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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  November 16, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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supposed to work. >> bill marriott still visits 200 of his hotels a year and he shows no signs of slowing down. we'll see you next fox news sunday. the white house is responding and now confirming the death of a third american hostage beheaded at the hands of the terror army isis. intel jenls officials tell us a new propaganda video is real, we had this sort of thing before in our recent history and it never gets any easier. that video uploaded to social media shows the murder of peter kasek. he took the name abdul-rahman,
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he became the sixth hostage executed by the savage video -- and allan henning, a taxi driver from northwest england all killed. president obama issued a statement from air force one earlier offering his condolences to the latest victims family. abdul-rahman was taken to us with an act of pure evil. like jim foley apeter kassig's also speaking out earlier today, but actually before his death was confirmed, they asked the media to avoid the graphic images, we prefer our son is written about and remembered for his important work and the love he shared with friends and family.
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and we are honoring that family's request. they are in our thoughts and our par prayers. how does this video compared to what we have seen previously. >> this is video we don't actually see peter kassig being executed nor do we see him condemning america or praising isis before his death. his executioner appears on the video with -- a real genuine desire to help the syrian people. he started his own ngo to help get medical supplies to the syrian people. but he was also a former elite u.s. army ranger who served in iraq in 2007 and kassig refused to -- the other hostages were forced to recite and say before they were killed and that's one
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of the reasons why this video is slightly different. the training that he had as an elite army ranger may have change -- >> what is the reaction that you're seeing both home and abroad? >> a lot of responses obviously coming in, the white house con demg it obvious. his parents still live in indiana and today the governor condemned the murder but also ordered state flags to be lowered. he issued a statement condemning the killing of peter kassig saying that all of indiana mourns the tragic loss of an inspiring hoosier and heroic american. david cameron, the british prime minister -- earlier this week, there were reports hairgs that this british executioner known
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as jihadi john in britain. we're seeing him now in this video, when actually peter kassig was killed is not clear and if this guy was injured or killed in u.s. air strikes. a lot of moving parts to the fighting in syria. we're all trying to piece it together. >> we grieve again at the loss of another american hostage taken by isis, good to see you, connor, thank you very much. for more information, let's bring in bob scales. our hearts are heavy, we know that this is a tactic, a cruel one and we are at war. what do you think our response will be militarily? >> right now it's not going to be very much, harris, as you know, general dempsey went to baghdad yesterday to try to get a sense of what the iraqi military is all about and to
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talk to our men and women on the ground to plan the future strategy. no, i think the strategy will continue as it's been up until now, the military will apply force as much as they can within the left and right political limits that are established by the administration, they have all settled on the fact that this is going to be a year's long, perhaps decades long conflict. and the word on the street is that this strategy is going to be executed with an absolute minimal loss of life because that seems to be as you have seen today tragically with this beheading, this seems to be the, if you will, the ability of it's sit to gain authority over young men in the middle east and it's just as you said, harris, absolutely horrific. >> you mentioned america's top military leader arrived in iraq this weekend. i'm wondering if there there's
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any sort of timing in what we're seeing from this group. >> absolutely right, the evidence indicates that poor mr. kassig was actually killed in october and the beheading of the 17 syrian cadet, officer kas de cadets that you saw in this same video, that act was probably done even before that. isis is in a propaganda war with the west and dempsey -- isis's reaction as you have seen today was so typically, they have a library of atrocities, harris, and they just spin them out, to their mind as the occasion demands. >> the war seems to be taking place on the internet. how does that impact our ability to fight the enemy? >> i think it's enormous. this is a war of will and as long as young men in the middle east see isis as to their mind
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at least morally superior to the west, then isis is going to have the advantage, it also has the advantage of time, because while we try to work up a strategy, try to train the iraqis, it gives isis the time to gain this psychological high ground, to win the propaganda war, we have a long way to go before we have any chance of success in this environment. >> i don't know if she picked up on this, but the family has asked the media and we are honoring that at fox news, not to show him, peter kassig in his orange jump suit, not to show those images, obviously the hearts of the family you're considering here, but it kind of takes a tool out of their tool kit to wrench our hearts over there. >> a video like this over and over plays to the exwiquities o
