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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 18, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PST

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puppies. their great dane named snowy gave birth. they knew the dog was pregnant but they weren't expecting 19 puppies. >> send one to washington, d.c. sorry, honey. i can't resist a puppy. >> thanks for joining us. outnumbered is up now. >> we begin with a fox news alert. a terror attack in jerusalem at a synagogue. three american citizens. here is what we know. earlier today, two palestinian men were wielding meat cleavers and a gun and shouting god is great in arabic as they murdered those people. those terrorists were then killed in a shootout with police. this is the deadly terror hit in jerusalem since 2008. netanyahu vowing that israel will respond harshly and he ordered the destruction of the homes of the attackers. president obama condemned the
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attack and secretary of state kerry blamed it on palestinian calls for days of rage. also condemning the attack, palestinian authority president and that's rare. the first time we've seen him do that since the recent spike in violence against israelis began in jerusalem. abbas called for an end to provocation inside the holy city. we'll update you with more as the news breaks on this. >> this is "outnumbered." and today's hashtag one lucky guy, the executive producer of "imus in the morning," bernard mc girk is out and outnumbered. >> welcome back. >> thanks very much for having me. a lot of weighty issues out there and i know a lot of you consider me a younger hailist
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version of charles crowdhammer. i'm flattered bynow he is as well so i'm here to help you break it down. >> no one considers you that. >> secrets about mr. imus, too. think of something really -- >> i have it right here. >> hellacious. imus revealed. >> imus exposed. >> so much for being just some adviser. the man at the center of the obamacare controversy, architect jonathan gruber has had more than a dozen appointments to visit the white house since democrats began drafting the health care law in 2009 but the president making gruber appear to be a little more than just a back bencher. after the m.i.t. professor came under fire for saying voters stupidity helped get obamacare passed. >> i just heard about this. i get well briefed before i come out here. the fact that some adviser who
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never worked on our staff expressed an opinion that i completely disagree with in terms of the voters is no reflection on the actual process that was run. >> not so fast, mr. president. the tape shows that the president and gruber go back. yeah, way back. listen to then senator obama praise grubber and his policies in 2006. >> many of them i've stolen ideas from liberally. people ranging from robert gordon to austin goulsby, john gruber. >> it is an incredible stone cold busted is what they are. not only him, nancy pelosi, al frank and a bunch of them. you heard the phrase, there's no honor among thieves.
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there's no amonger apparently among these liberals. paneta and hillary clinton, write a book, stab him in the back. all the democratic candidates during the election, they disown obama. now they don't know this g guygrubier. what was his name? make the sleeze bag pay back the money that he made from the white house and from the various states, make him pay back the money. yes. you're on video, man. it's a different world. i the 21st century. >> doesn't it confirm what gruber was saying, that the administration thinks we're stupid? it's the president, nancy pelosi, kennedy. >> nancy pelosi tried to say i don't know his name. in 2009, it's gruber this, gruber that, all over the white house and congress and my
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biggest problem with this guy is yeah, he was the expert that they were saying, you know, go out and sell obamacare from a policy standpoint, use your expertise to make people comfortable with it. he did that. total conflict of interest. he was making hundreds of thousands from individual states to run these studies on the effects of health care and obamacare and the various regions. >> that's a scandal in itself, the money that he was making at the same time that he was trying to sell this bill or cobble together this bill. former obama economics adviser saying that gruber was, quote, the man. take a listen and then react. >> when i was in the white house, he was certainly viewed as an important figure in helping to put obamacare together and so it's exactly what you said. the problem is not that gruber helped put obamacare together. he was the man. the problem is what he said in the last two weeks. >> he was the man. >> that's funny. that's funny right there. >> there's a bigger problem to
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discuss. either somebody then lying which many are accuser the leaders of doing or are they completely just out of touch when w what's happening in the white house and with the construction of this health care law? i love math and i went down the list of all the occurrences that are conflicting with each other here from the times that president obama has said that he doesn't know who the guy is to the times we now have on the record, his appearance in the white house, meeting with the president, gruber. almost slip of the tongue wanting to say goober. >> you talk about the money and the person just heard him called him a man. he was called the $6 million man. not only did he get paid that $360,000 that we've been talking about, tack on per all the states because he gave them access to the model he used for romney care in massachusetts.
