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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 13, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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>> well, good luck thanks for inviting us into this "special report" tonight, fair, balance and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. >> this absolutely incredible. minority leader nancy pelosi must think all americans are stupid, would someone please tell her about google? just got daughter. >> >> he didn't help write our bill. >> call it the stupidity of the american voter. >> i don't know who he is. >> made explicit get money it would not have passed. >> let's put him aside. >> and representative steve joins us. good evening, sir. welcome back to washington. and minority leader nancy pelosi she doesn't have know jonathan gruber.
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talking in c-span in november of 2009 when she is talking about his mit analysis of the bill. >> all catching one her. she said you have got to it read the bill to find out what's in it. the problem people read it and don't like it. now you see jonathan gruber coming out and admitting they had to use deception to pass the bill and relying on the bill not paying attention and holding them accountable unfortunately as they saw with the election results. public set up. >> besides the substance of the bill, i want to make sure we had v. a good smart bill, whatever is i'm appalled and sneaking around and saying the american people are stupid and she is running away from him and three years ago she is bragging on him on c-span and thinks we are so stupid that we don't immediate get on the computer and google all of this. >> the president is ultimately going to be held accountable for. this this is the deception they used from the very beginninging they counted on the american people not paying attention. keep it.
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reduce your healthcare. but they also went through the process in a way that the president promised it would all be on c-span and all be transparent. of course it wasn't. the chickens are coming home to rosa roost. is there anything to be done or call or call gruber up before the committee and say who are you talking to? who else thinks the american people are stupid? how much deception was there? >> as you can see over the last two years we have been holding this administration accountable to all kinds of hearings with the web site from the faferlt web site all the way through the promises with this new revelation we are going to be using this in the oversight we are going to do in a robust way in the house and with a new republican senate. you have even nor opportunities to bring these people in before committees where they will answer to the american people on c-span. even though they didn't do it when they passed the bill they will be held accountable in public view. >> i wonder what leader
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pelosi is tonight. doesn't know what who jonathan gruber is which is frankly not true. what do you think tonight. >> she and barack obama have this facade for the last few years that the media going to cover for them. all out there on tape. the problem is you have people like greta, fox news, holding them accountable republic is fed up with them and mainstream media holding them consequences as well. >> american people had a chance to vote two weeks ago. now members of congress, house, senate, republican, democrats do the right thing, whatever that might be. >> there is action we will be taking months two years ahead to continue to address these problems to go and try to repeal and replace this law. this is going to be the top issue in the 2016 presidential race. >> nice to he see you. welcome home to washington.
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>> great to be back, greta. >> you heard professor jonathan gruber the obamacare architect say lack of transparency and stupidity of the voters got obamacare passed and that is not all that jonathan gruber said. so can the obama administration, democratic leaders really talk their way out of this one? lack of transparency is a huge political vad advantage. >> i don't know who he is. >> the cbo scored taxes the bill would die. >> administration: law. >> make it all transparent. >> republicans who haven't been particularly transparent. >> joining us our political panel abc political director rick cline "u.s. news and world report" david cat ton knees and john mccormick. rick, is this a problem, this gruber thing? >> it's a massive problem. it undermines democrats in trying to make what affirmative campaign they can around the obamacare
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healthcare law about the process. about the fact that he this would like to be able to talk about it in terms of the benefits that it brings. once again, we are back to the yen sis, the genesis was messy. the genesis was ugly. again trying to play defense around this. under mines efforts to defend the law and strengthen and improve it fuel the other side in terms of trying to fight for repeal weather piecemeal or wholesale these comments don't help. >> david, i say every nate, i really want everyone to have access to medical care. this really matters to me which is probably why i'm so enraged at this. i feel had. this whole business about transparency. you have josh earnst saying today the white house press secretary president obama is proud of the transparency process that was taken to pass this bill into law. >> no one read it you can't call that transparency. spork pelosi speaker pelosi didn't know what was in it until it was passed. i hold her accountable for that medical device tax. they read the thing in the
