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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  November 16, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PST

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tomorrow. >> and the woman who led the letter about working on thanksgiving. >> and john tesh. >> love john. tune in. another video of another december pickable act by isis. good morning, everyone. i'm maria bartiromo. this is sunday morning futures. not 24 hours after the chairman of joint chiefs of staffs arrived in iraq and said momentum is turning in our favor, isis releases video purporting to show the beheading of another american it's been holding hostage for more than a year. we have fogs team have tox fox sis. and we'll also hear from washington. the lame duck congress pushing
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forward. could they impact the plans for next year. and a long time hillary ally saying she could make a decision within weeks. is it likely and is it smart? we'll tackle that as we look ahead on sunday morning futures. the 2014 congress returns from the midterm campaign trail taking on several issues it postponed for months. and the president himself says he wants to move quickly on immigration. and that if congress won't go to, he will go to alone. senator roger wicker has just been elected to serve as the incoming congress' chairman of the national republican senatial committee, also a member of the senate armed services committee. sir, good to have you on the program. welcome. >> good to be back. thank you. >> let me begin on what you hope to accomplish come 2015. what is on your agenda? >> in 2015, first of all we need to get the lame duck behind us,
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but we'll turn the senate to the great delivery body that was intended by the founders. and we had democrat and republican leaders in past decades. we will work into the night, work on fridays like other americans have to do. and send legislation to the house and on to the president for his signature. >> so based on what you've seen so far from the president and what you've heard from the president, how easy will be to work together and push through legislation? >> well, it hapsn't looked good over the last 10 to 12 days. the president has chosen to get a mess he age from people who dt vote rather than the people who went to the polls and said we want change in washington. and this mention about immigration is an example of that. our laws are intended to be passed by the congress, sign ed by the president and worked
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through with consensus no matter which party controls the whout and congress. we don't change immigration law by executive decree. and so the president needs to come back to us. we need to work this out and you would think there is a massive, massive emergency of deportation facing this country in november and december of 2014 that is causing the president to act. there is no such thing as all. what we have is a border crisis and the president needs to help us work through that and secure the border and then go on to do comprehensive reform after that. >> i want to talk with you more about this, senator, in terms of the executive order on immigration as well as what we heard this morning from isis. so stay with us, senator wicker. more to talk with you about. let's first, though, get a look lady and see whether or not lawmakers will take up those hot button ledg button lens la
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button legislative issues. >> good morning, everyone. the president's executive order on immigration granting legal status to 5 million illegals is expected this week. but it is only one of several controversial issues facing the white house and the new republican congress. a supreme court decision to hear a new challenge to obamacare could again support or help skulgtsz that law. one analysis predicts obamacare premiums will sky rocket by some for by as muching a 78% and those stunning comments from joon than gruber calling voters stupid and saying the law was written to deceive americans about it really being a tax will likely land him in the witness chair at a congressional hearing. supporters say the president sticks to his principles and belief, others like investors business daily are blunt. defiance, by passing congress and rejection of his policies should shock no one. never let up is one of the rules for radicals.
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in the 2014 november election, there was a stunning electoral judgment against president obama and his policies. but instead the president will go full frontal and defy the american people. no one should be surprised and he's not done yet. he is predicted to defy his own party. a democratic effort to try to help mary landrieu in next month's runoff. last week the house approved keystone vowed a republican move to help her gop challenger, bill cassidy. the president insists the pipeline will not help the nation's energy needs. he said this in australia this morning. >> i won't hide my opinion about this which is that one major determinant of whether we should approve a pipeline shipping canadian oil to world markets, not to the united states, is does it contribute for the
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greenhouse gases that are causing climate change. >> the president remains defiant, so, too, the republicans. a familiar scenario despite hid term results. >> eric, thanks very much. and we're back now with shoenat wicker. let's talk about the executive orders. imsgrags. what can you do particularly in the lame duck session if in fact the president goes forth, goes it alone on immigration? >> there is very little we can do. every time we've challenged the president in court, we won. i don't know of a single time that the president has gotten the supreme court eventually to say he had this raw executive power. but i will tell you what it absolutely will do is completely give us a climate of distrust and confrontation beginning at a time when really we are
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determined to return this congress to listening to the people and actually producing bills to send to the president. so it would be the most incendiary thing you can did and even at this point, i hope he will not do it.did and even at this point, i hope he will not do it.and even at this point, i hope he will not do it. at some point there will be an appropriation rider that will prohibit the president going forward. i don't know if we can get that done during the lame duck because we don't control the committees. but after january, i do expect the congress to use its power of the purse and say the president may have said that, but we are simply not going to provide the american taxpayer money to enforce it. >> let me turn to isis and obviously the latest tragedy here, another beheading. what should the u.s. be doing? >> well, we are scheduled to talk about this again in december, early december. the authorization that the congress gave the president runs out about december 10th.