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the media. i have to tell you, throughout the middle east, they are -- there's a generation of young men who watch videos like this who celebrate the death of these poor people and use this as a mode of force not only to carry out atrocities in the middle east, but you heard isis say to carry the war to the western world, and the united states. so this is not going to end in iraq and syria. >> i usually don't ask a general to weigh in on politics, but i want to get your thoughts because we have seen some conflicting messages and maybe you can see to that, between what the pentagon says about the war that we're fighting there and what the white house says. and i'm curious about the relationship about the president and his generals. >> let's be very clear, civil relations in this counti countr
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sound. within the pentagon, there's this tension that exists between sort of the politics of military strategy and the strategy of military strategy. the military see it completely differently. and if they had their way, so to speak, they would be applying power in a totally different way, there would be more advices on the ground, the air campaign would be done with much greater intensity and precision, there would be more attention paid to the counter attack. the pace of this campaign would be accelerated. but the military operates within the left and right limits of political authority, they do what they can as allowed by the administration. >> what would you say as an observer is between the military and -- >> tense. it's not, again, it's not disloyal, but from what i have heard, particularly within the
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pentagon, there's a friction that exists between political appointees of the military, between the ability of the military to provide advice to the administration and the response they get back from the administration, it's very, very difficult for the military to get their point across, it is a highly politically charged environment. >> major general bob scales and friend, thank you very much. a programming note for our viewers. hear from the navy s.e.a.l. to swh shot and killed osama bin laden. that's followed by a special edition of hannity on this sunday. shawn will -- after days of fallout, the president is responding for the very first time about the scandal over former obama care advisor
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jonathan gruber, how the president is downplaying gruber's role in writing that big piece of legislation, health care reform. and it could be a very big, important week for our nation on the matter of illegals coming into our country, the president has promised to take hiss executive pen and take action that would allow millions of illegal immigrants to stay in the united states. it's being called a kind of executive amnesty. ♪ americans drink over 13 billion gallons of sugary beverages every year. over-consumption may link to obesity. but there is a better choice. drink more water, filtered by brita. clean, refreshing, nothing is better.
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tom cole disagrees with that. >> i think the president is being political and cynical. he had plenty of opportunity to do things when he had complete control. said he would act -- so it's been a political weapon rather than a problem to be solved from the president's stand point. >> joining house speaker john boehner in saying republicans will look to stop the effect of republican immigration strategy. truth is, says the gop, they can't see why the president thinks his -- ask the right one for the country. >> i represent millions of people, tom cotton represents millions of people, there are millions of people scattered around the united states that think like us and the president
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thinks only these few crazy conserve tys think like this. they don't have a problem with immigration, they have a problem with illegal immigration. >> well the is already on his way back from the g-20 summit in australia, expected to be back in the white house about three hours from now. and preparing to issue his executive order from what we hear. according to the "new york times" at least is how the amnesty would work. many of the 50 million will be issued work permits, the social security number would let them pay taxes, they could move fleely around the country, but if they exit, they can't come back in, some states will even issue them a driver's license and they can apply for professional qualification. some suggest that the president may not go as far as an executive order if he can eke out some leeway with the
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republicans. >> i think that could be negotiable, but the threat of real and -- otherwise we'll be left with a broken immigration system and a lot of political talk. let's pass the senate by partisan bill. >> unfortunately, that bill already got shot down in the house once already and now far right republicans expected to shut down the governments in protest at the president's executive order should he issue it. it's going to be a messy few months. remember the world was focused on ukraine of the there was war going on, still is, a plane fell out of the sky with a lot of people on it. now new video and boy, it is eye pop approximating, it shows the moments after malaysia airlines flight 17 was likely shot down in july by whom we still do not exactly know. you can see black smoke billowing from the crash site as people from a nearby village rush toward the scene to try to
4:18 pm
do something. all 298 people on board died. most of those victims were from the netherlands. dutch inspectors leading that investigation hoping to collect the parts themselves, but they are worried about the safety in that area which is being held by rebels on the ground. ukraine and the west blame the crash on a michael fired by russia-backed separatists. a suspected cyber attack has hit the federal government and now the department is responding with something it has never done before. stay close. hungry for the best? it's eb. want to give your family the very best in taste, freshness, and nutrition? it's eb. eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. it's eb. i have a eggs. i took nyquil but i'm still stuffed up.
