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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 19, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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night. we'll have live reaction and how are republicans going to fight back over amnesty? right here, tomorrow night, thanks for being with us.
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write a law. >> i'm almost speechless here. >> i'm excited about this president obama. >> american people don't support amnesty. >> we can adam necessity to the long list of lies by the president. >> senator rand paul joins us. good evening, sir. the prent president says he's going to make an announcement tomorrow night. i take it you don't like this. >> he said 22 times previously that he doesn't have the power to legislate on his own with regard to immigration. i hope he keeps that in mind when he comes forward to do something different. i think he has absolutely no right to executive order to
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write new immigration law. i'm open to some form of immigration reform. i'm open to a lot of ideas, but the president can't do this. >> all right. well, the judicial branch can review an executive order. in the meantime, what do you intend to do? he's made it plain what he intends to do. >> it's difficult because if congress rebukes him -- let's say even in january we decide to rebuke him with legislation, he could simply veto back. i would say there's a case from the 1950s. in that case, the supreme court said to harry truman that he has done something unlawful. one executive order is to execute the law as intended and there's no conflict with
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congress. one type, and it's murky and unclear. then there's an executive order that directly contradicts what congress wanted. they should immediately pass a resolution saying that what he's doing is contrary to the will of the house of representatives. the thing is, history will treat him unkindly on this if he thinks he can become king. >> washington people are always worried about their reputations. these orders have real impact on people. it's not who's the hypocrite, who's not. they have a real impact. i'm curious whether you think the house should have voted on the senate immigration bill sent over at least a year ago. >> i've always been in favor of securing the border first, doing some things to increase work
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permits. there's a couple bills that i'm for passing immediately in january. visas for people with a master's degree or phd in math or science. we would love to have them in silicon valley or in texas in austin. we want those people in our country, but we don't have enough visas. a bill passed in the house last year, but the democrats held it hostage. so i think what will happen when republicans take over is some good things that there is overwhelming support for like increasing visas for people with college degrees in math and science. we will see if the president is willing to work with us to get part of what he wants or will he insist on always getting everything he wants. >> tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. the president will speak to the
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nation. thank you, sir. why now? it is true president obama has been threatening to bypass congress on immigration for a long time. why announce this just days before a holiday week? ron, of course, it's the night of the latino grammy's. >> what a coincidence. i know they're patting themselves on the back. they think they cued off some cute little micro targeting here. major networks aren't planning on carrying it. the people who are for who he's doing, barely, by the way, and the people that are against it aren't. almost 60% of the public is for immigration reform. but only 30% think the president should do it this way. only 43% of hispanics think he
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should do it. it's not politically very popular. >> this is an optimal moment for the president to make this decision. the gop is right on the edge of taking over congress. everybody's watching republicans. what this is going to do is force the republicans into a big fight over how to respond to this in the spending bill. it's kind of a win-win. he's getting it done before the end of the year and he's doing it in a way that's going to highlight divisions in the republicans. it's going to make the democrats look like the ones who can lead. so i hate to be a real cynic politically, but you know this factored in when they talked about whether to do this now or wait until after the government funding bill past. >> the media is just standing by wondering to see if ferguson,
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missouri is going to implode or not. >> it will be lost. exactly. that's very interesting timing. but i think susan's right. the democrats actually are disappointed in the timing. if you talk to democrats in the congress who would be generally supported, they wanted to get the spending fight. they wanted that to pass before this happened because it could be the position that the republicans put certain riders into the spending bill and democrats are seen as shutting down the government if they don't agree to them. there will be pressure fortune the democrats to join in with zeroing out funding to keep the government open and there will be some pressure on democrats. it is also true that president obama feels he has nothing left to lose and is happy to invite republicans to be on the record
