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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  November 14, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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our thoughts and prayers are with her today in that beautiful picture there. she said cancer changed who i am. sounds like a cliche but i only have this one life and i need live every day to the fullest. and that's good advice for all of us. have a great weekend. thank you for being part of the show. here's shep. >> awful for megan and her family. we're thinking about her, too. secret service screwups. now we know what happened, and what a doozie, when the man rand into the white house. one secret service agent was not wearing his ear piece other. photographers figure out the guy wouldn't be able to make it through thick bushes. they were wrong. those are far from only mistakes. we'll talk with a goo who worked presidential protection at the white house, knows it cold, and we'll ask him how in the world this went down. plus, it's always nice to bring something when you visit somebody. for instance, vladimir putin, he
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is in australia and very kindly brought four russian warships and stationed them right off the coast. so considerate. not at all intimidating. wait until you hear how his host is showing gratitude. let's get to it. >> this friday afternoon to you, first from the fox news deck this afternoon, the government has run asmock it hates us. the united states government is using secret spy planes to snoop on our cell phones. that's the bombshell report in the "wall street journal." it indicates the feds used little planes to find and gather information on criminal suspects. but at the same time, the planes collect information from all the innocent americans around them. perhaps tens of thousands of people in every single flight. come over to the wall. "the wall street journal" made some graphics. they're simple but tell the story. the feds fly in these small
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cessnas and send out a signal at least -- from at least five airports around the country. they have high-tech equipment in there that tricks cell phones on the ground into beaming information up to the plane. the journal's sources say the government, quote, lets go of innocent people's information. like maybe this guy is a suspect, right? so they send down the signal, all the phones send all their stuff back up to the plane. but these people are innocent. they didn't do anything. but government now has all your stuff. thanks, government. not at all clear what happens to the data once they let it go, or who sees it along the way, or if they keep it. turns out this isn't new. "the wall street journal" reports this has been going on since 2007, at least. and even people who have encrypted cell phones, like the new issue phone 6s, are not protected. any cell phone that comes within range of one of these little planes will beam back the information. and the cell phone's owner would never know about it. justice department officials
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sale the tell fox news they will not discuss, quote, sensitive law enforcement equipment, unquote. but they say all their tactics are entirely legal. thank goodness, government, your tactics are legal. we'll get into the constitutional question us withan attorney in a moment. let's begin with the reporter who broke the story for "the wall street journal." devrin barrett is with us now. thank you. >> hi. >> this thing popped up on our alerts from the journal yesterday afternoon, and i wanted -- we considered breaking into programming with it. you're telling me that they fly these cessnas along, our phone calls can be interrupted by and it they take our private information just in case anybody walking around us might have done something wrong. >> it's sort of a need until a hay stack approach. once again, a technical approach that says we have to look at the whole hay stack and that's what they do. defenders of the program say we take individual numbers for such a short period of time, don't worry about it.
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>> take them for such a short period of time do they disappear interest the ether? how do that go way and why do they want them. >> we were told today, after the story came out, justice department officials said, we're not maintaining a database of all this information. >> sure. great news. you know what? i absolutely 100% believe everything the government tells me. so go on. >> well, look, a lot of this boils down to, do you trust the government -- >> no. >> to be careful and honest. i if you don't this stuff scares you. if you do, you're probably okay with it. the government isn't answering a question question. you don't keep the database. dolt the days a stay in the machines for a while? we don't have an answer for that. >> this sort of information we know cars collect this sort of information, and that information is sellable. this sort of information can be valuable, very valuable to criminals, valuable to advertisers, and i suppose if
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the government wanted to keep control -- keep track of us, it could be very valuable to the government. >> well, look, this same exact technology is used in military and intelligence settings overseas. that means war zones, other places where they are essentially spying or conducting lethal operations. so there is a dark side to this technology. the government is saying we don't use this sort of more negative or sinister parts of this in the united states. we just use this to find the bad guys. >> how did you figure this out and how long did it take? >> depends on when you stand counting. took awhile. wasn't quick. i wouldn't call it quick. but i got to hold on to some secrets. >> were you surprised? >> i thought it was an ingenious version because what they've done is they've taken a relatively old technology, stain and i figured that outt in and thought that is clever. in the air you can take so much
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more, and this takes an old technology we sort of knew about and people were already concerned about, and makes it much bigger. >> there's a slang for that, right? a dirty box or something? >> a dirt box. some of the law enforcement folks call it a dirt box, because of the aggrievation on the box the name of the company. other people read sinister things things things into the name. >> dirt boxes sometimes steal your information. good work, love the story, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> they called that dirt box. they call that dirt box, and i quote, sensitive law enforcement equipment. mercedes is with us, legal person. is this legal? >> it is. >> why. >> even courts have said, this is similar to cell towers. the minute you turn your phone on it starts sending information out into the air waves. a cell tower picks up your location sends pings, and the government says, this is justified.
