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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 17, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PST

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what you're looking for. >> see you back in one hour from now. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. >> this is "outnumbered." here with us today -- today's hashtag one lucky guy, political editor of town, guy and he's outnumbered. welcome back, guy. >> it's awesome to be back. thank you for having me. >> over the weekend, the gift that keeps giving, republicans try to appeal health care. >> this guy keeps ee memoryinging. he's telling all the time diry truths we knew. people who were paying attention knew this stuff about obamacare. what's helpful, he's been saying it on tape and he's one of the cheap architects of the law and it's been fascinating to watch the white house try to back pedal away from him now that he's doing damage.
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>> and you mentioned, him talking. there's a fourth video we're going to get to. let's begin with that. president obama speaking out for the first time about obamacare architect jonathan gruber. the president denying the claim that obamacare was designed to take advantage of the, quote, stupidity of the american voter. this as a sixth video emerges of the m.i.t. economist insulting the intelligence of the american people. listen to this latest one or president obama commenting on this latest one as he tries to put as much distance as possible between the white house and gruber when asked about the controversy by our own ed henry. >> i get well brefed before i come out here. i just heard about this. the fact that some adviser who never worked on our staff expressed an opinion that i completely disagree with in terms of voters is no reflection on the actual process that was
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run. we had a year long debate, ed. go back and look at your stories. the one thing we can't say is that we did not have a lengthy debate about health care in the united states of america or that it was not adequately covered. >> the fire storm over gruber's comments overhad soing obamacare second enrollment period that begins on saturday. the word is the federal website is performing better which isn't uch despite some reported hiccups. but the health care law hitting a new low in a gallop poll. only 37% fewer than four in 10 americans actually support the law. all right. sandra, i'm coming to you first. over the weekend again, another video but i want to talk about what president obama said. all of a sudden, nobody seems to know jonathan gruber. he wasn't on the staff. he was. they paid him hundreds of thousands of dollars as the consultant for romney care to do the same exact protocol on obamacare and visited the white
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house multiple times. >> we heard the same thing from nancy pelosi last week. don't know who he is after the record of her is touting his accomplishments on the health care law prior to that. you're talking about $400,000 that records indicate the department of health and human services paid him in 2009 through various contracts. now we're learning he raked in $1.6 million over a seven-year period from various states who contracted him to advise on the health care law. so he's earned a lot of money. he's been out there. there's no doubt that president obama and the administration know who he is. he's been employed by the administration but listen. bottom line, the overwhelming disapproval from the american people on this health care law is what everybody should be paying attention to. the disapproval rating has also hit an all-time high. 56% of americans disapprove of the health care law. it's not been favorable to most americans. >> do you think the president would be better off just owning
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up to the fact that he was a consultant but that he doesn't agree with what he said? when the president said these types of things that we know are blatant lies, it makes us think that they do think we're very stupid. >> he's just confirming the whole stupidity mean and the narrative launched by the whole gruber gate as they're calling it. i just have to laugh when i hear the president say that, oh, he wasn't on our staff. that is spin. o'reilly would just blow that to shreds. that is absolute spin. it's a distinction without a difference. yes, he was not officially on the white house staff. that doesn't matter. as you say, he was paid 400 grand by hhs for his work on this law. 400 grand is also the presidential salary. that's a lot of money. he was in the "new york times" reported in 2012, he was wrapped in the specifics of the law in the white house and also in congress and there's a new video of him out this weekend bragging about a meeting he had with president obama in the oval
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office where the president basically personally asked him to help disguise some of the unhelpful information in the law. >> we've seen the will logs at time they were drafting the law and trying to construct it, that's when gruber was visiting the white house. you were following obamacare on the fox report. it wasn't as transparent of a process as the president claimed in the video. >> what's interesting about this is that this guy was really special. this guy was really trusted, right? this was a guy in the contract that the government wrote with him that said he was the only person reasonably available to satisfy agency requirements. it came down to one special person so as a journalist, i'm looking for who has the power and influence when big me gos is made law. i'm looking for that. so the white house to say that this guy was not inside the family, and i agree, it is a game of semantics, it is
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disingenuo disingenuous. it is a game of bait and chase they don't want to play. >> open enrollment, people are seeing premiums going up, deductibles through the roof. you can't fool the american public when it comes to health care. this white house did think they were stupid. people are savvy when it comes to their health care coverage, especially women who are making a lot of those decisions. >> i think the problem is it's been deceit from the very beginning. when you have the president coming out and saying if you like your plan, you can keep your plan, this has just spiralled out of control. a lot of us were making comments and saying, people, beware. this is going to happen. they're deceiving you. they'll say anything they have to do to get a pass and now everybody is hearing this guy come out who didn't occur to him that somebody might catch this on a camera that he said all of these things everywhere? we hear him saying, many of us have been warning for a long time and i think the american public is saying, hold on a second. i was lied to by the president. my premiums went up.
