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tv   The Man Who Killed Usama Bin Laden  FOX News  November 16, 2014 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> thank you. >> thank you. >> good night from new york. this program contains footage of military and . otage of military and this progr forces. recreations, illustrations and authentic footage are also used to illustrate what s.e.a.l. team 6 experienced while preparing for and executing the mission that killed osama bin laden. viewer discretion is advised. ♪ i learned as a sniper on recon and surveillance missions they're boring for 72 hours of >> i would learn to count to
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keep my mind occupied. so i'm counting from zero to 1,000 and 1,000 to zero. 80 minutes into the 90 minute flight, i'm counting 556, 557, 558, as i'm counting, for some reason, i remembered a quote from george w. bush on 9/11, freedom itself was attacked this morning by a faceless coward. >> and freedom will be defended. >> and i kind of got goose bumps and i was like how in the world did i just remember that. i'm like, forget counting, just say that over and over, freedom was attacked by a faceless coward and freedom will be defended. >> 18 minutes into the flight, i'm like, i'm on this mission, and we're going to kill him. >> for god and country.
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>> good evening, i'm peter doosy, over the next two nights, you will meet one of america's bravest warriors. for more than a decade, he served through multiple wars and through dangerous missions too numerous to count. he served as a navy s.e.a.l., a member of the same s.e.a.l. team 6. and on may 20, 2011 as the second man through the door into the room where the world's most wanted terrorist was hiding, he fired the fateful shot that brought the biggest man hunt in world's history to an end. his name is robert o'neil. and he is the man who killed osama bin laden. >> the face we are looking at, is the last face that osama bin laden saw on earth. >> yeah, if it was light enough, i was definitely the last person he saw.
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>> you trained on targets with his face on it. >> yes. >> what was it like to kill the actual guy? >> it wasn't real. it was another guy in a house that we shot. it didn't sink in for a while. >> has it sunk in now? >> it has now, i have thought about it every day for a nib of years. i'm still trying to figure out if it's the best thing i have every done or the worst thing i have ever done. >> how could it be the best? >> we accomplished the mission and i was a part of it. >> how could it be the worst? >> i don't know what's going to happen? it's something i have to live with every day. >> before the war on terror and the hunt for osama bin laden took rob to the farthest reaches of the globe, the quiet mining town of butte, montana is where the story began.
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>> he played basketball for catholic high school, worked odd jobs around town and was always surrounded by family and friends. >> what's it like coming back to butte? >> it's always great coming back to butte. the view of the city from the top of the hill. the big m. this is a great home feeling, it's home and it's familiar. it hasn't really changed in 20 years. >> where are you taking me. >> we're going to the freeway that's called the watch out. every time i fly into butte- wha. here they are. >> that's what we need. thank you. >> this is your favorite sandwich in the world? >> in the world. yeah. this is -- this is a reason to come home. to butte. to get one of these. >> yeah. cheers.
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>> uh-huh. >> butte was a copper boom town in the late 1800s and later grew into montana's fifth largest city. >> it's just a really good town, blue collar town with a lot of history with the mines. people working hard, people playing hard. people eating hard. a lot of good food here. it's great people, great attitudes. >> like many montana natives, much of rob's childhood was spent outdoors. >> a lot of skiing, a lot of snowboarding, hunting when it's time to hunt. fishing. good mountains for hiking. outdoor type stuff. shooting. >> how old were you when you first fired a gun? >> i was probably 13, maybe 12 or 13. right around the time my dad and i started hunting. you have to be a certain age but i could go hunting. >> once he was old enough, hunting trips with his father became a favorite past time. >> we go at it. we go out every chance we have.
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every weekend and then, you know, permission was given during the week. >> after high school graduation, rob didn't really know what was next. >> i had a job at mcdonald's. i worked at the blue villa, a pizza place uptown butte and bar. awesome, best taco pizza in the world. i moved furniture for a little while. worked in a mine for a few months. >> rather than follow the path of many who turned jobs in the mips into a lifelong career, rob wanted something different. it was here that he learned to drive a wcar. fate intervened and led him through the doors of a military recruiting office. >> i was in a relationship with a young lady and that went sideways. and that was kind of the tipping point, time to leave town. and it was funny, when i got to the navy, 95% of the guys there were there for the same reason. that was the point when i was in -- i needed to get out of
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town mode. that was the easiest way to get out of town and i went in to join the marine corps. marines are just cool and good at marketing and the best uniforms. it is cool. and so i walked in. he wasn't there and the navy guy was there and i talked to him, basically went to ask him where the marine was. and he told me, you know, asked me why. he told me about s.e.a.l.s. >> did they ask you if you knew how to swim? >> well, no. being a recruiter, they're not always truthful. he wanted to bill us, fill the quota. he told me you need to do this, this, and this. and me not doing the research, i figured it would just be easy to swim that distance in that time. how hard can swimming be? >> how hard? >> pretty hard. swimming is not that easy. especially when you don't know how to do it. >> when you say you didn't know how to do it? >> i didn't know technique. i could keep myself alive in pool. >> talked into signing up to be
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a navy s.e.a.l., rob knew he needed to learn how to swim fast. he headed to the pool at the local high school and basically moved in. >> i would swim every day. i had some help with some friends from high school that knew how to swim really well. >> when you got to s.e.a.l. training, where were you in terms of snablt. >> as far as swimming? >> yeah. >> the bottom. we had guys that swam four years of college, water polo players. mainly all high school swimmers. competitive. and then me. so it was -- yeah. it was eye opening. >> still to come tonight, on "the man who killed osama bin laden" -- >> it was infuriating. we wanted to go. we really wanted to do this. that's why we're all here now. >> after 17 years, i think it's over for him. >> it's bin laden, they found him. we're going to get him.