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it's nearly $6 million. it's $5.85 million. this wasn't just the guy who had access and influence inside the white house. on one of the biggest pieces of legislation our country has ever seen but he got highly paid. >> he was personally profiting for going out there and selling obamacare. >> so if that's fraud, we should get our money back. >> $400,000 from the department of health and human services alone. the records show we ought to know who this guy is. they don't. >> the media is not really helping us figure that out. in the meantime, it's been nearly two weeks since video after individual yoe started emerging of jonathan gruber weathering the stupid american voters and yet, where is the media on all of this? it took nine days, nine before abc and nbc finally mentioned the controversy with abc touching on it just once on sunday "this week" and nbc also briefly covered it this weekend on "meet the press" and yesterday on the "today" show
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for a grand total of, wait for it, two mentions while cbs has mentioned it five times. your straight news. you cover these stories. this is a pretty significant story, especially because of the fraud element. yet the media doesn't think it's very important. >> you know, i would imagine for them it's a conflict, right? how do you have the relationship that you'll need to be able to do the kinds of interviews with the white house if then you slap the hand that feeds you? that relationship would be pretty fraud. you're in a lame duck section of congress. you'll want to talk to the president. it's not an accident that the alphabet soup networks, which is what i call them because that's what it looks like, that they wouldn't want to jeopardize that access right now. >> obviously they're in bed with the liberals, obama administration. >> do they believe in them or not? i don't think they want a frosty relationship. >> true. whenever brian williams, and he gets access to interview obama,
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he turns into billy bush and it's really disgraceful. but look. they should -- definitely they should cover it. when john stewart does a piece on it, that will be the okay for them to cover it. otherwise, they have no courage. >> what if there was a video that was released of a bush adviser saying that they duped the american public into going into iraq because the american public was stupid and they convinced them it was the right thing to do at the time. not one but two, three, four, five videos. >> i think the mentions would be just look at the math. you would see it in the double digits in the first week. they wouldn't wait for nine days to cover a story that has massive implications for the economy and the supreme court is going to hear the case that will look at whether or not the i.r.s. can oversee the subsidies to the federal exchanges. and, you know, there is some language that gruber used in
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regards to the federal implementation that could be very problematic and that is news worthy regardless of how you feel about the president. >> or illegal. >> yeah. and the majority of americans and gallop has shown there has not been over 50% approval over obamacare since its inception. >> are we giving cbs a lot of credit by saying they acknowledged this story and that they acknowledged gruber when they're not even bringing up the controversy surrounding nancy pelosi saying she has no idea who this guy is but she's in 2009 praising the man? >> and you know who we haven't heard from, either? gruber. who is getting the one-on-one to sit down with gruber? if i'm in the white house, he's radioactive. imagine if you sat down with him and you asked him, what role did you play? he says i was at the white house. i was int grl. i know the president. he's the one person we have not heard from and he's so arrogant. i find it very hard to believe
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that gruber is going to be thrown under the bus. >> he's going to get paid for his family photo so he can do a sit down network interview that's going to be -- it's going to be glossy, it's going to really gloss over some of the most important facts and, you know, here is a guy that no matter how you look at it, he -- his -- we've all given public speeches. we've all addressed a crowd and said something in the moment that later you regret and you can't necessarily dial back. but he said it a number of times. >> he hasn't said it wasn't true. >> he speaks to what's in his soul. >> so tick tock to what the republicans will do with this. will we see in january 2015 holding capitol hill hearings with jonathan gruber in the hot seat answering the questions? that's more interesting than a one-on-one entinterview. >> he's going to get up there and he's going to want to own this. that's my prediction. he's proud of it. >> he lied and they lied about
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him lying and they all got busted and it's a great spectacle for us to watch. >> they use his romney care association in order to turf republicans. all right. the senate is planning to vote on the keystone pipeline tonight finally and louisiana democratic senator mary landrieuu says she has enough votes to get it passed. will it be enough to save her political hide? what if president obama vetoes it? kenny chesney says that country club object fies the hell out of women. and right after the show, catch more from the couch. join us on the web by logging on to fox send us questions, comments, whatever you want to hear us discuss. we have bernard mcguirk. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ]