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the very idea of doing that, that the president would have the time over the election and while we were back in our states and sdribts to formulate a sxre help sif plan, so we look forward to hearing the president's comprehensive plan, to working with him, to develop that with the generals, with the admirals, with the senior leadership at the pentagon. and then making a longer term determination in december when this authorization for train and equip runs out. >> and you have deadlines coming up in terms of funding, in terms of spending. what would you like to see in the realm of military funding as a result of these new threats? >> well, we should have passed a national defense authorization act months ago. the house of representatives under speaker boehner did that. under our democratic chairman, senator levin, we passed a bill.
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harry reid let it come to the floor. we should address that once we work with the president on his comprehensive strategy. but let me also say we shouldn't be doing these things without debate and without amendment. and that's why it's so important that we take our appropriation bills up individually once republicans get in charge. say we get stuck on an issue and the president and the congress are at loggerheads. we can set that bill aside, move ahead with the rest of the appropriation bills and no one, not the president, not the congress, would be accused of shutting down the government. we need to return to that sort of orderly process so the american people won't have to weig wade through a 3,000 page bill to find out what a line item is. >> and real quick on obamacare, both the president and nancy pelosi basically said they don't know jonathan gruber. we all know he was the architect
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of obamacare. what he has been saying recently obviously just sunning from the american people are stupid to adding racism in there. what is your take on these latest videos? >> well, jonathan gruber was part and parcel to hiding the facts from the american people and for some reason he felt emboldened to say this in front of a crowd and in front of cameras. it's what we were saying all along. and basically this doesn't work for the american people. it doesn't work for the american consumer. there is a better way to get health insurance to americans. there is a better way to return to the 40 hour workweek, to repeal the medical device tax. we'll be tackling all sorts of things like that if we return the senate the to regular debate and we get to allow amendments. i think there are 60 votes even now to pass a repeal of the medical device tax. it's just that the democratic leadership has not given the american people the right to see
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how their senators actually vote on this issue. >> are you going to vote on it xl keystone next week? good we are. and i think it's a close call. i think if harry reid lets the members of the democratic caucus vote the way they want, to it will pass. >> senator thank you, we'll be watching. did you notice the timing of these two events? a surprise visit to baghdad this weekend by our highest ranking military officer and then isis releases this video of yet another of its crimes against humanity. fox military analyst general bob scale is on deck. and follow me on twitter. let us know what you'd like to hear from general scale as we look ahead on sunday morning futures oig.
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welcome back. administration this morning analyzing video purporting to show the beheading of an american aid worker kidnapped by isis. hours after chairman of the joints of chiefs of staff general martin dempsey arrived in will baghdad to assess the fight against isis. retired u.s. army major general bob scales is fox news military analyst and he joins us now. good morning, general, thank you so much for joining us. so i guess what i'd like to assess first is just where we are in iraq. general dempsey saying that the momentum has shifted, in fact we are gaining the upper hand. what is your take on where we are in terms of strategy? >> i think that's premature. most people in the pentagon will tell that you isis has culminated, by that i mean they have captured all the ground they will capture, they can't push any further into iraq and syria. but the advantage hasn't had an
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opportunity to shift to the other side. it's sort of like lee after gettysburg or the germans of a sister stalingrad. so dempsey has a point that isis won't expand. but the problem is isis still owns the clock and they're continuing to spread their rop began today and continuing to gain influence in the region because frankly they have the advantage of time. >> what about the timing of all of this? general dempsey gets there this weekend and now this new video. are you connecting t ining the any way? >> absolutely. remember last week al baghdadi came back on the immediate qua to s media to say he was alive after rumors of his demise. and there is no doubt the
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beheading was placed in the media because of dempsey's visit. in all probability, mr. kassig was probably executed back in october, but this is how isis works. they can only survive when they own the psychological high ground, when they can continue to the attract young recruits with their message. and their message is one of brutality and evil, but it tends to appeal to the young men in the middle east and they're playing that card very well. >> are they doing this very well in syria largely or elsewhere? there are reports that al qaeda and isis are getting together in syria. >> well, al qaeda, al nusra, yeah. but we have to be careful. this is a terrorist group and it won't come off like a grand coalition. these terrorist groups each have their own constituency and their own strategy. but what we have to understand is that the psychological message that isis is putting out is going beyond the middle east.
