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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 12, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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comment tonight. thanks for being with us tonight. see you tomorrow night 7 p.m. eastern. dan sullivan will join us to go "on the record." good night. o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> we have a special responsibility it to lead the global effort against climate change. that's why today i am proud that we can announce historic agreement. >> but some critics say china's conning the u.s. on the climate change issue. tonight, we will take a hard look at that accusation. >> i think that this comes to master strategy. >> one of the architects of obamacare who had admitted the law was intentionally deceptive now says the republicans are to blame. we have a follow-up. [bleep] make some mother [bleep] noise. >> also tonight why on earth would you you invite a vile rap tore celebrate veterans day? this is what you got?
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>> pass [bleep] veterans day. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. why most americans did in the vote in last week's election. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. well, the statsy in, compiled by the university of florida. last week's vote had the lowest turnout in 72 years. just over 36% of americans went to the polls. giving the republican party a resounding victory as you know. in 43 states, less than half of the eligible voters showed up. maine had the highest voter participation, indiana the lowest. according to exit polling, the vote broke down this way. women cast 51% of the ballots, men 49%. 7 5% were white. 12% black.
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8% hispanic asian. >> 18 to 29. very low turnout. 43% of those who voted ages 45 to 64. according to a new gallup poll, 53% of american adults want republicans in congress to lead the nation. just 36% want president obama to continue leading. it's worth noting that in 2006, 61% of the voters wanted the democrats to lead. just 31% threw in with president bush. now, what's going on? talking points believes the american public is basically jaded, all the political strife has alienated many voters. they don't like anybody in politics. also, the machines. of the machines. are taking people away from reality. as we see with our weekly watters world segment, some americans don't know anything. think don't care to know. lost in cyberspace creating phony worlds in which they can escape responsibility. do not underestimate how
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these machines are changing the way americans participate in the political process. 2 00 years from now, 800% of population will control the other 80%. the machine addiction is just going to get worse. george orwell was right on. these days politicians are play fog a very narrow audience. unless you have a breakout political guy like barack obama who is african-american's status caught everybody's attention, election day is becoming passe. however, i do expect heavy interest in a 2016 presidential race because of hillary clinton. she is a polarizing figure and could become the first woman to win the presidency. everyone will know that's in play. but as far as the off year elections, forget about it. americans have checked out. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. are we being conned again by the obama administration? in china, president obama has announced that the u.s.a. and the chinese will work together work toke to cut carbon emission thought
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by many to provoke global warming. some say it's historic, others say it's a huge con. conservative blog red are are you a nonbeliever in global warming mr. erickson. >> i think the world has been warming and cooling for several billion years. i would put myself in the natural phenomenon camp. >> you feel it's a cycle of nature. carbon emissions have nothing to do with it. >> if they have something to do with it, minuscule. >> okay. now you know that runs counter to most scientific opinion and you know it is an opinion. as i always say foolish to get upset about it and say definitively one way or the other. but i think you and-and everybody else would agree that it's better to have a cleaner planet. the less fossil fuel in the air the less gook in the air the better for everyone. you would agree with a that. >> i think so. everyone supports a clean
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planet. >> not everyone. believe me, not everyone so we enter then the chinese and americans. why do you believe that this historic announcement from president obama yesterday is a con? >> well, because under the terms of the agreement, we will be cutting our emissions over the next 11 years and china will be doing exactly nothing. there was a news report out from november of 2012 that china expected its emissions to keep growing until 2013 at which point they would start declining naturally because of industry efficiency. and guess what? china, under this agreement, is saying it will do nothing but expects that its eemissions will begin to decline. >> that's not exactly what they say. they say try to cut emissions about 30% by the year 20035. and the obama administration is wanting it cut then by 26 and 28%. i love that. 26 to 28. i can't just say 28. by 20025. but there is no binding agreement that they have to
