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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 13, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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that maybe jeb bush may join this exclusive club. is that possible? as i walk through the i think it's something they'd like to see the question, is that something you'd like to see? thanks for joining us tonight. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> president made a decision at this point about exactly what will be included. >> all hell breaking loose, fox news is reporting the president will grant more than 4 million illegal aliens legal status to he remain in the country, this is war and we will tell you the repercussions. >> there are some that there is no talking to. and there is so much anger if we do expect for there to be some violence fear and loathing in missouri demonstrate don't get what they want in the michael ground case update on that. >> standing two feet in front of belief was the face i seen thousands of times
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qbl. very quickly i recognized them and then hear pop pop pop. >> also tonight, the admiral in charge of the navy seals strongly criticizing senior chief petty officer robert o'neil who has gone public will killing usama bin laden. o'neil will be here tonight. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. president obama offering war on the war on the republican party. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. fox news is reporting that within the next few days, mr. obama legal status to more than 4 million undocumented aliens currently in the u.s.a. the president not giving the new congress, not giving the new congress time to put together an immigration
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bill. that's insulting to the new congress, which begins in van. unified in opposition to the president's unilateral action. and so there will be consequences. for example, in early december, congress is supposed to pass the spending bill which might in very well be blocked paralyzing the government and there are a number of other things the republican party may do to punish the president for his executive order. all of this terrible for the country. and mr. obama to know that. but he doesn't seem to care. surely he could have waited a few months and lobbied for what he believes is a just immigration compromise but, no. the president is seething over the election results has decided to tear the country apart, politically. >> under the constitution, only the congress can rewrite the law. so you will have the president rewriting the law. and you have the president failing to comply with his oath. >> sure. >> what does that equal? that equals serious violations of the
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constitution. that equals offenses that rise to the level of impeachability. >> some believe the president wants republicans to come after him so hispanic americans and liberals will rise to his defense talking points wants to clearly state we are not talking about the merits of the president's plan. that is a separate story we are talking about a blatant action that will divide the u.s.a. an action that has no urgency behind it. if the new congress didn't come up with a workable immigration plan, then the president could justify his executive order, at least as a last resort. it's impossible to justify it now. the 10 point immigration plan the president would impose on the nation is essentially an amnesty for millions of people. some of them deserve a break. some of them do not. but mr. obama makes no distinction appealing to his left wing base on humanitarian grounds.
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but by initiating an executive order that changes federal law with a signature barack obama mocks the founding fathers and the republican party. if he does this, the president will pay a heavy price now with government chaos and later on the pages of history. and that's the memo. now, for the top tore sent to. bring in ed henry who is in birma 7:30 on friday morning. firestorm, effecting the trip at all? >> no. i think they are pushing ahead. but what i see behind the scenes is a group that is very anxious. they lost the election badly as you said. it was a drubbing. but the president doesn't want to admit it you go back to news conference last week and he made it sound like he won the election. not that he lost it the fact is they are running out of time to get things done. that's why he is raise racing forward on immigration. that's why he is racing around asia right now here where he am because he is
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trying to rack up victories. that's what he did on the climate change deal. that's what he is going to do by bulling ahead on immigration he is saying we don't have time. >> that doesn't make any sense, henry. come on. there is no urgency to give amnesty to 4.5 million people. >> if you want to give them amnesty in december. can you give them amnesty in august. it doesn't matter surely he knows. surely he knows the moment he comes back here over the weekend, the country is going to be more divided, hatred on both sides, and he is lighting that fuse. >> i agree with you that this will light those fumes. no doubt about it. but if the republicans really want to work with him, yes, he is causing problems by going forward with executive action. but why did job boehner say the first thing he is going to do is repeal obamacare. >> look, that's not working
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together. >> fine, and boehner may be a pinhead but i don't even want to get into that. he is the president of the united states. he and his advisors have to know that this bomb, they are about to drop on the republican party is not going to be accepted, it will not be accepted. therefore, all kinds of lawsuits, i don't think impeachment, but freezing of funds, you know,vitriol lick statements. all not good for the country, henry. >> i agree with a lot of you are saying, one thing you said in the talking points memo is we have plenty of time. republicans have blocked this basically for six years. so you are saying there is no crisis or nothing. we have got 12 million illegal immigrants here. you have said many times it's a crisis. if you actually want to fix this, and not have i have the two, individual control
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vitriol. he is the speaker of the house. >> yeah. and in the senate embarrasses him, henry and passes another bill with more border fortifications, boehner is going to be caught. you know how they are. look, i'm telling you, this is bad for the country. it's bad. nothing good about this executive order. all right. have a good trip home. and we really appreciate it. >> pocket hankie even though you are mad at me. >> get me a pocket hankie from burma and i will put it over my face which many people will appreciate. >> rundown, right on the left on the president's immigration plan. >> bernie goldberg on why so many black americans remain poor in this country. factor is coming right back. i'm over the hill.
