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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  November 18, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, the death toll rising after the worst terrorist attack to hit jerusalem in years. five people are now dead including three americans. at least seven others injured as the fbi joins the investigation and security is tightened at high risk locations here in the united states. welcome to "the kelly file" everyone. i'm megyn kelly. the scene was quiet, a spot far removed from the usual flash point for violence in this city. it was early this morning in israel when two palestinian cousins in their 20s enter a synagogue with at least one gun, a meat cleaver and knives. intent on literally butchering
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the more than two dozen people inside. while shouting allahu akbar or god is great in arabic, they started in on whoever they found. these are violent disturbing images. at least three of the five men killed were rabbis including one from boston, one from detroit, another from boulder, colorado. the man who just died tonight was a police officer responding to the scene. the images from the attack are horrific. here you see a man who escaped the terror attack on the steps of the synagogue covered in blood. and this is the image of a book on the floor of the sacred space stained in blood. the terrorists were killed on site but when israeli security forces went to arrest other suspects, the palestinian crowds attacked and had police -- and police there had to respond with tear gas and stun grenades. watch.
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the israeli prime minister says the homes of the two killers will be bulldozed and vowed that israel will, quote, respond harshly. on the other side, while palestinian president mahmoud abbas condemned the attacks, hamas praised them. the news cameras caught scenes of many palestinians celebrating. some doing -- look at this. look at this. this is in response to the event i just told you about. doing a victory dance for the cameras while waving flags, handing out candy and cookies. look at this. others waving hatchets or guns to mimic the attackers. back in washington, president obama said, both sides really
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have to work together. >> we condemn in the strongest terms the attacks. i've spoke with prime minister netanyahu, president abbas has strongly condemned the attacks. too many israelis have died, too many palestinians have died. and at this difficult time i think it's important for both palestinians and israelis to try to work together to lower tensions and to reject violence. t the united states wants to work with all parties involved. >> joining me now ambassador ron dermer, israel's ambassador to the united states. thank you for being here tonight. your thoughts on president obama calling on both sides now to maintain the peace, remain calm and step down the violence. >> we appreciate that the president condemned this action,
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we appreciate that secretary of state kerry condemned the action. you had mentioned that he condemned it. if you read the text of what he said, the first sentence of his remark was a condemnation. the next sentence was once again accusing them of invading the al aqsa mosque. so with one hand he's condemning and on the other hand he's inciting. the world has to send a message to president abbas that it's totally unacceptable to continue this incitement. >> are we going to see that? because we heard from president obama who said that president abbas condemned these attacks. there was no second at the same time about, but then he went on to say the following things and that's not sufficient and he needs to own up. it was, thankfully that president abbas has condemned the attacks, period. >> well, why don't you just put it up on the screen and let your viewers decide for themselves exactly what president abbas
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said. they don't condemn it unequivocally. remember, president abbas is sitting in a government with a group of terrorists. he's in a pact with a terror organization, hamas, the same people who were dancing in the streets, those images that you just showed on television. president abbas is in a government with them. so why is the world not sending a clear message to president abbas, you have to end this pact with a terror organization? we don't accept you as a legitimate interlocutor for peace if you are in an agreement with a terror organization. they're saying we don't care that you joined up with a terror organization, that you're inciting the public against israel, against jews, all the values we believe in, we'll give you a state, we'll hand it to you on a silver platter. that's the message he's hearing from europe. if he doesn't hear a consistent message from the international community that there's no justification for terrorism, we're not interested in your grievances unless you turn your back on the terror organization hamas, you stop this incitement