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it's beginning to appear in the united states. certainly in western europe and throughout the middle east. they have this sick appeal to young islamic men who have nothing to do with their lives other than join up. and we have to be very aware because the first time in that video, maria, isis has said for the first time overtly that we're coming after the united states. >> so should any of this change our strategy, what is your observe vaks ation of our strat far and what should it look like going forward? >> well, a contact of mine at the pentagon said there is a strategy and it has three parts. number one, do as much as you can within the political limits imposed by the white house in the region. number two, take your time. because there will be no shock and awe here. this is sadly have to be a very protracted campaign. and number three, do it at a minimum cost to human life and treasure because the american people can't stand the image of
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american men and women dying in the region. so there is no overt strategy, but to anyone in the pentagon, they will tell you there is a covert strategy. >> do you think we'll see boots on the ground? >> absolutely. you already are. 3,000 soldiers on the ground in iraq is not a small commitment. and i suspect over time once this phase of it fails, this advise, assist and train part fails, and isis begins to hold on sadly very well in the months ahead, marie, a we may see more. >> general, good to see you. thank you so much for joining us. we may see more. >> general, good to see you. thank you so much for joining us.we may see more. >> general, good to see you. thank you so much for joining us. we want to turn to your household budget. ever thought about calling a thermostat there your cell phone? if you never come home from a christmas vacation to burst water pipes, you'll want to hear from my next guest. the ce off t echltceo of cypres conductor is with us. kid: hey dad, who was that man?
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welcome back. markets have bap speculating on what the impact on the economy by the midterm elections. joining us now with more the, t.j. rodgers, founder and ceo of cypress semiconductor. welcome to the program. >> thank you. >> do you expect any change in terms of the gop controlled senate and house and the impact in fact on getting things done and impacting the economy? >> i don't think so, not in a couple years. to me the major effect on the economy has been two spend thrift presidents in a row.
7:24 am
we're now 14 years in and the spending, the government taking funds out you have the private sector and using them less efficiently has bogged down the economy and i don't think the spending will drop because of congress. i don't think they will be vetoing economic bills. i don't see things getting -- moving back until we get a new president assuming that president understands the economy, democrat or republican. >> you make a good point because so much talk about certain things that could get done but are not getting done because these two sides can't get along, what about tax reform? as a business executive, founder of a major company within the semiconductor space, what would you like to see tax reform look like? >> businessmen get clobbered for going offshore and not being american and all that kind of stuff. the biggest reform needed is to make america not last when it comes to taxes for businesses.
7:25 am
>> the president said he would like to see corporate taxes lower, but he doesn't want to impact individual tax. so we need an overhaul of the tax policy. >> i don't think changing corporate tax rates which amount to pretty small fraction of the stake of the irs will matter. and secondly, did he ever consider as opposed to spending a lot of money spending less money and giving a tax break both to business and individuals? that's really what we need if we want the economy to go authority. >> this week the president said he would like to repg late the internet the way electric utilities are regulated. how would that impact your business and the internet in general? >> what does the government run well? if you look at the bobama admin strarkss's not managed well everything it's worked on. now we're going to put the
7:26 am
internet this has been one of the great and bright spots of the economy under government control and we'll regulate it, we'll take the dumbest among the technologists, send them to washington and let them run the internet. it's really a really bad idea. >> whether would you like >> what would you like to see out of the gop in the next two years? they have the window to try to move the needle on job creating bills. what would you like to see out of the gop in these next two years? >> two things the republicans need to do. one, when it comes to economics, be republicans. don't spend a the lot of money. don't be george w. bush. don't run up huge deficits. be conservative and be republicans. and number two, every time i hear a republican talk about gender, race, anything like that, i just cringe. what i'd like to see the republicans be is the party of freedom. free economics. and back off a little bit on the morality play that we always
7:27 am
have to endure whenever republicans get power. >> i think that's great analysis there. let me turn to your business. and really talk about where the growth is. and an economy that is sort of bumping along the bottom, everybody is looking for where the growth is. when you look he semiconductor business in general, where is the growth? >> the next spurt is the internet of things. meaning things attached to the internet won't just be a couple billion people in the near future, it will be 6 billion, 4 billion of which will not be people. for example i could attach a heating an air conditioning in your house to the internet and could you take out your smartphone and change it when you're gone or you forget. why would you want your water heater on the internet? simple. if you're in a place where it gets cold and the water heater frizs, t freezes, it will wreck your house. so having a leak check and temperature check on your hot water heater and being able to look at your phone and see what
