys show -- a survey showed 63% of the people like obamacare. martha: there was a national poll that referred to it as the healthcare law.
6:38 am
the healthcare law. 48% said they did not like it. the signup is off by millions. so millions of americans who they thought were going to sign up from not signing up. >> 14 million people are expected to sign up in the next year, double what signed up the last year. martha: brad? >> this bill costs too much, cares too little fan they told us the truth it never would have passed. that's not for me. that's from the architect. it's not what he said pibt's what he did. he was complicit from the president on down to every democrat who voted for it perpetrating a massive fraud on the american people. they should nail this guy and everybody in a chain of command. >> also the person who worked
6:39 am
with mitt romney and romney care said the same thing. martha: he put out a comic book to the american people to explain it which we'll look at as well. alan, in terms of what the white house should do, should they talk about this or disown it? >> they should point out that if you go point by point on what obamacare has in it that most people favor the specific points in obamacare, no punishment for preexisting conditions. if you go point by point the polls show people like it. a number of people who poll against it want more progressive plan than the affordable care act. martha: i don't think anybody likes to be called stupid. i think it makes people feel uncomfortable to be tbawrkd this way. i think people feel most of congress didn't read the bill paint was put over on them and
6:40 am
they don't understand what's in the and how it will affect them. >> i think he will issue another apology. but the white house has not reacted to this. bill: lois lerner still has not testified and a federal judge dismissed another case. but will a republican-led congress bring new light to the irs targeting case? martha: a man trapped for days is rescued. but how did he get inside there in the first place. >> i couldn't handle three hours or three minutes, not three days. >> i don't know how you get behind a wall. >> i can't understand how that happened. 's right. it's just that i'm worried about you know "hidden things..." ok, why's that? no hidden fees, from the bank where no branches equals great rates.
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amerigallons of sugary3 billion beverages every year. over-consumption may link to obesity. but there is a better choice. drink more water, filtered by brita. clean, refreshing, nothing is better. martha: firefighters to the rescue. this time a man is stuck inside a wall. police say he may have been
6:44 am
there for as long as two days. he was in a marshall's department store. authorities say he may have tried to enter the store from the roof and got snuck the process. there is more to this story, i have a feeling. police are investigating as a case of possible trespassing. bill: less than two weeks after the judge tossed out the case. the republicans may take another swing at irs. you know that piece that was written by john boehner and mitch mcconnell. i don't know if they mentioned the targeting scandal in the irs. >> they were talking about the five major policy issues.
6:45 am
the first one being fundamental tax reform. if you want tax reform in terms of changing things in the tax code usual only doing half the job if you don't also go after the irs as an agency and pratt says by which it abiewtss the american taxpayer. bill: if they did not mention it, does not not suggest it's a priority? >> i don't think so as all. you have some new incoming chairman in the senate who are known for being willing to take on the i.r.s. and we have new leadership in the house committees that have been conducting the investigation. i'm hoping representative jim jordan who has been relentless and was responsible initially for getting the inspector general report about the targeting. i hope he's the chairman
6:46 am
oversight. i hope them redouble their effort to get the irs to tell the truth. the justice department has not done knowing enforce the contempt citation. all i'm saying is -- bill: as you list all that, i'm wondering, does this diamonds. >> i think let's just do this rope a dope, string it along. bill: it it dying on behalf of republicans? is that what you are afraid of? >> sure, i'm heels afraid of that except i don't think that's the case. i think these republicans do care about getting to the bottom of this. we have new leadership. the senate republicans have not been allowed to pursue the investigation. they got a white wash from senate democrats. i guess what i'm doing is trying
6:47 am
to encourage what i think are the natural tendencies of these new leaders. we'll know a lot by who get gets elected as the chairman of the oversight committee. bill: you believe congress should investigate targeting based on polite calculate contributions. and irs seizure of assets without due process. disclose our of taxpayer information to the media. >> the last word in their name is service. i think the irs has forgotten its role is to serve, not abuse american taxpayers. bill: what happens with lois lerner? does that case go anywhere? >> those are great questions the
6:48 am
senate judiciary committee should ask. but i think that the house should file a proceeding in federal court in washington and pursue enforcement of that resolution of contempt against lois lerner. i don't think it's appropriate to rely on the executive branch of the government to decide whether congress can enforce executive action against an employmentee who lies to congress. i think house should go after those things independently. >> look for the clues to see where they go with this. we can start look right now. 11 minutes before the hour. >> we are getting a look at amazing video that has come into fox from syria. take a look. it appears to be an incredibly heroic little boy who put his life on the line as a sniper
6:49 am
pinned down a girl behind a car. we'll show you how this has a happy ending. bill: trouble parking your car? try landing on a comet. a spacecraft is on its way to be the first ever to land on a comet, hurtling through space. can they do it? we are about to find out. martha: a lot of math involved in this. female narrator: for over 60,000 california foster children,
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bill: we have an arctic chill spreading across the midwest and rockies. some areas picked up 16 inches of snow. this time of year is even cold for minnesota. take a look at this.
