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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 23, 2014 12:30pm-1:01pm PST

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that's at 11:30 eastern on the network. paul will be back next week. and we hope you can join us then. republicans expressing outrage over the president's executive action on immigration and the president responding today in his first interview since his controversial announcement. the president defending his decision to go it alone. welcome to america's "news headquarters." i'm marcel neville. mike i memmanuel is live in washington with more. hi, mike.
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>> reporter: the president told george stephanopoulos he needs help in fixing the system. >> what is true is that we still cannot solve the entire problem, but what we can do is prioritize felons, criminals, recent arriva arrivals, folks coming right at the white house. >> many are saying the president is damaging the office of the presidency and many said today mr. obama went too far. >> the constitution gives congress the authority to establish our immigration laws. and what the president announced this week is a wholesale refusal to follow our immigration laws. >> i do think that the president moved beyond his authority, no less than "the washington post" editorial board. having said that, from my role in the senate, i think we aught to put legislation on the
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president's desk. that aught to be the response. >> mean while, the white house and democratic allies are looking ahead to implementation offering this advice to those eligible under mr. obama's plan. >> i'm going to say to them, come out. come forward. register with the government. go through a criminal background check. and if you come back with a clean bill of health, i'm going to give you a work permit so you can work and pay taxes just like everyone else in america and get right with the law. >> speaker boehner says he's worried the humanitarian crisis we saw at the border last summer will be even worse next year after the president's unilateral move. arthel? >> thank you, mike emmanuel. there's waiting in ferguson, missouri, ahead of the grand jury announcement. protesters are calling for the indictment of officer darren wilson in the shooting death of unarmed teenager michael brown, but sources telling fox news it's unlikely the grand jury will meet and render a decision this weekend. mike tobin is reporting from
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outside the courthouse in clayton, missouri, with the latest. hi, mike. >> reporter: hi, arthel. you have more cops and reporters standing by than anyone else. as you mentioned, everyone is waiting for a decision that sources say will not come today despite earlier speculation. the demonstrators are out almost every night. we had 75 of them out last night. they were chanting "arrest officer wilson." according to police, they blocked traffic. police stay they were attempting to draw the cops into a major confrontation. in the end, two people were arrested without a they jor clash. meantime, anticipating arrest following the grand jury decision. only local gun stores seem to be doing well. >> we've sold over the past 10 to 12 days, several hundred guns we normally wouldn't have sold this time of the year. our sales are up 400% during the same time period this year over last year. >> reporter: so the grand jury is expected to meet tomorrow. if four of them agree that the shooting was justified, officer wilson will not be charged.
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arthel? >> mike tobin, thank you very much. a homicide bomber unleashing a wave of destruction at a volleyball tournament in afghanistan in the eastern province killing 45 people and wounding about 60 others. the terrorist reportedly detonated the bomb in the middle of the crowd gathering for a game. the governor there saying all of the victims were civilians. now this attack comes amid reports that president obama is expending the role of the u.s. combat troops in afghanistan beyond the end of this year into 2015. new guidelines will allow the pentagon to conduct air strikes supporting afghan operations and to target the taliban if it endangers american forces or directly supports al qaeda. and it is crunch time in the nuclear talks with iran as the deadline for a deal is just a few hours away. secretary of state john kerry is meeting with his iranian
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counterpart in see yvienna, butt now the negotiations are hitting a brick wall with both sides far apart on key issues. one possibility under consideration is dealing or a deal laying out the general principles of a final agreement. we are live in los angeles with the latest. hi, domenick. >> reporter: hi there. john kerry describing the size between the two gaps as sizable. they are having face-to-face meetings before asking what the germans and the brits were prepared to concede to tehran. it was a very short meeting with the saudis. all of these encounters confidential, so a few nuggets of what progress is being made in vienna. i have to say the sticking point is whether tehran would expect to break up the nuclear operation so that the weapons that the west and the other
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international nations believe it's actually making could come to a full end there. the president obama, though, saying that today his concerns for the united states, particularly would have been that iran would secretly continue its new program despite any pact it could end up making. >> if we reach a deal that is verifiable and assures that iran does not have breakout capacity, that not only can i persuade congress but i can persuade the american people, but it's the right thing to do. >> reporter: the iranian leadership is juggling the mounting way of sanctions on its citizens. the government in tehran knows at some point they are going to be blamed as well. so the question becomes, what can the iranians actually bargain? >> not necessarily there's going to be a deal on monday but you're starting to hear talk of
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an extension. if they extend it, the question is, not just the timeline for an extension, but what comes along with it. >> reporter: well, arthel, officials hint the extent of the negotiation would extend into the political agreement on what both sides are committed to agreeing, but on both sides the talking won't end in vienna. >> domenick, thank you so much. european authorities now transporting the remaining wreckage from downed malaysia flight 17. the pieces are traveling by train and ukraine to the government-run city of parkev. there's an unidentified human remain that will eventually be taken to the netherlands for examination. this coming four months after the plane was shot down in eastern ukraine killing all 298 people on board. ukraine and russia are both blaming each other for shooting down the aircraft. former washington, d.c.
