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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 20, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PST

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join us on "happening now." a fox news alert, the nsa director warning congress that china could shut down america's power grid in say, one or two other countries are capable of doing the same thing. >> we have heard this dire warning before, but it's the first time the top official is publicly confirming it. this is "happening now." president obama said to pave the way for millions of illegal immigrants to gain legal status with one stroke of his pen. will this announcements set a divisive grounds for relations with the new republican-controlled congress. >> when the newly elected representative of the people take their seats, they --
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plus after close calls at one of america's busiest airports, the faa launches an investigation into drones getting way too close to passenger jets. and digging out from an epic snowstorm. the buffalo area breaking records and bracing for even more snow. >> the win is wind is what makes it the worse. >> there any end in sight in it's all "happening now." let's get first to our top story. president obama going it alone on immigration, unveiling executive action tonight that could shield up to 5 million illegal immigrants from deportation. welcome to "happening now." >> the president making his
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announcement tonight at primetime, 8:00 eastern. democrats call the move bold and decisive, wheel republicans are up in arms, say the president is overstepping hi constitutional authority. for more on the stakes involved, let's bring in chris wallace. chris, great to be with you. >> good to be with you. >> the president saying i'm promised to do with it, i'm simply following through on my promise. >> well, it depends on which promise, because i think there were 22 times as president that barack obama said he couldn't do this. the white house is saying, well, he was talking about massive comprehensive reform. he said no, when asked questions about it, that he specifically couldn't do this, which is to keep families from being split up, where one member of the family is legally in this country and another is deported, specifically account about that, which is what he's going to do tonight, he said i can't do it, i'm bound by the laws of congress. at one point even said i'm not the emperor, i'm the president.
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now, of course, all of that is, as was said by another republican president, inoperative. >> and i talked to senator hatch yesterday about yesterday whether the president is baiting him. there's a lot of folks thinks it's a perfect setup to hurt the gop in 2016, because of their two vehement vehemently against this, they're going to alienate the hispanic voting bloc. >> i think there are two dangers for republicans. ultimate.your finger on one the hispanic in presidential years are enormously important and a number of stakes can make a difference, where they loss by 44 points to barack obama. that could be a big deal. if republicans are seen as being not antiexecutive action, but antiimmigrant or anti-immigration, there's no question it will hurt them with the hispanic voting bloc. the other problem, you talk about baiting, is whether or not
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they will overreact to this. there's a real debate in the republican party, shannon, as you well know. some say we have to do business on a bunch of other things, we can't overreact, but there's a lot of others who say this is a complete unconstitutional violation of is the separation of powers, and that they shouldn't overreact to it, or react appropriately, either by cutting off funding or refusing to confirm cust president's nominees. some people are talking about refusing to invite him to congress. and also how they deal with governs. >> and at least one house republican today floating the "i" word, impeachment. how does leadership corral the very faction just within the gop. how do they get on the same
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page? do you think the leadership is up to it? i think that's a long, complicated process. you need a super majority in the senate. that's going to go nowhere. you'll hear people call for it. i don't think that goes anywhere. the funding issue, runs out of money again on december 11th. will they fund the government or are we going to risk a shutdown? the more likely danger from that point of view is they ato which provisions to it, which the president will then say, as he did with the obama care shutdown in 2013, i'm not going to sign this bill. he vetoes it, but the republicans get blamed for shutting down the government. very delicate, but a lot is riding on it with the republicans in terms of their new majority in the house and senate. >> thank you, chris, for giving us part of your thursday. >> my pleasure. and it will be a big topic on convex fox news sunday."
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check your local listing for the times in your area. for now, at least eighth deaths blamed on the massive winter storm. it's already buried parts of buffalo, new york under roughly six feet of snow. some of those areas are bracing for another 1 to 3 feet, making transportation pretty much out of the question. >> everybody is stuck, so there's so many tractor trailers on the road, you can't get around them. cars are trying to get through. it's just not possible. >> the national football league still trying to decide what to do about a buffalo bills home game scheduled for this sunday, although new york's governor andrew cuomo says having it in buffalo would be impractical. the director of national security says it's time to go on offense when it comes to cyberthreats. that is time now for an international agreement on the laws of war for cyberspace.
