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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 18, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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head over to facebook and twitter and tell us your answer. just a fun question on these cold winter eve-like mornings in the midst of global warming. k how stupid do they think we nathan gruber has been to the white house at least 14 times, as recently as june. he has spent time with president obama in the oval office. has received multiple government checks cut to him totaling about $6 million. gruber's name is in the obama administration brief to the supreme court, that's right here. gruber was lent to capitol hill to help draft obamacare and even secretary of state john kerry in oon it. he wrote a blurb. praising him for his service and calling his comic book fun. in spite of that and much more,, now everyone in the obama administration, including leader nancy pelosi act like jonathangqem÷ gruber, who? oh, come on. you don't buy that, do you? >> it's a very clever, you know, basic exploitation of
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the lack of economic understanding of the american voter. >> are you down playing his significance -- >> -- no. >> we have already drawn some of the brightest minds from academia. many of them i have stolen ideas from liberally. john gruber. >> i went down shortly after the election. i worked for the transition team. >> it's pretty clear that the views he has articulated don't actually reflect what happened when it comes to passing the law. >> essentially in 2009 i was onáú12%uáz the administration to congress. >> don't actually reflect what actually happened in the process of passing this law. >> we had a meeting in the oval office with several experts, including myself. >> i think he made -- pretty evident from these videos that he doesn't have nearly as much incite as it relates to politics or legislation. >> lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. >> people are understandably pretty tired of relitigating political fights from 2008 and 2010?
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americans are too stupid to understand lafayette. >> and representative sean duffy joins us. republican from the great state of wisconsin, i should add. good evening, sir. >> hey, greta. so, the obama administration trying to run from him? >> they are. they are trying to say this is just about mr. gruber. it's not about us and the administration. and as we all know now, that gruber sat in the inner circle, in the oval office with barack obama, harry reid, nancy pelosi, crafting the law. representation. the lie is the law right now. and i think now that they are being exposed they are trying to do the jeremiah wright, bill ayers, i didn't know him. he wasn't really in the inner circle. when we look at the law and look at what gruber said, they match up. there is no distinction between the lines that were told and law that was written. that's why this video is so powerful. >> which video. there are seven of them. >> what he is saying is actually what i have seen happen in the law. they lied to us.
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they misrepresented to us what they were doing. and we're putting the puzzle together and i think that's why it's so damning for the administration. >> so what happens? i mean, it's okay, they are up to their eyeballs with gruber and look pretty bad trying to run from him. added in the brief latest case to the supreme court gruber's name appears in it. it's like frankly, i don't think there is an american out there that doesn't think that gruber isn't part of crafting this for them. >> first of all, the american people who gruber says is so stupid they actually did the only recourse they had which is the ballot box. they gave us historic majority in the house for the republican party and gave us the senate. they want us to push back and fight back on obamacare. i got an email today and i get them every week. hudson from wisconsin said my healthcare premiums are $800 a month. $5,000 deductible. if you need a face to obamacare and how it is hurting people use mine. real people are getting hurt. real senators and congressman across the
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country are hearing these stories. it's incumbent upon us to fight back to repeal certain sections actually the whole law so we request have a clean slate and have healthcare that's going to work for the american people. i look at barack obama who distances himself. he has actually told the lies there hasn't been one truthful statement by the president. keep your healthcare, keep your doctor. premiums go down $2,500 for the family of four. premiums have gone up. there isn't anything truthful about this law. that's why the american people look to the house of representatives and congress to lead the country instead of the white house. pass something and the senate. go to the president's desk and is he going to say no. he is going to appeal is. really this is going to be interesting political drama and we are going to hear over and over how the obama administration keep your doctor, you can't keep your doctor, you know, we all know that but so what's going to happen? >> if you look at democrats in the house and the senate, many of them who voted for this law they lost their
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jobs. they are the dumb ones, not the american people. i think the pressure is going to come to bear on those other senators who now see the misrepresentation of the law. are they going to vote with the president or vote with us to overturn veto. >> you think there will be a vote to overcome the vito in your wildest dreams? >> i don't know how this new senate is going to behave. repeal and replace. i hope when that bill passes and president vetoes it we get more democrat senators to join us=)t÷ and more house members to join us and i think that's going to be benefit beneficial for everybody. >> you know what i think is worse3uh the time is he says is stupid how they use the lack of transparency to get things done. that's hiding ball. that's where the deceit is not th9l0p insult. we have all been insulting growing up or even today, whatever. that's the worse part using the deceit. >> just not obamacare. frank dodd did a hearing on
