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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 14, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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left this evening. those who lost loved ones have been heros in their own right. thank you for being here. that is all the time we have left unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. just can't make this stuff up, minority leader nancy pelosi now she has her own war on women and this one is a jaw dropper. but, first, it's friday, so get ready for gruber fest actually you would say this week. just can't get anywhere pops up and today there is another jonathan gruber video number 5. here is mr. gruber starring in a brand new video mocking someone who is concerned about obamacare. >>
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[ laughter ] >> and' adam' kinzinger joins us. welcome back to washington. >> thanks to be here. >> was the obama administration honest and the democrats on capitol hill not a bipartisan bill, obamacare? >> no. first off it was not a bipartisan bill. secondly, they were so desperate to get this thing passed. you created a bill, a few thousand pages so vague that it definitely left up who this unelected regulatory agencies. look at, for instance, remember the cornhusker kick back, the louisiana purchase
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much the mae landrieu earmarked to they gte this thing passed. desperate. senate seats and house seats to do it. continued to defend it and what you are seeing now is the reality that they said we have to sneak this bun past the american people. if they know what's in it they are not going to like it. skyrocketing, premiums. >> griewner says basically the american people are stupid, that you need lack of transparency to sort of slick them into doing. this you can't escape the irony is nobody read it to begin with none of the people who voted for it had even seen it and do not tell me that anybody read it. i tried to read 2300 gladges it's tough. >> it's incomprehensible that bill. absolutely incomprehensible. >> it references different laws and sections. it's thousands and thousands of pages even more. at the end of the day they were desperate to get this thing done. they knew if they told the american people what was in it. it's not that the american people were stupid they had to the hide the real contents of this bill.
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>> put gruber under oath and embarrass and shame him maybe. what can you do about this if anything. >> we continue to get rid of the unpopular parts of this law. >> like what you have done so far? >> well, there were some tweaks we made. obviously the president has not signed anything big. he will continue to stake his legacy on what he thinks is the success of this law. we are seeing that's not the case with skyrocketing deductibles and everything else. look, it's going to be a tough couple of years. you have still have a president this is his legacy. but we're going to have to continue in congress to have hearings on it to find out, you know, what is gruber saying? what did he mean? what are some areas we can really get rid of? for instance the 40 hour workweek knee need to go back to. >> even my own brother and sister say i'm stupid. that doesn't bother me so much. although i do not like the fact that the american people paid him all this money and he insults them. i don't like that. what i don't like is the use of a lack of transparency because that really does undermine our democracy when you are trying to trick people into they got
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something they didn't get deliberately not make something main and standable. that goes to the heart of our democracy. >> did you look at isis and ebola and russia, there is a lack of trust by the american people by this administration and something like this continues to build on to that mistrust. you know. if the administration and the president and the democrats don't trust us to, you know, do what they think is better for us, then that leads to bakinger problem. that's what we have been seeing. >> do you expect gruber to be called to a hearing or not and could he add anything if he were? >> maybe. i don't know what you could add. jurisdiction want to call him. >> i would like to hear him at least apologize for being so arrogant. >> that would be nice. >> only words. >> thanks for paying me. i don't think you are stupid. something like that. >> although he said it was off the cuff but then we have five times that he says it. >> not off the cuff. >> a lot of off the cuffs. congressman, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> what is worst than
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jonathan gruber calling you stupid in the fact that you paid him millions when i will he was sitting thinking you are stupid. now, last night we told you the federal government paid gruber $400,000. today we discovered that gruber was pocketing lots of cash, lots of paychecks from several states sculpting under healthcare exchanges. that's right. gruber rank raking in millions on obamacare all while repeat insulting you the american voters lacks economic understanding of the american voter. >> the american voter is too stupid. >> call it the stupidity of the american voter or whatever. >> i basically spoke inappropriately. >> the dirty secret in the massachusetts is the feds pay for our bill. >> we had a very powerful senator ted kennedy who figured out a way to rip off the feds for $400 million a year. >> lack of transparency a huge political advantage. >> mandate, [inaudible] price control. [ laughter ] >> this bill was written in a a a tortured way to make