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c@wúuuqñ ÷úñ0x@ i'm just looking over the company bills.up? is that what we pay for internet? yup. dsl is about 90 bucks a month. that's funny, for that price with comcast business,
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to help pass the bill in time to boost her chances in her december 6 runoff election against republican congressman bill cassidy. even if the keystone measure advances, white house is signalling president obama will likely veto it. as the story continues to develop, kennedy, i will remind you what speaker boehner has just recently said about the president. should he veto the keystone bill. he said keystone pipeline bill would show this president has no interest in listening to the american people. it would be the equivalent of calling the american people stupid. >> no, he didn't. >> he did. >> that's a challenge. that's a politically smart move. i'm not the biggest fan of john boehner in the entire world. i do like seeing him -- >> what? >> i'm sorry. >> you love john boehner. you have a poster on his office. you have a tattoo. >> i will tell you about speaker boehner. he's right about the american
9:18 am
people. they want to keep energy and i think the more energy we can produce in this country and with our top hat to the north, canada, hello, friends -- >> to back up notion that this is what the american peoplement, we have the "usa today" poll that asked, should congress and obama approve construction of keystone pipeline? the answer, yes. a majority of american people said they approve it. that he should approve it. 60% of them. so are we -- >> it does not affect cash oon omissions. building and emissions of it has a inconsequential effect on carbon emissions. >> so said the state department. >> that's true. >> and obama's own e.p.a. it's a no brainer. if he was a bill clinton type of democrat and he knew what was best for the country and for his own political legacy, he would move but he's not. he's in bed with the tree huggers. he's an environmentalist to his
9:19 am
core and he's taken a lot of money and campaign donations from environmentalists. he's not going to budge on this when he should and it goes to showing the american public that they believe we're stupid because of trying to help mary landrieu, not getting it through before that and then vetoing it. invite her to the white house, stick the pie in her face. >> by the way, a bit of an update here. the possible yes vote for mary landrieu has announced his opposition to it. >> and it's a win-win-win for the american people, this pipeline. this is another example of obama trying to stay heflt just like the executive order on immigration. just an effort to stay relevant and to do something because otherwise, he's just a lame duck with nothing to do. >> harris? >> well, you know, with angus king it's interesting. he said he would probably vote no. it's interesting that he waited so long to hang out there. i wonder if she's going to be
9:20 am
able to get the 60 votes. and what that will mean. sensitive to the fact that this might be political, probably is by democrats. i think people are just saying, mr. president, you finally have bipartisan agreement on something. why wouldn't you let that pass? >> the senate is set to vote on pipeline at 6:00 p.m. today. >> angus king, what does he have to do with this? >> ferguson is on edge. the town waits for the grand jury decision on the shooting of a black teenager. what's being done to keep the protests we saw last time from happening again. why nancy pelosi says she deserves to remain her party's leader in the house. her fellow dems reelect her to the post despite the beating her party took two weeks ago. óqoqú
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and body, so you stay active and strong. ensure. take life in. >> this is no longer a gainful protest. >> that was the scene in ferguson, missouri over the summer. now policere bracing for more violence as we await a grand jury decision on whether to indict darin wilson, the white police officer who died michael brown who did not have a gun. government has declared a state of emergency, allowing him to activate the national guard in case the decision enacts what we saw after the shooting. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani wants to know why civil rights groups are not coming to the officer's defense. watch. >> do you know what really kills me? all the civil rights people who
9:26 am
are always -- usually always argue, you know, grand juries make snap decisions and you have to have rights for the accused and people have to be presumed innocent when they commit violent murders or rape or -- why isn't he presumed innocent? >> that's a great question. >> where are the civil rights groups demanding civil rights for the accused police officer? >> yeah. you know, it's an interesting question. >> sure. >> the attorney general, though, although he's on his way out, eric holder, might be a hint as to what's happening. he's clearly chosen sides. >> he's prejudging the case. as you reference, he was at this service, memorial for emmitt till, 14-year-old who was kidnapped and brutally murdered by some vial racist, a horrible situation. he was at a service for there and there he said the struggle continues in ferguson, missouri and we don't know that that's part of the struggle. we don't know what happened. he's prejudging the case.