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immigration and immigration on those here because of executive orders. this permeates the whole administration who we know is the most transparent administration in history. >> we have heard that anyway, congressman, thank you, sir. >> thanks, greta. our next guest is a nurse -- nope, actually no we are not. we are going to the panel. thank you, sir. we will try to get our business in order here as we get determined what's going on here. >> all right. the gruber controversy it's going on and on and on heat and lots of it. the kevin campaign committee releasing an ad tieing mary landrieu. >> the architect of obamacare bragged that it was passed by minuting the american people. >> lack of transparency a huge political advantage and basically, you know, call it the stupidity of the american voter or whatever, but basically that was really really critical7,ú8jto getting the thing to pass. >> mary landrieu was the
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deciding vote to pass obamacare. >> today on the senate floor senator landrieu trying to distance herself from the american people. >> the american people are very very very smart. i trust them, always have joining us our political panel jackie kucinich, "weekly standard's" john mccormick and national journal john. jackie, notice they are requesting after mary landrieu senator from louisiana pretty heavily and that whole bit about gruber is painful. she uses the term american people are smart. i thought that was a push back. >> it seems this way. this ad, though, i think between keystone, this ad, i don't think anything could hurt or help mary landrieu at this point. she seems it's pretty in deep therezv) and there is very little hope for her in louisiana. this ad kind of piles on. but i don't know that it hurts her any more than she has already been:
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is she finished in louisiana. >> it looks like it. gruber, the architect who knows this thing better than pelosi or obama or anyone else who wrote it to the biggest lie that destroyed the democrats and that was if you like your healthcare plan you can keep it think back a year ago and democrats were riding high after the government shutdown. we were talking about how republicans might lose the house. fast forward a year later and they lost the senate. they made gains in the house. for one reason more than any other that was if you like your healthcare plan you can keep your healthcare plan. millions of people lost their plans. they effectively saw multithousand dollar middle class tax hike. you have video footage of mary landrieu saying the same thing the president said. it's a devastating ad. >> obviously gruber is a great piñata to hit because he is insulting the measure people every time you turn around plus pocketing millions of dollars of taxpayer money state or federal. is anything going to happen to obamacare realistically? >> it's hard to see anything until another president gets elected past 20 16.
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the louisiana senate race is a fascinating example of how healthcare is back on the agenda and it was the original issue that got a lot of red state democrats including senator landrieu in trouble in the first place. this is the last thing she wants to have!hso being on the airwaves, it reintroduces healthcare. i don't know ifp'(úk the individual ad is going to make a huge difference but the issue of healthcare coming in a red state like louisiana is a real real big problem. she is already in trouble. last thing she wants. >> i think she is lucky having healthcare come up. the bigger problem is she couldn't get the pipeline across the finish line. >> the fact that she had so much clout as the chair woman of the energy committee. now she is no longer chair woman of the energy committee. and she couldn't get this across the finish line. it's kind of not good for mary landrieu. >> panel, stay with us. and developing now, several lawmakers in vermont, demanding the determination of jonathan gruber's $400,000 contract with their state. as we reported, gruber is making millions of dollars around the nation off healthcare consulting while
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at the same time, insulting americans calling american voters stupid. here is how he responded to healthcare questions in a 2011 vermont >> and vermont senate minority leader joe benning joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening, counselor. >> well, it looks like your state was not left alone. you have got a couple insults up there. you are not just stupid but also your questions are stupid. or at least they are written by adolescents. >> well, the adolescent in this particular situation was a former white house policy advisor named john mccolorry. i'm not sure thatms03vt@b mr. gr understood that when he was takenning those responses the questions that were raised were legitimate concerns. unless until we actually see the details of this plan, any question from anyone is perfectly fair game. >> all right. so he is apparently helping your governor set up green
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mountain care or your state rather. he has got to present this report, i think, in.a2# januar; is that right? >> well, that's what we're told. i'm not going to mold my breath. >> all right. well, he has gotten paid $400,000 for it. has that been paid already? >> as i understand it, it's paid piecemeal over time. so i'm not sure that it's all there yet. >> and what is the -- you want that contract broken or not you. you want to get rid of gruber, is that right? >> we actually have a saying here in vermont that vermont is what america was and we demand two things from those who are elected or appointed to official positions. one is transparency. and the other is respect. and when we don't get those things from people, we tend to get a little ornery and respond in kind. at this point this man has lost both the respect and transparency that is necessary to advance this size of a piece of social engineering. >> all right. well, your governor opposes you on this, right? >> he does.
