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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  November 23, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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multiple times every single time. >> to learn more about stantons and humans of new york, please go to our home page, and we'll see you next fox news sunday. right now, the backlash to president obama's executive actions on immigration are growing more bitter inside our nation's capital. i'm harris faulkner, this is the fox report. republican lawmakers talked about it on the sunday shows and as we take a live look at the white house right now, some are calling the president's plan to delay the deportation of as many as 5 million illegal immigrants, illegal and unconstitutional among other things. texas senator ted cruz now says he's in favor of blocking presidential nominees until president obama reverses course. others like texas congressman mike mccord says the legalities will be decided in the courts. >> the constitutionality issue
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will be determined by the courts. i know there are various li lawsuits, my state, now attorney governor is following a lawsuit, the courts will decide that issue. i think it's incumbent upon republicans to come up with our own agenda, a positive, constructive agenda that will lead, i believe with my bill, and that will be the border security bill. >> meanwhile the president is shrugging off criticism again calling on congress to pass a bill. chief congressional correspondent joins us, mike, this weekend really saw no cooling down at all. >> harris, no doubt about that. president obama says the presidents execute prosecutorial -- >> the constitution gives congress the authority to establish our immigration laws and what the president announced this week is a wholesale refusal to follow our immigration laws.
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>> i do think that the president moved beyond his authority, no less than "the washington post" editorial board has opined about that. having said that, from my role in the senate, i think we ought to put legislation on the president's desk, that ought to be the response. >> speaker john boehner is promising the house will respond to the president going around congress. while the president has pushed congress to pass a bill, leadership aides say that isn't true, arguing the white house is threatening the veto any immigration bill it doesn't like. the challenge is finding a consensus legislative response. harris? >> and quickly, i would imagine, you know it's interesting to hear some political analysts sort of opine and sigh on friday, well by the time the weekends goes by, this will be behind us, no one can flip this in the other direction, i'm curious, is the about or his allies going to have to justify going around congress? >> president obama is pushing back on those saying he's gone
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beyond the power with his unilateral action on immigration. the president told george stephanopoulus that -- >> what is absolutely true is that we couldn't solve the entire problem and couldn't p solve the entire problem, but what we can do is to prioritize felons, criminals, recent arrivals, folks who are coming right at the border. >> now democratic allies are looking ahead to implementation, offering this advice to those eligible under mr. obama's plan. >> i'm going to stay to them, come out, come forward, register with the government. go through a criminal background check and if you come back with a clean bill of health, i'm going to give you a work permit so you can work and pay taxes and get right with the law. >> congressmen are getting an ear full from all sides of this issue. >> yeah, lots of people off for the holiday and gaining access
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to the local and national lawmakers, as you're pointing out. a world away now in afghanistan, a bomber has targeted a volleyball tournament and at least 45 people where dead, its happened on a far east province. officials say the bomber was mingling in the crowd when the device blew up. no group has officially claimed responsibility for that attack. also in afghanistan, the country's parliament has approved a bilateral security deal. that deal will allow 12,000 military personnel to stay behind and primarily a supportive role. u.s. combat operations as you know are set to end next month. well, no agreement would be better than a bad one when it comes to do a deal with iran over nuke clear power. benjamin netanyahu is actively watching along with the rest of the world. the u.s. is approaching the --
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netanyahu is telling the united states not to give away too much to tehran, warning repercussions would threaten all of humanity. >> i think the key principle is this, don't dismantle sanctions before you gudismantle iran's capacity to make a nuclear bomb. if for any reason the united states and the other powers agree to leave iran with that capacity to break out, i think that would be a historic mistake. >> secretary of state john kerry met with iran's foreign minutestminute st minister again today. >> reporter: the secretary talking late into the evening into his european counterpart about how to save the day tomorrow. before heading into that gathering the british prime
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minister josaid that the deal i really down to the wire. >> for the moment, we're down to the wire, a big push tomorrow morning to try and get this across the line. again if we're not able to do it, we'll look at where we go from there. at but at the moment, everyone is looking at how to try to bridge that gap in the meeting tomorrow with thor rae iranians. >> the saudis flew in to meet kerry earlier. every one of these meetings has been highly confidential, probably because the contentions on either side may not be political palatable back home for any of these players, but we do know that the sticking point in all of this is this, how far will iran go -- and what if iran continues to try and make