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after 2001, 9/11, game over. we have to do this type of investigation. we have to find these individuals, and we are just collateral damage. the courts said when you're talking about going into the gatekeeper, the judge and saying i need a warrant, i believe this individual with this cell nor -- >> this what you used to have to do. >> exactly right. have to have a gatekeeper. but even in circumstances where this type of technology is picking up six million square feet of space, you don't need six million square feet of space
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individuals they say, if the civil liberties are compromised so be it. >> dirt boxes. >> i like dirty boxes. >> dirt box. rolls nicely. thank you. >> ever need to borrow a tool from your neighbor's garage? the guys who oversee our nuclear arsenal know how it feels. they had a single wrench, one wrench, one single wrench to adjust the warheads on all of the nuclear missiles. one wrench. the defense secretary now
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>> that survivalist accused of killing a state trooper and sparking a man point in barr wrote a let apologizing to heir parents while he was on the run. prosecutors charged him with two counts of terrorism. they say the suspect, eric frein, wrote that he did not have a death wish, adding, the time seems right for a spark to ignite a fire in the hearts of men. what i have done has not been done before, and it felt like it was worth a try, unquote. prosecutors say he added, you guys are great parents. i'm just not a good son. police say they finally caught eric frein hiding in an airplane hangar. the say he shot and killed the state trooper on the left and wounded the trooper on the right. prosecutors asked for the death penalty here. he has not yet entered a plea. the united states is overhauling how it handles the world's deadliest weapons. why? well, decades of problems have emerged.
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managing the nuclear arsenal. problems that night be comical if they were not so, frankly, terrifying. they range from service members doors that missile sites that will not close to a launch officer who was asleep on the job. the pentagon is now promising to increase the nuclear spending by $10 billion over the next five years, to upgrade the equipment. it will also put a four-star general in charge of the nuclear forces instead of a three-star general. and they're also buying more tools because the reviews show that maintenance crews working on 450 intercontinental ballistic missiles hat one wrench, a wrench that was required to attach or detach the warhead. a wrench like this one. so the feds -- they just fedexed it between the bases. need to strap a warhead on or take one off? we'll fedex you the only wrench we have that can do that. in the whole country.
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secretary hagel says each base now has its own wrench. hmm. and soon, each base will have two wrenches. progress. trace gallagher with more live in the west coast news hub. what wrench. who thought this was okay? >> well, since the end of the cold war the reason is nobody ever bothered to check if they were still making these wrenches. the answer was, they were not making these wherevers, and that's kind of the won theme of those two reports which is that our nuclear system for the past 50 years has been just gathering dust. we're talking weapons, sile lows, nuclear sunday. they're all decaying, says the report. but it's also a manpower issue. the report says morale is low and turnover is high. in fact, submarine bases are so understaffed that nuclear sunday, one of our key patrolling devices, are being kept out of service for extended periods. apparently the belief in the military is that working with nuclear systems is a dead-end job.