9:27 am
there was an altercation with the cop. we don't know if the kid started it or if the cop was wrong. nobody knows. if you have the top law enforcement officer in the country saying those things, he's emboldening the civil rights leaders. it's a disgrace. >> if we just look at the quality of life that people had prior in ferguson, missouri and what it is now, you have people who are buying machine guns because they're so worried about what's going to happen when this verdict comes out. it has been hyped somewhat like the super bowl. >> yeah. and that's what scares me. there are people who are preagitating and having been in the los angeles riots, i can tell you it's terrifying. it's traumatic. >> you don't need agitation. >> you don't need agitation. human beings will evolve very quickly, especially when you get wrapped up in the mob mentality. the worst part is, this is their home. this is where their businesses are. this is where the community is. it takes way too long for communities to rebuild after
9:28 am
something like that. and, you know, they're being victimized over and over again. i think there are peaceful protestors who want their voices heard, who want a version of justice they feel they're not getting. >> and from what bernie was just talking about, civil rights era killing of emmitt till, that eric holder referenced, the unfairness in all of that, it doesn't give the situation the chance to play out and it incentivizes people who would want to do harm no matter what was going on in the streets. >> sources on the ground, their biggest concern is not the protestors and looters that we saw rampaging the businesses that many of them are shut and their windows are boarded up. they've not been able to bounce back. >> at the time of year when they should be making money. sglits the extremist protestors that are going to be the big problem, that could slowly be trickling into the city and that
9:29 am
could erupt to be a scene that we didn't even see before. that's what the f.b.i. is starting to prepare for and is preparing for right now which could drastically change things. >> the d.o.j. is conducting its own civil rights investigation so if the grand jury comes down and says that he's clear, then what does the d.o.j. do? i'm wondering, do they come up with a different conclusion? because if the d.o.j. is not on the same page with the grand jury, look out. that is going to be -- >> we have an indication from what holder said but yes, the anarchist and the extremists and the haters will come out and it's going to be a very sad situation. >> that happened in 1999 in seattle z. our prayers are with the people in ferguson, though. they wait for the people in the streets to decide what their safety is going to look like. >> that's right. house democrats reelecting nancy pelosi as their leader despite the party's in the midterm two weeks ago and new grumblings as they speak out publicly about
9:30 am
nancy pelosi's leadership n. making her case, california congresswoman reminding everybody how key she was to their success from 2007 to 2010 saying i'm the one that brung everybody to the house by winning in the first place. i could have walked away but we built something and then we want to take it to the next step. by next step, pelosi means taking back the house as democrats in the next congress facing the biggest republican majority since the end of world war ii. so wow, kennedy. some words from nancy pelosi. i brought you to the dance. now you owe me. she does tunnel a ton of money to the campaigns. she's dealing with a liberal caucus now. many moderates are gone. she's not going anywhere. she says i'm the reason you're here. >> out of my cold dead hands. >> nancy pelosi, she's just annoying. she's one of those big government liberalses who has
9:31 am
had her head so firmly planted up her own body cavity for so long. she wants specifics? i follow her wishes. >> i want to you do the impersonation. nancy pelosi, i'm just saying, people, i brought you to the party and i'll send you all out in body bags. i'm so upset right now as you can tell by the look on my face. >> very good. >> that deserves an applause. >> so she's not saying she's going anywhere, bernie. >> she's not. >> now, i do think, and you have to give her credit as speaker of the house, she was tremendously effective. she got obamacare through for president obama. she's an effective speaker and she's shrewd politically. >> she's been a disaster. she's the face of the democratic party in congress with this low, low approval rating. she's the rex ryan of the congress because -- >> you think she's a toe sucker? >> she took the jets to the
9:32 am
playoff in 2009 and since then, they've been losing and they still keep him as the coach and she'll stay there and then invoked the other sexism. they want things fixed. if you're going to invoke section im and voter i.d. laws and unequal pay for women, people are tired of that. >> she was talking about last week where she was questioning -- a question about her age coming from the press to which she responded, there's a trend developing here. she was crying about the fact she had never been put on "time" magazine, on the cover. just seems like she's kicking and screaming after this election. she's not going out with a healthy sense of self. the chair of the congressional black caucus not agreeing what pelosi said.
