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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 19, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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follow me on twitter brand new handle @greta. see you tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. good night from washington. profit o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> i as an american feel it's very wrong to shoot unarmed teenagers six times once in the head. >> you feel like you have all the facts -- >> . no that's what i feel as an american. >> high profile liberal people continue to convict police officer darren wilson in the shooting death of michael brown. >> the grand jury's decision could come at any time. ahead, we'll tell you what's new in ferguson. tomorrow night i'm going to be announcing here from the white house some steps that i can take to start fixing our broken immigration system. >> and we will be here right after the president's announcement to analyze. but tonight: what the folks think about the immigration controversy. also dennis miller on global
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warming possibly causing war. and dick cabot. >> boom ba. >> on the funniest americans ever. >> describe the sound made when a sheep explodes. [ laughter ] >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. we have too many memos for you this evening. one on the racial situation in ferguson. the other on president obama's immigration order. the president set to speak to the president tomorrow on thursday 8:00 p.m. widely expected he will legalize about 5 million undocumented people many of whom have children who are american citizens. there will also be other immigration orders in his executive action. as everybody knows, this is extremely controversial. and a new nbc "wall street
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journal" poll out today breaks it down this way. do you approve or disapprove of the president taking executive action on immigration? 48% disapprove. 38% approve. 14% no opinion or unsure. putting emotion aside, the issue is not really about the a million undocumented human beings. it's about president obama challenging the constitution. talking points has said it before, the president should waited and give the new congress a chance to pass a fair immigration law. if congress doesn't do that, mr. obama's legal position would then be stronger, allowing him to take unilateral action. but the way things stand now, surely the president will lose in the courts. i believe mr. obama knows that and knows how divisive his actions will be. he doesn't seem to care. history will not look kindly on a sitting president causing a constitutional ruckus.
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trust me on that. that's the first memo. now for the top story tonight. in the wake of president's pending action, the question becomes a moral one, what's wrong with allowing foreign born parents of american children to work and stay in america? what's wrong with that joining us from boynton beach, greg abbot dealt with illegal immigration in the lone star state. we will get to the moral thing in a minute. you, i understand, are going to challenge president obama in the courts almost immediately after he signs executive order; is that correct? >> bill, we are prepared to assert a legal action against the president because we believe what the president is doing is completely unconstitutional. he has a legal obligation to enforce the laws, plus, immigration is a signed by the constitution to the united states congress to determine not the president. the president has no legal authority to grant legal
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status to people who are here in the united states illegally. >> so what are you guys in austin, texas, going to do? exactly what are you going to do and when are you going to do it? >> we will be doing it as soon as possible. after the president makes his announcement. of course, we want to see exactly what is in his announcement. but we are looking at two different types of legal actions. one is violation of article 2 section '3 of the violation take care clause requires the president to take care to execute the laws and clearly prevents this type of action the president is trying to undertake. the second is article 1, section 86 the constitution that gives to the the united states congress, not the president, the authority to enact immigration policy. >> so you are going to file on behalf of the state of texas in federal court? is that what you are going to do? >> that's correct. bill, because we have seen in texas the consequences and we have dealt with them from a cost perspective of
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the president's immigration policy. it was in the aftermath of the last dock can a action by the president that we had more than a thousand people coming across the texas border a day. >> the kids. do you expect other states to join you in this lawsuit? >> we will be reaching out to other states. but, bill, because texas was at the epicenter last time. because texas will be one of the leading states suffering the consequences of this action, we believe we have sufficient standing alone but, just like in let's say the obamacare laws where more than half of the states in the country joined. in we will open this up to other states to join with us. >> all right. now, let's put all the legalisms aside and get to the moral question. in texas, you have hundreds of thousands of children, border babies taken here illegally by their parents born here in the u.s. therefore they are u.s. citizens. their parents are. no their parents are illegal