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>> do you have any support in the rest of your legislature? actually having a caucus in my senate tomorrow morning to have a conversation about this. i don't know what the result will be. three of me colleagues from the house have actually sent a letter to the governor asking that he terminate the contract immediately, one other senator, kevin mullen and i have joined to ask the contract be terminated. >> who signed the contract to begin with? who signs this? >> that, i can't answer you because i wasn't in that loop well somebody signed a contract with mr. gruber. contract posmed i performed by january. we will see what happens. thank you, senator. >> thank you for having me. >> our next guest is a nurse turned congresswoman. representative renee elmer says gruber's remarks confirm deception which is a nice way to say line is behind the creation of obamacare. representative renee elmer joins us. good evening. >> good to be with you, greta. >> you think deception is
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how this thing got passed. >> deception, deceit and duping of the american people. they knew they had to lie in order to pass it for the american people. and that's what we saw consistently. and those of us out there in the healthcare world were speaking out against it because we knew it did -- the numbers didn't just add up. it's sort of interesting, you have got the thing of the president saying you can keep your doctor if you like your doctor. that didn't happen. premiums, they are supposed to go down. that apparently didn't happen. they have got gruber saying that they had to use a lack of transparency in order to get it passed and you also have gruber saying they had to write it in such a way that the cbo scored it not as a tax in order to slip it by. i mean, it doesn't look good for the administration on this one. >> no, it doesn't. just, again, highlights the arrogance of the obama administration. and here we have this individual that now everyone is running from intricate part of putting this together. architect of this bill?je:xñ we
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heard nancy pelosi say let's pass it so we can -- >> are you saying you don't think this was just a mistake on their part they actually truly believed it but they sat down in a room closed the curtains and said let's figure out a way we can dupe the american people? >> i believe the plan all alt-res was just the lack of transparency. let's push it forward. this is going to be such a great plan of action that the american people are going to embrace it and move forward. we have seen over time that the american people do not like this plan. the healthcare premiums are skyrocketing. the deductibles are skyrocketing. the quality of care is now being jeopardized. and you see these families. i have families in my district that are reaching out to me every day they cannot afford thissen pla. we in the house of representatives have worked tirelessly on this issue. we have got to put a upon message forward. patient-centered, doctor/patient relationship healthcare that we have got to go back to.
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and we can make it affordable. it can be affordable for the american people. you know, we have to start by repealing the medical device tax. >> it makes me -- everyy"ldt tie someone razes thasm that was in the bill since day one. they go home and find out the manufacturers in their state are big donors and suddenly they don't like it. if they read the bill in the first place he maybe they would have objected. nobody read this bill in the first place. >> the cbo said it was budget-neutral which, of course, again, no one believed on our side. and, yet, moved forward because, you know, it had that stamp of approval. this has just been an unworkable law. it is bad for the american people. we still have pending supreme court action on this issue. and we have got to stand together for the american people and fight and repeal this whole thing. i know the president is going to be -- isn't going to be in favor of it. but we can't take it apart piece by piece. >> representative, nice to see you. >> good to see. >> you israel on edge after a massacre in synagogue in jerusalem.
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three americans were among the murdered by guns, knives and even hatchets. prime minister netanyahu is vowing to respond harshly and he will. he keeps those promises. live to jerusalem for the latest next. also coming up a military service dog ripped away from army veteran and we brought you that heart breaking story but tonight, we have news that i absolutely promise you 100% you will love. straight ahead.
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right now, prime minister benjamin netanyahu promising israel will respond decisively to the horrific murder of jews who came to pray. news tonight three americans among the dead in today's synagogue massacre. fox news correspondent conor powell live in jerusalem with the latest.
