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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  November 14, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PST

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>> it is friday. it's november 14th. a fox news alert breaking overnight. a military base under attack. two navy officers hurt in a heroic attack to take down the the suspect with a knife. the story unfolds this morning. >> first he called americans stupid now he is bragging about ripping off the if i had. what do democratic leaders have to say about obamacare's architect stunning words. >> i don't know who he is. he didn't help write our bill. >> this morning it is the tape nancy pelosi does not want you to see to prove that she just lied to the american people.
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>> plus extreme weather sweeping the country. the first signs of winter bringing snow and ice and the bitter cold suspects. you bert get used to it because it is here to stay. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> it is a cold and rainy morning in new york city. here's a live shot for you. we don't care. it is friday. thank goodness. i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. >> thank you for starting your day with us. let's begin with this. a fox news alert. a man with a knife tried to enter the main gate at the submarine base in gratton,
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connecticut. one stabbed in the leg the other hit by a bullet that was fired the suspect. the sus spect is in custody. they are both in the hospital this morning. >> he will take executive action on immigration policy before the year ends. the timing of the announcement is up for debate. why a top democrat is telling them to hold off. >> president obama says he has given the gop led house. speaker john boehner ample time to vote on the senate version of the bill. they are using executive action to change u.s. policy and laws on immigration. >> i indicated to speaker bane another sever boehner several months ago if congress failed to act i would use the lawful authority i
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possess to try to make the system better. that is going to happen before the end of the year. >> senator harry reid has told the president to hold off until after congress passes a bill in december to fund the government. republicans suggestled they may prevent the president from enacting immigration changes separate from congress by preventing them from baying the executive action. >> the president does not have the unilateral power to create the new laws. i am trying to do what i can to serve our constitutional relevance and use the power of the purse. >> house speaker boehner said the republicans will fight the president tooth and nail if he tries to undergo this.
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>> what should be number one on his 10 point immigration plan right after the show to join the conversation hash tag keep talking. >> first he calls us stupid now jonathan gruber is calling some people smart but only if you live in massachusetts. a brand new video reveals it shows him bragging about ripping off the feds. >> the dirty secret in massachusetts is the feds pay for our bill. in kennedy figured out a way to rip off the feds about $400 million a year. >> this the latest in a string of videos surfacing when they wrote about how to handle the stupidity of gruber. the lack of transparency about the law. the president disagrees.
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that brings us to look who is talking and democratic leaders are reacting. nancy pelosi saying she is never even heard of gruber. >> i don't know who he is. he didn't help write our bill. the person who wasn't writing our bill commenting on what was going on when we were writing the bill. they have withdrawn soem of tme statements that you made. let's put him aside. >> she sited him on her web site back in 2010. even mentioned him by name during a press conference back in 2009. >> i don't know if you heard of mayan mal sis like the comparison to the status quo and comparison level to our bill and seeking insurance to the exchange and our bill takes down the costs. >> she doesn't know who he is
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not that she is never heard of him rather when they clarify. >> the next major step to the ee stone happening that day the house proposed bill expected to pass. president obama says the pipeline would not be a massive jobs bill. the dan sullivan is blasting him for. >> one of the other things i ran out of ceasing this great opportunity of this american energy renaissance not only alaska dbut all over the countr. there's a tremendous opportunity and keystone is part of that. >> president obama hadz threatened to veto any keystone legislation in the past. >> another american doctor sick with ebola while working in west africa. he will now be flown back to the u.s. for treatment. dr. martin silea is expected to
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arrive on saturday at nebraska medical center. he will be the third ebola patient to be treated at the omaha hospital and the tenth person to be treated in the u.s. >> it is still alive isis leader abu back carr abu bakr al-baghdadi survived a bombing where there were rumhe thought to be killed. a review of the tape indicates it was recorded after friday's announcement of 1500 additional troops to the region and as recently as tuesday. >> the man accused of murdering hannah gram will face a judge in a separate case. jessie matthew is also accused of attacking a woman in 2005 and nearly killing her. the 32-year-old is also linked