6:53 am
the arctic air is on the move. some regions will go from record warm to record cold in fewer than 48 hours. freezing temperatures expected as far south as georgia. janice dean says don't call it a polar vortex yet. martha: trying to land a spacecraft on a it rockets through space at 41,000 miles an hour. rosetta space probe approaching the 200-mile-wide spacecraft. it's a journey that began 10-20 years ago. it comes from the european space agency. they just tweeted out from this moving coat -- i'm just kidding -- they are an hour away from connecting, landing on this 2-mile-wide comet.
6:54 am
i think this is an amazing project just from the pure physics and math it sounds like a complicated word problem. you have got tap comet travel at 41,000 miles an hour and you want to land on it. how do you do it? >> the engineers make things possible. figuring out that problem is not easive. trying to do things -- a ball is thrown at you fast and you drive in a car. but you try to react quickly. you fly formation, a couple hundred miles an hour. in space we rented the hubbell space telescope. this is 41,000 miles an hour. so you have got to match the and i are. the relative motion between the two is zero. relative top each other we are
6:55 am
going zero. that's what it takes to make that landing. it's landing on a comet that doesn't have have much gravity. but on a coat there is not that much gravity. they will have to land on it and hook into it and grab it. this is a complicated engineering problem. we are doing it without people there if there are any problems. people are controlling it as best they can. but it's a magnificent accomplishment. i hope they are successful. >> and these people were almost 20 years younger. $1.6 billion to try to make this happen. what are they going to do once they get there? what is the mope? >> comets have been swinging around our solar system for a long time and they contain element, water, dust, that we think might have been used to form the earth, to form life.
6:56 am
the element that keep us alive. it could very well have come from comets. that's what they are hoping to find out. it might give us elemental information. martha: this connection is expected to happen at 10:30 eastern time. we have a live connection with the european space station and we'll tell you when this moment happens and if it's successful. >> i hope it works. great to have you here today. bill: president obama cutting a controversial clive mat deal in china. but did america get the shortened of that deal. -- get the short end of that deal? [♪] martha: "fortunate son." a lot of controversy at this of. but the finale of that show
6:57 am
sparked a fury on all the platforms of social media. we'll tell what you happened when we come back in america's newsroom. iprise asked people a simple question:
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in retirement, will you outlive your money? uhhh. no, that can't happen. that's the thing, you don't know how long it has to last. everyone has retirement questions. so ameriprise created the exclusive..