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do anything either side, right? >> yeah. there is no binding agreement. and, bill, keep in mind, we have already reduced emissions due to fracking and other reasons to below are what the 2005 industry emissions were. as for china's part it's wild widely believed that decline is going to happen without the government doing anything in china. because by 201330 most of chinese old industry plants will have been made more efficient so they will get those efficiencies automatically. >> i don't trust the chinese anyway on anything they say. >> right. but the important thing is there is nothing in writing. this was all we agreed and a little thing. there is no document. >> this was a change the conversation from the last week election. >> but it does give propaganda though to president obama. he can look very statesman like and i'm doing -- i'm the global warming warrior. china are the worst polluters on earth. and the president then ginns
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up his base. a lot of father bent father bent liberals. >> he is now going to lose louisiana senate seat which was dubious to begin with. mary landrieu on a state dependent on fossil fuel production. it's going to be hit now. she is in a runoff. this isn't going to help her. earlier today 3:00 p.m. on the floor of the senate demanding that they approve the keystone xl pipeline which she hasn't done for six years. now you have got this baggage from the president. it's bad politics. >> i want a cage match between the senator and darryl hannah if you approve the pipeline, ms. hannah is going to be boo side herself. look, this is an interesting stat that my staff came up with researching your appearance here. there have been no
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restrictions on u.s. power plants, none. all right? under beings cysting u.s. law. so right now it's all a matter of bloviation. it's all a matter of rhetoric. there really isn't any cut back at all. and each if you you use the chamber of commerce estimate of 30 billion a year that the obama administration has had to rangle out of the fossil fuel industry. it's at 0.2% of the gross domestic product. it's all a bunch of blather. really nothing is being done on this front. >> bill, this goes to another big point. the democrats have been using the phrase the fierce urgency of now. we need a moral immediate demand that people do something. and even in the best case scenario for the president. is he stretching this out for 11 years. there is no now here. >> no. and there is no paper. there is no mandate. there is no inspections. you know, iran is going to sign this, too. you know, they will be next. >> but he has lost a lot of coal though in coal country over these sorts of things
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and they have had regulatory impact on coal production. >> the coal industry is going to have to wise up and get cleaner. you know. they are going to have to do that because we do have to have a cleaner country and cleaner planet. not to say that they should be onerous and not as you put it should be tomorrow. i think we have the technology now to make clean coal and we have got to convert to that even if it is expensive. mr. erickson, thank you. next on the rundown, did the national media ignore the explosive obamacare statements made by mit professor? we'll find out. later miller's trip to china and satanic coloring book. factor is coming right back. woman: everyone in the nicu -- all the nurses wanted to watch him when he was there 118 days.
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exact segment tonight it, as the factor reported l.s.u. night. jonathan gruber one of the architects of obamacare who
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was actually paid 400,000 bucks by the government to consult on a project told economists at the university of pennsylvania the whole thing was deceitful. dr. gruber saying fordable healthcare act is actually a giant tax but the obama administration would not present it that way. that bombshell dropped on monday, joining us now from washington to analyze how the national tv media apart from fox news covered it, howard kurtz. so they really didn't cover it, did they. >> it's been a virtual blackout, bill. inexcusable, nothing on the network evening newscast. one mention on cnn. not a words in the "new york times." on what planet is this kind of embarrassing admission not news maybe on that comet where the spaceship just landed. >> let me just run down cbs evening news on monday night. the time that the story broke. no coverage, abc no coverage. abc no coverage. cnn one mention on the program called lead. tuesday morning on the morning shows, with three
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hours sometimes editorial time. cbs this morning no coverage. abc good morning america no coverage but i understand renee zellwegger did get another eyebrow lift so that took 45 minutes. can you understand why good morning america didn't cover. nbc today show no coverage. cnn new day no coverage. we don't even count msnbc. they are not a news organization. okay. >> well, i sometimes sit here and tell you, you know, they were consumed with other stories, but nobody in america has ebola anymore. >> now, look, part of this is your fault, kurtz. i'm not joking. for years it was like 75 years, you were are the media writer for the "the washington post" all right is that correct? >> that is correct. >> since world war i you were there. i remember you used to rake me over the coals sometimes. but you, very rarely, if ever, accused the media of a left wing bias. all right? you didn't do it. >> i got hammered aa lot of