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now this. this administration doesn't care at all about transparency. they're full of it. >> must think we're all stupid with video guam -- cameras everywhere. listen to what prous secretary is saying about potential fallouts from gruber's comments. >> it doesn't help when someone that not only wrote obamacare but also the precursor to it, governor romney's health care reform initiative in massachusetts, speaks from the ivory tower with remarkable by the xheshg congress. to speak that way, very harmful politically to the president. >> so jay is saying that now, sandra, but at the time when they were trying to pass obamacare, this was done in a loft closed door sessions. they did not telegraph and put on c span like they said they would. even nancy pelosi says you don't
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need to know what was in it. romney care was the guy that pushed through a health care, universal health care plan that really sank massachusetts. >> yes. and what i even thought was more interesting with carney's response to the question, how would you handle this, of course, he's the former white house press secretary to president obama and he said, well, i basically would take a step back and see if this is going to resonate with the american people. if this is going to continue to be a story in this case because there is now more than one video. i can assure you, jay carney, this is going to continue to be a story. we're talking about six videos. but is this going to be enough to repeal the law? is this going to work in the republican favor? is it going to stay a story as jay carney is asking? >> of course it will stay a story and we saw the poll out from gallop, a new low for obamacare. i think republicans will put together an alternative finally that people can rally around. paul ryan and marco rubio are
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going to release a plan in the next week or so from what i understand so we'll keep an eye on that and certainly having this as a backdrop only serves the republicans' purpose saying this was a misleading endeavor from day one. and i just want to point out what i just heard there from jay carney. i think this is misdirection and we're seeing it from the left a lot. they are willing and democrats are willing to focus in on the stupidity comment and condemn that as being sort of dismissive and nasty. what they're not addressing is all the little secrets, the actual substantive policy level secrets. >> how is he going to repeal it? how do they act on it? that's great for public sentiment. a lot of news networks are not covering it, however. >> i don't know that it will necessarily come down to what gruber says. you have the supreme court looking at a very important piece of this with 37 states in the subsidies that could be wiped away and people may not be able to afford it. you take money off the table and that certainly changes things.
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back to mr. gruber for a second. i'm curious. you mentioned 1.6 million. this guy got paid, all right? but he didn't just get paid. he was an integral part of this. he wasn't just working with the white house. he was trying to help the white house convince conservative democrats to come on board. they were holding out. when economists were summoned to the white house the day before the president was going to meet with blue dog democrats, they asked this guy, this very special man to come on board and help us sell our plan. he was important. i'm curious because he's a brilliant guy. everybody keeps saying that. is it an accident that these videos are out there? does he have a -- mr. gruber call me. is there a beef that you have? is there an ax to grind here? i want to know, were you complicit? >> that's why i say, this is now six videos. in this day and age, i'm sorry. i don't care who you are or where you speak, many of us speak at different places.