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confident retirement approach. now you and your ameripise advisor can get the real answers you need. well, knowing gives you confidence. start building your confident retirement today. martha: we are getting dramatic new video out of syria purportedly showing a little boy attempting to rescue a girl under heavy sniper fire. an activist group posted this and we can't independently confirm it. you can see the boy appears to go downed that gunfire and collapse but he's still have much alive. and we'll show you what he does next this incredible moment. that's coming up. first we want to get to this. did the white house give away the store to china and get nothing in return? a new climate change agreement has the u.s. setting stringent new goals to slash coal
7:01 am
emissions at home while china gave up very little in the deal. glad to have you with us. bill: top republicans pushing back, warning the cost will be fewer american jobs and a stagnant economy. but president obama calls the deal a major success. >> this is a major pile snoant u.s.-china relationship. it shows what's possible when we work together on an urgent global challenge. martha: incoming senate majority leader mitch mcconnell blasted the agreement saying this unrealistic plan the president would dump on his successor would insure higher utility rates and far fewer jobs. let's talk to stuart varney. there were a number of agreements that were struck. but look at this climate change deal, the u.s. will cut its
7:02 am
emissions 28% to 2% by 2025. we are going to go up and up until 2030. but we are going peak there and who knows what happens next. >> this is a lopsided deal. this is a total cave on the part of president obama to his chinese counter part. we are going to accelerate the cutting of our emissions. we have even bolder targets to start cutting now. can china doesn't have to do anything. they can keep on polluting at this currents level and increase their emissions for 15 years. all they agreed to do is peak their emission in 2030. we cut, they don't. when it comes to the money we'll pay for this. our utility bills will go up and it will copps us jobs. it doesn't cost the chinese anything. they pay nothing for this
7:03 am
so-called agreement. it is totally one-sided. the left says america is setting an example and other countries will feel pressured to come up with better emission standards. won't china also set an example of how to do nothing and get away with it? martha: i remember the kyoto agreement, the president didn't want that deal because the chinese weren't going to go for the deal. we have this situation where president obama is putting us in the forefront of cutting emissions yet one of the world's largest global polluters is not in the deal at all. i know the coal companies at home are none too happy with this either, i would imagine. >> the president has gone over our heads to do this. he's going to make new rules and regulations through the epa, not through congress, not through the elected representatives of
7:04 am
the people, he's going through the epa. over our heads. not consulting the will of the people so he can get this totally lopsided cave-in deal. >> martha: stuart, thank you very much. if you are not sure where to watch fox business network log oon to bill: congress is back in action. the republican senators meeting with leader mitch mcconnell. an introduction to the ways of the senate. meanwhile, democratic majority leader harry reid is considering a vote on the keystone pipeline during the lame duck session. they say he's on doing it to help mary landrieu win in the
7:05 am
run-off election. steve hayes, good morning to you. alaska declared for the republicans and sullivan wins over mark begich. we ar -- they are at plus 8. it could be plus 9. they did a test vote and they had 11 democrats vote for it. if harry reid does it now, does it matter? >> i don't think it matters a lot. >> they will i think put mary landrieu at the center of everything that happens with respect to keystone. they will call up the consent vote. and i think it will pass. what matters is what the president does, what matters is
7:06 am
what the white house decides. we heard from the president last tuesday that he's not pushing quickly to get anything done. bill: so it passes. does that affect landrieu's chances? she is running against bill cassidy. here is what he had to say last night about that. >> i think it 7 incredibly cynical. -- i think it's incredibly cynical. could have brought this up any time he wished. instead of bringing construction jobs and benefits related to the pipeline he doesn't do it. the only jobe's interested in protecting is the reelection of mary landrieu. >> i think cassidy is more likely to win than mary landrieu. it's a weaker argument thaibt would have been a month aago.
7:07 am
she could have made the argument before t i don't think it matters that much. on ought outrage meter, this one doesn't score very high on me that the democrats are doing this in lame duck. it's politicians politics. >> steve, thank you. steve hayes there in washington. we have got to roll. martha: we want to go back to this incredible video supposedly showing a little boy rescuing a girl who was opinioned down under sniper fire. the boy appears to be shot dead while running. he falls to his knees and collapses. but he's also faking it so the snipers will stop shooting at him. when it's quiet he ducks behind the car and then this happens.