7:28 am
is going on, it's peace of mind for people and that's a big application. >> we later so much about technology being the bright spot in an economy that is growing slowly. is that a fair statement, are you seeing vie branls city today in silicon valley today? >> no. what i just described are a bunch of applications for people. and those applications when you're having trouble making the rent, those are the first things that get cut. >> so when you look at the sectors that are going to be impacted, i feel like health care is up there, as well. i don't know how you feel about this, but the idea that we're monitoring everything in our bodies because of semiconductor chip, because of sensors. it seems to have great growth potential. >> that's a big thing coming on quick, you see these fitness bands that people are wearing. and they to have sensors and they can check some bodily functions. it's not as much as you'd like. the big challenge of course they have to run on batteries and they have to have in effect a full computer running in a watch
7:29 am
bat theory. those are great challenges. our industry likes do things that are almost impossible and that is another vector. none of them have broken through yet. there are dozens of watches out there. our companies and many of them for the display and controls. but we're hoping that that one is going to take off, as well. >> all right. thank you, t.j. rodgers. cypress semiconductor founder and ceo. >> thank you. so you just heard heated words about the gop. should they follow his advice?e? and a long time ally says hillary clinton is very close to making a decision whether she will run. our panel begins there. ameriprise asked people a simple question: in retirement, will you have enough money to live life on your terms?
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from america's news headquarters, i'm eric shawn. here are some other stories we're watching for you. federal investigators heading to the site of the deadly chemical leak in texas today after four workers were killed at the dupont plant near houston early yesterday. the deadly extent happaccident about 4:00 in the morning. they're blaming a faulty valve. dupont says it is cooperating with the investigation.
7:34 am
a surgeon inspecfected with ebola being treated in neb. dr. salia was then to the nebraska medical center in's made that. the hospital says that although he was well enough to travel, he is possibly in worse condition than the other ebola patients successfully treated there. he is 44 years old, a surgeon from maryland. a legal u.s. residents. he contracted the deadly disease while working at the united methodist hospital in sierra leone and has moved back home at his wife's request. join us for sunday house call two hours from now at 12:30 eastern. and for now, i'm eric shawn. back to sunday morning futures oig and maria. thank you, eric. will she or won't she? we may know soon about hillary's plans. the current virginia governor
7:35 am
terry mcauliffe telling the hill that secretary clinton plans to announce by mid-january whether she will run in 2016. we kick off our panel with that. ed rollins is former white house str adviser and a long time strategist and fox news political analyst. judith miller from the manhattan institute for policy research, author and journalist. and marty feldstein, former chairman of the council of economic adviser, now professor at harvard university. good to see everybody. thank you so much for being here. so hillary, what do you think? >> she'll run. she will want to energize the democratic party. lowest turnout in modern times was this midterm. cease the only one who can put the coalition back together including exciting women. >> what do you think she is up against? >> i can't tell you that. we have 10, 12 extraordinary
7:36 am
candidates. someone will emerge. the bottom line, there are two factions. a party faction led by mike huckabee, eveangelical type, an the then the establishment party guy and they will battle it out. >> does foreign policy hurt hillary going into 2016? >> i think it's going to a little in this sense, that ben benghazi will continue to haunt her and the fact that she was associated with president obama's will continue to haunt her. but she's already done a lot to distance herself. she will move very much to the center. and she's always been more to the center than he is. she's been much tougher on syria and iraq. he didn't listen to her. so i think foreign policy will
7:37 am
matter, but once against, and i yield to my colleagues on the panel here, the economy, the economy. >> voters went to the polls for midterm elections for the which i. this was the pressing issue. how does that work out for hillary? given us a sense of the backdrop. >> i think she's trying to look more left on the economic issues. she's trying to make sure that this doesn't distance her from the president's base on economic issues. i hope that if she happens to win, that that isn't where she really is. >> well, that's what she said the other day when she said businesses don't create jobs and then tried to back pedal out of it. so how solid is the recovery? >> recovery is in much better shape than it was even a year ago. it turned up last summer, summer of 2013, we had 4% growth. then we had a lousy first quarter because of the weather. but it came back after that.