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weapons in secret after striking a deal with the international community. well the protest against the negotiations and tighter sanctions continuing against iran. that means tehran has to act somehow. best-case scenario is that we're hearing from the talks is causing a general political agreement on what both sides are committed to resolving. you can interpret that as a let's keep talking about talking conclusion and outs of that still no indication on when iran will -- >> they keep talking about talking about talking about talking. >> reporter: and it goes on. and this development, a massive gathering in iran, bringing shiite and religious leaders from 80 countries together. they're trying to come up with a way to deal with muslim extremists, including isis with that terrorism group controls
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much of iraq and syria. calling isis a threat to all of islam. there are questions however, over iran's role in this big meeting, considering the terrorist group's support of hezbollah that has kidnapped and killed so many sunni civilians. will ferguson police officer darrin wilson face criminal charges? a decision could come down as early as tomorrow. wilson shot and killed michael brown this summer as you know. the indictment process is taking so long because he's calling every relevant witness in his efforts to leave no stone unturned. meanwhile police are keeping a watchful eye in the ferguson area as local businesses and national leaders are urging
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everyone to remain calm in the face of the ruling. i was reading a little bit earlier on associated press wires that there were some protesters out there but mainly peaceful at this pint. >> reporter: mostly a day of cold rain today has left both clayton and ferguson, missouri open and quiet. no one is more concerned than the retailers in ferguson, missouri, their stores are still boarded up, most of them have not rebuilt since being ransacked back in august. >> i think that it's important that the people out of towners, whomever that comes in or people that are here, that are not wanting to protest peacefully or wanting to cause confusion need to know that there's an after math to that confusion and it hurts more than helps. >> now the grand jury is
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expected to meet again tomorrow, the possible charges range from first-degree murder to involuntary manslaughter. however, if four of those 12 grand jurors decide the shooting was justified, officer wilson doesn't get charged. harris? >> i have to say, that young woman was so wise as to what she was saying because it really is what happens after this. children are going to be kept out of school, i've been reading for tomorrow and tuesday. and of course you have the holiday this week, so it's not like they're going to open back up on wednesday for one day. but when this whole thing blows over, you've got all these young people who are available for whatever is happening in the streets and that's unfortunate. i'm wondering about the mood where you are. >> reporter: the mood is very tense, particularly among those retailers and what they see are that the again strait fors continue to take to the street just about every night. 75 of those common strait fors -- there were a couple of
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arrests but they were able to affect that arrest. the aclu is now investigating hiss case. but you talk about the tensions, police are now working 12-hour shifts in anticipation of a return from this grand jury. >> you mentioned that blogger and what they're concerned about and fueling any incitement that's happening on social media. the big dig turning into the big melt. beneath all of those is buffalo, and those good people who are digging out are now bracing for flooding. city officials say they're ready to start evacuations. i have the worst cold with this runny nose. i better take something. dayquill cold and flu doesn't treat your runny nose. seriously?
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marion barry died today in a hospital after collapsing outside his home. he was 78 years old. his career was filled with accomplishments and some scandals as well. brian is here with a look at the life of the man who was known as the mayor for life, brian? >> reporter: harris, "the washington post" once wrote to understand the district of columbia, one must understand marion barry, like his policy, the mayor is -- he's also known for his resiliency and his larger than life activism. he is credited with creating a black middle class and served on the d.c. city council for 15 years, representing the city's poorest ward. but his life was full of controversy, he failed to file
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taxes, was censured for steering a government contract to a girlfriend. in 1990, he was videotaped in an fbi sting smoking crack in a washington hotel. he served six months in prison and hiss political career was thought to be all but dead, yet he was re-elected as mayor in 1994, heralded a champion among his constituents. >> i love washington, if you give love, love comes back to you. >> reporter: mayor berry was a councilmember up until his death despite battling many health issues, including diabetes and health problems which he spoked about in 2009. >> i've been so busy caring about everybody else and trying to help other people, that i have sometimes neglected my own self. but no more. i'm going to put my health at the top of the agenda.