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supporting deportation and on and on. >> we're all assuming hispanics are for this. we could very much have in the next election the same thing that happened this election. of course hispanics are not going to vote for republicans, but they could stay home. a lot of them already see this as pandering. >> and the whole thought why didn't we wait -- why? why not wait a couple more weeks. >> i like the grammy's tie in. >> why didn't he give an immigration reform that was do you remember able. >> or wait until january. >> that's my point. >> didn't want to wait a couple months. >> they know when they're being used politically and can see through this. >> stay with us. here we go again, jonathan gruber calls all of us stupid and more than once. gruber voicing over a cartoon to
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explain obamacare to what he considers stupid americans. that's right. a cartoon. i'm jonathan gruber. served as an advisor for the national health care reform bill. lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. call it the stupidity of the american voter or whatever. but that was really critical. ted kennedy figured out a way to rip off the feds about $400 million a year. it's an exploitation of the lack of economic understanding of the american voters. americans are too stupid to understand this. >> good evening, mr. chairman. nice to see you. your thoughts about mr. gruber and now he's got a cartoon too. i guess he thinks adults are so
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stupid. >> i prefer sponge bob, but i did watch the cartoon earlier today. i can't get past the irony to get to the arrogance. when an administration holds out as the most transparent effort and then you confess this and insult the voters in the process who threw out your party is couple weeks afwoe and you're still getting public money to continue the indignities and insults, shame on us if we don't do something. >> in his cartoon, he says in part that he knows that the obamacare will succeed because it's based on successful reform in massachusetts. massachusetts was successful because it got a $400 million grant from the federal government. the obamacare this nationwide health care isn't getting a grant from anybody. >> right. i saw that today. he was bragging about
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essentially getting the rest of the country to pay for the massachusetts health care plan. >> and then that's the successful model. >> there's no place our country can go to dupe somebody into that. i think any time you base any piece of legislation on the fact that your voters aren't going to read the bill or aren't going -- you believe they're not going to understand the intricacies of the bill, that's dangerous. >> what happens? whether you like obamacare or not, you got to hate the way this went down. nobody read the bill. i tried to read it myself. now you have them admitting they used lack of transparency. they think the people are so stupid that they could slick the people. >> when you have an insomniac
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with that problem, you don't interrupt him. when he's through insulting our fellow citizens, what i would recommend is have a series of congressional hearings, primarily the focus on the money we spent on him. when you apologize, did you apologize because you said it or did you apologize because you meant it? i think he meant that we could not have passed this bill if people had been paying attention. >> the insults, big deal. people say nasty rot ton things all the time. what's even more disturbing is to undermine the democratic system by being deceitful knowingly. >> when somebody is so much smarter than we are and knows so much better what's in our best interest, it's okay when they lie to us because they have our best interest in mind and you and i are not smart enough to
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know what is best for us. if i could get past the irony, i would get to the arrogance. this transparent administration can't tell you the truth about a signature piece of legislation. that is just rich to me. >> nice to see you, sir. developing now, jonathan gruber is stepping down in vermont. you saw it here first last night. he has a $400,000 contract in the state of vermont. we have no idea if our reporting had any impact. but news just 24 hours later, he is quitting his health care consulting job with the state of vermont. >> when you are coming to a group of people who are paying you a large sum of money to try to have something accomplished, and you treat them with disrespect, that leads in my eyes to a situation where he is not going to be credible when he
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tries to come into the legislature to sell what ever package he develops. >> doug is live in vermont. >> reporter: hard to tell if this decision was long in planning or came up very suddenly. it came from the governor's point man on health care to gruber who said he had become so toxic they could no longer work with him. gruber will no longer finish the pay of his $400,000 contract. he can keep the 160,000 that he already earned. unclear whether he's going to continue to work on the contractor turn it over to his research assistants that are paid over $100 an hour. long before, the health care plan in vermont was toxic in and of itself. there have been lots of missed deadlines, lots of accusations, also a toxic nature of the