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to the 2009 disappearance and murder of virginia tech student morgan harrington. matthew was arrested in september. >> now to an extreme weather story for you. this morning people all across the country feeling the freeze as the arctic blast is making its way from the west to the east. >> new york getting the first taste of winter. more snow could be coming this weekend. >> drivers forced to deal with whiteout conditions 6-10 inches of snow dropping in erie. >> we are expecting more cold weather as we head into the next several days. the cold blast is forecast to stay here through the middle of next week for most of the country. we are seeing another reinforcing shot of cold air adds we head into the weekend. that will be this is what it
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feels like when you head out the door. we are tracking cold down through parts of the gulf coast. in new orleans it feels like 25 degrees in the teens in memphis and also in dallas. we are not just talking cold across portions of the upper midwest and north ooets. it is down to portions of the gulf coast and portions of the southeast as well. here's a look at the radar we have snow coming down into new england over the past 12-hours. in new york city you are really mostly seeing it as rain out there coastal areas seeing it transition over to snow. across the great lakes you have the snow being enhanced the lakes. you can see several inches of accumulation. >> the air combrabic company ta could still be facing criminal pos cushion for faulty air bags.
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>> good morning. >> a 5th death in a honda car that can potential licks employed hurling shrapnel into the air. takata is under investigation for possible criminal activity. some 8 million recallss in the u.s. now not just at honda. ten auto makers involving these faulty bags. >> all wal-mart stores price matching on-line retailers like amazon over the holidays. that policy starts today. the cost of public college tuition. it is still going up. beau by the small ets amount since, you ready for this? 1974. the college board says instate tuition not involving room and
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board public schools $9,100. that's an increase of 254 bucks from last year. it's the first time in almost 40 years the increase has been less than 3 percent. however at private colleges that costs soaring to 31,000 of an increase of 4 percent. on wall street stocks are up yet again. four weeks of gains in a row now as we head into the final section. >> don't miss lauren on fox business network. to find it in your area log on to finder. the time now is 11 minutes after the top of the hour. he called the american people stupid on camera. why is the mainstream media not talking about this? >> he sends a letter telling her to stop cashing his benefit checks because he's dead. the only problem is he's very much alive. what the va is saying this
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morning. >> how the government is reaching new heights with personal data.
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>> phillip phillips this morning. thank you for always waking up with us. he thinks we are stooup pupid a is not afraid to say it. one of obamacare's architects caught on tape insulting american voters. who exactly is jonathan gruber? >> we look at his rise to infamy. >> another shocking new remark from jonathan gruber. he points out what he believes is the passage of romney care in
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massachusetts. >> the dirty secret massachusetts is the feds pay for our bill. in massachusetts we have a po powerful senator ted kennedy. he basically figured out a way to rip off the feds for 400 million a year. >> then massachusetts governor mitt romney passed it into law he thanked jonathan gruber. >> jonathan gruber at mit devoted hours and hours into this model. >> how does a nerd get into a game like this after hours and hours. >> soon connecticut, delaware, kansas, oregon and other states came calling. among the fans a young senator barack obama. owe owe>> obama realized he had to take on healthcare costs. this law could be the vehicle for doing so. >> gruber knew just as mitt
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romney did thes ma mass model wouldn't work. massachusetts had extra money to pay for it secured by ted kennedy. >> gruber knew the only way it could work nationally is through mandates. the idea of mandates of taxes to pay for obamacare was toxic. congress found out how toxic during the august recess in 2009. in crafting obamacare he was well paid for earning almost 300,000 dollars. his blunt talk of stupid voters and hidden taxes in front of hot mikes paid a difference between him and the economics of obamacare. >> time to brew on this. the comments of the big three network newscast abc, nbc and cbs. only cbs covered that story and
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only two minutes. this time only one minute. this time we want to know are they being irresponsible on not reporting on gruber's comments. you can send them on facebook, twitter or we will share them later in the show. >> an army veteran's wife is told not to cash any more disability checks because her husband is dead. the problem is he's very much alive. >> they sent this letter offering to pay for his funeral. et he is healthy and alive 81-year-old. it was a mix-up and they say they will fix the problem all they can. >> kicking out mother reeteresad albert einstein. they ordered the hall of heros
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to be repainted about what he considers to be modern heros. their kids need to look up to real heros and not celebrities. >> that's interesting. >> the time now is 18 after the top of the hour. sorry your family member died. now give us their begun. the plan that had people all across the country fired up. >> she hasn't lived in the country for two years they consider their daughter estranged. now they are paying.