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mayor marion barry has died. he passed away just after midnight at a hospital in washington, d.c. the career of the four-term mayor and civil rights activist was over shadowed by controversy, especially his 1990 conviction and imprisonment for smoking crack cocaine. but barry staged a comeback. at the time of his death, he was a city councilman. marion barry was 78 years old. and with thanksgiving right around the corner, it almost means black friday shopping. so where can we find the best deals and steals? we have the inside scoop just ahead. russian president vladimir putin taking stock in his decades-long career in a new wide-ranging interview. his big announcement about his future in politics is up next. i have the worst cold with this runny nose. i better take something. dayquill cold and flu doesn't treat your runny nose. seriously? alka-seltzer plus cold and cough fights your worst cold symptoms
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russian president vladimir putin speaking out on his political future saying he won't stay in office for the rest of his life and plans to step down by the year 2024. putin has effectively led russia since first getting elected back in 2000. the 62-year-old leader says he hasn't decided on whether he will run for a fourth term in 2018 but insists anything beyond that would be, quote, detrimental for the country. well, have you heard black friday is around the corner? which means millions of consumers will flock to the stores to find deals, but are consumers in the mood to buy? brenda butner is the host of "bulls and bears." great to see you. >> great to see you. >> so many people make a sport out of black friday. they get the sleeping bags and the tent, whatever they need, cardboard boxes, i don't care, whatever, and they line up for
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the deal. hours to get the deals. but is that all it is cracked up to be? >> here's a fox news alert for those people. you are wasting your time. black friday has essentially become gray friday. it is not the biggest shopping day. it is not the time to get the best deals. and why that's happening, so many people are shopping online. walmart has now made black friday into an entire week. it started last friday. and they are offering deals as quickly as every ten minutes for eight days. so you do not get the best deals on black friday anymore. forget the crowds. forget the crush. >> okay. well, that brings us to cyber monday. you just said those kinds of deals are out there. walmart, for instance, for a whole week. so is cyber monday still all it's cracked up to be? >> that's a great question. that's probably the worst day to shop online. the early bird gets the deal. and cyber monday now, if you
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shop on that day, a lot of the prices have gone before black friday prices. so you're not getting a deal. the thing is, people shop early and shop online, so the brick and mortar retailers have to follow that. so walmart is starting a week early. so you should be out there now. no sleeping bags! >> okay. that sounds good. that's good advice. let's say, those people who don't want to go now, they want to wait and they want to wait and wait. do you think they will find deals the closer we get to christmas? >> yes, absolutely. the retailers get very nervous if people aren't opening up their wallets. and you can get the best deals on some select things. toys, for example, the best prices are in mid-december. so you should wait a little while for that. >> and the tricky part about that is you have little amber or a little someone at home, if you're waiting to get your
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favorite toys, if you wait too late you may miss those toys. >> the things like legos and the more traditional, the hot toy of the year, yeah, you got to get that. but you can wait for the other things. as you get closer to christmas, retailers get more nervous and will offer more things. but people and consumers aren't opening their wallets, but part of that is because gas prices are going lower. so it's expected that this shopping season will be up 6%, which is pretty healthy. >> that's very healthy because this is usually the time of year when the consumers are making most of their income for that year, right? >> yeah. when the retailers are, yes. >> that's what i meant, retailers. >> 30% of the year comes in the next few -- next month. >> have you done all your shopping? >> i have. i shop during the year. i'm a real nerd. i am very organized. >> actually, that's good. we are going to applaud brenda's organization. and we should follow suit for next year. >> but i'm not getting the
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deals. so i should be shopping now. >> brenda butner, good to see you. thank you. we'll remind everybody that you can catch brenda on "bulls and bears" every saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. well, republicans responding to president obama's executive action on immigration with texas senator ted cruz leading the charge. what he's now calling on his colleagues to do to stop the president's go-it-alone strategy. plus, live pictures from kazakhstan. we'll have them eventually. we are minutes away from the launch of the soyuz capsule. an american is one of those aboard headed for the international space station and we'll bring it to you live, just ahead. could protect you from cancer? what if one push up could prevent heart disease? one. wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease-
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le. .
