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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 21, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PST

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bill: so we've got to roll, right? it's been a big, long week. martha: we've got to roll. have you had enough? bill: for now. [laughter] martha: we'll be back on monday. have a great weekend, everybody. bye. ♪ ♪ jon: and on this friday morning republicans say they are ready to fight over president obama's executive orders on immigration. welcome to this edition of "happening now," i'm jon scott. shannon: and i'm shannon bream in today for jenna lee. as the president hits the road to fire up support for the plan he announced last night, making some five million immigrants eligible for work permits and shielding them from deportation, republican leaders say he's working outside the law and the constitution. house speaker john boehner just said president obama has made it impossible to build trust with him. >> as i warned the president, you can't ask the elected representatives of the people to trust you to enforce the law if
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you're constantly demonstrating that you can't be trusted to enforce the law. the president never listened. and with this action he's refused to listen to the american people. shannon: to congressional correspondent mike emanuel live on capitol hill. and new action today, mike. >> reporter: house speaker john boehner issuing a pretty touch warning, say -- tough warning saying that president obama is damaging the presidency with unilateral action although he was vague about how congress will respond. >> in the days ahead, the people's house will rise to this challenge. we will not stand idle as the president undermines the rule of law in our country and places lives at risk. we'll listen to the american people, we'll work with our members, and we will work the protect the constitution of the united states. >> reporter: republicans are quick to point out four senate democrats and an independent who have been critical of the president's action working around the legislative branch.
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senators from indiana, west virginia, missouri, montana and maine. before most lawmakers left, the senate's top democrat left said he'd like to go beyond mr. obama's plan. >> if we had it our way, president obama would be signing a comprehensive immigration bill into law instead of executive action, but we can't sit idly by waiting for republicans to act while homes are being broke withen up across this nation. we waited 511 days. >> reporter: the question here is the impact during the rest of this lame duck session and the impact on when congress is run by republicans over the next two years. shannon? shannon: mike emanuel live on capitol hill, thank you. jon: so speaker john boehner says the house of representatives will act on immigration, just exactly what are they likely to do?
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susan ferrechio is chief congressional correspondent for the washington examiner. kind of interesting -- well, we'll get to harry reid in a second. let's start with the house. what are the options that john boehner has? he's clearly not happy about what the president announced. >> well, they've got a big spending bill that they need to take up in a matter of weeks, there are a lot of republicans on the conservative side who want to make sure that this legislation in some way defunds the president's action. but i don't think the leadership wants to go that way. they don't want to start a fight over spending that might lead to talk of a government shutdown. they want to, i think, take this out of the spending bill and address it in the new congress. today something really interesting happened. the house officially filed a lawsuit against the obama administration over the health care law. they talked about doing this for months, now they've officially pulled the trigger on that lawsuit. i think they're trying to send a
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message to the republican base that they're planning on doing something similar with immigration, potentially filing a lawsuit. i think the question about putting it in the spending bill, that's probably not going to happen because they don't want that government shutdown fight like they had in october 201 -- jon: well, they could -- >> which, of course, really hurt them. jon: they could pass a short-term continuing resolution to fund the government for a few months, for instance, and then when the new senate and new house reconvenes in january of 2015, that's when they could take up a longer-term bill, right? >> that's exactly right. they could do a short-term bill and then say, hey, let's take this on when we're in the majority in 2015. but i don't think they want to do that either because can you imagine republicans coming back, taking over the senate, running the house, and the first thing they do is have a big fight on spending which -- they want to stay away from that. i know there are a lot of republicans who are pushing for that. my sense is the leadership wants to avoid that path, although