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conor? >> well, greta, that death toll from2aj attack continues to mount. one of the first police officers who has on the scene arriving at that synagogue during the attack actually died just a short while ago. that brings the death total now to five people, including three american rabbis and another from the united kingdom. now, several more were injured when two palestinian cousins from east jerusalem stormed the synagogue carrying butcher's knives and a pistol. it is deadliest attack here in years. now, israeli prime minister ben j gentleman minute netanyahu harsh homes and two palestinians responsible for the murders to be destroyed. he also blamed mahmoud mac biewd mahmoud abbas. broke with netanyahu earlier today countering that abbas has been helpful in prevaq4pkg some of the violence. recovery night the anger
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spilling into the streets. several young israelis death+ arabs. there has been a lot of tension here greta for the past few weeks over some of the settlement expansion and the fight over some of the holy sites in the old city. also just a violence that we have seen palestinians have responded by attacking israelisg then today's attack. the violence and the tension really not going away. and really nobody on either side seems to be calling for cooler heads. we are expecting this could get much, much worse, greta, before it gets better. >> conor, thank you. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu vowing to respond harshly. and immediately order derlg increased security throughout israel and joining us from jerusalem israeli police superintendent micky rosenthal. good evening, sir. and my condolences to your country and, of course, to the american families that are also mourning tonight. >> good evening. superintendent, what action is prime minister netanyahu
11:22 pm
taking? there were several decisions that were made this afternoon and this evening based on the decisions, the israeli police will continue to heighten security in different parts of jerusalem in order to prevent any further terrorists attacks from taking place. over the last few weeks we have seen constant insightment from palestinian authorities and palestinian media quoting uponçñs fanatics and museum to carry out attacks inside jerusalem. and police units will continue to work and find potential terrorists and prevent future terrorist attacks from taking place in jerusalem with emphasis on jerusalem, that's our main priority at the moment. after this morning's deadly attack inside a synagogue where four rabbis killed and this evening police officer shot. died from his$úap wounds in the hospital here in jerusalem.
11:23 pm
>> superintendent, as i underse,u+ it, there were two men who initiated this attack. but that the way that prime minister is looking at this far broader that this includes he actually lashed out at president abbas, palestinian president that the reaction is going to go beyond just kill the two killers is that correct? >> what we know at the scene is police officers arrived at the scene of the taste attack and those two lone terrorists from neighborhood carried out the attack on their own. connections to any terrorist cells at the moment. but in general of7%?[ course jerkz the situation was tense after this morning's attack also disturbances that took place in the area where the (arizñ were from. the units that arrived at the scene dealt with disturbances, nine arrests were made.
11:24 pm
and we're trying to make sure that the tensionsuñx jerusalem will gradually decline after this morning's attack. that's being done on a number of different areas both by negotiations stepped up extra police units on the ground in different areas such as public stations, bus stations, the light railway that crosses through jerusalem and increased intelligence in order to find potential terrorists that could be a threat here to the streets of jerusalem. >> what i also understand,-dk> the israeli arab bus driver committed suicide 48 hours ago. we confirmed that the israeli police confirmed that on the scene. based on the request of the family automatic is i carried out and autopsy
11:25 pm
concluded the same findings that the israeli arab man last 4 hours is incitement being carried out by palestinian authorities in order to try and stir up the situation even further here in jerusalem. it's been unnecessary unfortunately we saw the tragic result this morning synagogue packed with people praying quietly and respectfully unfortunately five people were killed,' including three of the rabbis there that were dual citizens, american citizens and one dual citizenship a u.k. citizen as well. >> are you able to confirm for me or not, sir, that after the slaughter at the synagogue that there were celebrations even handing out candy in some palestinian communities in celebration of the murders? did that happen or not?
