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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 23, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PST

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>> very good. that does it for us. >> thank you for watching. we're here every sunday on sunday house call on the fox news channel. essentially he's gotten in the job of counterfeiting immigration papers. >> it's not only illegal for the president to take executive action. it's common. >> some words today from lawmakers from both sides of the aisle as congress prepares to counter president obama's executive action that allows millions of illegal imgrants to stay in the country. meanwhile states are vowing to sue the president. plus the fight to save thousands of refugees forced out of their homes. bitter cold moving into refugee camps filled with muslim men,
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women and children. and we are live in missouri awaiting the grand jury's decision on whether to indict the police officer who shot and killed michael brown. we'll talk about how the community is bracing for the big news. i'm shannon green, live from the nation's capitol starts right now. >> we have turned to a preparation in case of a flood. we started doing this the past couple of days. that would be the second shoe that dropped. first shoe was seven feet of snow. second shoe then becomes flooding if the weather conditions cause it. >> we begin with the fox news weather alert. new york governor speaking out this morning for thousands of americans bracing for the big melt as temperatures climb and the rain moves in. the buffalo area had been hardest hit with more than seven feet of snow. in my cases now crushing roofs
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and causing havoc on area roads for days. a flood warning currently in effect for the area as all the white stuff turns to water. meteorologist very business monitoring it all. hello, jana. >> these next 24 to 48 hours for the buffalo area are going to be tough. the temperatures are going to rise 20 degrees and we have got a storm system going to bring a lot of rain. so all of that snow is going to melt rapidly and that's why we have flash flood watches and warnings in effect for the buffalo area. this is going to continue really for the next 12 to 24 hours. watch these temperatures. again, seven feet of snow last week and below freezing temperatures. 45 degrees as we head into the sunday afternoon. it's going to rise overnight to almost 50 degrees, 3:00 a.m. and into the 60 degree range heading into monday afternoon. possibly record-breaking temperatures. the snow is going to melt and be
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a lot of flooding issues. and all of the rain fall is going to freeze heading into tuesday. this system is pumping in all of the warm air could bring hail damaging winds and tornados to parts of the southeast up towards the midatlantic. these areas need to take precaution. as we head into wednesday and thursday we're watching a coastal storm that could bring rain, wind and snow wednesday, thursday, travel day could be a mess. >> just in time for the holiday. but with enough warning from you, folks will have to plan accordingly. thank you. >> you got it. shannon. >> now to how america will deal with more than 11 million illegal immigrants living in the country. what did the president's attempt to bypass congress is going to delay a more permanent deal in congress. joining me now digital politics
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editor chris. good to see you. >> good to be here. >> a lot has happened. >> i know. >> in person the president has laid down some executive action that it doesn't bring a permanent solution but does temporarily change the rules of the game. >> remember what the president -- i was stunned to hear what the president had to say about it in which that it was more legally defensible. that it was more legally defensible because congress failed to act. i'm not familiar with the statute of limitations in the constitution. i did not know that the separation -- that article 1 of the constitution had -- >> expiration date. >> all powers will be granted to the congress unless they fail to act within 600 days or whatever it is. the president knows and based on the response across the board except for in the activists of the activists, he knows he's in hawk on this one. it's a huge risk. it's not just the risk he's taking for himself. he's taking it for his whole
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party. >> because a lot of the figures in 2016 and beyond. i want to play the democratic congressman this morning on fox news sunday. here's his explanation. >> he said he couldn't change the law. and he was hoping congress would act. that he went ahead and took action. by the way, you miss charactered what he did. he simply is defring the deportation. all of these folks are still deportable. >> but not going to be deported. >> no. they weren't going to be deported before. the people have talked about illegal immigrants no longer living in fear. i think the fear for people who abide by other laws, i don't think we have seen a nation gripped in fear of mass deportation. criminals, people who break other laws, yes, i think those people reasonably have been concerned. the reality here is that the
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president believes that he will obtain a long term benefit by being seen as the party of amnesty and forgiveness and they can cast the republican party as the party of unfor givingness and hating all brown people. that is the hope they can cast to republicans in that way. however, doing it in this fashion and by the executive order not only makes it uncertain but raises new concerns about a president who is unable to function within the system. >> do you think this heightens or lessens the likelihood that they get something more permanent done? >> this lessens the possibility that anything permanent will be done on any subject because the president dropped a dirty bomb on washington and said here we are. we have got budget fights and confirmation fights and all that stuff coming down the path and the president decided he is
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going to -- banner calls it poisoning the well. but i think he's decided he's going to have to two bad years and try to embrace the badness. >> we're not talking about the shah lacking that the congressmen got. >> it happened. >> good to see you. >> good to see you. >> the fight over president obama's new immigration policy goes beyond washington and congress. joe irpo is now suing the president and oklahoma's attorney general suing administration. joining us live oklahoma attorney general. thank you for joining us today. >> good day, shannon. how are you? >> excellent. i want to find out the status of where you are. what is your plan?