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there are some who say, look, we can be very creative with this. we could find some way to pass most of the government funding and then just rescind a little bit of the money. but that's not totally decided yet, and i think there's an argument to be made that some of this is not in the hands of congress because it's funded by fees that are paid to the immigration folks who handle the deportations. so is it may be outside of congress' authority. so there's that argument as well. jon: it seems to me that, you know, given what he has ordered here, it's pretty difficult to target that in the budget process, isn't it? >> well, that's the argument appropriators are making. they're saying, look, a lot of this is fee-based funding that congress doesn't control. they're -- i'll tell you this, they're having that debate right now internally. they're trying to figure out what, if anything, they can do in the appropriations process that would actually address this and block it, if possible, but would avoid what we saw in october of 2013 which was the
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big fight over spending, the government ran out of money when they didn't sign a new bill into law, and who got blamed? hey are taking over the congress, they want to look like good stewards like they can run the congress without a shutdown fight. jon: just fascinating to see the president, you know, when he had democratic majorities in the house and senate, he didn't do a thing with immigration. now that he's facing a fully republican house and senate, now he does this. especially after this election. susan ferrechio, thank you. >> right. thanks a lot. shannon: a new u.n. report adding two groups behind the 2012 benghazi attack to its al-qaeda sanctions list. this comes after the obama administration's repeated claims that there was no evidence linking the benghazi attackers to that terror group. catherine herridge who digs nonstop on this story joins us now live in washington with more. hi, catherine. >> reporter: after strenuous
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denials that the terrorist groups were not part of or lunged to al-qaeda, this u.n. report reinforces the conclusion that it was an al-qaeda-led event. the u.n. report adds two branches of ansar al-sharia in libya to its sanctions list, both groups took part in the terrorist assault that killed four americans including ambassador chris stevens. the only suspect in u.s. custody is being tried in a d.c. federal court. the fbi documents say that he was the leader of ansar al-sharia in benghazi, a group now identified by the u.n. as al-qaeda. yet the administration has consistently downplayed any al-qaeda involvement. >> there's no indication at this point that core al-qaeda was involved or planned these attacks, and these are not official affiliates of al-qaeda. >> reporter: meanwhile, leading republican senator lindsey graham says it's time to expand the house select committee investigation. >> what i would suggest to senator mcconnell is to call
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up speaker boehner and say, listen, we want to be part of this and have the senate in a bipartisan fashion have a select committee, dod, intelligence, you know, armed services, intel, foreign relations, the key committees so we're all looking at the same information at the same time. >> reporter: the house intelligence committee has done it own report on the 2012 attack, and it could be released publicly before the thanksgiving recess, shannon. shannon: it will be very interesting. catherine, thank you. >> reporter: you're welcome. jon: our secretary of state, john kerry, meeting with his iranian counterparts in vienna today, just days before the deadline to hammer out some kind of an agreement on tehran's nuclear program. secretary kerry also scheduled to meet with british and french representatives to try to chart some kind of way forward. expectations are growing that negotiators will miss the monday deadline because of differences on how much iran needs to reduce the size and scope of its nuclear programs.
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shannon: vice president biden visiting ukraine today, meeting with the prime minister on the first anniversary of mass protests that toppled the pro-kremlin government. mr. biden calling russia's intervention in eastern ukraine, quote, unacceptable. and he is expected to announce more nonlethal military aid to the country. the vice president also discussing a free trade agreement, strengthening ukraine's economic ties to the u.s. and the european union. the visit comes as tensions between the ukraine and russia, well, they're heating up again following a ceasefire in september. jon: well, your bottom line doing a lot better today all thanks to a big announcement thousands of miles away. take a look at the dow right now, up 118 points. great news on a friday. this comes as the markets seem to be breaking records almost daily. joining us now from our sister network, fox business network's lauren simonetti. hey, lauren. >> you know the tradition on wall street, right? every time you close above a new level, you make a hat. so i'm making my 18,000 hat.