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against israel and against jews and you turn towards some path towards peace with israel. >> what do you make of mr. netanyahu's promise to respond harshly? what does that mean? because we saw violence before that led to an outbreak of war over three murders of israelis and now we see this today. the americans killed had dual citizenship, israeli/american. now we have five dead. what do you expect is about to happen? >> i think that the prime minister will do what he has to do to restore security in our nation's capital. this is a savage murder at a synagogue in our capital. imagine that people went with meat cleavers and guns into a church in washington, d.c., and started hacking people to death, then you saw people dancing in the streets, what type of action would america take? so the prime minister is going to do what he has to do to protect citizens. you can rest assured when the prime minister makes a promise, he keeps it. >> that video is shocking,
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almost as shocking as the bloody scenes that we saw in the wake of the attack this morning was the dancing, the hands out of candy and cupcakes. we saw children, we saw elderly women celebrating these meat cleaver attacks as people were worshiping in a synagogue. ambassador, how on earth do you ever go forward? how can there ever be a negotiation with these people? >> well, it's really sick, and what you're expressing right now is the right outrage that you need in looking at these things. unfortunately, what you're expressing, the outrage that you're expressing is not shared by governments around the world. they have swept under the rug the problem of incitement for 20 years right now, since the peace process began, if you saw, megyn, day after day what palestinians werere putting on their television stations which they control on their official media, the newspapers that they control, in their textbooks
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which they control in their schools, if you saw what they were educating a generation of palestinians to believe, the scenes you saw today would not be shocking. and unfortunately, the world seems to be obsessed and outr l outraged by the idea of jews building apartments that will be part of israel in any future peace agreement that you can possibly imagine, this summons outrage by the international community. if they'd spend a tenth of the time that they spend focusing on these buildings in these jewish neighborhoods, focusing on incitement in palestinian society, we'd be a lot closer to peace today. >> i want to get your comments on what's happening now with our negotiations with iran and its nuke program. we're almost at the deadline. >> israel's veryerned. we're very concerned that a deal will be signed with iran that will effectively leave it as a threshold nuclear power. remember israel not only wants to prevent iran from developing a nuclear weapon today, but we
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want to prevent them to have the ability to develop it tomorrow. we're concerned that they'll be left with a nuclear weapons making capability that they can make weapons in the future. the only good deal is a deal that will dismantle the functions. that is not the deal that's on the table. and we're very concerned that a deal will be signed will be a very, very bad deal, not just for israel but for all the arabs in the region and ultimately for the entire world. >> ambassador dermer, thank you very much for being here. >> so disturbing, those images. today the israeli prime minister called on western leaders to share their outrage over the terror attack. up next, marc thiessen joins us on president obama's response. plus with the administration just days from announcing its plan to reportedly let up to 5 million illegal immigrants stay in the united states without congressional approval, new pushback on what the president said before and what he's saying
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now. fact checking the record, just ahead. >> does the president still stand by what he said last year when he said, quote, i am not the emperor of the united states. my job is to execute laws that are passed? dad, i know i haven't said this often enough, but thank you. thank you mom for protecting my future. thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them. if you're a current or former military member or their family, get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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breaking tonight, president obama coming under fire for his reaction for the gruesome attack on a synagogue in jerusalem today. an attack that left three americans and two others dead.
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at least seven more were injured while they were praying, while they were praying in a synagogue. in his remarks afterward, prime minister benjamin netanyahu said i call on all the leaders of the counties in the western world. i want to see outrage over this massacre. here again is some of what president obama said today. >> we condemn in the strongest terms these attacks. secretary kerry has spoken to prime minister netanyahu. president abbas has strongly condemned the attacks. too many israelis have died, too many palestinians have died. and at this difficult time i think it's important for both palestinians and israelis to try to work together to lower tensions and to reject violence. israelis overwhelmingly want peace. the united states wants to work with all parties involved to make that a reality. >> joining me marc thiessen, an american enterprise fellow and a