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>> well, presently with the president's executive order, now we have individuals in the state of oklahoma subject to deportation that he in fact has suspended that. they are lawfully present in the state of oklahoma which triggers state benefits, state welfare and health care related benefits. as such, the state has been injured. it's curious that the president waited until after the election and before the next congress to take this step if he thought he had this power, and to deal with this very compelling issue why did he wait until after the election to engage in this executive order. we are evaluating the order and taking appropriate steps to initiate a complaint to hold him accountable. >> there's a bit of a delay between the connection with the attorney general out of oklahoma. i want to ask you as a follow-up. there has been a lot of reporting that apparently this was months in the making that
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the president, the dhs secretary and others were plotting a strategy and being a lot of back and forth. it sounds like the president has been planning on doing this for a very long time. >> yes. as you know, shannon, it was discussed in august during the summer recess that the president was threatening the executive order. as you recall, even during his campaign for president he said he didn't have the executive authority to take the step he took this week. i think it's brazingly political what the president did and unlawful. the president will say he has prosecutorial discretion. we utilize discretion every day in the prosecution of crimes. we determine that on a case by case basis. that's not what he did here. the president has exempted an entire class of individuals from deportati deportation. that is unlawful and breaches his authority under the executive branch and takes
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authority away from congress. >> i want to ask you about a case pending before the supreme court. it challenges the extension of subsidies that makes obamacare more affordable. we have seen videos surface from one of the architects of obamacare. and he said back in 2012 i think what's important to remember is if you're a state and don't set up an exchange that means your citizen don't get the tax credits. the irs decided to do that anyway. you have filed trying to get oklahoma to also have its case heard at the same time. what are the odds you think you'll be able to make that case with the supreme court? >> we were the first and only state to challenge this back in august of 2012. and you're right, under the statute if there's no state exchange, no subsidies. if there are no subsidies, there are no penalties that can be assessed against your employers
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and your state. this was a huge decision the states made across the country and the irs did in fact ignore the wishes and the decisions of 36 states. the case has been taken up as you know and as you described, it's going to be argued in late february, early march. we believe it's important to have a state there to argue the state decision and sovereignty aspect of how important this was to 36 states. we're hopeful that the supreme court will allow us to join the case there in argument sometime in late february and early march. >> mr. gruber's comments could be very important. attorney general of oklahoma thank you very much for your time. it's time to hear from you at home. i asked on twitter will the president's executive action on immigration make ledge lating a solution on capitol hill more or less likely? tweet us your answers at shannon or the show and we may read your answer later on in the show. >> what i have done is call the
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governor of missouri to make sure he has a plan to respond in a careful and appropriate way to any potential violence. to be able to sort out the vast majority of peaceful protesters from the handful who are not. >> president obama urging peace in ferguson, missouri, still waiting for a grand jury to announce a decision on whether or not to indict police officer darren wilson for the august 9th shooting death of 18-year-old michael brown. police and officials preparing for possible unrest. representative michelle gray joins us live from st. louis. representative, thank you so much for joining us today. >> thank you. >> you were part of a leadership team that is trying to talk with the community, show them how to get more politically involved and give them options, other than violence.