7:08 am
the kids make a run for it as the bullets kick up the dust around them. we can't independently verify the authenticity of this video. 11,000 children have died in syria including hundreds targeted by snipers. just to imagine what it's like to live in a place like this where children are running around the streets being shot at by snipers. children who have no involvement in what's going on politically in area is an astonishing way to grow up. bill: think about how many reporters are not in that country because it's too dangerous to be there. how many more images of a graphic nature we would be watching. he survived a war zone in afghanistan but died on the
7:09 am
streets of los angeles. one person under arrest in connection with the murder of a young army veteran. francisco garcia was gunned down on a sidewalk after he left a party over the weekend. >> he's an army veteran. my heart was struck when he would go abroad to serve our country, and then come back to die on our streets is really just wrenching. it's gut wrenching. bill: adam housley is live in l.a. how did this happen? > >> reporter: i was questioning about the security in l.a. streets and streets across the country. he survived conflicts as a soldier only to come home and die on the streets of his own neighborhood. garp see a was in his fiancee's home. at 2:00 in the morning they
7:10 am
moved the party up the street where he was targeted shot and killed. he recently returned from a tour of duty in afghanistan. hundreds of mourners gathered on that same sidewalk. all heartbroken over the death of a man they celebrated hours earlier. >> he risked his life for our country and to die by someone who he protected. >> it's sad. he survived afghanistan and came out here and didn't survive. >> reporter: earlier in the evening there had been a disagreement and detectives say it likely had to do with a rivalry between two fogging groups. vincent estrada has been arrested in connection with this. according to detectives he returned back armed with a weapon after this disagreement looking for francisco. he's being held in lax on $1 million bail. a very sad story.
7:11 am
bill: adam housley in los angeles. martha: there have been a barrage of attacks in the media targeting presidential advisor valerie jarett. bill: inside that vehicle the driver up to his neck in water and trapped by his own seat belt, moments from drowning as those by standers * struggle to set him free. martha: a gripping documentedry on "the man who killed usama bin laden." navy seal robert o'neilll ... >> the more rer we trained on it the more we realized this is going to be a one-way mission.
7:12 am
we'll go and we won't come back.
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
bill: some dallas city workers jump into action to rescue a man trapped in his pickup truck. watch this. the pickup plunged into a creek sliding deeper with each passing minute np nell was up to his neck in water. >> the truck was snriegd, water
7:16 am
was building up in the cab. he was having a seizure or heart attack. i said, dude, he needs help. bill: they cut his seat belt and dragged him to safety. the driver suffered some kind of medical emergency. martha: several recent articles refer to president obama's top advisors calling valerie jarrett the whisperer to a spy. they say the right hand to the president has too much control. new republic magazine saying she went to whatever meeting she wanted to go to, whisper to the president. people don't trust the process, they think she's a spy. are the charges fair or is jarett becoming the white house scapegoat? joining us is howard kurtz.
7:17 am
let's go through this piece by piece. one of the charges was criticizing valley jarrett is sexist. that she is being attacked because she is spa woman. >> there is not syllable of sexism in any of these charges. this is being led b by msnbc. lots of male officials in various administrations have been the target of harsh criticism. we can debate whether the criticism is fair but there is no need to play the gender card. bill: you think of don reagan, both of whom were said to be isolating the president. whether that criticism was
7:18 am
warranted we don't know. i fail to see how it's sexist. i think it undermines the power of her position to point to that in many ways. but the next question becomes the media pile-on. this has been out in the mix for a long time. why now? why are we getting this from all these publications? >> because the democrats do the creamed. when a politician is in trouble you call for people to be fired. you call for scalps. calling valerie jarrett the scapegoat-in-chief. she has been a lightning rod for a long time because she is a personal pal of the first couple and is seen as keeping the president in a protective bubble. because she comes off as a blind loyal defender of her boss and she has been known to cut off
7:19 am
outside activists. this notion and the political headline accepted fire valerie jarrett. that political piece written by a woman. martha: i wonder if there is internal politics that are pushing this story and whether there are people who tblorkt administration who are tired of valerie jarett and want her out. >> no question about it, the knives will out for valerie jarrett. officials taking shots at her saying her role is toxic. but i have to ask those question for those to shea she would go do something else, the white house would be a better place. she has too much power and keeps the president in a protecteddive bubble. if she is not good fat division thing. who is it that sets that up?