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>> a little luke ryan to wake you up on this friday morning. time now for "look who is talking. we are hearing more from the navy seal who killed osama bin laden. roberto kneel waking up to bill o'reilly about why he decided to come forward with his story? . >> i got into the house behind a great team great analysts. they saved guy's lives but i found myself some of it was luck. i got to take the shot it gave me a platform. after that i decided i wanted to use it in the most positive way i can. i wanted to help with these families with the closure i am going to assume risk now.
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>> your cell phone is being watched. they are scooping up data from thousands of homes with devices thrown over head. it is to catch criminals but innocent people caught in the crossfire. we are live in los angeles with this stunning new report. good morning, robert. >> heather, good morning. justice is intercepting the data from thousands of mobile phones in the high-tech hunts for criminals. they are using devices atoward cessna jets based within flying range of most of the population according to a report in the wall street journal. according to the journal the devices known as dirt boxes mimic cell phone towers and abandon tricks for mobile phones to support information that can lead to them. they are reportedly dumped in the process.
2:25 am
th no one knows if they are dumping that data. this he call it a dragnet surveillance program and inexcusable. they have no idea of the scale of it. the federal appeals court worked earlier this year collecting extra data and stockpiling it breeches that. it's company was unaffair of the dirt box program. previously it will solve the government hunted mobile phone digital trails using devices in the cars and they scanned the area. >> thanks so much. 2:25 in l.a., new york gun owners are fired up this morning about the next story. buffalo police plan to take away legally registered guns after the permit owner passes away. they say they don't want the
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weapons to fall into the wrong hands. gun advocates say it's a violation. some of the firearms might have monetary or sentimental value for the families. a new jersey woman sues her estranged parents for college tuition and when. marah mcgarvey said her son katelyn left home two years ago to be with her grandparents. katelyn sued her parents to cover her 16,000 dollar a year college tuition. the judge ruled in her favor siting state law which requires divorced parents to pay education fees. marah and her ex-husband michael richie now appealing the judge's decision. president obama promised no boots on the ground in iraq. is that really true. >> she was smoking tobacco another alarming smoking trend is on the rise.
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this report is one that all parents need to hear. her smile is so white. i was pretty stunned myself.