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you know that people have iphones, things out there reporting so that would be my questions as well. i think the issue here, the reason this is a problem is not because of what he said but it's because the law stinks. people are looking at the law at the end of the day and saying, all right. this law is impacting my life negatively. that's why it's a problem. if there were no transparency and that all had happened but the law was fantastic, the premiums were down, things were looking great, that would be a lot less important but the combo package here for this administration is a huge problem. >> when he was asked on another network and he didn't really apologize, he said he misspoke, the followup question should have been, did you misspeak because it wasn't true? he hasn't said that. >> i think he's so arrogant, there's no way these were secretly released and it's his arrogance in these videos that if they get him to admit under oath that he said in that video, that it was intentional -- >> it will be problematic. >> people cannot get their subsidies. justice kennedy, justice roberts
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-- really roberts is the target. i have a hard time finding the supremes will be able to uphold this provision and the law -- >> i like the fact you called them the supremes. >> not the ones that we jam out to. a third american beheaded by isis. it is finally time for the u.s. to step up its game in the battle to defeat the terror group. bill clinton weighing in on the democrats' pummelling on election day. what clinton says could be to blame for his party's big losses. and right after this show, you know what time it is. 1:00 eastern, more from the couch. "outnumbered overtime." log on to fox and click on the overtime tab. tell us what you want to hear us talk more about even what we did on the weekend. ..
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>> by now you likely know it's happened again. isis uploaded another cruel video showing the aftermath of 26-year-old peter kassig's beheading. he was a former army ranger that became an aid worker in syria.
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and that was last year. the timing of the video is worth noting. it hit the web just one day after the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff made a surprise visit to baghdad. the general told a group of marines there he thinks the situation is starting to turn around but a kurdish leader is reportedly now claiming that isis has an army of 200,000 soldiers. much larger than what the c.i.a. has been estimating and telling us. kassig is the fifth westerner beheaded by isis. two other journalists were killed as you know along with two british aid workers. you know, over the weekend, we heard from a lot of generals, a lot of people in military analyst zones that have said it's time for pure annihilation without details. we have to stop staring what we're doing and go out and do it. what are your thoughts? >> i trust our military
9:18 am
personnel. i'm still just trying to get over looking at these images of this guy. he's 26 years old. just these monsters. it makes me so angry and i know there are some people who think we have to mind our own business and we created the problems and there's arguments to be had but these are people who need to be stopped and the only way to stop them is to kill them. >> do we wait for the rest of the world to join us in the march? >> some have. >> we need partners, right? >> we do need partners and my question to you is when you say that, when you say the world annihilation and think of the monsters, i think those are two great words, emotionally i want on board. i want to say, let's go in there and destroy these people. but what does that mean? what does that mean for us? does that mean we put hundreds of thousands of people on the ground? what does that mean? i hear a lot of people right now, republicans in particular, saying we need to do more. i want them to define that for me. i don't understand what that means. long term vision? i don't get it. >> 3,000 or so military
9:19 am
personnel, $5.6 billion in the requested fight. we are at war. what do we need in your estimation to hear from the president on this? >> that's the problem. and i was talking to fox news national security analyst this morning who disagreed with the statement from general martin dempsey saying that the battle with isis was starting to turn. according to her sources on the ground, perhaps you could say that they've slowed but this is not turned and she referenced the political comments, particularly from president obama, about we need to defeat and destroy isis. being merely political comments and what that takes to back up such a statement. he's not willing to act militarily in a way that would indicate that we're out to defeat and destroy isis. isn't that the problem? >> it goes back to the red line. >> we want to state the goal but not willing to do what it takes to back up the goal. >> that credibility is being pounded at. you know, peter kassig's family
9:20 am
asked the media, please don't show him in the orange jump suit. we want him to be remembered in a different way. and quite frankly, how many times do you have to see that torn what's coming? as americans, we get it. in support of the family, fox news is honoring their request but gosh, what a recruitment tool, andrea. how do you break the grip that isis has on being able to pull -- and look. i don't know if the number is approaching 200,000. we only have the kurds' estimation of that. can we do it? >> it's a great question. they are recruiting faster than we are killing them and that's been confirmed in multiple trouble to go me is the disconnect between the department of defense and the white house and when general keene was here last week during "out numbered overtime" he went into detail about the strained relationship. president obama coming out and saying we don't really have a strategy to defeat isis.