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aliens. president obama says,look, for humane reasons, we're going to let them stay and work here. we're not going to give them citizenship. what's wrong with that? >> well, bill, there are two things wrong with that one is it really is just a hoax on the people he is offering that to because he doesn't have the legal authority to grant them any rights whatsoever to grant them rights. for people involved nothing more than a hoax. bigger inhumanity here. it was after the president did this last time, we saw all those children come to the border, understand this: many of those children never made it here because they were killed along the way. other children were tortured. others were raped. it is -- the united states and a the president would be an accomplice to the inhumane way that people would be treated who come here or try to come here because of the order. >> you say this will be a
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another magnet. more people will come. you are almost dodging my question, governor, that's not like you. the people here, already, all right, the parents foreign born parents of american citizen children, what's wrong with letting them stay, say you seal the border. say you knock it down so they couldn't come into texas. it's a pipe dream but let's be theoretical for a moment. morally, what's wrong with giving them a break and letting them work, not citizens, but letting them stay. it's a two year deal right now and they have to do a number of things. what's wrong with that? >> because, bill, the way the president is going about doing it, doesn't really achieve the goal of what you just are a kick could you lated. the president doesn't have the authority to give these parents any rights whatsoever. in fact, in his announcement, he will not be giving them any rights. in he were to do so, in a way that would be a valid legal process, then it would be subject to challenge and would be overturned in court. >> all right. so you don't want to really
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get into the morality of this thing, do you? >> well, listen, the morality, bill, look at the bigger question. and that is, any country that lived by dictator fiat methodology has wound up in chaos. look at the greater. >> i agree with that 100%. i think the president has said as i said in the tea points is causing constitutional ruckus reflect history poorly on him. i do feel sorry for some of these illegal alien people here and their children. i do. and as a human being i feel sorry for them. so it's very difficult. i think the president is going about it in the wrong way. quite clear. i think congress would absolutely pass something that's fair. i have faith they would. but he is not giving them a chance. governor, let us know what happens. we really appreciate your time tonight. >> thank you. >> next on the rundown, by do some liberal americans continue to convict police officer darren wilson in the shooting death of michael brown? why do they do that?
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impact segment tonight. my second talking points memo. authorities are in missouri are bracing for racial protests when the grand jury hands up its decision about whether or not to indict police officer darren wilson in the shooting death 18-year-old michael brown. that decision could come at any time. in the media and political world, some liberal people continue to officer wilson. last night bernie goldberg and i discussed civil rights icon congressman john lewis. is he comparing the case in ferguson, missouri, to selma, alabama. while lamenting police shooting young black men all over the country. the congressman is calling for justice. and i believe that's why federal, state, and local authorities are involved. and i believe that's why
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their findings have been put before a grand jury. so congressman let the system function. if the fix is in, and can you prove it, i will be right there with you. in the media, the michael brown investigation and subsequent leaks were up for discussion on "the view." >> what they're doing is baiting the people to react. that's what i'm. >> or they are saying a gross injustice is about to be ignored and people are get businessed. >> you can be pissed but not be violent. >> known is saying. >> what's the injustice, you are saying if he isn't indicted that's a gross injustice you? weren't in the grand jury >> perhaps i was not. i as an american, feel it's very wrong to shoot unarmed teenagers six times once in the head. >> again, no one knows exactly what happened so let's see what the grand jury says. joining us now from st. louis, the attorney for the family of michael brown benjamin crump. first of all, counselor, do you have any hint of when
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the grand jury's decision will be made? >> bill, we only know that they have got to the end of their work and we should be hearing something pretty soon and they are going to inform the family out of respect before they inform the public. >> okay. now, the grand jury sits tomorrow. all right, correct? they meet tomorrow. >> that's what we understand. >> you would assume that would happen tomorrow? >> again, they are going to give us notice. we don't know for certain. >> okay. i'm trying to figure out why people like rosie o'donnell. she is not alone, are so adamant about convicting this police officer. i'm not sure why they do it. do you know why, counselor? >> well, mr. o'reilly, i think they want to make sure