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former presidential speech writer. good to see you. was that outrage? >> yeah, first of all, it's sad that prime minister netanyahu has to ask the world for outrage. it should be automatic that there's outrage in the world. the fact that he has to go out and say i want condemnation, i want outrage, just shows how off the world is when it comes to these kinds of things. three of the people who were killed were american citizens. this is not just a terrorist attack against israel, this is against the united states. this is no different than the isis beheading of an american citizen earlier this week. in both cases islamic radicals took knives and butchered american citizens. doesn't matter whether it happened in israel or in iraq. can you imagine if after the isis beheadings a world leader had come out and said we need calm on both sides, we need to lower tensions, we need to restrain violence? this was a terrorist attack. we don't need moral equivalents. we need condemnation from the u.s. president. >> that's what it is, moral
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equivalents between these two groups. in these recent weeks we've seen several attacks on israelis and americans who are in israel including a baby run down by a car. i can go through seven incidents over the past couple of months where they've been getting attacked and attacked and attacked and attacked. and there was one incident where there was a bus driver who committed suicide and some of the palestinians said well the israelis did that. but israel came forward and said, we had a palestinian representative present and an israeli representative present and they both agreed it wasn't a suicide. it was a murder. the question is whether our president needs to be much more clear and forceful about what we're going to do about the assassination of americans in israel. >> no, that's exactly right. look, again, this was a terrorist attack against the united states, the same as the isis attack. so what are the consequences going to be? the palestinian authority is
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inciting this violence and not just hamas. it is president abbas who is inciting this violence. >> just for the viewers who don't follow israel as closely as you do, you've got the palestinian authority and the president sort of says, well that's one group and they're dealing with israel. then hamas is a splinter group that the state department recognizes as a terrorist group but hamas is the problem. but the palestinians have been the problem lately. >> yes, so there's the good palestinians and the bad palestinians. hamas is supposed to be the bad palestinians, abbas and fat ta are supposed to be the good palestinians except the good palestinians have been inciting this violence. president abbas when there was one of those attacks that you just mentioned he called the person a martyr had was going to go to heaven. he called on people to prevent -- he publicly called in a speech just 11 days ago, on november 11, he called in a speech for palestinians to rise up and prevent the continuation of the holy sites by jews. and asked them to stand and defend the holy sites. that's what they did.
6:17 pm
these people responded to president abbas, the good palestinian leader, who has called on them to use violence to defend the holy land. >> he comes out today and says i condemn what i saw in this synagogue this morning. then he goes on -- president obama didn't mention it, then he goes on to say but all these other things and nobody references what he said a couple of days ago. and we're supposed to believe he's an equal partner to netanyahu in the peace process. >> the fatah website, that's his party which is supposed to be the good palestinian party, they actually called it a blessed operation on their facebook page today. and you know, the other thing that president obama said, which is flatly untrue is that the majority of palestinians want peace. that's just flat untrue. first of all, look at the pictures you've been showing on your program tonight. >> that's stunning. they're celebrating in the streets like it's, you know, the fourth of july. they're thrilled over these blood-stained hallways of a place of worship. cupcakes, candy, look at them.
6:18 pm
go ahead, sorry, make your point. >> no, it's okay. there was a pew poll this summer that asked people throughout the middle east, do you support violence against civilians. and in the palestinian territories, 46% support terrorist attacks against civilian targets. in gaza 62%. no it's flatly not true that the majority of palestinians want peace. in gaza at least a supermarnt want terrorism and so how do you make peace with people like this when you have leaders like president abbas who are actively inciting this violence. then when something happens they condemn it in the softest terms but in the next sentence say we need to defend the holy site. >> we accept that, we accept that we condemn it as real without being open about what he said a week ago, what he said the week before that, what he said right after he said we condemn it. it's like we're not dealing in