9:21 am
behind-the-scenes, they're saying we've had numerous strategies. you haven't acted on them. also your question about the international community, how do we get them to come on board when we don't seem serious about the mission? i've said numerous times before we put u.s. boots on the ground, which is not something i favor, you have the syrian army. not the free syrian army, asad's army. we partner with them. they're our enemies but we have a common interest and we should be arming the forces that are in the town of kobani. they've been asking for weapons. they've been asking for assets we can provide. ammunition. we have not given it to them. they're willing to fight isis on the front lines and we're not answering their call. >> tipping point was long ago and now we're seeing beyond the tipping point. it is painful. all right. no doubt it will come up in the news again and we'll cover it as it does. former president clinton did a clot of stomping for midterm election candidates and now he's speaking out on the political beating democrats took at the polls and offering some advice
9:22 am
to president obama. and some nfl teams got a surprise visit yesterday and not from the fans. federal drug agents showing up, checking out their cabinets. yet another problem for the nfl as it continues to rake in big audiences, big dollars coming back on big outnumbered.
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9:27 am
african-american vote was remarkable given we had a little bit of a loss of the hispanic vote, perhaps because the president didn't issue then the immigration order but it was a tough call for him because had he done so, then a lot of others would have lost by even more. >> he also has advice for president obama how to handle the final two years of his term saying don't act like a lame duck that said the president can do by continuing to have an agenda and using the budget process to hammer out deals with republicans. first of all, immigration. i mean, saying that immigration is largely the reason that democrats lost i think is not true. i mean, i think the economy, i think jobs, i think the fact that people are disheartened with this administration, i don't think i would point to immigration as a key issue here. >> the executive amnesty we're expecting to see any day now is highly unpopular with the
9:28 am
public. it doesn't computer. there was maybe a tradeoff there or maybe you could boost and turn out among hispanics but you could get swamped in other places, especially where the battleground stage is this time around. if i were president obama, i would listen to president bill clinton about how to react to getting crushed in midterm election. that's what happened and he had the ability to say i want to make sure my legacy is intact. i'm going to change the way i behave now and president obama didn't get the message in 2010 and so far it looks like he's awol again in 2014. >> his tone already, if you listen to the president, it's a dig in your heels tone. it's not a tone of compromise. so does president really think -- >> i don't know that that makes a difference. i don't know that we're necessarily hearing anything different from the president. it may speak to the issue how immigration made a difference to get hispanic latino voters to
9:29 am
the polls. they were promised something from the president, that he was going to make them a reality in terms of their citizenship here and to make their lives matter in his campaigning, he said, look. i'll put you ahead. you've had a lot of grounds of break en -- broken promises. for that group of voters, i would argue that having him keep some of his promises might have driven many of them to the polls and that may have made a difference. >> isn't the key when he talks about the african-american vote, the youth vote, all the people -- for me i hear, yeah. all those people are out of work. all those people have missed economic opportunities as a result of your policy decisions. that's the key is for me. not immigration issue. a lot of people argue it would hurt jobs for many low income people, americans in the country right now. >> it would have hurt african-americans disproportionately, young voters as well and it's a shame. those are the two grups he promised the most two. he promised african-americans
9:30 am
and the youth vote that he would be their president and get all of these accomplishments. he's failed both groups. i'm not sure if he would have done that executive order if hispanics would have turned up in drones. top three issues, immigration isn't even on there. the folks it would have affected, many would not be allowed to vote any way. >> that's a gdud good point. >> people were sick of the scandals sh lies, growth of government. it was a big rallying cry for the republicans to turn out in big numbers so the president could not fix it and he's no bill clinton. he's not a compromiser. they're just two fundamentally different people. he doesn't care what the public thinks. i don't expect him to turn into clinton any time soon. >> maybe it's a good strategy for bill clinton. it wasn't his failure to put
9:31 am
more people to work in america. it wasn't failure to address the fact that more people are working part time, wages are stagnant. they said they cared about those issues the most heading into this election. when he was giving the president advice, there was no mention of the economy and the troubles there so bottom line, let's just avoid the problem that was when the democrats face this election z. and no mention of the failure of the foreign policies at the state department which is weird. >> so odd. >> i wonder why. >> i love it. >> another possible black eye for the nfl as federal drug agents carry out surprise inspections of the medical staff of several visiting teams yesterday. all part of an investigation into alleged prescription drug abuse in the league. agents showed up. the 49ers were playing the giants. the tampa bay bucs were also
9:32 am