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surety cbo did not score the mandate as taxes. if he scored it as taxes it die. sick people get money it would not have passed. >> i regret making those payments. >> i bill transparent but rather have the bill than not. >> exploitation of the lack of economic understanding. >> americans are are too stupid to understand the difference. >> you know call it the stupidity of the american voter or whatever. >> tonight our political panel, susan ferrechio the hill kevin and byron byron, mr. gruber, who is now we have video number 5 today. >> five. >> just political noise or is does this really mean something. >> i think it does mean something. i think what you need to do, what republicans need to try to do is try to connect jonathan gruber to the actual drafting and the passage of obamacare. is already a part of this case that's going to go to the supreme court about the state exchanges. but he not only played a role inside the executive
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branch. he played a role on capitol hill. i want it read you something real quick from the "new york times" march 2012. after mr. gruber helped the administration put together the basic principles of the proposal, that's obamacare, the white house lent him to capitol hill to help congressional staff members draft the specifics of the legislation. we knowed to know more about who he was comawn indicating with, what advice he was giving him. and whether was actually telling him to lie about this. >> you know, that's -- all that, what you just said, is not part of the case that goes to the supreme court. it's not in the record. >> it's separate. >> it's in the record. i don't think the supreme court is even going to consider that aspect when they make a decision because it's not part of the record. >> this is part of the public debate over obamacare which is coming back since we have republican control of both house and senate this time. >> kevin, your thoughts on this? >> you any, i think this is a big political headache for the administration, bret. just as you mentioned we are heading into republicans taking control of the congress and looking to
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getting back on offense with obamacare. $2 million this guy has pocketed off of obamacare. >> you saw how much the people are paying him. >> i think we just heard that there could even be hearings on this on capitol hill. i was hearing just today that a lot of house republicans really want him to come and testify. and i don't think this is going away any time soon. >> susan brought a prop. >> yes. here it is the comic book. i the iron thing is. >> whose comic book. >> this was written by mr. gruber. he portrays himself as sort of the hero of the book explain healthcare law against monsters. including insurance premiums will rise through the roof that this creature is talking about. of course, they have. and, you know, it's really an interest read, actually, but. >> how much does that cost by the way? pay more for that one? >> that's a good question. it says here, let's see. how much is that 15 bucks?
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>> 13.95. >> $10 on amazon. deal on amazon. >> nice, making -- a the loft things they are saying aren't going to happen really do. end of employer provided insurance. we have heard that argument being made as well. this whole thing about what he was talking about when he said the cbo as scoring this as not being a tax. i was there when this law was being debated on capitol hill. put a price tag being build that congress is putting together. the idea that he were in trying to use the cbo lawmakers. >> i don't have any sympathy for any quote deceived lawmakers because not one of them bothered to read it. if you did see it, frankly i don't believe it. >> it was to deceive the public. one other thing about this book. this book shows 'you about what business was for jonathan gruber. the state contracts show even more. because, when obamacare was passed, states had to set up
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their own exchanges if they chose to do so. they needed expertise, guess who they hired. for hundreds of thousands of dollars he hired himself out to michigan, minute society. vermont, wisconsin, west virginia. to help construct their exchanges. when nancy pelosi said obamacare is a jobs bill, it was certainly true for jonathan gruber. >> that's why i think we are going to see hill hearings simply because i think that this model that he was pitching to these states, there is a lot more in that model about how that was crafted exactly what went on. i think there are a lot more details going to come out. >> i think we should mention he also was the architect of romney care in massachusetts. >> that's right he was. he played a huge role in that. for all the lawmakers now to say we don't know who this guy is. >> what bothers me about that when leader pelosi said that she thinks we are are so stupid that we can't google pelosi and gruber:
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beginning of the end could gruber's unbelievably expensive and offensive remarks rather lead to the collapse of obamacare or is this just political news. with us is john shah -- sununu. is this just political noise or seriously something that's going to have an impact on obamacare? >> i think it can a serious impact. it reminds both the public and those that make laws in washington that this package of legislation pass passed because the president lied to the public that they could keep their doctors and health insurance. the public provided some support for what congress was doing and now the public is absolutely against it. you had a majority of the senators that have been up for election on the democratic side in the last two or three elections that supported oobamacare have
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lost. and that reality is not forgotten as this thing goes to be debated. now, the president can always block things by not signing the bill. but if republicans and some democratic friends start sending some pieces up there to adjust this thing in a constructive way, we may, at least, begin to unwind it. and i think what gruber did his deception, which, in my opinion, was sanctioned by the top, is part of the momentum to be built up to do that. >> the thing that bothers me is we had this one guy lack of transpinner apparently. >> you mean the president? >> no, talking about gruber. anybody doing it of course the president ran in 2008 on transparency. but the fact that you deliberately use it to try to deceive the american people is just like -- because someone thinks he knows best or he is the know it all, that he wants to impose his will on. gruber, when you listen to these tapes, gruber just thinks he is so smart, that