11:26 pm
>> that's absolutely correct. that'sl%v]exactly what happened. the parents of those two cousins, those two tears carried out the attacks in fact celebrated, handed out sweets and celebrated and called them martyrs. the locals, in fact, requested and said openly that we want moammar tiers to be from the different neighborhoods, that's just the start. that's what they said. we can see the continuing incitement. continue what's going on ground level. extra security on the ground in evening as well as the next 24 to 48 hours to prevent any potential facts and find potential terrorists. >> thank you for joining us and good luck, sir. >> thank you very much. >> and developing news on capitol hill, the senate failing to pass the keystone pipeline bill. and senator mary landrieu in trouble. a live report and political panel back next. huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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this is a fox news alert. senate democrats defeating the keystone pipeline bill latest. all day there was a search for a 60th vote and fell the politics in the senate were fascinating with louisiana democrat senator mary landrieu and north dakota republican john hogan leading the charge. landrieu is in the fight of
11:31 pm
her political life facing a run off. energy issues. hoban noted there were 56 sponsors of this bill accused president obama trying to defeat the pipeline through numerous delays. the canadian oil will be processed either way. in the united states or countries like china will do it in a dirtier and less efficient way. they also point out keystone xl has been studied numerous times and it has been found to create thousands of jobs and have minimal risk to the environment. california democrat barbara boxer led the fight against the pipeline. boxy called it dirty tarzans oil. far more carbon intense si the xl in pipeline name stands for'sf extra lethal. fell just one votesr short. republicans are promising they will be back in a new year in a new congress when they control the senate and they are also a bigger majority in the house. at that point expect lawmakers to challenge president obama to veto a bill they believe the american public supports.
11:32 pm
greta? mike, thank you. our political panel is back with us. jackie kucinich and josh cross hour. 59 to 41. she needed only one more vote. >> it's remarkable the great lengths the democratic leadership took to get her the vote and only be one democratic senator short achievement she wanted to use for re-election campaign. >> she didn't get harry reid or his deputy dick durbin. >> you think dick larger energy constituency in illinois dick durbin was waiting until the last minute to make a decision. a lot of moderate tim kaine ended up not siding with landrieu on the issue. the fact they went to get the vote and pull the rug from her last minute one vote short. big blow to her not just legislatively i don't see how she can win that runoff election. tough anyway buttens thats look very very slim. >> why did they give her the vote if they didn't intend
11:33 pm
to at least help her. >> give her a chance-i she has been attacked for voting with obama 99% of the time. gives her a chance fighting her own party. really striking when you look at the polls on this. voters support this by two to one, three tonrs:ñ one march jinget even democrats support this thing. split between working democrats and working class democrats. working class support it more jobs, cheaper oil. wealthier democrats tend to oppose it. really interesting that you have got this split there. when voter supports it 3 to 1 and you vote against it. two reasons, you either are deeply ideologically opposed to it or worried aboutcz donors and your base, that's what we saw happen today. >> one of the things interesting about this vote though a lot of the senators that lost actually supported keystone. so i'm wondering if they vote next year it will be that different. part of the problem is harry reid wouldn't bring it up. brought it up big news for
11:34 pm
congressman paul ryan is going to be the chairman of ways and means. that's your home state boy. guy, man, whatever. >> gives him a chance to take a crack at tax reform both parties always say you know tax reform is a place you can really compromise on. lower the rates, get rid of the loopholes. actually a lot harder to do in practice. see if paul ryan has the touch this4@f= time around throw his hat in the ring 2016. >> likely that he does. one of my colleagues did a story in the national journal magazine where he quoted paul ryan suggesting that he would rather spend a little time in congress, work on the budget and didn't seem to have the same amount of interest in a presidential campaign that might have expected. not so much the presidential campaign. >> another big change with darrell issa has been the chairman and now it's going to be congressman jason chaffets? >> you had seen him stepping out in hearings a lot moreá uc recently. particularly during the secret service hearing that they had.
11:35 pm
he really was taking it to the officials there. so, it will be interesting. i think is he going to have a similar adversarial role that darrell issa has had. you don't think he would be more aggressive or less aggressive? you think hejó)go would be the same? >> it's hard to say, honestly, but i think is he going to carry on that tradition of being very adversarial a opponent of the president. >> last question. you think that congressman paul ryan out for 2016 as a contender? >> i riding this tax plan. there is no reason why you can't use to write this plan and run on that plan in 2016. >> he voted against simpson bowls don't forget. that's a little piece of history. panel, thank you. straight ahead, a state of emergency declared as giant snow storm unloading on parts of the nation. that's not all. live team coverage next. the story you cannot miss. this is the best story ever. remember the army specialist who wasn't allowed to adopt a dog he served with? well, tonight, the soldier and best friend are back together. you will see this absolutely
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amazing reunion. don't forget to subscribe to greta talk. brand new ikqhjo cost. latest episode. cyber attack.