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accusing the media of not covering stories that farstd the left. i will will send you the clips. >> i never saw in your column. do you that and i will just put them in the mail thing and i will read it tomorrow. but, i very rarely saw i never saw but i will take your word for it but you didn't pound like bernie goldberg does and a few others that the media is a liberal close sis colossus and filtered through the national media. you dent get the news if it goes against the liberal orthodoxy. this is proof. this is sleuth proof. >> i cannot argue this. i think it's gotten more pronounced during the obama administration and by the way you mentioned msnbc. jonathan gruber goes on afternoon show there and talks to row than pharaoh who has zero journalistic experience. >> we invited dr. gruber on. he has been on before. he turned us down. if you are dr. gruber who
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are you going to face? some kid who is 14 years old or me? come on. >> my 9-year-old daughter could have conducted a better interview with jonathan gruber. >> he knew that and that's why he went there. >> he says he acted inappropriately. pharaoh doesn't say what do you mean by that? do you stand by the comments. nuances. >> the story isn't dr. gruber. i think dr. gruber is a patriot for finally telling the truth to the people. the story is that we have a free the press was designed by the founding fathers to hold those n power accountable for what they do. the doctor asserts as, he? a position to know. that obamacare legislation was deceitful was a fraud. it was put together the supreme court justice, john roberts ruled it constitutional based on a tax. okay? so, roberts saw the ruiz
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that the obama administration did. he should have punished the obama administration but he didn't. what i am trying to tell is you you contributed this as the "the washington post" media writer because this has been going on for decades and finally it's broken open. >> gruber apologized. well, he has apologized for committing cancer. >> he apologized for telling the truth now he can't get invited into cock fail parties in boston and cambridge he is mit. wander the streets now, howard. watch foreign films. he can't have white wine on braddle street anymore. >> yeah. he won't get invited to those parties. >> i thought the media would come around but still ignored it. >> you live in the land of oz. howard kurtz, everybody.
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laura ingraham continues her analysis. i think she is peeved at me. protesters in ferguson, missouri gearing up for michael brown shooting. they are demanding the police do what they want. wait until you hear this. those reports after thesese messages. slowing metabolism? i don't think so. great grains protein blend. protein from natural ingredients like seeds and nuts. it helps support a healthy metabolism. great grains protein blend.
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i'm just looking over the company bills.up? is that what we pay for internet? yup. dsl is about 90 bucks a month. that's funny, for that price with comcast business, i think you get like 50 megabits.
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>> listen, according to all the polls, most americans want some kind of solution, fair minded humane solution for the 12 minute illegal aliens that are here. >> let's start with that fact that's skewed. here is what the exit poll said, bill. 80% of americans. more than two thirds of americans. more than three quarters immigration enforcement. they want jobs that go to americans before jobs going to foreigners. we have failing schools. we have a border overrun still. we have wage stagnation in the country. and you claim it is hard right to believe in immigration enforce wanted. >> you are twisting my words. >> you called me hard ride and one of those people hard line on it. >> give hard right before. you said i'm one of those people. >> you want a mass deportation. most americans do not support that. >> i know you are going to do that. that's a cute trick. >> you said it. >> what i am saying is that
5:23 pm
if you are a a country and you say that we cannot deport people deporting people is off the table nobody is saying we can't deport people. >> right now, bill, i think the fanatical position is when we have stagnating wages and we have 9 million americans operating outside of the workforce, the fanatical position is to say we need more cheap labor, doubling the number of guest workers as it says so in the senate bill and we need to work with obama on an immigration solution. the mainstream position is to say, look, we are a nation of immigrants, absolutely. we should have legal immigration when it works for the country. but we have to take care of american workers and legal immigrants first. >> both ms. laura and i agree that before anything happens, the border has to be secured with a military presence and tough fence to get over. you agree, i agree. that's a separate bill by the way. that's a sprit bill, that
5:24 pm
comes first then after that comes, after that happens. that bill is signed. then they can take a look, all right? they can take a look at how to handle the 12 million who are here. many who have american children. should illegal aliens been offered chance to apply for legal status. 57% say yes. most of those are republicans. deported to the country they came from, 39% that's your position. 1.7 million immigrants that are allowed to come into the country. 700,000 guest workers, about 1 million green card holders get green cards given every year. that's 1.7 million. when people know that and then they think wait a second, the senate bill is going to triple the number of guest workers over i think 30 years the ultimate number, ends up being 30 million people. people are like, what?