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beginning they would know it was in there from the very beginning. obviously they didn't know it was transparency because they didn't know what was in it. >> they are completely dug, in the democrats. leader pelosi is completely dug in. there is going to be no accountability for her, frankly because she is a gerrymander democrat in a liberal district. be be there as long as she wants, house minority leader for probably as long as she wants because no one is challenging her on that. i may say something about the leadership of the democratic party right now. can you imagine if republicans didn't win the senate last week or lost seats? you would have challenges to leadership. you see no challenges to leadership. you saw two senate democrats peal away from harry reid today. but you don't even see anywhere, democrats are indebted to leader pelosi for her fundraising abilities on the coast and she isn't going to defend the healthcare law until she leaves no matter what new facts emerge. i just don't think -- i mean. >>, for her to stand there today and said she never heard of the guy was pretty amazing being she was citing
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him in press conferences. >> of course, i'm deeply offended think we're so stupid we don't have google and union and everything else. >> not only did she say she didn't know the guy he didn't help write the law floork the. draft the specifics of the legislation on congress. he went down there does anyone bet that jonathan gruber knows what's in it more than nancy pelosi. nobody read this law. >> how are talking to as you are trying to hide behind lack of trans (state of ohio push this off on the american people >> >> i think it highlights all of the lies. the whole point he talks about the stupidity of the american voter. i think it would be more accurate to say the stupidity of the american politician who thought they could tell these lies and pass a bill and no one would know. they got massacred in 2010 after the bill as passed. they got passed 2012. after implementation in 2014 hammered again. keep your doctor if you like your doctor. keep your healthcare plan,
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lower premiums. >> would you call him to testify? >> yeah, and i think it's going to happen and also has a live implication beyond even the pr of testimony supreme court challenge. his comments were part of that and legislative intent. it is still going to play out. >> panel, thank you. always nice to see you. >> three tapes surfacing in three days every one of them jonathan gruber the architect calling you stupid. >> exploitation of the lack of economic understanding of the american voter. >> american voter is too stupid to understand the difference. >> call it it the stupidity of the american voter or whatever. >> suggest that voters are stupidity and that's how you passed it. you don't feel bad about that at all. >> i disagree with that assessment i think is what i would say. >> so who is this professor jonathan gruber in his research it is that to convince the obama administration that healthcare reform could only work if everyone is required to buy insurance. that earned him the nickname mr. mandate. and joining us the "the
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washington post" catherine rampel. your article in march 2012 where i first read about the fact that he was known as the obama administration as mr. mandate. how far back was he involved in healthcare reform in obama administration. >> i would predate it well before the obama administration launch of what is now known as obamacare. he helped design romney care. he worked with other governors, including governor schwarzenegger. also republican health design what a new health insurance system would like like if you wanted to expand coverage. >> did he also work with capitol hill? >> yeah. he worked with members on the hill as far as i recall. but basically more behind the scenes. he was not really writing a legislation so much. he was helping people understand what the legislation did. and he was kind of the numbers guy. he was crunching a lot of the numbers.
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building economic models what the legislation would look like. what would work, what wouldn't work. and the reason why he became known as mr. mandate is because of those complicated economic models demonstrated without an individual mandate he believed that the new system would fail. >> is there anyone else, was there any other mr. mandate. what sort of struck us is that the leader pelosi as far as back as referred to him not by mr. mandate it seems his was the one of consistently with the mandate. >> that's because his work is the work that was kind of the crux of deciding that that was a crucial part of legislation. people have been doing this for decades in terms of coming up with these models to help figure out how policy will actually be bourn out in the real world. what kinds of things can go
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wrong. he was the one that demonstrated without this individual mandate you would have what's called in economics by the way a death spiral that you would have adverse election, you would have people who sick penal getting insurance, have costs spiraling out of control. >> what's with this comic book that you wrote in this article in 2012. he wrote a comic book? >> he did. this was one of several comic books i have seen written and produced by economists by trying to make a economic concept more accessible to the lay public. this was sort of a gimmicky thing but there were a few at the time. i can think of a few others that came out as well. i'm not exactly sure hot intended audience was for, this i have to say. i don't know that there is a whole lot of overlap between the comic book reading audience and those interested in healthcare.