9:33 am
she said they wiped the floor with us. our leadership worked hard but there obviously was something lacking. i want to see members who have a better handle on the caucus brought in, whether they're young or old -- oh, yes, she did. people who have a good pulse of what's going on in our caucus, people who are more inclusive. she called nancy pelosi old and exclusive with that commented. >> so they're having this behind the closed door meeting today and i understand she has no opposition to running as the minority leader. if people feel that way, why don't they put up a candidate to run against her. i think they realize how power frl she is. >> she's a minority leader. she's not the speaker of the house. go ahead. stand up. bring fort new ideas. >> she need to put up a candidate where their mouths are. but i think they also look at the situation with jonathan gruber. back in 2009 on nancy pelosi's
9:34 am
website was a letter written by jonathan gruber defending obamacare. they know how much damage she can do if she decides to turn. >> and she will burn them. if they turn on them, she will pull the purse strings for those campaigns. she will make them pay. >> you have to bring you mean the iraq war veteran. she's pregnant, has no legs. she lost her legs in the war and nens pelosi would not let her vote on the leadership concerns. then everybody will be bringing in fake doctor's note or something like that. you should make an exception for a woman like that. >> what a witch. by the way, she's punishing tammy duckworth because she was very vocal against the president when the v.a. scandal emerged. >> and they're at odds with certain leadership positions so it's one less vote against what she wants. >> well, the leaves have barely hit the ground but it's already feeling like the dead of winter in many parts of the country. oh, yes.
9:35 am
including western new york where a massive storm has already dumped three feet of snow already in november and stranded drivers along the thruway and it's not over yet. kenny chesney speaking out about country music. he said it's time for a change. after the show, head to the web. outnumbered o.t., log on to fox and click the overtime tab. kenny is going to do a dance for you if you log in. they're going to grind it out. >> on the table.
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start shopping from a list of top-rated providers today. angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. visit today. >> i think that's why i like the lyrics. that's kenny chesney and he's
9:40 am
speaking out about the current state of country music saying when it comes to women, country songs seem to, quote, objectify the hell out of them. the 46-year-old has some choice words about what he calls bro country songs. they are filthy. he said, quote, over the last several years, it seems like any time anybody sings about a woman, she's in cutoff jeans, drinking and on a tailgate. 20 years ago i might have written a song like that. i probably did. but i'm at a point where i want to say something different about women. good for you. i think that's your right. i think you're an artist and i think you have to embrace your artistry but is he being a bit of a wet blanket? >> he's throwing everybody under the bus. >> who anointed this guy the glory of country music? take it easy. relax. we're trying to have fun here. >> he admits even he did this, right? >> he has a shirt buttoned down
9:41 am
to his navel. >> what is wrong with that, bernie? >> you see the guys like the florida georgia men. tight jeans, big biceps and -- >> does it bother you when men are objectified? >> tv, movies, everything. you don't see melissa mccarthy's butt in the paper breaking the internet. that's just the world we live in. good looking people are objectified. that's the way of the world. >> you're missing the point. this is all about business and money and this is an attack by kenny chesney on bro country taking over the country music genre. he's been in the business for a long period of time. he's in his mid 40's, right? while he's not way len jennings or willie nelson, i think he's trying to knock bro country. >> to get more women? >> no.