5:25 pm
how are we going to do that my point again, so people understand. why point is we are a country. we have borders. one of the tools of enforcement is -- is deportation. it doesn't mean you are going to wound up 12 million people. i never said that it does mean you are going to have to deport people, including criminal aliens which now we are releasing. >> anybody who commits a crime here illegally is gone and never comes back. >> they are being released now bill. they are being released by the obama administration. hard line? critics of that i will tell you. what you are hopped up about the enforcement and i'm with you on that. so you you put the border and then you make it a felony to hire anyone in the country that's not an -- doesn't have a green card. >> all right. bill, but who campaigned. fine, who campaigned on the senate races. who campaigned on working with obama on administration. name the republican. >> nobody. >> right.
5:26 pm
so there is no mandate to work with obama on immigration. >> the mandate is. >> look after the american people. >> mandate win the presidency in 2016. >> that's what it is about now we are getting somewhere to clear the path. >> as soon as you say we are going to take families and throw them on a bus and going to take them down to the border. that is not going it play. >> but when you are saying deportation is specially off the table except for murders or violent criminals. >> anyone who commits a crime. >> third time i'm saying. this anyone who commits any crime. gone. >> so all the people who are here illegally get to stay permanently? >> they get to stay and we evaluate them one by one. >> that's going to happen. >> people who tribute and are honest they get to the back of the line. >> no welfare. >> they do get to stay. >> no welfare or obamacare. >> we can work on that. >> ms. laura finding common ground. >> okay. >> finding a little common ground.
5:27 pm
>> you are the hardliner. you are from long island. >> plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. dennis miller thoughts on president obama visiting china. new satanic coal elorriagaing book. questionable starbucks ad and protesters gearing up in ferguson, missouri. stay tuned for that report.
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truth serum two hot topics. was there voter disebb franchisement? say that three times fast. the ongoing war on christmas in montgomery county, maryland, there will be no christmas or any other religious holiday on the school calendars going forward that's because a muslim group did something. with us now ace fox news correspondents eric shawn and molly line. all right, explain the muslim maryland deal. what happened down there? >> essentially the school system took a vote. school board took a vote and decided to exclude all references to religious holidays in school car darfur 2015-2016 school year. muslim community leaders for quite some time now have been asking for equal billing for two major muslim holidays. mark the end of ramadan and the hmpleted adge. >> so they wanted to have equal status with christmas, hanukkah passover, correct? >> exactly. >> but there aren't nearly as many muslim kids in the
5:32 pm
schools and montgomery county maryland as there are jewish or christian kids; is that correct? >> well, that's correct. that's pretty clearly correct. but there is a growing muslim population. this is something they have been working for for a few years. >> they wanted it on the calendar or they wanted it off? what did they want? because you get off on christmas. >> what they are really arguing for is the muslim holidays should be recognized and the entire school system should be off. they are very disappointed. >> they want school system to be closed that days. >> in years they took things fast our holidays falls on yom kippur. >> i don't mind putting it on the car dargets take everything off the calendar. >> montgomery county school superintendent. i will pit your little holiday on there but you are not getting off. because if i give you off then i have to give halloweens the. it's a public school. in the public it's primarily
5:33 pm
christian, all right. and jewish. not muslim. and that's the -- those are the demographics. >> but the argument here that they are making is this the wrong decision on the part of the school board. disappointed and shocked by it no idea what all the holiday would be excluded. >> pressure group and montgomery county caved in and they are wiping out, you know, christmas and easter and passover, these are a a judeo-christian tradition in our country. wipe out all the traditions i would say i would have been respectful and put it on the calendar not getting off. take off fine but you are not getting off. >> there are school systems around the country where those holidays are off. >> it's like 0.2%. so if you add one the population is growing. let's get off that sean, are you ready? >> yes, sir. >> ruth bader ginsburg you any who she is, right? >> chief justice. this is about the texas law. the texas voter i.d. law may
5:34 pm