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how well do you think that's being communicated and do you worry about people who don't have an interest in this case coming from outside and causing problems where the people there in ferguson may have handled it differently without that intervention? >> yes. i am working with different political leaders. we're trying to get people more educated about the political process. we have to start with -- a lot of people don't understand that you have to begin with your school boards and city council and get involved in running for office or support those people you want to see in office. yes, there are people coming from the outside who have different ideas about how to handle the situation at ferguson. and doesn't really worry me per se, but it would be more prudent if they would work with us and talk to us before trying to
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intervene because we are here every day, we have been here for years and i have been part of a political organization who has worked diligently over the past 10 to 12 years and we work diligently with getting african americans involved in the political process. >> do you think that while very tragic circumstances everybody would admit that this is the worst scenario that you would want to have this discussion, but do you think what has happened in ferguson is a chance for a valuable discussion in which all sides can sit down and talk about some of these concerns? >> exactly. this was one of the worst scenarios that could happen to cause us to be in this conversation. but it has brought us all to the table. i also participate in a group called the community action for alliance. a lot of us have very opposing
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opinions about how this should be handled and about the actual incident. but because we are not protesters and not police officers, we are able to talk about it and try to come to some resolution that we can present to the community. we meet with people from various walks of life such as clergy. people from the ferguson leadership. and civic organizations, community-based organization. it has helped me with drafting legislation. i have drafted approximately 12 bills because of my interaction with this group and it has helped quite a bit. >> it is very important work you're doing and we hope it bares fruit. our thoughts are with you. representative rochel gray, thank you so much for your time. >> thank you and i appreciate your time. >> later on in the show we are going to get a live report from
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steve standing by in missouri. some diplomats today about striking a deal on a new program. saying the big gap remaining between the two sides. the talks as always going down to the wire with monday's deadline fast approaching. we're following the negotiations. hi, dominick. >> it's looking like an extension is going to be necessary. you could call that a mildly encouraging sign. john kerry meeting with the german foreign minister to see what wiggle room europeans would give iran. he then met with the saudis they flew in from that meeting and flew straight out. the saudis are in a rare position of agreement with the israelis to see an end to the nuke program. the problem with the u.s. is -- as president obama pointed out this morning, it's going to be tough to get a republican controlled congress to back
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anything meaningful that comes out of the via ena talks and that's because of the chance iran can secretly continue its program even if it makes an agreement to cease that. >> if we reach a deal that is verifiable and assures that iran does not have breakout capacity, that not only can i persuade congress but i can persuade the american people it's the right thing to do. >> with six world powers, kerry describe what he called sizeable gaps on the key issue of how deeply reducing the nuclear activities. the iranen leadership have their own hands tied. refusing any capitulation to the demands. they have faced the brunt of the extensions, the people. and they're bitter about it. that brings us back to what
10:18 am
exactly they're able to counter offer in vienna. >> not necessarily there's going to be a deal on monday, but you were starting to hear talk about an extension. if they extend it, the question is not just the timeline for an extension but what comes along with it? >> shannon, one day to go and officials saying the extended negotiations would focus on reaching a general political agreement on what both sides committed to resolving. that would mean yet again nothing actually resolved for the iranens. >> thank you very much. in tehran students voicing their support for a nuclear program while slamming the united states. >> compromised -- >> america has crossed the line and putting pressure on us which is not correct at all. we want to remind them we have
10:19 am
not achieved our nuclear power easily. >> well, the government insists it has a right to develop nuclear power for peaceful purposes. coming up, the desperate search to free people from the rubble of their homes and deal with dozens of after-shocks following a major earthquake. plus thousands of christians and refugees fled their syrian homes. bracing for a brutal winter. back with how you can lend a hand. and a rocket will lift off to meet up with the international space station. we'll tell you about the american astronaut on board. ♪ well, did you know genies can be really literal? no.
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of a loading website. don't listen to the naysayer. switch to comcast business today and get 50 megabits per second for $89.95. comcast business. built for business. . check out this rescues. this jp niece woman walked away with minor injuries after her house collapsed on top of her. during a mag nude -- magnitude 6.2 earthquake. that's in central japan. you may remember the 1998 winter olympics were healed there. 41 people injured and 50 homes are in ruins today. more than 60 after-shocks.