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there is a constitutional trial by jury that there would be due process for michael brown jr. as well as the police officer. the troubling thing is if there are no charges brought, then michael brown's family doesn't even get to have their day in court where it would be transparent and everybody will get to see the evidence and the witnesses. >> that's our system though. the grand jury would have to present, and so would the federal, state, and local authorities, all of them, it would have to present to the public to you, to the family, why there was no indictment, if indeed that happens. you would see how they came to that conclusion. the grand jury members then could give interviews, they could talk about it, whatever. our system is that the grand jury decides whether an indictment is handed down it doesn't go straight to trial. so are you saying you don't believe in the system, counselor? >> i'm saying the way this
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process was handled, we have objected from the beginning, mr. o'reilly, that they didn't need to have this matter to the grand jury. there was enough evidence there to have probable cause to charge the police officer. there was seven eyewitnesses, there was forensic evidence. remember, probable cause, mr. o'reilly, is just a tipping scale. it's not beyond a reasonable doubt. the police officer will still get his day in court. he will will have all his full constitutional rights of innocent until proven guilty. however, when you think about how this process is being done, it's different from any other grand jury process. the prosecutor has said we're not going to recommend any charges. we're just going to put all the evidence out there and let everybody -- all the jurors figure it out for themselves because we just want to be fair. well, the problem with that as it relates to equal justice so does that mean 28 years of him being the prosecutor when he presented things to grand juries he was being unfair to everybody else?
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don't change the rules wherein it's our children lying on the ground. we just want equal justice. if there is probable cause to charge, you charge. if there is not, you don't. but don't change the system. >> he didn't want to make that decision himself because it's such a volatile situation. look, i understand what you're saying. but i believe that the system the way the state of missouri has handled it. and this goes right up to the federal government as well. holder, eric holder, goes right in there will present the evidence one way or another so that fair-minded people will say, okay, but i could be wrong and counselor, if you think it's -- the fix is in or something like that, again, as i said, i will be there if i see the evidence. if not, then i will be -- we appreciate you coming on. when you get here tomorrow if it comes down we want to talk to you, because we respect your opinion and we want the family to have justice. go ahead, last word. >> thank you so much. >> okay. directly ahead, do black
5:18 pm
americans have a legitimate point in believing the justice system is stacked against them? we will debate the question. later, dick cabot on the funniest americans ever. up ahead.
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we're for net neutrality protection. now, here's some news you may find even more surprising. we're comcast. the only isp legally bound by full net neutrality rules. continuing with the impact segment. tense racial times in missouri. country is divide on whether the issue of past crimes against african-americans should be considered in evaluating present situations. >> the rush to judgment by some in the african-american is, in fact, understandable because there is-driving while black in our country. there are racial disparities in terms of how people are treated. >> senator is saying many black americans have been treated badly by the authorities and do not have confidence in the system. joining us now from tampa, florida jessicaer lick and
5:22 pm
here in new york monica crowley. does senator mccass ski have a point. >> this is what the left often does. they appropriate a specific event say the michael brown shooting in order to try to serve some bigger racial or social justice agenda. what the american justice system is built on and justice in america is supposed to be blind to race and to everything else, bill. what it is built on is taking the specific case with a specific set of facts and then applying the law to that. and what the left often does is take these kind of things in order to serve a broader agenda. >> okay. but we are talking about the folks now. we are talking about the perception of the justice system. all right. not the actual justice system. the perception of it i think it's fair to say that most african-americans say, you know, this is stacked against us. they are after us. they pull us over. driving while black means you get pulled over much more than whites. you get stopped and frisked more. and whatever. so we, blacks, are never going to get a fair shake.