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paragraph continuing now with lead story. president obama may issue executive order documenting millions of undocumented ill eagle illegal aliens. >> again not the merits of the case, all right? we don't want to do that tonight. that goes on and on. we have heard it a million times. damage to the country? >> um. >>um you say? >> i think it would create a stampede over the border bigger than we have seen when the president does this. you mentioned in your talking points memo, it would weaken the constitution and give the president, basically, dictatorial powers. >> you expect court challenges right away, right? >> i do, bill. but i really think that the media is going to cover for him on this one. >> he will try. >> actually think president obama may get away with this one but that's a different topic. >> no it isn't. why do you think he might get away with it. >> yes. >> i think the administration will drag out pointy headed constitutional lawyers in harvard. >> of course, they will have their guys. >> i think it will get lost. >> it's not going to get
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lost defund in this president obama will get on soap pox and say republicans don't like latinos and feamentsz and kids. could wynn. >> do you agree with that ms. fentuas. >> is -- 100%. >> would you be willing to wait six months or so for the process to work the way it was designed. >> mr. o'reilly we have waited 500 days plus. >> 660 more days new congress. is that unreasonable. >> it is. american worker. we are talking about american children. we are not talking about the marriage. we are are talking about the process. the process does not need to take this long. this do nothing congress right now. the congress, the president of the united states. >> so you wouldn't even give the congress a chance to draft. >> congress has had last two years, boehner and his party have had the majority. there was a bipartisan bill passed 68 to 32 with 13
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members of republican party who voted for it how much more time do you need. >> i want six more months for the good of the country. >> it's been two years. >> president obama and the democrats had both houses. he didn't do anything. so i think there is problems on both sides in both parties. but i'm very very surprised to hear you say that for the good of the american people, for everybody, you wouldn't be willing to give six months so the process works as designed, even if boehner is he obstructionist, he doesn't do it then is he on boehner. then they can attack the president. now the president is going it be portrayed as a law breaker. now, let me ask you this. henry says that the president's mind set is wrapped around. the fanatical republicans who won't move on the issue they want people deported and that's it nobody gets a
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break, do you believe that's a factor here? >> i don't. i don't think the president cares about republicans at all, bill. i think he cares about his legacy. you heard ed. he is trying to box check on climate change. if obamacare comes unraveled he needs to have points on the board and wants to do this for his legacy. the other guest mentioned the american worker. this would hurt the american work. and, bill, i say that. >> that's theoretical. >> it's not theoretical. it's not. it would drive down wages for american worker. >> think are already working. >> he we can't absorb any more in the health care system in the cool system. actually a poll published today a lot of these immigrants are had 4% coming dependent and medicaid as well. >> we are getting into the merits of the debate. >> they're not merits, they are facts. i don't think that we can absorbed and our healthcare system and our schools. >> you just said you don't think that's an opinion. >> disproportionately.