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>> for months thousands of christian refugees have been fleeing their homes. most at overcrowded make shift camps with the bitter winter temperatures just around the corner. international aid is critical right now and my next guest is hoping to make a difference. john my moore has been overseas offering humanitarian aid. joining us live to tell us how we can help. good to see you. >> great to see you. >> tell us a little bit about what you have witnessed in recent months over there. >> yeah. i was just there a few weeks ago in northern iraq and among refugees in the neighboring countries. it's just so much worse than we've seen on television or anywhere else. it's just a really awful situation and christians are
10:25 am
disproportionately affected among others. in northern iraq there are christians sleeping on the sidewalks in sleeping bags if they have them. most of them totally exposed to the elements because they left in the middle of the summer. but now winter is coming and these people are going to start to die. hundreds of thousands of them. so they would have survived the horror of isis to freeze to death in the winter. >> we want to talk about where these folks are ending up. these are just syrian refugees alone. turkey has gone more than a million. jord jordan, over 600,000. millions of people who are displeadi displac displaced. what can we do now? >> a lot of times we think in these refugee crises that the u.n. is going to take care of that or some other major
10:26 am
government organization. the u.n. doesn't have the capacity to do it. in northern iraq they have had an influx of 800,000 refugees it's us all around the world, normal every day people that are going to make the difference. we created the cradle fund. helping christian populations. people don't quite understand this. but a lot of times the only humanitarian organization left is the church. so what we're doing is partnering with local churches that are helping other displaced people of other religious identities and on the ground and they just need more resources. that's why we created what we did. it's not just the massive numbers of people that's the problem. when you talk to the people and you get the individual stories,
10:27 am
it's horrific. this mom in northern iraq, she left and took her, her husband and only child, 3 years old and 3 months old. they put them on a bus and when they got to the local clinic isis took their 3-year-old child and put the family back on the bus and the bus went outside of the city and they haven't seen their daughter since. they walked seven hours to get to the next biggest city and now they have nothing. they live in an unfinished building and people largely don't know about the situation or not doing much to help. and in a world of two billion christians i think the christian world can take care of it. so we're working with muslims, too. >> it's not something that we're seeing every day, the reality is playing out for these people, it is heartbreaking and you have
10:28 am
story after story. we know our viewers are generous in these situations. we'll make sure they know about how they can help. if you do want to lend a helping hand for these millions of people who literally have nothing because they fleed terroristed who have killed them. please visit a political game of chicken between the white house and congress. president obama defending his decision to take executive action on immigration. who is going to blink first? our debate with the panel right after the break. and ferguson awaiting a major grand jury decision. steve is live at the courthouse where the grand jury has been deliberating. >> we're seeing security measures being amped up and anticipation of the announcement. that story ahead.
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still no word from a missouri grand jury on the fate of officer darren wilson who shot and killed michael brown. officials have set up barricades around the courthouse. steve is live in missouri where the grand jury has been meeting. >> shannon, step by step over the past 24 hours we have seen a steady security buildup. police officers moving out parked cars from certain areas. setting up road blocks and traffic redirection routes and barricades, especially around government buildings. metal fences and second row of water-filled plastic barricades. the region is preparing for potential major protests and demonstrations especially around government buildings. a number of elementary schools decided to shut down into this holiday week to prevent any sort
10:34 am
of disruption. as far as protesters and the numbers, they have not been strong yet. just about 75 protesters out overnight. two arrests made. the police generally targeting protesters blocking the flow of traffic. the real wait and watch is on for that grand jury announcement. nine out of 12 will have to find officer wilson guilty enough to be charged with the crime and have to choose what crime that is anything ranging from voluntary manslaughter up to first degree murder. watch and wait here for the grand jury announcement. back to you. >> we are standing by. thank you so much. president obama aggressively touting his policy changes on immigration. but republicans are vowing to block the efforts saying the president has gone too far. john boehner responded by finally filing that legal challenge over administrations over the unilateral changes to obamacare. here with us now ron williams
10:35 am
d fox news contributor joan that goldberg. >> good to be here. >> why do you think the president did a good job this week? >> i think it's as good as he could possibly do. i think it's clear from the polls that most americans wish the congress had acted and it didn't have to be a matter of executive action by the president. at the same time what you have is most americans saying we like to see some resolution to the long path over immigration reform going back to '06 when president bush tried to do it. nothing came through congress. we seen the senate and house not pass something. we understand there's some political dysfunction around the issue and that the president's action is not what the way most people would like the process to work. >> the house did pass something. it was border security immigration bill. that never got a vote either. i think it's fair to bring that