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the white house is now confirming the death of a third american hostage beheaded at the hands of the terrorist army isis. intelligence officials say a new propaganda video is real. that video which we will not show was uploaded to social media and reveals the murder of peter kassig. he was a u.s. aid worker helping people in syria who were caught in a civil war there. kassig -- to provide aid and assistance to syrian refugees. he began delivering food and medical supplies to them, to the camps in 2012 and was also a trained medical assistant who provided trauma care to injured syrian civilians and he also trained 150 civilians in
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providing medical aid. kassig was kidnapped while providing that food and care. he took the name abdul-rahman, he becomes the fifth western hostage executed by the savages of isis t other victims american journalist james foley a. president obama issued a statement earlier today offering his condolences to the latest victims' family, saying, abd abdul-rahman was taken from us by a terrorist group. his life indeed stand in stark contrast to everything that isil. represents, end quote. peter kassig's family asked that the media avoid showing images
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of his death. and questi . rob o'neill had one year of college under his belt, a job delivering pizzas and only a basic grasp of swimming when a recruiter convinced him to enlist and become a navy s.e.a.l. by january 1996, after five months of intensive swim training, rob found himself in great lakes illinois for navy boot camp. but boot camp was nothing compared to what came next. most recruits don't even pass the first phase. physical conditions. >> general workouts every day eventually wear into 1,000 push-ups a day, 1,000 situps a day, hundreds of pullups. the first time you did it, you
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felt like you were going to break your neck. >> miles and miles of running, so you're running six miles a day just to eat and then another 12 miles on top of that. a lot of swimming and pool drills. you have to run everywhere. you can't walk anywhere. every time you drop it by 25 push-ups, at first it goes to 35 and 50. it's just a test every single day, pass or fail. 45 minutes at a time where you're exhaling the air. floating is hard when you're tied up. you have to float for five minutes and you can't touch the bottom. come up and show them you're not dying yet. that's where a lot of people
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lose, because for some reason it's not natural to be tied up and swim. a 5 1/2 mile ocean swim. we actually did the 5 1/2 mile swim twice in four days. it was a friday that we did it. and the instructors didn't like us very much, so as opposed to swimming with the current, we're going to go to mexico and swim back to coronado because the tides were going that way. we hit the time limit where hypothermia was setting in. and they pulled guys maybe 50 meter from the end. so we technically didn't finish it. we came in monday and they were like, hey, we were going to have the dive physics class today but instead since we didn't finish the swim, we'll do that. so go grab your fins and that's probably the meanest thing anyone's ever done to me. you have a test for time. a test of four-mile run and times decrease as you go on and in between the tests you are
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doing call sthetices and getting your butt kicked. >> part of the way through physical conditioning is hell week. five and a half days of non-stop training, 20 hours a day, with at most 4 hours of sleep at night. during hell week, recruits run more than 200 miles. >> the way that i remember feeling was i know i have a past. i know i came from somewhere. but that's gone and i have no future. i'm going to be in hell for the rest of my life. that's what it felt like. this is the worst place i've ever been until you get a day off and then it's the best. they give you weekends off because you need a third heel. the saying is everybody wants to be a frog man on friday, especially when the sun is out. sunday you're like, here we go again. miserable experience. >> the next phase is combat diving and scuba operating above water and deep beneath the surface.
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after that, comes land warfare, explosives and weapons training and small unit tactics. followed by 26 weeks of more advanced s.e.a.l. qualification training. >> never really was a -- i'm sure i can do it. i'm sure i'm not going to quit. that's part of the attitude here. i mean, i knew there was no chance of me quitting. they'll throw me out or i'm going to be hurt but i won't say you got the better of me. some good advice that was given to me just litting things like i had an instructor tell me i won't ask you to do anything impossible. it will be really hard but not impossible. you can do it. don't quit. another guy said to me, i don't understand how you can quit because when you quit they take your helmet off and your name is on it, they're in line. how can you quit and put a helmet with your father's name in the quitter's line. that's good advice. 26 weeks into it it's graduation week. i'm going to make it. >> and he did. but the training didn't end at
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graduation. and then off to parachute school and more advanced predeployment courses. >> survived s.e.a.l. training. you become a navy s.e.a.l. officially. what was your first job? >> first job i was assigned to a platoon, bravo platoon s.e.a.l. team 2. we went to the range and we were shooting navy qul if i cases. i was a pretty good shot and my boss said this new guy is good. send him to sniper school n. that first -- they called ate worm-up, the training cycle before forward deployment and sent me for navy special warfare sniper school and i became a sniper. >> soon the boy from butte, montana, one year before delivering taco pizzas was a navy s.e.a.l. sniper. coming up next, on "the man who killed osama bin laden" -- >> the world trade center tower number 1 is on fire. the whole outside of the
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♪ ...anytime, anywhere. ♪ [ dog growls ] ♪ oh. so you're protesting? ♪ okay. [ male announcer ] introducing xfinity my account. available on any device. by the time rob was 21 years old, he was a navy s.e.a.l. sniper deployed overseas. it was a fairly quiet time to serve in the united states military, but then in an instant, everything changed. >> tower number one is on fire, the whole outside of the build asking just a huge explosion. it looked like the plane was aiming towards the building.
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>> one of the towers collapsed. >> i was in the operations office at naval special workers in germany. i was catching inon e-mails and sitting there with a couple of the officers and it went to bleaking news. >> we have a very tragic alert for you right now, an incredible plane crash here in the low if tip of manhattan. >> the reports were small plane had hit and they showed the plane, wow, that was the entire building, that wasn't a small plane. we started saying, look how clear it is. >> another plane just flew into the second tower. >> we saw the second plane hit and just like that, and we
5:23 pm
said -- we knew everything had just changed, we didn't know what was going to happen. it was a shot in the gut. it was surreal. it was painful and it was infuriating to see the symbol of the greatest nation gone. you know, and then you got people in the streets overseas, you've got footage of osama in a cave laughing. and we were like, we're going to get you. >> rob and his friends were itching to get into the fight. but as the invasion of afghanistan began, they would have to wait. >> now that the war started, tactics were trickling down from cop 6, all we need at that time were vietnam tactics, because we hadn't been to war seriously since vietnam. there was grenada, panama,
5:24 pm
desert storm, which was a couple of hours. so we only knew what we knew, we only knew vietnam. but then the guys coming back and saying this is what guys are doing in the gun fights. >> so they honed their craft and contacted to train, while in the middle east, another storm was brewing. >> at this hour, american and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operation operatio operations in iraq to free its people. >> in 2003, the invasion in iraq is happening so we're like we're definitely going to be a part of that. so we were actually in the mediterranean sea on an amphibious ship. and we were going to go into the -- >> liberian civil war had made the country extremely dangerous. so president bush ordered the s.e.a.l.s and a grioup of marins
5:25 pm
to evacuate all americans to safety. >> we swam into liberia and did a survey of the beach and grabbed the americans out. so we missed the war tackically and then that's when i figured they're fighting everywhere and that was a decision i made. >> being a member of s.e.a.l. team 6 is the ultimate goal of many navy s.e.a.l.s. they are the best of the best, the proverbial tip of the spear, becoming a member, however, is no easy fete. >> to get into s.e.a.l. team 6, they're training to be a no fail team. these are serious dudes. >> things heated up quickly with s.e.a.l. team hunting down insurgents in iraq and afghanistan.