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we've been tracking it. hi, catherine. >> well, thank you shannon. this morning before the house intelligence committee, the new head of the nsa for the first time publicly confirmed that other countries already have the ability to get inside the nation's infrastructure and take down major systems, including power and water. >> there shouldn't be any doubt in our mind there is nation states and groups that have the capable to do that. there are systems to enter those industrial control systems and to shut down, forestall our ability to operate our basic infrastructure. >> there any other nation state that you believe has been successful in getting on those systems? >> i would say there is more than one nation out there that we believe has these capabilities that we watch. >> well, not publicly identifying the chinese, it's well documented that cyberintrusionses and cyberespionage are a mandate of
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the special unit of the people's liberate army in a skyscraper known as the pla under 61398. the link between the chinese military and direct cyberattacks was first made by the cybersecurity firm -- in 2013. this is the first time since the senate bill to end the bulk collection of americans' phone records stalled outeredier this week. admiral rogers confirmed that the records are still being collected and held. admiral rogers appears to be a departure from his predecessor speaking directly and bluntly, saying it's not a matter of if, but only when when a major system is knocked off-line in the next five years. >> this is something real that is impacting our nation, and those of our allies and friends every day, that has the potential lead to some truly significant cat trophic failures
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if we don't take action. and we expect to hear the assessment on probably foreign fighters, but also the cyber threat as well, shannon. >> catherine herridge, thank you. we're at the new york stock exchange with the latest job numbers. plus increasing tension in ferguson, missouri, as the grand jury gets closer to a decision on whether to charge a white police officer in the shooting death of a black teen. [ soft holid music ]♪ can you help me up? [ snow intensifies ] [ sleighbells ring in the distance ] aleve.
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mhere's our new trainer! ensure active heart health. heart: i'm going to focus on the heart. i minimize my sodium and fat... gotta keep it lean and mean. pear: uh-oh. heart: i maximize good stuff like my potassium... and phytosterols, which may help lower cholesterol. major: i'm feeling energized already. avo: new delicious ensure active heart health supports your heart and body, so you stay active and strong. ensure. take life in. after weeks of relative calm, things heating up again in ferguson, missouri. officers in riot gear trying to keep the peace. there is growing anxiety as the community awaits a grand jury decision on whether to inside
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police officer darren wilson in the shooting death of black teenager michael brown. that decision could come at any time. well, just when you thought air travel count get any worse, jetblue announces it will cut legroom and charge those flyers who purchased the cheapest seats for checking their bags. the airline is chopping space between seats more than 1 1/2 inches to allow for 15 extra seats per plane. jetblue is expecting to reap about $450 million in profits by 2018 because of the these new cost saving initiatives. new unemployment figures out today. the number of people receiving jobless benefits at the lowest level in 14 years. a quick look at wall street. we're up about eight points. joining us fox business network's nicole -- a lot of news coming in this week. how are the markets reacting? >> no doubt we've had a decent
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week. we've had up arrows, the back-and-force is on 9 heels of the weekly job number we got. so we were down 2,000 -- i'm going to step away from the drilling. i'm going to teak the executive decision to do that. 291,000 in the latest week, and bakely we've had it under 300,000 for -- and that really is great. we have not seen that in about ten years. ultimately people who are working field they won't be fired and that helps -- we also got in home sales, and have seen building permits, the highest levels in six years. the economy news is coming in pretty good this week. >> sounds like they're building right there. we can hear you better now. retail going on, what's going on? >> with retailers, we talk about a better jobs market. also gas lien is below $3, which
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is a big deal. we put that together, we have seen some retailers doing well. you want -- doing well, williams sonoma moved to new highs. they have pottery barn, west elk also under their embrla, and target walmart and lowe's yesterday hitting new highs. this sector is doing better this week. we'll see how we do going into the holiday season. >> shannon? >> from a much tighter spot there. nicole, don't miss all the reporting on fox business network. it's very easy, just log on to there are new details on the murder of a teenage beauty queen. police in honduras now say they know who killed maria alvarado and her sister, and they have a confession. plus the president's plan to go did alone sparking a
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constitutional debate. how far is too far? a fair and balanced debate, next. >> it's going to take leadership, the kind of leadership that we as governors exercise every day in our state. you realize politics is the art of the possible.