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listen to defense secretary hagel. >> the root cause has been a lack of sustained forces, retention and resources, resulting in a pervasive sense that a career in the nuclear enterprise offers too few opportunities for growth and advancement. >> so now the pentagon is mulling pay raises and special awards for those who choose to work with our nuclear arsenal. >> sect hagel talked about a leadership problem as well. >> the reports did; they say what happens is you had commanders that were much more interested in their people getting good test grades they could run up to the chain of command, than actually having missile launchers knowing how to launch. the bottom line is nobody ever thought they would have to fire these things so the skills of those in charge eroded over time. but the defense secretary said now is the time for readiness because the world is getting much more dangerous. listen again. >> it's all coming at us at once, and we have to manage
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this. but we can't lose sight of the long-term, either. at the same time we manage through these crises, and we lead through coalitions and other means, but we also cannot take our eye off the ball of the longer term issues. >> you see the bandage on the secretary's face? he had a run-in with a cabinet. not a member of the cabinet, kitchen cabinet. he lost. >> the band-aid is not a metaphor for what they're doing to fix the problem. >> exactly. exactly. it's the real deal. he cut himself. >> we're hoping the band-aid -- >> a government report is blaming blaming the secret service's blunders for letting the fence jumper make into it the white house. among the missteps there, acknowledge agent reaching for a weapon but drawing a flashlight instead. wait until you heard the rest of the embarrassing mistakes. the government is spending all of its time listen -- watching our cell phone numbers flying overhead in a cessna when they
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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ one embarrassing failure after another, allowed that white house fence jumper to make it inside the executive mansion in september and the report is a doozie. the finding of the government review that fox news obtained, it gives a damning account of the blunders of the day which cost the secret service agent her job. the man jumped of the iron fence that surrounds the white house along in here/dy and one of the spikes was missing so was able to get over it. the review states a secret
12:21 pm
service officer station thread didn't see the guy jump because he was in a van chatting on his personal cell phone, which he wasn't supposed to be doing. the intruder made it through the trees over here, and then toward these bushes in the front of the portico. the report indicates that the officers thought that these bushes right here were really too thick for anyone to get through them. turned out that was wrong. the report indicates that the officer who was stationed by the front door of the white house couldn't see what was happening, just couldn't see it, but instead of guarding the door, the officer decided to hide behind one of the pillars out front. anyway, i think i've passed that. the intruder ran right by him and the agent told investigators he thought the door was locked. i it was not. an agent inside the door tried to latch it shut. the intruder banked in and put her back. she reached for her baton, she drew her flashlight instead. oops. somebody left therms on mute because alarms, when they go off, they're noisy and mute is
12:22 pm
better. so once the intruder was inside, the rap past the stairway that leads to the obama home. win right on up there. went to the long hallway where there was room for entertaining diplomats and hosting formal dinners. he went into the east room at the end of this hallway, and then circled back, and that is when the agent tackled him. they were offdutiy, just happened to be there. the only thing.el that went rigt that day outside the white house ex-the report states the agents had not even entered the building because they didn't know the white house layout. the agents didn't know it. with us now, former secret service agent, dan&d2w emmett. he also spent six years with the cia and is the author of the book "within arm's reach." well, this is the military call it fubar. just bad. >> i would call it probably something more extreme than that were we not on live television.
12:23 pm
let me differentiate from one moment. the people who failed on that day were uniformed division officers. granted, they were employees of the secret service but there were no agents involved. all of these people were part of uniform division. they are commanded by a chief. the chief of uniform division, which leads me to the question of, why has chief simpson not been taken to task over this incident as the former director was? >> the guy in charge of these guys made all these blunders, guys and ladies, that person hasn't faced any disciplinary action. >> correct. kevin -- chief kevin simpson, presides over uniform division. he is the chief much like chief of police presides over police department. and to my knowledge, he has not appeared before representative -- the committee or any committee, and while the director was asked to retire by the president, the chief of
12:24 pm
uniformed division continues to enjoy his job. >> is the whole thing so screwed up that thiders can happen one on top of the other? they have redundancies in place and they're there because humans make errors, but the thought of that many errors at that time when a dude runs into the white house, that is unthinkable. now it isn't unthinkable anymore. >> shep, if you had given to me as just a possible scenario i would tell you this could never happen, other than that fact we knowed did happen. and so i would have to attribute it to complacency on the part of the officers, but it also goes back to what said many times before about the problems that the secret service is now having, which is a complete breakdown in leadership from the top all the way down to the bottom. >> are you concerned for the president's safety? >> and if not, why not? >> at this point, shepard, i am concerned about it. there was a point in time where,