7:20 am
who wants it that way? it's the commander-in-chief. it should be obama cite sized for how he structures his white house. the white house does have exhausted aides and does need fresh blood. this idea of shooting at the aides, people inside the beltway love to do this but it's kinds of a game. martha: he has the people closest to him he wants closest to him. bill: 20 past. the obamacare architect saying he regrets calling american voters stiewmp i'd. but apparently he did it twice. why did he create a how-to comic book to he will straight how obamacare worked? plus we'll have this. [♪] martha: the biggest names in
7:21 am
music hit the stage to honor our veterans. the artist that ended the night was a little bit controversial. we'll talk about that coming up. ♪ got bless the usa nineteen years ago, we thought, "wow, how is there no way to tell the good from the bad?" so we gave people the power of the review. and now angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. you can easily buy and schedule services from top-rated providers. conveniently stay up to date on progress. and effortlessly turn your photos into finished projects with our snapfix app. visit today. ♪
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♪ >> so that is how kicked it off last night essentially, veterans day. that song has some people talking today. hundreds of thousands, this 800,000 were on the mall for the concert, star-studded concert, broadcast on hbo. some of the biggest names in music performed. uh:lt'me]v2ívf;áí/ wo
7:26 am
7:27 am
7:28 am
and people disaffected them. now we have a current war on terror. we walked down fifth avenue and all the men and women in uniform and so many people waiting to them and thanking them and buying a beer at the bar, that is how our country has changed. martha: all right, fox news
7:29 am
alert now, it is winding down. brand-new images of this mission to drop a spacecraft on a speeding comet. speeding comet. was it so ally bank really has no hidden fees on savings accounts? that's right. it's just that i'm worried about you know "hidden things..." ok, why's that? no hidden fees, from the bank where no branches equals great rates. because i make the best chicken noodle soup.
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7:32 am
bill: put a hands on some brand-new video out of turkey, a protester roughing up a u.s. sailor. we don't know a lot about this, but we believe they are chanting
7:33 am
yankee, go home. and then a bag over his head. said they should leave the country of turkey. we are working through this video. when we get more weakness plan what what in the world this is. martha: scientific temper intola comet traveling 40 times faster than a speeding bullet. it is two decades in the making and we will know in the next moment whether or not they're able to to land this successfully $1.6 billion a lot of scientists engineering going into this. joining us now from miami. there must be a lot of nervous folks watching this and helping that it works moments away. >> anxieties huge right now
7:34 am
worldwide. any minute now it will either land successfully on the comet or bounce off in ruins. since this 300 million miles from earth, radio transmission takes about 30 minutes to get here, so the space agency is not expect to learn one way or the other until 11:00 a.m. eastern time. here is the first pictures sent this morning as a separated from the mothership and moments ago sent this showing it descending. it began 10 years ago with the rosetta spacecraft slingshot space and mars to catch up with the comet, that revealed the strange shape. this ball of rock and ice 200 miles wide by two and half miles long. at this moment they'r there trag 84,000 miles an hour.