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an emotional vigil in hohn during for a young beauty queen found shot to death along with her sister. the bodies of maria jose alvarado, the reigning miss honduras and her sister, were found today. and police say the killer has confessed. >> there were tears last night to remember maria jose alvarado.
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she was found go ahead yesterday along with her sister. he was scheduled to leave last night for london to represent honduras in the miss world pageant. friends saying she was humble, down to earth, had a modest upbring, and often walked around without makeup, played volley ball, soccer and planned to become a diplomat. maria and her sister, sophia alvarado went missing last thursday night. they were shot to death be a man courting the older sister. he led police to the women's bodies, partially buried in a remote riverbank. he confessed he was jealous when sophia danced with another man at the party that night. he said he argueded with sophia, then shot her. then shot maria in the back as she tried to flee. last night relatives and friends mourned the loss of both women. jon? >> patty ann brown in the newsroom. thank you.
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>> thank. as we await details of the president's immigration plan, a debate is raging over the legal limit of presidential authority. some say the president is overstepping his powers, but a professor disagrees, writing in a "new york times" op-said say, quote, the president has declared that a de facto policy of his predecessors. we might disagree whether this move is wise, but it's not a constitutional violation. hmm, let's ask our guests. julian epstein, former legal counsel to the house judiciary committee, and george is the executive director for the american center for law and justice. jordan, is the president just doing what all presidents before him have done? >> absolutely not. this is a president who is trying to act like he's doing what presidents have done in the past, without the legislative authority to do so. we're going to hear a lot about
10:22 am
reagan and bush 41. the truth is there was a law in 1986, they were acting on their authority under the law, specific provisions that let them do these limited grants, deferred prosecutions for specific individuals that congress wanted to cover, and by 1990, did cover. their executive orders were no longer necessary. a law that lasts three decades? we don't have another comprehensive reform, so unless president obama is pointing intoic to a law, which is about people who came to the u.s. before 1982, then he's got no legislative authority to do this. >> julian, he himself said that, we have 25 times he said i'm not an emperor, i can't do an end around congress, i can't defend it, i can't do it. tonight he's going to say i can do it. >> well, it depends on what it means when you're sitting there. to mr. sekulow's point, bush 41
10:23 am
granted deferred action without any statutory thor. >> and people -- we're talking about over 5 million tonight. >> i they we'll have a betttter conversation if we don't sbrup each other. >> say your peace. for people without statutory authority, so almost every president since eisenhower -- >> 1986 law, as -- >> hold on, hold on. i'll give you a chance to respond. >> george, i don't think it helps for you to keep interrupting me. >> jordan can fully respond, let's let julian finish. >> i think the statute is pretty clear that the president has this authority. i think the supreme court has interpreted the presidents as having broad authority. every president since eisenhower has done this. now, jordan may want to make the argument this is overstepping the authority, i think you can make that argument. i think this is testing the outer limits of the president's authority, but i almost most
10:24 am
legal experts believe they will lose that case if they go to court. this is a temporary action, a question of the president deciding -- prioritizing which illegal immigrants, which undocumented immigrants he is in fact going to deport. this president has deporting a record number of undocumented immigrants, all congress has authorized. yes, you can make the legal argument. i think you can make a coherent argument. is it likely to win in the courts? i think very unlikely. >> and to verify, just factually, when you look at the numbers of deportation, you mentioned they're extremely high at this point. we're told and strictly factual information that a huge chunk is just turning people around at the border and saying go back. that's not what most people think of when they think of deportations. jordan, respond. >> first this is not just about the deferred prosecution. this is also about a substantive right that's planned to be
10:25 am