prevent more than 600,000 registered texas voters, about 4.5% of all the voters in that state from voting in person for lack of a compliant identification. a sharply disproportion nativity percentage of those voters are african-american or historic. did that -- or hispanic. did that come true last week. >> no. the british center for justice which files these things say some people were prevented from voting about 12. >> 12 people? >> that's the list that they have. >> 12 people? >> they say more than that but they have the stories of 12. the texas authorities say they are isolated but, look, you have got look at the number of people who tried to vote. 16463 provisional ballots. >> in texas? >> in texas. if you don't have an i.d. those are the ones who try provl ballot. so what happens to the 584,000 that are supposedly suppressed? they don't give a diddly squat. you were right in the talking points. they don't care of. they don't go and vote. that is the dirty secret in this voter suppression issue that there is a vast
5:35 pm
majority of americans who don't go and vote. >> who didn't have an i.d. to vote? how many didn't have an i.d. to vote? do we have an estimate? >> 1663. >> so 16,000 showed up to the polls in texas. they didn't have an i.d. but their votes are put in a separate category. they are not thrown out, right? >>. no they are provisional ballots. they get six days to come back to prove who they. >> six days to prove that you you are a texan? >> that's only in texas. in rhode island you can vote by provisional ballot immediately. >> i want to stay in texas because this is what the supreme court justice as talking about. vote put aside. come back in six days and show me you are a texan. give me a utility bill, give me anything and we will count your vote, right? >> that will happen after six days which basically is today. >> all right. very good you guys. we appreciate it as always. when we come right back it will be miller time. the president's trip to china and satan. miller is next.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the miller segment tonight. let's get to the sage of southern california joins us from santa barbara. the president has now tee parted from china, miller. going to burr matchett he left impression on you i understand, correct? >> he obviously had to get
5:40 pm
out of the states after the election because, quite frankly, i think he is more comfortable in red china than red state of america. he went over there. i think is he a little envious of the chinese leaders because they get to deem their citizens as mindless chattel themselves whereas he has to use intermediary like the healthcare architect gruber. it worked out perfectly because all the world's leaders were coming together to discuss glenn beck's adrenal shutdown and what they could do about it in the future. >> now, there was controversy on a number of fronts. number one as we reported earlier, they came to some big global warming deal but there was no paper signed yeah, by 20035 we have to improve things here you and i will be deceased by then. it doesn't matter for us. for the younger tykes. you know, the younger thing was, i'm saying to myself what exactly was accomplished here? >> a bunch of guys in weird
5:41 pm
suits get to eat dinner. let's face facts. he had to go over they couldn't send biden because he can't walk and chew gum at the same time. they had to send over the guy. then there wases awkward dispute when he they were visiting the great wall where obama had had to concealed and then, of course, with we had putin tang hitting on the chinese- >> -- let me set it up for the audience. apparently putin. get putin, if you have a topless shot of him that's better. putin goes to this economic summit. and the chinese premier's wife apparently was in some kind of distress. either high heel broke or she lost her shawl and putin kind of put his arm around her or did something. and the chinese press went wild. as you know, the chinese press doesn't say anything the government doesn't tell them to say. it's ceend of like msnbc.
5:42 pm
and now putin something looked at as interloper. >> they had open mike on putin and what he said he leaned in and said stoley and my room 2:30 a.m. >> look at putin. putin tang. look at him hitting on her. it must have been like the old days when clinton was over there pinches bottoms. >> oh, come on. >> i meant bill, not hillary. >> miller says these things and you know who makes them say this? satan. satan makes them say these things. that brings us to the new satan coloring book, miller. i know you bought six of them. >> he will with, i guess down in florida, at our lady of linda blare, they had this satanic book where they show activities. can you play pin the tail on the christian i guess the kids out on the play yard. this is what we have come to in america now is kids they want kids to be able to
5:43 pm
scream all hell satan in the classroom but not through the pledge of allegiance. >> it's amazing. real coloring book. >> taking the candy machines out so they can't chew trident gum but actually bring a trident to school now. the problem with our kids in school? they play satan -- they spell sat -- satan satin. >> this is a real story. satanic temple in new york puts this coloring book out and the orange county public schools, i guess that's in california, are actually considering it to give it to the kids. last word, miller. >> well, all i know, kids, is it satan or god, stay inside the lines when coloring. >> or there will be hell to pay, miller. >> you know what i want, billy? i want putin tang to take over our country.