9:42 am
no. not at all. i think he's out on a tour right now and he's trying to talk to hollywood music. >> it's a really good way of marketing. what he's saying is i talk about women in a different way. i write about her spirit and it makes them go, oh, really? i want to listen to your songs. >> he's trying to entice more women. he likes me. >> aren't you still curious as to what broke up his marriage with rene zellweger? >> i actually know. i'll tell you during outnumbered overtime. but i don't know what is the big deal. as bernie mentioned, you look at hip hop music and rock music. women are objectified. they sing about women in hot tubs and booty. >> there are people who take issue with that. their clothes are too revealing. no. they want an aesthetic. when you listen to country music, you want to wear short
9:43 am
shorts and drink beer and hang around in the back of a pickup truck. >> i want to do that even when i'm not listening to country music. >> that's why i love you. >> you don't see jonah hill in magic mike. men are objectified, too. he had his fun. now he wants to ruin it for everyone else. >> he's being a little self serious. and he's also bashing people who go on shows like "the voice" and "american idol" and poking fun at keith urban. >> throwing competitors under the bus. >> do you ever see short, fat, bald, country singers? male? >> you're missing a wonderful tex-mex album. >> i feel like i should have been born in the south. it's too fun. >> it's never too late. born again country fan on the next "outnumbered." this better not be sad.
9:44 am
san francisco putting up signs claiming certain buildings wouldn't be safe if an earthquake hit. what they're hoping to accomplish with those signs and what the people who own those buildings have to say about it, and could it be the end of the lady vols and their logo? university of tennessee planning to drop the word "lady" from most women teams. let's keep it in place. stay with us.
9:45 am
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9:48 am
>> all right. so during our discussion on ferguson, missouri a few moments ago, we were talking about how people are hunkering down inside their homes and what i should have said was semi automatic weapons and things that people have been saying that they are purchasing because they feel fear as this grand jury decision is coming down. what i misspoke and said was machine guns and believe me, as a former army brat, i understand that machine guns are federally regulated and that you and i cannot buy them so apologize for thatter or but i wanted on the record for that because i know it's important. let's go to jon scott with what's in the second hour of "happening now."
9:49 am
>> good to see i. talk about a town where people are scared right now. four killed and eight wounded in a terror attack on a synagogue in jerusalem. three americans among the dead. a wave of violence is suddenly sweeping through israel. we'll have an update on analysis of what's going on there. plus a wave of freezing cold and snow moving down from canada. three feet of snow in some parts of upstate new york. it is 10 to 30 degrees above average in huge swaths of the u.s. right now. we'll have your weather update. the s&p 500 closed at another record high yesterday. the dow up about 39 points right now. investors appear to be happy with some of the early reads on the economy today. we'll update you "happening now." >> all right. see you in a few minute. thank you, jon. now to bernie. >> no doubt i'm outnumbered but now it's my turn with this story. could it be the end of the name
9:50 am
lady vols? university of tennessee announcing its sports teams will go by the term tennessee volunteers. dropping the word "lady" from all women's sports teams except one. the school says it's women's basketball team will keep the lady because of the winning legacy that the former coach and her players built. now nearly 5,000 alumni and fans have signed a petition asking the administration to change its mind saying the term "lady" isn't a sign of inferiority but a source of empowerment, respect. you were on the lady wrestling team at michigan state. >> no. >> she played football, too, right? >> dial it back, bernie. >> or something. you were a very accomplished athlete. >> thank you, bernie. >> at l.s.u., right? >> that's right. i was a lady tiger. >> naturally we would go to you for your opinion on this very topic. >> i think it's disgraceful. i think they're avoiding what is fact. they are ladies and they are in