5:26 pm
>> probably six out of seven nights a week that we would go out, that's where we got as good as we did because we learned from the enemy. the enemy knew our tactics before we started fighting in iraq and they used it against us. >> what would a night be like? >> we would go in and find out what they were watching, we would pick a place to go. get on the helicopters that were parked right outside, fly away and go into a house, find the bad guy, take them and their stiff, bring them back and find more targets, based on what they told you. >> how concerned were you that the houses would be booby trapped? >> you kind of look for what doesn't belong here. yeah, it's spooky, i have walked into houses where there were bombs. we went in, we were face to face with a big drum of explosives
5:27 pm
wired. you would say the code word for what means get out of here, quietly but abruptly and people are jumping off the roof. >> did you ever think that you were going to pull the seat down and when you look, it's bin laden? >> no, during those raids it was all low level thugs that were making bombs and killing americans. every branch in the military had a much more dangerous job than we did. we got people out there, marines, army, we got navy guys driving around in vehicles wondering what they were going to blow up. it w >> coming up next, before the bin laden mission rob was on another crisis that would end up on a hollywood blockbuster, the rescue of captain richard phillips. that story and never before seen video from that mission when the man who killed osama bin laden continues.
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missions executed by naval special warfare groups are classified. the american people will never hear about most of them. but sometimes their actions make headlines back home and the public gets a small glimpse into the lives of s.e.a.l.s. 8,000 mile ace way the massive container ship "maersk alabama." >> look at me. look at me. aim the captain now. >> the maersk crew fought back against the pirates, but the pirates took a lifeboat and escaped with their hostage, captain phillips. soon news reached the united states that an american was
5:32 pm
being held hostage on an american lifeboat in the middle of the indian ocean. >> this thing unfolded and people were spinning up and we knew that something was going to happen. >> american navy ships and helicopters were able to block the lifeboat carrying captain phillips and his somali -- at the same time, the call was made, send in the s.e.a.l.s. >> good friday, april 10, which is my birthday and i was at a tea party for easter at my kids preschool. and we were actually setting the kids down, getting them stuff to eat when we got the message and we're going, so i had to leave from a preschool classroom to jump into the indian ocean to
5:33 pm
rescue captain richard phillips. i stopped to get i would want to jump with, tobacco and money and stuff like that. i stopped and there was a guy in front of me who was in no hurry whatsoever. win of the things he was buying was a usa today and he slammed down the paper all patriotic and he was like, i sure wish someone would do something about this. i was kind of like, if you hurry up, buddy, and pay for your stuff, i will. they kept captain phillips at gunpoint demanding safe pass sole judge to somalia where they could hold them for ransom. >> no one ever thought of a fully encome pass passed life -- how long from the tea party did you have to get to base. >> we had a full head count in
5:34 pm
the indian ocean, everyone accounted for. >> the s.e.a.l.s flew to the indian ocean and they dropped their boat. >> we have the capability of putting boats out of the plane into the water and we jumped on it. we would get in the boat and then we would drive the boat somewhere. >> dozens of s.e.a.l.s parachuted from the plane to the ocean below, including one support staffer who had never jumped from a plane before. >> we're always training on hostage rescue, trying to maintain our heritage of being proficient in the water, which we were. >> meanwhile in the lifeboat, tension grew, with another team of field snipers positioned on the back of the bain bridge and captain phillips' life in danger, the order came down, take the shot. >> execute. >> the movie made it look cool,
5:35 pm
but that wasn't the plan, we weren't go in there to kill people. we were just going to get our guy back. >> the fact that you guys had a full headcount 15 hours and 46 minutes after first getting the page, what does that say about the guys you work with? >> incredible, everyone from who's flying the airplane, who's loading the parachutes, who trained the tandem masters to jump a guy that's never jumped before. it's a moment of pride, just the efficiency of the u.s. military when it needs to be. i mean it makes you realize if we wanted to take the gloves off and really hurt people, that would be a problem. but we're the good guys. >> coming up, rob and s.e.a.l. team six prepare for the mission of a life time.
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>> live from america's news headquarters, i'm harris faulkner. reaction to lawmakers on capitol hill can piling up on what could be a very big week for immigration. president obama could introduce executive action that would by pass congress and allow as many as 5 million illegal immigrants to remain in the united states. the president has said he has waited long enough for congress to act. >> i indicated to speaker boehner several months ago that
5:38 pm
if in fact congress failed to act, i would use all the lawful authority that i possess to try to make the system work better. and that's going to happen. that's going to happen before the end of the year. >> the many lawmakers including congressman from oklahoma tom cole disagree. >> the president i think here is being political and cynical. he had plenty of opportunities to do things and he had complete democratic control, promised to have a bill within 100 days, didn't do any of those things, said he would act this year, then he put it off after the election for political reasons, so it's been a political weapon from the president's standpoint. >> oklahoma congressman james lankford said on fox news sunday immigration is not the issue that many object to but the lawless way it often happens as well as the way president obama indicated he plans to revolutionize the process. watch. >> he has this perception that everyone in the country thinks like him and that is not correct. i represent millions of people,
5:39 pm
tom cotton represents millions of people, there are millions of people scattered -- the president thinks only these few crazy conservatives think this way and no one else does, he has misjudged the american people, the american people really do agree with the rule of law. >> now back to the man who killed osama bin laden with peter doosy. >> as the war in afghanistan stretched into a 10th year, it was easy to think that the world's most wanted terrorist would never be found. >> even during the war, i would tactically question people on target, suspects, we would ask them almost out of boredom. whose house is this, who's the man of the house, who lives here, and then we would say where is osama bin laden. and they would laugh and we would laugh, and they were like, who? you're never going to find him. >> the cia was trying to track down osama bin laden through a variety try of dimptd avenues.
5:40 pm
>> mark downing is the author of blackhawk down and the finish, the killing of osama bin laden. >> one of the primary threats was thought to be an individual who was known, who called al kuwaitie. as they watched more and more, they realized that this was this man called pacer who walked around in the gardens outside, and a lot of people watching who had seen images of bin laden from above, believed that that was him. >> the big question was how to proceed. >> one of the first options they considered was to bomb the compound, which would have killed everyone in it and probably some people living nearby. >> the neighbors are going to die, everyone in the house is going to die and then we'll never know if we got him.