granted by the president tonight, the right to work. we're just not talking about the president sailing who we're going to deport. we're talking about the president on his own, without knit legislative authority say, now this group has the right to work in the united states, and i don't know, julian, where you can take those other precedents and say, okay, deportation in deciding who to prosecute and that kind of discretion and now you can take that same power and decide what group of people get the right to work in the united states. what group is covered and what group isn't without any legislative authority. >> i would just point out, again, study the history a bit closer. president bush 43 gave work permits to undocumented immigrants after the president has that power. >> but that's -- and that's in the i.c.e. rules and regulations in place before obama took office. you just claim in the first segment that no president has done anything as sweeping
10:26 am
without clear statutory authority. i gave you an example. >> we're talking about 5 million people. >> jordan, please stop interrupting me. >> top still me not to interrupt. >> gentlemen -- >> you're talking about emergency situations. >> gentlemen -- >> bush 41 was not an emergency, you didn't respond to it. your facts are wrong here. >> clearly we are going to have to agree to disagree. but next time let's get all threw of us in the same room and maybe sell tickets. i appreciate julian and jordan, hearing from both of you. i have a feeling there's a lot of this going on on capitol hill. see you later. thank you. we'll be talking more about that, some republican members of congress shooting a her over to the white house on why the president should not take action that he intends to take on immigration. we'll tell you what it says and talk to one of its authors, michael mccaul, chairman of the homeland security committee. and what were you doing in between classes in college? meet some students who are
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the battle lines are drawing in the nation's capital. president obama will unveil his plan for overhauling the immigration laws in a primetime address tonight. democrats, of course, applauding the move while republicans are saying the president is going way beyond his constitutional powers. ed henry is live at the white house, possibly with new
10:31 am
details. ed? >> good to see you, shannon. it's interesting the president had a global economic event talking about technology earlier today. he gave us a preview of what he's going to say by noting he believes that we are driving top talent away from the united states because of the broken immigration system. he wants to fix that, in part, by moving forward with this executive action that would expand the number of young people who are here illegally that had suddenly get at least temporary legal status to stay in the country, also expand existing programs so that the parents who are here illegally, but they're the parents of folks who are here lyle le, either citizen or permanent legal residents, they would be covered up to 5 million people in all. the white house insists they are on firm legal ground, and republicans say this is a poke in the eye not just to them, but to the voters. >> this is consistent in steps taken by reagan, george h.w.
10:32 am
bush, that have used their executive power to address problems with our broken immigration system. >> the action he has proposed would ignore the law, would reject the voice of the voters and impose unfairness on new law-abiding immigrants, all without solving the problem. >> the bottom line is whether or not re this executive action. there is divided opinion on capitol hill right now. some lawmakers saying, look, most of this system, in terms of giving people legal status is a fee-based system, not money appropriated by the congress, so they can't cut off that money, but still there are republicans like jeff sessions in the senate saying they're trying to devise ways to stop this. >> thank you, ed henry. let's talk more about that gop leaders in congress send a letter to the white house just today, calling on the president to work within the constitutional system. they say they're afraid the plan to make 5 million immigrants
10:33 am
legal would open the floodgates to more. democrats are doing their best to sell it. >> it's bold, it's courageous, it's as good as it can be under the law. that doesn't mean we wouldn't like to have a bill. >> it's a rebuke to his own stated view of democracy. the instances of president obama saying he does not have the power to do the kinds of things he now plans to do are almost too numerous to list. >> one of the cosigners of that letter to the white house, congressman michael mccaul, republican from texas and chair of the house homeland security committee joins us now. congressman, i want to begin with part of the text of the letter that you sent to the president. you wrote -- we implore you to work with congress to enact legislation to address or broken immigration system. we strongly urge you to respect the constitution and abandon any unconstitutional unilateral executive actions on
10:34 am