9:51 am
athletics and they are the lady vols and guess who is fighting for this? it's not the fans. it's not the players. the newspaper is backing up james wiles, the editor and also an alum on the school who is calling for this. it's a man saying its sexist. the fans and the players and all the ladies, the lady vols, they want to keep the name. >> i think that's funny. that's like the red skin thing. it was white liberals that caused that whole controversy. it wasn't an organic native american protest. it started with outsiders similar to this. >> andrea, it's a man asking for the change. it just blows my mind we're talking about this. >> i'm with you, sandra. i think it's absolutely insane. as you point out, they're ladies. why not own it? it's just ridiculous to be called the volunteers and what's wrong with tradition? i don't like the schools that try to change things for public opinion. i mean, lehigh university changed from the engineer to the mountain hawk? keep it the engineers. i don't like this kind of p.c.,
9:52 am
you know, maneuvering around. >> what would they change it to? volunteers would be the men's team. would you say the women's -- do we want women's instead of -- >> they don't want any differentiation. >> kennedy wanted it the volunteer babes. >> that's not gender specific. >> what i said is i hope oregon university doesn't force the team mascot name change. >> aha. what would it be? >> they're the beavers. i don't want them to change because -- you know, it's a college in pennsylvania. >> oh, boy. >> i see. so look. >> i'm a big fan of the pac four. >> it would be one thing if the lady athletes felt offended and the argument is that the male teams, it's solely the name volunteer and if a lady is an at
9:53 am
legality, they have ton a lady volunteer. but if they aren't asking for this, why is the newspaper deciding this? >> it's a good question. everybody relax. i'm talking about these people. >> i digress. how do you differentiate? do you say of the -- you don't say women, ladies, females. what do you say? >> wig ladies. i'm with you, sandra. speaking of ladies, what's hotter than a guy in a plaid shirt and a beard? add an ax and whoa, nellie. lumber sexual. it's a thing and you need to know. people with type 2 diabetes
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♪ >> i love sandra smith because she loves this song. >> and that is right here on tuesday on outnumbered. you heard the term met rasexual and guys paying way too much attention to the schools. these gey days it is played
9:58 am
shirts and beards and boots. welcome the lumber sexual. it is a icalalated look with gromed beards and flannel shirts and hands nice and soft and not calloused and no actual wood cutting skills. >> sandra, i know you have a fetish for men's facial hair. you think the just for men look is catching on in the country in >> it is coming to the reality that men have moved away from being men. and they are hungry to be outside. >> it is the femininization of men. but it could get too sloppy. they instead of lumber sexuals they look like lumpster sexuals. who is driving this.
9:59 am
woman who fantasize about someone who is sexy. >> we have one in the studio. >> ted? >> and i am too sexy. >> and oh, paul bunya n and from upstate new york. and it is a great look and he rocks it. it is amazing. >> and we have 4 or 5 guys. >> and my husband has been a lumber sexual since the early '90s. >> he's a mish. >> and a wonderful wood worker. we don't have a tv set. but he is an excellent provider. >> i think he is a lumber sexual. >> it is not hipster. it is real. >> if you get him out fly fishing. and you know, the guy is not a real lumber sexual.
10:00 am
>> i am married to a scandinavian. >> and that is outnumbered and click the over time tab. >> "happening now" starts right now. >> fox news alert. three americans brutually murdered in a attack on worshipers in israel. >> israelis are warning they will retaliate. can the u.s. and israel work together to stop the escalating violence in a holy city? it is "happening now". >> a major national issue up for vote in the senate. after stalling for months, will law makers approve the construction of the key stone pipeline. if congress said says will the president pull out the veto plan and say no. >> worst terror sent to gitmo. and some of them


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