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yes, that was one of his many projects. >> all right, in your article you also quote him say yes, i want the public to be informed by objective expert, i mean, it's clear that he is making $400,000 from the bottom of the and kept thatten othe slide, even according to allergies does i still hold himself as objective exert expert or advocate. >> i think they do try to think of themselves as objective and neutral to the extent that they can. i'm not sure that's always the case. you know, even if they are not on someone's payroll, they are going to be wedded to it some concept or other. but, you know, his role was really to provide some sort of wonky, technical expertise not to be a macvel ian master strategist which is he being character characterized as being being now. >> when he talks about
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calling people stupid and using the system and talking about the fact that transparency used to fool people i think he sort of invited that on himself. i'm taking the last word on that. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. he. >> today more video surfacing. listen what he said in 2012 that he also helped design. >> the dirty secret in massachusetts is the feds pay for our bill. in massachusetts we have a very powerful senator known as ted kennedy. we figured out ted kennedy basically figured out a way to rip off the feds for $400 million a year. >> senator john thune joins us. good evening, sir. >> your thoughts about jonathan gruber, professor from mit? >> i mean this is why the american people are so cynical about, washington elite now basically calling them stupid not basically, actually. >> i remember during the
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debate on obamacare they constantly were waiving around this jonathan gruber mit economist analysis as a validation that it would actually lower cost and reduce the deficit. all these promises that were made. and i think a lot of democrats in the senate voted for it based upon, predicated upon this guy's analysis because he was supposed to be so right. now he comes out and basically hood winking the american people. >> makes reference to romney care $400 million that sort of financed romney care in massachusetts. actually federal tax dollars and the federal government isn't going to get financed -- china is not going to come and finance this or whatever. >> no. that's the thing about this. american taxpayer gets left holding the bag. >> all the statements he made at the time to try to convince members of congress and members of public that somehow this was a good thing has been completely kiss disproven. higher deductibles and
4:15 pm
co-pays. add enormous sums to the deficit over time. no question about it. >> hard to get to substance thought. so insulting to the american people and to the system even talking about the dirty little secret behind romney care like is he hood winking everybody and a game. calling americans stupid. talking about hood winking and talking about we can only get a past because there is no transparency. you know, i can't get to the substance i'm so offended by them. >> that's the reaction a lot of people have he sees this thing can you do anything about this? can you get this thing repeat now? i think the arrogance that comes out of washington, d.c. that this guy represents is what is so -- is why the american people are so completely disgusted. >> all right, so you own the senate now, hold a hearing and ask him who else -- who he will talked to. get some information. >> have the majority. >> i would love to do that
4:16 pm
and get him to come in and answer and give account for some of these things that he said about the american people. >> you can force him to? >> well, that's a good question. i suspect that discussion will be held. >> with the new majority leader mitch mcconnell. >> yeah. >> i want to ask you about another issue the renewed debated on the keystone pipeline. house and the that senate planning votes on the pipeline. this sort of dueling senator landrieu in the senate and then you have congressman cassidy who is challenging her in the house. >> in the democrats had been half as concerned contracting jobs american people as they were saving the job of one politician in louisiana this would have been done years ago. this is now six years in to this process the democrats have been blocking it the president has been blocking it what's really going to be interesting to see is if in fact the democrats in the senate now flip and decide to vote for it. what does the president do?