10:36 am
up when the president says the house never voted on a senate measure. there was a measure. it wasn't what the president wanted but it was. >> when the president constantly says all you have to do to stop this is pass the bill, what he means is pass the bill exactly the way i want that bill to be written. to me, if i steal your car and then you say you stole my car and i say we can fix this and make this all legal if you just sign over the title to me, what obama is saying is we can fix this illegal unconstitutional unilateral action which a majority of americans oppose if you simply do exactly what i want. i don't think that's the way the presidents are supposed to behave. >> he's chopping at the bit. >> it's not illegal. >> are you referring to the illegal activity of them coming here initially illy? >> i am saying what he is proposing is what's going to get
10:37 am
challenged in court, it's on a very thin read and on a constitutional thin read. the president is saying all i'm doing is issuing deportation. that's not true. he's issuing work papers. he's taking an affirmative step that he's not empowered to by law or congress and doesn't have the authority. >> i don't think there's any -- i haven't seen any legal authority including republican legal authorities, former attorney general being a prime example, saying the president does not have executive authority under prosecutorial discretion to say how he's going to prioritize deportation. >> but giving security number or work paper, that's different. >> that's where we're extending the idea that if you're in the country and we or not deporting you because of this, then we're going to make sure you are on the books, so you have to come
10:38 am
forward for a background check that includes having a social security number, paying back taxes, paying fines. if you are someone who committed a crime, then being deported. all of that is part and parcel trying to rectify what i think is a broken immigration. >> will you agree taking those actions, that's not prosecutorial discretion? that's not saying we're going to deport. that's a step further. >> again, what it comes down to is nobody on the federal level saying he can't do it. it's the state. you see some states coming forward and saying we have suffered some injury and therefore we have a basis to go to court. but even there, what you see is most legal experts saying that the courts would not want to get involved in a political fight and would grant the president his progresstive on it. >> we seen the supreme court get in a lot of political fights and dealing with the executive power. i think about the -- it's going to take forever to get there.
10:39 am
if they take it. >> this is all going to get murky quickly. >> you're going to lose people. >> in all defense to lawyers, i think the problem with this is fundamentally a political one. i can make this argument that i think everyone on this table will agree to some extent that we desperately mean entitlement reform and fix the social security system. we have been trying to do it for a long time. george bush also tried to fix social security. what if the next president says i'm tired of waiting, i'm going to union llaterally raise the sl security age or cut benefits. >> people will get sued. >> he or she shouldn't do it because that's not the president's role and it's not -- we saw it with obamacare. if you push something in a bipartisan way or if something is taken out of the political
10:40 am
process it creates a long political fight. that's what obama is doing here. my problem is he's doing what they say on the internet as trolling. trying to get the republicans to overreact to play to his political advantage. >> final word to you quick. >> i don't think he's trolling. i think president reagan, president bush, president clinton, there's so much precedent for taking this kind of executive action. >> in response to legislation -- >> with the party in congress. >> legislation has passed but in some cases you're talking about the reagan case, he did this afterwards. it's still executive action without the congress ledge lating any change. >> the details are important. gentlemen, good to see you both. >> even on a sunday. >> we love it. come back soon. >> thank you. >> next up, remembering a d.c. icon who became one of the most famous and soircontroversial ma of all time.
10:41 am
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so cvs health is changing healthcare. making it more accessible and affordable, with over 900 locations for walk-in medical care. and more on the way. minuteclinic. another innovation from cvs health. because health is everything. in washington remembering a political legend former d.c. mayor marion barry died. first elected mayor in 1978 serving four terms. his career was overshadowed by an arrest after being caught on videotaped smoking crack. >> the washington post once wrote, one must understand marion barry. the mayor's legacy is complicated and scandalous but also remembered for his resiliency and larger than life
10:46 am
personality. from civil rights activist to mayor of d.c. and went on to serve three terms dushed mayor for life. the capitol's longest serving mayor. credited for creating a people middle class in d.c. and served on the d.c. city council for 15 years. his life was full of controversies. he failed to file taxes. steering a government contract to a girlfriend and confessed to accepting cash gift from city contracto contractors. in 1990 he was videotaped smoking crack in a washington hotel. he served six months in prison and his political career was thought to be all but dead and yet reelected as mayor in 1994. h heralded as a champion among his lower income constituents. >> i love the people of washington. if you give love, love comes back to you.