12:25 pm
like a retired agent who had spent 21 years in the outfit, i said this is an anomaly. this could not happen again. when you stack up all the incidents of the last couple of years, these are not anomalies. it's a culture of complacency, breakdown in leadership, and as an american citizen i'm concerned for the safety of the president. >> there's no head of the secret service, won't have one until at least the beginning of the year. that's kind of weird. >> collect. joe clancy i'm sure is doing a really good job at interim director but he is here as a stop-gap measure and sources tell me by the first of the clear should be a new director. this point no one knows if they will come from within the organization or from outside the organization. >> if they come from the outside of the organization it would be the first time ever. we'll see how they decide to do this. good to see you, thank you. >> thank you, shepard. >> the whole report is a really interesting read, and the story on it is at our web site at
12:26 pm a major victory for iraqi forces. they've taken back the country's biggest oil refinery after months of heavy fighting with isis. analysts say that coo bet a big dent in the islamic state's finances. now there's word the group plans to start minting its ownman. here at holm we have more money to spend since the price of gas keeps dropping and the price of oil keeps droppings. how long will that last? i might have some good news, unless you want to travel on sixth avenue, and then the news is horrible. i know you don't care. but i do. [ man ] i remember when i wouldn't give a little cut a second thought. ♪ when i didn't worry about the hepatitis c in my blood. ♪ when i didn't think twice about where i left my razor. [ male announcer ] hep c is a serious disease. take action now. go to or call 1-844-444-hepc
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the man accused of kidnapping a university of virginia student pleaded not guilty to raping another woman in 2005. his name is jesse matthew. set to go on trial in that case in march. he is also charged with
12:29 pm
kidnapping 18-year-old hannah graham in september. vectors found her remains last month. >> the man who oversaw a west virginia mine that pleaded in 2010, killing 29 man, is facing federal charges over safety violations. his attorney says blanchenship is, quote, entirely innocent, unquote. he could get up to 31 years in prison. >> another ebola patient is heading to the united states for treatment. a doctor, and legal u.s. resident. working in sierra leone. officials say he is going a hospital in omaha that successfully treated other ebola patients. óqoqúúñ@
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fox news has now confirmed that iraqi fors have driven islamic state militants from the town of -- the home of the country's biggest oil refinery. iraqi forces could use the town
12:32 pm
as a base to attack militants in neighboring tikrit. so you can go from there to get to tikrit. then there's that oil refinery. analysts say it's a huge loss nor islamic state. u.s. officials sale the group rakes in a million dollars a day selling oil on the market. helping make isis the richest terror group. now it's leader, abu bakr al baghdady, report ordered the group to start minting its own money. we have diagrams of the money. this copper coin would be worth seven cents. the sill career -- silver coins range from 45-cents to 4.50, and the highest value of any of these new isis coins, islamic state coins, 21-grams of gold worth about $700. the daily beast is reporting in a fascinating article!dw; todat u.s. officials are having a tough time tracking baghdadi and
12:33 pm
his followers because now they've been using encryption on their online communication, and using couriers to deliver messages. they're making it more different. secretary hagel said they would adapt, and they are. christopher hill is a former u.s. ambassador to iraq and the author of "outpost. life on the front line of american democracy." this is disturbing. they're getting better at what they do. >> well, i think this happens in warfare. one side does something, the other side adjusts. but my sense is that we're making more moves than they can adjust to, and i wouldn't recommend keeping those coins as a store for future value. >> is the progress good? i know it's great when you get b aye ji back but there's a lot out there. >> there is but the progress is good. hat discouraged more recruits especially when he have been able to hit them when they're in
12:34 pm
concentration. the big issue is what is going to happen back in syria, because there's no political way forward there. >> no political way forward and if there's a military way forward, it's elusive because i keep hearing about moderate syrian rebels but never found anyone who has met one. >> that's correct. you hear a lot about them, but to a great extent they really don't exist. so, the problem will be, can can he train syrians to be able to be the force on the ground against isis and they're supposed to defeat al-nusra, and defeat the syrian government forces, andnd then what? i guess march in a victory parade into damascus. so we're a long way from having any kind of strategy in syria. >> as much as everyone is upset about bashar al-assad and the fact he has killed thousands of his own people, power vacuum might be worse. >> i'm of the view he ought to go and also of the view we ought
12:35 pm