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this is a fox news alert. dangerous winter weather slamming the nation. heavy snow pummeling western new york, ohio, michigan and wisconsin. and in the northeast bitter temperatures and gufty winds and even in the southeast they are scrambling for winter coats and firewood as temperatures drop below freezing. we have live team coverage of the nation's deep freeze. meteorologist scott williams is here. first, wxmi reporter troy campbell live in snowy michigan. troy? >> good evening, greta. it's pretty tropical out here. 20 degrees. this is actually a beach. doesn't look much like it now. what you are looking at now just over lake michigan. a lot of this snow. lake-effect snow hasn't been letting up. and it's coming down since
11:41 pm
yesterday. not expected to stop any time soon. going to be going on through tomorrow and also the next day see more of that drift. slowing down traffic in the area. people don't have to leaf. they are not doing it. they are definitely staying inside. i rode along with an ambulance. they are facing these elements just like anybody who goes on the road. they are having some delayed response times. also, airports, common theme across the nation, no exception here in michigan. dozens of flights either cancelled or delayed. plenty of slide offs on those freeway, tow trucks stay warm if you do go off the road. tow trucks are running about 90 minutes late. i'm wearing about five layers. i had to actually count. again with this lake-effect snow. something that can make the snow very wet and very cold and bringing in this wind. again, several inchesgñhp falling. parts of west michigan seeing over a foot of snow. and mind you, this is still all before thanksgiving. so, greta, hard to believe tonight that we are still
11:42 pm
several weeks away from the official start of winter. yet, it's still off to quite the snowy start here in michigan. >> it does look very snowy. anyway, troy, thank you very much. let's go to fox meteorologist scott williams. scott? >> yeah. that's right, greta. of course we are dealing with antarctic blast here across much of the lower 48. look at current temperatures right now. in new york city it's below freezing at 29. we have 29 degrees even in atlanta, georgia. 18 in chicago. 32 in wichita, so, much of the nation dealing with temperatures well below average. but take a look at the artic blast gulf coast. freeze warnings posted. baton rouge, mobile alabama. tall;>zv hasee and jacksonville. ohio but what about low temperatures. mid 20's in philadelphia. 24 as we move in atlanta.
11:43 pm
well below average you can see these temperatures all the way into the afternoon high temperatures tomorrow like philadelphia, new york city, boston, onlyoov÷ around in the 20's for high temperatures. most of the radar is quiet. however, we aring if to focus in around the great lakes. feet of snow. buffalo dealing with this coming in off of the ocean. relatively warm. have to say: 588 inches of snowfall. deal with that lake-effect snow. not only tonight, throughout the day tomorrow, we're looking at accumulating snowfall. some locations south of buffalo, watertown, upward of 5, feet of snowfall before all is said and done. how long is this cold air going to last. cold conditions right now look like a little bit of relief as we move into the upcoming weekend.
11:44 pm
cold air back into canada. jet stream north but temperatures will recover as we head into the upcoming weekend. but it looks like just in time for thanksgiving we will see another arctic blast head down to the lower 48. >> scott, thank you. that was amazing. you wept through all those states, all those days all that weather. that was amazing. thank you, scott. now to ferguson, missouri, where everyone is on edge awaiting a grand jury decision waiting to indict or not indict police officer august 9th shooting of michael brown. bracing for possible violence and the fbi warning police across the country that the grand jury decision will likely lead some extremist protesters threaten and attack police officers or federal agent. missouri's governor has already declared a state of emergency. and up next, i promise you, you will love this. a soldier and his dog reunited after a more than a year apart. we will show you what brought them back together of a just hours after we
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promise you will absolutelily reunion you will love to see army veteran and dog he served with in afghanistan brought back together. last week we brought you the story. hei5ç his dog werewyvç injured. upon returning to the united states. adopt a dog due to a mistake by the military. that did not happen. 30 minutes after the soldier's father spoke to us on "on the record," an amazing turn of events. over the weekend the soldier and bestn noted. >> they wouldn't let him out. he went as fast as he physically could over to me. about tackled me to the around, having a good time. that's like a fairy tale, i
11:50 pm
mean, it doesn't happen but, you know, once in a lifetime something this great can come about. >> come about. joining us the soldier's father don grommet. were you there when the dog saw your son? >> yes, i was. we walked into the garage from the nice people who were taking care of matte until brent çjo up. and he was in the kennel. and brent stopped about 25 feet away from him. and said mattie, and the dog cocked his head to the side once or twice. and then charged the fence and as soon as the door was open, he just basically tackled brent. and the reunion was just something crazy. >> congressman hudson, you have a big part in this. tell me what happened. >> well, i heard the story
11:51 pm
about matte and specialist grommet. thank you tobççw specialist brent grommet for his service and thank you to don and debbie his parents. the family served, too. i heard the story and it really touched me and i said i'm going to find that dog and we're going to reunite the soldier with the dog. i have some contacts in the special forces community as chairman of the transportation subcommittee on homeland. i know some of the companies that contract with these dogs, through my contacts i was able to quickly find matte and make this happen. >> you know ohio think is unbelievable hero in v-fq$ family that adopted they didn't get a fury cute little[lut> puppy. they adopted an injured adult dog. had him for ear year. fell in love with matty and gave matty up. i want to know that family. >> it really chokes me up to i have a 1-year-old bulldog. i have loved that dog for aer i don't. i couldn't imagine.