5:23 pm
that's what is driving this whole ferguson thing. do they have a legitimate point? >> well, i think there are a couple things here. there is some legitimacy to that the bigger question is why are they being pulled over more? why are they being scrutinized more. blacks and minorities commit the disproportionate crimes in this country we can talk about that. >> cause and effect situation. >> breakdown of family, drugs, dependency for many decades. >> you said justice is supposed to be blind even if it's disproportionate crimes in a precinct, the justice system has to be fair in the way. >> that doesn't mean equally scrutinize whites if they are not committing crimes in the same number that minorities are. >> let's jump in here. do you believe senator mccaskill, she is justifying the suspicion of the system in ferguson, missouri, saying, you know what? even if the verdict comes down in a fair way,
5:24 pm
african-americans are not going to believe it. >> well, i don't think she is justifying. i think she is empathizing with a problem that's recognized across the country. and certainly it is in missouri, particularly in ferguson, missouri, actually, the state legislature several years ago passed a law that has been looking into exactly what the numbers of people being pulled over are and by race. and there is a disproportionate number of them, specifically in ferguson, even when you compare the white to black citizen ratio in the town. i don't think this is a left and a right issue. we are looking at, you know, there are conservative blacks and liberal blacks in this country. and, you know, especially for me in my generation, i'm so sort of, you know, i'm angry just that we are still having this conversation because, really? i think as monica pointed out, this is particularly about dessegregation that still exists. the discrimination that still exists. that's what really -- we need a proactive plan. >> there is never going to be a perfect society. what senator mccaskill did
5:25 pm
in that sound bite was give legitimacy to people who say and i think counselor crump is in that area. we are not getting a fair shot. we will never get a fair shot. we won't get a fair shot because we're black and that's the way america is. we are going to go out and protest that we can't get a fair shot in this country. that's what the senator did was give license to that thought. >> i don't think that she is necessarily giving license to it. and people can go out and have peaceful protests. >> she is certainly condoning it. >> she went on to say in that interview, also, that she, you know, was very much against it she just former state prosecutor. she knows very well the situation that goes on in the court system. and sometimes, i mean, yes, justice is blind, sometimes it works. sometimes it doesn't. >> let me give monica the last word here. okay. this comes down -- there is going to be protests no matter what happens because you have the hard core anti-american people out there entrenched, not ferguson people just
5:26 pm
organized we hate america people. but i'm hoping that the folks, the regular folks, they won't do anything. >> well, ye, -- yeah, look, i think there has been a disservice ginning up a reaction. getting the momentum to go so that there is a reaction in place prompting protesters on how to protest or putting out bullet points how to protest and demonstrate. >> they did that at washington college in st. louis. >> exactly. >> we will get into that later on. >> ladies, thank you, plenty more aas the factor moves along this evening. dennis miller worried that global warming may cause a war. find out what that's about. dick cabot funniest americans ever. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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5:31 pm
>> all right. that was about 14 months ago. do the people like it so far? >> well, when you look at the poll numbers, actually, the majority of people do not like obamacare or the oo. fordable care act. at least right now. 37% of americans approve of the law. a 6 disapprove. that's according to the latest gallup numbers. these numbers come out on monday. the information was gathered just after this most recent election earlier this month. >> why don't they like it? what's wrong with it? >> well, there are a couple of major factors. there is costs. one of the things costs continue to go up. >> 3,000 for the average american family, that's the last stat i heard. >> even more. more than 4,000. >> more than 4,000 now? >> there is 3% increase in the family run plans and the biggest thing we have talked about this before, deductibles have risk by about 47%. >> that's the hidden deal.detuct you have to pay before the insurance company reimburses you say it's up 47%. >> one of the major aspects here, one of the biggest
5:32 pm
debts happened in november of 2013. that's when people were told they wouldn't be able to keep their policy. that's when a lot of folks found out if they liked their policies they thought they were going to keep them and that didn't happen so things. >> taking all of that i want to reemphasize. the reason most people don't like obamacare is that their deductibles are going up on average of 47%. that's enormous. and that was not the way it was sold. all right, i want you, sean, to listen to the second sound bite from senator harry reid. >> as we speak, there are 9 million people who have insurance who didn't have it before. there is about 2. a million who have gotten insurance on the web. we have -- including the 14 exvarious states, including nevada. we have 3 million people who are are on -- have insurance
5:33 pm
now because they are on their parent's insurance, can stay there until they are 26. >> after that the senator took a nap. he was exhausted by getting all that out. okay. so let's run down the stats. 9 million, what's that. >> no, no. he is wrong. at the time when he said that it was just over 8 million. he was close. >> he was a million light. >> 900,000, exactly. yes. now, i went on the obamacare web site today and it claims the number is 15 million. other experts say it's not that high. 13 million. >> people have insurance through the exchanges. >> people not insured before and are insured now. >> 15 million who didn't have any insurance. now are on some roles? >> that's what it claims. >> what's what the web site says. >> the actual number is even lower than that. 7.1 million. >> where does that come from? >> that's what the government says. >> i don't understand. if the obamacare web site is saying 15 have it that didn't have it before and the administration said 7.1 have it, who is right?