immigration. let's secure the border and force our immigration laws in the interior of the united states and build a broad consensus for immigration reform. otherwise, we will be forced to use the tools afforded to congress by the constitution to stop your administration from successfully carrying out your plan. the last part i guess is the big question -- what tools does congress have to stop the president if he wants to do this? >> well, i think we stop him by any means necessary, including the power of the purse. and i think there was some discussion about these fees that fund the processing of these illegals, and i think that's something we're looking at. we're looking at all of our options. currently all options are on the table right now in the congress, but one thing is very certain, the resolve within or conference. i believe both in the house and the new senate that will come into power, is to stop this illegal action. >> the president and his supporters are fond of saying
10:35 am
that he's just doing the same kind of thing that president reagan did and that president bush 41 did. what's your responsible? >> well, my response is that president reagan and president bush actually worked with the congress, and it was congressional action that they were responding to. this is a very different situation where he is circumventing the will of the people particularly after this recent election, and taking action that he himself, he said he didn't have the legal authority to do, you know, in the past and now all of a sudden he believes he has it. i would recommend that you look at that schoolhouse rock video that talks about a bill on capitol hill and how government 101 -- how the government really works. he's a constitutional scholar. it's congress that makes the laws. it's the executive branch's duty faithfully under the constitution to implement those laws. he is wholly failing to do that and i believe abusing his authority as president of the united states. >> we have now found 25 times in which the president himself, you
10:36 am
know, constitutional scholar, professor of constitutional law, that he says he was, 25 times in which he says he doesn't have the authority to do this. now all of a sudden he's decided he does. why? >> this is the most egregious. he user prosecutorial discretion. i was a federal prosecutor, usually that's on a limited case-by-case basis, or responding to a humanitarian congress. he's basically granting amnesty for 5 million people. this will be challenged in the courts, and the courts will determine whether or not his actions violate the constitution, which if the courts find they do, i think would have some serious ramifications to it. >> the customs and border patrol in fillsial year 2013 recorded about 39,000 children coming across the border illegally,
10:37 am
then came the president's announcement he was going to encourage those children to stay in this country or not deport them in the way that had been done up to this point. all of a sudden 68,000 children arrived illegally in fiscal year 2014. are you concerned that this action for 5 million or so illegals will only multiply the problem? >> i'm very concerned. we saw this phenomena historically happens every time we see amnesty, we saw it in 1986 when the enforcement was not done, and then saw it as recently -- with the -- and we saw 60,000 children cross the rio grande sector in my state. the state department is worried about the traffickers trafficking this message of amnesty and more illegals coming
10:38 am
in. the solution is simple. work with congress. we need to secure the border. if we don't have it secure, we can't control who is coming in. once we get that down, let's talk about how we fix a broken system. this is not the right way to do it. >> you say the president should work with congress. have you reached out? have you tried? he says congress isn't doing anything. i've had numerous meetings with the secretary jeh johnson. we can't have this discussion about immigration reform, i think, until we get this security piece done. we need to start doing it now, and we can get it done. then i think that house republicans and senate republicans are willing to sit down and talk about how to fix the broken system. it has to happen in that sequence, otherwise you have this flow of illegals that you can't control. we need that control first, then
10:39 am
the debate on how to reform it. >> congressman michael mccaul, thank you. >> thank you, jon. exploring the galaxy is apparently getting a a little more artable, thank to a new kind of miniature satellite. it can be launched into space for about the price of a new car. we have more. douglas? >> hey, shannon, every days satellites are getting smaller and cheaper. now this new price point is allowing a small school? vermont to join the space race in a big way. >> i actually was able to see it in my own telescope in my backyard. >> to most of us a spacecraft is something that can barely fit in an airplane hangar. the vermont tech college professor carl brandon has it fitting in a backpack.