5:44 pm
>> i like the putin coloring book myself. i definitely like the putin coloring book. dennis miller, everybody. what color do you use on this massive manly chest? >> i'm not even going to go there, miller. we have some breaking news for you. >> ariana pink is what i used. >> we have breaking news. miller and i are rebranding the bolder fresher tour 2015 is going to be called don't be a pinhead tour. that's because our point of view has changed. we will talk a lot about the upcoming presidential election and issues surround tsmght here are the shows so far, ladies and gentlemen. see everybody in san jose california at the national civic center friday february 27th. san antonio texas, friday at the majestic theater march 13th. dallas, texas, verizon, in grand prairie, that's saturday, march 14th. rio rancho new mexico outside of albuquerque.
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sauna an that center saturday, april 119. west bury. tickets go on sale tomorrow. best seats available to premium members. all the information about all of the shows on bill o' don't be a pinhead. come see us. martha maccallum on deck. starbucks advertisement and crazy demands on missouri police officers. right back with it.
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back of the book segment tent, did you see that? we begin in ferguson, missouri. 18-year-old michael brown shot dead by police officer darren wilson last august. very soon it will be be announced whether officer wilson will face charges. police in missouri nervous because there were riots after the shooting as you
5:49 pm
know. and the group leading the protests, the don't shoot coalition now making some pretty far out demands of the police here now to tell us what they are fox news martha maccallum see her with hemmer at the:00 in the morning. >> don't shoot coalition have put together 19 rules of engagement which they are calling them. aa bit incendiary. safe houses to be sacred ground, basically. >> what are safe houses. >> meaning if people go into one of their shelter places in a house that they are hold up, in the police can't go in there unless there is some sort of. >> throw as bring at a cop and hits him in a head. >> runs into a house. >> these people say the police cannot go in. >> can't wear riot gear, can't use rubber bullets. can't come in with armed vehicles they claim in the initial protest these were the kind of things that set people off. now they are asking in advance for the police not to do these things. police say look our primary concern here is to keep people safe. so, we, by virtue of that we can't take anything off the
5:50 pm
table. >> so the protest groups says, look, don't use any kind of stuff to protect yourself i have to come in your regular police outfit. >> forget it. it's not going to happen. they are forget it. >> none of this stuff's going to happen these pinheads have no power. what else? >> so jay nixon says he will activate the national guard, he's the governor there in missour missouri. gun sales are way up in the area. they have some concerns. some stores tripled their gun sales in recent months. this grand jury decision is going to be huge. >> it's going to come down in the next two weeks. >> yep. >> we're all over this story. tomorrow we've asked for the group to come on, the don't shoot coalition. we've asked for them to come on. we've been respectful to them. and we also are investigating, you know, who's in the group and all of that. but we want to give them their say. you're a big starbucks person, right? you like the six-dollar coffees?
5:51 pm
>> yeah. >> very, very few times. >> have you been in starbucks? >> i'm a dunkin donuts guy. >> i totally agree. >> you're not into coffee all day? >> no. >> okay. so starbucks based in seattle kind of a flamboyant company i'd say. they put out this ad. roll tape. >> i'm in a hurry. can i cut in front of you really quick? thank you so much. >> honey, i've seen you cut the line. i'm in line waiting for my skinny latte waiting for yourself -- >> that's another reason i don't go to starbucks, because i don't understand. now, what was that all about? >> i can't believe you don't wall ru paul drag race. >> i tape it. >> you don't want that show? obviously that's bianca and adore, two big stars.
5:52 pm
>> these are actually personals? >> yeah. >> what is it lgbt? >> that's right. >> so these are people who are celebrities in that world. >> drag queens, essentially. >> why is starbucks using those folks? >> well, it's on out tv in canada. and it's also as everything is now, it's like niche advertising. they don't have to buy ad time in the u.s. it's gotten 600,000 hits. >> by using these performers this is going to stimulate the gay and transgender people to buy starbucks? >> niche advertising. >> that's why they're doing snit. >> absolutely. but they're very famous. >> does this play to leave it to beaver? >> that would not be enough. >> so it's a niche buy. >> exactly. >> there's a buying and targeting. >> your favorite show. >> so when i'm watching adobe gillis -- >> no. >> tvland guy. >> i hear ya. >> marthacallum everybody.