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because i'm not going to be here forever. >> and a statement president barack obama praised mayor berry for lifting people out of poverty and expandingy. a flood watch in buffalo tomorrow is -- you know they got seven feet of snow last week. these new yorkers are hardy. temperatures though could reach 60 degrees by tomorrow, actually here in new york city, it's already that. city officials say to brace for flooding, because while all that is melting, rain is moving in too, a lot of it. so preparing to evacuate and the red cross is setting up shelters in to the buffalo area if they need them. an american astronaut is heading into space, on board a russian
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we're for an opens you internet for all.sing. we're for creating more innovation and competition. we're for net neutrality protection. now, here's some news you may find even more surprising. we're comcast. the only isp legally bound by full net neutrality rules. at this hour, a russian soyuz capsule is rushing to --
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>> we have maximum thrust. >> we have three new crewmembers. >> the spacecraft lifted off as you heard from kazakhstan about four hours ago. it's scheduled to dock with the orbiter shortly before 10:00 p.m. eastern, the crew will connect with the other three astronauts already on board and spend the next three months working in space. and here is american terry burke, it's his second voyage to the iss. right now russian soyuz rockets are the only way for astronauts to go into space. if they're taking volunteers, i'll go too. >> it's been a tough long four months and finally crews say that they have finished -- you'll recall, it was news all
4:23 pm
over the globe when malaysia flight 17 was likely shot out of the skies over eastern ukraine. 298 people on board died mostly from the netherlands. rebels held the area where the plane went downtown. now it's being transported to a government held city area in ukraine and they'll try to peace together what would along with another investigation that's on the way inside the netherlands. ukraine and western governments believe russian backed separatists shot it down with rocks. russia state run tv is blaming ukraine's air force. a family outing ending with a little boy tumbling downing a steep cliff. it's our top story as we go across america. california, he's 4 years old
4:24 pm
and his dad says the family was having a picnic on the sonoma county coastline when the child suddenly lost his balance and fell more than 200 feet to the rocky shore below, the mom called 911, setting off frantic efforts to rescue their son before sun set. he was hospitalized with several broken bones. >> he suffered a broken arm and a leg. it's sad to see him like that. >> reporter: little sebastian johnson is now out of intentionive care, but doctors sooir he has a long recovery ahead of him. and in redding, a critical reminder that it's the thought that counts this holiday season. many were less than happy about the city's choice for this year's christmas tree, which is missing a few limbs. heavy rains made it impossible for crews to reach the tree that the city originally chose. but with the lights flipped on,
4:25 pm
the backup tree is pretty good. >> there's many around the world serving our country that would be pleased to have a christmas tree. >> city leaders are still debating whether it should stay or go, a decision expected this completing an 11-mile bike ride, the congresswoman was shot in the head during a campaign rally in 2011. giffords says she trained hard for the annual eltour detucson. he wants to complete a 40-mile ride next year. well, it's a devil and it sure looks like one. researchers in california used a robot nearly 2,000 feet down to capture video of this black sea devil in it's natural habitat for the first time. as i asked earlier, you have to have a lot of gear to get down there, you're not going to be
4:26 pm
wading in these waters. like other angler fish, the black sea devil has a rod on its head that lights up to lure it's prey. the u.s. reportedly is pushing to extend talks on iran's nuclear program. we reported that earlier this the hour. now we're just less than a day from a looming deadline to reach an agreement over that nuclear power. but yit ticks say, washingt s s should not be negotiating with iran in the first place. no things did not cool down over the weekend, one senator is suggesting blocking the president's nominees until he changes course. the fox news political insiders are here and we want you to chime in while you tune in because we love hearing from you. is holding out on other issues the way to fight the president on this? should opponents even try to fight at this point? post your comments on my
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4:31 pm
washington is reportedly pushing for more time to reach a deal. critics argue that the u.s. is giving iran too much leeway. the president says the situation with iran is you know neek, and a more diplomatic approach will result in a more global stable order. >> iran is not like north korea that's completely it's lathed and completely dysfunctional. is so they have the opportunity to survive. i expect the president will like to seize that opportunity, but in the end, he's going to have to deal with his politics at home and he's not the ultimate decider inside of iran, the spleem leader is. >> i guess not technicallilike north korea, but both countries have taken hostages that are not just americans. the fox political insiders are here, and you can comment on facebook or twitter. let's bring in our political
4:32 pm