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shannon: okay, now we know. jon: can't wait to see it. >> me too, actually. but it is a good day here because of the problems there. the chinese economy, which is also the world's second biggest, it's slowing more than chinese officials might have actually let on. the once-hot real estate market and the factory sector are weakening. so in a surprise move to stimulate growth, china's central bank cuts interest rates and promises to inject extra credit into the system if needed. this is effective tomorrow. china's one-year lending rate goes down 40 basis points to 5.6%, and the one-year deposit rate goes down to 2.75%. it makes it easier for chinese residents and businesses to lend and borrow money. the people's bank of china is also giving residents more freedom to set their deposit rates. the dow still up 118, 119 points, the s&p 500 hitting lifetime highs, more than 70 stocks in that index in record
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territory. lots of retail names a week before black friday. so is gold, so is copper, there's hope that lower chinese rates will lift demand for commodities, but china's economy is not the only one slowing, many european nations are as well. bottom line, global growth slowing and your 401(k) rallying, so it's a good week, good day, good month, good year. jon: we'll take it. shannon: glad to hear it. we'll work on the hat. jon: don't miss lauren on the fox business network, and if you're not sure where to find it, log on to shannon: what would happen if china or any other nation could shut down america's power grid? a cybersecurity expert joins me with some frightening scenarios. and people in western new york now bracing for even more weather-related damage and danger. what mother nature has in store now for buffalo. and what happens when a
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i don't know my credit score. don't you want to buy a, ever? you should probably check out credit karma, it's free. credit? karma? free? credit karma. really free credit scores. jon: right now new developments in some crime stories we're keeping an eye on. this man, 46-year-old william goldstein, has been charged with the murder of 15-year-old dominic allen. the teen's body was found badly burned in an indianapolis backyard this past august. prosecutors matched the ex-con's dna with samples found on allen's body. and a woman smashes a stolen suv into an old ford dealership. police chased the woman for 18 blocks until she crashed. the driver suffered non-critical injuries, she was taken to an area hospital. and these burglars caught in the act in california just days after the homeowner installed a
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motion-detecting camera. home security technology is becoming a valuable tool for police getting an image of the intruder's face so they can publicize it and quickly catch the criminal. van in the past 72 hours western new york has been buryied under as much as seven feet of snow trapping people in their homes, downing power lines and causing at least 13 deaths. now the area's bracing for more weather-related dangers including flooding. david lee miller joins us with the latest on this precarious situation. hello, david. >> reporter: the snowfall has stopped, but as you mentioned, the death toll continues to increase. this hour it has now increased to 13, this latest death a 50-year-old man who was found in a vehicle that was buried under or snow. it happened in a buffalo suburb. the residents in that area say that mobile home parks are buried under as much as seven
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feet of snow, at least 30 roofs in the area have collapsed because of the storm. people are struggling to cope with the limited food, lack of heat and the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning because of poor haven'tlation. ventilation. people with nowhere to go have ended up at shelters, many say they are lucky to have ended up there. >> the firemen picked us up last night and brought us over here because we had no heat in the house. >> it was amazing. it was like, thank god there was somewhere for us to go where we're going to be safe, and we're not going to be allobe. >> reporter: we heard from new york's governor, andrew cuomo, he is in buffalo. he talked about the fact that the snow, for now, has stopped, but he says a great deal still remains to be accomplished. one of the first priorities is going to be clearing the roadways. he says that parts of the new york state thruway are going to be open. the goal here is to deliver essential services, but he did
8:18 am
say, quoting him now, this does not signify all is well. in the next few days, temperatures are going to warm up. that is going to mean flooding. how much, he says, no one knows. >> it will be warming over the next couple of days. the warming will bring melting. melting will bring water, water will bring floods. how many and where, we can't tell you. we are preparing now for more flooding than we have seen in a long, long time. >> reporter: the governor mentioned that buffalo might be eligible for federal aid. he says certain thresholds have to be met. he says they're going to start adding up the costs of this storm. one thing is for certain, shannon, over the last few days buffalo received more snow than it does over the course of an entire year. back to you. shannon: yeah. our hearts just go out to those folks. it's very serious, and we've
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seen, a deadly struggle up there. david lee miller, thank you. jon: a new u.n. report raising questions about the white house narrative about the attack on our cons rate in benghazi -- consulate in benghazi that left four brave americans dead. former cia officer mike baker will weigh in on that. plus, police had their suspicions, and then the suspect made this shocking admission about a house fire on live tv. >> me, me, i set it on fire. i just poured gasoline on the floor, set it on fire and went to buy a drink and came back. while every business is unique,