7:35 am
martha: how exactly is this supposed to connect and land? >> this is ridiculously hard, a lot is on the line. this never been done before by humans. the landing zones on one of the smoother spots which is very hard to find. here's where this gets really dicey. for this to work it has to land and simultaneously harpoon and screw itself into the comet to keep from bouncing off in microgravity. this morning it shows the thrusters on his head are not working. we will see if it is enough to make this mission a success. everything happening at 11:00 a.m. eastern. keep in mind once or ryan gets
7:36 am
up and running for nasa, the first mission is to replicate this with astronauts on a comet. martha: thank you very much. bill: the architect of obamacare trying to explain it. he says the comments were off the cuff. if that is the case, why has he now said it on two different occasions which mark >> what if instead half of the insurance companies did that? why does it matter? you will see. bill: now he said that apparently we have found twice a month of october a year ago. how are you, sir, ca good mind o
7:37 am
you. gentlemen, good mooring. he is tried to explain this and said this yesterday, i think this comes the master strategy of the republican party, which is to confuse people enough about the laws so don't understand the subsidies they are getting is because of the law. can he explain away what in the world his trying to communicate to the "stupid american people"? >> there are a couple of videos that came out a couple of months ago in which he slickly said the case of the challengers and that putting the case they held before the supreme court that they were right, obamacare does not authorize the exchange. calling other people liars and other people's integrity and question but he is the one exit boasting about how obamacare was dishonest.
7:38 am
bill: it is insulting to everyone whether you like it or not. >> he is an academic so he is not a political person to give him a little bit of flak. once that is pretty clear is the voters do kind of understand what is going on. the unpopularity of the law is to the fact a lot are paying the hidden taxes he is describing or facing them in the future and they are realizing that and are pretty unhappy about it. to some degree the voters may not be quite as i informed as you think. they are figuring out they are paying a lot more. bill: health care reform, here it is in illustration. here's what he said about it yesterday. >> the commons were made an economic conference speaking
7:39 am
off-the-cuff and i spoke inappropriately i regret having made those comments. >> at a conference hearing was one of those guys who went to members of congress to help them draft legislation. he was that deep into it. >> hits on this before where he claims it was off-the-cuff vessey showed in the second tape, is they lined get mentioned a number of different times. it is not just hits you, by the way. one of the reasons they believe the government has to control the health care system is they strongly believe believe in explicitly believe americans aren't competent make decisions for themselves bid you have to control the health dollars on your behalf because if you do it, if you control those dollars you will make bad decisions. that is the fundamental philosophy he hide medicare and medicaid and a lot of other programs, that is why a lot of people aren't happy about it. bill: we know about subsidies to the states.
7:40 am
we will get another significant morning of obamacare ruling by the supreme court maybe toward the end of next june. making the point last hour all these debates with republicans controlled congress, guess what is going to come up. these videos and these words, and at the moment who knows how many more are out there. >> he has been speaking quite a bit, lots of videos, probably more to come. they get is what is to happen next. of the supreme court sites that, it could be what we do after that. it'll take a republican congress put pressure back on them. , with alternatives not so governmental don't treat citizens as i informed people but trust him to make the decisions. they need to do that. bill: we will speak again. see what information is next from the white house. thank you.
7:41 am
martha: the man who killed usaa bin laden going on the record now for mission to take out the most wanted man in the world. >> we all knew the chances of dying were very high. so looking at my brother's name the squadron; imagine a feeling of a tunnel in the nfl game before he goes out in front of the people. it is time to do my job. bill: a new stunt for you, america. it is the epic hot air balloon switch now available. martha: not going to happen.
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
martha: it is an amazing special, part one aired last night, interview is in the world the navy seal who shot usama bin laden. talk about training for dangerous mission that he ultimately did not think any of them would survive. >> we would have moments we would joke around and laugh and then we would shake our heads and think let's get serious. it was more of we're going to die eventually, this is worth it to kill him. >> you heard there were some other options, to any part of you hope the president picked when it did not require sending you to possibly die? >> the thought was there, but we wanted to go, we really wanted to do this.