insiders, former republican congressman for new york, a former pollster for president jimmy carter and fox news contributor. and via satellite, former pollster for president bill clinton and a fox news contributor as well. doug, i'm going to start with you on what the president said. we can deal with iran, they're not exactly like north korea. why say that? >> i don't know, harris. first iran has as you have suggested fomented and supported state sponsored terrorism. they're not a great actor. and immediately of great concern, every report i get is that we are making concessions as the hours go by in terms of the amount of uranium they can enrich, the number of centrifuges they can hold, a
4:33 pm
candidly with the garan for with the enrichment of the iranians, who are reportedly going to hold this. i'm very, very nervous about extending the deadline in this so-called political agreement. >> john, i want to come to you on this, we heard from president netanyahu a little bit earlier in this newscast. and he basically said, all of a humanity said just don't do a bad deal here. >> that should be our attitude, but what we have is the secretary of state john kerry, with whom i have personally dealt in the exact same things in negotiations with the vietnamese on p.o.w. issues, and i saw john kerry live break his rile. he is so desperate for a zeal, you can see what his strategy is. >> why? >> they want a legacy, and you can see the strategy, what's wrong is, when you get near a deadline, if you're not getting what you want, you do this, you
4:34 pm
walk away, that's the greatest way to put pressure on the other side, you say okay, fine, i'm walking away, he's doing the exact opposite. he's extending the talks which is an act of weakness and believe me the iranians read it as such. >> i'm sure you'll get the fweets and the e-mails about that. >> bring it on. >> does this endanger us in any way dealing with countries like this? >> this whole weekend and i have to say this, but i don't want do be overemotional about it. between the president's statements got immigration and the agreement with iran. john kerry is desperate, jim stoszle said the only two interests who really want this deal, john kerry and the terrainians. and the fact is that we're giving away by the hour because
4:35 pm
they want a deal. and this is my fear, this is a modern muchb nick going on. this is this century's munich. as we allow iran -- they're far more dangerous than isis is and we have the president talking about how they will fight isis with us, this president, you have to view it as incompetence because you don't want to go to the other place it is. the action he's taking on foreign policy have been didly whether it's the -- and he does a cli means nothing. this man is desperate and he doesn't care, and this is -- i am frightened. the answer is yes. >> deborah says, when will the american citizens counting with this administration? >> preparing today, pat and i were sitting around an hour ago, he said there's a theme that we're going to runthrough with
4:36 pm
doug and harris tonight is not just the lawless of the iranian administration, but it's the lying too the american people by both the administration and by many leading republicans, it's in the immigration european, it's in the iranian issue, it's in the benghazi issue, it's in keystone, it's in obama care. they are lying to the people. >> they know everything about everything, no matter big or small, and they are doing it because the congress tempt, the political class of the american people. when you do not have comp tense to be honest with the american people, they think that the american people must be hoodwinked. >> dave says immediate danger to the u.s. no, but destabilization of the middle east with massive power sharing is dangerous. the agreement deadline the tomorrow, what do you think will
4:37 pm
happen? >> i think we're going to extend the talks from the iranians through their foreign minister. >> do you think they'll get choice to a deal for them? >> they get more time to enrich uranium? >> we're going to get more time, more enrichment, they probably have a secret program going on as well. >> beautiful there will be more enrichment, more centrifuges to hide -- this is a bad development for those of us who really care about stability in the middle east and the world. >> it will be interesting to see what the world does. because benjamin netanyahu has not mingesed words about how p things should proceed forward. >> the president has embraced the muslim brotherhood in the middle east, he stood by and let ukraine go. this man is giving away the interests of the united states and he and john kerry, his team of clowns.
4:38 pm
>> and pat, always netanyahu's call coup legs is that if -- they would have the united states with them doing it. they really can't do it alone, he doesn't have that confidence now. he doesn't have an ally in the oval office, he's got an opponent in the oval office. >> are republicans with 2 issue of the president using executive action with regard to immigration, do they have to be careful about how they deal with this? it seems if you come out too hard against this, it looks like you're against the families who are split, some come to america. >> number one, we're now six days into this thing since obama announced it and there is no republican response. crews say we're going to hold up
4:39 pm
appointments, but generally, the republican leadership cannot decide yet what to do? >> why not. >> pat's going to talk about it, they're buy fur indicated. half the republicans owe everything to big business, congress who wants cheap labor, and the other side, the conservative side upholds the law and they're divided over how to proceed. >> can we pop-up this rasz husbanden poll 53% of americans stay we oppose it. 34% favor it and 14% undecided. >> what the republicans ought to do they ought to do it in health care and they haven't done it in immigration. is take the 53%, stay we're on solid political ground here, we're against the president, but what are they for?