5:41 pm
>> they also prepared the option of a small missile of bullet if you wish, shot from a drone that would target an individual. but that was an untested weapon. they weren't sure they want to risk shooting a missile because if they shot and missed, it would tip-off bin laden. and he would vanish again. >> they briefly considered a joint effort with the pakistanis and some american forces and they quickly got rid of that one because the pakistanis would tell the people in the house we were coming and he wouldn't be there. >> sending in a s.e.a.l. team was the riskiest plan. there was also the possibility that the pakistani air space would be notified. >> after much deliberation the call was made. >> we had just gotten back from
5:42 pm
deployment number 11 for me. we went to miami to dive. we got the call from there that they were calling back a couple of us not all of us. they were all senior guys and they sat us in a room and they said we found the things in the -- you're going to go to the house and you're going to get a thing and you're going to bring it back to us. we assumed it was gadhafi because it was the arab spring. how we get there, i can't tell you. where in the country, can't tell you. what's the thing? can't tell you. so we assumed we would be flying off a navy ship into libya, then we would grab gadhafi and bring you out. they said a few things that didn't make sense. a few of us were talking a couple of days later, this person, this person, why would they be there, it's bin laden and they found him. we're going to get him. >> the cia had been doing
5:43 pm
extensive surveillance on the mysterious compound and built a scale model that was an exact replica. >> we were able to get an idea what the external part of looked like. every opening, every path, how high the walls were, we practiced fliering in. we're going to fast rope all the guys from the first helicopter right in front of that main house, dash two would drop some guys outside of the north end for extra security and put the rest of us on the roof. once we were on the roof, we would take it from the top and bottom simultaneously. we would practice the hit, then we would practice leaving and then we would do it all again. >> we had the plan again. >> what did the cia analyst who's now famous for being the subject is of zero dark 30.
5:44 pm
>> were you 100%? >> i believed her. >> when you're drawing up the plan in the united states. where were you supposed to be? >> initially i was going to be the team leader for external security, there was a couple of snipers and a medic and i was on a team on the outside. so we were going to get off our helicopter, he was going to drop us off and the rest of the guys were going to go to the rooftop. the analyst told me if you want to get a shot at bin laden, he's on the third floor so. i actually talked myself out of the team leader spot so i could stay in the helicopter and go to the roof, that was what we called the martyr's brigade. the more we trained on it, the more we realized this is going to be a one-way mission. we're going to go and we're not going to come back. we're going to dye when the house blows up, we're going to
5:45 pm
die when he blows up and we're going to spend the rest of our short life in a pakistan prison. >> what's it like training for something so hard, so intensely when you don't think you're going to survive the mission? >> well, it was worth it because this is it. question would have moments that we would joke around and laugh. but then it would hit you, because this is going to happen and we're not coming home. >> was that a sad feeling? >> no, it was more of a, you know, we're going to die eventually, this is a good way to go and it's worth it to kill him because he's going to die with us. >> when you heard there were some other options, did any part of you hope that the president picked one that did not require sending you to possibly die? >> the thought was there, but we wanted to go. we really wanted to do this. this is why we're all here now. and just to be part of something so historic, you can't ask for more, i mean, would there have
5:46 pm
been some sort of relief? maybe, we didn't go and they bomb it it, great. but we wanted it bad. >> why? >> that's it, it doesn't get any better, this is it, this is why we're here. we're at war because of this guy and now we're going to go get him. female narrator: for over 60,000 california foster children,
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5:50 pm
yeah, i knew it was sad, there was a few tears on the pages. it's weird, i mean i'm going to call people, by this is the letter they're going to get from me explaining had to happen. >> did you think they would all understand? >> the kids probably wouldn't but eventually they would. >> that's a piece of paper they would have for their whole lives? >> yes. >> that piece of paper would be the last advice they had ever gotten from their dad. >> yes. >> what did you say? >> i talked about their weddings, their happiness, take care of their mom. there was apologies sorry i am not around. the first thing i did when i got home is shred up the letters. at this don't know if i am happy about that, but they are gone. >> why did you shred them? >> i didn't want anybody to read them. >> why not? >> it didn't happen.
5:51 pm
instead of something horrible happening something great happened instead. >> before you left y also called your dad. >> i did. he was the last person i called. i was in my gear getting ready to launch. everything.m to say good-bye and >> the interesting part of our conversation, i don't know what he is doing. i look back on it i get choked up. going into it they might be heading to some deserted island to do something barely benign, if that's ever possible with the seal team 6 guys. i don't know what he is up to. he is calling me last. he is telling me he is boarding the bird. i am the last one he calls and he's checking in. kind of thanking me for a lot of things but he's checking in. >> i couldn't say what's going
5:52 pm
on. we got to know each other. i wasn't trying to be sad. i wasn't sad at the time. i was more excited. he knew i was going somewhere. he had no idea where i was. he just knew something was up. so i think for a while, and i have a busy mind even though i am in the wal-mart parking lot the hazardous thing is parking for me. he told me later he was in his truck at the wal-mart right down the street here and after i hung up the phone he couldn't get out of his car for 20 minutes. >> there was something in the tone that got me. then he was walking around the wal-mart, he ran into his sister who is a nurse.
5:53 pm
>> what a better time to run into my sister a practicing registered nurse who knows of course everything. she sees me, there's two words i love to miss pronounce apaflectic and cat tonic. i am probably a combination of both. she takes me aside, what's wrong? looking back now i really do know what's wrong. at the time i am guessing. my mind is all over the place. after 17 years i think it's over. what we typically say in every phone call is i tell rob how proud of i am i am to this day and that i love him.
5:54 pm
in this call i remember i said, i wish i could go with you. just what he needs, some 60 plus-year-old guy tagging along on an adventure that he can't tell me about. it is just the emotion now of what i know the importance of. after three years and four months it should get better and it will. >> and then i guess he went home and a few hours later it's more of a you have got to be kidding me type stuff. then he's watching the press conference. he said he remembers watching geraldo and they are speculating and it is more of a is everyone okay followed by pride.
5:55 pm
he knows the story getter than i do. i remember making the call and getting on a helicopter. we walked outside there was a bonfire going the boss on both sides the admiral and sergeant was there and a couple seals. there was a couple proud words instead of a handshake to the other seals, okay, see you in a couple minutes have a good fight. now we are hugging everyone. we all knew that the chances of dying were really high. so just hugging the other guys and looking at my brothers from the other squad, i can only image it's like a feeling in a tunnel for an nfl player when he is about to run out to the field it is time to do my job. we were at the helicopters guys do the last thing they do before we get on a long ride we got on the helicopters and they launched.