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even develop a customized energy plan for your company. think of it as a way to take more control over your operating costs. and yet another energy saving opportunity from pg&e. find new ways to save energy and money with pg&e's business energy check-up. we're for an opens you internet for all.sing. we're for creating more innovation and competition. we're for net neutrality protection. now, here's some news you may find even more surprising. we're comcast. the only isp legally bound by full net neutrality rules. jon: a guy is charged with arson right now after confessing his crime to a tv news crew. they were covering this roaring house fire in rockville,
8:23 am
maryland, as flames engulfed the two-story building and the news cameras rolled, a bistanding came up to them and said this: >> me, me, i set it on fire. i just poured gasoline on the floor, set it on fire and went to buy a drink and came back. jon: he went on to describe how awful the living conditions were in the home and then turned himself in to officers at the scene. a neighbor rushed home after seeing heavy smoke from half a mile away. >> oh, my goodness. that is not a story i want to hear. oh, my goodness. what a waste. what a total waste. someone just set a fire intentionally, i just can't even comprehend that. jon: police say the suspect clammed up once they got him to the station. no one was hurt in the fire, we're happy to tell you. shannon: well, back to one of our top stories. the u.n. security council releasing a new report linking two groups behind the deadly attack on our consulate in
8:24 am
benghazi to al-qaeda. the move also contradicting assertions by the administration that there was no evidence linking the terror group to the assault that killed four americans including our ambassador, chris stevens. let's bring in mike baker, former cia covert operations officer and president of diligence llc, a global security firm. mike, good to see you. >> thank you. shannon: a lot imes people criticize the u.n., it doesn't step up, take a lot of action, at least not in the u.s.' interest, but they're pointing the finger where our own administration has said no link. >> well, the tragic terrorist attack in benghazi is over two years ago, and so it's taken this amount of time for the u.n. to come out with a report that essentially states the obvious, but they're ahead of the house intelligence committee which has yet to release their report. so the u.n., in a sense, has trumped our own intelligence committee in getting information out. now, what they're talking about, though, is, quite frankly, what we already knew and what the
8:25 am
administration spent so much time trying to dissuade us from which was that this was a terrorist attack, and al-qaeda was involved. shannon: well, and the fact is that administration report or the one that's coming from house investigators and headed up by south carolina republican trey gowdy is coming. we know they've been very me today call about that -- methodical about that. what difference do you think it will make based on the conclusions they come to and what they found whether it's u.n. or this house committee? >> right. well, and this is the part that's so frustrating for members of the intel community and the military community and a lot of others. honestly, i don't believe it's going to make any difference. people -- i don't understand it, but a lot of people just don't seem to care. and i think in part it's because the administration, the obama administration, did such a good job of desensitizing a lot of the general public from this issue. you talk about benghazi now, and no matter how bad it was -- and
8:26 am
it was bad -- people just roll their eyes. so will this report or will the report from the intelligence committee make any difference? i don't think so at the end of the day. they just seem to have been able to get away with an awful example of leadership and then a cover-up that is just despicable. shannon: you know, i spoke at an event with a group of business leaders from the u.s. and britain earlier week, and one of the fellow panelists with me said he thought come 2016 hillary clinton's going to get a lot of credit for being a grown-up on foreign policy given her experience as secretary of state. and one of the ceos pulled me aside afterwards and said what about benghazi? don't you think that's going to come up in 2016? do you think anything from these two reports could be troublesome for her if she makes a run for the white house? >> well, i'm sure that, you know, opponents will make the effort, but it hasn't worked so far, and so i don't know that the passage of time is going to make any difference. and i think, honestly, what's
8:27 am
coming out in these reports is essentially some of the same things we've been saying for quite some time, it's just going to be in a more, you know, official format. but i don't think we're going to see a lot of surprises, and certainly there's no surprises in the u.n. report talking about ansar al-sharia, its ties to al-qaeda, the fact that, you know, a gitmo detainee was involved in running the training camps in eastern libya for a group involved with this terrorist attack. these things are things we've been talking about, so i don't think the release of the report from the u.n. or from the intel committee down the road in 2016, unfortunately, is going to have any impact whatsoever. shannon: we also want to get your thoughts on a new move by the obama administration releasing five more guantanamo bay detainees to european countries, three to georgia, two to slovakia, after a task force determined, quote, they no longer posed a security threat. that brings the total population to about 143, 100 or fewer than
8:28 am