4:17 pm
>> what do you think is he going to do. >> traveling in asia but doesn't sound like is he going to power it. they could be going through this whole exercise for not. but it just goes to show you the lengths to which people will go here in washington, d.c. to play politics with an issue that is so important to the american people. my home state of south dakota, according to the president's own state department says this would create 3,000 to 4,000 jobs. hundred million dollars in earnings. $20 million in property tax revenue. it's a no-brainer. >> do you have the vote to override a veto if the president vetoes it. >> good question. probably not in this congress, maybe the next. we have more republicans. >> nice to see you sir. >> thanks, greta. nice to be with you. >> i will talk to you off-the-record straight ahead. i will tell you why the obamacare insults to the american people is not the problem it makes him look like a jerk. comments shows something far more disturbing. republican dan sullivan goes "on the record" for his first national it v interview since winning the hotly contest it the alaska
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well, the a.p. says senator elect danlivan is the new u.s. senator from the state of alaska and senator elect dan sullivan has already jumped on a plane and make it to washington in time for important senate meetings today. still tonight senator mark beg given is not conceding. >> greta, great to be here, thanks for having me. >> welcome to washington. you have been here before though. tell me what about senator begich. >> after our election went off i went and did marine corps training. i'm still in the reference and was focused on that. when the a.p. and other news
4:22 pm
organizations called it, i was being respectful to the process. but also wanted to get down here. roll up my sleeves. do work for my fellow alaskans. we had important meetings today. people are talking about committee assignments and things like that. had some votes today. i wanted to be here for important meetings. >> what committee are you on. >> different ones. commerce is very important particularly given the importance of our fisheries in alaska. environment and public works, one of the things i ran on attorney general as alaska. federal government's overreach. e.p.a.'s overreach shutting down our opportunities. that would be a great committee to be focused on and then armed services i'm still serving in the marines and there is a lot of important issues that our military in alaska and for the country. >> how about keystone? am i -- if keystone goes through. doesn't that hurt the revenue for oil in alaska because doesn't that all of a sudden flat more oil?
4:23 pm
>> no. >> not -- not a bad thing for alaska? >> no. the vast majority of alaskans are very pro-resource government. >> we do it more responsibly. >> you don't think that's going to cut into your bottom line. >> what he we want is a federal government that's a partner, opportunity particularly with regard to energy. and, you know, you spent a lot of time in alaska. >> i love alaska. >> we have opportunities are limitless. seizing opportunity. american energy renaissance happening in alaska not only alaska but all over the country. keystone is a great example in alaska, they are shrinking our ability to get the federal lands where there is tremendous resources. seize this opportunity. tremendous opportunity and keystone is part of that. >> i know you have been on a plane coming from alaska. i'm curious, you have followed the gruber, have you yet sort of i have been watching that. >> your thoughts on gruber. >> part of the issue with
4:24 pm
obamacare. when i was attorney general one of the issues about obamacare i think people miss, also the regulations, when you look at the implementing regs for obamacare, not the statute, the implementing regs, 22,000 pages. it's crazy. >> and i should tell the viewers and baby you don't want me to del this, it's your birthday today. and it's a pretty big one. i won't tell the viewers, should i just say one thing to you? i don't feel the least bit sorry to you. i don't feel the least bit sorry for you. >> thank you very much. i didn't know you were going to tell the viewers. i aappreciate that. >> welcome to washington. i hope you come back often, sir. >> thanks, great to be here. >> john boehner says republican also fight president obama tooth and nail. that is if the president carries out his threat to go it alone and take executive action on immigration. earsz congressman matt
4:25 pm
sammon is here to talk about that next. follow me on twitter right now brand new handle, so simple, here it is, @greta. can't be easier. s...
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...from the stevia leaf.
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president obama out for doing it itself. bypass congress and take executive action duped it soon. republicans insisting they will block him at the pass. >> i'm going to do what i can do through executive action. >> i can't think of anything more discouraging that the president of the united states could do. >> there isn't a question
4:29 pm
that the president can act administratively. >> moving forward with unilateral action on immigration he has planned would be a big mistake. >> this is about helping people. >> this is the right thing to do. >> disregards the law and the balance of powers in the constitution. >> the president is still planning to make some decisions and announce them prior to the end of the calendar year. arizona congressman matt sammon joins us. good evening, sir. >> hi. >> i take it you would not be happy with the concept of the president doing it alone and doing it by executive. >> not at all. i'm incrud columbus that at least a few democrats aren't standing up for the constitution and separation of powers and asserting our authority. the president does not have unilateral power to create new laws. i'm trying to do what i can to assert our constitutional relevance and use. >> why, i mean, there was a senate bill that got passed. you y'all haven't voted on the senate bill. you could have voted on the senate bill.