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entire plan. he won reelection in november by only one personal point over a poorly funded republican candidate. january 8th, the legislature is going to decide who the next governor is. it may be that he did not want that name hanging over his head with that vote looming. back to you. >> doug, thank you. on the record, fox news has been telling you about jonathan gruber ever since the first of many videos surfaced. is the mainstream media ignoring it, why? susan, is fox news making too much out of this? >> ever since this story broke, the first thing i thought of was the video of mitt romney and the 47%. remember during the campaign that secret video was revealed and the media went crazy. it was nonstop coverage, wall to
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wall coverage of that video. and this reminds me of that. we're seeing a revelation that from someone close to the administration about the health care law that appears to be a deception. the same way people felt mitt romney may be deceiving them. nobody is paying any attention. this is the major health care law. >> i don't think that -- i would just say one thing. i don't think he's close to administration on this. i think that he was the architect. he's in the brief that's been filed with the supreme court petition. he is so thick into this. >> that's the problem is that the administration has really not been forthcoming about their relationship with him. he was mentioned frequently in a presidential campaign in 2012 because they used gruber's involvement to deflect criticism of obama saying it was romney care light. he was paid $400,000 and your
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viewers should know that's a lot of money in this town. >> and that -- when you add it all autopup -- >> and he was at presidential level meetings. you don't get there unless you're influential. the fact that house democrats have not come to the cameras and said, we were not deceiving the american people, we did not do it that way, we're not hearing that. we're also not hearing from the white house a rejection of his criticism, but an acknowledgement he was a part of the process. >> several have only done one broadcast on this. >> i don't care if the president is from the red party, the blue party or the green party. when the white house is caught lying about the liar and the lies, that should be a big story. i would equate it -- there's no equation between health care and a war. if we can remember when it was
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found out that the bush administration was paying ex-generals a lot of money on tv and sell and inflate the need for war. it was a huge story on the front page. it was the same kind of story. it was the administration spending taxpayer money to promote its policy. and to deceive. i don't know if it's because most newsrooms are a little to the left. i don't know if it's because of a misperception that the health care law has been settled. i think it's a misperception. for whatever reason, we're missing a big store story. >> panel, thank you very much. developing right now, more isis trouble. it is about their weapons. >> plus, i just found something very odd. it is evidence of something that's been going on since i was in the third grade. the inside story about me coming up. female announcer: the mattress price wars
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we're comcast. the only isp legally bound by full net neutrality rules. developing now, the u.n. warning that isis has enough weapons to wage war for two years. it gets worse. according to the new u.n. report, even if the u.s. bombing campaign destroys the terror group heavy weapons. knock out isis reserve. lt. colonel oliver north joins us. before he sat down he said the report was mind numbing. >> it is mind numbing. typical united nations report. smoke screen for what the u.n. isn't doing. distracts you by saying the oil revenues have dropped by this much and that much. maybe it's more. it's a typical united nations report. if the u.n. really wanted to do mething about the problem of isis, what they would have to do is drop the charade that's being played
11:23 pm
with turkey nearly all of the oil that had been going out -- and, by the way, the dollar value of the oil has dropped considerably not just because we are dropping bombs on mobile oil refineries but because the price of oil has dropped. >> gone down. >> all over the world. so their revenues have dropped. cutting oil revenues isn't the solution for isis. if you want to stop the small arms, and the jihadis from going in. you have got to deal with the elephant in the room. and that's turkey what he has been saying. i'm not sure they are listening to him. he even though the muslim brotherhood was elected therefore we can't mess with him. this administration needs to know that irdis the reason isis exists today. he did not see enough happening against shiite being established across from the mediterranean to the persian gulf. >> maybe i'm wrong, look back at george bush 41, he got a worldwide coalition. >> and fought.