6:19 pm
reality here with the american people about what he stands for and what he wants. marc, good to see you. >> good to see you, megyn. up next the stunning story behind what feds call a would-be terrorist living in virginia and what she was trying to do to help the islamic state terror group. plus, new reporting on how groups like c.a.r.e., america's largest muslim group, may be joining in the protests over the police shooting of michael brown in ferguson, missouri. why? and tonight, make sure to join me for a special facebook q&a. i'll be taking your questions on the show pace which is right after the show i'll log on and we'll have a q&a live. think of a question to ask and join me then, 10:00 p.m. there was no question she was the one. she reminds you every day. but your erectile dysfunction-that could be a question of blood flow. cialis for daily use helps you be ready
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breaking news tonight on the controversial keystone oil pipeline as the senate rejects the measure by one vote a little earlier tonight. senate republicans supported the house approved vote across the board along with 14 of their colleagues across the aisle. the president was expected to veto the bill anyway even if i had passed. democratic senator mary landrieu of louisiana had tried to win democratic support for the pipeline. don't forget she's in a runoff election in a very tight vote that is scheduled for less than two weeks from now. well, we also have new details tonight on a virginia woman facing potential terror charges after telling the fbi, quote, i love isis. the terror army rampaging through iraq and syria. and even trying to help people she believed to be a part of that group. catherine herridge is live for us tonight in washington. >> 29-year-old heather elizabeth
6:24 pm
kaufman's next hearing is scheduled for tomorrow in a richmond, virginia, federal court. what's striking about the case is the charges that will be heard in court tomorrow rely on undercover interviews and kaufman's social media traffic. according to court documents, kaufman of henrico, virginia, used multiple aliases to support isis online. in june she lifted jihad for allah's sake as her work in education as well as posting images with captions that read, we are all isis. kaufman posted a photo similar to this one with the isis black flag and a group of heavily armed men with ak-47s, one read virtues of the mujahadin. allegations that kaufman talked at length with an undercover agent and the two discussed her legitimate contacts for travel and training in syria. five days ago kaufman was confronted by fbi agents at work and asked if the undercover
6:25 pm
agent ever expressed any support for isis kaufman responded by saying uh-uh and shaking her head no. this is in connection with facebook and issues that arose from facebook. to the best of my knowledge ms. kaufman has never left the country. i don't know if she ever left virginia. they said if coffman had the ability to connect with people overseas the feds would have gone with the more serious charge of material support for a terrorist group. also tonight with the administration just days from announcing its plan to reportedly let millions of illegal immigrants stay in the u.s., there's new pushback on what the president has said before and what he's saying now about his power, next. >> i've said this consistently. my job in the executive branch is supposed to be to carry out the laws that are passed. vo: you get used to pet odors in your car. you think it smells fine,
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the problem is that, you know, i'm the president of the united states. i'm not the emperor of the united states. my job is to execute laws that are passed. >> that was president obama in 2013 saying he's not emperor. fast forward to 2014 and the president could be just days if not hours away from executive action that would allow millions of illegal immigrants who broke the law stay right here in the united states. all at the stroke of a pen. does that then mean that the president views his job differently today? here's the white house briefing just a few hours ago. >> so when the president said that expanding docket to apply to the parent of the dreamers, for instance, would be broadening and essentially ignoring the law in a way that
6:30 pm
would be difficult to defend legally that it's not an option, that that statement is no longer operating. >> we'll have an opportunity to evaluate the actions that the president has chosen to take after these announced. >> i'm not asking about the options. i'm just saying does the president still stand by what he said in that interview in september of last year? >> well, john, obviously there's some things that have changed. >> some things have changed. joining us now laura ingraham who is host of the laura ingraham show and democratic congressman hen rry cuellar. thank you very much for being here. >> thank you, megyn. >> this is my first question, first of all, do you agree with the original statement by president obama that his powers are limited and there are many things he cannot do by executive order when it comes to granting relief to illegal immigration or illegal immigrants?