7:38 am
been growing at about 4% second and third quarters combined. so i think going ahead, we're okay. we're going to continue to see improvements. the quantitative easing really boosted the stock market and consumers took that money and went out and spent it. >> certainly boosted the stock market, but then you hear pockets of the population basically saying it didn't impact my life, i don't really see my wages moved at all. in fact wages are down. >> some wages are down, but if you look at the overall number, the employment cost index was up more than 3%. a year ago up less than 2%. so wages are beginning to move up. >> i think that's valid, but i don't believe the american public believes things are better economically. >> and the sentiment is really driving people. it t.j. rodgers was on the show.
7:39 am
he said republicans should be republicans. don't make me cringe by social issues and don't overspend. >> he's obviously an expert in semiconductors. i'm an expert in politics. here's the base of the republican party. 25% of the electorate just voted to self identify evangelical. they vote 80% republican. iowa and south carolina, 37%, 40% in south carolina. that's where the game starts. if you don't pay attention to their issue, you won't be a viable candidate. >> isn't that really the challenge for republicans? i mean on one hand, you need to energize the base, on the other, you drive away the pragmatic center. the ceos like the man we just heard from. >> ceos who need their money. >> don't you also need that kind of pragmatic support that has always been the base of the party? >> the old republican party, the rock fell alreaefeller republicg gone. they say get rid of the moral
7:40 am
majority. great. how do you replace moral majority? >> we want to get a look at what is coming up on media buzz. howie kur howie kurtz standing by. >> we'll look at the extraordinary videos talking about stupidity as you know of the american public and how much of the media just ignored this for days only the last couple of days have organizations like the "new york times" and the a.p. and cbs even acknowledged the story. and we're also going to talk to your former cnbc colleague that lisa francis now with fox business about her contention that she was silenced by the management of cnbc when she went on the air a couple years ago and criticized obamacare. >> she said the math did not make sense. howie, thank you. president obama vowing to act unilaterally on immigration if congress does not pass legislation. another budget dead line before a government shutdown looms just
7:41 am
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we're back with our panel on the showdown brewing between the republicans and the president. that showdown over immigration. let's talk about what the president can and cannot do in terms of an executitiveorder. >> he can nt make them citizens. he can't -- that's a misconception that is out there. all that he can do is basically work with the department of hhs not to deport them. he can give them work permits. legislation has to be passed by the congress to basically make them citizens or path to citizenship and he will separate, he will take 4
7:45 am
million, 5 million make them legal and another 7 or 8 still in the country illegally. so you create a class system that is terrible. >> i think he set this up beautifully for the republicans to have to oppose making these people citizens. this is just twhae wants. he wants to do it now to show that he's not a lame duck, he is alive and he will continue to pursue his policies an he will challenge the republicans to vote against the 50,000 people who will come into the electorate each year, hispanic americans who want to vote. i think it's a brilliant move politically. a little cynical. doctor don't you think people understand that this is political? >> this is an issue about the hispanic vote. and the president is going to take the lead before the republicans get a chance to vote. i hope, but i don't have a lot of reason to believe, that the republicans will say, well, we can do better. we can see you and raise you on
7:46 am
this. we can do a better deal length la legislatively so we don't lose the list phispanic vote. >> marty and i were in the white house together when we did t'86 bill. it was a long process. most republicans said they wouldn't vote for that bill again. both houses have an option. this president will destroy the potential of moving forward on this thing because republicans will be so angry at him that they will do everything they can to stop him. >> i know we have a crisis at the border, but is it so immediate that we have to push something through right now rather than waiting for the new congress? >> what he is doing is not dealing with the border issue. what he's dealing with is the 11 million illegal aliens here in the united states. so he's putting down a marker
7:47 am
that says i'm going to be nice to the hispanic community and the republicans, if they're foolish, will say, well, we're going to stop that, we will unfund it. >> and throwing a little something in too for the visas for skilled people to make it harder for republicans. >> let me move on to jonathan gruber because this story just gets better and better. remarkable some of the comments that the architect of obamacare and romney care oig called the american people stupid and now is basically -- we're hearing raebs. the president said he does not work on anything. >> well, he worked on everything. >> nancy pelosi said she's never met him and she doesn't know him. but we know that he was paid $400,000 for being the architect of obamacare.architect. they knew they couldn't get it through, it was an honest
7:48 am
discussion of who was going to pay for this thing. and i think it's a question of arrogance now. >> the president said at the time this is not going to cost a dime. how do you enroll millions of people without it costing a dime? >> but in terms of jonathan gruber, he was one of your students? >> he was. >> you can tell us a little bit about the person? >> he's a very smart guy who teaches economics at m.i.t.. he's an expert in the health area. he put together a very large data set. he analyzed all the numbers. but the debate is all about the cbo rules and the administration and john gruber and others knew that if they structured this thing just right, the cbo would be forced by the cbo rules to say it didn't cost a dime. >> he was paid more money than the president or nancy pelosi.