11:24 pm
>> fought in kuwait. because he had so many relationships. he knew everybody in the world. and everybody admired him so he could pick up the phone and get the world to respond. we are not in a position now to get the world to respond to these hateful vicious people. everybody should be on the same page in this. but nobody is and then you have got the u.n. just talking. >> and the u.n., of course, as i say, mind numbing reports. on the one hand. this but on the other hand that numbers mean absolutelily meaningless. the issue is stopping qatary money they will replace the oil revenues with nothing more than natural gas revenues and the turks for backing isis and that's the problem here. if you wanted to stop it, the united nations wanted to stop it, put an international blockade off othe coast of syria and inspectors at all the transit points syria and isis controlled territory in turkey that's the way you stop it. >> i don't want to have a different conversation with you. you are talking about the u.n. i'm talking about lack of leadership. the thing is the u.n. isn't
11:25 pm
leading. this there is no -- i mean, who can command the world to respond to this? we are not doing that? >> we have always insisted that the u.n. do it our way or cut them off. look what's about to happen. the iaea is backing a plan which will essentially allow iran to get nuclear weapons. >> prime minister netanyahu will never let that happen at least he says he won't. >> if john kerry does a deal with iran on their nuclear program, that will finish any hope any of isis it will prove what al baghdadi has been saying all along. he is telling everybody, the united states is backing shiite that goes persian gulf. only one standing in the way of that is isis. ird point is going to be made. it will be terrible for the sunnies. terrible for us.
11:26 pm
>> colonel north nice to he sue. >> good to see you. i will send you pictures of my dog. >> he has a new puppy. a job is going to send shiver up your spine. senator lindsey graham is here next. follow me on twitter right now brand new handle @greta. really easy. kid: hey dad, who was that man? dad: he's our broker. he helps looks after all our money. kid: do you pay him? dad: of course. kid: how much? dad: i don't know exactly. kid: what if you're not happy? does he have to pay you back? dad: nope. kid: why not? dad: it doesn't work that way. kid: why not? vo: are you asking enough questions about the way your wealth is managed? wealth management at charles schwab
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paragraph pra a fire now becoming a reality. a known al qaeda terrorists
11:30 pm
released from gitmo has a new job. a recruiter for isis. fox news chief intelligent correspondent catherine herridge joins us. can't think of a worse job. >> that's right. guatemala, i got the guantanamo review done in 2006. the bush administration found that this detainee, 44 years old was simply too old. relative, of course, to get back into the fight and that he had poor health. he had thyroid surgery a nun of times at guantanamo. fast forward a decade later it is true did he in the go back to the battlefield, instead the primary recruiter for isis in pakistan. >> if you are talking about isis in pakistan. isis gone beyond syria, iraq, and now the chief recruiter in pakistan. that can't go unnoticed. >> he will with, i'm glad you raise that point. because it shows that not only is the ideology moving outside of the battlefield. but they have point people outside of the battlefield. whether it's in libya. whether it's in pakistan. trying to sell the isis
11:31 pm
message in taliban country. trying to sell pepsi in coke country. he may not have a lot of luck there it shows that he is committed. they have an outpost beyond the battlefield. >> they may have be different. if they have a common goal. you know, things may look very different to them in six months. they may be pals. >> a decade ago, the bush administration felt that there was no way this guy would go back to the fight because he was too old and he had poor health. here we are a decade later and now he has hitched his wagon to the next big thing, which is isis in the global jihad. >> that's terrible. anyway, catherine are, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> former detainees going straight from gitmo back to al qaeda and now to isis. what is the solution in senator lindsey graham joins us. good evening, sir. this can't be a good sign if they are going from al qaeda to gitmo to isis and now even to pakistan. >> what percentage of a gitmo detainees who have been release have gone back to the fight, do you know? >> i have no idea. >> almost 30%. what is the solution? making sure we don't let
11:32 pm
people out of gitmo that represent a danger to our country and to our allies and having oversight over barack obama. he wants to close the jail so bad he can't stand it. he. >> can he do it by executive order? >> he has threatened to do that. if he tried to close that jail by executive order, there would be a constitutional crisis that makes this immigration thing look tame. the congress has spoken in a bipartisan fashion that you can't transfer people from gitmo unless we're consulted. so at the end of the day congress needs to have more control who is released from jail. here is my big problem. he hasn't put one person in gitmo. when we capture a via value target. we read them miranda rights and put them in federal court they should go to gitmo to be held as enemy combatant to be interrogated for years. that's how you collect intelligence. >> november 24th deadline for the iranian deal. will there be a deal with iran? >> the obama administration wants a deal so bad they can't stand it i fear that we have a north korea in the
11:33 pm
making. small enrichment program to be monitored by the u.n. and they break out one day and have a nuclear weapon. here is what i suggest. that never let barack obama go it alone when it comes to ayatollahs or nukes. any deal they negotiate with the iranians must come to congress and be approved by the congress before it's binding as a check and balance. >> you can impose that requirement on the president. >> absolutely. >> or can he go alone on this. >> no. we can impose it because the sanctions that were created by congress, most of the sanctions that are hurting the regime came from the congress. not through executive action. yes, we can, and we should, and i make a prediction. that my bill along with bob corker requiring congress to look at this deal and vote it up or down will get a huge bipartisan support. who in the senate and the house would want to go back home and explain to their constituents i trust thatted barack obama so much with the iranian nuclear deal that i didn't want to look at it.