6:31 pm
>> the president sure has changed his mind about what he can do and what he can do now. i'm just basing it on what i've seen other presidents in the past do. the topic of executive orders, ronald reagan and president bush won also used the executive orders right after the 1986 law where certain people were going to be deported where they also allow a reprieve, they didn't impose the classification but to allow a reprieve from deportation -- >> let me ask you about that. i have looked at that. and you are right that past presidents including reagan and bush the elder used some executive actions to allow some relief. but nothing, nothing anywhere near this size or scope. the largest was 1.5 million. we're talking about 5 million now with president obama, which is almost half of the illegal immigrants in the country right now. that takes it to a new level, does it not? >> well, you know, certainly if
6:32 pm
you do an executive order and it covers 40% at that time, i think under bush it would have covered 40%. now they're talking about 40%, which is the larger amount. you either do it or don't do it. the scope of it doesn't really matter. >> the scope doesn't matter. >> again, i have to tell you that i prefer -- personally i prefer that we do a bipartisan legislative approach for both democrats and republicans, sit down together like president reagan and the democrats did in 1986. >> okay, so here's my question for you. there's a reason that the people of your district elected you and sent you to congress, to be their voice, right? >> that's right. >> so everyone else has one of those as well. we all have a congressman. we all sent them to office. they were asked do you support a bipartisan bill that came over to you that the u.s. senate and the house said no. doesn't your voice count? doesn't the house of representatives matter any more? can the president just with the
6:33 pm
stroke of a pen do what he wants to do even though the house considered it, the people, the people's representatives said no, you don't have the support for this and we vote it down, mr. president. >> well, you know, certainly my district, i represent four border counties. they supported me 88%, 97%, 95%, 93% of the borders areas overall, so my district that supported me feel that i'm doing a good job, and i want to come up here and do my best job -- >> i know. >> working in a bipartisan way. >> and i support your willingness to engage in a bipartisan process. i think all the viewers do. but when the bipartisan process doesn't work out in your favor, right, when it plays out honestly and the sloat votes ju aren't there for your side, why is it okay for the executives to step in and say i'm doing what i want. and i really don't give a fig about what half of the house of representatives wants or doesn't
6:34 pm
want or, for that matter, half of the american people want or doesn't want. there's a new "usa today" poll saying out 46% of the people say president obama should not do this. he should wait until congress agrees or passes legislation. 42% says act now. the more people want him not to do it. you have the people's representatives saying don't do it in the house and you have the people themselves saying don't do it directly. why on earth should he do this? >> you know, in a very eerie way when president reagan was the president, the senate had passed an immigration bill. the house did not pass it. so he then took the executive order, same facts -- >> that bill was going to pass, though. it did pass later. >> again, let me finish here. so megyn, what he did was, same thing, senate passed the bill, house didn't. he took an executive order. now if the president takes an executive order, president obama, then why not have congress come back and pass and do the same thing that the house
6:35 pm
did back in -- when president reagan was in power? >> you know what? i appreciate your perspective. thank you so much for being here with us. >> thank you. >> all the best to you, sir. laura ingraham is here. your thoughts on what we just heard? >> the democrats are in some trouble here because they're setting a really precarious precede precedent. let's say we get a republican president in 2016 and that president is really frustrated with the pace of legislation to reform our corporate tax code. just don't have the votes there, don't really want to go out and campaign on that, but with a stroke of a pen we give reprieve to american corporations or particular corporate taxes that he believes are or she believes very onerous? okay. what about environmental regulations that that president then thinks have just destroyed our companies' ability to compete in the global economy. very onerous on businesses. with a stroke of a pen can he or she say, you know, we're going
6:36 pm
to give a reprieve to these oil and gas companies on particular environmental regulations because i feel it's in the best interests of the country and then i urge congress to act in my vein when they come back into session, i hope they override my executive order? this is all madness. when the democrats start citing ronald reagan, i start laughing. i worked for president reagan, okay? and the idea that that is somehow a justification for these people having just lost a national referendum, frankly, on obama, across the board, state house, senate, house of representatives, none of these people campaigned on executive amnesty. in fact, many of the democrats campaigned against it. >> that's what tom coughlin was saying just this weekend. >> yes. >> several of the republicans who just were elected into office campaigned against this. we weren't being sent a message that the american public stands behind this executive action. but can you respond to what
6:37 pm
representative cuellar spoke about, they can't deny that when bush did it and when reagan did it -- >> i don't care. >> -- the numbers were far more diminished. >> right. >> but he said the percentage was the same. so president obama is not doing anything different than others did. >> first of all, because other presidents did it doesn't mean future presidents should do it. we actually should learn from the mistakes that previous presidents -- ronald reagan unfortunately believed in the good will and good faith of the federal government actually enforcing our immigration laws. a concurrent enforcement and amnesty was tried in 1986. it was an utter failure. if you want to see how well it's working, look at the example of california. california is under huge pressure today in health care and their prisons, overcrowded schools and there's not a republican in statewide office today today. if we want to replicate that across the country as nonliberal democrats, we can try that.