10:40 am
>> this is a duplication of a spacecraft you help build, which is orbiting the earth? >> it's about 70 miles above the space station traveling at 17,000 miles. >> they're called cube-sats. moly because of their size. carats's could you is just 4 inches long, allows him to get to space on the cheap. he got a little help from ngata, but the total cost was $50,000. >> this is what's allowing universities to have satellites get into space at very reasonable costs that are within the realm of elling self-financing or with small grants. >> currently there are 200 privately funded cubesats enin production. some searching for life on other plan either. >> we can see the actual position of software -- >> where others are gathering info on our own galaxy, with a
10:41 am
little help from his students. >> a radio, camera, an accelerometer. it also has some high-powered leis leds that we can see from the ground. >> a cubesat should go there first. >> the cubesats are able to do things that big satellites can't, because we can have swarms of them. >> right now he's planning a could be issat immune landing. after that, a visit to mars. that's it from here, shannon. back to you. >> that's quite a long way for those little guys to go. >> he sell there will be thousands in a couple years. >> i'd like to have my own satellite. that would be cool. with the deadline just days a secretary of state john kerry leading the charge to hammer out some kind of nuclear deal with iran. >> an agreement like the one we are seeking is not built on trust. as much as anybody might like it
10:42 am
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bayer aspirin regimen to help prevent another heart attack. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. coming up governors perry and walk irmay suit the president over his announcement. plus emotional testimony on capitol hill from a woim hit by shrapnel from her air bag. does it affect your car as well? into plus pork has a bad rap when talking politics, but what about the thanksgiving or christmas ham? why fatter pigs right knew may not be a good thing for your wallet, all at the top of the hour. a massive protest today over the disappearance and possible murder of 43 college students in mexico. prosecutors believe local police handed the students over to a drug gang so they wouldn't disrupt a political event.
10:46 am
adam hadley joins us with those shocking claims. hello, adam. >> yeah, protests all over the country, in fact they've been going on a number of weeks, as small as a few people on the corner. and actually many of them have will be descended on mexico city students have been caravanning for the last few days, in some cases for more than a week trying to rally support. authorities say local police in guerrero, this choo acapulco and ixtapa, they handed over 43 students who are studying to be teachers to a drug gang who then murdered them. the reason, according to the attorney general was the crime was carried out by police operating in cahoots with the drug cartel and acting on the order of a local mayor and his wife, concerned that the students would interrupt a political event. however, forensic tests are already being run after bodies
10:47 am
were found in several mass graves in the state. the protests come on a day which normal marks the anniversary of the revolution of 1910, which resulted from discontent over a lack of democracy. in this case it's a discontent over a lack of justice. parades and events have been canceled. president pena nieto is being blasted by the present for not even meeting with the families for over a month after the students went missing. we're told today protesters are trying to block the international airport in mexico city, a main hub for latin-american. delivery trucks have been looted, they've even tried to burn down the national palace, all in response to the overall problem in mexico since 2006 where the numbers are more than 100,000 people ver killed and 27,000 have disappeared as part of this ongoing drug conflict. shannon? >> adam, live from los angeles, thank you.
10:48 am
air bags are supposed to prevent injuries. not caught them. executives at one company that makes air bags are defending themselves. we'll talk with a former insider on a serious issue that affects millions of drivers and their cars. a nuclear deal deadline looms with our car, but the next says says tehran is not really on board. he'll announce two major areas in which iran is indicating its intenses to produce -- (vo) rush hour around here starts at 6:30 a.m. - on the nose. but for me, it starts with the opening bell. and the rush i get, lasts way more than an hour. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we've built powerful technology to alert you to your next opportunity. because at scottrade, our passion is to power yours.