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but whitestrips go below the enamel surface to safely remove deep stains. don't miss our buy one get one free offer this holiday season! >> it is friday november 14th. here we go again. another insult of the american people from the architect of obamacar obamacare. >> ted kennedy basically figured out a way to rip off the feds for about 400 million a year. >> now democrats are keeping their distance as some of them get caught up in different lies. >> it's not if but when. president obama expected to take action on immigration any day now. why top democrats are telling him to back down. >> george w. bush has a candid discussion about his father's influence. >> people have trouble understanding i wasn't on the
2:31 am
front constantly seeking advice. one reason why is because he had made presidential decisions. >> how his dad made all of the difference while in office. >> ♪ >> that will take you back to college days. little rusted roof for you this morning. i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. the weekend is here. it is 30 minutes after the top of the hour. we have a fox news alert for you. developing overnight a belligerent man with a knife tries to enter the main gate at the submarine base in grattan, connecticut. two navy officers were hurt trying to take them down. one stabbed in the leg the other
2:32 am
hit by a bullet fired the suspect. the suspect is in custody. both officers out at the hospital this morning. >> first he calls us stupid and now jonathan gruber is calling people smart. but only if you live in massachusetts. a brand new video revealed shows gruber bragging about ripping off the beds. >> the dirty secret massachusetts in the feds case for our bill, in massachusetts we had a very powerful senator you may know known as ted kennedy. ted kennedy figured out a way to sort of rip off the feds for about 400 million a year. >> this just the latest in a string of videos surfacing where gruber gloats about how the law was written to take advantage of the stupidity of the american voter. the lack of transparency helps the law pass. josh earnest said the president disagrees and the bill was written in a transparent way. that brings us to look who is talking and how democratic
2:33 am
leaders are reacting to the videos. nancy pelosi saying she never heard of gruber. >> i don't know who he is. he didn't help write our bill. you have a person who wasn't writing our bill commenting on what was going on when we were writing the bill who has withdrawn some of the statements that he made. let's put him aside. >> wait, she sited him on her web site in 2010 and even mentioned him by name during a press conference back in 2009. >> i don't know if you have seen jonathan gruber mit's analysis to the status quo verses what is happening in our bill, seek insurance within the exchange in our bill takes down the costs. >> a pelosi spokesperson trying to clarify her statement saying quote she doesn't know who he is not that he's never heard of
2:34 am
him. >> president obama promising executive action by year's end. the white house reportedly still trying to figure out the timing. >> gouge luzader is in washington with more. >> no one knows exactly when this is going to happen. listen to president obama who was in burma but he was talking tough about this issue here at home. >> i indicated if congress failed to act i would use the lawful authority i have to make the system better. that's going to happen before the end of the year. >> he would offer amnesty to illegal immigrants not citizenship right away but initiative to stay and woshlg.
2:35 am
fresh off of the big mid term election says what he is about to do is against the law. >> we are going to fight the president tooth and nail if he continues down this path. >> will he continue down this path? there is an important state to consider that becomes next month that is december 11th. congress has to come up with a continuing budget resolution or the government could one out of money. we could have a government shut down. democrat majority leader harry reid is asking the president to hold off on the executive order until after september 11th because he wants to get this budget deal done knows full well this immigration executive order could poison the well in congress and make it difficult to get any other worning done. heather? >> thank you, doug. >> what should be number one on
2:36 am
his ten point immigration plan. log on to our facebook page after the show at #keep talking. u.s. combat troops could be fighting in the war against isis. this despite president obama promising no boots on the ground. they could take mosul and other areas under isis control. >> i am not predicting i would recommend those forces along the border need to be accompanied u.s. forces but they are considering it. >> dempsey's call comes after they ordered 350 additional troops bringing the total number to 3,000. >> it is called a comedy of errors. the secret service blunders in the white house intrusion. homeland security review of the major system site, but it is
2:37 am
mainly human error that allowed omar gonzalez scale the fence and make it into the residence. the agent in charge releasing an attack dog had no idea what was going on because he had his ear piece in and was sitting in a van talking on his cell phone. the one who drew gonzalez drew they are flashlight and not her baton. they later discovered he was carrying a knife. a i cued cop killer eric frein facing murder and terrorism charges. he wrote to his parents telling them saying he wanted to start a revulsion. frein also said he carried out the deadly attack to quote wake people up. managed to elude police for 48 days before he was captured. they plan to seek the death penalty. >> angels outfielder mike trout is your 2014 american league
2:38 am
mvp. the unanimous decision makes the 23-year-old the 5th youngest person ever to win the award. trout has been the runner up for the last two years he tafought e lead in rbi's. not since 2004 has an angels player won mvp. >> don't forget about him. gandolfini inducted into the hall of fame. he was known for his role in the sopranos. he was also a native of the garden state. he died from heart problems at the age of 51 is. >> now to some extreme weather. say good-bye to the warm fall days it is getting cold. people across the country feeling the arctic freeze. >> new york getting their first flakes of winter. they could see even more. before heading out west it
2:39 am
wasn't all bad news. people in utah were happy to see the snow. they are all ready for ski season to start up there in the mountains. >> oo we will see what's in store for the rest of the region. >> you can sigh across the city of boston into portions of maine you are looking at snow showers early this morning. the system is going to be moving out. behind it you will see the sunshine returning. but cold temperatures are going to stay in place. a little further off to the west you have lake-effect and lake enhanced snowfall. because we have gusty winds forecast we could be looking at travel issues in places like boston. otherwise pfurther off to the south conditions are looking good for travelers. take a look at how cold it is out there. single digits in minneapolis and teens down through texas.