6:38 pm
but that would justify all sorts of things that the democrats are not in favor today. that's a pathetic argument and doesn't hold water. >> you were a gifted lawyer, stood before the spupreme court. when i hear the explicit admissions. let's play a sundbite, telemundo, 2013. this is as specific as it gets. you can't get closer to him saying i don't have a legal power to do what he's expected as soon as thursday to do. listen. >> what we can do is then carve out the dream act folks saying young people who basically have grown up here are americans that we should welcome, but if we start broadening that, then essentially i would be ignoring the law in a way that i think would be very difficult to defend legally. >> that's it. >> megyn, it's like when he's
6:39 pm
confronted with, do you like your policy, you can keep your policy or all the other cunards that have been foisted on the american people since 2008. all the promises, assurances, costs were going to go down, all this turned out to be a fraud. now we're about to see another fraud perpetrated on the american people. >> but he's on record saying this would be illegal! >> none of it matters. it didn't matter with the stimulus that failed, it didn't matter with obama care that failed, cash for clunker, didn't matter with lame foreign policy, didn't matter with the red line or here, these words don't matter. this is about amassing power and the one person we haven't talked about tonight is the american worker and the legal immigrants who are under huge financial pressure to actually survive. does anyone represent them on capitol hill, republicans or democrats? it's a shame that those people are left holding the bag for a bunch of rich elites who want
6:40 pm
imlegal immigrant labor and cheap labor in this country. it's a travesty what's happening. and our framers, i imagine they're doing like a triple lutz in their grave because it's so outrageous. >> it's incredible. people need to consider the power they're giving to the executive. >> executive branch. they'll rue the day, megyn, they'll rue the day. >> that's the thing. how much power are we willing to give to one man or one woman who sits atop the federal government who was never meant to have more power than the other branches. >> our framers warned about this. remember, he was a constitutional lecturer at the university of chicago. i'm not quite sure what constitution he was reading. but the emperor is supposed to have no clothes, maybe if the republicans don't do this right, the emperor will be in full regalia for the next two years. we hope not. >> laura good to see you. >> great to see you. up next, why is a frequent fox news critic now praising us as a watchdog for standing up to the administ
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6:45 pm
doesn't know m.i.t. professor and obama care architect jonathan gruber. you know him, he's the guy that thinks everyone is stupid except for himself andy. but the president was not being straight with the american people. gruber was integral to the process of crafting and selling obama care. he visited the white house nearly two dozen times. he met with president obama in the oval office and he met with him in 2006 and was considering running. he was paid nearly $400,000 by the human health and services administration and millions more by other parts of the administration in health care consulting fees. millions, i say. so is the media calling out the president for misstating the facts on gruber and is the media interested in the misrepresentations that gruber has now admitted were made to the american people in the passage of this law? joe trippi is a former democratic campaign manager and fox news contributor. joe, according to the statistics
6:46 pm
we've seen, fox news channel has covered or referenced gruber over 770 times on the air. msnbc, 79 times. cnn, 27 times. and over the past ten nights abc world news tonight and nbc nightly news have not mentioned him at all. >> i don't know how -- the ones that haven't mentioned him at all, that's just crazy given what -- he really did say these things. whether he was integral to obama care or not -- >> he was. >> no, i'm saying even if you don't believe he was, he did say these things. and they basic -- look, it's great harm to obama care, to the cause of the aca and those who believe in what the president's been doing because what it does is it literally has -- this guy's literally played into all -- everything that the opposition has been saying, the
6:47 pm
arrogance, the hubris, the deception, all the different attacks that have been made against obama care, this guy is out there being real smart. like you said, he thinks he's smart. i think it's crazy for the administration to act all of a sudden like they don't know him. i mean -- >> i think they have no choice. you tell me, but do they have a choice? because what he said, the stuff about calling people stupid is bad, but the stuff that's really damning is how he explains how the american people needed to be misled in order to make them love the law. how are they going to -- because then you got two statements by president obama doing the very things, saying the very misstatements that gruber says he told him to say and they agreed upon saying. >> but megyn, half this stuff this guy's saying doesn't even make sense. >> half of it does. >> but those of us who get into -- who don't have car
6:48 pm
accidents and pay car insurance, we're paying and subsidizing the people that do have them. >> no. >> that's what the basic tenet of this is. >> the so-called tax, they don't like it when we tax them, so we'll call it the cadillac tax and we'll say we're taxing the insurance company so the stupid people don't realize we're really taxing the people, but we are. then showcase to a sound bite of president obama saying we're not taxing the people, we're taxing the insurance companies, it's called the kcadillac tax. >> the mistake here is to -- look, i don't know if this guy's -- i hope his modeling was better than his political communications skills or and the way he looks down on the american people because that, again, is what detractors think about their government -- >> let me ask you this --
6:49 pm
>> that these guys are a bunch of people that look down on the american people. and that's really bad for the administration. >> it's amazing to me how little this guy's statements have been covered by many in the media. i should say for abc news that was jonathan karl who was pressing the administration and he pressed them earlier on gruber. you tell me whether this is played into the trust that people have in fox news? because a media critic for the baltimore sun came out and offered the following. and it's a little long, so bear with me. he was talking about the success of fox news. he wrote as follows, yesterday, i think one of the reasons for this latest evolution of ratings dominance might be that fox was a far better batchdog on the obama white house than any other tv nugs organization. it took the heat and the blowback from a news organization that showed an enmity for the press not seen on pennsylvania avenue since the dark days of richard nixon, but it stayed the course.