4:30 pm
>> sure, we could have voted on the signal bill. but we chose to do it in a piecemeal way and we want to start with border security. the president has shown time and time again that is he not interested in securing the border. in fact, all the nice folks that i have met with and folks say he won't let them do their jobs. if the president really wants to do immigration reform he has got to show willing to live by the laws on the book and i think that can happen. >> play this out. is he using executive order. outline of what he intends to do. what do the house republicans intend to do? >> i actually authored a letter that goes to the leaders of the appropriation committees in the house and the senate, saying that we would like to, if the president does this unilateral action that our funding bill makes it clear that no funding can be used for these purposes. so that. >> do you have any back up on that or is that sort of a given? is that going to happen in the republican house? >> actually, it's starting to move, i think, in a very
4:31 pm
positive direction. when i started this, while the appropriator shed said we can't do that and we can't do that. so leaders are saying the same thing. what a difference a few days makes and pressure from the american people. we have 63, a including myself that have signed the letter. we had to send the letter sometime. i wanted to sign the letter too. so we are asserting our relevance and using the power of the purse, which the founding fathers intended us to use that mechanism when we reached impasse with the executive branch. >> speaker boehner said today that he says we are going to fight the president tooth and nail if this is the path he wants to take meaning going alone. have you had any conversation about trying to stop authorizations? >> i have not. i have spoken with other members of the leadership. have not spoken with him personally. >> they say atta boy, go at it or back off? >> no, today very positive. a lot of people understand what i'm trying to do is stop the president.
4:32 pm
we say we are going to fight him tooth and nail and then let's use the tooth and the nail. >> so you think it's going to happen? >> i bet on it yes, i would. >> all right. good. bet on it congressman, nice to see you. as i said, everybody, welcome back to washington, everybody. nice to see you. >> welcome back. >> developing now. there is growing outrage in mexico. violent protests over the disappearance and apparent execution of 43 students. and now those protests are spreading to the tourist home acapulco. joining us from new mexico. chris, what is going on with these 43 students? what happened? >> well, on september 26th, two buses full of students from a rural teacher's college in the southern state of guerrero drove to a nearby city to solicit funds which they often do to support the college. while they were there they cam man deered a couple
4:33 pm
additional buses for their return trip back to school local police began shooting at the buses. ultimately in those initial attacks, three students died and three bystanders did as well. go ahead. >> after those ainitial attacks, 43 students taken away by police and the attorney general here in mexico says that turned over to a a local drug gang and as recently as last friday it was explained that members of that gang who have been arrested have told authorities that they executed the students and burned their remains. >> i read some place that a mayor and his wife had been
4:34 pm
arrested and a police chief. is that incorrect? >> the mayor and his wife have been arrested. the police chief has not been arrested yet. but the pier was arrested in a working class neighborhood of mexico city. he had been on the run with his wife for several weeks after the incident. the attorney general says the mayor ordered his police chief to intercept the students that day because they feared of they were going to it interrupt a speech by his wife. >> in terms it of the violence situation, is violence growing in mexico or declining? >>difficult to say. this incident has captured the nation's attention though. there is growing outrage, the demonstrations are coming almost daily in
4:35 pm
various parts of the country now. it's clear that mexicans are looking for answers security situation in the country right now. >> chris, thank you. and growing threats tonight from isis, the leader of isis vow toggle fight to the last man. chilling message in audiotape giving new clues. how much does the obama administration know about the obamacare ache teckets deceit? i will tell you what i think off-the-record coming up.