when president obama first took office and promised to close the detention center. in the u.n. report, the two groups they link possibly to benghazi, to the deadly attack there, one of them had a link, a leader who was somebody who got out of guantanamo bay and was heading up training camps. so how smart is this strategy? you know, the task force found these five are no longer a threat, should we have great faith in that? >>. no. the recidivism rate is a little bit over a third. i'm not anybody's idea of a rocket scientist, but if you've got a recidivism rate of over 30% and we've just released five people, some of those are going to end up on the battlefield. we just finished talking about a fellow who's now in pakistan released after three years in guantanamo, he's now in pakistan spend helping to recruit in a major way for isis. the individuals who were
8:29 am
released in the exchange for bowe bergdahl, two of whom were extremely important to the taliban and, frankly, are back in the game. we know that this is a problem. now, people will say, well, what can we do about it? we can't hold these people forever. we've got 74 people now in guantanamo who have been cleared for release, we just can't find a home for them. you can't hold them forever, so what's the strategy? the strategy is what the obama administration has been doing for a few years which is, fine, we don't want them. we don't want to pick up any more high-value detainees because it's a problem, so we're just going to kill them instead and that's, essentially, the practice we've been following for some time now. just kill 'em, then we don't have to deal with what do we do with them once we're holding them. shannon: well, hopefully not send them back more hardened and more passionate about jihad. mike baker, always good to see you. thank you, sir. >> thank you. jon: the city of ferguson, missouri, on edge right now as it waitses for a grand jury decision on whether to charge
8:30 am
police officer darren wilson in the shooting death of michael brown. we have the latest in a live report coming up. plus, a lot of talk in the media about the back and forth in washington over immigration, but now that president obama has announced he is taking unilateral action, should we focus more on the constitution, the democratic process and the path forward? c@wúuuqñ ÷úñ0x
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chilling information about china's ability to control america's power grid. what kind of attack beijing might pull off and how we can stop it. a new report may be changing everything we think we know about obesity and america's problem might be more seriously than previously thought. caught on to the. reporter's encounter with a rogue state board. >> high tension ferguson, missouri after protestors flooded streets near the police department of the 93 arrests were reported. the grand jury is expected to release its decision very soon about whether to charge darren wilson in the shooting death of michael brown. in clayton, missouri, the very latest. how serious have the protests been so far? >> we saw the first scuffles outside the police station in ferguson. three people arrested, the police moving in to arrest those
8:35 am
protesters who were blocking traffic. it can look dramatic on television but a number of protesters out last night in front of the police station, just 40. a pretty small crowd last night. as far as speculation goes as to when this grand jury will make its announcement so far that is all it is, speculation. many people pushing especially school superintendents they want that news on a weekend to be less disruptive as possible especially for schoolchildren. when you talk to people in the region almost to a man they will say they are scared about what could possibly happen and to that affect michael brown sr. a father of the slain 18-year-old, a public-service announcement where he asked protesters to stay peaceful. >> no matter what the grand jury decides i don't want -- i want this to lead to incredible change, positive change, change that makes the st. louis region
8:36 am
better for everyone. >> across this region there have been a number of cancellations of the events and concert, people afraid of potential violence in the near future. shannon: we are watching closely, thank you. >> president obama goes in alone on immigration much coverage is focused on what each side is saying but what about the democratic process and no rule of law? judy miller's appeal to prize-winning investigative reporter, author and fox news contributor, mincemeat is washington bureau chief for the chicago sun times. they you think the american people have a grasp on what is at stake here? >> not yet because there's a lot going on. i think we are on a superhighway with a lot of immigration on and off ramps here. things will go on multiple tracks now and i am sure the republicans will want to file a lawsuit just as they are doing
8:37 am
on obamacare. in the meantime the administration is going to be writing rules and regulations to implement the obama executive order and if you are one of the people who fear deportation i can understand you will have intense interest in the details. the debate will go on as to the process by which obama did unilaterally issues this and congress has to decide, republican run congress will decide how to relax. jon: he said he is not allowed to do it and now he decides to do it. how does he justify that? >> as the new york post and other papers and networks have started pointing out he just decides to give himself a new title. in this case is emperor obama. the legal community is really divided about this. a great many scholars seem to think what he has done is legal although a very liberal professor of law at george
8:38 am
washington university said he fears for the constitution, i don't think the issue is whether it is legal. i think now we have all switch to procedure and substance hopefully of what he has done we will get some basic questions answered that the media haven't canted such as can we know this is not citizenship? the president does not have that authority but does this get you a work permit if you are one of these 5 million people who are covered potentially by the law? we are beginning to see some questions. just a word about the networks and their refusal to cover this, i frankly am mortified that they made that decision. they said because the white house -- when you and i know because it was this week, they abdicated their news obligation to the cable networks. they covered it but i am a little worried for the country.