2:40 am
heather and ainsley? oo thank you, maria. it is 39 minutes after the top of the hour. insurance under the affordable care act may soon be unaffordable. >> a candid interview with former president george w. bush. >> he would call me and say john, you did a great job. wonderful speech. >> words from the 43rd president about his father and his influence on his presidency.
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♪ >> it is 43 minutes after the
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top of the hour. a shot of 6th avenue with the american flag there in front of fox news channel. thanks for watching this morning. it is time to look who is talking. former president george w. bush opening up to sean hannity about the advice and support his father gave him while he was in office. >> he offered me love and humor. he would call me and say son, you did a great job. wonderful speech. it was so uplifting to hear someone you admire and love say that to you. he would interject humor. he would send an e-mail into and de carter and josh bolton and read this is from your dad. all of a sudden they would read some funny story or something like that. also people have trouble understanding that i wasn't on the phone constantly seeking advice. one reason why he had made presidential decisions. he knows how important it is to be fully briefed by people who studied the issue.
2:45 am
he would have said hey send your briefers down. >> more controversial changes are set to come for obamacare in 2014. here now with how some states are getting hit hard by these new premiums. good morning, ashley. >> good morning, heather. open enrollment by the way begins this saturday. because the different state rules and reporting procedures it is virtually impossible to gauge what the average obamacare premiums consumers will pay across the country. one thing we know is prices are going up. they found a large range of rate changes in eight states consumers will see double dig get hikes in premiums. those include, kansas, iowa, virginia, north carolina, south carolina and tennessee. four states are reporting decreases in premiums. the majority of states have them
2:46 am
on the eve. some states don't require reporting of exchange rate changes other states only require reporting of larger premium hikes and on and off ex training polls are still in flux. some states cut off plans not compliant with obamacare while others have not. unless states issue final reports we may never get a complete picture of what's happening in obamacare exchanges or in the individual markets. complicated is an under statement. >> be sure not to convince ashley you can find it on the fox business >> more teenagers are electronically lighting up. e cigarettes has tripled in the last two years. 4.75 students using it on a regular basis.
2:47 am
they are concerned because most of the products are full of nicotine. teenagers could give them up and move on to the real cigarettes instead. >> here's another good reason to down that morning cup of joe. four cups of coffee a day can/your risk of diabetes by 25 percent. coffee improves your glucose level energy and metabolism and can help you save calories. the best way to drink it filtered and decaffeinated. >> that takes away all of the fun. >> the war on women part 2 why some feminist groups are upset with time magazine. >> what do a cam peel a tiger a police canine all have in common? they are all going viral this morning. the addition of "the good the bad and the ugly" coming up ahead. >> good morning to you, ladies. thank goodness it is friday. coming up obamacare 2015.
2:48 am
doctor mark seigel with three things coming your way that you really won't like. >> she smokes pot for medical purposes and she did not get a job. now she is suing the people who didn't hire her. does she have a good case? we will talk about that. >> geraldo is here so is jeff dunham. dumb and dumber 2 out this weekend's movie box office. is it worth your cash? kevin mccarthy has to tell us. we have a busy three hours kicking off with this special surprise 12 minutes from right now. put down the remote. hey matt, what's up?