5:53 pm
"the factor" tip of the day eminem performing to a group of vets. the tip moments away. it says here that a won's sex drive increases at the age of 80. helps reduce the risk of heart disse. keep hrt-healthy. live long. eat the 100% goodness of post shreddedheat. doctorrecommend it.
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"the factor" tip of the day. inviting eminem the rapper to salute american vets in a moment. first the mail, texas, mr. o, monica is correct. welfare does cause abandonment of family. i disagree. welfare does not make a man. father five children with five different women. it does not make men vanish from their children's lives. the temporary assistance for needy families act is very complicated. and caseworkers decide who gets what based on need. you can con the system, but the basic collapse of the african-american family is a personal failure, not a government failure. montana, o'reilly, you often say
5:56 pm
the many problems in the black community stem from chaotic homes. i agree. no telling where i would have ended up without the firm hand of my father. indiana, o'reilly, did you just say blacks in chicago are not protesting like they do in ferguson? i'm interpreting that like you support the protests. you obviously don't know what's going on in ferguson. there thousands have been killed in the streets, just like michael brown was killed, shot dead. but the police are not involved in chicago. black gang members are doing the murders. so where are the protests against that? ed woodrich, oklahoma, o'reilly, ben stein's comments about blacks are correct. you are a moron. you are still defending obama with your spin. you sound like a very reasonable guy, ed. hong kong, bill, it will take generations to fix the breakdown of the black family. meantime, you are correct, the teachers are the last line of
5:57 pm
defense. philadelphia, violence in philly schools have been a problem for years while teaching i was attacked seven years ago. nothing was done. the union ignores the problem. administrators spin it as the teacher's fault. martha, maryland, matthew says jesus did have brothers, james, joseph, simon and judas. one more time, last time i'm going to say it. jesus and his family lived communally with other families. all the children in the dwelling were referenced as brothers and sisters. no biology was involved. dugard and i researched this in "killing jesus." if you want to know the truth, there it is. jim, pennsylvania. jesus was a rabbi and it was almost obligatory that rabbis marry. false. wrong. jesus was referred to as a rabbi, which means teacher. he was not a cleric.
5:58 pm
he was a carpenter working on a public works project funded by the romans. once again, if you read killing jesus you'll know the true story. arizona, mr. o'reilly, a couple friends and i took your advice and gave our high school history teacher, a vet, a copy of killing patton for veterans day. his eyes lit up. you buy a copy of killing patton, get 50% off any of my other books. premium members get their big discounts on top of that. do your holiday shopping with us. because remember all the money i get from goes to charity. "the factor" tip of the day, last night there was a concert for valor on hbo honoring american veterans. one of the performers invited rapper eminem.
5:59 pm
[ cheers and applause ] >> make some noise for rihanna! d.c., happy [ bleep ] veterans day. make some [ bleep ] noise! >> nice, huh? american families having to see that. but what did you expect when you invite eminem which the promotors obviously did. they know who he is. and they know what he does. so the concert promotors, and starbucks is one of them, insulted all american vets in my opinion. "the factor" tip of the day, there's a quote, if you dine with the devil, bring a long spoon. people rarely change, especially troubled people. and that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website different from o' name and town if you wish to
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opine. word of the day, do not be saturnine when writing to "the factor." thanks for watching. ms. megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, president obama promised to take action on immigration without congress. and tonight exclusive details here at fox news on his plan to deliver as early as next week. welcome to "the kelly file" everyone. i'm megyn kelly. just a short time ago fox news washington bureau obtaining brand new documents from a government agency detailing the plan for executive action. this is the first look we are getting at what the president has in mind, reportedly. in this draft proposal up to 4.5 million illegal immigrants with u.s. born children may be permitted to stay in america. an idea that is sure to ignite a furious response in some corners. alabama senator jeff sessions is