5:56 pm
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through legalzoom. i never really thought i would make money doing what i love. we created legalzoom to help people start their business and launch their dreams. go to today and make your business dream a reality. at we put the law on your side. >> still to come tonight on the man who killed osama bin laden. >> two minutes out the doors open and it's not a strange sight in the mountains of the united states. i knew there would be a stairwell at the end. standing two feet in p front of me with his hands on his wife, the face i had seen thousands of times, ubl. my first thought was we got him. we got him. we just ended the war. it would be irresponsible of me not to give everyone else closure.
6:00 pm
i remember a guy standing up in front of me explain to go his friend's daughter why did god do this. ever i singry single day he saie devil did this. >> you killed the devil. this? he said the devil did this. you killed the devil. i salute you for that, sir. >> we piled in.r that, sir. there was a seal i know really well sitting there letting it sink in what just happened. this seal was from new york city he yelled at me over the engines as they were taking off. who shot him, who got em? i said i think i did. he said, on behalf of my family, thank you. that was cool. here's a seal team 6 guy in that bad ass operation thanking me for what i did. it was a big deal.
6:01 pm
>> welcome to part 2 of the man who killed osama bin laden. by 1020 the cia was focused on pakistan where it was believed osama bin laden was living. after much deliberate brakes president obama made the call to send in a group of men stw the naval war group seal team 6. they spent two weeks training up mockups of the compound before boarding two top secret helicopters and watching operation neptune fear. >> we are sending the helicopters and got it down to a science. we wanted to maximize space. some guys were sitting on those and others below them. i had a dog next to me. >> pretty loud inside of them. no one is talking to each other.
6:02 pm
no need to talk. kind of looking around seeing how people are reacting. we are hearing from the pilots every now and then. very comforting because the army picked the best pilots in the world to fly this mission. the four best pilots flying these helicopters. >> two chinook helicopters took off noted another squad on the field a rescue force in case anything goes wrong. >> at this point you feel okay we are in a sovereign nation. we don't know if they can see us or not and if they do they can justify it and shoot us down. it's a weird feeling to realize i can take a mist el right now and blow up at any time. wondering what it feels like
6:03 pm
when you get shot out of the sky. i am sitting a little forward i am kind of looking around. guys were doing weird stuff. some guys fell asleep. some guy put his ipod in. he was listening to music. other guys were doing stuff. we will hear every now and then from the pilots. 15 minutes in we haven't been painted i was on recognizance surveillance missions where you get bored. i always counting from 0 to 1,000 and a,000 to zero. speeding it up and slowing it down keeping my mind working. we hear another 30 minutes haven't been painted. refreshing, calm, just awesome. we feel better then it's 45
6:04 pm
minutes there are guys behind us they are the bigger target if they get hit. >> the plan was the chinook helicopters to veer off to the north and set down in a rendezvous point. >> he was the bestselling author of "the finish the killing of osama bin laden. >> the two blackhawks planned to move over the compound 80 minutes into the 90 minute flight. we came from the south and counting still and it sounds made up, it sounds cheesy. but as i am counting for some reason, i remember a quote from george w. bush on 9-11. >> freedom itself was attacked by a faceless coward and freedom will be defended.
6:05 pm
>> i got goose bumps first off i thought how in the world will i remember that? i thought you don't forget counting. freedom is a faceless coward and freedom will be done. >> after the flight i thought i am on this mission we are going to kill him. >> two minutes out the door is open there's not a training cite in the mountains in the united states. there's not a desert. it's life in the city. one minute out and i am thinking man, this is serious thing i have got to do. we are in the second helicopter and the plan waudz the first helicopter was going to go in front. one of the hielicopters waudz inside t -- was inside the comp itself. the other was going to set them outside of the walls let off in a couple minutes that were going to control the perimeter and keep people away.
6:06 pm
it was supposed to move back up and hoover over the high point of the building and go down on the roof. when the first blackhawk began to move in and decided to land in the compound it fought to stay in the air and it crashed. >> we theired something along the lines dash one going around. we are thinking it took fire. the first helicopter got shot at so they are going to do a racetrack and come back in and reattack. >> in the practice run they had landed and taken off successfully. the wall behind that mock-up was a steel fence. above the wall was stone. there was a build up of heat under the descending helicopter which created conditions that made it unable to stay in the air. it was really only due to the extraordinary skill of the night stalker helicopter pilot who recognized what was happening and acted quickly enough to put
6:07 pm
the helicopter down effectively and crash it in a controlled way so they didn't flip over on their side and didn't become catastrophic crash. >> i poot loy pinned it. he slid the tail and put the nose in the dirt and saved everyone's life. >> we landed left the snipers out and we pick up and go right back down to the ground. that wasn't part of the plan. we weren't talking to our pilot based on his actions he was telling us you are getting out here. we didn't know the helicopter crashed, but he did. he saw it crash. being the genius that he is, they couldn't hoover i can't hoover get out.
6:08 pm
>> the white house peter kassig
6:09 pm
later became a u.s. aid worker helping people in syria who were caught in the civil war there. he was provided sorely needed food and medical care. he converted to islam something common in captivity. president obama issued a statement offering con dodolenc to the victim's families. he was taken from the u.s. in an act of pure evi terrorist group that the world rightly associates with inhumanity. defense secretary chuck hagel says the u.s. is stepping up efforts to train and advise iraqi troops fighting isis. hagel says special operations forces are already working with iraqi troops in anbar providence. the u.s. expects to train nine iraqi brigades and three kurdish brigades. reaction from lawmakers piling
6:10 pm
up ahead of what could be a very big week from immigration. president obama could announce sweeping executive action in the next fup days that would bypass congress and allow as many as 5 million illegal immigrants from remaining in the u.s. the president said he has waited long enough for congress to act. >> i indicated to speaker boehner several months ago that if in fact congress failed to act i would use all of the lawful authority that i possess to try to make the system work better. that is going to happen. that is going to happen before the end of the year. a oo many lawmakers including congressman coal disagree. i am kelly wright we take you back now to the man who killed osama bin laden. >> 7,000 miles away from pakistan in washington, d.c. a
6:11 pm
high group are watching the raid on bin laden's compound. it is clear something has gone very wrong. moments were captured the official photographer. >> it is a snapshot on the history the concern on secret y secretary's face. doesn't matter what i said we just need to do this. >> they were crowded around and watching on the screen. what happened was for a few minutes they weren't sure whether the whole mission had been born or the point where the helicopters moved in the frame all they see initially is one chopper has crashed the other landed in a spot where it was supposed to go. they had to be dealing with dismay. bob gates the defense secretary had been in the white house back in 1980 when jimmy carter's
6:12 pm
rescue mission from tehran had gone awry in the desert. i have no doubt images from that tragic moment flashed through his head. they are powerless at that point. they sent these men to perform this mission. they have instructed them to fight their way out of the country if necessary. everyone in the situation was reassured but also surprised how calmly the admiral dealt with the set back. to him it was the kind of thing that just happened. you expect the things are not going to go exactly as planned. all these men were hand picked precisely because they are very good at making something good happen when something has gone bad. >> the men on the second helicopter began screaming out and assaulted the compound. the assault just succeeded but from different avenues. >> i remember putting my right foot down and saying sort of out loud freedom will be defended.