investigated. this happened on a class-action lawsuit filed by more than 1,500 retired nfl players. they claim medical staff broke the law by giving players narcotics and painkillers without prescriptions to help them play through injuries. there were no arrests in yesterday's raids. we've been covering the nfl story here at length, guy. it's story after story, trouble after trouble for the nfl and this group of players has come forward because come of them are saying in this one case a player for the charger says said he experienced kidney failure, high blood pressure, violent headaches, 39 years old as a result of these prescription meds that he was taking as an injured player put back on the field. >> this is another nightmare, prwise for the nfl. this is bad timing for them and when it rains, it pours type of thing. i don't want to make light of it because it's a serious issue but what i want to know is what the san francisco 49ers trainers slipped eli manning in terms of
9:33 am
drugs. you're killing me. >> i can tell you, what's troubling about this, too, and i understand that you listen to your team doctor and -- but if you are really concerned about your health, i can't imagine these guys not having their own doctors, too. after the game and the team doctor gave me eight bottles of something, you're not going to go to your own doctor? you're not going to take responsibility and accountability for your own health? i just have to ask the question because these are not kids on that field. these are adults, too. they know that they are being patched up to be put back in the game. it boggles the mind. >> your doctor is the team doctor because you're spending all your time in that locker room. it's the same thing at the collegiate level. i know our doctors were at the university, they were the trainers and the people you saw in the locker room every day but bottom line, is this more distraction for the nfl that's been trying to come back from
9:34 am
controversy after controversy i have said. here is another black eye. >> i tend to agree i don't know that it will affect the audiences, whether or not they're receptive to sitting down and doing a football game. it's another disaster. at some point i think it will be really hard for them to talk their way out of things. i like these surprise inspections. it's unfortunate that it has to go that right but if these medications are being administer administered, who knows what the side effects are? you have a lot of these individuals who become violent outside of the game. are these medications in some part responsible for that? that's another issue that occurred to me. >> are they looking for steroid snz >> can i just ask a question that just jumped out at me when i saw this? does the federal government have anything else better to do with its time? really. we have federal agents busting into locker rooms. this is another reason why the democrats got thrown out of office, because people look at this and they say, why is this your business? and if you're going to make the
9:35 am
nfl your business, which this white house has, they've weighed in. president obama, if he had a sign he wouldn't let him play football. there's been the war on football by this administration. where was the administration then on the ray rice and domestic violence incident? you cannot cherry pick. get involved all the way but kicking down the war on drugs, this administration has other things to focus on. >> 1,300 players suffering a lot of problems so it's going to continue. pope francis has made it official. he'll make his first trip to the united states this year. more on his historic journey to the city of brotherly love. and you know the mean girls in high school? nobody on this couch knows anything about that. researchers may finally know what causes students to form clicks and how to put an end to them. c@wúuuqñ ÷úñ0x@ óqoqú
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take life in. >> why don't i know you? >> i'm new. i just moved here from africa. >> what? >> i used to be home schooled. >> you've actually never been to a real school before? >> shut up. shut up. >> i didn't say anything. >> home school. that's really interesting. >> thanks. >> you're like really pretty. >> thank you. >> so you agree? >> what? >> you think you're really pretty? >> oh, i don't know. >> wow. >> i love that movie. we now know what may cause the mean girl clicks to form in high sool and how to end them. researchers say that bigger schools that offer kids more class choices and the freedom to sit where they want are more prone to clicks. they say that's because with more choices, students are in a position to select their friends
9:41 am
whereas in smaller schools, they may be forced to befriend somebody who is different from them. i don't know. do you agree with that? something seems a bit off. >> taught in really small schools, big schools, i can tell you that hormones are the culprit. girls at that age get jealous when boys are around. you see two kids over here, over there and you go in the first day of school and they already decided who they like and don't like. huge problem. has nothing to do with that. let's face it. there are mean girls at every age. i know mean girls that are 35 years old. it's not necessarily about age sometimes. sometimes it's just the way you're raised and the way you act. >> and uniforms don't really help, either. i used to think if you send your children to private school so i asked my girlfriends, if i send my girls to private schools, do you avoid -- and they're like no, harris. it's not about the uniforms. it's about hormones. if you know 35-year-old mean
9:42 am
girls, i have another word for them. >> i do, too. >> mean girls not encompassing quite enough. >> but there's mean girls at any age. there's clicks at any age. is it really a terrible thing when you have people in the band together and they hang out together? and does school size matter? i was at a big school and small school and there were clicks at both. >> i was in a big school and there were clicks everywhere. i had friends part of every grup. it's important to expose yourself. >> popular. wow. >> our executive producer just said now you know why you're not invited to the control room, harris. my goodness gracious. >> we were chatting about this. i think what is hilarious is the sociologists think they came up with the answer to all of this, right? they're paid to come up with an answer so they have to say they have an answer. listen. this is hormones.