8:39 am
jon: the president has said he is not an emperor but he is acting like one. if congress doesn't pass a law and he basically said congress should send me a bill on immigration and i will sign it but he promised to veto it if he doesn't like what is in it. how does this make him different from an emperor? >> emperors i never elected in the first place. the bigger point, i think presidents make unilateral decisions all-time and let me point out that one of the components of what he announced last night, shielding people who are in the country illegally through no fault of their own he expanded that program, that is a program that republicans have lived with since obama and ordered it in 2012. that is why there are many legal e issues here and there won't be one size fits all.
8:40 am
i did mention a lawsuit that so many things in play, people could look at this through various legal presumes. what is worthy of discussion is there is division within the republican community, the congressional republicans, sirius and outrageous, a lot of people in the business community want some deals so they can have a better and more legal work force. a carriage that was in there, high skilled visas easier to get under this plan, something a lot of republicans want. >> the presumption in many quarters is the president has given up on the idea of negotiating, dealing with congress at all. he is going to do what he wants as president. >> this is very good politics for him. he has taken action unilaterally, designed to maximize divisions within the
8:41 am
republican party and he almost offered than that challenge. he said to them you don't like what i have done? have -- pass a bill and that is the challenge for republicans. will leadership be able to rally the many different factions in the republican party to provide a coherent answer? i am not sure they will. bernard: he promised jon: he promised to veto a bill that doesn't have what he wants in it. >> what you do if you want to divide and conquer, even do a piecemeal bill of putting in just to appease the high spilled visas, lots of agreement on it. jon: he would get congress to go along with that. we have to go. shannon: frightening news from the top cyberthey fennec, china and other nations might have their finger on america's power
8:42 am
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jon: 15 minutes from outnumbered at the top of the hour. what is coming up? >> always better when you do the count down for us. it is not just republicans up in arms over president obama going along, members of his own party are opposing his executive action and for many different reasons. >> suspended nfl star adrian peterson breaking his silence to say he is sorry for beating his son with a switch but he is no ray rice. what else he said and whether he learned his lesson. >> stunning new poll numbers make us wonder are liberals in our own party making hillary clinton less inevitable than ever to run in 2016?
8:46 am
our hash tag one lucky guy, a former presidential candidate from her home state. governor mike huckabee is back on the couch for outnumbered. we will see you at the top of the hour. at the 20 new meaning to the term hard-hitting journalism. >> thousands of conditional skateboards. >> that actually hurts to watch that. the tv report was in the middle of a live shot at a los angeles keyboard when the rogue skateboard hit him. his co-workers apparently running continuous slow-motion replay of the incident not letting him forget it. something tells me he would not forget that. jon: what are the chances you are standing there -- shannon: we got to assume he is okay if they are running this in a continuous loop.