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president obama is speaking out for the first time about the controversy surrounding former obama care advisor jonathan gruber.
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he's been making the headlines in recent days for several comments about how the law was crafted, the most notable of which, when he said the stupidity of the american voter was crucial in making the affordable care act a reality. ed henry asks the president about gruber. >> the fact that some advisor who never worked on our staff expressed an opinion that i completely disagree with, in terms of the voters, is no reflection on the actual process that was run. it's fair to say that there was not a profession in the health care law that was not extensively debated and was f l fully transparent. >> while he wasn't on the stand, he was a highly paid contributor. gruber was so influential, the
4:23 pm
white house summoned him along with a few more economists the day before the -- peter doocy is live with the news in washington. peter what else are we learning about gruber's role. >> this new "washington post" report point outs that one of the things that gruber was paid almost $400,000 for was to sit in the oval office and other advisors for a 2009 meeting about getting some skeptical democrats on board with obama care and presented to these lawmakers to transfer the authority for is -- it was a big deal and the rest is history because the aca became the law of the land, but now lawmakers like james lankford, a newly elected republican senator says gruber's influence bothers them. >> gruber's comments show what is consistent in washington, d.c. -- this administration
4:24 pm
believes they're smarter than everyone else and they just need to create the policy and impose the policy and states exist only to carry out their wishes from the central government. >> another newly elected gop tom cotton said he would like to see more legislation on rolling back many key obama care provisions. >> what are others in the administration saying about all this? >> the hhs secretary, silvia mathews burrwell has been busy, very deliberate voicing her disapproval of mr. gruber's comments. >> since i have been at the department one of the things i have focused on transparency. and the other thing is that the law is based on the issues of transparency. >> amid the controversy, secretary burrwell said there were thousands of applications
4:25 pm
submitted through health and more than half a million people logged into accounts on the site this weekend. >> there is that sticking poift for former house speaker nancy pelosi, remember when she said you have to pass it to see what it's in it. >> it's been passed for years and we're still talking about it. the state department taking an unprecedented step after a suspected hacker attacks. technicians repair any possible damage. officials say activity was detected around the same time as an incident that targeted the white house computer network. that was made public last month. since then, a number of agencies including the post office, the national weather service and others have reporteded attacks. officials say none of the state department's classified systems was affected. all systems are expected to be up and running soon, we're told. big week ahead in
4:26 pm
washington. the keystone pipeline will now go to the senate and thousands of jobs potentially on the line, will it pass the senate? if it does, will the president veto it? the fox news political insiders are michake ing up at home base. takyou haven't seen ep like... your bed in days. no, like you haven't seen a bed in weeks! zzzquil. the non habit forming sleep-aid that helps you sleep easily and wake refreshed. because sleep is a beautiful thing.
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it is the bottom of the hour and here is what's happening if you're just joining us. the white house has confirmed that isis savages have killed another hostage. announcing the execution in one of its trademark propaganda videos. analysts say the gruesome footage could also be holding a wealth of valuable information. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has more from washington. >> reporter: may suggest a change in tactics as well provide new leads about the isis leadership, it's location and operations. in a brief statement, kassig family released photos of his humanitarian work. unlike other videos, the tape
4:31 pm
does not show the beheading in graphic detail nor does the victim make a statement in advance. the british executioner clad in black who goes by the moniker jihad john says he's going to kill peter kassig and then shows a served head. the executioner says they are in a syrian city with deep religious and historical significance near the turkish gourder. also the video does not identify the next hostage to be executed, more evidence the remaining hostages -- forced to act as an isis spokesman and at least one other american aid worker are not held together. on the president's strategy in iraq and syria, his former defense secretary is accusing the administration of meddling in a way that has not been seen since vietnam. >> when a president wants highly
4:32 pm
centralized control in the white house, at the degree of micromanagement that i'm describi describing, that's not bureaucratic, that's political. >> and the timing is not -- coming the same weekend the chairman of the joint chiefs visited iraq and the same week there are unconfirmed report the british executioner was injured in a recent air strike. >> that brings us right to our fox news political insiders and you can join the conversation on facebook and on twitter, the information will appear magically at the bottom of your screen in just a moment. pat goodell, a former pollster for jimmy carter and fox news contribute for. a former republican congressman from new york and a former pollster for president bill clinton and a fox news contributor as well.