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american workers. i say that as the daughter of an imgrant. an immigrant who never took a penny from the government. so while i'm sensitive to the immigrant's plight as a first jerks american, this ♪ the way to do it i agree with last statement. >> last word. >> i think there f. there is any intention of the republican party to fix this, this year when he they it the backup. >> they did. >> no, no. on the senate they did. why did the house not pass the bipartisan bill that passed the senate last summer? 500 days later we don't have an answer. this is not the immigration system we need. this is not the immigration system the united states deserves. i think something needs to happen. >> good debate. thank you very much, ladies. >> thank you. >> later on a republican congressman to explain what his party will do to blunt the president's executive order. but next on the rundown, fear and loathing in missouri as a decision whether or not to indict
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there is something about the sweet meditative glow of a loading website. don't listen to the naysayer. switch to comcast business today and get 50 megabits per second for $89.95. comcast business. built for business. around nergson, board up because of possible you may remember last august, ferguson police officer darren wilson shot and killed 18-year-old michael brown. in the street. violence ensued. now a grand jury must decide whether or not to indict mr. wilson who claims self-defense. a group called the don't shoot coalition is organizing in support of michael brown. an interesting situation because the coalition is made up of a number of
8:20 pm
groups that believe america is an unfair country. some examples, the coalition against police crimes and repression. jobs with justice. the new black panther party. the st. louis jewish voice for peace and the st. louis palestine solidarity committee are all members of the don't shoot coalition. joining us from st. louis state senator -- okay, if the grand jury declines to indict officer wilson, do you expect violence? >> no, i don't, bill. i think at the end of the day we are not going to see the same unrest that we saw in august. i think that the lines of communication have been opened with law enforcement as well as the organizers afternoon even the protesters. and i do believe that that's what needs to happen in order to begin to heal this process. i don't believe we will have any major violence and i
8:21 pm
would say to you that the organizers are working extremely well with law enforcement so that they can bring about a certain level of peace. >> all right. now, i am praying, senator, that your optimistic view holds. i really am. because this doesn't help anybody. doesn't help the memory of michael brown. it doesn't help the folks out in missouri. it doesn't help anybody. but i have to be a bit skeptical. i mean, this coalition is made up of about 30 groups. all of which are -- some would call it anti-american. i would say they are disenchanted with america. and then you have people like the new black panther party which are flat out america haters. this group is controlling now the septemberment in the street. we called a lot of people today. you are one of the few with the courage to come on and discuss it they are afraid to discuss it i'm not sure
8:22 pm
that your optimistic viewpoint is going to hold. i think there are agitators out there who want violence. >> >> well, again, bill i believe that the coalition wants peace. >> the new black panther party wants peace? you really believe that? >> i believe that the organization that coalition that you just mentioned, they want a since of peace and they don't want to see non-silence. we had the opportunity in august to see the unrest. and that is unwanted. moving forward. what we are wanting right now is a sense of resolve. and we want to be able to move forward and begin the healing process. i -- i don't support any violence towards people or property. >> taking that tact. now, you yourself got involved in a little controversy. you were protesting. what were you protesting first of all?