6:13 pm
i am looking at osama bin laden's house and i am thinking this is so cool. >> outside the compound they had to blow a hole in the gate of the compound. those that were in the chopper that crash landed just began moving toward the target that they planned to hit. >> there's a door under the wall we went into that they put a big bomb on it blasted it and it opened sort of like a tin can. it is a brick wall behind it. they said failed breech. this is bad. i remember thinking no this is good. someone important is in this house. >> we still didn't know that the helicopter crashed. we announced and things are flying around. we are going to blast the main area we don't want to blow something up and the helicopters hover. we hear on the radio we oh open it for you. what's that mean? the door opens a thumb comes out. okay the door just opened our
6:14 pm
guys are obviously in there. we follow them in. as we are there, there's a guy next to me on the first helicopter and we don't talk to them much. we said helicopter crash. he said that to me i have had thinking one of the helicopters behind us probably shot down. >> our helicopter crash in the front he walked right past it. i was too confused looking at the house rather than my ride there's the helicopter that crashed. >> the team assaulted from the outside entered the compound. they were fired upon. >> it was a brief folly of automatic weapons. i believe one of the seals appeared when sglas broke he might have cut his cheeks but there were no serious injuries. just a few fights going on at the main house and guest house. i wasn't involved in that at
6:15 pm
all. we turn the corner we are looking up at the house we have seen pictures but not like this. it was awesome. there were couple gun shots going through the window. >> once they fire that he orients the seal team to the enemy. these guys don't miss. they shot to kill the person who opened fire on them. inadvertently wounded his wife who was there with him. then they proceeded into the first floor of the building along with the team approaching the inside of the compound. >> one of the guys he just said i just shot one of the women. she just jumped in front of him, am i in trouble. i remember thinking first of all we don't need to be thinking about are we in trouble stop thinking about that. now that he jumped in front of a man that's a good sign. that means important men are here. >> coming up next on the man who killed osama bin laden. the moment arrived when rob and
6:16 pm
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6:19 pm
with operation neptune sphere under way in abottabad, pakistan, they storm the main building of the compound. >> they cleared a room on the fir >> they cleared the floor p on the first floor. they found a room on the first floor of the main building. >> his wife jumped on top and she was killed. we separated them in different rooms and went down a hallway. >> we don't want to stand in the hallway because the enemies
6:20 pm
begin to shoot. >> we went room by room the first floor and they are working the team. we look in rooms where they are potentially a threat. they clear out room by room by room. >> there is a girl in our room a little girl crying. i went and grabbed her and walked her across the hallway to find a woman to give the girl to. even in the heat of something important that moment we are the good guys. we don't want her to be any more afraid we want to make sure kids are huddled with parents. >> there's a door locked there's a staircase with a second door. they glued that door and made it up the narrow staircase to the second story.
6:21 pm
>> we start going up the stairs. i was way in the back walking up the stairs and i am watching. they said you are going to run into bin laden on the stairs. the guy in front was separated a banister between him and khaled. whispered his name said come here in arabic and that confused khaled. there wasn't a lot of yelling and screaming go, go, go. he turned over and peeked his head over, we shot him. that was just because of his spot on intelligence by the cia. we keep going up the stairs to the second floor all of the guys except the first guy separated. >> were women and children on that floor. so as the men gets to the second
6:22 pm
floor they would we'll up down highways and cleared room by room. there's a staircase leading up to the third floor. >> i was about 7 guys back and clearing all of the rooms and the first guy is looking up the stairs and he had taken a shot of the stairs already before i got there. the five or six guys in front of me all split up i was the number two man. i was the last guy in the train. i stayed with him and my job was to wait and have enough people. i wanted two more i wanted four guys to go to the room up the stairs. we need a suicide vest and the women are doing stuff and we need to get up there. the more he didn't get excited the more he made it known that it is time to go. the whole operation inside the house lasted about 15 minutes.
6:23 pm
those -- bin laden and his wives on the third floor who have had plenty of time to know the house is under assault. they blew off the door to the second floor to hear the shot that killed his son, the wailing, the crying of women and children. you can understand that seals that were on the second floor feel a sense of urgency before someone comes down. >> how is it you end up the number two man? >> the way it worked. the guy in front of me because of his tactics. there is other stuff going on they need to get through that and take care of them. people in other rooms were more important you clear that level. >> part of me was, we just need to get it done now.
6:24 pm
part of it was this is the one that is going to blow up. let's get it over with. so i squeezed him and the two of us went up stairs to the room. we haven't seen the big guy left. if he's whore he is in there. >> the first seal, the one who fired the initial shot tackled two women who were right inside the doorway or in the hallway for fear they may be wearing explosive vests or something which is basically to get them out of the way. >> there was a curtain. he grabbed him and tackled him kind of walking down the hallway and he laid on top of him assuming they were going to blow up. he gave his life so the guy behind him didn't know who it was to give him a shot. he did that and i had a hand i pushed him down the hallway and i turned to the right and standing two feet in front of me with his hands on his wife's
6:25 pm
shoulders behind her was the face i had seen thousands of times, ubl. very quickly i recognized him and it was just pop, pop, pop. >> where did you shoot him? >> in the face three times. >> did he stagger? >> he fell on the side of the bed. >> how long from the second you saw him until he was laying dead at your feet? >> it was less than a second. walk in saw him and shot him. he was a threat. he had to be wearing a suicide vest. it was a threat. >> how much time was there between shots? >> i would guess again the two shots are going to be quick and the third shot is however long it takes a person to fall on the
6:26 pm
floor. i was standing above him when he took his last breath and i heard it audibly. >> did osama bin laden say anything? >> no. >> did you say anything to him? >> nothing, no. we met for a second that's it. >> coming up next on the man who killed osama bin laden? >> we there people know something happened and now we are trying to get back. i am looking at osama bin laden and i wonder how in the world did i get here from butte montana.