11:34 pm
>> what if he says i'm going to work out a deal. secretary kerry work out a bill. you can have your bill in the senate but i don't care. >> i would lead the effort to defund the ability to relieve the sanctions. we would have a constitutional crisis, a of major proportions and democrats with a future would side with me. who in their right behind, after all these blunders throughout the world, including obamacare would trust barack obama enough to negotiate a nuclear deal with the iranians who have been lying, cheating, and stealing for 30 years without warning, have some oversight. hillary clinton needs to be involved in this debate. if they announce a deal, i think it's going to be a deal israel won't accept. and the sunni arabs won't accept. if you give the she a persians a nuclear capability, every sunni arab state will want one of their own and you are on the road to arm g.e.d.en. >> why should hillary clinton be out of this? >> she wants to be president of the united states. of all the decisions that barack obama or any president will make in my lifetime, how to end the
11:35 pm
iranian nuclear ambitions is the most important. because if they break out and get a nuclear weapon, then you are going to have a nuclear arms race in the mideast. >> is there any deal you would agree to where they could do even some enrichment or is this zero enrichment? >> it should be zero but here is the goal for me. that the program that they are left with cannot be turned into a weapons program. and you don't have to rely on the u.n. >> i think that prime minister netanyahu has a zero number. >> and he would be right to say zero. 50 nations have nuclear programs that don't enrich uranium. when they claim they have that right, there is no right in international law. why would barack obama give the ayatollah something we haven't given mexico or canada? >> don't get me started on mexico. anyway. senator, thank you, sir. >> thank you. and the hits keep coming. giant snow storm threatening to dump more snow on places already under six feet of snow. rick reichmuth here next. back to the future, see what i uncovered.
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we will open the "on the record" time capsule. coming up, don't forget to subscribe to greta talk. brand new podcast launching on itunes and tune in radio on your phone. hint congress will join me, son of cuban immigrant. subscr right now. it's free.
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this is a fox news alert. right now buffalo, new york, get ready, because more snow is headed your way. there is already almost 6 feet of snow on the ground in buffalo. that's not the only place stuck in a deep freeze. we have live team coverage in some of the hardest hit take a look with what is going on outside. >> from coast to coast, the weather outside is frightful. >> how does it feel? >> it's cold on my face. >> the northeast, midwest, even parts of the south
11:41 pm
slammed by snow cold and winter weather. >> we have extreme conditions out here. >> the worst near buffalo, new york, war massive blizzard seen here is dumping more than 6 feet of snow on that city and more is on the way. >> you are not going to make it also in upstate new york drivers stranded. >> snowmobile. one of the volunteer firefighters, i think, came over and picked us up and drove us here. >> chaos that has emergency is responders concerned. >> side streets are not plowed yet. trouble getting downside streets. >> midwest plummeting temperatures and snow and snow and snow. in lake county, ohio, roads backed up thanks to frigid weather which has some ohioans giving free advice. >> don't forget your coat because i did. >> in battle creek, michigan, semi-trucks colliding in the winter weather snow piles up. toronto zoo great video. ice fishermen are out in november.