5:34 pm
what's going on? >> that's one of the issues, part of the problem here. the fact is the secretary of health and human services is seeing that they will be at 9.1 million. or maybe 9.9. >> obamacare web site is deceiving us? >> that says on the obama web site if you go to it, it says 15 million people who weren't covered before now have insurance. >> right. but the government says it's more like 7 million? >> 7.1. and they assume it will be over 9 million next year. >> all right. now, of the people who didn't have insurance, do we have any stats? let's say the stat is 7 million, all right? let's say it is. maybe it's 15 but i don't think so. how many of those getting free. >> well, the big problem with this is people aren't paying. the president in april said there were 8 million. they lost about a million because people didn't pay. >> they didn't pay the little they had to pay or whatever so they were booted? >> and you still have 41 million estimated americans without insurance and they apparently are worried they won't get it
5:35 pm
more people have insurance because of doss and other issues. >> okay. but we don't know how many of the ones the newly enrolled ones are being subsidized? we don't know that stat? >> no. i don't have that. >> okay. we have got to get that that's what it is all about. the people who are getting a free ride, they love it. but the people whose deductible goes up, they don't love it so much. truth serum, everybody, when we come right back, it will be miller time. charles manson getting married. global warming and war and corporate pot. they are all high. miller is next. patented sonic technology with
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight. three hot topics. guest to the sage of southern california, joining us from santa barbara. miller, 80-year-old charles manson is in cochran state prison out in california where you are, about 200 miles from you. he is gonna marry a 26-year-old girl. are you going to the ceremony, miller? >> now you want it know how crazy he is? he didn't invite me. that's how crazy he is. >> i thought you would be doing the reception emceeing. >> well, you know, they are registered by the way at the thorazine depot and i got
5:40 pm
them a second personality cozy to keep the voice in his night. i don't know how he wooed this chic. i think when she asked about the scar on the forehead. that's not a was can a that's a plus sign doing cart wheels to put a positive spin on it it i was doing interview in rolling stone. she says we are getting married. i don't know fee f. we are getting married. if you are coming on so strong that manson thinks you are stocking him you have got to back off the accelerator a little. >> this woman i think wants to be on a reality show, you know. doesn't have a lot going on. 80 years old. she is 26. >> i'm sure it's his personality and his hair. >> party guy, you know, miller, manson, he is the party guy. he can't consummate the marriage. there is no congress
5:41 pm
congress call visits. manson appropriation tax. >> he have some bill. we are being unfair to charlie. >> right. >> you know, france francois, he says that global warming is so bad, miller, it could lead to war. it could lead to war. >> the french get a little mellow dramatic about this. someone left the bernaise out in the rain. i don't think. [ laughter ] >> these guys are nuts. what if i told holland that global warming was caused by the white hot hatred of the muslim immigrants in the france for the jews? what if i told them that? would he confront it then?
5:42 pm
>> you know, when it's this cold out, billy, just on a basic level, could i toll global warming alarmists when we are freezing our tukas off, it's a bad time to hit us with the global warming thing. at least wait. >> 6 feet of snow before thanksgiving. >> on a basic level that's a bad time to sell your policy. >> all right. you know, this bob marley guy, the late bob marley, jamaican sicker. was i in a movie once called "marley and me" he kept blowing shotguns into a little dog's snout. >> no. that's a different movie. he wasn't in that. he wrote i shot the sheriff, but i did not kill the deputy. >> if he was on jamaican weed. that stuff is strong. i ordered room service in 1974. i'm still waiting for it. >> it's an inside travel joke but it's a good one.