8:23 pm
because nobody really knows. i expect the feds to present the evidence one way or the other to the public. he is he not indicted. he is indicted. they will have to put some of the stronger evidence out closure people know. you were demonstrating in the beginning. what were you demonstrating against? >> well, lil', i was on the ground. the sent at a after michael brown was killed. and we had a massive unrest. we had businesses burned down. we also had looting. i wanted to convey to the protesters that it is okay to be angry. it's okay to be frustrated. but it is not okay to damage property. >> so you were out there as a peace maker? you were out there as a peace maker? >> i was out there to show them out how to peacefully protest and do civil disobedience without resulting to violence
8:24 pm
andburning businesses down. that's what i wanted it convey but that message absolutely got lost. >> when the police arrested you or pulled you off the street for your demonstration, you had a gun. had you a gun on you. and that got national exposure. i remember reading it hearing and going i wonder why a missouri state senator had a gun in a demonstration. why? why did you have one? >> >> well, bill, i have had over the last four months many death threats. and i carry my gun often with me every single day. >> who is threatening you? >> if i had to. >> people out -- i don't know, anti-michael brown supporters. >> you seem like a level headed woman at least you are coming aacross this way on this program. who would be threatening you. >> i don't know those individuals. however what i do know is if i had to radio do it i probably would have kept the gun at home. >> is it a legally
8:25 pm
registered gun. >> the message got lost. >> is this a legally registered gun? this gun is legal? >> retrorespect, i would have done things a little bit differently by way of the message that i was trying to convey. i would have left the gun at home. however, the message that i was trying to convey to the protesters is that it's okay to civil disobedience. it's okay to protest. it's not not okay to. >> exactly. >> well, senator, i hope you keep in touch with us. and i hope that your optimistic bears fruition. we thank you very much for coming on tonight. >> thanks for having me, bill. >> plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. bernie goldberg knows why so many americans remain in poverty. that should be interesting. navy seals killed usama bin laden will enter the no spin zone. we hope you stay tuned to
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weekdays with bernie segment tonight. position of black americans dismal much worse than white americans. question is why. with us from miami the purveyor of berp northward mr. goldberg. my take, i don't want to bore herb and be repetitive is the collapse of the culture in the black precincts, the family
8:30 pm
dissolution, the babies born out of wedlock. the lack of emphasis on education. the lack of discipline, fathers abandoning families. all of that is the primary indicator of poverty not white privilege not enough money in the school district, although some of those districts do need help. and you say? >> i say you are absolutely right. and there are certain factors that lead to poverty regardless of race. the most cogent, easy to understand explanation that i have seen comes from a man named william galston who was a policy advisor to president clinton. he said if you do three things, these are three simple things by the way you will most eickly not end up in poverty. number one, finish high school. number two, don't have a baby until you are married. number three, don't have any babies until you are at least 20 years old. okay? if you do those three
8:31 pm
things, are you ready for this? only 8% of people who do those things wind up in poverty. if you do not do those things, just under 80, 80% wind up in poverty. so there is no question that family dissolution is a major factor that leads to poverty regardless of race. the reason it's worse in black america is because there is a disproportionate number of black kids who drop out of high school. and there is a disproportionately high number of african-americans who have babies out of wedlock, about 72 percent of the black kids born today, you know, are born out of wedlock. and that inevitably leads to disproportionate black poverty. >> where can we find -- what's the guy's name again william. >> william galston he did the study in 19 2. >> is it on the net some place. >> 2007 it was updated. but it was updated and the
8:32 pm
percentages were like half a percent off. >> can the people see it? can they access it? >> absolutely. william galston galston. >> i want everybody to check that out. all right. now, the left refuses to acknowledge. this even though the stats are overwhelming, why? >> i think because it's an embarrassment. there have within a number of black elite people, intellectual, some of them, who have appeared on this program and he they don't give dysfunctional behavioral and i think that's a fair description if you drop out of high school and you have babies when you are a teenager, it is dysfunctional behavior. they don't give that as a reason because that's embarrassing. they blame racism. now, maybe once upon a time when there were less opportunities for black people, racism might have been a legitimate reason. it isn't today and bill they
8:33 pm
are not doing people any favors by pretending it isn't. happening in greater numbers than ever before in white. >> 19 autos and 60's when blacks were being actively oppressed in many parts of the country, the pregnancy rate and out-of-wedlock rate and dropout rate wasn't as bad as it is now. okay? >> i have numbers. i have numbers on that. let me give it to you very very quickly. in 1969, the, right after the war on poverty began and these are the earliest numbers they have, just and you 35% of black kids were born out of wedlock. that's high. just under 35%. today it's 72%. >> double. >> just under 72%. now, with white americans, this is also troubling in 1969, 5.5% of white kids
8:34 pm
were born out of wedlock. today it's almost 30%. that's a six fold increase. what the problems we have seen in black america is white america you dig yourself a whom where you are not educated got to be on the dole to support your kids and you are dependent in all of that and you can't develop a career or a talent, you are done all right bernie, very instructive. when we come right back, the navy seal says he killed usama bin laden will enter the no spin zone. don't miss this one moments away. want to know how hard it can be... breathe with copd? it can feel like this. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled... ...copd maintenance treatment...