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he can watch his dvr'd shows from where ever he wants. hey. have fun, make some friends. alright. did i mention his neck pillow? (sniffs pillow) watch your personal dvr library where ever you go. with the x1 entertainment operating system. right now the united states and other world powers are up against a monday deadline to try to reach a nuclear deal with iran. secretary of state john kerry is embarking on a flurry of last
10:52 am
minute diplomacy insisting that now is the time to get this done. let's talk about it with walid phares, terrorism analyst. he is also the author of the last spring, u.s. policy in the middle east and the catastrophes to avoid. how would you describe iran's cooperation with the world powers when it comes to negotiating this nuclear deal, walid? >> well, first of all, if we look at the big picture, we really understand what the regime is trying to do. it's been nine years that the iranians have decided to build that program. they have not changed their mind. it's been six years where we've adopted the strategy of negotiation and putting sanctions that did not work. it's been one year, john, that we have that interim deal, and the u.n. is telling us that the iranian regime is not delivering. iran is doing something else, i mean, john. >> it's kind of unusual that even the u.n. is more skeptical about iran and its intentions than the u.s. government. >> well, of course. the u.n. has experience with
10:53 am
countries that aren't willing to let go of their nuclear structure or material. take the example of south africa and of ukraine. it was a matter of a few months between these two countries and the u.n. to dismantle the structure. now it has been nine years or six years and the u.n. is not able to get what it wants from iran. >> you say there are two areas that tell you that the iranians are intent on producing nuclear weapons. can you talk about your evidence? >> yes, john. yeah. the one area that many experts can see now we've been talking about it with congress and european parliament for the last many years now, is the missiles. the kind of missiles, the structure of the missiles, the range of these missiles that the iranian regime has been developing can indicate only one thing. you don't put dynomite or wmd's or in this case nukes. now they have a fleet of these missiles. who is in control of the nuclear program in iran? who is the actual defender of
10:54 am
the nuclear power or power to be? it's the iranian revolutionary guard. it's the intelligence service. if it's really for purpose of peace and technology, you don't put your intelligence service and the military intelligence in charge of that program. >> what about the mistakes the u.s. is making here? >> we making the following mistakes. number one, we're trusting too fast, and then we're giving to the iran wran regime without getting anything. what viewers need to understand that this last year, the administration gave los to $1 billion from iranian frozen money to the regime without getting anything back from the regime. number two, very serious, we have abandoned the iranian opposition, so what kind of pressure do we have against the iranian regime? we have given them cash, and we cancel our support of the iranian opposition. we're not going to get much from tehran. >> what's driving the train? is it the eagerness of the administration to get some kind of a deal?
10:55 am
>> somehow it seems to me and some other experts that the administration has been convinced that the iranian regime at the end of the day it will take some time, they will come along and meet the requirement of the international committee. i am worried there could be something else. i'm worried, and there are some signals out there that some in the administration believe that at the end of the day the iranians will obtain their missiles and their nukes and we have a political arrangement with them that would work. that the cold war kind of an arrangement. that could be very dangerous. it's true. >> walid phares, our fox news terrorism analyst. walid, thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> well, a lot of speculation over exactly what is going to be in the president's immigration plan and how republicans will respond to it. we've got a live report from the white house. plus, former attorney general michael mukasi joins owes whether the presses's actions would ever stand up in court.
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the federal government is looking into several cases reported this week of those
10:59 am
unmanned drones flying too close to commercial aircraft as they thaid made their final approaches to new york's jfk airport. several pilots, three different planes, three different airlines, in fact, reported seeing small remote controlled aircraft as they were coming in on final approach. the faa is investigating those three incidents of the drones getting too close to the planes. if you remember, the miracle on the hudson and what happened when a couple of geese got ingested into an aircraft engine, imagine what happens if one of those flying drones gets sucked in. they were on final approach to john f. kennedy airport in new york. pilots of dealt have a virgin atlantic and jetblue said they saw them. there is no indication that any of the pilots had to take evasive action. authorities are obviously looking for whoever may have been flying those drones. it is a very controversial thing in the world of aviation these days. you know, those drones up in the
11:00 am
sky can cause a real problem. >> in so many places there are no policies. there's no legislation, no law enforcement rule in place with how to deal with them. it's the new front ear. >> the ntsb, the f.a.a. is trying to work on something, but nothing yet. scary stuff. >> stay safe. >> the real story with gretchen carlson starts now. the fox news alert, because we're just six hours away from president obama's primetime address that has the potential to change the social landscape of america forever. we're here to bring you the real story today. president obama going it alone on immigration reform after years of debate deciding congress wasn't getting it done in time and will now put his plan into action. likely giving a speedier pathway to citizenship for 4.5 million, maybe even five


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