to identify that the political way forward is, and then when people see what the idea going forward, some kind of multiparliamentry system, some kind of highly7&@s decentralized system, then you can talk about getting rid of assad. i think we did it backwards and the consequence is with us now. >> ambassador hill, is it worth american lives on the ground? the reason i ask is, we're clearly in the middle of sectarian struggle. this isn't a nationalistic struggle. it's sunnies sunnies and asleasd kurds. if you put boots on the ground do you risk bigger trouble down the flood. >> i think you do. certainly i think it is worth american lives and treasure to deal with this issue of isis. i think it's a broader issue. but to put troops on the ground is to invite a whole new phase of -- and this would involve
12:36 pm
iraqis, all kinds of people, not wanting to see u.s. troops on the ground. everyone talks about president obama's failure to put a residual force there. don't forget that none of the main iraqi groups were -- whether sunni or shia, were in favor of seeing more u.s. tropes troops on the ground so a decision like that would be fraught. >> nobody wanted them and none of them want to fight, and building up the iraqi military -- ambassador hill, thank you very much. we built them for ten years, spent billions and billions of dollars, trained them for ten years, and they melted like butter. so train the next iraqi military? how long will that take? it takes decades to build a military. ask anybody in the military. in washington, the house passed a bill approving the keystone xl pipeline and setting up a showdown in the senate. the louisiana senate democrat a mary landrieu is pushing fellow senators to vote on the project. it's vowels why -- obvious why.
12:37 pm
she is trying hang on to her seat. she is the a runoff against a republican congressman, bill cassidy, who sponsored the house bill. supporters in the senate bright they'll approve the pipeline but will it hip mary landrieu? probably not. will it help democrats? probably not. mike emanuel with the news. big senate seat on the line. i haven't heard anybody say this will fix it for her. >> that's right. and both candidates clearly believe that louisiana voters clearly want keystone xl. democrat incumbent senator mary landrieu sent a tweet sayings i'm glad congress passed the copy of the senate keystone bill. their cooperation will help a 42,000 new u.s. jobs into reality. she signed mary. the republican challenger is also a strong supporter. >> the case for approving the keystone xl pipeline is clear andous. white hasn't the president
12:38 pm
approved it? and up to this point why hasn't senator reid allowed a vote on prying keystone. if there was ever legislation that should not be difficult to get through the senate, it is the keystone xl pipeline. >> so passes one hurtful today. the next test is likely tuesday, and then have to see if landrieu can bring a total of 15 democrats to get to the 6-vote thresh hold. >> what is the white house saying? >> the obama administration doesn't sound terribly impressed by congress' push on the issue. for example, this from the state department this afternoon. >> does this vote and a potential similar vote in the senate have any affect on the review that is currently underway? >> not, it does not. we are continuing to move ahead with our thorough, transparent, and objective review of the keystone pipeline application, and in accordance with the executive order. >> itself passes it will be up
12:39 pm
to the president to sign or veto. if it doesn't get through this time you can bet a republican controlled congress will try again next year. >> i bet that is the case. mike emanuel. thank you. drivers can expect gas prices to stay near four are-year lows through the entire holiday season and next year. because the international energy agency predict that oil prices will keep dropping. according to aaa gas prices last year peeked at the end of april and then started to fall and now the average price is below three dollars a gallon. economists say cheaper prices at the pump will encourage folks to spend money and could boost the economy this holiday season to the tune of billions of dollars. gerri willis is the host of the willis report, 5:00 etime. how exactly does this impact consumer spending. >> well, you get a price drop in gas prices you spend more money. we're already seeing it. we had numbers today from the commerce department, consumer spending, retail spending, up
12:40 pm
three-tenths of a percent, beating expectations, comes on the heels of a september that wasn't very good. back-to-school sales did not work well. >> what's the thinking on how low gas prices might go? >> the report you just cited, 2.94 is the average for next year, and i have theory. i think some people out there still think, well, this is temporary. right? we'll have low prices. they'll go back up. thick now it's going to start to feel like, this is the new reality, the new new, and maybe people will start changing the way they spend. maybe they'll spend more. that could help the economy. as you know, consumers are three-quarters of economic spending. >> three-quarters. but you know where you can't drive no matter how much you have, that's sixth after knew in new york city. -- six am avenue in number system this is out the car window. they've taken two and a half lanes, three lanes of the five northbound lane --
12:41 pm
>> how do you get through. >> look at the next picture. look at this. that is looking back. they have made a ginormous hole in the center of sixth avenue. you don't. it takes many hours to go ten blocks. many hours to go ten blocks. >> it's a good thing nobody use sixth after knew. >> certainly not. and 42nd street. brilliant place. so we call it the 3-1-1, the information service in the city, and they say, well, con ed has project. how long will it last? we dent know. >> why do we not know? >> take a drone or -- i don't know. but something has to give. mayor deblasio would get on it but i'm sure he'll be late. >> mr. mayor been sleeping in lately. my goodness. thank you, gerri. >> always nice to have extra security for world leads but did russia have to send warships to australia for the president's
12:42 pm
trip? the aussies are not wild about the moscow muscle flexing. [ female announcer ] hands were made for talking.