11:52 pm
>> take a picture. 7rought a picture of hisd$ dog. so at least got to hold up your dog. here you go. got that? see that? there you go. there is his dog. >> through our contacts we reached out to this family who had matty and they said, i love this dog. : :- dog is my own dog but because i understand the story. so my hat goes off to that family. >> don, how happy is your son to have matty back? >> he isót#" we had noticed a change in his demeanor since he has gotten matty back. is he smiling a lot more. he is laughing. he is talking. it's 12 degrees this morning. and he was out walking matty anda'÷ playing ball with him. it's just -- you know, he doesn't go sit in dark rooms anymore. he is with the family, with his dog. and they are just -- they are complete now. and i feel like i have both of my soldiers back from
11:53 pm
afghanistan. >> absolutely incredible. it was a mistake the military made a mistake in giving maty to the other family. did nothing: take care of this dog. >> don, i mean feel the same way i do about the family who gave up this dog. thank them for returning matty to brent. i know it was a really hard decision for them because they4hhl know. fall in love with an animal so fast. there is no replacing them. indeed it isn't. i am glad thank you for your service. don, thank you, and congressman, thank you, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> coming up. texas, i want to talk to you off-the-record about something that came up in my interview with george w.
11:54 pm
bush. that's next. don't forget to watch hannity tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern. state of emergency declared ferguson, missouri ahead of the grand jury's decision talks to johnson executive director of national association of police organizations. that's tonight at 10:00 on hannity.
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tess test test test
11:58 pm
go off the record. after my interviewu with%zéw george w. bush. great job. do so much with our big spotlight. but there are times painfully terrible. dis. this one might take the prize, the october 1 87 cover of "newsweek" calling president bush 41 a wimp. really? by the young age of 22 he had already flown 50 bombing raids in the pacific. and shot down dedefending our freedom.
11:59 pm
that's hardly a wimp. you know what's more despicable than that insult is the timing. >> it was the day he announced for president by the way in ' 8. needless to say, i hit the roof. try to influence people's opinions. it's just unfair. >> perhaps in the political process it did not inbitter him, however. he went on to win. >> so just reminder to all of us in the media while we are far from perfect and mistakes can be made. some things are sob obviously -- are so obviously wrong like this. how could they even happen. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. more of my interview in the coming days on we have behind the scenes slide show, pictures from inside the president's childhood home you will only see there. thank you for being with us. we will see you again tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. if you can't watch live, you know what to do. dvr or follow me on twitter brand new handle so simple
12:00 am
@greta. up next the o'reilly factor. good night from washington. see you on gretawire. good night. tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye." is the pentagon secretly training an all lumber jack army? if so, will it be the sexiest army of all time? we pick up where "special report" left off. plus why does the obama administration take out restraining orders against hugh jackman, kangaroos and paul hogan? >> we do this based on our belief that there are just a lot of things in australia that can kill you. >> and finally, just how important are potatoes to america's youth? it is the issue every other show refuses to tackle. our panel weighs in next. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> i had a panel of


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