6:27 pm
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
>> it is the middle of the night and navy seal has just shot and killed the world's most wanted man. >> it happened so fast. i shot him he was standing i shot him again he was down. >> you know for sure you were the last person to see osama bin laden alive? >> 100 percent. >> you said he wasn't
6:30 pm
surrendering. >> yes. >> this was a kill or capture? oo yes. we realized we needed to get as much intelligence my reaction was to pick him up and go now. that's all we need. we just need to enter the war. >> they want to get a picture of him an assessment of who it is they just killed. they wanted to get the women and children out of the way. >> the seal who spoke arabic was talking to one of the daughters. she finally admitted that is sheikh osama. the call was made to them outside it was geronimo, g geroni geronimo. it was a pro word we would use saying we found him we got him so we don't need to say we have
6:31 pm
bin laden over the radio. >> we began batheri gaterring ip with paper files and discs and hard drives anything that could have valuable information. very hatefully they are moving room to room throwing in to plastic bags everything they want to take back with them. >> we found everything from opium to hard drives. we would take the hard drives out of the computers thumb drives, discs. i guess we were running al qaeda from that place. >> the body of bin laden is put into a body bag carried outside. >> i was one of the four guys that picked him up and we carried him all of the way out. we gave it to the snipers. >> when he was on the ground they dropped dipped a syringe i his leg and got a dna sample.
6:32 pm
in the event they lost one chopper they still had proof of who they killed. >> the other guys from the other squad was going to pick us up. we mrit split up from there. even though the pilots thought they could fly my boss made a call we were going to leave it there so we were going to try to blow the whole thing up so nobody could have any of it. >> the chopper was blown up with a hot burning substance that will destroy anything in it. it melts it with military equipment and electronics inside of it. they don't want to leave anything behind. >> we rigged explosives we blew that up the helicopter came and got us and we flew out. >> that was a bit more intense. now we are there people know something happened. they know helicopters are involved and we are trying to
6:33 pm
get back. it is like well wait a minute. we can't survive this. >> it was 80 something minutes. for the first time in our lives you are going to be happy to hear welcome to afghanistan. everyone is like oh my god we just did it. we pulled it off and we got him and we all lived. we were all fine. it was insane. then there were high fives. we got osama bin laden and we are going to live? amazing. >> what is the mood in afghanistan? >> guys were pumped guys were excited. the analysts were there she was happy. he was closest to me when i shot
6:34 pm
osama bin laden. he said you need to give her something special probably the magazine. at thattest a good idea. i said i will do that. i took it out of my gun. s i asked if she had room for it in my back tack walked over and that was the body. is that your guy? we moved to bagram where they had a big set up where they had special dna tests with the fbi. there was a big flat screen tv in the middle and we were watching on fox news. we were kind of seeing the buzz. we all walked ore and got some breakfast and i walked back to my spot and i am standing two feet away from osama bin laden and i am watching tv and the president comes out and everyone is all quiet, and he said... >> tonight i can report to the american people and to the world the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama
6:35 pm
bin laden the leader of al qaeda. >> i stopped listening right there i hear him say osama bin laden and i look at osama bin laden and i literally wonder how in the world did i get here from butte, montana then we are watching and guys start to say out loud, say no one was hurt. tell them no one was hurt. tell them no one was hurt. >> small teenl of americans carried out the operation with extraordinarily bravery and capability. no americans were harmed. >> when did you realize that the entire country basically broke out in patriotism? >> snoech♪ oh say does that s r star-spangled banner that waves ♪ >> i don't know who the guy is but whom ever was hanging from the light pole in manhattan who had obviously had a few cocktails he made me realize this was a big deal.
6:36 pm
them chanting outside of the white house usa. >> it is wild out here this morning. it is new year's eve. thousands of mostly young people. >> what did your family say when you told them what you did? >> i had always told my mother jokingly even in high school you don't need to worry about me. i am here to do something special. i joined the navy you don't have to worry about me mom. i kept saying that crap even when we started to go to war. just to calm her. i called her i think it was from virginia beach and i said hey, mom, you can stop worrying now. that special thing i am supposed to do, i am pretty sure it just happened. honey bunny...
6:37 pm
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>> live from america's newsroom i am kelly wright. president poeb is back in washington after going to china burma and australia. he spoke directly to russian president vladmir putin telling him he must stop interfering in the affairs of the ukraine. he reminded the russian president part of upholding core international principles includes not invading other countries. one item of immigration
6:39 pm
president obama could announce sweeping executive action in the next few days that pie pass congress and allow five illegal immigrants to remain in the u.s. he has waited long enough for him to act including lawmakers like tom coal gisdisagree. >> the president is being political and cynical. he has complete democratic control promised to have a bill in 20 days then put it off after the election and put it off for illegal reasons. it is has to be solved from my viewpoint. >> senator elect has fox news sunday that immigration that many object to. langford explained. >> he has this perception that everyone in this country feels like him. i represent millions of people tom cotton represents millions
6:40 pm
of people. the president thinks only a few crazy people in congress think this way. the american people really believe in the rule of law. they don't have any problems with immigration they have a problem with illegal immigration. >> i am kelly wright now back to the man who killed osama bin laden with peter doocy. log on to you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox news channel. >> with osama bin laden dead the mission was complete. they went to fort campbell kentucky for a private meeting with the president, vice president and cabinet. >> he was proud of him. >> i remember he had a distinctive voice. hey everybody walked in big smile, cool, happy. he hung it out there. that's a big call. he made it. i was standing next to one of the guys on the mission named donovan who took a shot and my buddy and i were like we all
6:41 pm
did. >> why didn't you just say i did it? >> it's not about me. my guys got -- one of the guys got to a spot to take the shot. the analysts working on it for years they deserve the credit. the pilot that got us there the guys that blew up doors broke down stuff moving security and finally the shot. it whether me it wasn't the team it was the entire country. it was a means to the end. >> rob served one more deployment in began sta-- afghanistan and decided it was time to leave the military. >> i started to get complacent and that was dangerous. i realized that kind of -- not carelessness but complacency will get me killed and i wanted to be around for a while. it was a hard process.