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xeljanz can reduce ra pain and help stop further joint damage, even without methotrexate. ask about xeljanz. the russian president putin brought his warships to a major shot i of world leaded, including president obama. that summit is the g20 in australia. the global economy is on the agenda. and in the past few days at least four russian warships have approached australiays northern coast or northeast coast in international waters. russian officials say they're testing the range of those ships, but they could also give president putin extra security. it's looking like he won't have too many friends at the summit. in fact the australian prime minister said he will indeed confront president putin over the downing of the malaysian airlines jet over ukraine. nearly 300 people died, including 38 australians. u.s. and we were investigators say there is proof that
12:46 pm
russian-backed rebels shot down the jet back in july. but the russian president says the ukrainians are responsible because it happened over their air space. now putin is slamming recent sanctions from the united states and its allies, calling them a mistake that hurt economic growth around the world. president obama says the u.s. can roll back the sanctions if and win russia takes to -- the steps to end the cries in ukraine. chris wallace is live. he brought his warships with him. what this world going to do with this guy? >> they're going to be sending russian bombers over international waters close to our air space to close to the united states. russian bombers that could conceivably carry nuclear weapons. nobody thinks he is about to launch an attack but it's part of a muscle flexing to say this is the russia of old, and they're not to be taken lightly, and clearly that's what he did
12:47 pm
with the bombers and the warships. the australians have sent three of their warships out to monitor the four russian warships. so there's a little muscle flexing going on both sides. >> there's muscle flexing but not as if the others have gone over and taken over other people's countries. that is only putin has been taking over other people's countries it was putin-backed people who shot the jet out of the sky. can'tsome somebody just arrest them? >> if you want to try. i would applaud it. >> i don't have a shield or anybody but some done -- somebody who does taught get on it. that and the six of until knew problem. >> in what order? >> we'll do putin in the morning sixth avenue in the after happens. your big discussion this weekend? >> it's interesting you. had this election and had this big vote, if not necessarily in favor of the republicans certainly against the democrats,
12:48 pm
and now you have three big fights going on. we'll be all over all of them on sunday. immigration reform, the president maybe as early as next week, going to take executive action to in effect give amnesty -- >> it's not amnesty. >> i'm know. i'm just saying -- >> it's not amnesty. we keep reporting it but it is not amnesty. >> well, it's amnesty in the sense they're going to be relieved of enough threat of deportation and given work permits, so the idea they're going to be kicked out of the country as -- >> put the president said he was going to do it. he said -- the president said, you have the vote. i think you have the votes. just take a vote on it, up or down. the house wouldn't take a vote. he gave them a year, said if you don't do it, will. enough he's going to do it. >> the question become isn't the way it's supposed to work, in my civics class, congress passes a law and then the president signs the law. not supposed to sign the law he writes. >> i learn that on abc's grammar
12:49 pm
rock back in at the day. >> there you go. >> sister bill, sitting on capitol hill. but we do know that what he is doing is perfectly legal. he has the power to do this. >> no, no, no. no. we're not sure that's true. at all. >> go on. >> he'll have the attorney general, eric holder, say it's legal. >> i've been listening to attorney generals for years. they all say everything is legal and up in of it is. >> we have that obamacare and jonathan gruber. how would you like to have jonathan gruber for a friend? might be a professor -- >> i was listening to an explanation of that today and i'm not sure i buy it. they say he is a great economist and has models where he can put numbers in and figure oust what things cost but the rest was his opinion and the white house doesn't share his opinion. but jonathan gruber is a problem whether they want to admit he is a problem or not, does not matter because he is a problem. >> you know they're going to