4:33 pm
let's start with what's happening in the war with isis, doug, i asked earlier, major general bob scales about the relationship, getting to the politics of it now between the pentagon, the generals and the white house, let's take a quick look and then i want to get your take. >> sure, please. >> what i have heard, particularly within the pentagon, there's a friction that exists between political appointees of the military, between the ability of the military to provide advice to the administration and the response that they get back from the administration, it's very, very difficult for the military to get their point across, it is highly politically charged environment. >> and with that making some news on this sunday night because you don't often get the texture from another general, your thoughts? >> my thoughts, harris, are that it goes even further than general scales as suggested. when you listen to general dempsey who says we need troops on the ground, the president
4:34 pm
says we're not going to have troops on the ground, 1,500 advisors, there are a rift, a clear rift inside our foreign policy establishment. put another way, harris, we lack a strategy. >> pat, you were around during the iran hostage -- as doug is suggesting a rift, or as general scales as suggested friction inside our foreign policy heads, does that put people in danger? >> of course it does. you have american soldiers and servicemen and women there and you have more going over, i am not -- i don't think we have handcuffed the military like we -- they're sending us the signals, what we're doing in iraq and syria, is not serious, five sortes a day is not serious. if we were serious, someone pointed out as a member of
4:35 pm
congress, you would be bombing the trucks carrying the oil that is financing isis, all of this. and the lieder ship problem is not just here, this is a coin from russia commemorating the takeover of crimea. putin meets with obama, i'm sure he met with him for an hour, and what does he do? he invades the ukraine again, further, and he sends warplanes, reconnaissance flights in the gulf. everyone realizes this president is not serious. and they play politics, they do, and with it they risk lives. >> you know, john, i see you nodding your head in agreement. senator john mccain compared the ramp up and the way we are dealing with isis as to -- >> this is a little different. we have been there, we have left
4:36 pm
twice, and we have left a vacuum and is vacuum is being filled by the worst monsters anyone has ever heard of. an article yesterday in the "new york times," a senate, i think to you harris, about the girls being kidnapped by isis and traded like slays, 15-year-old girls getting raped and some of them escaped and told the story. and you read about that and you read about the beheading of the latest wonderful american soldier. there's only one answer here, every member of isis is going to have to be killed. they have to be killed by somebody. this is the worst evil that is imaginable, we're sitting over here dithering over 150 troops being sent, somebody's got to go over there and kill them. >> all sorts sorts -- does i
4:37 pm
that our president is rather sto stoic, it's a personally trait. does this call for something different? >> of course it does. harris, one of the things that i found saddest this weekend is that i read an account of an interview with mr. baghdadi, i use mr. advisedly that said the united states and obama are weak, dispirited, divided. and he's right. it requires outrage, leadership and a plan and a strategy to do precisely what john is saying, we have got to wipe these people out. >> we sit here, pat, harris and all of us and talk about politics all the time. we have to realize that vladimir putin, and baghdadi and all of them, they watched the elections here, and obama got creamed. and he is a weaker president.