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this is the way it should be. he doesn't care that the american people are being deceived. >> this is a disease that academia. elitist and tell the public, they should tell, they feel an obligation to tell the public what they should think. they feel an obligation to be strongly supportive of an economic system that's not free market market based government directed and government controlled. it is one of the serious problems in the country that the gruber attitude is the majority attitude that you see in the academic community across the across the country. >> this guy gruber has probably never run a business, never had to give insurance to employees, only sitting in a classroom. a whole lot of smart people across this country who have never gone to college and actually know what they are doing. this guy is sitting there thinking about it and thinking of ways to trick
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everybody. a a lot of smart people with hands on experience who never went to harvard and mit. >> think about the fundamental deception. passing the bill, saying that the economic piece of it was not a tax. and then presenting it to the supreme court and telling the court it is a tax. and then after the court agrees with them, and keeps it alive, and now telling us it's not a tax again. that is an ultimate deception consistent with the arrogance that the administration president has, the administration has, gruber has and too many of his academic colleagues have. the american public is to begin to understand that a lot of the stuff that the people have been trying to shove down their throat is wrong and they have got to start paying a little more attention. but we have really big problems. >> governor, nice to see you. thank you for joining us. have a good weekend, sir. >> thank you, you too. >> knows jonathan gruber
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very well. they consulted with each other about obamacare and vermont's healthcare system. professor of economics at the harvard school of public health. he joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> how long have you known jonathan gruber? >> more than 20 years. since he was a graduate student. >> i assume you have seen the videotapes or heard the videotapes where he is saying that the american people are essentially stupid. are you aware of those tapes? >> i have heard a ton on npr what do you think? what are thowr thoughts. >> my thoughts he must be very frustrated because of all the political opposition and road blocks people are putting in front of the affordable care act and he
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has devoted a great deal of time to it. >> it would be sort of odd frustration the people he is insulting are the ones that paid him more than it $2 million whether it's in the federal government, 4 hundred thousand or the money he got from the individual states. he may be frustrated but he sort -- he sort of picked the wrong target, the ones who actually were paying him. >> i think he is not necessarily referring to these people but rather the popular voices have said, you know, oppose the affordable care act. and they have -- they seemed studied the act and oppose the act because they heard some propaganda put on them by the political oppositions. >> you talk about political propaganda from an
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opposition. actually seems a little bit like the opposite. when he he was speaking at the university of pennsylvania on october 13, 2013, he talked about the lack of transparency, the huge political advantage. and, baskly, called the stupidity of the american voter or whatever. basically, that was really, really critical to get the thing to pass in other words he is saying no transparency is why it got passed and able too do no transparency because they thought the american people were stupid. frankly, he seems like the one who is not playing it straight. >> i did not see or hear the tape he made at the university of pennsylvania. i really doubt jonathan gruber, who is a very smart person and an economist that he would say that there was a lack of transparency in passing the affordable care
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act. that legislation was widely debated and publicized by all the newspapers and tv shows. i don't know what -- if he said that, i don't know why he said that. >> candor is sort of important. that's one thing two we have a democracy one guy thinking he is so smart trying to trick the american people by saying it's something it isn't. he thinks it's complicated. >> >> well, i don't know' if you are referring to jonathan gruber or not. i don't think he is the one who drafted the legislation, and there is a whole team draft the legislation, because he touches many laws of the land, and so different -- the bill had to
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deal with amendments, to different laws. deal with insurance laws of different states. it was length from legislation. >> thank you for joining us, sir. >> okay, bi. -- bye. >> you can watch our entire interview at isis plan so different than any other terrorist group. catherine herridge will be here next with the very latest. plus a college student or a brat. only time she sees her parents is in court. now she has them back in court. parents, listen up to this one. bizarre story coming up. don't forget you need to subscribe to greta talk. launching on itunes and. on your phone. favorite free.
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paragraph there is actually a war on women we can speak with great authority on that subject. >> nancy pelosi blaming republicans for war on women.