12:50 pm
call him up for hearings when the new republican congress takes charge in january. anytime they try to good after a piece of obamacare they'll say jonathan gruber -- they lied to the american people. we got that. and then we also got climate change. the keystone xl pipeline which we are getting votes on even though the president said he would veto it. and the climate change deal with china. i want to ask you -- >> i want to ask you you one more thing and then we will. when does impeachment start. i remember last time we did that, it was terrible. >> well, look. there are some people, hardliners in the republican party, who say the tea party wing, who are going to want to shut down the government over the immigration reform, who are going to want to talk about impeachment, but i think that the leaders in congress, mitch mcconnell in the senate and john boehner the house, will say, look, when we do this issue it just doesn't work. we lose. and there's some reason to think
12:51 pm
that maybe the president is trying to bait the republicans into overreacting and doing that stuff. maybe that's the one way he can get back on the public's good side. let me ask you my question. mississippi, your rebels, are as the scheduled says, idle -- >> we're on a bye weekend. we'll still be 8-2. then we have arkansas and mississippi state. >> nevertheless, if i may get back to my question. therefore, mississippi state will be representing the state of iowa -- >> they can represent iowa. >> when they play alabama. the question becomes -- are you going to root for mississippi state or root for alabama? >> roll tide. roll tide! roll. ght, so this tylenol arthritis lasts 8 hours but aleve can last 12 hours.
12:52 pm
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the two window washers who got stuck outside one world trade center for more than an hour, spoke to reporter about
12:55 pm
their ordeal today. officials say a cable attached to the scaffolding there came loose on wednesday. oops the men said they panicked at first, but firefighters used a diamond cutter to open a hole in the window there and pulled them to safety. laura ingle in the new york newsroom. how are they doing? >> both men, named juan, had an understandable air of relief as they stepped up to the mic today. one saying he feels happy to be alive to see his family another day. >> in the beginning it was panic and pretty much survival, instincts for a few minutes. after that, kind of clear your mind, and try to get ahold of the situation. >> thank you everybody do very good job that day. thank you. >> well, remaining calm was key to getting off the broken rig safely. >> made my stomach turn. poor guys.
12:56 pm
glad they're good. final check of the dow when we come back. boy: once upon a time, there was a nice house that lived with a family. one day, it started to rain. the house tried to keep out all the water, but water got inside and ruined everybody's everythings. the house thought she let the family down. they just didn't think it could happen. they told the house they would take better care of her... always.
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>> fire shut down a museum that draws tourists from the country. thing a actual tour and forestry museum in jackson, mississippi. the flame destroyed a barn, a maintenance builting and hurt a worker. crews managed to rescue animals inside the barn where the fire likely started. on this day in 1990. milly very nilly admitted, girl you know it's not true. robin fabb conferenced they had lip synced their songs on their grammy winning album. it sold 14 million copies three-quarters number one hits. they had to give back the grammys. rob on the right died a few late erred of a suspected drug overdose, and fab recorded his own album and even proffered -- performed some of the old hits
1:00 pm
in his own voice. but he couldn't blame it on the rain. 24 years ago today. >> the toy dow is dawn -- dow is down but won't kill anybody. hang tight. >> republicans are vowing to block it. the president gung ho for it and by this time next week we may have already seen the president sign it. i'm talking about his plans executive actions expected to delay deportations for up to[[kp five million illegal immigrants. it's not quite amnesty but critics say it's close. the president is not backing down. warning congress critics today not could constrain his lawful actions as chief executive. the actions expected to be allowing adults with children bosh in the u.s. to stay in the u.s., expanding a prom that protects young illegal immigrants from deportation. relaxi