9:43 am
this is puberty. this is just people being teenagers. >> it's human nature. it's human nature. we were laughing. i guess the sociologists have to justify their existence but we've got this figured out. teenage meanness is figured out by large high schools with too many choices. shut up. >> so what's the answer? >> they're saying everybody should be friends with everybody but should everybody really be friends with everybody? sometimes you're just not going to like somebody and you don't want to hang with them. why is that so terrible as long as they're not bullying? >> you have to -- >> i'm staying out of this. >> don't you think it's an born lesson, though, for kids to learn how to deal with difficult people? if they don't learn it, when you get in the workplace and you're paid to be someplace and you can't get along wvsh that's your best friend, you have to deal. >> and the lesson is you don't
9:44 am
have to be friends with everyone. why can't you just be nice? there's no reason -- >> or neutral. >> be neutral. i had kids in high school that i got along with and others that we didn't have common interests. >> i remember sometimes i would come home with someone and my mom would slightly say, i don't know that she is a very nice person. >> absolutely. >> i agree. >> and pointed it out to me. >> friends close and enemies closer. noted. one of the most watched plays on nfl sunday didn't happen on the field. a fan had a ball tossed to her, had it ripped to her hand by a saints fan. w do you think you would notice if harris wore the same dress for a year? what if guy wore the same suit? we'll talk about sex experiment that you have to see and what it
9:45 am
says about men and women and how they're scrutinized differently when it comes to appearance. .... ... .... ... ...
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>> i may be outnumbered but it's my turn now with this story and i love this story. a television anchor in australia conducting his very own sexism experiment by wearing the same suit every day for a year. and guess what? no one noticed. he said he was so frustrated by the extreme scrutiny of his female colleague's appearance he decided to see how long he could go wearing the same outfit on the air and after a year of getting zero questions, no one noticed at all, he revealed the experiment on the air. here is what he said. quote, no one has noticed. no one gives a blank. women are judged much more harshly and keenly for what they do, say and do. i'm judged on my interviews. my appalling sense of humor, on how i do my job, basically. whereas women are quite often judged on what they're wearing or how their hair is.
9:50 am
i think there's definitely a double standard in play. i think this was genius on his part, although you can see there, he has different ties. >> but if you watch -- >> ties are all he's got. >> lighting looks different. >> he's my hero. i love that he did this. i don't know if i want to sit next to him because he might be a little stinky. but -- >> he probably cleaned. >> well, hopefully. i do like what he did, though. he's right about that. he's right about that. how many times do you hear from viewers about whether or not you parted your hair on a certain side? >> i think you wore that the last time you were on here. >> i would like the record to reflect i've guest hosted "outnumbered" three times and i've worn three different shirt, high, pants combination. i've gotten comments like do you shave yet which is always appreciated. >> that's a compliment. >> are you kidding me? >> unless they ask one of us.