7:46 am
just to be part of something so historic, you can't ask for more. there have been some sort of relief? maybe. but we wanted him bad. doesn't get any better. this is why we are here. we are at war because of this guy, now we're going to go get him. martha: fox's maturity analyst, and he joins us now. what do you think of what you saw so far? >> i think it was extremely well produced, it is a compelling story that is told with a lot of drama, suite is something i think the american people if they watch it, they will see first and foremost last night how rigid seal training is, what those guys have to do to get through the process let alone
7:47 am
windup in a special unit. so it was very dramatic television. martha: 11 thei love how in the beginning because what how he didn't know how to swim so he could keep up with the rest of the guys once he signed up. it sounds to me like you have some issues with him sharing this story. what are they? >> first and foremost is that he is language last night where he said they eventually will read us in. if you are talking being read in, those words mean special compartment information program, the military calls it special access program, but th special, recommended elements that means
7:48 am
it is not confidential, secret or top secret, you break things down and have an extreme criteria i need to know. when you are "read in," you say document laying out what will happen to i you if you violate that document and when it is over, you are read out & again and say this is what will happen, you have to keep your mouth shut, don't ever talk about this the rest of your life even if it comes public you're not supposed to talk about it because you are verifying something at which is just as bad as disposing it. so when i am certain the mission to take down usama bin laden was a program, that would have been so closely held, and so now out talking about it, too many closures that came out recently
7:49 am
in talking about the quiet professionals telling everybody look, guys, this is turning into a mess, everybody has to keep their mouth shut. martha: there is an argument for telling this story because it is such a huge piece of history. when you watch it you feel like he could be your next-door neighbor, he could be anybody. i really do. i really do feel hearing his story shows americans the bravery involved in this mission and for so many veterans. we are running out of time, but thank you, great to have you with us. tune in tonight for part two, of the interview at 10:00 p.m. eastern tonight. on friday we will sit down and talk to him about his story as well, that will air on friday. satan for that, we are looking forward to that.
7:50 am
bill: so here comes the future, can this robot save your life? you are about to find out. martha: we will see. ♪ bulldog: oooh!
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7:54 am
the nfl. how are you? >> good. bill: nice to see you back. this is made by google through boston dynamics that google owns. what cap this do? >> lot more than balance on a block, can walk, climb stairs. last year during a competition run by the government, advanced research project, defensive and research project. it could cut through a door that has been locked. what they're doing is trying to find a robot that can be a first responder. in a disaster situation, send in the robots first who will not just look around and report back but will go in and save lives. bill: that's kind of freaky though. is the robot making the
7:55 am
decisions in real time or if you are the controller of the robot are utah in the robot what to do? >> i think that hasn't been decided yet but what if communication breaks and if it is trained to hear a voice and respond to get to that person without harming someone. the hero six is about soft robots, that is that even a joke because part of the developments is to find robots that will not harm humans in these kind of situations. we talked about google before i got on. they have bought eight robotics companies to bring together all of this technology to maybe make the ultimate robot. bill: you are arguing the robot could save our life one day. >> look at that thing and it is kind of scary looking. as big as a man, this not have any warm, fuzzy future. if you are trapped and it can break its way through the door, lifted up or help you, the
7:56 am
balancing is not a trick, that means like a person that can walk over an uneven surface and make it to you and save your life. bill: aphis itself, how far advanced is it? how would you characterize that? >> they make advancements like every six months will see a video but it will be years before we see these guys out in the field. we have time and i will probably look a lot friendlier. bill: great to see you. martha: a daring diamond heist that have a broad daylight sparking manhunt for to go on robbers caught on his felicity appeared we will show you what happened coming up. that's why i went pro. go pro with crest pro-health. for an intensive clean. i can really feel it deep cleaning my mouth. for a 4x better clean try these products together. that was a great check up. i'my body doesn't work the way it used to.
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8:00 am
for us they recorded it. pretty cool. we have showed some very bad hot air balloon stories. bill: have a great day, folks. martha: see you tomorrow. >> congress came back to business today beginning a lame duck session a laundry list of unfinished work in my salesmanship democrats may have bold plans after losing control of the senate may decisive midterm elections. welcome. heather: after years and years of delays, senate democrats may allow a vote this year on a controversial issue. we're talking with the keystone pipeline and the reason for this, to help louisiana


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