5:43 pm
we like it. >> you can't gather it it he is on marley weed. tough going to jamaica tough laying down you have a 5 guys selling you. put it down. give me an hour here, okay? unbelievable. >> okay. sell me what you want, i want to catch some ray wright. >> put it over there all right. i will call the dea and we will go through it. >> billy, you know you are stoned when highly comes to your country to visit from ethiopia and you are so loaded you end up thinking is he god. >> anyway, marley's family has now formed an alliance with a corporation to market the first global marijuana brand called marley natural gas all right? so now their corporations getting into the legalized
5:44 pm
pot business a little dubious, miller. would you not say that? >> listen, billy. i hope everybody in the planet decides to get so stoned take advantage of them. if people keep getting more loaded i will stop paying bills. i'm not going to play along. if everybody wants to get high, go ahead. >> do you know what i did, miller? >> we will make hay out here. >> i am a business person and i see what's happening here with the marley brand and the colorado. i bought stock in hostess. [ laughter ] >> there you go. >> bringing them all back, you know. >> you're thinking one move down the board like mr. spock playing chest. >> there you go. dennis miller, everybody, a footnote. we got word this morning that the don't be a pinhead shows in san jose california and san antonio, texas are 95% sold out already.
5:45 pm
bill o' has a link to the box offices but hurry. new mexico theater saturday april 11th. >> finally west bury, rhode island, my home turf, the theater saturday may 2nd. make great christmas gifts. dick cabot is on deck. greatest he has ever seen. a few laughs when we return.
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back of the book segment tonight. new book out by dick cabot. called brief encounters, conversations, magic moments and assorted high jinx. in the book mr. cabot discusses some of the most amusing people he has ever known. i spoke with him last night. >> so i wanted to talk to
5:49 pm
you about funny people. because you're a comedy writer. let's take grach choo marks first. >> you bet your life big 50s show. the guy was lightning. >> charles snow. how tall are you, charlie. >> a'2". first time i have ever had 5 feet of snow in l.a. [ laughter ] >> ad-libs on that show were just splendid. the famous incident with the cigar the guest had a dozen or so children. and gracho said you really have that many children he said is there anything wrong with that he said no i love my is cigar too but i take it out of my mouth sometimes. radio days. >>. you tell a great story about groucho marx on a tour bus. >> one of the tour bus came up to his house. man with microphone said
5:50 pm
there is a gardner. let's see if we can get anything aboutcho. this man he sees has the hat pulled down and working with his roses and, in fact, it was groucho but he didn't reveal it. he didn't reveal it. and the square john with the mic, could you give us any insights into your boss? what kind of a job is this? a familiar boy said the pay's lousy but he lets me sleep with his wife. [ laughter ] >> now, bob hope, you feel he was one of the funniest men that you ever seen? >> absolutely, yes. this is a man who went to the stop in theater. >> i'm the greatest of them all -- >> went to the top in television to the top in movies. >> doctor, doctor, glad i'm not sick. >> hope certainly was the most
5:51 pm
skilled brilliant comedian. >> you pointed to your bedroom was -- >> outside your door is a blackboard. >> do you keep score of some kind? >> not only that, so flattering i'm going to plead guilty. >> intrinsically funny, everything. then he stayed on too long. he was a patriot. he loved the country that had done so much for him. he just loved fame to the exclusion of everything in his life. >> loved being famous. >> i'm a musical comedy now. i'm a big star. >> not in this house. >> when i was a kid he walked out on a stage and there was nothing between me and bob hope. i ran around the stage door, hope came down the steps and said fine show, bob. he said thanks, son. and i look, yes, he's here and he's going to come out on my show. i told him that story and said,
5:52 pm