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thanks for staying with us i'm bill o'reilly in the personal story segment tonight. millions of americans saw a two part "special report" on fox this week about senior chief petty officer robert owe neil a navy seale who says he killed usama bin laden. fascinating shedding light on the seal operation and dramatic events that took place. the downside is that rear admiral brian losey, commander of the seals has strongly criticized
8:39 pm
mr. o'neil saying he violated seal protocol talking about the operation that he shouldn't have done that first of all why did you go public? you knew what the protocol was. you knew the admiral was saying we had a tradition we don't talk about it. we knew all of that. why go you did you go public. >> i wasn't planning on going public with this until this summer when i went to the 9/11 memorial i wanted to donate my shirt and a flag i wore on my shirt in the room usama bin laden was living. while i was there they're, i was on a stage to give impromptu talk. i started it talk to them, as i was talking i was looking out at the audience, no dry eyes in the room. one woman in particular tell me i didn't close the chapter i closed the entire book she wasn't afraid anymore. >> you believe by coming forward that the pain experienced quake people who lost loved ones on 9/11 and the entire country would be assuaged a little bit because you could tell them,
8:40 pm
look, we got him. we got the guy behind. this that's essentially it? >> that's essentially it. >> 90 minutes in the helicopter. you go from afghanistan into pakistan. you know what you are going there for. you land in the compound at bin laden's compound. you get off the helicopter, you go in the compound. first thing you saw? >> well, the first thing i saw in the compound is looking up at the actual house i had been studying so long. first thought was this is navy seal stuff. this is so cool i'm here. >> so you were prepared to go in because you had done so much research. but when you get in the door -- >> -- um. >>um what's the first thing you see. >> first thing i saw was a long hallway with doors on either side leading to rooms and then at the end of the hall there was another door that two of my fellow teammates wore using methods of entry to try to breach the door. >> did you hear anything? >> i could hear an explosion now and then and then i could hear my guys rounding up women and children and putting them in place.
8:41 pm
>> you go up the stairs. on the ground floor and go up the stairs. what you do on the second floor. >> on the way up the stairs the analysts told us would he oar going to run into khalid bin laden. >> that's the son. the son of bin laden came out after one of the seals said something to him in -- >> -- i think he said something and in arabic,. >> he went out and bang, shot. you didn't give chance to arm. >> he was armed and made a move behind the banister. >> you saw that. >> i saw him move on my way there. >> he is down, right? >> yes. >> then you proceed and it's you and six guys or something. >> probably six or seven guys in front of me and we were going up the stairs, who we got to the first floor all but the first guy went to the left or right. closed door or open door or unknown. >> you are shoe you and the other steel go up to the third floor landing what do you see? >> we went to the third floor. he went through the curtain and grabbed a few women
8:42 pm
moving around and pushed them down the hallway and fell on top of them. >> why did he do that. >> he was sure he was going to blow up. he wanted it absorb the blast get the shot off. >> he yous it what you. >> he didn't know it was. >> takes them pushes them on the floor and goes down so you can get a clear shot. >> i turned to the why right and open door in that bed the room. a few feet in front of me is usama bin laden. it's just you. >> me and his and wife. >> his wife is looking right at you. >> she is sort of looking over my shoulder. it was pretty dark and they couldn't really see me. >> okay. so the wife is though in front. you are here, wife is there. he is behind the wife. hiding behind the wife? he is not surrender dering is all i can say. >> his hands would be up in the air. the hands are on the wife's back. >> that movement and the recognition and, you know, you assuming he is wearing a
8:43 pm
vest. i'm within my rules of engagement so i shot him twis. >> explosive vest is what you are talking about? >> yes. >> what do you think he was doing behind his wife? what was he doing there? >> i don't know what he was doing all i knew of he wasn't surrendering. >> just take him out because he might pull something. >> he could be detective conating a vest or explosives in a house. >> did he say anything. >> he didn't say anything. >> did the wife say anything. >> north the morning he was shot. then he was shot, what does the wife do, i shot him twice and he fun down and then i took my wife over and we needed to subdue ear and there was? was the wife saying anything, crying? screaming? >> she was screaming. tawas confusing to her as the sure. >> at this point other seals are coming in to help out. >> to help out. >> you shot him in the head? >> yes. >> shot him in the head again. >> shot him in the head on the ground?