4:38 pm
>> pat have a quick last word. >> they said he is really weak and they all know it and that's whether the chinese, the iranians or the russians or isis. all of them. he called american voters stupid when discussing obama care and now democrats are keeping their distance from mit economist john than we health care law in is insiders are coming back. you get sick, you can't breathe through your nose suddenly, you're a mouth breather. a mouth breather! well, put on a breathe right strip and shut your mouth. cold medicines open your nose over time, but add a breathe right strip and pow, it opens your nose up to 38% more. so you can breathe and do the one thing you want to do, sleep. add breathe right to your cold medicine shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right. and look for the calming scent of new
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medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any allergic reactions like rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial. we're back, a former obama care advisor has made plenty of headlines in the past few days. mit professor jonathan gruber who helped -- says the obama
4:42 pm
administration has misled the -- wanted to mislead the american people to get the bill passed, crediting the, quote, stupidity of the american voters. gruber was not on the white house staff, that's true, he was a paid consultant. but the "washington post" reported gruber was among a small number of high profile economists invited to the oval office just a day before the president met with a group of hold out democrats. pat, via satellite from florida tonight, john and doug, let's start in the sunshine state with pat. you know, i'm curious to know, what do you think about the fact that this guy has come out? this is damaging, right? do you think he's got a beef of some sort? is this an accident? >> no, this guy is the personification of the arrogance of an elite gentry, liberal gentry of professors and most of the media in washington, this is why they didn't pick up the
4:43 pm
story to begin with, is that they have utter contempt for the american people. he is outrageous you know why? because he shares with the president the belief that not only are the american people stupid, but it's important for us that we can lie, cheat, steal, do whatever behave to go, bribe whatever to get the bill through, because we know what's best for you and it is a scary thing to see in a democracy and also see in media playing a accomplice to it. >> he was on one of the other media networks and the anchor of one of the shows didn't follow up with the question, because he said, well he misspoke, what he should have asked was did you misspeak because you didn't mean to say it or you said it and it isn't even true? >> not only did gruber help write obama care, but a few years earlier, he was the author
4:44 pm
of romney care. and we had in 2012, the two nominees for president. mitt romney, romney care, and obama care with obama care and there bozo wrote both of them. >> it says that health care can be held hostage to a liberal elite that deliberately deceives the american people to pass legislation that as pat and i wrote in 2010 that don't want and now want basically repeals and fundamental -- >> i want to pat myself on the back, when i was a kid, i wrote a book called harvard hates america, about the academic -- >> he went to mit. >> but it's all the same thing, the educational establishment thinks the students are dopes. >> you wrote that as a kid? boy, you're an overachiever. >> the democrat who is profess
4:45 pm
not to really know who this guy is had some really glowing things about him, the inception and the hours right before obama care was rolled out. on the list was congresswoman nancy pelosi, senator harry reid said he's one of the best economists in america. senator baca said he's an important outside expert. how outside can he be they paid him upwards of 360,0$360,000 fo model of the health care that was rolled out in massachusetts. >> this is an example of the corrupt bargain of the american -- when the policy blows up, he's there. >> thank god for videotape. >> i want to say, doug and i, i used the phrase that this was a crime against democracy, that's what this is and has been all
4:46 pm
long and we see this and doug is right, and so is john. this elitism, which is as i keep saying extends to the press, that you said the reporters, the people who cover up for barack obama who do not treat him as though he were a president, but he has to have special dispensation, the fact that these quote experts -- this man is making millions of dollars doing the same thing he cooked his formula to get it passed. it was part of the gravest lie in american history. the american people have never accepted and never will. >> what does that gets rid of the individual mandate and offers cross border purchases and allows for tort reform to be done. it's not going to happen. why? because the two parties are so
4:47 pm
dug in to positions that do not reflect the american people's wishes, that we're going to have more paralysis. >> at least like gruber making six, they don't know what's best for me period and they must pay for their arrogance. >> my question to you is there a penalty to pay because this man gruber has spoken out? by the way, set an egg timer for the next video. he said it over and over, the american voters are stupid. >> i just said it, the penalty, they lost the highways in 2010, they lost the senate in 2014, obama's a lame duck, he can do what he wants. >> he's got a pen. but he's going down in history, though, as a failed president. he lied to the people about the health care plan. >> the consequence for our system, john is complete dissatisfaction, alienation, anger, with both parties from the administration. >> because i know you're going to get some e-mails, are you