6:50 pm
now with viewers seeing the contempt this administration has for them and the truth, they respect what fox news did the last six years. your thoughts on that? >> i think it's very clear that fox viewers -- you know -- agree with that, that this was the only place that was taking on or one of the few places that was taking on keeping a watchdog status on the administration. but again, this is where this gruber thing just plays right into all that. >> but the point of that piece was not that fox viewers believe this. the whole point of his piece was everyone needs to believe it. everyone needs to be looking and trying to understand why a place like fox is so trusted and dominating in the ratings, dominating in the ratings, and he was explaining the sheer numbers of fox. >> that's why it grew. in other words, it wasn't just fox viewers, but more people
6:51 pm
grew, the audience grew as that was going on. i agree with that. >> well, it was an interesting piece. joe, you're part of it, thank you for being here. >> thank you. up next new reporting on why groups like c.a.r.e., america's largest muslim group, may be joining the protests in ferguson.
6:52 pm
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developing tonight we're waiting for the grand jury decision in the deadly ferguson, missouri, shooting of michael brown. as the small st. louis suburb prepares, we learn that groups like c.a.r.e. may be joining in the protests. trace gallagher reports. trace? >> the grand jury decision will likely lead to attacks on police officers and key infrastructure there are these conference calls
6:55 pm
by cair. they include about a dozen different protest organizers and those that served on both strategy sessions on how to respond the grand jury decision and they stir up resentment against law enforcement. for example, muslim groups are trying to co-opt the ferguson protests by trying to equate this man to michael brown. saying both were targeted and killed by police. except federal prosecutors say abdullah was a separatist intent on overthrowing the government. he was shot and killed by fbi agents in 2009 after he opened fire on them. but to make their point, the executive director of cair's michigan chapter told fellow organizers, quoting here, in law enforcement, be it local, state or federal law enforcement, people with guns have always seen black men and black people as threats. the washington-based center for security policy says statements like that can prove dangerous to police in cases like ferguson. he adds that the long-term goal of groups like cair is to weaken
6:56 pm
anti-terrorism laws by undermining police authority. muslim groups maintain they're pushing for only nonviolent protests. megyn. >> thank you. we'll be right back. on the dot. you're like the poster child for paying on time. and then one day you tap the bumper of a station wagon. no big deal... until your insurance company jacks up your rates. you freak out. what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it? hey insurance companies, news flash. nobody's perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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peter dinklos angeles, rosy perez, amanda seyfried. look at how i ran in to in the after party. cecily strong. remember her? welcome to "hannity." this is a fox news alert. at this very hour a deep and dark cloud is now hovering over the obama white house as a result of america's crisis of confidence in the 34th president of the united states. now why? because time and again barack obama has demonstrated his ability and his willingness to routinely deceive you, the american people. why? in order to advance his political ideology. tonight we'll lay out very clearly the latest and greate e examples of deception. we begin with the great obama care hoax. over the course of the last week a series of videos have surfaced of obama care architect