4:40 pm
and why don't the republicans propose what pat calls a common sense immigration plan? >> the president's already said he's going to veto. >> it would be perhaps difficult to get that through. >> there are five democratic senators who said they have a problem with whether he's done. >> that's a growing lils of democrats. >> given how the democrats hung mary landrieu out on keystone pipeline, that race will be 54 republicans, that's 59. they'll get another one if that's the case. how they do it is smart. i saw it all during the election. the republicans wouldn't touch the imgraig issue, for the most part nationally. on amnesty, we nye what the president was going to two, nobody wanted to raise it, the
4:41 pm
reaction we saw in oregon, the canning nary in the mine, the 6% of liberal oregonians, opposed to driver's license or undocumented residents, while 56% were voting for legalized marijuana. the country is against this but they will not fight it. here's the problem, but actually this is a different situation in obama care, the shut down of the government is insane, you can't defend obama care that way, this one is different over the question, because i want to go to one single aspect, harris, which is he does have the power, apparently in how much to say, who can be prosecuted or not. there's a -- in the statute of them all. if you're an illegal alien, you cannot work in the united states. he's giving work permits and social security numbers and nobody will go to the heart of
4:42 pm
this law because everybody's lying about it. >> i'm curious about this, there was a time not too long ago when the democrats controlled both chambers of congress, why didn't they do something about immigration reform them? >> it's a fair question and there's a larger issue lurking over the whole conversation. why would the new house and senate, why the president wouldn't stay let's start trying to do some common sense bargaining to close the borders, to try to have a pathway to citizenship and create common ground, this is what people want, two-thirds in the "wall street journal" poll stayed that was the kind of compromise that they wanted to see negotiated. we now have a further divided system that frankly hairgs is only going to proslide more discourse and more division. >> i want to stay with you for a second there, doug. i don't mean to mix topics, but i'm looking at twitter, ruth and
4:43 pm
mark are asking a serious question, wouldn't it be fair -- why does secretary kerry and president obama get to decide? it's more dangerous for us. but that's interesting, because there the president is apparently going it alone again. >> that's exactly right. and there is a very tough sanctions bill, a by parent san skrn sanctions bill, that will be enacted by the president. which is what we now all anticipate. because we really can't allow the president and the secretary to -- in this case and in immigration, there is a healthy kbi mart san view that is at variance with the administration and that needs to be held on both issues. >> people in the abstract, they do want something, i would like to see a deal. but they know we're not going to get it. they have seen what happens on the border, when the president
4:44 pm
deserted them and wouldn't even go down there. they know what's going to hand they want something done. >> and the discussion goes on even after the commercial. so stay close. i'm over the hill. my body doesn't work the way it used to. past my prime? i'm a victim of a slowing metabolism? i don't think so. great grains protein blend. protein from natural ingredients like seeds and nuts. it helps support a healthy metabolism. great grains protein blend. up to 27% more brush movements. patented sonic technology with get healthier gums in two weeks. innovation and you philips sonicare save when you give philips sonicare this holiday season.
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stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial. president obama apparently looking ahead to 2016, and what democrats will be looking for in these potential successor. the fox news political insiders are back and we're going to talk about the dproots and the republicans looking forward to 2016. doug, i want to start with you with something, because i think this is real low sbroesing. the president was asked about 2016, he said that he had confidence in hillary clinton that she would make a good president. then he said this. >> one of the benefits of
4:48 pm
running for president is you can stake out your own positions, and have a clean slate, a fresh start. when you've been president for six years, you've got some things. >> and you don't mind deserves a few more effective? >> i think to the american people, they're going to want that new car smell. >> new car smell. would that be hillary clinton, doug? does she have new car smell? >> you know, you would think he was suggesting that other than candidates, elizabeth warren, jerry brown, jim webb, might well be part of the so-calleds new car smell. but maybe hillary he's saying should have her own agenda, which is an issue that she is now wrestle with herself. i think hillary clearly, clearly faces challenges because the president's support at best is
4:49 pm
equivocal. >> bill radcliffe says harris, the president did a nice job of tossing hillary clinton under the bus. you were smirking the entire time. >> i said off the air, she's the oldest car in the garage. i don't mean it chronologically, i think we three believe that america wants something new after what we have just been talking about the first segment tonight. the corruption of both parties. how could the country want another person from the same establishment all over again. isn't it time for somebody new that new car smell, he was supposed to be the new car smell. he turned out to be the worst hack of all of them. >> when we had, you know, doug and i have interestingly a piece coming out that deals with this tomorrow in the "wall street journal" in part. the obama dividing of the democratic party, he's siding with the gentry elite of the democratic party on keystone against the interest of working americans which is the heart of the american democratic party.