9:51 am
>> i'm not going to touch that one. >> our viewers are pretty eagle eyed. i'm surprised they haven't. >> are you shaving? >> it's undeniable. even sort of going behind the curtain at the show, i really in, they do a little powder on my face, they don't touch my hair and it's off. you're in there for a long time. >> you don't have to give all that away. >> it's not fair, i don't think. >> and like those indy cars, like a pit crew. >> he's giving us a lot of credit then. when he said that he's judged more on his interview, appalling sense of humor, how he does his job, he's not getting judged on what he's wearing. we're getting judged on all of that plus what we're wearing and how we like. >> we should be paid more than men. >> that's a really good argument. we have to look good and we have to sound go ahead. >> total package. >> i do love that he did this
9:52 am
and shed some light on because it is true. women have to worry about other things but i kind of thing it's fun. that's why i like being a girl. some days it's not fun but other days we get to mix up jewelry and shoes. >> i said to guy in the greenroom, i want to be a dude in my next life. i mean it. i feel like a dude with good hair, he's got it made for life. 10 minutes, in and out of the shower. work it. i'm in. >> one of those talked about stories yesterday on nfl sunday happened off the field at the super dome in new orleans. that's where a saints fan elbowed and swiped a football from a female bengals fan. he must have really wanted that. bengals player had tossed her the ball after a touchdown. here we go, baby. bam! saints fan refused to give it to her despite her pleas. the viewers ripped into him on social media. our story does have a happy
9:53 am
ending, though. saints organization gave the fan a ball and william saw the video and said, do you know what? i don't feel guilty. i'm keeping it. your thoughts? >> this is weird. >> not defending that at all. i'm glad they made it right with her. since there's so much discussion of football on the show, i'll just take the liberty real quick to point out the most important story of the football week. saturday night in south bend, indiana my wildcats beat notre dame in overtime. go, cats. i have a chance to root out my cats from the couch. >> you never would have stolen a ball out of a woman. >> no. boom. >> i'm surprised the other guys didn't get it back. >> i'm surprised we didn't see a dozen people come down to her defense and say -- >> and it was a cincinnati touchdown. it was her team that scored. why do you want the ball? >> look at the way she was
9:54 am
distre dressed. sgli >> i would be keeping my ball one way or the other. i've done that at baseball games. i go get my ball. >> do you go with the fingernails? >> sandra, i use what weapons i have, all of them. your body has a lot of weapons, man. >> oh, my gosh. >> don't make me kick box you right here. >> someone is going to end up stealing that ball from that guy. honestly. >> karma, baby. >> where do you go with that? >> how we squeezed in the northwestern-notre dame game. >> thanks for bringing it up again. >> lehigh lafayette, the oldest football rivalry in the entire country is happening at yankees stadium. >> are you going? >> oh, yeah. >> town hall may be wondering why you didn't give the website a shameless plug and why you did the football thing instead. >> you just did it for me. thank you, harris.
9:55 am
we got it all in here. >> all right. >> i don't want to talk about the tigers. >> it's not even winter yet and look at this. it's sweeping across the nation. it is a nasty storm creating a mess on the roads. where that snow and all that arctic chill behind it are headed next. wow. i have a cold
9:56 am
with terrible chest congestion. better take something. theraflu severe cold doesn't treat chest congestion. really? new alka-seltzer plus day powder rushes relief to your worst cold symptoms plus chest congestion. oh, what a relief it is. here we go!
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>> before we go, we want to mention a loss that impacted fox news. we lost an extended member dean brown. passing away at the age of 32. she fought a brave and brutal battle of cancer after being diagnosed at age 23. she vowed to keep fighting and becoming an advocate for those in gift. she created med gift on line for those needing emotional support. megyn was there to comfort and help her little sister. our heart breaks for all of dean's family and friends. dean brown passing away at the age of just 32.
10:00 am
>> president obama back in the white house ahead of a high stakes political show down. >> we expect the president to take action on immigration with amnesty for millions living here. ncongress is going to stand up to the president. >> hi tension on capitol hill as president obama prepares to flex his executive muscles on immigration. is the white house on a coalition course with congress? >> i just heard about this. >> the president distancing himself from an obama explosive remarks. is the damage done? >> caught on tape, is the man on the video a kidnapped victim or elaborate hoax? it is


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