10:47 am
that's what's happen. >> mayor barry died early in morning in a hospital in washington. he had been battling many health issues including diabetes and kidney problems which he spoke about in 2009. >> i have been so busy caring about everybody else and trying to help other people that i have sometimes neglected my own self. but no more. i'm going to put my health at the top of the agenda. because i'm not going to be here forever. while i'm here, i want to be healthy. >> president obama releasing a statement in part reading through a storied career at times tum owl which you say life he earned the life and respect and michelle and i extend our deepest sympathies. former mayor marion barry was 78 years old. shannon. >> brian, thank you so much. an american astronaut just a
10:48 am
couple minutes away from blasting away. details ahead!
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"fox & friends" out with a new book, detailing the brave men and women who were behind the scenes heroes of the
10:52 am
revolution. i caught up with brian earlier this week. >> george washington legitimately had spies. and they had numbers next to their names. washington would be 714. abraham would be 71. robert townsend, another spy, would be another name. you were able to open up a ledger and see who's who, new york had a number to it. long island had a number to it. one thing we saw in washington's own handwriting is 355 and the term lady next to it. after the book was down, people started writing, have you thought about sally townsend, betsy ford, elizabeth bergen, and we started pursuing it and knocked it down to seven. people will know this isn't all about women who won the war, it's about extraordinary women. >> we're often the secret weapon in getting things done. like winning -- >> are you the spokesperson for your gender? >> why not?
10:53 am
i would be in great company with these seven women with what they did. you laid out what they did, how they were crucial and how they might be 355. >> first time i saw on television, i'm not a big hollywood guy -- >> what. >> -- to find out the latest news and gossip. >> and find out if you're sexest man alive. >> right, runner-up. >> keep trying. >> my refusal to keep on my shirt. >> you kept with your standards. >> believe it or not, i have standards. why do you ask? where were we? we were talking about women. >> and how important we are. >> the woman i think it is out of the seven is elizabeth bergen, the last one there. you might have different opinions out there. here's the question. she had to be located in manhattan, comfortable in the social circle, ironically where we are now, social circle now and then, and had to be somebody familiar with the spies, linked to three of the spies and able to go through long island and new york. she adds up on all of these
10:54 am
things. she's a widow with three little kids. the only thing that hurts us and her case is, would you sacrifice everything for georgia washington and is cause of a country knowing you're the mother of little girls and knowing you're the only parent left? and my answer is, yes. because everyone was sacrificing so much. one of her goals was to deal with the american prisoners left in manhattan to get a lot of intelligence that way. also shows the british felt comfortable this volunteer wouldn't mind going in. >> the book is a great idea for holiday gifts. i didn't think it was a great bood. >> oh. i jumped the gun. i was wrong. >> and also a great book. tell us how important these people were, how critical they were to the american revolution. because the stories until now, we really didn't know. >> what got me pumped up, prior to me knowing you, when we met -- >> recently. >> -- it changed everything. two, three years. they've flown by for us. what i found is everyday americans won this war. everyone focused on washington,
10:55 am
hamilton, nathan, that's fine. have you to narrow down history but it's the everyday person, the farmer, tavern owner, printer, grocery store owner, they're the ones who did extraordinary things. i found people who were fundamentally patriotic, they read this book because without these spies, washington doesn't get to anticipate what the british are doing. without these spies, we don't stop the ambush that was going to stop the french. we don't stop the counterfeiting ring and we don't unearth the plot. they lived and died, never got any acclaim. wire trying to do that today. >> coming up, your tweets immigration next.
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get healthier gums in two weeks. innovation and you philips sonicare save when you give philips sonicare this holiday season. american astronaut terry burke is blasting off to the international space station, joined by counterparts from russian space station in soyuz rocket. he's be the. we asked if you think legislators will find a solution now that the president went ahead and announced executive action on immigration. gary says, he thinks congress will pass piecemeal legislation only but bob disagrees. he says the president's illegal action will cause the new congress to finally secure the border and then pass immigration law the president won't like. you know, no matter what happens, we'll keep an eye on it
11:00 am
for you as it plays out. that's it for here in washington. "fox news sunday" is next. thank you for watching fox where more news is always on the way. i'm chris wallace. president obama sets off a furor, sidestepping congress to shield millions of illegals from deportation. >> the actions i'm taking are not only lawful, it's actions taken about every single republican president and democratic president for the last half century. >> the president has taken actions that he himself have said those of a king or an emper. emperor, not an american president. >> how will the new gop respond? we'll ask texas senator ted cruz, who's leading the charge against the president's action. will the executive


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