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i'm just looking over the company bills. is that what we pay for internet? yup. dsl is about 90 bucks a month. that's funny, for that price with comcast business, i think you get like 50 megabits. wow that's fast. personally, i prefer a slow internet. there is something about the sweet meditative glow
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of a loading website. don't listen to the naysayer. switch to comcast business today and get 50 megabits per second for $89.95. comcast business. built for business. welcome back to "fox & friends first." an alarming report for you out of afghanistan. it says nearly $420 million in weapons and other sensitive items have gone missing from army bases in
2:52 am
baghram and kandahar. army officials are being blamed for not reporting the losses when they were first noticed. the missing items are not likely to be recovered due to poor management and improper weapons accounting. these findings come after an internal investigation from the pentagon's inspector general. >> gone in 45 seconds. two people caught on camera stealing four puppies. this happened at a colorado pet store. the pure bred english bull dogs are worth about $11,000 total. police officers believe the two are responsible for at least one other puppy theft in the area in the same day. ainsley? >> the head of time magazine wants to get rid of the word feminist and now activists from the feminist majority are outraged about this. "time" magazine included the word in its worst word poll along with bae and
2:53 am
kale. so far feminists are win wg 48% of the vote. the group says, quote, if "time" is annoyed with a word that represents saving women's lives, there is something wrong with "time." >> speaking of time, it is time for your 5@5:00. we've got the top five airports in the country. coming in at number five, newark liberty international in new jersey has good food followed by jfk airport in new york city. then there is los angeles airport and san francisco international airport. topping the list is dallas-fort worth international airport. you don't even have to leave the terminal for the best grub texas has to offer. they have four barbecue joints, eight mexican spots and eight bars. >> let's head there. buy a plane ticket and stay at the airport. >> i didn't know obvi is a word. they are not saying totally
2:54 am
anymore. the time is eight minutes till the top of the hour of the hour. what do a -- these animals have in common? the answer in the good, the bad, and the ugly straight ahead.
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before you leave the house, here's what's happening today, hannah graham's murder suspect will be in court for a pretrial hearing involving another missing person's case. he's facing attempted capital murder and sexual assault charges. the house is expected to vote and pass a bill on the keystone pipeline. the president vowed to veto any bill congress passed. bundle up more low temps and wintry weather expected throughout the weekend. >> time now for the good, the bad, and the ugly. it's the animal edition. first the good. a four legged deputy with a nose for technology, a police dog which spits out more than a thousand cell phones smuggled into a california prison. a tiger on the loose in paris, france. police and trained dogs are on the hunt from this cat. it is unclear from where he came but there is a wildcat preserve nearby. the ugly.
2:59 am
a hungry compel -- camel gets up close with tourists stealing their food. the camel reaches into the car several times for a snack. time for your brew on this we told you about the mainstream media blacking out obamacare architect bashing the american public. we asked are they being irresponsible by not reporting his comments? steven says when the media keeps something from their viewers they no longer can be trusted. richy says very irresponsible to the american people. i believe the news broadcasts are like watchdogs for the american people, not for the government. susan says they are obligated to report the news. thanks to everyone who responded. don't forget to keep talking to us. the president could issue
3:00 am
new orders on amnesty as early as next week. what should be number one on his immigration plan? log on to have that conversation with me. it is #keeptalking. "fox & friends" starts right now with elisabeth. she's back. >> good morning. it is friday, november 14, 2014. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert for you now. breaking overnight, a military base is under attack. two navy officers were hurt trying to take down an armed man. we have the breaking details for you in just moments. >> and first he called americans stupid and now he's bragging about ripping off the feds. but who exactly is professor jonathan gruber? >> i don't know who he is. he didn't help write our bill. >> she's hilarious. that's not true. and we're going to play some tapes that nancy pelosi wishes we didn't have. >> and


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