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you have heard lots of democrats say that leader pelosi is one of the most vocal. raised a lot of money by accusing republicans being awful to women. speaking of that war on women. let's talk about tammy duckworth, a democrat, a veteran who while serving our nation lost both her legs while helicopter shot down in iraq in 2004. representative duckworth about to be a baby mother next month. not to travel back to d.c. in the late stages of her pregnancy. that means she can't vote in person in house democrat. like the stupidity council. she asked if she could vote by proxy. what did house democrat democratic leader nancy pelosi do for this pregnant member of congress and what did her fellow democrats do? no, no proxy. let me get this one straight. it's not those evil women hating republicans who are blocking a pregnant congresswoman from voting in their student council who also incidentally is a war hero but her fellow democrats. the same ones running around raising money and trying to
11:33 pm
get votes by saying how bad republicans are to women. crazy, huh? there is a a war on women in the democratic party on capitol hill led by a woman, go figure that's my off-the-record comment tonight. back with our panel. and, susan, she told me she doesn't have a problem with, this right? >> that's just because the proxy vote in congress is a really tough issue what happened is tammy duckworth and another who wanted to attend a funeral. >> wait a minute, this could become a very slippery slope. >> this is not a vote on a bill on the hill. this is about their student council. right? who should be their leader. >> who run these committees very important. who is going to be ranking on these committees. they are not even in the majority. >> they couldn't do it by skype. >> if they let these two
11:34 pm
women, again another woman, who else want to vote by proxy. >> for some reason, to me, a woman who lost both her peg legs in iraq, who is pregnant for the democratic party who has pushed the family leave act and everything else for them. not a bill on the floor it's their student council vote. >> i put this we question to it a republican senior aid. he said kev, can you imagine if this is the republican party who did this and how they would respond? they even put it to a senior democratic house aide who said there are actually a lot of democratic members who are upset about this and who think that it is quote, unquote, incredibly hypocritical coming from leadership that is committed supposedly to gender equality. so at love uncertainty and people upset over this tonight. >> mr. rule follower, byron york, i talked to him in the makeup room. this guy must never have done anything wrong in his whole life all i asked you
11:35 pm
they didn't do it in the past. they didn't change rules. >> change the rules, byron. an exception. the woman lost her legs in iraq. she is pregnant. the democratic party who talks about how all of the republicans are, how and this isn't a real vote. this is their student council vote. >> i totally aagree this makes democrats look terrible. >> they are pushing something called the pregnant women's fairness act which would require employers to make reasonable accommodations for workers who are pregnant and need either time off or work by phone or vote by proxy. i understand this makes democrats look terrible. if it's an exception that has never been granted before by either party. >> this is how -- an exception. let's create exception. if you have lost your legs in war serving the nation because it's a huge sacrifice and if you are a woman who is pregnant and you belong to the party that's been pushing all
11:36 pm
these rights for women. and so maybe we will -- any time you that bill you can vote by proxy on student council vote. >> this underscores the fact that in congress the rules never apply for them. whatever they are pushing for the public they are not pushing for themselves. >> what's the real problem behind the scene on this? >> i think that the minority leader, nancy pelosi, is pushing one candidate to chair the energy in congress committee. tammy duckworth not going to vote for that candidate. politics are always part of what's happening behind the scenes with these things. and we want -- we don't know for sure. but the proxy vote has been something that's been fought about for years. i don't like it because i want them showing up so i can talk to them yesterday we had to explain about google and gruber and pelosi. let her skype in. the student council vote. anyway, i had fun with that one. panel, thank you. and a colorado man accused
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speed read the news. man who kidnapped hanna graham pleading not guilty in another kidnapping case. 2005 attack on a woman in fairfax county. next month matthew will appear in charlottesville court. he will face charges in the hannah graham murder. her body was found a month after she disappeared. another kidnapping suspect appear in court grabbing 2-year-old off the street. caught on camera a day or so later. rest arrested barnes. today barnes pleaded not guilty to a federal kidnapping charge. and ebola patient is heading to the united states for
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patient tomorrow a surgeon ebola working in sierra lee own nebraska medical center. the dock store a citizen. family lives in maryland. they are all permanent u.s. residents. and a short time ago the defense department announcing the mobilization of 2,100 army reserve and national guard soldiers to help fight ebola in west africa. these troops will replaces force in senegal and liberia. not an answer crease in the total number of troops in africa. thanks for being with us. see you former president george w. bush goes "on the record" teax take to you texas for conversation president bush and first lady laura bush. don't want to nate. 7:00 p.m. monday night. use dvr. go to and answer this. does nancy pelosi have her own war on women or is a rule a rule? vote in our gretawire poll grit washington see you monday night for a special show. greta talk on itunes it's free. that's your favorite and
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don't forget hannity tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern. good night from washington, d.c. >> tonight on "red eye." coming up on "red eye." have motorcycles have enough of leather clad jerks doing tricks? how some machines are finally fighting back. plus what countries is the vice president still struggling to locate on a. >> mexico, united states and canada. i make no apologies for it. >> everyone is screaming. >> because he is a god. >> and finally is there no limit to the popularity of teen corner with greg gutfeld? we'll show you what happened when some teens learned what hotel he is staying at and one lucky fan who got to meet


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