4:36 pm
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survived katherine herrige joins us. al baghdadi, they believed he survived these weekend air strikes. you remember over the weekend there is was a lot of confusion. u.s. took responsibility for
4:40 pm
air strikes in mosul and then the iraqi interior ministry said al baghdadi had been injured in the village on syrian border about 250 miles away. the bottom line is that he did survive this strike. >> we know this because there is a 17 minute audiotape? >> that's right audiotape is significant in the fact it has date and time stamps on it a way for him to poke us in the eye and say i'm alive and on top of what is happening in the world. specific reference to the president's decision it send another 1500 troops into iraq as it -- that came at the end of last week. >> the military is saying your two sources that he survived that was he actually in these attacks? >> this was a really important idea that i ran by an intelligence agency earlier this week that wasn't, in fact, possible to al baghdadi like saddam hussein before him as a series of doubles across the country. this someone of the reasons
4:41 pm
confusion in strikes that was not ruled out. >> whether he was part of the attack he had. >> right. like al can a acapulco. >> are u.s. troops moving closer to combat in iraq. joint chiefs of staff telling congress is he considering end ising a modest number of american forces to help with complex missions in the fight against isis. general martin dempsey saying iraqi forces would need help with taking mosul. john bolton joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening general dempsey said that he is considering, i guess the president is considering. that seems to me to be a significant change. >> i think within the pentagon is there is widespread dissatisfaction with the approach that the administration is has taken obviously we do have civilian control of the military. chairman of the joint chiefs
4:42 pm
secretary of defense sitting next to him. but i thought it was a very telling statement, technical military kind of comment one that reflects the view and the pentagon reflects reality that the u.s. current strategy is not working. >> you know, he could have said it another way. so that it -- i actually thought it was significant. he said he would consider do fight alongside and we are certainly considering it. sort of trying -- if he didn't want to do it or wanted to protect the white house in sending troops to fight. there could have been a very truthful way to say it that didn't say it like that. >> yeah. well, it was a small glimpse, that was about it. it doesn't really address the fundamental point of what the strategy should be. saying we could help out, we could improve the chances of the iraqi forces to retake mosul. there is no question about that but, having retaken mosul. what do you do next? and i think that's still biggss the question especially in light of news reports by the associated press and others that isis
4:43 pm
and the al qaeda affiliate al news al news are a, may have. it raises the question what the strategy and debate should be. there will be a huge debate over the administration's request for a $.6 billion of additional appropriations. that's really congress' role here. not to vote on the declaration of war. if they don't like it. vote against the money. >> ambassador, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> and straight ahead. he fought for his country and now he is fighting for his dog. get, this the soldier's battle is with the u.s.
4:44 pm
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built for business. >> christmas vacation. at least they are no longer calling it christmas vacation. the montgomery county board of education decided to scratch the names of holidays when it published school calendar. school will be closed during the holidays. people are not happy. >> i think it's ridiculous. i'm not sure what they are trying to do or accomplish by it. >> i think it's bloody ridiculous, actually. >> this week the montgomery county school board stripping names of all religious holidays right out of school calendars. >> we're not going to have them labeled on the published school calendar.