11:42 pm
>> just seeing the very first of the crazy people go out ice fishing. >> even down south in georgia, cold weather has people filling up the coffee shops. >> they all want hot chocolate. >> like 30 degrees out here and you are wearing shorts. >> i am. social media is exploding. pictures of snow walls covering doors, closing garages, even closing the buffalo bills stadium. the team offering free tickets to anyone who shovels a seat. but it may take a while. there are already 220,000 tons of snow in the stadium and the storm isn't over yet. >> so this could potentially be a historic snow fall, especially for the month of november. >> and now we go live from the area hardest hit by the snow storm. josh is in michigan right now. josh? >> greta, good evening. it is blowing snow here. can you see it falling right now. this is what we have been dealing with almost nonstop here for the past three days with a grand total of 20 inches of snow or more in
11:43 pm
some parts of west michigan here. it has been absolutely relentless. you take a walk back here i will show you just how much we have here. stick my hand in and it goes all the way up to my elbow here. you take it out. we are talking about very thick, very dense packing snow. that is because of the lake-effect phenomenon that we have here because lake michigan is only about 35 miles away from where we are right here in grand rapids. so all of that moisture, all of that wind carries these bands of tow truck drivers trying to get to all the slide jawfs and wrecks on the highways.
11:44 pm
snowplows once they go through and plow the roads more snow falling leak you see now. we have been hearing word that some of the streets here in grand rapids, the plows might not even get to until friday at the earliest. so that can create some serious mess for emergency responders. other people that really need to get through those roads. so i think needless to say, everyone is really overwhelmed here. and there is more on the way. ten to 12-inch by friday. so the hits just keep on coming. greta, it's not even thanksgiving. >> i know. see new april, josh. thank you. and the deep freeze is not over yet. what is next? fox news chief meteorologist is here with the latest. rick? >> greta, this is the season you get lake-effect snow. the water hasn't frozen yet. water temps in the 40s and cooler air moving over the lakes. this is a perfect example of that you see the western side of all of the lakes not seeing the snow. it's the eastern side. the wind moves across the lakes and picks up moisture and causes the problems.
11:45 pm
this is the latest image there watching the new storm get ready almost 36 hours straight of constant snow just to the southern side of buffalo. buffalo itself around 6 inches of snow. go around 10 miles to the south. 65 inches of snow. tells you how exactly how crazy these lake-effect snow bands are this is our water temperature right now. still into the 40s. once we get the winds again moving into the direction here along the lake, which is what we are going to see over the overnight hours again, we will start to see it pile up again. this is our first alert forecast radar. you see that overnight. this persistent wind coming all the way across lake erie through much of the day tomorrow and areas just to the south of buffalo. potentially, greta, looking at another 2 feet of snow on top of the almost 6 feet they have h so by the time we are done talking about this, maybe a 7 to 8-foot snowfall for a lot of people here. this is what we are going to be seeing and then we also, one thing that is going to change this dramatically is this weekend temps climb. take a look at sunday.
11:46 pm
buffalo 47. rapid snow melt potentially and two to three inches of rain on top of this. so we are potentially by monday looking at a very big flooding event there. hard to imagine with all that snow there and melting so quickly with rain and much warmer temperatures coming in. >> wow, rick, thank you. >> you bet. >> straight ahead, jewish communities around the world are increasing security after the attack. israeli ambassador goes "on the record" next. right now follow me on twitter at the brand new handle @greta. huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know words really can hurt you? what...? jesse don't go!! i'm sorry daisy, but i'm a loner. and a loner gotta be alone. heee yawww! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. jesse?