8:44 pm
>> yes. >> but he didn't say a word the whole thing. >> no. >> you knew it was him right away. >> right away. >> big guy, right? >> taller than me. >> how tall are you? >> 6 feet. >> so he is about 6'3", 64. >> about that. >> big beard? >> no. i was advise of that than i was used to seeinged in the big pictures. you but the bin laden's bag in front of you. >> yes. >> computers or anything else. >> you didn't take the wife offer anything like that. >> no. >> the wife mifts have known things? right but we were just worried about the objective. subsequent live when you look back on it, any thoughts? >> yeah, my thought is i'm just prowts to be invited to be part ever the great team much's team assemibleibleed. hawrch to be there and help with the healing process of people who lost so much. >> mr. owe o'neil, thanks for coming. in fascinating. you are a patriot. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. on deck, update on president
8:45 pm
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back of the book segment tent, when will republicans in the house do to blunt president obama's executive order on illegal immigration that we talked about in the talking points memo and the a and b blocks tonight? joining us now is congressman trey gowdy the chairman of house that border security and is he in washington. so if the president does indeed sign the executive order when he comes back from asia, which would legalize millions of undemocraticked fox news decks. what specifically do you think will happen? >> well, there are three things, bill, number one we need to persuade our fellow citizens that from 2008 to it 2010, when he had the
8:49 pm
house, the senate and the white house, he didn't do a damn thing about immigration. why can't he give the republican house and senate three months, six months, nine months to do what he wasn't able to do in two years. >> good point. good point. >> i made that point too there is no urgency to do this. he could give you guys a chance in january and i would say three months, four months is fair. number two? he is going to poison the well if he does that. he needs to understand upfront if he he wants a solution he will wait. if he wants an issue for their candidate to run in 2016 he will do what he is planning on do doing. the second tool is the appropriations process. that a tool best wielded in the spring and not in december where we are staring at an omnibus or comprehensive spending. but we have the senate. and advice and cop sent. specifically with this new attorney general ask u.s. attorney lynch what are the limits of prosecutorial discretion. what laws does he actually have to enforce? are election laws subject to his women capris.