4:49 pm
>> "on the record" spoke to dana, spokesman for montgomery county schools holiday where christmas is friends break. student and teacher days off. >> the move coming after members of the muslim community urged the district to recognize their religious holidays. >> everybody gets their days off and whenever i have celebrations, i don't get it off. >> almost as if our muslim community is being penalized for not having their kids skip school. >> the district says there aren't enough absences on muslim holidays to support a day off. so their solution? eliminate all religious references. >> he we are doing what we think is right and trying to do this in a respectful way. >> as a member of the muslim community, these not what i was looking for. i think they made a mistake. >> finance f. it's christmas, it's christmas, if it's hanukkah, it's hanukkah. >> it's a move that has
4:50 pm
people furious. >> i am not religious but i don't see a problem with having religious holidays. >> i think it's another case of them being politically correct. they have been doing stuff like this for a long time. maybe this is one time where people will finally say enough is enough? >> and next year montgomery county schools will end up being closed for one muslim holiday. it happens to fall on the same day as the jewish holiday of yom kippur. >> an army veteran now fighting a a battle against the u.s. army, that's because they took away the dog this he that had served in afghanistan. the soldier was supposed to be allowed to adopt his dog mattie when he got home. that didn't happen. joining us the soldier's father don grammut. this is a very sad story. tell the viewers what happened. sigh son when he was at fort campbell he was selected to
4:51 pm
be a canine handle ler. he went to indiana and trained in ted dog handling and from there he went to arizona and did all of his federal certifications. and was deployed to afghanistan. him and his dog served very bravely in afghanistan. they saved many lives. and they themselves were injured in a bomb blast. now, the military veterans are saying that maddy was not injured by the bombast. he has a cyst on one of his knees. well, whether it was caused by the bomb blast or whether it wasn't, spinal injuries,
4:52 pm
ptsd, hearing loss, and migraine headaches. and according to the robby law, the president clinton signed into law back in 2000, my son should have been given his dog without ever being questioned. but according to the robby law, if a handler is injured, the dog automatically becomes the property of the handler and this wasn't followed. my son filled out adoption papers before he kuwait from the long flight from my son slept on his dog's crate in an aircraft flying back from kuwait. he was met at the airport, which was the air base in new jersey, somewhere around
4:53 pm
in there he is not really for sure because it was late at night. he was given 10 minutes to say good by to his dog before they took his dog and put his dog in a metal kennel truck and hauled his dog off. as the dog was leaving the area, the last thing my son saw of his dog was the dog trying to dig its way out of the kennel, chew its way through the bars, and crying. when my son got home and told me this, i just, you know, i was like it's okay. it's okay. the robby law says you will get your dog. i looked and looked and we never heard anything. >> and let me just -- and now apparently the dog has been adopted by another family so now we have your son and the other family both wanting this dog and the dog has been with the other family for a year, right? >> right.
4:54 pm
not quite a year. it won't be a year until february the 2nd. >> and this was all a mistake by the military -- and the military made this horrible mistake and it's just like to me it breaks my heart. i don't know what the solution is, but, don, you know, it's like i wish i could fix this one for you and for the other family. i just don't know what to do. you know, i hope that system how this turns out. i wish this hadn't happened as it has. thank you for joining us, don. >> you are very welcome. thank you, gretchen. >> coming up. i'm going it talk to you off the record about obamacare, are a text jonathan gruber calling americans stupid tip of the iceberg. much bigger problem. off-the-record next. don't forget to watch hannity. interview george w. bush about his new book, tonight at 10:00 p.m. on hannity. [ hoof beats ]
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let's all go off-the-record for a minute. professor jonathan gruber, what a jerk. with his arrogant attitude
4:59 pm
he told the american voter stupid. it's so boorish, you know what's worse in and far more serious than his boorish insults. abuse of power principles by transparency. transparency a big part of. he was deeply involved in designing obamacare and no matter how much obama administration gruber up to their eyeballs with them. listen to hem openly brag about deceiving the american people. huge political advantage and basically you know, call it the stupidity of the american voter or whatever, basically that was something really critical in getting the thing to pass. >> gruber cued coo have been transparent. he chose not to to be and now his ugly game has been exhibited. so who is stupid now and that's my off-the-record comment tonight. right now to go and answer
5:00 pm
this. do you think serious issue or noise. vote in our poll. see you tomorrow night 7:00 p.m. eastern. sean has a special guest at 10:00 p.m. president bush. o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> president made a decision at this point about exactly what will be included. >> all hell breaking loose, fox news is reporting the president will grant more than 4 million illegal aliens legal status to he remain in the country, this is war and we will tell you the repercussions. >> there are some that there is no talking to. and there is so much anger if we do expect for there to be some violence fear and loathing in missouri demonstrate don't get what they want in the michael ground case update on that. >> standing two feet in front of belief was the face i seen


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