4:48 pm
uncomfortable calling the president a liar? >> he lied when he said, you can keep your doctor, you can keep your plan. he knew when he said it he couldn't. that's a political lie, i'm sorry. >> he knew when he said it it was a lie, he perpetrated, they cooked it in the white house, the president's contempt for his own electorate is outrageous and it's shared with, as we will see on immigration, with the environmental extremists in my party and all the gentry elite, it's unbelievable how disingenuous and feckless this president is. >> that is an area where we could see a lot of ink left in the executive pen, and we could see the president do what he said he would do and that is executive order or action. your thoughts? >> my thoughts are, he's set on friday in myanmar that he is
4:49 pm
going to do, in order to grant up to 5 million illegal immigrants effectively amnesty, the right to stay indefinitely in the white house, because, quote, congress didn't act. he is going to ignore the election and ignore the house. >> real quickly,y, we got a lite bit from mitt romney, let's watch. >> he's poking an eye of the republican leaders in congress and he's making it more difficult for there to be a permanent solution to this issue. what he's proposing to do is a temporary solution which would ultimately potentially be reversed by a republican president. it's the wrong way to go, it doesn't help the people who are really hurt by the lack of policy in this area. >> this guy tweeted all of us, michael p.m -- -- >> if he does this thing, i think they have to punish him
4:50 pm
for what -- >> how? >> they have to defund one act si. they need to make him have a political consequence for not for doing what he did, but how he's don it. instead of doing what a president is supposed to do, which is you call congress up and you go meet with them and you say i want us to make a deal and do this, this and this. and i tell you what, you want keystone, i'll trade keystone for some changes on illegal immigration. >> you haven't even gotten to capitol hill, pat, are those some answers you could work with as a democrat? >> i could work with something, but that's not going to happen, this president is -- mitt romney's got it wrong and everyone in washington, it's not about poking in the eye of republican party, it is going to cause a firestorm with the american people, and the last three months we have said this before, immigration attitudes have changed tremendous ly.
4:51 pm
there is going to be a firestorm and the democrats are going to pay for it. i think it's a very simple matter, defund all the aspects of this. but he thinks he's doing something he's going to get away with, the american people are not going to take it. >> okay, we're coming right back. what you're doing now, janice. blogging. your blog is just pictures of you in the mirror. it's called a fashion blog, todd. well, i've been helping people save money with progressive's discounts. flo, can you get janice a job? [ laughs ] you should've stuck to softball! i was so much better at softball than janice, dad.
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4:55 pm
political because the american people have spoken loudly, the congress saw the impact of the president's policies, so this is politics, it's sad. >> apparently only one person didn't read the election returns properly. >> barack obama. >> that's right. >> what are your process on how this process had come forward, now the president through josh ernest, the press secretary is hinting that a veto could be in our future if it passes the senate. if the president puts hiss pen down and vetoes it? >> what he proves is despite all -- and again all of the misleading and all of the obfuscation, that the democratic party is owned by tom stier, a radical environmental who would rather not have jobs and our
4:56 pm
party, my party which once stood for ordinary people. i think the republicans if they're smart, and they're not, they're pretty stupid and their leaders remember of -- on immigration, the leadership there has been co-opted by republican donors in the u.s. chamber who also want a deal. they're going to cave. and i think -- and they shouldn't what i think they should do is take that stuff out of the continued resolution, let the president veto it and then he will shut the government down. >> we want everybody else to be able to tuke here. david says on twitter, the gop needs to put keystone in front vetoes it and force the democrats to vote to override. >> they'll shut the government down if they don't go along with the continued resolution. >> we need congress to stand up to this president and to force him to take actions that the american people want, on
4:57 pm
keystone, on health care, on immigration. it's the only way to get results? >> that's it for fox report on sunday, i'm harris falker, we'll see you back here for outnumbered, noon eastern tomorrow. the man who killed osama bin laden is next. zing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. i'my body doesn't work the way it used to. past my prime? i'm a victim of a slowing metabolism? i don't think so. great grains protein blend. protein from natural ingredients like seeds and nuts. it helps support a healthy metabolism. great grains protein blend.
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