hey, was that you? >> you just walked out of the studio and you dropped it in there. the move of your career. [ laughter ] >> you wrote for carson. you had your own show on abc. a lot of them are tortured individuals, right? >> i fear that is true. >> but isn't it interesting that you devote your life to making people laugh, but you yourself aren't enjoying levity. look at johnny carson. >> here's johnny! >> brilliant comedian, correct? >> yeah. >> timing impeccable. >> perfect. >> perfect presentation. in his private life he's a mess. >> i know. he was a very good friend of mine. >> we're not going to get away with it another year. >> one of the most tortured teds, like a wire about to snap. he had drinking, he had certain times when i was writing for him
5:53 pm
just -- looked like a man who couldn't possibly. >> he didn't enjoy going out the curtain and all that? >> yeah, he did enjoy that. >> diddle -- >> yeah. i would stand backstage with him and he would have his last cigarette until the show. and he would impeccably clad and do a tap dance step to warm up, drop the cigarette. he'd go out and the applause and johnny was happy and in command and masterful for one hour. >> and same with robin williams, i think, when he was performing. lost in that performance. >> thanks, mork, i was trying to put the boot on. >> i guess you started the day off on the wrong foot. >> i thought that was a tremendous pressure. you know, because people always looking to robin williams, jonathan winters to make them laugh. >> thanks for writing the book.
5:54 pm
>> you don't have to call me mr. cavett anymore. >> mr. dick would be all right. whatever you want. >> all right. next, "the factor" tip of the day, buying stuff online. the tip moments away. i'm over the hill. my body doesn't work the way it used to. past my prime? i'm a victim of a slowing metabolism? i don't think so. great grains protein blend. protein from natural ingredients like seeds and nuts. it helps support a healthy metabolism. great grains protein blend.
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"the factor" tip of the day, buying stuff online, in a moment. but first, the mail. christopher, san francisco. if we really are to believe that legalized undocumented people receive no benefits as congressman gutierrez said, then maybe we are as stupid as jonathan gruber says we are. richard, with holding his last name, california. my wife works in the state welfare office and illegal aliens are already getting full med medi-cal benefits.
5:57 pm
the states are doing what they want on illegal immigration. california, bill, i'm having trouble figuring out why you are convinced the supreme court will rule against obamacare because of the state exchanges. some of the justices must be teed off. the whole thing has become a legal fi i can't say koe. they do pay attention to the country. peter, thailand. bill, my colleagues and i are debating why terrorists never kidnap chinese people. because the government would never pay ransom for anyone. it's a collective good thing over there. and few chinese people have any money at all. so they're not kidnapped. pennsylvania, we laughed out loud at your new name for the washington redskins, bill, the progressives with the pelosi logo says it all. gary, alabama. o'reilly, if you think the redskins are cursed, how do you explain the jets?
5:58 pm
fuel shortage, gary. marcy, north carolina. nancy pelosi? seriously, bill? shame on you. the redskins deserve respect. just suggest, marcy, a little satire. pennsylvania, killing patton currently has 4.6 stars out of 5 with thousands of reviews on killing jesus just hit 8,000 views. we appreciate everyone who took the time to read the books and then say nice things about them. heath henry, houston, texas. o'reilly, i purchased killing patton for myself but realized that was selfish so i read it and gave it to a world war ii vet. that was a nice thing to do. and a big way to go to carol in hickman and her crew at avington heights, pennsylvania, for raising $7,500, the independence fund who are are buying
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writing to "the factor." had to think about how to pronounce it. thanks again for watching. ms. megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops here because we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, new fallout after president obama announces he will take to the air waves at roughly this time tomorrow outlining a plan to bypass the people's representatives in congress and suspend the deportations of some 5 million illegal immigrants all with the stroke of his pen. welcome to "the kelly file" everyone. i'm megyn kelly. at roughly p.m. eastern time tomorrow night november 20th president obama is scheduled to announce what looks like the most sweeping executive action on immigration in american history. and it is one the president himself has said for years it totally unambiguously illegal. >> the notion