4:50 pm
this thing on immigration, no concern about jobs and how it influences. what we have is a zrak party split and a hillary clinton that's so far all over the place. but john's right in looking at this, they stop the media refuses to cover. whether it's gruber, whether it's the fact that 30,000 e-mails have been found of lois learner, whether it is that, whether it's what we're going to discuss about benghazi, all of the lies that are going on by both peters, the unholy alliance. >> obama care, the signup numbers that have been collected by hhs. >> we have a president who believes he's above the law and my party believes that you put party before the country just lake the republicans do. and the americans who are looking for someone to put america first with some kind of common sense.
4:51 pm
>> the president will hurt any democratic nominee the more he goes it alone. there's more to talk about. you mentioned benghazi a couple of times, social media has lit up with regard to something that happened in the house intelligence report, we'll take about it right after this. here's some news you may find surprising.
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
we're for an open internet for all.
4:54 pm
we're for creating more innovation and competition. we're for net neutrality protection. now, here's some news you may find even more surprising. we're comcast. the only isp legally bound by full net neutrality rules. i think your report's full of crap? >> why? >> and those are some very strong words from senator lindsay graham today talking about the house intel report on again gas si, john? >> that is a republican senator dumping on a republican house committee report. >> why? >> because he know what is pat and doug and i have known, congressman mike rogers, the chairman of the house intelligence committee, who all along has been poo-pooing the
4:55 pm
benghazi thing. his wife was the ceo of aegis, a private security firm that had a $10 billion security contract with the state department in benghazi. >> how does that happen, pat? >> it happens because of all of washington is totally corrupt. this is one kmampbl of how of relatives are done and how contracts are done. washington is so corrupt the american people can't believe it. it's like mitch mcconnell, he's owned by the chamber of congress. he's threatening on the budget to pass a continuing resolution until next september. >> but it's 23409d just one party. >> but it's both parties are both so deep, the fact that we're hoping there other agreement, the other problem is the rogers story, which has been public before and not emphasized, is that rogers was one of the people with boehner who knew of the arms transfer. they were covering it up, and it
4:56 pm
didn't get done for a year because republicans killed it, just like right now they're killing any opposition to immigration. >> i agree, my friend frank wol is the one that pushed and got the investigation in benghazi. >> i see this on twitter, i think this at times because you guys are equal with your comments about both parties. so people are wondering, well, then when do the people get to count? >> that is the real question the american people ask. bhausz they feel disenfranchised, they feela their vote doesn't matter, that -- it's why there's so much disaffection in america and why they're so angry with every institution and branch of government. >> i agree with that and when the president the day after the election says he's got to pays atins to the 2/3 of voters who bothered to vote. what does that tell you about
4:57 pm
how they listen to the voter? >> we have a grirp in charge and we have a facade of democracy that we're not having real dplok si. >> now straight to huckabee.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
how they listen to the vote dad,thank you mom for said this oftprotecting my thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them.
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if you're a current or former military member or their family, get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. twitter at julie bandaras. i will talk to you later. huckabee starts now. >> it ha it's been a tough few weeks, my approval rating is still low at this point, it's pretty much down to just my friends and family. i can't even get msnbc to say nice things about me. and what's the harm? nobody watches them anyway. the democrats won't even admit to voting for me. but i know they did. the nsa sent me their e-mails. and now i have to drink bourbon with mitch mcconnell. well, at least that's not as bad as drinking ensure with hillary.


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