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give the gift of volvo this season and we'll give you your first month's payment on us. jews worldwide are on high alert after an attack on a synagogue in jerusalem. joining us israeli ambassador to the u.s. ron
11:51 pm
behrman. nice to see you, sir. >> unthinkable about what happened in jerusalem. >> yeah, terrible, savage murder of four jews in a synagogue. israeli police officer went to protect him and he too was killed. we have had five victims of this savage attack. and it's a day of mourning today in israel. in israel it's a day of celebration in gaza. they are dancing in the streets after the savage murder of jews. concern of anybody of any decency anywhere. >> that's hardest thing -- there is a lot that is hard to stomach about this. even yesterday handing out candy and celebrating after four people were like a hatchet and a knife and a gun slaughtered four and now five, the fifth person died. it's really hard. it's like really hard to stomach that.t. >> well, if you saw, greta, what they see on their television and what they hear on the radio, and what they read in newspapers that are controlled by the palestinian authority and what they -- what children learn in textbooks that are put out by the palestinian
11:52 pm
authority, it wouldn't surprise you that they are dancing in the streets. they have glorified killers in palestinian society for a long time this they turn murders into heroes. they should take a clear stand, tell president abbas, first of all get out of your pac with this terrible organization hamas. secondly, stop inciting the violence and hatred. >> you are not saying these are two levels that lone wolves that went into a synagogue. >> first of all, he bears responsibility because he is the head of the palestinian authority. >> is it deeper than that? is that deeper than that? >> look, president abbas is not hamas. he is not part of the terror organization he also is not arafat. he was not ordered killings. he has allowed this environment of incitement to emerge. >> does he actually incite.
11:53 pm
>> yeah, he does. >> he is up to his eyeballs in it? >> he actually just did it yesterday when he made this condemnation which many people around the world accepted. they didn't read the full condemnation. if the first sentence he condemned the attack. in the second sentence he condemned israel for going after the mosque. so he is continuing half condemnation and half incitement. >> all right. so it's not a real condemnation by abbas, it's a phony one in your view. >> it's not unequivocal condemnation. >> is it phony? >> yeah. i think he is speaking out of both sides of his mouth. imagine you have 3,000 americans kied in 9/11 and people around the world are saying you know we condemn that but we also condemn all these things america is doing is that something you would find acceptable? of course not. >> you view his condemnation as phony and is he up to his his eyeballs? >> is he not directly calling for attacks but he is not contributing in any way.
11:54 pm
he is not a partner yet for the solution. >> is he doing the nod and the wink? >> that's the problem. that's what we think he is doing that's what he is saying is take action. change the status quo. trying to destroy he is playing with fire. instead of dousing he is pouring fuel on them. >> i only wish this would end peacefully. that might wishful thinking. thanks, sir. coming up, the staff has been laughing with me all day.parently i have a habit dating back to 1962 that i just can't beat. i will tell you what that is off-the-record of course, next.
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okay. let's all go off-the-record for a minute. what i love about my job is that i get to put a spotlight on issues that i sometimes find objectionable. for example, that very
11:59 pm
obnoxious behavior by jonathan gruber arrogantly calling the american people stupid. now, that annoyed me, so i have been speaking out about it. then i got to thinking. is it new, speaking out publicly when i don't like something? well, apparently not exactly because i found this article today. it looks like i have been speaking out for a long time, as far as back as the 3rd grade. here is my blistering letter to the editor of the -- published on august 15th, 1962, on my raggedy ann doll stationery. here is happy news for parents, school reresumes in about 23 days. happy news? i wrote the editor sayingy like school so i didn't like his headline and added how would you like it if i had done that to him when he was in school? so some things don't change. i'm still speaking out and, of course, i'm not always right. and that's my off-the-record comment tonight. and right now go follow me on twitter. right now do that @greta. for throw back thursday i'm going to post my letter
12:00 am
editor raggedy ann stationary. follow me on twitter brand new handle @greta. see you tomorrow night right now on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye." has tinseltown finally wised up and given matthew mcconaghey a star on the hollywood walk of fame? >> i got my name on the hollywood walk of fame ♪ >> yep, just thought you should know. plus what typically happens when joe biden shows up un-- uninvited to poker night? >> everybody wants to go home? and are they trying to send a message to isis? none of these stories on "red


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