6:42 pm
i was done 12 deployments a couple contingencies i was done. i wanted to clean cut. i came through the front door on the first day and i wanted to leave through the front door. i don't feel like the navy owes me anything. i don't feel like i owe the navy anything. my only regret is that i miss my guys. >> are you worried about your personal security? >> yes. >> why specifically? >> well, i don't know how people will react to this. i think all of the guys especially on the mission all of the guys on the mission that were there could be a threat. >> one year after operation neptune fear another navy seal published a book using the pen name mark owens. >> we have essentially two different versions of what happened. >> "no easy day" claims the point man first shot up the stair hit bin laden knocking him to the floor. >> the version told by mark owen
6:43 pm
he places himself as second in the line up the stairs. he finds bin laden on the floor believes he is still alive and pumps bullet the into his tore so to finish him off. >> why is the story in no easy day different than the story you are telling us? >> i think that war is foggy. i think that the author is telling the story as he saw it. also based on the de brief. >> the de brief was missing a few details. >> it was cleaned up. it was missing a few details. it was fairly accurate. i can just speak on what i saw. >> the only way i can justify the two accounts without accusing someone of lying which i think is probably not true given the fact that this is happening rapidly in the dark is it's quite possible it seems to me that the first seal coming up the stairs shot and missed the
6:44 pm
second seal entered the room shot bin laden twice in the room the third seal comes in and that is owen sees bin laden on the floor and pumps bullets into his tore so in the confusion it is possible that owen believed he was the second seal in the room and that that first shot the one fired the initial seal up the stairs had in fact hit bin laden in the head and killed him -- or knocked him down which couwould explain why he found bin laden laying on the floor. >> there was a shot fired up the stairs before i got there. i don't know what happened. i didn't see what happened. when i went in the room i can't say for 100 percent that he was hit when i went in the room. he couldn't have been but he was on two feet and he was definitely moving. he was there. i will take ten lie detectors on that one. the officer is telling what he saw and what he heard. he only knows what we told him. >> the only way i can justify
6:45 pm
the story mark owen wrote is if he somehow in the confusion believed he was the second man up the stairs when in fact he was the third. >> is it possible someone is going to come out now watching this and say, rob o'neil did not kill osama bin laden? >> i could probably see that happening. it is one of those things where i heard from a guy that heard from a guy that heard from a guy. it turns into a different story. >> it doesn't bother me. there was two people there. >> the thing i learned especially from this mission because there are people with differing accounts the thing i learned the most is regardless of rank, position, office. if you weren't in the room you .
6:46 pm
>> that speaks to everybody. >> do you worry by telling your story the pentagon is going to be upset? >> you can't do anything without upsetting people. i don't know why that is. i dp i don't believe i am saying anything that was said by high ranking officials. >> photos were taken by osama bin laden's dead body. >> do you think the public should see those? >> it is a graphic picture, it was a man shot three times in the face. they need to know justice was served. >> up next why rob is breaking his silence now and the emotion of the 9-11 families that convinced him to tell his story. i lost my sight in afghanistan, but it doesn't hold me back. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day.
6:47 pm
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>> why do you want to stel the story now? >> i didn't did want to give something to the 9-11 memorial museum. >> i wanted to give the shirt that i wore and the flag that was on the shirt to the museum because the shirt was present when osama bin laden took his last breath. >> i did want to document it because we have footage there. i thought we were going to drop it off give a private tour. >> he thought we would document the tour on the condition we not hear the footage until and unless he was comfortable
6:51 pm
revealing his identity. >> when we pfinished oir part o the private tour we walked in and there was sort of a stage one of the family members first responders family members and i wasn't prepared to speak. i didn't know what i was going to say. i told them about the story and told them about osama bin laden dying. to see their reaction and to talk to them afterward. i want to thank you from my daughter and family members. i can't find the words to say it. >> things like you didn't quote a chapter you quoted the book on the worst thing that ever happened to me. you know what i am not afraid
6:52 pm
any more i know he is gone now. just the closure for those families and that was only 20, 25 families. there are thousands and thousands of families affected by this. that's the reason that we went accepting death the way we did, because it wasn't for ourselves to get the big mission and have bragging rights. the reason we left on a mission knowing we were probably going to die more than likely not come home waudz for the single moms that went to work on tuesday morning she made the conscious decision to jump to her death because it is better than burning live. i thought that it would be irresponsible of me not to give everyone else closure. yes there is personal risk doing this but i have faced personal risk before.
6:53 pm
everyone who lost a love one knows. >> you asked us just for the historical record. >> just to document it. >> there was no plan for the public to see that footage until what happened? >> talking to the people talking to first responders i remember a guy standing up in front of me telling me, explain, to his friend's daughter why did god do this? eerie single day he said god didn't do this the devil did this. >> you killed the devil. i salute you. >> people with their heads in their hands still crying listening to me speak. it was too powerful. i want to give them closure knowing the man ultimately responsible was brought to
6:54 pm
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rob o'neill's war is now >> his days of war are over his days of parachuting out of planes and chasing enemies of america are behind him. after more than 16 years of fighting for freedom rob has returned to the mountain and trout streams of montana where it all began. rob, why is it you say montana will always be home? >> well, you know, look around. it is beautiful here. it is peaceful, it is quiet. i grew up here. this is where things started for me. it is like a comfort zone. >> it is so quiet here. it has to be so much different than the noisy gun fights you were in for your entire career in the military. is this stress relief? >> yeah, it's a stress reliever. it is nice to hear the water t
6:58 pm
nice to know you are not going to blow up. it is a great way to relax. bag o being outside you cut it away put a new one on. >> next time rob was off to war and you would come out here was it ever peaceful enough for you to set aside all of the fear aside. >> it gives you enough information about what he might be going through, too. being out here in the middle of the night before dawn you are still here getting ready to do what you do it is very calming. you do get a good feel about life knowing that rob has been doing a lot of that with me in the limited experience i have in the outdoors and everything. i knew he was handling whatever he needed to be in. >> rob after 9-11 you had a very stressful decade of war. what's it like just living at
6:59 pm
both ends of the spectrum? >> at the time i didn't realize how dangerous the job was even when we were training until i got away from it. the further i got away from it this is pretty cool stuff. now just to get out and do stuff like this not doing anything doesn't really bother me. it is not as risky. it is a change for the better probably. >> rob o'neil went halfway around the world to stair evil in the face and the manhunt that lasted more than a decade came to an end. although the fight will continue the contribution of rob and his navy seal krveteran can be remembered for the navy 6 family who provide a small feeling of closure. freedom was attacked and america responded. that will be the legacy of the
7:00 pm
man who killed osama bin laden. never losing. she never lost her spirit. and we will miss her. >> welcome to "hannity" now. in a moment we will introduce you to the man who killed osama bin laden. but first the darkest day back on september 11, 201 when 2,977 innocent people lost their lives nor will we forget in may 2011 when justice was finally served. >> this is a fox news alert. the white house is saying that president obama will be making an


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