8:47 am
if he were in the hospital they wouldn't be doing that. see how dangerous the sporting is? turning out the lights in america. the director of national security confirming for the first time that china and other nations are capable of flipping the switch on our power grid. a cyberattack. cyber security analysts, morgan, thank you for joining us. what does it say that our top officials are going public with this information? >> when your goal almost the day i was testifying in congress that the site and we thought that was the end world almost, the nsa is in open testimony in front of congress saying we have such a substantial threat that this is what is going to happen if we don't take action shutting it down. if people are not alarmed this is one of the most cereus things, this is one of the most serious things we have discussed and people should not take this
8:48 am
morning lately. maria: a lot of the cyberinfrastructure is controlled by private companies. and a defense, and common ground with the government, and given a room and its interest to find a common defense. >> it is. one of the ways they have done this is improved information and intelligence sharing, created the information sharing analysis centers. and computer emergency response team, a better job integrating the collaboration and cooperation between the private sector which and 80% to 85% of all the critical infrastructure in the government. the government can't mandate certain things but it is difficult but one of the biggest things they have got to do is find better ways to work together to get this information out quicker when they discover vulnerability. see who else is vulnerable
8:49 am
because as we saw with russia with the black energy malware and china, we have been targeted by iran and cyber mercenaries working for isis. the list of bad actors is endless. we have to be right all the time. they only have to be lucky once. we have to maintain the defensive, we have to go on offense too. maria: we have the same capabilities and if so does that serve as a bulwark against other countries who know we could carry out the same thing if push came to shove? >> it is a healthy debate. i was on with ambassador bolton while back and there was a discussion about do we have the same capabilities? we know after iran and the virus, there are offensive capabilities but we need the equivalent of cyber mutually assured destruction like the nuclear deterrence worked. i don't think we have that. we're too far behind on defense. until we can say if you hit us
8:50 am
we're going to hit you back just as hard, if you take down our grid we take down your guard, that disparity looks like that i don't think we are close. to we have the capability? yes but we are the good guys. we pull our punches too often. maria: thank you very much. surprising and important that we know. jon: surprising revelation and the obesity epidemic. are americans even fatter than they think they are? big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, it could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs.
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jon: a new study reveals obesity rates in this nation might be-than previously thought. measurement methods fined 49 states have a obesity rates of 30% or higher. compared to previous reports
8:54 am
showing most states with real under 30%. the chair of urology at lenox hospital, professor of urology at ostrow north shore school of medicine, part of the fox medical aid team and one of the hosts of sunday house call. good to have you here. is the no-brainer. in the past the studies on obesity relied on asking people what their weight was and everybody lowball. that is what the study says. >> not only that but they overestimated the height which was a bigger problem. the result, 30% of the country is overweight, now as you mention 49% of states are over 30% and that is not good news. i also want people to think of obesity as a spectrum of many different diseases because when you start gaining weight a wound the waste that becomes an organ. it secretes a lot of hormones that can cause inflammation which leads to cancer. it established around the kidney can compress, now you can't absorb, you absorb too much salt, high blood pressure goes
8:55 am
up, you have diabetes as a result of the fact that your insulin is not going to work so obesity should be seen as a spectrum of a lot of different diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol which lead to heart disease. jon: what do we do about it? >> this is a summary of everything i've learned in the past four years. i hope people follow this. if you follow the weight loss program we will put it up for you. exercise is going to be there three times a week making sure you exercise. don't skip breakfast. have a healthy breakfast. two to four cups of coffee a day has shown without sugar or milk, stick to healthy diet, sleep 7 hours, extremely important. fiber, two to four servings of fiber day. and anti oxidants and don't step
8:56 am
on your water, 7 glasses of water. if you do this, healthy organic food instead of all these fatty foods, i promise you america is going to lose a lot of weight and we will put this on line for everyone to follow. jon: we appreciate it. thank you. if you missed the secret to weight-loss blood on to we posted those tips on our web site. shannon: in the second hour of happening now, a story will only see on fox, we rode along with the coast guard as cubans make the dangerous journey trying to escape an oppressive government.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
jon: so that poor aussie tv reporter with the skate poard in the head, it will live on forever. what's happened to you on live t? shannon: i have messed up so
9:00 am
many things. i was doing a thing on e coli, and i couldn't remember the word "meat," which is essential when you're doing a story on it. jon: we'll see you back here in an hour. shannon: "outnumbered" starts now. ♪ ♪ >> this is "outnumbered," i'm andrea tantaros, and here with us today harris faulkner, katie pavlich, kirsten powers, and the host of huckabee, governor mike huckabee. he's back and outnumbered. >> very much. great to be back with you guys, thanks. >> welcome to the show. >> good day to have you on. we've got a lot of big stories. >> not much going on, but we'll make it up. [laughter] >> immigration 2016. can't wait to weigh in with you. >> i've gotta go. [laughter] >> oh, no! >> you are tethered to this couch for the next 60 minutes. >> it'll be fun i. >> is he rolling the dice on immigration? determined to go at it


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