8:50 pm
be tough with advice and consent. be thoughtful with appropriations process. all the well persuade our fellow citizens this is not a fight with the fellow citizens it's a fight with who founded this republic. >> the left wing zelouts are going to reject that and look at president obama as a hero. you know that's going to happen. what's the third thing? >> advice and consent would be the third. appropriation and advice and consent. >> what about what judge napolitano raised that this is an impeachable situation because it does go against congress making the laws. because the president is making a new law. and the new law says that if you have children who are american citizens even though you yourself are an illegal undocumented person, you can stay in this country. that supersedes the old law. napolitano claims it's
8:51 pm
unconstitutional and impeachable. do you see anybody going down that road in the house? >> have you met joe biden, is my response to that. no. nobody's discussing impeachment. first of all, impeachment is a punishment, not a remedy. second of all, the only people who want to talk about impeachment are the president's ally -- >> so you see it as a bait you're not going to take? >> i'm not going to take it because i've met joe biden. that's not the answer. >> explain your biden reference. >> he would be the new president. >> he would be the new president. all right. okay. now, i see this -- and i don't know whether you watch the program tonight, but i'm not a partisan player. i don't root for you guys, i don't root for the democrats. i want what's best for the country. i think this is so horrible for america. it's awful. what we're trying to do is get some consensus, have you work together, solve some economic
8:52 pm
problems, solve some foreign policy problems like putin invading ukraine now and this is just going to blow everything to hell. >> yes, sir, it will. and frankly in the interest of full disclosure, there are democrats that we welcome the chance to work with. luis gutierrez, while i disagree with him on policies, an imminently trustwort worthy participant. if he does by fiat what he wouldn't do in two years when he could have done it, and i just watched 60 new members of the house that were elected last week. they deserve the chance to participate in this debate. that's the way the system works. >> yeah. he's going to say though -- just to be fair though he's going to say the reason he didn't do it in the first two years is because he wanted to give congress a chance and they didn't get around to it. even though democrats control congress and he had to do the economy because of all -- you know how it is.
8:53 pm
>> god forbid he do more than one thing at a time. >> keep us posted. we thank you very much for your time tonight. >> yes, sir, thank you. "the factor" tip of the day, putting too much about yourself on the net. the tip moments away. if you're suffering from constipation or irregularity, powders may take days to work. for gentle overnight relief, try dulcolax laxative tablets. ducolax provides gentle overnight relief, unlike miralax that can take up to 3 days. dulcolax, for relief you can count on. dulcolax, for relief you can count on. it says here that increases at the age of 80. helps reduce the risk of heart disse. keep hrt-healthy. live long. eat the 100% goodness of post shreddedheat. doctorrecommend it.
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8:56 pm
laura about her inhumane stance on illegal immigration. once again, my immigration plan is posted on wouldn't need an executive order. it would pass. beaufort, south carolina. bill, i agree with you regarding the machines. they are leading to the downfall of the family and kids cheating on them is epidemic. lisa henry, west palm beach, florida. mr. bill, sorry starbucks is no more responsible for the stupid things eminem says than you are for the things alan combs says. that's not fair, lisa. poor comparison. the rapper goes out of his way to offend people with vile language. petty officer, bethesda, maryland, i disagree vets were insulted by eminem and the promotors condoned it. he praised. thanks for your stance against eminem. i was offended as well. and san jose, california. bill, i was not a pinhead.
8:57 pm
and jumped at the chance to see you and miller here on february 27th. well thanks. tickets for the don't be a pinhead tour make great christmas and hanukkah gifts. we'll see everybody in san antonio and san jose as mentioned. details on bill get them fast. some of those shows are half sold out in one day. dublin, ohio. good for you, bill. holding howard kurts accountable for not confronting the liberal media. he still does not get the depth of the problem. aaron, stamford, colorado. o'reilly, you said the coal industry is going to have to wise up and get cleaner. you also said you would consider giving obamacare to illegal aliens. totally false on obamacare. never said it. are you watching "the factor" during happy hour or something? as for coal, if the industry doesn't wise up, natural gas
8:58 pm
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9:00 pm
stops right here cause we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, republicans and the white house gearing up for what looks like the ugliest political battle in years as we get new details on the white house's plan to allow some 5 million illegal immigrants to stay in america. welcome to "the kelly file" everyone. i'm megyn kelly. just last night we reported right here on the president's plan to ignore congress. and with the stroke of a pen allow an unprecedented number of illegal immigrants to stay here. specifically those with children who were born in the united states. it would also expand the break he already gave many children brought here illegally by their parents. republicans tonight are vowing to fight. >> i'll just say this. we're going