7:49 am
>> but anybody who you said stood what it was really about realized tahat of course it was going to cost money, it was going to cost taxpayers money and it was just because of the cbo rules that they could cause to fool the public. >> and call it stupidity of the american voter. hold that thought, you guys. joint chiefs of staff chairman martin dempsey saying that the momentum is turning in iraq in our favor in the fight against isis. he's also warning this is bound to be a long slog. our panel's reaction next as we look ahead on sund"sunday morni futures". hi, i just signed up for your credit report site and i have a problem. i need to speak with your fraud resolution department. ugh, we don't have that. what should i tell him? just make that super annoying modem noise... ( ee...dong...shuuuhh...) hello? not all credit report sites are equal.
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the ultimate arena for business. hour after hour of diving deep, touching base, and putting ducks in rows. the only problem with conference calls: eventually they have to end. unless you have the comcast business voiceedge mobile app. it lets you switch seamlessly from your desk phone to your mobile with no interruptions. i've never felt so alive. get the future of phone and the phones are free. comcast business. built for business. our panel is back. we had another horrific video overnight from isis. >> this is a very different video, this is the signaling of
7:53 am
a different change in their tactics, their messages, it's a 15-minute long video. it shows isis marching across europe coming to the united states. it's almost a dare to the united states. and it is once again another isis vintage pr triumph in that they are eager to do what scares america, scares the west, but also gives them added recruits. >> what should the u.s. do in response to the dare? >> we do have men on the ground, we do have boots on the ground, we have to start preparing the american public. the moment we pulled out they all cut and run, i think we're at a stalemate and a long war and we're prepared for that.
7:54 am
>> boots on the ground doesn't mean away from the front line, away from the action, they need to have people at a minimum who are working with the others identifying and helping them to do things, and we have got people there but they're not actually in the action. the military person i talked to said we're going to have to have boots on the ground if we're going to make a definint. >> oil prices have gone down. >> what it's fracking or the u.s. opening up it's oil market, we're seeing a slowdown in the demand for energy in oil in western europe and in china. so reduce the demand and you increase the supply, it's basic economics that the price is
7:55 am
going to come down. >> will we see increased military funding? >> at the end of the day--if we break it on the military side, we have to break it on the domestic side. >> we'll have sunday morning futures back in a moment.
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
the one big thing to watch for this week. >> obviously the president is going to move this week on immigration and the second thing is the pipeline that will get passed this week in the senate. the president vetoed that. >> osama bin laden said that people follow the strong horse, so what did putin hear at the summit in australia that might
7:59 am
make him change his mind about his aggressiveness and what will obama do to convince the world that the united states and the west are the strong horse and not isis. >> what about him patting obama on the back. marty, your one thing? >> i think it's going to be the republican reaction to the president's action on immigration. >> yeah, what should that reaction be? >> i think that they should find a way to say we will do even more instead of saying we're going to do nothing and we're going to prevent you from doing something for 11 million illegals, most of whom are hispanic and will vote against the republicans if the republicans cut it off. >> all right, we got to leave it there. i would agree, immigration and keystone pipeline, that vote happening on tuesday. thank you to our panel for watching. that will do it for sunday morning futures.
8:00 am
i'll be back tomorrow morning on opening bell on the fox business network. stay with fox news media buzz with howard kurtz begins right now. >> on the buzz meter this sunday, the architect of obama care caught on tape saying that -- it's ignored for days by the broadcast networks, by the "new york times" and much of the main stream media. what gives? >> you don't really get the news if it goes against the liberal orthodox, and this is proof, this is absolute prove. and the anchor who said cnbc silenced her when she dared challenge the silencing of obama care. >> i was called


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