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. . . bah humbug. one town is going grinch over a christmas tree. now folks are saying that it's ugly, and it needs to be replaced. a group there has already begun raising private funds for something they think is a little more impressive. i think all christmas trees are pretty. get back to politics now. republicans taking to the sunday shows to oppose president obama's action on immigration including texas senator ted cruz. he is now calling on his colleagues to block the president's nominees and funding until the president reverses
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course. >> it is a stunning and sad display of a president declining to honor his constitutional obligation to take care that the laws be faithfully executed. >> let's bring in jamie weinstein, the senior editor for the "daily caller." he was reporting that his proposal to call the republican lawmakers to block the president's nominees and some funding until the president rescinds his action on the executive measure. how sound is this strategy? >> it's unclear whether it will happen. there is a debate within the republican caucus on what to do now that the president has issued his executive order giving 5 million in the united states amnesty, effectively.
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you have some who want to do a more measured approach. john boehner wants to add the executive order to his lawsuit against the president that he's filing on behalf of the house of representatives. then you have ted cruz and his wing which he seems to represent who believes it's time to stand up to the president, a president they believe is unmoored from any authority and ignoring congress completely. and they believe they have to do a scorched-earth policy to let the president know there are limits to his power. and his proposal is to fund all parts of the government when the republicans take over the senate and the nous january except those that apply to the amnesty proposal that the president is issuing with executive order and to kind of shut down the flow of nominees that president obama has nominated to the executive branch or judicial branches
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other than those that pertain to national security. though is what he believes is necessary to send a strong message to president obama that actions like he took on thursday will not stand. >> so it seems like there are two different approaches in terms of how to react to the president's executive actions inside the republican party. i want you to talk about that. and also tell me what you think republicans should work on next. should they work on a bipartisan bill or legislation that would cause the president to rescind his executive action and what elements would you say, jamie need to be included to make for solid, realistic immigration reform? >> i've always been in favor of a bipartisan measure, but i think that a lot of congress men and senators on the republican side, even those who would support some type of reform that even the president would like would be a little worried about passing something under the
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threat of if they don't, now this amnesty that president obama unilaterally put in place will be the law of the land. they see that as kind of beyond his congressional power. he says that okay, i will no longer enforce my amnesty proposal, my executive order when you pass a bill through congress that i like, but that's not really how legislation works. that's not how the constitutional process works. the president doesn't get to say this is the law of the land until you pass something that i like. that's kind of unmoored from our tradition of separation of powers. so i think there's a lot of people in congress, republican, who would be open to a proposal that they could work with the president who now got kind of a slap in the face after this recent election with the president going unilaterally with this executive action. >> let's talk about tile lean here. should the republican lawmakers wait for the new congress to be seated? and should the president have waited for the new congress, abbas you know, the president is saying he has waited and nothing
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happened and that interview we showed earlier of the president on abc pointing to his executive orders issued by democratic and republican predecessors and says that presidents exercise prosecutorial discretion all the time. >> that's a key question on timing. and that's a debate in the republican caucus now. one has an omnibus bill that will fund the government until september. some like ted cruz want a short-testimony bill to address this issue when they are finally in the senate in january. so this timing is of crucial importance. as to the question of whether, you know, the president can act if congress doesn't act. you know, stilometimes, if you k back to president bush, he actually asked his lawyers if he could do executive action similar to president obama. they said no. president obama, when he took
12:56 pm
office, he believed that he wasn't, had the power to do this type of executive action. and now all of a sudden we learn this week now president obama believes he has the power to unilaterally legalize or give temporary amnesty to 4 million illegal immigrants. so this does seems that he is pushing the bounds of presidential authority. >> all right, jamie weinstein, we leave it there. and we are just moments away from a space launch, a rokt carrying three new crew members to the international space station, including american astronaut terry verse. we'll have it live for you right here it at the top of the hour. . i'm over the hill. my body doesn't work the way it used to. past my prime?
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fox news alert. a rocket getting ready to liftoff, carrying a new, three and person crew to the international space station. a live look there at the launch pad in kazakhstan. it is carrying astronauts from the u.s. and europe and a russian cosmonaut. it will increase the total number of crew members on the space station to six. the arrival will help the iss to prepare to eventually receive commercial spacecraft which are now being developed right here in the u.s. let's listen.


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